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    Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth Review (3DS) | Gamma Review

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    Thank You Atlus USA for a Review Copy of this game.
    Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth is the latest entry in Atlus' Etrian Odyssey series. This review is a detailed look for people who are looking to get into the series, or just wanting to find out more about the game.
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    Comment (34)

    1. Etrian Odyssey games are great but require a lot of time to sink in. I'm currently tied up in Monster Hunter Stories (and will be indefinitely if we get the 1.2 and 1.3 content updates here in the states). But I'll still pick EO5 up so I can play it at some point.

    2. Re: the first boss (the Golem)

      The key to this fight is the switches that raise up those single-tile walls – there are two switches, one by the entrance to the floor and one to the right of the Boss' room that, when toggled, will put up walls in the Boss Room itself and stop 4 of the 6 reinforcement golems from ever joining the fight!

      This means that he cannot constantly rebuild and spam his Explosion attack, and you're also enduring a LOT fewer attacks from the little colored golems while he's rebuilding himself. I think I had to deal with like, 4 explosions through the whole fight because he was only getting 2 golems to reinforce every 8 rounds or so instead of a steady stream of them like you get if all 6 spawn points are pouring out golems.

    3. You know some of the stratum bosses have things to make them easier. Like the first boss there are small enemies that walk to you and join the battle you can turn the stone statues to block 4 of the 6 mini golems so you only have to deal with the main boss and the 2 that can still reach you. Not all bosses have that. But pay attention because some bosses do.

    4. After playing (And not even yet completing the first floor) and hearing your experience with the difficulty spikes, I'm feeling better about this game than I even was before (and I was psyched even before). This is a return to the ORIGINAL Etrian Odyssey difficulty level. I've loved every single installment of the series, but only the first (and now this one) had that level of challenge. You weren't doing anything wrong, getting by the boss by the skin of your teeth is EXACTLY what's supposed to happen. You KNOW the deck is stacked against you, but you win anyway, and it feels amazing.

    5. Seeing those half-finished maps on your lower screen almost drives me insane. Great review though, can't wait for the game to be released here in Europe this Friday.

    6. The first time I played the demo I was getting f*cked up by sentient acorns with eyes and legs but now since I know how to use my skills correctly and grind, I'm doing very well (Probably because I played on casual)

    7. >compliments the game throughout the video

      >says almost nothing bad about it

      >gives it a 8.5/10 because of "weird difficulty spikes" which are not weird, and are expected in a game that is literally about being difficult.

      You ruined your own great review.

    8. Gammalad being pretty whiny complaining that a dungeon crawler RPG game like Etrian being "difficult". It has nothing to do with skills. The Etrian games are supposed to a little tough on purpose. That show they were made.

    9. I played persona q, untold millennium girl and now I'm playing eo 4. Persona q and millennium girl felt really good but eo 4 is a massive grind. I advance a little in the maze and have to go back to the city to heal. I'm in the third land (I'm assuming I'm still far from the end) and I'm already burn out from the game. Is 5 or nexus better than 4 in this regard of grinding?


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