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SearchThisVideo: Ever Oasis – Gameplay – Walkthrough – Let's Play – Part 1

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welcome everyone to ever oasis a

role-playing game released for the

Nintendo 3ds

this came actually came back out in July

or came out back I've know I said that

it came out back in July of 2017 and as

of now it's gonna be the new year

actually this video will be up on the

year's day on January 1st of 2018 so

first of all happy new year everybody

hopefully all of you had a fantastic

2017 and an even more fantastic 2018 out

of its began for a couple hours since

this video has been out so anyway this

game people recommended it you know a

lot for me to actually play it and I did

play it for myself for a while and I

became instantly hooked this game is

really fantastic like it's very

simplistic in terms of an RPG but it's

really fun and amazing and it's very

cute and adorable like - I really like

that so much so without further ado

let's go and begin a burrow Asus Star


so there's to save datas let's go ahead

just to the first one obviously I did

delete my other save files I was playing

the game as so like gender wait should I

be the girl just for fun I mean usually

I'm a guy in most games you know because

I'm a guy obviously but you know what I

can to mix it up a bit in this one I

mean the Jenner doesn't even matter it's

not like other RPGs were like oh the

male has higher strain that FEMA has

higher something else like magic or

something no no no I think they're

the same from what I've heard and

Pullman time when I've been able to see

so you know what I'm doing this one okay

I have a tooth line skin color yeah you

can actually be blue if you want or

purple or pink whatever I'll just do the

basic one to like even what if I'm my

closest skin color which would actually

be kind of in between these two that's

two white that's too dark like for my

skin color but I'll just go and do this

one the normal one eye color

oh my god it's will look so cool I mean

nothing my eyes are that color my eyes

more so resemble probably this one it's

a little bit of a darker brown but I'm

doing this one if that's cool taffy

that's your name yeah no I'll still go

to name myself pretty much to name that

I always give myself in any let's play

cuz no that's timey shiny there we go

yeah sure and begin the story so this

kid has no voice second despite it being

a 2017 a 3ds game has no voice acting so

and guess off to read some of the things

you know in the cutscenes so here's a

story long ago the land was nothing more

than death slits and in harsh Sun

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

creatures known as seedlings called as

vast desert home


these gentle beings are born with a tiny

seed buried deep in their hearts


with the blessing of water they

harvested their seeds gradually inviting

greenery to the desert


elsewhere in the desert an entity known

as chaos ravaged the land


this chaos subsumed the souls of living

creatures transforming them into feral



the seedlings lived in constant fear of

the formless erratic chaos


one day a brave seedling rosa protecting

all from chaos with the seed of a great



this seedling of the great tree allied

with the water spear to create an oasis

of exceeding beauty crested by a ring

the light of the OP appall sent rainbow

enveloped the oasis driving chaos to the



since then seedlings born with a gift of

the great tree have arisen up growing

lush Oasis the desert wine seedlings

have been able to thrive and provide

safety and sustenance to worry travelers

with respect to the great tree and with

that we are taken back over here into

the gameplay begins this noir

good morning shiny you're looking well I

was hoping you can help me out with my

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

chiefly duties today as a child of the

great trees I need one day you'll need

to go out and make your very own oasis

in order to prepare you for that day for

you Eve we've got to get you trained up

as a proper chief shining I have a favor

to ask of you there's been an influx of

sand blistering into the garden

inhibiting our crops growth shiny show

me what you've got

use green gill to sweep up the area oK

you've got the directive now get out

there get out there and do some

okay let's do this so here we go we're

just going to go ahead and play the game

now here in the beginning the bottom

screen as you can see has a map of

pretty much nothing else all the little

hieroglyphics that you see on the bottom

scream into right and the bottom of that

bottom screen their eyes are gonna be

buttons later in the game like an actual

menu but for now it's not available

Oh shiny the main roads not accessible

right now okay so we got to get the hell

out of here we actually need to go west

so let's go

as are now pretty much every button

doesn't do anything

almost every button does not do anything

at all


press and hold why there relief to

perform green Gale yeah so like a does

nothing B does nothing X does nothing

L&R do not actually one of them brought

up the freaking Corinthian top screen


the control pad does nothing start and

select do nothing literally the only two

buns are not even a button really moving

around and the Y so the Y button does

this it's a green Gale basic it's a

little tornado if the movie we'll be

using throughout the game a lot for

various different things a lot of

puzzles actually require that to be used

on but you'll see throughout time

okay look at that

what an odd and ominous plant best to

get rid of it yeah that's true let's use

green Gill on it how about that

okay nothing happened what the hell

shiny quickly get away from that plant

you know this company might actually be

mal were not nor because like the word

sour is sou R but the word poor is PR as

well so it could be noir or an hour how

could this massive chaos plan have taken

root here whatever the reason there's no

time to waste

I need to upper it immediately yeah

that's actually a Kaos plant we won't be

seeing those for a little while

aside from that one of course but uh

we'll see what like they actually do in

terms of gameplay mechanics a little bit

later at the game that's better they're

already feels cleaner and calmer I got

plenty just saw the chaos plan it

contains a ton of negative energy it can

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

only be destroyed with extra strong wind

someday when you're chief shining you'll

have an even more powerful Green Gale -

who did an excellent job cleaning up the

area shiny nice work here's a little

something for you why don't you use it

up at the festival tomorrow you receive

$100 games basically that's money in

this game it's like Gail from final

fantasy you know shiny wanted to take

some time to talk to everyone in the

main road now and they'd love to chat up

sure check back in with me awfully who's

spoken to all the bloom booth

shopkeepers and people hanging around

the main road

alright go say hi to everyone please

please okay

let's go ahead and explore some more

look at that 100 de león's the bun

still don't do anything except the Y

button there's nothing over here what

the hell am i doing that's pointless all

the arrows dude we just texted me well

it's actually not just important but I

have to know I'm recording I'm sorry I

can't God but have to do it use

seedlings are so mysterious you other

rare ability to grow an entire oasis

really yeah okay cool

the water spirit lives in the spring at

the center of the Oasis from there she

watches over protects us yeah I know

that too okay for you can I actually go

over here wait then I just come from her

oh that just loops around okay Isis

God man you know that text don't I've

actually had a something actually

happened last month Oh welcome

can we put tomorrow's festival I've

prepared lots of things to sell yeah

somebody I know passed away last month

and it's actually somebody who some of

you might know because she was consider

okay this is actually really funny lot

of land kind of random and stupid but

yeah you can do the Hetch yeah she's

kind of famous but the thing is like

it's not something that I should

probably be the same because it's it's

some she's this is Chloe okay those who

can create an oasis to children to Great

Tree you're going to become just like

your brother something

yeah it's kind of hard to mention this

but like like is it actually okay

mentioning the adult industry to the

public especially people watching in

ever oasis let's play for some people

gonna be like younger than 18 like I

don't really like saying that but um

somebody passed away last month who I

actually Chris might be like we weren't

close close friends but I could consider

us friends more than acquaintances you


so anyway her name is uh Mercedes

Grabowski but um she has another name on

the adult industry actually she had hate

saying that she I was actually uh more

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

sad and wouldn't happen in the week

after that's cuz again I wasn't that

close to her but I didn't know her and

we did hang in a couple times here and

there wait didn't nobody don't you talk

to everybody crazy well one more shot no

I totally what he talked to everybody

but yeah her actual name and I know her

as Mercedes Grabowski but um I think she

went she went by like August August

Ami's or August Eames I don't even know

she never even like we never talked

about her actual freaking a like adult

industry name so I would even how to

pronounce her last name to be honest

because we never talked about it once

but yeah it's a Mercedes Grabowski or

August Ami's if you want to look up it's

actually August Ames August like that

month no actually I haven't talked to

everybody what the hell am I missing oh

my god yeah and so again August is her

it's like the month name and then a mise

à mes might be just Ames but again she's

she worked for the adult industry she

wasn't an adult actress you know and

that's why I kind of hate saying that

because some people I mean obviously

some people are like against at okay I

don't know who else need to talk to you

didn't nobody the icons aren't appearing

Jude the icons should be appearing what

I don't need to talk to these newts

yeah those are newts by the way I'll be

mentioning that later so again I

apologize everybody if the last thing

you want to hear in a never always has

less flow especially part one is

somebody who from digital industry or

Buddhist because it was really serious

it happened early December she passed

away and it was a lot of cyberbullying

through Twitter actually ended up

happening in it

it just sucks so that that happens you

know but it was really sad and all I am

like I said I did know her we hung out a

number of times and they actually saw

her house and freaking I mean despite

somebody being a freaking oh and you

people are totally trying to talk to you

people over here you receive to bolon

Aires I totally forgot this whole area

existed but yeah like I guess as far as

famous people going general not just

sense not just adult mystery people I

mean seriously by anybody like actors

model anybody was famous athletes

especially they'd all be selfies freakin

mansion homes man is crazy

yes a newts these are newts they don't

actually ever talk to you they just like

make a gesture to you and that's it you

know her brother is quite impressive he

built such a great oasis in desert you

yeah I know is that it

yes that's it all right so we don't need

to keep going I don't think I don't

think you can even keep going that way

so I'm just gonna go back and talk to my

brother nor slash now er let's do it


Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

actually why the hell did I go this way

as a shortcut if I go the other way

because that leads back to the the

spring you know but yeah you haven't

actually seen any of the battling yet so

if you're like what the hell is it just

like a building thing or something like

building your own voices no that's more

than that trust me right now it's it

starts kind of swallow that's one of the

few kind of bad things about the game

but it's not really bad cuz I'm it this

is a story fairly well you know by doing

this rather slow start it does introduce

the story very well but it's just that

there are a lot of cutscenes involve you

know soloing is that rainbow radiates

the Oasis is protected from destructive

power of chaos the peace joy and comfort

by our resident sustains the rainbows

luminosity do you understand shiny

without the happiness the people the

Oasis would succumb to chaos I see


so but so anyone can find a refuge and

solace it's important to make your

awaits as a place of peace as children

of the gray tree that is our most

important duty

someday soon it'll be time for you to

venture out into the desert and create

your own oasis and when that time comes

I have no doubt that people will come

from far and wide to be part of it shiny

now you must go out and seek companions

who are brave and he'll stick by your

side through it all you are very pure of

heart too shiny I believe your ability

as Oasis chief will surpass my own so

again I'm not gonna bring up that topic

anymore but I the only reason I brought

up was because I got the freaking text

you know about something related to that

and the reason why no or in case you're

wondering is because I mean I live in

Southern California which is uh it's

actually not that far from the adult

industry the majority of it here in

Southern California like everything is

close to LA Hollywood Beverly Hills

always sit over here you know you know

yeah we're gonna have been it didn't

look friendly shiny I've got a hurry and

checking with everyone

yeah like the whole movie industry adult

industry Disneyland is over here but

Kenny just what the hell okay

I'm sorry if you are um watching this

for the first time ever like my channel

you know I don't really talk about you

tilt in history has just been today and

just episode because of stuff that

happened on don't be like oh my god this

guy's a freaking like he works for those

no I do not okay I don't I do not

it's just that I know if she's not the

only one I know again when you live in

Southern California

networking build connections and start

meeting people who you never imagine you

know some people actually know like

famous actors you know like some people

who I know there is this epic scene in

which noir takes on this chaos thing and

again there's no voice acting so

generally I would be quiet during

cutscenes if it was voice acting because

I don't like talking over cut scenes

when people are talking characters in

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

the game but in this case there's a

voice I can it would be awkward itself I

just shut up for like two minutes you

know shiny you must flee live on you

must create an oasis I said that kind of

like in the singing rhythm great wind

you carry our only hope on your wings

yes give me my stuff I mean it's not my

stuff it's more so just using your great

wings to light yeah make me go far far

away you know

okay shut out I know I'm not even know

my throat hurts right now I cannot sing

well alright so this right here leads to

um basically a Star Wars introduction a

long time ago and an oasis far far away

because idiots get taken far far away so

now we are in the middle of we're

basically in bfv okay I mean literally

we are like we're in a freaking desert

now it actually makes sense to say vfe

in case you don't know what be fe means

you could google it or you could just

wait five seconds until I say it which

would be right now mm-hmm

it means but Egypt so what's funny

is I don't even know where the hell I

came from fight it's just funny the last

oasis swallowed by chaos I didn't make a

higher voice for you hold on oh hello

there little friend you're all alone too

I see it sounds like you and I are not

so different just a bit ago a distant

Oasis was swallowed whole by the chaos

and now it seems I'm the only water

spirit left and the entire desert what

should i do little friend I'm the last

of my kind and I can't make an oasis


until some massive explosion shows up

here to interrupt your peaceful time

and here comes BB this is Star Wars I

said this basically it's Tatooine okay

which is why it's okay to say a long

time ago and in the waste is far far

away also who actually has seen the new

movie the new Star Wars movie because I

sure as hell didn't let me tell you

something right now it's amazing


no it really is awesome though what's

just now what's happening could it be

it's BB

all right so apparently her water drop

or something makes balls explode okay

and look at that what the I knew it it

is a seedling after all oh my god that's

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

like a she wants you but did you see how

she approached me oh my god wait you can

see me and that means you're agile of

the Great Tree hello little one my name

is Asma I'm a water spirit and what's

your name

shiny what a wonderful name say shiny

what did you turn into a seed Oh No

the Oasis that was devastated that was

home to you and your brother a chief you

poor thing you must still be in shock

and with your Oasis gone I'm the last of

the water spirits what will you do now

shiny I see your brother was mentoring

you and told you to make your own oasis

did he I imagine you're working hard to

live up to your brother's high

expectations of you you know I I want to

make an oasis - an oasis that will

thrive for all time and will stand

strong against chaos so that everyone

who needs our future will find it here

so that others can feel safe and happy

we all deserve that I believe together

shiny we can accomplish that and so much

beyond it even what do you say yes yes

thank you shiny and just like that we

teamed up so I'm gonna become Jesus here

for a little bit as you can see if your

block of water but that's okay that's

actually okay

you know basically cheats in this game

are like gone in real life okay so

that's that's normal I heard it's donuts

on my house like Oh somebody's yelling I

don't know what that was but anyway I

enjoyed this epic cutscene year because

it really is amazing like it totally is

amazing people feel amazing


all I basically need to say is like feel

that my name is Eric never mind

wants it shut up



as you can see

this game it like I was saying before it

does have a rather slow start I mean

we're almost gonna be finished with one

episode because I'm gonna keep these

videos around 30 minutes each and well

yeah you know it's it's rather slow

because they want to introduce all these

elements and all these features to the

game for you and what's funny is that

next episode is still gonna be like a

lot of tutorial like stuff and

introducing the healthy oasis works and

all that so it's gonna take a while to

really start getting into the game but

luckily I upload these every 12 hours

fast enough for it to not true there

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

will be a problem you know so I should

be okay for the most part I also up at

this game this and getting a copyright

claims because it's a company that

grezzo or something that has actually

done Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d

image roastmaster D which means they are

affiliated with Nintendo directly so

with that being said it's possible

Nintendo could actually put Content ID

matches on this freakin game and that's

gonna suck that's gonna suck also

speaking of ocarina turns ready Majora's

Mask 3d I want to play those games to

actually would you want to see Let's

Plays all those games

leave a comment please where do you want

to see a Ocarina of Time or Majora's

Mask LP the 3d versions I will only play

the 3ds versions well it's so beautiful

I mean even if you say yes it's gonna be

a little while because I currently I'm

playing um obviously this game ever a

waste I just started I'm also gonna be

playing story of seasons trio comes for

a while still and then probably went on

to Pokemon ultramoon after that I'm not

totally sure cuz I do want to play Final

Fantasy crystal Chronicles echoes of

time I guess that's Khepri as you can

see now Elsa here cannot actually leave

the oasis like the actual water yeah the

water the spring but you will have this

like yeah the water or balls might call

it a droplet but it's a water orb and

she can basically see through here it's

kind of like the UM what are they called

Spears and Final Fantasy 10 to me it's I

accept this like a reverse you know

instead of using outside to a sphere you

can see from a sphere to the outside

that's like the reverse of Final Fantasy



well here's somebody who's gonna be uh

Lily this place could it be yes it is

there's an oasis here now so the funny

thing is that the game hasn't really

introduced a whole concept of like what

the point of building and Elise is up is

you know but that's gonna be happening

in starting now in the next video to the

resident list allows you to see

information such as the skills and

favorite things of Oasis residents and

visitors also news of strangers will be

recorded as a rumors okay well then

looks like someone is already here let's

go see who it is yes let's let's go I'm

not going to be boy sucking also the

entire LP hell no because that's gonna

hurt my throat so much man what the

is garbage

yeah you can just like this kind of

stuff just happens randomly honestly and

you can just use your gust and it will

get rid of it it just kind of impedes

your passage a little bit but but here's


Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

as you can see my Oasis is pretty much

nothing compared to my brother's

earnings shiny I am a little it nice to

meet you

I thought all the Oasis had vanished but

obviously I was mistaken yet I see no

bloom boots here and they don't seem to

be any residence I get it this place is

still new that's why there are no

residents yet people who live in the

Oasis together are called residents and

the shops opened by seedling residents

are called bloom booths there are many

travelers will visit the Oasis just just

for the bloom booths I'd love to help

here if I could but I don't have the

materials I need to sell merchandise in

the Bloom booth if only I had some

raspberries ok sidequest whoops ok store

images are displayed on red as your

programs to the story general requests

from the people are displayed in blue

and I don't know why the word blue is in

green actually that makes no sense

actually because the background is blue

I guess maybe in addition to a point

story missions you can also track one

request at a time press a to activity

request and try to whit a blue symbol

check the to-do list by detecting the

that to do button on the touchscreen you

can only activate requests within the

Oasis before you leave the Oasis be sure

to activate the request you want to take

care of yeah that's important because

you actually will not be able to fulfill

the request if you do a request that

involves going outside of the Oasis if

you have not accepted it within the

oasis first when a traveler like steel

weights as he or she may become resident

seedling residents can build bloom boots

and the Oasis having a variety of

merchandise available at bloom boot hood

draw more travelers to the Oasis

shiny hits me or weld and I was way too

low-pitched okay whatever we get it well

yeah that's the basic idea for now and I

just gotta make those Blume boots which

are basically there's shops in this game

and that's how you attract more people

here you know Chinese Rose berries yeah


okay so to do that actually to come over

here this one here's the garden it's

gonna be a very important place we're

gonna be going to throughout the entire

game because it's essentially where we

get to plant crops oh yeah we're gonna

be like Harvest Moon II this game a

little bit to you know use Greenville to

knock fruit you can fruit trees bear

fruit every single day it makes sense to

simply do this and there we go Rosebery

is yes

plus it's done so with that I could

simply go back now talk to Lily and yep

give it three rows berries I did get him

for you

bye thank you you got a token of things

healing fruit

all right quests done shiny you are too

kind and guess so

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00


having a wonderful person like you has a

chief gives me confidence but this

always is a bright future

all right so with that lily becomes a

resident as you can see it gets this big

celebratory I guess what application on

the top screen that a new resident has

joined you know and with that the fruits

10 also open the bottom screen you can

see always as level one population one

technically it's too because I'm part of

the two but whatever I guess it's

excluding you okay yeah we got to build

a bloom booth now so you can't skip that

cuz I can just tell you basically you

can tap the bottom screen bloom booth

it'll bring up this screen so on the

bloom put screen you can build bloom

boots for seedlings who have become

residents delegates are necessary for

the first time okay gang and just a

teacher this tap I need square and

here's the list of shops obviously at

the moment only latch and a Sandra but

that's already been built what's the

thing that's already in the ground fruit

shop cost a hundred so I get to choose a

spot I'm gonna choose I guess this


so every single time that you actually

is a blue moon this scene will happen I

probably will not be showing this

cutscene every time you can actually

skip it cuz it's a repetitive cuts and

basically every time you make a new

bloom booth

the same cousin appears and we're gonna

change it of course the actual bloom

booth right here so because of that I

might just skip it in the future I just

want to show that off though the first

time ever complete yeah there we go now

she has her own little shop I can

basically go back now and be finished


and that's that yeah


okay so as you can see now it's

nighttime a lot of time passed mm-hmm so

now the game introduces something rather

interesting the whole like day and night

cycle this game does actually have a

day/night cycle I'm not going to go to

the shop today the bloom booth there

what's interesting to us at those shots

that keep saying shop they're not

actually shops for you like you're not

going to be buying stuff from there

instead you're gonna be providing

inventory for the shop which is very

strange right but it's a very unique

twist for RPGs and the old mention at

probably the next video so here's my

house it's gonna be next to the spring

as you can see so if I examine my

hammock I can either sleep or save and

here's a chest the chest allows you to

change equipment why now I have nothing

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

to do something they're gonna touch with

that right now but whatever so go here

I'm actually gonna save an end of video

the next time I will of course go ahead

and sleep and proceed again slow start

apologizing hopefully you liked it so if

you enjoyed this episode in any way

please be sure lead like I pushed up

pretty much a thank you and as always I

will see you all next time bye bye

everyone have a greater fantastic day

Ever Oasis - Gameplay - Walkthrough - Let's Play - Part 1 - Time for another 3DS RPG! In this video, after watching the opening intro scenes, we dive into action and meet various characters such as Esna and Nour.

Overall, I personally really like this game, and I would definitely give it a positive review.

Please be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much! ^-^

Watch the Source Video Here!

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