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SearchThisVideo: ESO GREYMOOR Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 – (The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Review)

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welcome back my friends so the elder
scrolls online
graymore the new chapter that takes us
to the lands of skyrim and you guys can
see solitude just behind me in the
distance there
and we even have the local farmstead
that has been lovingly recreated
by the team over at zenimax we're
just here on the map outside of the
great city of
solitude and we are continuing the quest
from yesterday which is to tell the
people of solitude about the ice reach
coven the reachmen who have attacked
skyrim and are performing some kind of
ritual that is turning people into blood
so we've got to help the people of
western skyrim to deal with the
guys if you missed yesterday's episode
which had the prologue
and i explained how we designed this
and gave you some beginner tips it will
be linked down below in the description
and again if you want to follow along
with this let's play make sure you
subscribe and press the bell
notification icon
and then youtube will notify you every
time we release a new video
this poor man looks like he's been
there's no time take this keep it
safe what are you giving me
information the ice reached coven at
in the west just need more proof
go they're coming who's coming the ones
that attacked you
don't trust them only lyrics she's
hold on oh god you there what did that
fugitive tell you
look how angry he is i'm so angry
who are you another spy what did this
lying easterner say to you
i was going about my business when i saw
that he was injured
assisting a fugitive is a crime in
huffington holt
unless you want to find out how we deal
with traitors and spies
tell me what he said to you he died
before he could say anything we can lie
lucky for you if he had told you any
seditious lies and you decided to keep
them from us
you'd have been in real trouble i also
came here to warn you about the ice
reach cover they're definitely a work in
the area
don't start spreading rumors about rich
you go panicking the good folk of
solitude and i'll toss you in a cell
and how is it you know so much about
this witch work
i was abducted by the coven but i
escaped after learning their plans
seems very believable i'm sure he'll
trust this and my grandfather
killed 12 giants with his bare hands
really but at least he had the good
grace to string a few of their teeth
around his neck
before he made the claim got any proof
or do you want to reconsider making a
false report eh
all i have is my word yeah great the
word of an outsider isn't worth
mammoth spit keep sticking your nose
where it doesn't belong and you'll wind
up just
like him mind your own business

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oh you find that solitude doesn't take
kindly to instigators and
strangers very well go on
jesus just remember i'll be keeping an
on you i'm sure you will so this poor
man gave us a scrap of paper
rondold the guards came asking about you
they were rattling their scabbards at
anyone they could find
scared i hid your horse in the woods
i'll wait in the barn by the stables
outside of the city
but only for one more day an official
looking form
with an annotation saw a crew member
smarking several crates on the decks
hidden compartments maybe couldn't get a
look inside though
left a surprise for you follow the
directions where the stone stands south
of the lonely docks in the shadow of
their shelter
where the living trees keep watch there
must be like a hidden
secret there if we actually venture over
and find it
now before we move on here my friends
let me explain
how the stable works now i believe it's
at level 10
you get given a free horse so if you're
a new player
buy any of these horses worth like you
know 42 000 gold or anything like that
just wait until you're level 10 you get
one for free and then you can equip your
horse in the collection tab there's a
mount section
and then just press h to get on it
unfortunately all of your horses will be
extremely slow so you're going to need
to go to the stable master
and then you need to upgrade your horses
now i don't even have 250 gold jets so i
can't upgrade it on this character
but every single day you can upgrade
the speed by one percent to a maximum
of 60 percent you also have stamina and
carrying capacity
i recommend maxing out your speed first
because it is by far the most useful
but that's essentially all you need to
know about that so this clue
told us that there was something across
the other side of the harbour so let's
go ahead and ride
out of solitude and cross the swamp
area so the note suggested that there
were some marked crates that may have
some hidden
evidence inside i guess this is the
marked crate here
have a look what's inside
ash covered fragments
the note also mentioned that if we cross
the river
from the docks we're going to find these
sort of standing stone
stonehenge-like things over here
i recommend by the way guys when you
come across these plants like nightshade
they do suffer quite a lot of money if
you collect them so i recommend actually
picking up the alchemy ingredients at
as you go it looks like um there's a
hidden treasure
there's a letter to lyris tucked between
the covers lyris if you're reading this
i never made it to our meeting at the
blue palace
i'm likely the dead or in a dungeon but
i was able to send word your way

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

i don't have solid proof that this ice
reach covering your hunting is in having
a hold
but something's rotting in the capital
city of solitude i know i'm on the right
unfortunately it seems that they know it
too so i wish i could give more
information to you
just deal with this thing
bring what i found to queen gerhard
she's more level-headed than the high
without her influence i doubt you'll
even be able to see the high king
apparently brondell also had a contact
he was meant to be meeting in
the local stables and there she is
very hidden i'll do it i stab you
oh hello there i mean it one step closer
and i'll stick you like a hawker
i'm not here to hurt you i just need to
talk about brondold
i don't know any brondold that is what i
told the gods and that is what i'm
telling you
i don't want any more trouble you make
me stab you and it's my word against
rondo is dead he left me with a handful
of papers and a lot of questions
did stone's mercy i'm next aren't i
i promise i don't know anything i won't
make any trouble
i'll disappear i don't even like it here
you'll never see me again
i didn't kill him just tell me what this
is all about
he he did not tell me a lot
said he was tracking some bad people
asked me to keep an eye out for any
unusual comings and goings
he'd come by now and then with a sweet
and a few coins for my trouble he was
nice he paid you in sweet rolls bless
and did you see anything out of the
ordinary the last time we spoke
it was about some men with the job
a pair of wolves in sheep's clothing
trying to blend in but still off around
the edges
same with their horses sheared mountain
come from the rich avenger what about
the job postings
flyers safer hanging them etsy in around
the city
something about a lucrative opportunity
in the druadek mountains
i really did not pay them a lot of
attention i was more interested in
cement distributing them
so now we've got all this information we
can find lyris
titan ball who is located inside
solitude now if you guys uh played the
original eso based game
lyris will actually like you would have
met her before yeah
and same if you've been through one of
the dlc dungeons that is in the game
um so if you've actually played with her
before and met her then she'll react to
you appropriately
but obviously on this new character
she's going to be a stranger to us
so it's kind of interesting that they
actually went to that level of detail in
the game and i do appreciate that
and you know you actually it feels like

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

you kind of form some
relationships with characters which
usually a lot of mmos just don't seem to
so here we are in solitude as you can
see this is where
um the old high king of skyrim well you
know in a few hundred years actually
gets beheaded
um and this is the pub which isn't
called the winking skiva
and because obviously this is based way
before skyrim but it
has been lovingly recreated as you can
see and it's very much still
a imperial looking fortress
so apparently we're going to find lyris
inside the blue palace so hey let's just
a wander through the city this is
clearly the market area that looks
better than it did in skyrim in my
and then we have the city way shrine
which i recommend you
walk close to just so you can discover
it so you can fast travel back here
really easily later
um and then what let's get on a horse
here and ride down this
street now you can i think uh in the
crown store you can buy
the same house you could buy in skyrim
now it's a bit too expensive for me so
i'm not gonna be buying it
and wow all the textures aren't loading
in that's not good
oh deary me i think we may have some
texture issues just because the amount
of players that are trying to access the
and whatnot because this dlc is just
released well let's go inside the blue
palace anyway
and look who it is it's lyris the
courtyard of solitude is looking
magnificent though hello there lyrics
i'm accustomed to stairs
but i reached my threshold for gawkers a
long time ago
move along i'm waiting for someone one
yard isn't coming he's dead
he's what damn it queen gearhill will be
here at any moment
look her highness is expecting to talk
to me and my contact
i need you to pretend to be that contact
or this will go
very badly what's this all about
we can exchange intimate details of our
lives later right now
just know that the safety of all of
skyrim maybe even all of tamriel depends
on how this meeting goes
so follow my lead and be on your best
behavior with her highness
follow your lead with more how am i this
confused you just explained what's going
on leeris titanborn
your reputation is known even here in
the west
is this one of your famed companions
no but i assure you my partner is one of
the skull
king's best go introduce yourself
i am guild queen of skyrim
allow me to welcome you on behalf of our
our city and our hold who might you be
i'm so sorry about texas guys it's one
of those things there's an online game
there's nothing i can do about it
the letter that preceded your arrival
said an attempt was made on the scald
king's life
it indicated that high king's fargram
would be next
my husband took that as an accusation

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

and a threat
he will not meet with you but i will
hear you out
i've witnessed some concerning things
since i've arrived here your majesty
have you anything that would persuade my
it will take some substantial evidence
to convince high kings fargrim
to heed the words of the hated joran the
scald king
i encountered a coven of reach which is
operating in your kingdom
trouble from the reach is as common as
snow in winter
that will not be enough for svagram to
accept the help of outsiders
his hatred of your end runs deep i will
speak on your behalf
but you and lyris must bring me proof my
husband cannot ignore
we'll find the proof that you need your
majesty thank you for alerting me to
this situation
i am eager to see what else you uncover
i will do what i can but be as discreet
as possible
if you run afoul of my husband he won't
hesitate to return you to urine
and not necessarily in one piece why is
there bad blood between the high kings
eastern and western skyrim have been at
odds since the kingdom was divided
euron's ambitions for the ruby throne
however have created a new level of
forming alliances and raising armies for
should we not be wary of such a man so
he thinks he might take over his kingdom
frankly yes he believes euron hasn't
marched here with an army as yet
because the western holds are firmly
united against pact rule
my husband is certain your unplots to
erode those allegiances
you will not easily earn the high king's
okay well we'll try and find some
evidence for you
you handled that better than i expected
now what in mara's name happened to
he was fleeing pursuit and gave me a
bundle of papers before he died
damn lucky thing he found you ronald was
supposed to get the lay of the land
before i got here
without his information my work for
euron the skull king could be over
before it begins
what did he give you hand it over here's
everything i found
hmm smugglers enrichment up to illicit
nothing unusual there but randall
thought it could be connected to the
i'm short a good investigator and you
stepped into the role easily enough
can i count on you to help me with this
of course you can
rondell mentioned some locals we should
have a talk with a snitch named grega
who likes to gamble in back alleys
and an orc named mog who frequents the
lonely troll inn
let's find them and see what they can
tell us the lonely troll inn is the new
winking skiva um with the name change
can you explain what this is all about
who are you again lyra's titanborn
i was one of emperor veron's five
currently i serve your in the skulled
king skyrim's my home
and i'll do whatever's necessary to
protect it whoever's behind these
will regret it as soon as we identify

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

so just north from the blue palace we've
got to check these back alleys for some
people who might know something more
than we do
there is a quest here but we're not
going to do that hello there
hey hey don't step on the dice there a
reason you're interrupting our game
hawk face brendol said you'd know
something about the smuggler's goods
from sentinel
don't know any brawn gold don't know you
either way i got nothing to tell you get
lost i'm on a winning streak if you
don't talk to me you can talk to my
friend with a large axe
now if you have the fighters guild and
mages guild skill line there is
a persuade and intimidate option you can
in there with one of your skill points
it's definitely worth getting if you're
planning on doing a lot of questing in
the game because it
comes in handy a lot and i'll be showing
you how to unlock those skill lines
shortly but let's go with this option
for now
my friend asked nicely talk
or the next thing to roll will be your
heads casala casala
she handles all the smuggling and
solitude her warehouse is on the docks
that wasn't so hard come on partner
we're done here
look at this sneaky sheet over here like
an assassin playing
playing games with them alright so now
before we go to the docks we want to go
over to the lonely troll here
castle dower is a monument to the
western spirit
stoney and cheerless maybe the new tower
will liven up the place
indeed not built yet then
so the lonely troll in is just here
where we enter the city
and now the textures are back on the
ground which is good
you must be mog i have questions
happy to oblige buy a few rounds and
let's chat
you're going to answer me or jesus
hey nobody intimidates my friends
princess vana
who gave you the right to walk in here
and bully my friend
did my father send you why would your
father send someone to bully margaret
i mean i was all up for a beer with him
to be fair because he doesn't like mug
but i like mom mark doesn't care that
i'm a princess and it doesn't matter to
me that mog's a scoundrel
if my father didn't send you why are you
threatening my friend
he wanted to ask if he saw people
putting up the job postings
smelly bastards cheap too wouldn't buy
us a drink
they hung their flyers and left without
saying a word
then a different smelly bastard showed
up to sign on workers
he was a charmer though you remember
anything about this
chalmer his breaches fit well
and he was handsome not a nord breton
i didn't really listen to what he was
saying a half dozen workers left with

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

off to the drewdock mountains or
he hasn't been back since thank you
let's talk outside partner all right
parts now we're partners i didn't
realize goodness me
so we've got a mysterious breton
possibly working with reachmen
recruiting workers for some
unknown purpose plus there's a smuggler
hiding unknown contraband in a warehouse
down by the docks
i say we deal with the smuggler first
why the smuggler
we know where to find her and we more or
less know what she's up to
and if the two are connected maybe the
smuggler can help us narrow our search
for the britain
ready to visit casella's warehouse i'm
ready to go
so apparently casilla's warehouse is
just outside the city i've no doubt
we're gonna find some trouble in there
all right here we are once again at the
solitude docks and now
we can check inside the storage area
that's casala's warehouse
only one century let's try not to cause
a scene
maybe we can talk our way in here lyrics
private property get lost wait
a half giant is that lyrist
titan born and then lyrics blood and
everyone knows lyrics titanborn what a
she's even larger than i imagined no
wonder she fought swordmaster sysahan to
a draw
wait is he here too no just us
until casala returns i'd be happy to
keep fair lyrics company in her stead
perhaps we could wait inside alas casala
doesn't allow visitors when she isn't
here to conduct business
but we can wait out here do you think
lyris would autograph my ancestral
it would mean so much to my son when i
have one
do you know if lyrics has betrothed uh
i'm not sure
but if you get your scabbard i'm sure
she'd be happy to autograph it
oh thank you thank you you don't know
how much this means to me you said to
him but this is our chance
try the luck she didn't have a clue
i love this oblivion lock picking system
you just hold down the button until it
starts to vibrate
and then it's about to sink into place
and you can let go
and it opens there we go and there's a
whole party of people in here
see what's in those marked crates i'll
watch the door
ancestral urn
ash and bones this gets better and
better very very charming people we're
dealing with here i'm sure
reach ritual fetishes
okay all right
shipments would return brought muscle
this time i see
more than you care to try me i'll pass
i just want to know who's been meddling
in my business let's have a chat with

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

i had a feeling it wasn't just an
opportunistic thief trying to steal my
what are you after proof of a plot
against the high king
care to explain about these crates a
plot against the high king
involving plundered antiquities from
hammerfell preposterous
i'm simply facilitating a transaction
between treasure hunters
and a rich collector so who am i paying
the bribe to
you or the high king what about these
rich fetishes
give me that tribal crafts my arse
i told that son of a skeever i don't
deal in arcane goods
especially ones from the reach nothing
but sorrow comes from such business
this isn't cursed is it you hired you to
smuggle this
no name just instructions and gold
shipments come in
i make sure no one looks too closely and
wait for a pickup
never see the same face twice last time
it was a smooth talk in breton with nord
laborers in tow
you want more i need assurances
i'm sure we can work something out
they're taking the cargo to an abandoned
lodge in the foothills north of solitude
occasionally used it myself when the
city guard was being thorough
want to catch them start there if that's
we're leaving i'm not losing my head
over this
can you tell me anything else about the
breton the breton was sly
handsome even thought he could charm me
into taking on additional shipments
now that i know what's involved the
trouble isn't worth it
the nords were local hired hands from
the lonely troll
never checked your car okay i'm paid not
to ask too many questions
this arrangement was a lucrative one i
trusted them
but it seems they took advantage of my
natural greed
that won't happen again well that's why
they paid you a lot
so lariss rondald had good instincts
we're definitely on to something
our mystery buyer is hiring locals to
haul these urns and reach fetishes out
of the city
but for what purpose maybe a vampire
it has something to do with the ritual
the coven was also perfecting some kind
of ritual in ice reach
something to do with storms if these
fetishes are from ice reach you may be
onto something
still why involve the locals seems like
an unnecessary risk
i guess we should check out the lodge
then good idea head there while i circle
around from the other direction
maybe i can catch them before they reach
the lodge just be careful
i'd rather not lose another partner at
this point in the investigation
i didn't realize we were friends now
give your sentry my best
and tell him i owe him an autograph oh
he's gonna get more than an autograph if
i see him again
god damn very kinky indeed all those
fetishes about as well the abandoned
lodge is located north in the mountains
just above solitude itself let's
now before we head off into the
mountains my friends there's something i

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

recommend you guys do
right now if you are a new player at the
start of the game
if you're on a new character this is the
best thing you can do so you want to go
to the starting area of your faction
for me in the daggerfall faction it's
over here on the map
lenumbra and it's here
the daggerful way shrine if you're in
the ebonheart pack it's over here i
believe in stone falls
and then you want to fast travel over
here to devon's
watch and if you're in the aldmeri
it's in the south near grasswood just
over here on the map
and you want to fast travel over to the
root but myself i'm going to daggerfall
so let's go ahead and fast travel to
that way shrine
it's very important at the start of the
game whenever you make a new character
to join the fighters guild and the mages
right from the start to unlock their
quest lines
so once you get to your home city you're
just going to be looking for
the fighters guild sword symbol and the
mages guild symbol
as you can see once you've found those
two locations fighters guild and mages
just head on inside just run inside
and look for a quest icon like this
and then you can talk to this guy i just
click through this dialogue
and then what you'll get is the new
skill line for the fighter skill
so complete the quest and as you guys
can see
so now as you can see we've unlocked the
fighters guild
skill line how you level up this is
destroying dark anchors or killing
daedra or undead so obviously if you're
killing vampires you're going to be
leveling this up so it's important you
accept it as early on as possible in the
now we're gonna go to the mages guild
which is
just across the street in this
particular place
and then we're just gonna speak to this
lady here welcome to the major
she's got a quest and ask about the
major skill i'm going to skip through
and then she's going to give you the
skill line for the majors guild
like so so if i have a look at my skills
i've now got the fighters guild and the
mages guild
skill line and i can unlock the persuade
and the intimidate skill just here if i
want to
now the way you level up the major skill
line is you have to collect law books
which i'll talk about as we go through
this let's play
but now we've done that let's head back
to western skyrim
and we need to go north of solitude so
let's just fast travel
to this waste right here okay let's
start heading up the mountain side here
towards this
abandoned shack see if we can discover
once we reach it i'm sure we'll find a
few bad guys
there are a few trolls around here so
it's clearly very abandoned that's for
take these things out

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00
get rekt there we go all right let's
grab our horse we've got to come around
here to the left and further up the path
to reach our quest objective hidden here
somewhere in the mountain ranges
here we go this is oh there's a lot of
crows around here
oh hello oh boss battle here we go
goodness me i should
i have more than i need so i'll just
feast on you
these crystal shards are really cool in
first person
oh let's interrupt him before he steals
my blood
there we go taking him out patriarch
zaros he's actually the guy from the
trailer he looks very similar doesn't it
apart from he has a beard if you guys
have seen the live action trailer
and look there is a heavy sack here
let's grab that heavy stacks usually
just contain like a bunch of
different ingredients or crafting
materials so they're always worth taking
and then we have a thieves trove which
you need the thieves guild
skill line to actually pick up but these
are stolen items that you can
fence um to increase your thieves skill
skill line if you're like an eso plus
member you'll have that automatically
um but let's go inside gorn's lodge
we know this place was protected so
there must be something important here
oh look some blueprints that's pretty
crafting material anything in these
no take these drinks though
all right let's read this letter to the
to the pentagon pentagon preparations
are complete my brother breton
breton brother i'm so dyslexic we are
ready to begin the ritual
send the latest shipment to kilcreath
sister abretz will put everything to
good use
you have done well await my next command
who is r though that is the question
all right let's go back to lyris lyris
we can meet just on the road here so
maybe she's found
another track that we can follow
who knows i'm a huge fan of this
this grey more um collector's edition
greyhound mount it looks so cool
apparently she's over here somewhere
there she is she's hiding over here
partner jesus lyrics what did you do all
i found were these reachmen stalking the
decided they'd rather die than talk so i

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

they don't look like they're from ice
reach but they are wearing the covens
anyway did you find the lodge the lodge
was empty but i found a letter for the
orders to send the shipment to kilcreach
the temple to meridia why would the ice
reach coven target a local daedra cult
the letter said that they were ready for
the ritual to start as soon as they
receive that shipment
that must be starting very soon damn
we're running out of time
i'll head back to solitude and try again
to warn high kings fargrim
you go to kill create temple and alert
meridius priests i'll meet you there as
soon as i can
warn the priests shouldn't i attempt to
stop the ritual you'll be going up
against the coven by yourself
warn the priests if there's an
opportunity to safely stop or delay the
ritual by all means
but don't take any unnecessary chances i
still don't want to lose another partner
good luck bless her she really likes us
it's kind of like it doesn't really make
that much sense why she likes us because
she's only just
met us but obviously if you have done
the whole campaign with her like you
would know her and be a good friend with
and you understand why without spoiling
anything all right i'll see you at the
let's go ahead and harvest this rune
stone now the
ingredients you get from runestones are
usually based on your level so if you
have like level one enchanting skill
uh the runestones that you get from
there are going to be pretty crap
um this is a marker by the way that just
tags the location
of uh the runestone if you want to come
and harvest those things in the future
and do like a
crafting run you don't need to install
that add-on if you don't want it though
i just have it because when i'm crafting
it's super
helpful and makes my life a lot easier
apparently nerdiest temple was just down
the road
not far away at all
there is a waste right in here though so
let's make sure we grab that first
so we can fast travel back to it in the
excuse me oh my god a disaster has
befallen kill kris temple
okay didn't i send you to solitude
this place isn't safe the ice reached
coven performed a ritual and summoned
one of those hero storms
now kilcreath temple is crawling with
i was sent to warn the temple priests
i'm looking into the coven for queen
i'm sorry but you're too late the coven
unleashed their unnatural harrow storm
and now the entire area is overrun by
vampires and hero fiends
still meeting you again is fortuitous
we worked well together before and i
could use your help
there's nothing i can do for the temple
priests though there may be survivors
who could use your help
and if we can learn more about the
ritual that summon the hero storm
we might be able to determine how to
stop them or at the very least we can
figure out where they plan to strike
next what do you need me to do
i could use your help to examine the
strange pikes erected around the temple

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

hero fiends and vampires roam the area
making it difficult to get close
hence the need for your assistance you
see i'm
not that confident in my combat prowess
what exactly happened at the temple then
the ice reached coven performed a ritual
that unleashed a harrow storm on the
it struck without warning and evaporated
as quickly as it began
but in its wake it left behind here
innocent priests and pilgrims
transformed into monsters
what's a harris storm that's what i
heard the ice reach coven call the storm
that struck kilcreath temple
it's magical in nature the result of
some sort of ritual performed by the
i'm still investigating but i think the
hero fiends are a byproduct of the storm
all right let's go and have a have a
at what's going on here look
a priest of meridia maybe they can tell
us more about what happened at the
all right seems like there's a lot of
enemies down here for us to deal with
let's take them out
oh god many of the priests have already
are you even attacking buddy you're just
standing there
there's someone our scampi friend to
help out with us
the vampiric bear that was so easy
dead priests that didn't even transform
let's go up into the mountain ridge here
seems like that's where we're gonna find
these uh things we need to destroy oh
they're wrecked ah we're level four
let's go ahead and claim the rewards of
leveling up
we have a choice here i'm gonna go for
the light breaches because obviously
we are using light armor we're gonna put
another point into magicka
all right so the next skill we probably
want to invest in
is a destruction skill wall of elements
is really good for pve
for shock is also decent burst damage
but considering we're going to be doing
a lot of pve right now let's go for wall
of elements this is like an end game
skill as well
i'm gonna put that on number two um for
and that means that we're gonna be
leveling up all three skill lines and
our destruction
skill line as well hello there realize
this random lady was

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

someone unstable familiar increased
level five that's good
all right so this is apparently the
thing we need to
destroy or examine
okay our chemical residue and alchemical
that should prove useful okay
let's go and get the next one then
there's one just further down the road
oh hello so it's kind of like an aoe
ability essentially that uh
helps kill these enemies and apply
sort of damage over time effect while
it's on the ground
usually it's kind of spell you'd have on
your back bar once you unlock
the ability to weapon swap so there's
another heavy sack with some iron ore
and here's
dark magic increased level five
a witch height depleted just ordinary
sticks and rope now
very interesting indeed all right let's
head down the path there and see what
the final relic
is going to show us
looks like it's just beyond this nordic
house oh sorry for the people that live
set these zombies on fire
can you feel the lingering energy that's
daedric if i'm not mistaken
these depleted witch pikes expended a
lot of power to summon the hero storm
now they're just ordinary sticks but
even in this state
they tell us much about the ritual that
flowed through them
remind me what did we learn by examining
the depicted witch pikes
i'm sure now that the pikes play a
significant role as focal points for the
storm ritual
the prepared pikes are depleted as the
ritual runs its course
but i sensed lingering energy including
a daedric tank
and we found an intriguing residue the
remains of an alchemical poultice that
was spread over the pikes
smells like rotting fungus doesn't it
with a little study i should be able to
identify each ingredient in its makeup
then i can begin to understand the
ritual should we take a closer look at
the temple now
one other thing i want to check first i
noticed the pilgrims leading a cart away
from the temple right before the storm
coven members could have tried to slip
away among the innocents
the cart should be along the road south

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

of the temple all right let's go and
i reckon they're all dead like almost oh
my god it's meridia
the temple of meridia meridia's beacon
this is where we get the sword in skyrim
wow that's so cool
there's another person we can get a side
quest from there but i'm going to ignore
that for now
focus on the main quest so
apparently this is where the peasants
were hello
strange they're alive but unresponsive
check the crates and see if they contain
the smuggled items okay
dustin ashes did you find anything of
interest in the crate
just dust and ash i can't believe anyone
knowingly involved would have let
themselves be exposed to the storm
perhaps the pilgrims were tricked into
transporting the crate
or maybe it was slipped into their cart
should we check the temple
yes of course though i fear what we may
find there
the temple was clearly at the center of
the storm
regardless there's still a lot we don't
know about the effects of this ritual
observing the target area could offer
new insights
all right let's head to the temple okay
i feel like every single game that comes
out meridia's temple is
violated continuously
last time there was some kind of dark
tape we had to remove and then she
rewarded us with
dawnbreaker you can actually get
dawnbreaker in the game as well it's uh
the fighters guild final skill you
and it's just like this super bright
light where you smash around oh god
hello there now vampires do have a
weakness to
fire so that is very useful to us
when we use those abilities
take them out there we go
destruction scot staff is now increasing
pretty quick as well
there's some more enemies over there and
the law book about the divines and the
which i obviously won't read now because
it's not really relevant to this quest
all right we can sneak past these guys
my friends yeah we're hidden now
they have no idea
so it seems like there's a lot of crows
some priest bodies here acolyte bodies
these are temple priests and pilgrims
it seems the storm killed them
i'll need to perform more tests but from
what we've seen i believe the storm
affects mortals in three distinct ways
it kills them transforms them into hero
and leaves them mindless i suppose i'd
say it harrowed those poor pilgrims
so what do we do next i want to learn
more about the ritual
and how it produces the harrow storms

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

and i need to confirm my theories about
the storm's effects
i'll start by examining the residue from
the witch pike to identify the
components used to power the ritual
what do you need to examine the residue
my alchemical equipment
it's extremely fragile so i left it in
my pack
i hid it among the cops of trees once i
saw all the vampires and heraphines
once i retrieve it i can find a place to
begin my analysis
let's go all right it's just up the road
so let's run over there
oh it looks like it's close enough hello
wait wait
i'm not part of the coven don't worry
about lyrics my friend she only has
one mode and that is absolute pissed
mode looks like i made it back just in
this place is crawling with vampires and
that one was about to make a meal out of
this is fenris you know of house
ravenwatch he's actually investigating
the ice for each coven just like us
alice ravenwatch i've heard of them but
he's a long way from rivenspire
well if you're willing to trust a
vampire i suppose i can too
wow i spotted a coven witch if we hurry
we might be able to catch her
where on the cliff overlooking the
temple calls herself sister embritt i
was going to rush her but i wanted to
make sure you hadn't run afoul of any of
these monsters first
no offense fan come on if we're lucky
the witch is still up there
i'll meet you there perhaps i could
question the witch so the witch is just
north on the altar let's go and find her
and kill her
enemies ahead
without damage beautiful i love this
lightning strike ability it's so
satisfying to use
there we go vampire legion area
a vampiric recruit indeed
more up here just ahead of us watch out
for that power attack
now if you didn't know guys dodge
rolling in this game allows you to
pretty much dodge roll anything you get
like iframe so you're essentially
while you're dodge rolling something so
that power attack i don't need to block
it necessarily
but it does throw her off balance if i
do block it
um which is good for like regaining
resources oh we got a belt as well and
let's equip some of this other stuff we
haven't equipped yet
we can learn that too all right perfect
now let's try and stop this witch before
she summons something else
oh god we have some more enemies
sometimes it can be more beneficial to
if you get to knock someone off balance
and other times it's just more
beneficial to dodge roll
as you play the game for longer you
really start to figure out what's better
and what's not

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

i really like this
oh goodness man he's very accurate
there we go taking them out as you can
see we're getting fighters guild
experience for killing these vampires
which is why it was really important for
us to go away and accept the fighter
before we actually started the main
quest i'm sure we're going to level this
up a few times
during the quest itself and as for the
major skill we need to find law books
um and i'll show you some of those as we
not even harold it seems the ritual
needs refinement
kill her before she can summon another
oh my god she doesn't look happy though
willing sacrifices
how nice sacrifice i'd rather give you
axe witch give her the axe lyris
give her the axe
let's take her out oh yes
lightning to the face
i hoped you could take her prisoner no
i found something this way
go with your vampire friend i'm gonna
look around here
quite a cool little boss fight
huh it's a protein you see these are the
same as the urns that smuggled from
they didn't just shatter they exploded
i can sense traces of magicka clinging
to the shards that match the energy used
in the storm ritual
these other fragments though other
fragments all this rubble scattered
around didn't just come from these urns
the texture and patterns are different
they appear to have used the funerary
dust in the urns to summon the harrow
but i'm not sure what was inside the
larger vessels
larger vessels i feel like i'm just
playing dumb whenever i respond to this
look at the shape of the fragments they
come from a hollow receptacle of some
something at least as tall as you
perhaps larger
just another piece of the puzzle maybe
when i analyze the witch pike residue
and answer will suggest itself come to
solitude with us there must be a place
where we can set up your equipment
i mean he's definitely going to say no
he's a vampire
thank you but no i try to avoid
large population centers the temptation
you understand i'll find someplace
nearby but out of the way where i can
set up my equipment
and work undisturbed i'll send word when
i have something to report
you have a location in mind i met a
clever woman who lives in the bog
near morthal old mjorlins a dying breed
among the nords
a practitioner of the old magic the

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

locals both admire and fear her if
anyone can help me untangle the covens
it's her why do you think she can help
mjoln's experience with the old ways and
reach magic make her ideally suited to
assist me in this endeavor
she's the closest thing to an expert
we're likely to find out here
at least one who doesn't want to feed
our eyes to a hobby
we know where mortal is you have a
theory though about the effects of the
harris storm
yes but more research is required to
confirm anything
still from what we observed here it
appears the harrow storm produced
three distinct results in those caught
within it
it turned them into heraphines or
or it simply killed them i've noticed in
some of the dialogue by the way guys
they repeat themselves so i'm just going
to cut out some of the audio if i feel
like the characters are just saying the
same thing over and over again
because you're not stupid i'm not stupid
you get the storyline
and if it doesn't add anything then i
just won't leave it in the video because
i don't want to waste your time with
this let's play
all right lyrics she looks so judgmental
so what did your vampire friend discover
venriesian thinks the harry storm
creates the harry fiends and the harrod
this is like a tongue twister man jesus
christ what is that sentence
reach which is summoning magical storms
to create feral vampires
yeah that's horrible but to what purpose
well that's the next puzzle to solve
first we need to get this information to
the queen here
this was for brondell but it's yours now
ice flame now if you're new to the game
you'll get a lot of quest rewards like
99 of them are pretty much worthless and
you can sell them
or break them down if they're not useful
to you um so you know don't worry about
collecting them or anything like that
the gear cap
in the game is at champion level 160
so don't even bother getting like your
final gear
set until you reach that level because
you only be getting under level gear
all right let's complete the quest queen
gearhill needs to hear what we
discovered at killcreek temple
hopefully that will be enough for her to
get us an audience with high king
do we have enough evidence to convince
the king and queen of the danger
the queen seemed reasonable she'll
believe us as for svargrim
who can tell i haven't met the man but
everything i've heard describes him as
arrogant and hard-headed even with the
queen's help there's no guarantee
so what do we do if the high king
refuses to see us
i'd like to knock down the palace door
grab him by the throat and shake him
until he listens
that would probably start a war though
and euron specifically asked me to avoid
for now let's bring our evidence to
queen gerhardt
all right let's do that if there's
anything else we need to discuss let's
get it out of the way now
before we return to solitude why do you
think the ice reached carvin even wants
to turn people into haraphins
hey you and fenorian came to that
conclusion not me
still it makes as much sense as anything

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

as to why
i have no idea this connection to
vampires though
that's troubling we should keep finn
away until we get into svargrim's good
all right so the next question we need
to return
to solitude and begin dark clouds over
try and get the high king's help but
guys i'm going to end today's episode
here thank you so much for watching i
really appreciate
your support your likes your comments on
the video it really does help them out
i'm not going to lie like you guys
mean the world to me and just having
this many people even watch me play
the dlc like this is absolutely amazing
so thank you for watching guys
and if you're interested in getting this
dlc for yourself you can find a link
down below
in the description and of course if you
want to continue watching the let's play
as i said
subscribe press the bell notification
icon and then youtube will tell you when
the next episode comes out and of course
i'll link it down below
as usual and the whole playlist will be
there but thanks for watching guys i'll
see you in the next one have a great day
and goodbye

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