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hello and welcome congratulations on
making it here give yourself a pat on
the back what are we talking about today
hi yes War of the visions evasion with
Venera now available on the global
version of the game I figure it's as
good a time as any to dig into of 18
compositions on a personal note it's
really my favorite setup
it's gimmicky but just so much fun when

it works it's definitely not a bill that
has a 100% win rate as it has very
specific weaknesses that hard counter it
which I'll get into later but you will
find a fair share of opponents that
aren't prepared to deal with high
evasion because there is a dealing with
something else some other kind of meta
so when you do come across them you
could just laugh at their misery so in
this video I'll break down some of the
units that tend to be the best options
to put on your team what abilities they
should have what gear they should equip

we'll walk through what experts of
vision cards make the most sense for
them and lastly we'll consider when you
should and shouldn't deploy this
annoying team as with all
recommendations they are simply
recommendations at the end of the day
you're in charge of yourself and you
should play how you like to play first
let me just get some pros and cons out
of the way for anyone still wondering
whether they should invest in building
innovating pros they're very fast
boasting high base agility they don't

need to rely on other units on your team
to survive although I'll admit a dodgy
ICO would be kind of funny they often
come equipped with status ailment
inflections that can disable enemies
freaking ninja action cons they tend to
be squishy so if they do take a hit
there's a good chance they're either
going to die or come pretty close to it
guaranteed hits these are spells or
abilities that cannot be dodged except

by the reflex passive these include the
Ranger class sharp shoot and white mage
class wholly expensive although this
would really apply for any optimized
build but some of the best vision cards
needed to make this build work well are
pretty heavily gated but hey oftentimes
fun comes at a price
with that out of the way let's dig in a
little bit the evasion stat is the

result of combining the luck stat and
the agility stat the higher your units
lock and agility stats the more likely
they will be able to dodge an attack so
while it's not surprising to see some of
the best if eight units have naturally
high lock and agility weather as part of
their natural stat growth through
levelling up as part of their ability
board or both better yet they have some
kind of base of agents that built in
whether through passive skills or master
abilities I'm going to focus on three
main units that we'll make up in a bait
comp the first is shadow Lynx and mr

dark ninja unit that is way more
accessible to players than the other two
that we'll talk about
Lynx has a lot that works for evasion
high agility at 64 which is good for
fifth best out of all units currently
available in the global version of the
game fairly high luck at two hundred and
one not the best needs to be exact
however she does also have multiple
evasion boosting abilities baked into
her units including 15 evasion in her

master ability as well as to support
passives that play directly into evasion
shadow runner which raises both luck and
agility and blade soul which directly
increases evasion rate she also has the
illusion skill as part of her samurais
sub job kits which grants AoE evasion to
her and adjacent party members moving
along the second unit I want to talk
about his Cottone or you are earth ninja
unit and basically rare sister to Lynx
katana has a lot of things in common

with Lynx aside from just being a ninja
she has even higher agility at 69 which
is the highest among all units currently
available on global
so if you face Cottone running around
out of control in any of their PvP match
battles now you know why her luck is
high at 211 which is good for
fourth-highest she also comes with
various evasion boosting abilities
including +15 evasion from her master
ability and the shadow runner passive
and before I get to the third unit I do

want to mention some wildcard units that
are either very viable options or that I
personally used innovate comps and have
grown pretty fond of the first is oh the
mr lightning Stamper line he basically
has all the options that Lynx has
samurai jobs illusion the shadow runner
passive and an evasion boosting master
ability overall he's a really strong
option but just not quite the strongest
based on raw stats the next two I've
personally used and they're not

traditional evasion units but they fit
quite well for a variety of reasons the
first is ramza set as a spell blade sub
job he can manage to draw attention away
from the squishier ninjas by using
taunting spell he's arguably the best
party buffer and even has access to
healing just in case links or cotone
managed to take a hit and need some help
he also has pretty good base look and

agility as well as the shadow runner
passive second is Metis Anna did you
ever wonder how on earth you can get
Metis to work better in an AI controlled
PvP battle throw some evasion on her
flank her with two ninjas that are
faster so they can get ahead of her and
let them distract the enemy units first
before mehdi comes in to new sounds
great doesn't always work but it's a
hell of a lot better than mehdi walking
in alone and getting smashed by Cyndi so
why Mehdi yeah this might start sounding

like a broken record but guess what she
has pretty high luck respectable agility
and of course why not access to the
shadow runner passive and just one more
foot good measure why not throw silly
air into the mix just like Mehdi she has
a ninja sub job so she also has access
to shadow runner
her stats are actually pretty similar in
terms of base agility and luck now the
third and final

now the third and final unit that rounds
out the dodgy trio is Venera all stats
and abilities concerned
Venera has the highest base of a grade
out of all available units she has
massive luck at 233 high agility at 62
and evade boosting abilities and her
master ability support passives and
thief lore and tune up that both
increase agility as well as a generic

evade up passive these units are the top
three in terms of base evasion rates out
of all units available on global even
without considering skills equipment and
spurs at vision cards but one stepped
out there even crazier as a very general
rule of thumb to get the highest evasion
you want to make sure you squeeze in as
much luck and agility as possible this

is why the shadow runner passive is so
good since that one passive raises both
of those stats so that solves for links
in Katonah but what about Venera Venera
doesn't have a passive skill that boosts
luck but she does have two that boost
agility sea floor and tuna tune-up is
the must-have since it destroys enemy
unit defenses allowing Venera to be a
real tank buster now to round out the
support passes for all three links
should have blade sole which

automatically as where evasion rate and
boost her attack both really nice to
have similarly Catullus passive can be
self-sacrifice which also increases her
attack but what about ship kuchi both
links accattone already have high base
movement being ninjas so they generally
already outpace most enemy units it's
helpful for getting around a map but at
the cost of damage and I wouldn't
personally go for it as for Venera the
last passive is a bit of a toss up there

are two schools of thoughts so let me
know what you think smash I like button
hmm so the first is to just continue
going all in with evasion and just take
the evader passive the
second is to assist in offensive
capabilities which will be a P up
considering Vanaras lack of efficient TP
skills now if you are fortunate enough
to have Jesus a loser a belt TMR then
you won't need the extra ap help and can
just take the evasion boost for sub jobs
let's just get the easy one out of the

way which is Lynx's samurai illusion
done for cotone there's debate between
two ninja and soldier ninja is good as
it gives access to the non weapon type
damaging skill to tone but other than
that there's not too much else going on
for it
I personally much prefer soldier as it
gives access to much harder hitting
skills and hard slash and hazard spin
both of which are capable of one
shotting indeed ever popular said

however the best skill in the kit is
drain force which scales off your HP and
goes right through any resistances and
in these may have it's a great way to
cut through tanks in addition to
restoring any lost HP but why not time
mage well because she kind of sucks at
being one there's potential utility in a
different team composition but not in an
invade one where every party member is
already pretty fast and for Venera the
thief sub job should be the traditional

option as it grants very useful skills
that compliment evasion such as shadow
cast and steal time all of which are TP
skills which could help build that
much-needed AP and shoutout to snipe
dagger which is also a fantastic skills
have why the hell does the narrow not
have Steelheart hello the final piece is
reaction abilities I'm not going to
spend a lot of time on this because fun
fact if you don't get hit you don't
trigger any reaction abilities third I

for links counter slash for Cottone dark
shadow for Venera II equipment let's
just get this out of the way if you
don't have three dodge sages half +5
farmed up then you're a screwed I'm just
kidding you don't need those sages hats
but they're basically best in slot
you will need hats though some kind of
them anyway so let's just start with
that sages hat
it's the best because the Dodge version
caps out have 19 raw evasion boosting
stats and to add on top of that there's

another +8 as part of the items
attributes for getting it up to +5 that
said they are hard to make
so if you don't have them or have the
patience to go the distance you can sub
them out with the rare wizard tab it's
the budget option you can make dodge
versions of these hats we're at plus 5
it'll provide a bit less of eight stats
with 12 instead of 19 and 6 versus 8 as
part of the items attributes but it
costs way fewer crafting materials and
way less of the most important resource

time circle it's an option too but the
jump in materials needed from Wizards
had to circle it is pretty up there you
may as well have to spend your time
forming sages hat instead
the Hat is a core piece of equipment in
the 8 build what's left is the weapon
and TMR slots and those are much more
flexible there are plenty of options out
there so for these recommendations I'll
just give them my personal preferences
so focusing on Cottone first I actually
like giving her shadow links as TMR the

reason being is that I have cotone faith
up to the max which is 97 due to her
limit burst and shadow binds stop effect
higher faith means higher chance that
the effect will trigger so with links of
TMR the token also inflict paralysis on
enemies with her basic attack just think
about what a nightmare it would be to
deal with first you can barely hit her
and when she hits you you're completely
locked out now that leaves one more
equipment slot to play with which will
be an accessory Burmese sandals for the
additional agility is nice to have
though Lynx's TMR already provides some

modest agility since i'm global the
equipment stats don't stack there's not
too much value in having Hermes here as
both the valuable dodge and agility
stats are more or less covered elsewhere
so I like to use an aim alexandrite ring
here for its high accuracy and elemental
resistances crit won't work quite as
well as links as TM or already has a
whopping 13 there but if you opted not
to use links as TMR and go for a more
standard ninja blade like kodachi or
Sasuke's katana

that frees up the TMR slot for a
different accessory now this can be
totally up to you
Mott's Lion emblem to buff everyone's
agility is nice
Jesus illusory bells are always amazing
though like I mentioned before they
might suit Venera better for links being
a ninja herself her equipment slots
Comerica tones you can literally try to
equip her the same way a traditional
ninja blade hats and any useful TM are
you have laying around you can give
links her own TMR as she can also be
built with high faith to inflict status

ailments she has shadow bind and her
samurai sub job gives her night veil
which can inflict AoE blind lastly for
Venera I would go for mage masher as the
main weapon rather than a dodge main
couch while the latter is very
interesting with its high xx baits that
it doesn't provide additional evasion as
part of the items main attribute unlike
the hats also you're giving a plenty of
attack so let the weapon do what weapons
do best which is provide damage TMR is
flexible if you don't have Jesus ilusory

bells I would consider something with
agility as out of the three units on the
team she is technically the slowest any
questions so far no next
bah that's frozen visions two of the
hardest things to Louisville and Maxell
at this cave but it's okay
it's not very complicated there are
three main a Spurs that are just really
neat to have equipped in is set up and
some secondary ones that can be good

options the first is Odin
since the evade cop is mainly for PvP
purposes you're going to want ot ins
man-eater feature no other expert does
it better
Odin also has an attack stat in the top
five of all Esper's and he also has the
highest agility of all espers at 19
which is great for our evade team the
luck is also pretty high at 62 which is
type of fourth highest and just for good
Odin's skill tree also comes with slash
attack up to summarize Odin's build max

out maneater and invasion first then
take attack up and slash attack up the
second desperate is behemoth but he miss
great because it has a pretty good
agility stat at 15 but it has the third
highest luck of all experts in the game
at 63 its attacks that also sets right
behind Odin's and is in the top five of
all Esper's its skill tree also comes
with slash attack up and light
resistance the latter of which can be
useful in dealing with some holy spells
and it's an mrs / what the third expert
is tetris sylphid while Tetris open may

not have the highest attack it is up
there and agility with 16 which is good
for 4th highest of all espers it's luck
is pretty middle-of-the-road
at 58 but the real selling point for it
is its unique skill tree that grants up
to 15 evasion that's double that of all
other Esper's that grant evasion and
their skill trees now not everyone has
access to both Odin and Tetris ofits so
there are definitely viable alternatives
to consider the first is golem it's
notable points include having access to
maneater and a skill tree along with

high defense boosts high based attack
and massive HP that HP can come in handy
for a drain force user like a tonne the
only downside is has low agility another
alternative is kak toir its main selling
point is access to maneater and a
highest base luck in the game of all a
Spurs with 66 but it doesn't have
evasion in skill tree and it has the
lowest base attack and third lowest
agility of
whispers it's an SR for good reason for
vision cards there isn't a whole lot of

flexibility and it's the main reason why
the evasion comp is expensive
the main vision that's needed is Shiva
this you are card provides a party wide
evasion increase up to 20 when it's
maxed out 20 the downside is that the
vision is primarily magic based which
neither Cottone Venera nor links are
built on this is exactly why I mentioned
Bram's amid Eno earlier in the video
they can hold the chief of card while
the other traditional attackers can
focus on others there is an alternative
though and a currently unreleased mr

vision card called
I hope this translation is correct on
true pledged true soul which grants a
lower party wide evasion boost but it
does have slash up for the user
equipping it neat at max awakening it
grants 10 evasion which by comparison is
actually less than an unawakened Shiva
VC that gets up to plus 12 see the
difference aside from the flat evasion
boosting card the next vision I want to
talk about is secrets of the heart
another you are a card it grants
increased luck for the whole party and

increases earth attack for the user
this card is specifically made for
cotone when maxed out it gives a
whopping 35 percent increase to luck to
the whole party that's disgusting
but like Shiva there is an mr
alternative for party white luck you can
look at birth of a new life at max
awakening it grants 21% increased luck
for the party which isn't too bad but
it's still less than what an unawakened
secrets at the heart to provide which is
25% at least birth of a new life also

increases the max HP of the user so it's
actually pretty handy insurance in case
you do get hit by something but you
really shouldn't get hit at all if you
had the last vision card is more
flexible than the previous two but
ideally you'd want something that can
increase agility for more evasion for
agility there's nothing better than the
limited sign of house boom boom babe
Robo babe
ROMs appeals a old not many people have

this option especially one that's
awakened and leveled if you can't go the
agility route you can opt for more
damage to the step in a slasher party
you can decide between echoing screams
or secret orders the former grants more
raw power while the latter is much more
easy to max out and it also grants the
user are pretty happy agility boost

the awesome thing about the abate comp
is that it can pretty much go against
any team composition physical slashers
magic users turtle errs it just has one
weakness teams with guaranteed hit

capabilities namely sharpshooters and
holy users by default sharp shooters are
currently limited to Gunners so
fredericka and Lucia no matter is by far
your worst enemy as Lucia being wind
element completely demolishes Cottone
Lucia isn't just capable of hitting
Katona's sharp shoot she's capable of
one-shotting her twice over and one hit
essentially turning the match into a two
versus three in the opening rounds
before becomes a one versus three as
she's equally capable of one shotting

shadow links and speaking of links with
her low HP she can also be one shot by
Frederica sharks you as for holy you're
less likely to have issues with this in
AI battles as AI controlled white mages
will not be smart enough to prioritize
casting wholly on your units than
spending time buffing and healing
teammates but in player-controlled match
battles you can bet the enemy Ayaka or
salir will take any opportunity to clean
house there are other units that can
also carry guaranteed hit options rams

does limit burst as a guarantee hit in a
near future the earth mage kill fee has
more than one ability that can guarantee
hits so keep an eye out that said there
are far more units that don't have
guaranteed hit abilities than those that
do so the odds are still in your favor
slashers are still the most prominent
team compositions and will continue to
be the case for quite some time even if
more players opted to use magic setups
not everyone will carry holy users and
if you're focused on arena battles and
guild battles is just a matter of
scouting ahead to check if you may be

going against the team of sharpshooters
or evade units the strongest no no not
in the slightest but in the game that's
built around RNG and chance it's quite
satisfying to be able to manipulate that
in some way and that's where building
and optimizing and of a team comes in
well that's it for this video hey it's
the first video on this channel so you
know what that means please subscribe
like share with your war of the visions
buddies that may be interested in this
topic please drop any thoughts in the

comment section and if you have any
ideas for future videos or guides do let
me know thank you and blessings to your
10 polls and whimsy shops

In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions, one of the more popular and niche builds is focused on evasion. Dodging the vast majority of incoming attacks ...


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  1. P.S. my guild (Platinum I) is recruiting:

    Hope you enjoyed the video! Some clarifications/corrections to call out:

    I did not include the right stats in terms of leveling/awakening. Shiva example:
    0-star, level 40: +8 evasion (NOT +12) … so the callout of a max awakened Untrue Pledge, True Soul VC with +10 evasion is less than an unawakened Shiva is incorrect.

    Regarding Vinera subjobs, I've also started leaning on dual gunner as her sub due to diversification of attack types (missile instead of pure slash), which is helpful when attacking teams geared toward slash resist.

  2. Hey man great job. While I have Vinera I don't have all the other items to support a whole team. Still, you gave me ideas about how to put her on my current team and use her to the best I can. Thanks!

  3. Really good team building video! I learned a few things i wasnt aware of, however im wondering why Vinera is considered a tank buster and not just a defense buster? Kitone has 2 abilites that bypass res, defende and spr. vinera can just penetrate defense, Id say Kitone is the more immediate threat to tanks considering the strength of resistance. Also this team as evadey as it is is mostly slash damage which is easily mitigated with slash res. so why not put vinera on dual gunner incase that happens?

  4. Great video, since I have these 3 lovely ladies!.. Shadowlynx 99, Kitone at 89 but like 2 or 3 weeks from MLB and Vinera at 89 and we still have a week of gettin shards for her.

    So this video is really helpful! Keep up the GJ!

  5. Been eyeing Evasion for the future. Very helpful video, even if your advice can't fix my luck with pulls. I'll subscribe for now and hope you keep making good content. Best of luck.

  6. As a new player I wanted to know what skill should I avoid taking in my Vinera board and what are the most important to max asap ? She's already LB 4/5 maybe I'll hit 5/5 soon but I'm not too sure about it thanks for the vid was very interesting ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was considering an evasion team using Robb Hourne since he has +5 evasion in master ability and has access to blade soul and illusion and you can put a vow of love on him to make him an evasion tank that (probably) won't die in 1 hit.

  8. nice video i had an evasion team for the longest time and it takes so much time to get even a few of the items but i am verry happy with my secrets of the heart its my only maxxed VC

  9. Great video! Strange I found it so late but take a sub regardless! Medi is 100% supposed to be built for evasion IMO. Kitone has hands down been my fave unit since I got her. Building different evade teams has been my entire gameplan lol. I know we have ability toggle now but that still doesn't change Kitone's reason for Time Mage. Null CT changes is sooooo strong, and of course, slow counter you mad man! But that's just me, lol. Since you said about dodgey Ayaka and you're talking about Kitone and Vinera, hate down on Ayaka via TMR? Just got Tetra so may make a new Evade team soon but we're doing another accuracy up arena map again for a while…


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