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    Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth Playthrough (LXIII) – Drastic Last reCourse

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    There was just nothing else left to do but deck ourselves out with the latest and greatest. This Dryad, dude. Bane of my existence! Despite what you're going to hear in the episode, I do truly enjoy Etrian Odyssey. These postgames though.

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    Comment (6)

    1. For bosses it’s good to have a celestrian party member with the chain blast union skill and another member with bind skills. Basically focus more on binds than status effects. Continuous chain blasts make the dryad a joke

    2. Good job on finally beating her.
      Dryad is the most "feast or famine" boss yet. If you have good ailment play she is a cakewalk, if not she is nearly unbeatable.
      I'm pretty sure Dryad was fully immune against panic after your second infliction but luckily you still made it through.

      That said, your characters could use more damaging skills – Bryce should move towards Leading Blow as soon as possible while Morgaine gets the Celestrian Union skill Chain Blast to fully bind enemies easily. Meanwhile Lulubell should pick up Frigid Reap and Juniper can go for Sky Dive since you are using Million Arrows into Power Shot anyways already.
      With the new levels and the skill points those give you I would highly recommend getting those skills.

    3. I dont remember having that much trouble when I did this. I also dont remember her ever doing that much damage. And doing more damage to her. I know this is like a week late but. Are you properly geared?

    4. against most superbosses, try to put them to sleep, that gives you some time to set up buff and debuffs, tho i use a strat that relies on a bunny fencer, so i cant say how useful other strats are, since the chain fencer can just wreck everything, specially the last superboss

    5. Etrian Odyssey 4 has a secret stratum. After you beat the heavenbringer you can go to the Golden deer keep (top left of sky map) and there’s a door that was previously sealed that is now open. No quests are tied to the 6th stratum all post game quests are tied to the dragons and a certain recurring boss fight


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