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SearchThisVideo: Every Armor Set Ranked | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Survival Guide

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hey there friends what's going on it's

kodiak here back for another assassin's

creed valhalla video and you better


today we are talking about armor we're

back with another tier list video

and of course we couldn't leave armor we

have to talk about armor because

it is probably the most important thing

that you will get in assassin's creed

now i know everybody loves weapons

weapons or flashy weapons are cool

but it usually comes down to the armor

to help determine play style

and really round out a character and

give you the buffs necessary

to push into the end game and i'm not

gonna lie i had a very hard time ranking

this stuff

i had to rethink some things i took all

the comments from the melee weapon video

and the ranged weapon video and i really

tried to soak it in let it all kind of

settle because you guys had some really

good points

you had some really great insight onto

how i ranked things so i really wanted


do this one right it may be a little bit

more boring because look

there's a lot of armor sets to talk

about there's no categories here

we're not really going to talk about

light medium and heavy because that's

not really a thing in this game

um although it is based on weight but

we're not really going to dive into that

we are going to talk about every set of

gear because i think

each piece of gear deserves their time

to shine and while

not all of them are great i do think

it's good to have a thoughtful

discussion about why each set of gear

got the ranking that it got but as

always guys this is just my opinions

after about 120 hours in the game

i've got a lot of thoughts i think i

have a decent head on my shoulders when

it comes to this stuff but yes just my

opinions if you disagree that's okay

leave it in the comment section below

let's talk about it

i do my best to respond to as many

comments as i can but without further


let's dive in and let's talk about the


now remember guys each set of armor has

a two piece bonus and a five piece bonus

we're going to start with the f tier the

worst sets of gear in my opinion

and of course i'm talking about the

berserker set the huda folk set

and the magister set all three of which

i think are really

just terrible and i'll start with the

magister set because it's really the

easiest one to break down

increase melee damage at night why what

is the point of this i get it if you're

at night if you want to just constantly

fast forward

you get that flat plus 15 melee damage

but that is just

so niche and unnecessary you can

meditate you can get there as much as

you want just stay night time all the


i guess that's the way it was intended

to be played but at the end of the day

this is just kind of a nuisance more

than anything else yes that's a nice

damage buff plus 15 to melee damage flat

at night is decent but there are just

better sets of gear out there

the huda folk set is just as niche in my

opinion increases your attack after an


this stacks up to five times and you get

an additional increase to speed and


with the five piece now really think

about this one you're gonna assassinate


then go into combat and you're gonna get

a couple buffs

but you're not really going to get the

full benefit of it so

you're not going to attack somebody

assassinate them then go into big combat

then go back to assassinating then go

back into big combat it just

it's a really jerk stop start kind of

buff system

that we're talking about here with this

set and honestly even if the duration


five minutes long which i know it isn't

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

i'm not gonna buy this

i would refuse to buy this set of armor

because it's just not that good

so why would i waste my money on a set

that really isn't going to benefit me

even as an assassination player you're

not going to see a lot of benefits

from this set of gear assassination into

full-blown attacking

back to assassination it's just really

strange and maybe that's somebody's play

style but i think for the vast majority

of us

it isn't all right this next one the

berserker set is one that

honestly i thought was a lot better but

after reading it and really

diving into it i think it may be bugged

um at least that's what the tooltip


you get increased speed when taking

damage this stacks for five times

and you get a 40 second duration but the

speed bonus of those five stacks goes

from 2.5

to 2.5 and the same thing with the five

piece bonuses here you get plus two plus

two to attack and plus 2.5 plus 2.5 to


doesn't make sense i'm pretty sure it's

bugged maybe it's a tooltip thing

but even still it's not that great of an


sure you're gonna get a little bit of

speed you're gonna get a little bit of

armor and attack

we have no idea where the high end range

of that is maybe it would bump up to

like a c

if i actually knew and things weren't

bugged but let's be honest here it's

assassin's creed valhalla we're kind of

dealing with bugs left and right

it's just the world that we live in it's

a decent set but in its current buggy

state it's

bottom of the barrel all right next up

we have the d

tier items and these are really not much

better than the f-tier items

just very niche across the board the

huntsman armor

which increases your range damage when

hitting enemies further away than 20


i get what they're trying to do they're

trying to give you a straightforward

ranged approach to the game it works for

the most part but here's the deal

you really don't need that much extra

damage if you're upgrading your weapons

and hitting headshots and using

something like a hunter bow or a

predator bow

what is that extra damage doing for you

in combat

really nothing because you're just going

to be getting head shots now i think the

way the huntsman armor is supposed to


is it's supposed to be for a player that

likes to be in melee but also use their

bow and melee maybe

a lipo player it's okay but again it's


and the thing is you need to be further

away than 20 meters so it really just is

working against itself

the entire time and even with the

additional bonus here the five piece of

increasing your speed

okay what's the point of increasing your

speed even more when again you're

further away than 20 meters

you're constantly having to deal with

that are you using a hunter bow and

trying to be stealthy because you're

pretty much just gonna get head shots

every time

same thing with the predator bow it's a

really strange kind of relationship

between the armor

and the play style in the game almost as

if they didn't really understand how

this set of armor

was meant to be used and that's kind of

how it's designed it's not

quite right it doesn't fit any of the

puzzle pieces here and that's why it

gets a d

tier the hidden one set is another one

of those strains assassination sets

increase assassination damage when

crouched and undetected for 10 seconds

it's got a 10 second duration or kicks

off when you get detected

you get that plus 25 to assassination

damage and of course you get an

additional increase to headshot damage

plus 25

for the five piece there and that's okay

look that's a fine set if you're an

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


and that's all you do and you just want

to play the entire game as an assassin

i'm sure there are some people out there

that really enjoy that

getting a little bit more assassination

damage is great but honestly it becomes

a moot point once you get the advanced

assassination talent in the raven tree

so again it's really more of a kind of a

vibe thing if you want to vibe with the

hidden ones you want to pretend

full bore that you're an assassin

perfect there's your set of gear

all right this next one i think it's

pronounced gala glass armor increases

your melee resistance when hitting

enemies with finishers

that's a 5 stacker gives you a 45 second

duration plus three to plus 15 melee


sure it's fine it gives you more

resistance in combat resistance is good

with the five piece you get plus 1.1 to

plus 15

not bad but i just think there are

better sets of gear out there

finishers are not always the easiest

thing to do and that's really why

i don't give this one a higher rank if

this was more of a straight

damage buff all the time easier to

activate i would think it would rank

higher but because

it all hinges on those finishers which

are not the easiest things to execute

on a consistent basis i think it really


remain in the d tier for me it's an okay

set of gear but there are just so many

better ones out there

moving right along to the sea tier and

this is where i know i am going to get

some flack in the comments

i'll just get it out of the way right

off the bat thor's armor

c tier set armor in my opinion it all

depends on the stun it's all about

thor's hammer using mjolnir

using high stun weapons and i get it

increases your speed when stunning an


you get four stacks of this duration 30

seconds and you get just a little bit of

boost to your speed

again i think i had a buggy tool tip

here i would imagine this goes from plus

2.5 to around plus 15

that's fine it's decent it's not bad the

five piece increasing your stun

by an additional plus 10 it's good but

here's the thing you have to be using it

in a very specific set of gear you


mix and match things if you're going

with low stun items and you're wearing

thor set of armor it just

doesn't make sense it's all about having

an additional stun

you can ruin out your weapons to have a

ton of stun that's fine

but the thing is it's designed to be

used with mjolnir that's just the way

they designed this set of armor it's a

legendary set of armor you pretty much

get it at the end of the game once you

get everything done so

at that point it's kind of a moot point

uh it's just kind of weird

and i really always hate these sets of

gears that are so

dependent on one very particular thing

like a specific weapon

and that's exactly what the thor's armor

is doing no hate i'm sorry if you guys

love this set armor it is a cool set of

armor i love it

but at the same time it's just not that

great all right

next is our trusty ravenclan armor

increases armor the lower the health you


75 50 and 25 are your health thresholds

that gets up to plus 25 and that's okay

look armor's good and you get a little

bit of crit chance

when you're lower health and i think

that's a really good set of armor for

beginning players

i think that's why they give it to you

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

first they make you find it first kind


uh because it works really well to ease

players into the game

if they're losing health a lot they're

going to gain armor they're going to

gain that crit chance

and i think that is a fantastic thing to

do for new players

for most advanced players once you get

to the mid game it's kind of pointless

you're never going to really be below

50 if you're a decent player and what's

the point of that you're not going to

get the buffs you're not going to get

the benefits so it's kind of a moot

point all right this last one and i know

i touted this one in our hell's

damnation video

ultimately the hell's damn nation armor

is not great

increase your armor when your weapon is

ignited you get plus 15 armor and the

five piece restores some health on hit

when your weapon is ignited you get two

percent back per hit

that is a very cool defensive utility

set of gear

but in terms of progression and really

pushing the content

i'm not sure how great it is i know i

touted it in the video when we're

talking about suitor sword the entire


it is very good it's super easy to

ignite your weapon in this game

especially once you unlock that fire

ability but ultimately

this set of gear is not going to really

get you where you want to be it's not


have you doing all of those cool flashy

finishers and there's just nothing here

that increases

your potency on the battlefield it just

means that you can stay out on the

battlefield longer and that's fine

but that just kind of makes it a c tier

item in my opinion

you may hate me for that one too again

that's a store item so i don't feel bad

kind of [ __ ] on it because

let's be honest we paid a lot of money

for this game they released a lot of

armor sets that are good that are

paid so you know maybe save your money

on this one

all right you want to talk about niche

items let's talk about the beats here

three sets all specialty items all

hidden behind either the store

or amazon prime the cara legion set the

draugr set

and the valkyrie set we're going to

start with the carolingian because i

love this set of gear i think this is a

true step up from the raven clan armor

at low health getting hit temporarily

increases your armor that high health

getting hit temporarily increases your


across the board i think this set of

gear is decent as well

when you're below 50 you get hit you're

gonna get a 10 second buff

that's going to give you plus 10 armor

every time sad thing is that's on a 60

second cooldown i wish that was a 30 or

a 20 second cooldown

would have made it even better and at

high health with the five piece getting

hit temporarily

increases your attack now of course

that's only a 15

chance you're still getting a 10 second

buff and you're gonna get plus 10 attack

but there is only a 15

chance now the real reason this set of

gear is in the beats here is because

it's completely free for anybody that

has amazon prime

you can even sign up for a trial and get

this but i don't know how much longer

it's going to last

they're pushing it on the main page when

you load up assassin's creed valhalla so

just get a set of armor you have nothing

to lose

somebody that you know has amazon prime

steal their login get the twitch

stuff boom set of good gear it's a b


mainly because of the effects plus that

little twist that it's completely free

and easy to get

all right the dragger set kind of falls

into that thor's category as well

increases your attack when hitting a

poisoned enemy that's the two piece and


your speed and stun additionally with

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

the five piece now of course the draugr

set is meant to be used with the

mournful cry

that's a weapon we talked about in the

melee video your crits have a chance

to poison your weapon and of course if

your weapon is poison you're going to be

able to do additional damage because of

the buff you're getting so it is niche

in the fact that you have to kind of

build a certain way

there is of course a poison ability both

ranged and melee that you can use

as well so it is easy to get that

additional increase to attack and the

additional increase to speed and stun

if you're using the five piece and i

think that's really good look straight

attack is a good thing so

definitely a b tier item in my opinion

now honestly i feel kind of the same

about the valkyrie armor increases your


after a dive at the valkyries that's the

ability of course and you get an

additional increase to armor and attack

with a five piece

that's a really good set of gear dive of

the valkyrie is one of the best

abilities in assassin's creed valhalla

i used it throughout my entire

progression i didn't buy either the

draugr or the valkyrie sets of gear

because honestly i'm just kind of sick


spending all of my money but i know how

to break down a set bonus it's pretty


and i think that's a really good set of

gear i used dive of the valkyries a lot

i would have seen a lot of benefits

from this set of gear but honestly it's

not an a-tier it's not a nest here

it's a b-tier both of these sets are all

three of them are really because they're


but they're niche and that's really the

kicker here that's the reason why all

three of these items

are in the b tier good sets of armor if

you want to spend the money or do the

amazon prime

thing i'm not going to stop you but i

think there's better stuff out there

all right let's move on to the aids here

and i want to start with the madrenet


this with the set of gear that you could

get from the yule festival i think at

this point with the yule festival being

over the only way you're going to get


is through retta they may have taken it

out of the game completely

i'm sorry that i have to bring it up but

it's a really good set of gear increases

your attack after a stun finished kill

you're going to get a 10 second buff but

the increase is plus

25 to your attack that is huge and the

additional increase to sun is plus 35 so

we're talking about stun finisher kills

of course you actually have to do them

to get the benefit

but the reason this is in the a tier is

because it was easy to get

and those benefits were really good plus

25 plus 35 we haven't seen

numbers like that across any of the

armor pieces we've talked about in the


it's just a really solid set of gear

this is an early to mid game set of gear

that can propel you into the late game

and i promise you guys you're going to

be doing a lot of stun

finishers especially if you're a perry

style player if you're not a perry style


you might not get as much use out of

this set of gear

but if you are a perry style player

you're going to really love what the

modgernet set brings to the table

now the other set is of course the

brigandine set increases your armor when

surrounded by two enemies or more

you're also gonna get an additional

increase to melee damage with the five


and we're talking about serious buffs

again plus 10 plus 20 plus 30 armor

and then additional increases to that

melee damage plus 2.4

plus 7.3 plus 25. that is a fantastic

set of gear for anyone progressing

through the game because you're going to

be doing a lot of these castle sieges

and large-scale combat maneuvers where

you're going to be surrounded by guys

all the time now if you're at the end

game this set of gear

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

kind of loses its luster but again it's

all about that mid game progression

if you don't have it and you're in the

middle of the game get the brig and dean


you will see a ton of use out of it it's

a very valuable set of gear completely


in the game you just gotta go find it

all right my friends we have arrived at

the s tier the best of the best the


always rises to the top and we gotta

start with the thane set of gear

increases your critical chance when


this is going to give you a plus 10 when

you parry you're going to get an

additional increase to crit damage

plus 20 with the five piece and that's

just great look if you're a perry player

this is your bread and butter this is

the set you want because

that benefit is just going to be there

and the real kicker is when you

lose it you lose it when you attack from

the back or you lose it when attacking

an enemy on the ground which means

you can theoretically get a lot more use

out of your crits

because if you're still attacking a

bigger opponent they're going to be up

longer so as long as you don't attack

them from the back

you don't attack them when they're on

the ground you're going to keep that

benefit and you're going to get that

plus 20 to crit damage it's a fantastic

set of gear

and free it's in the game go get it it's

fantastic but it is a late set

you will only find this if you're

probably like 60 to 70 percent of the

way in the game

you'll start finally finding those stain

pieces of course you can always go find

them early if you want but yes they are

out there you can get them

for free our other set of free gear in

this tier is the mentor set

increases your attack after critical

hits this is a five stack

buff 35 second duration plus 1.2 to plus


straightforward really good increases

your attack after crits

you stack runes that give you crits boom

you are going to get

plus 20 attack pretty much all the time

that is fantastic with the five piece

you're gonna get an additional increase

to your speed

up to plus ten i mean that is as

straightforward as it gets

and the truth about armor sets guys is

usually the fact that the flashiest ones

are the most niche and the most nonsense

ones and the really simple and

straightforward ones

are the best in terms of progression and

that's exactly what we have here with

the mentor set

and the thane set now the real secret

here is of course you can combine sets

a two piece here and a two piece there

that's what i do for my personal gear

we have a video about that on the

channel if you want to check it out it's

the perfect set of gear in my opinion

it combines the two piece for the mentor

the two piece for the thane

fits my play style really really well

and it is a fantastic combination of

sets and gear

of course we also couldn't forget about

the two sets of gear that are locked

behind the ubisoft store

you can buy these i think they're 2 000

helix credits each

the einha jar and the nifelheim sets

both very very good

but as you guys know from our other

videos i'm not a huge fan when they put

the best sets of things

or weapons or anything really behind a

store the einha jar set

increases your attack after each kill

stacks up to three times gives you a

beefy 50 second duration gives you up to

plus 30 attack and of course the five


gives you a small amount of life back

after three kills five percent health


after those three kills that's a really

good set of gear again straightforward

kill a lot of enemies get the buff the

buff lasts for 50 seconds my god that's

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

a long time

fantastic set of gear and finally of

course is the niffleim set this is the

latest set of gear

that's been put in the game increases

your critical chance after each kill

three stacks for that 20 second duration

plus 10 to plus 30

an additional increase to crit damage

plus 15

to plus 45 so kind of the same thing as

the heiner jar

in terms of the after kill effect but

we're talking about crit here

stack all the crit use the front stream

weapon my god you are going to be doing

so much damage and after testing out the

uh nipple heim set

i can confirm yes you do an absolute

massive amount of damage with this set

of gear

but again this and the iron jar set both

locked behind the ubisoft store

i'm not going to say buy it if you want

to support ubisoft and i think they made

a pretty good game you can

these are fantastic sets of gear they

will help you immensely

if you're looking for something to ease

the challenge of the game but not

necessary by any stretch especially with

the thanes armor

and the mentor armor being so so good

and there you have it man i'm exhausted

that was a lot to talk about i said i

wasn't going to talk about everything

and i ended up talking about everything

but i think the armor

really does deserve our time and of

course you can always mix and match

pieces of gear i could spend hours

talking about armor and different

combinations of armor

how you could get the most benefits out

of it but honestly now that you know and

you can kind of see a snapshot of where

i think gear falls

maybe it'll help you figure out what

kind of gear you need to go hunt for

and as always guys if you disagree with

me that's fine that's what video games

are about

having conversations about the things

that we're passionate about i'm

passionate about video games i know a

lot of you guys are too

let's have a conversation leave your

comments in the section below tell me

i'm wrong tell me a set of gear deserves

to be higher or lower in the list

and of course guys if you are not

subscribed to the channel hit that

thumbs up

and that big shiny red button completely

free for you unlike some of the items on

this list

that really does help out the channel a

ton thank you so much for watching if

you want more of these types of videos

in your feed

you know what to do my name is kodiak

and from everyone here at legacy gaming

thanks for watching and play on



It's time to talk about armor sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. There are a lot of options when it comes to striking down enemies, but with a little help you'll be well on your way to taking over England. Codiak is back with a new video and today he's ranking every armor set in the game.

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  1. While I like the look of some of the other sets more I found the Raven clan gear worked the best for me. Of course I feel like I now have to use all Thor's armor since I have mjolnir

  2. Lol I really no see big difference for change armor, all armor set do close to seem damage and healing from them are so crazy lowering so is no real difference like odyssey or origins lol

  3. Excellent guide, as always. I would add that the Berserker set is an early game set, unlocked for most at the very beginning of the game. Therefore I see it normal to be that low tier. Not that it is a bad set, just that it is supposed to be replaced by other sets at some time. Also it looks so cool.

  4. I think by now I'm lvl 290, done about 100H of the game cleaning every region I've completed… Through out the entire game been using the berserket set and 2 axes and honestly, by now I'm so OP that the melee combat gets boring. I'm on the Berserkr difficulty so still got drengr to explore, but don't expect a lot to be changed…

  5. I was just using Raven Clan Armor whole game and finished it without any problems. To be honest if you are some good in fighting you don't even have to look at the armor sets or the effects that they give.

  6. I would love to use the Mentor's sets because it looks cool (kind of looks like Bayek's armour which I liked) and have great bonuses, but being an OCD guy, I can't stand the clipping I see with the hood and the shoulder piece. It is visible even when the hood is down. I am not a huge fan of clipping armour sets as I like to look as genuine as possible (with clocks flying around, weapons jingling on the belt), so until Ubi fixes the clipping issues, I will stick with the Raven set (as I like the look of it next to the Mentor).

  7. modraniht was perfect for my seax and axe playstyle. used it all the way until lvl 280+, now i use brigandine and I'm lvl 400+. No complaints, I'm merking everyone lol. And if you have a rune that ignites your weapon after a parry- its worth it!

  8. The Hel's and Niflhiem set have diamond rune slots in ever armor piece, that being said when you have a plethora of good armor runes you can make the Hel's armor atleast to B to maybe A tier and move Niflhiem to an S+ tier

  9. Hidden one armour may be trash but it looks pretty good. Also I'm lvl 180 rn and I have put a major of points into fate but I'm somehow at a point where I basically never get spotted so I play stealthy

  10. I have the Thegn’s armor equipped and I got it VERY early in the game. I’m on about power 175 now and I’ll probably keep that armor on for a lot longer


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