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    Every Armor Set Ranked | Assassin's Creed Valhalla Survival Guide

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    It's time to talk about armor sets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. There are a lot of options when it comes to striking down enemies, but with a little help you'll be ...


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    1. While I like the look of some of the other sets more I found the Raven clan gear worked the best for me. Of course I feel like I now have to use all Thor's armor since I have mjolnir

    2. Lol I really no see big difference for change armor, all armor set do close to seem damage and healing from them are so crazy lowering so is no real difference like odyssey or origins lol

    3. Excellent guide, as always. I would add that the Berserker set is an early game set, unlocked for most at the very beginning of the game. Therefore I see it normal to be that low tier. Not that it is a bad set, just that it is supposed to be replaced by other sets at some time. Also it looks so cool.

    4. I think by now I'm lvl 290, done about 100H of the game cleaning every region I've completed… Through out the entire game been using the berserket set and 2 axes and honestly, by now I'm so OP that the melee combat gets boring. I'm on the Berserkr difficulty so still got drengr to explore, but don't expect a lot to be changed…

    5. I was just using Raven Clan Armor whole game and finished it without any problems. To be honest if you are some good in fighting you don't even have to look at the armor sets or the effects that they give.

    6. I would love to use the Mentor's sets because it looks cool (kind of looks like Bayek's armour which I liked) and have great bonuses, but being an OCD guy, I can't stand the clipping I see with the hood and the shoulder piece. It is visible even when the hood is down. I am not a huge fan of clipping armour sets as I like to look as genuine as possible (with clocks flying around, weapons jingling on the belt), so until Ubi fixes the clipping issues, I will stick with the Raven set (as I like the look of it next to the Mentor).

    7. modraniht was perfect for my seax and axe playstyle. used it all the way until lvl 280+, now i use brigandine and I'm lvl 400+. No complaints, I'm merking everyone lol. And if you have a rune that ignites your weapon after a parry- its worth it!

    8. The Hel's and Niflhiem set have diamond rune slots in ever armor piece, that being said when you have a plethora of good armor runes you can make the Hel's armor atleast to B to maybe A tier and move Niflhiem to an S+ tier

    9. Hidden one armour may be trash but it looks pretty good. Also I'm lvl 180 rn and I have put a major of points into fate but I'm somehow at a point where I basically never get spotted so I play stealthy

    10. I have the Thegn’s armor equipped and I got it VERY early in the game. I’m on about power 175 now and I’ll probably keep that armor on for a lot longer


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