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    Evolution of A Hat In Time 2012 – 2020

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    evolution of the game we all know in love started out in the very beginning 🥰

    0:00 Early prototype stages
    10:57 early Alpha Build
    12:29 Beta build
    18:00 Final release trailer
    21:47 Seal the Deal trailer
    26:11 Nyakuza Metro/50 player online trailer
    31:06 Nintendo Switch release trailer

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    Comment (46)

    1. I feel kinda lucky to have discovered the project when it was at it's earliest stages. I remember there were even earlier forms where the models were just like geometric shapes t-posing, and the players had a tophat on. I think that may have been more of a concept trailer than even a playable demo. The original channel where the developers first uploaded was deleted once they got closer to release and created an official channel for promos.

    2. At first, all around her was made out of cookies, since everytime she'd run, collide with something or fall into something it would sound like CRUMBS.

    3. I remember the trailer for the first DLC… the new chapter was pretty disappointing honestly, but I quite enjoyed Death Wish and fortunately got to beat it before they nerfed it as much as they did now.

    4. For the people going on about why I added that last image was because someone on Deviantart dared me to add it if not then they said I'd be a wussy (yeah they actually called me that) yeah so I'm not a sicko or a pervert or anything it's just someone just dared me to do it that's all.


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