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SearchThisVideo: F1 2018 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – PICKING MY FIRST TEAM

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welcome to F 128 seen career mode I'm a
big f1 fan and it's that time again we
have brand new f1 game I've heard about
all the editions and I'm very very
excited so if you guys want to see more
this game let me know leave your likes
and comments below I'm not gonna pretend
like I'm some sort of f1 game expert I'm
not but we have some fun with it I'm
okay at best if you guys want to win a
copy of the game all you do is simply
leave a like on it leave a comment on
the video be subscribed and you guys we
entered automatically so we're in a copy
of the game right let's check out career
mode so the plan is the day set the
driver select our team do some
qualifying putting up the race today but
just do like the pre set up stuff so now
we select our team this is a very very
big decision
put a biggest decision of our career
where we start so at the moment Mercedes
and Ferrari are pretty much level peg in
favorite even teams this is Ferrari this
team won't settle for anything less than
race victories and championships they
would expect their drivers to perform at
the highest level there's a lot of
pressure from day one also in the
background now there's like a preference
to how you act as a driver you can be a
showman which is actually surprised that
is the preference for Ferrari I'm
yeah showmanship or sportsmanship or
like an in-between
yeah next one is Mercedes with the pace
this team has demonstrated in recent
years drivers will be expected to win
races and championships from the very
start so it's a wolf
Bret clean a UK so they are uk-based
which I like a Lucky's to be very
honorable a sportsman sportsmanship is a
big preference for Mercedes next up yet
showmanship for Red Bull makes complete
sense I'm a big fan of red ball their
chassis is incredible but it's have a
bad engine a very slow Renault engine as
a team that regularly competes for
podiums and victories they consider
anything less
unacceptable so they want winners they
want podiums and they want to start
changing for the tile that's what they
want this team are former champions have
been pushing forward once again in
recent years they need drivers to
continue to develop the car and compete
in a charge to get to the front okay
that sounds interesting I like that but
they're still very much formula be so
fancy more of a challenge Hass has
pretty been the the surprise of the year
probably lemon Sauber I would say anyway
they want lots of prints and they are
loosely based off the Ferrari team make
a little bit of help here and there so
they're looking for drivers to take them
to the next level try and compete

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

against my ball maybe even push for in
in a long-term push Ferrari and Mercedes
but I don't think that's gonna happen
McLaren a big team which is struggling a
very like unique history a very long
history in the sport they struggling
fight and win this team are one of the
all-time greats I agree with that
they expect you to be consistent and
progresses to the front of the field
they want drivers who can deliver from
the very first race there's already
pressure at McLaren cuz it's such a big
team but the cause bad radar engine in
it the chassis isn't that great
Lonzo might be your teammate it's it's a
bit scary and they like sportsmanship
which is a wild expect Force India a
very interesting team very good engine
fairly good chassis a very small team
but they always seem to outperform every
year this year they're struggling a tiny
bit anyway push for podiums this team
has become a leading midfield outfit and
I want to continue that and charge
forward over the next few seasons
interesting this is the team I'm tempted
to go with perhaps the worst engine in
f1 which is a quaternion control the
let's thought they want to do any wants
showmanship rentboys all about show so
that they love that
with a reputation for developing and
promising drivers and attracting techni
technical expertise this is a team that
expects consistent prints they want to
win the midfield battle the FB almost I
guess in some ways we've been a big
sponsor with Alfa they want to start
again ahead in that medieval battle at
some point with a lot of help from
Ferrari as well they're really starting
to compete some very talented drivers
apart from Ericsson I don't like that
remembered so he's a paid driver now no
interested but anyway enough for that so
yeah they want me to just compete get
strong strong points on a regular basis
that's what I want engine from Ferraris
it's a very good engine so I'll work on
the chassis and that's pretty much it be
consistent Williams at the back of the
grid is is up saying I'm gonna lights
it's horrible and in the game they're
right at the back of the grid they've
got terrible drivers personally I think
the drivers about that great
I know they pay money but I don't yeah
keep it sir I think would be a lot
better or massa
anyway that's for another day this
ambitious team one of the most
prestigious names in the sport with a
rich history of success
they're now struggling so I want to Snug
in some point going up the grid through
the midfield again and potentially back
to the top that's a long way away
good good engine but the chassis is
shocking I'm gonna go for I think that

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

predictable one is probably salba or
McLaren maybe I'll go with Taurus so I
really look at the car
the Honda energy nothing has potential
yeah I think torso yes something ghastly
will be my teammates I think I can
select ooh yeah I think ghastly is gonna
be my teammate I think that's the right
choice direct Korea I'm so excited so
excited I'm worried about the AI it my
own me but I'm not paid f1 since like
dear some benefit what rates I am
worried but I do love f1 I want to
challenge and I want to just be torso
and somehow win every race that's that's
not fun and that's not being realistic
torso is one of the the last of the
thanks for coming by
I'm sure you're very anxious to get out
on track it's taking a lot of effort to
get to f1 congratulations but the real
work starts now
this is Slayer Motorsports journalist
nice to meet you
you'll be seeing quite a lot of me
throughout the season so you had a
pretty impressive junior career how are
you feeling about your move into f1 do
you think you have what it takes
let's save the questions for a proper
interview shall we I'm sure you'll have
a lot more to talk about once there's
been some action on track I think we
could fit you in after fp1 if you're
free that works for me I'll grab you the
second you finish on the track remember
the relationship you have with the team
can be affected by what you say to the
media so be careful anyway it's time to
catch up with Karl he's waiting for you
in the data center good luck out there
today lip-syncs a little bit off it's
quiet seem to connect
welcome to the data center here we've
got access to all kinds of information
including car telemetry weather lap
tire wear the list goes on plus we've
got a direct link back to the factory so
we're in constant communication with the
team there we need you to regularly
feedback about areas of the car that are
lacking and help us to wrecked our
resources in the most productive way
more effort here equals a quicker car so
it's well worth the effort good luck
this season oh and make us all look good
okay okay mr. technical engineer so have
five days my team oh by the way yes Lee
Toro Rosso
our famed for nurturing promising talent
and kick starting the careers of
exciting drivers from Vettel to sines to
Ricardo but they're much more than that
this is a strong team that expects
regular points finishes
so we might have some prints available

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

got some messages so this is the team
principal welcome to the team between
yourself and the peer I'm sure we can
have a fantastic season my door is
always open if you need anything
what more money
so this oh ok so details minimum
qualifying position 16th so that's the
the goal at the moment that may change
so Emma's sent us an email so we're
going to score free points in the
championship over the next two weeks and
then we get 400 resource points to put
some wolves the car so that'd be a great
thing to do if we can do that that'd be
looks like no rain which is good bit of
clouds on race think so the track might
be slightly cooler here you can see the
pertinent details about your current
contract on one side of the objectives
and bonuses that we've negotiated with
the team on the other is information
regarding how you're perceived
throughout the paddock your reputation
with the current team and your overall
value to them which is a combination of
these elements so the team likes a
showman no doubt about that but if we
want to move to perhaps Mercedes in the
future we might want to be a sportsman
so it's all up to you how you go about
your career as a driver I guess and
there we go confirmation of our team
goal to get 3 points in the next two
races I feel it's a fair goal yeah I
fingers crossed I don't know I'm not
sure what to expect great way to earn
respect from your team and around the
paddock which will help make it easier
to negotiate favorable contracts your
first rival is always your teammate
who's who declare as your second the
harder the rival from the eligible
selection the more respect you stand to
gain or lose depending on the result I
like like we don't right now apparently
yes so there's my my helmet it's a bit
thinner esque I guess my number is 99
you can make your driver by the way
let's loads of different avatars you can
pick from helmets you can put your own
name into it like I have it's completely
up to you I thought before the video
ah this is what when I look at
potentially trying to improve our car
for the next weekend
if it were me this is probably what I'd
invest in so that 500 plants that would
definitely give us an unless a nice
boost ignition system so that's all
based around powered that the powertrain
yeah we got the the worst car for that
we'd lack power severe power we need
more anything else we can go with still
got some points to spend so we're gonna
work on aerodynamics so this is gonna be
a pretty good upgrade front wing main
plane will take two weeks plus five
hundred points and there's a low down of
our aerodynamics compared to the other
teams so it's a minor upgrade but it's a

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

good upgrades see that slight little
knob there so House would still be in
front of us we still got some points to
spend I don't have any recommendations
like nope chassis could be a good idea
again I still a weak part of the car
this car is not by any way by any means
the best car on the grid far from it
this would be wiring loom just weight
reduction whatever that as well 500
points gone so fokin we're gonna focus
on every air of the car at the moment
just try to improve it obviously once we
get further along points to be a little
bit more limited and everyone really
think about what we're gonna go with so
this is our power units we have some
parts we only got two or three per
season yet only three different parts
for the whole season
there's 21 races gearboxes we only have
it can't be one surely is it - it must
be - surely I don't know be a go - I
managed that as well it's a lot to think
about which I do like some yeah
definitely more in depth close little
nudges for next for the next race I like
that moving in the right direction
welcome to Melbourne where the practice
session is about to start for this
weekend's Australian Grand Prix the
pre-race talking is over now it's time
for the drivers to show their worth
Antony Davidson is here as usual to help
take us through the action and ants I've
seen some questions on social media and
other places about this current crop of
f1 cars and why they're so much faster
despite being significantly heavier than
the previous generations of machines
take us through that one I'd be happy to
croft II and simply put it's a matter of
grip now that comes from two sources you
have what we call mechanical grip which
comes from the surface of the tire
sticking to the road and these tires are
significantly wider now when compared to
previous years so they have the
potential for more mechanical grip then
you have the downforce of course which
pushes the car into the road as the air
moves over it thus generating grip these
cars have about 20% more downforce which
is more than enough to overcome the
added weight I bail out my helmet just
right yep I don't like it look how
detailed that will is oh I love it super
free practice sessions are a vital part
of any Grand Prix weekend during your f1
career you'll be able to utilize these
sessions to complete practice programs
which will help you learn the track and
their new points that can be invested in
developing your car you'll also be able
to adjust your car set-up over the
course of these sessions to try and find
those extra fractions of a second ah

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

here we go so this is what we need this
will get us used to the track
recommended tires with a soft compound
okay your goal is to get through as many
cooler gates as quickly and precisely as
possible remember to activate your DRS
in the DRS zone as well
I'm gonna be so rusty hungry bees so
roughly but the game looks so good I
hate the halo you really bothers me but
I guess I get used to eventually to
early I got green for that ma'am he's so
careful on the curbs whoo crazy honest
it no funds it first time is so hard in
this game normally it's so easy
not this time round
oh man I'm screwing it up I mean he's my
first lap but still kind of annoying
in a couple purpose now but now it's too
late to get the form out Quinn a little
bit tricky to manage the steering with
the controller very yes really hard to
manage it might be perfect the curves we
really vibrating a lot but these corner
wings a little bit aggressive on the car
so I'm telling me what I'm really
turning right a little bit more
not a few coolness but Deborah tell my
little bit rusty I'm like lobster all
right let's give this another go we've
got the basic scorer target I don't get
a purple tiger II definitely speed up
great a little bit over there the RS
boat perfection broke my surprise I am
but now this one when it starts to go a
little bit wrong and to lift her a
little bit is that purple I think it was
that was definitely a purple that was a
green hammock
anymore purpose
keep it nice and steady

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

lack of you more purple if I'm gonna
smash a target score all the points
that great against a little bit heavy
I'm steering they're a little more
careful there might be a safe that
definitely better lapped I like talking
about time the way it looks
get up there with the bricks really
trust in the car hit the grass there so
skidded a little bit get a little bit
drifting well how do we do
480 looking at 915 no prints no that
time for some qualifying hates I would
imagine I'm gonna struggle with this
facing off my previous experience is
really gonna struggle I'm praying I'm
praying we're trying some points into
this car you need the research prints
I'm not asking for much offensive rich
hot lap perfect do it
my mom they were I'm 40 down
then a nice big hole in those tires
then too bad so far first sector done
but pretty good first sector
keep the gun keep it going
and we can do this
we can do this this f1az really does
make me panic every time I approach them
right lift that wait for that little
feet which is the DRS people go in great
pretty late right early and so hesitate
it makes me a little bit higher
come on Scully we can do this
it's the bed slam there apparently
come on
how we done how have we done come on
there we go wow you're really good first
leg sir so get to go in
well dance or row so I'll clear that
back to the carriage
oh my god that was hard that was intense

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

this work on ers management I've not had
much experience with this obvious a new
feature for the game so this who happens
go to hire and Susan starts turn it down
me say that now see what happens you can
turn off completely it sounds a bit
crazy what all goes on the grass it once
go that's a lot of time there
you didn't know f1 cars I'm not that
great on the grass just in case you
didn't though for update
he's lucky helped myself am I
a little bit yeah ers really does affect
the speed of the car and honestly pretty
more than fuel which is
meanwhile apps not particulate great but
green finger really start in the green
if we can have a good like last sector
can bring that ers down
yeah three down down low go in a purple
go on do it
these are Paulette VRS of you that's not
using the ers perfect
it's gonna say well
go to Mum there we go whoa we did it
first time octo energy I'm still first
by the way she's kind of crazy that lap
was the ultimate lap that qualifying lap
anyway it turns to the garage I would
try and do another program if we can fit
it in these programs done I probably
won't include most of these in the
future at least yeah perhaps some like
updates maybe I don't know I'm not quite
sure fuel management is normally
interesting very similar to the last
thing we just did but with fuel so you
can change the feel too rich to low to
medium you have enough time for that
it's free laps probably not enough time
right now to be honest practice times
are on the board then but no points are
uh Norfolk just yet we'll be back with

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

more f1 action soon can I match that lap
in qualifying I don't think I can the
old softs feel great though like there's
so much grip you can really push the car
can I do that again probably not
probably not I say smash my teammate
though but we are on the fastest tie off
so it's been a lot of hard work
yeah but here you are making your debut
in Formula One you must be thrilled
it's just the beginning I would like
more time to answer the questions how
are you finding things at the team are
you settling in yeah I do get a chance
to read the question are you just aiming
to find your feet in Formula One or do
you see something more great well that's
everything yeah they got him they've got
to improve the time they're not even had
what's the point in the time actually
like don't even have that timer I can't
read all the quotes in time not yes not
the best so I spread this one done we
don't a number of programs so we've got
away of XP
very good so put those prints into the
car let's go for fill your water
management I'm gonna show you guys all
of this because it can get a little bit
boring Suns gonna just show you like
little highlights here and there of
what's going down
well here we go for the last lap can we
do it to happens sorry
see what happens
you what
good style a lap do a little bit of lift
and coast in favor get fuel that so hard
you get out of the rhythm once you
different posts we have to get back on
weird it's a weird feeling normally this
games full brim all the way around the
track trying your hardest right every
corner and to lift and Coast just feels
a bit odd a bit odd indeed I feel really
odd you lose so much time
Wow it fit the lieutenant flames honor
lightly touchable that only slightly
it's all good
DRS about halfway here I lift on the
home stray that might be enough of this
dear occasional a burst of people I'll

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

roll in
little bit of time here if I lift now
done it
did it we did it
right tire management let's try and
manage these tires
select flying lap so this is this is not
burning besides our presum ursus saving
purple purple how can I get purple these
really tough corners just run slow
there we go
so tempting to stub power fruta corners
but you come sort of a zest the urge was
oh hello
have happened I don't know what did at
that last corner well I must have
completely just not accelerated and I
love it or not due to saps as well I'm
pretty sure I did
did I no please
we still got one more practice session
to go that is practice flee that's
definitely done has put to one side yeah
we do that so it on two different setups
that's how I felt I already get time to
really push the tires too much but felt
fairly interesting I do need some more
top speed this is the slowest car on the
grid slow slow parently where are we're
not really set a fastest lap of such
13th that is not great it's not great at
should we try and do on the twenty one
lap one lap one flying lap there's still
13 minutes remaining in I don't have
time for a race strategy I'll do that in
the next one time for a flying lap I'll
let you know how I do
after it is done
we hate this halo I like it
we're beat my lap I ruined my first lap
this is the second lap not particularly
but it would do temp place yeah that
sounds about right to be honest but turn
to the garage and we'll skip to the last
practice session and we might end it
there an interesting practice session
there then let's remind ourselves at the
top three who are Vettel Hamilton and
Daniel Ricciardo that's it for practice
then we'll see you again soon

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

yeah they're now in the 126s Oh
Hulkenberg got a penalty is that gonna
be for qualifying as well that's
interesting so what did he do wrong we
can actually find out what happened
Oh collision with Ricardo and betel got
a penalty for corner cutting but this
made the lap invalid it's time for us to
do some race ups and no particularly
like quick times try to be consistent
Anna yes what the race performance is
like that's our last objective with them
pretty well I think we got it one yeah
one green I think the rest were purple
so not bad not bad
so far I am needing it but I am looking
at tire wear and that front left click
in our interest in so this is pretty
much was it two and a half laps I think
they start on zero I don't know the
first time I looked it was halfway
through the first lap and there's
already at 17% so I don't know if the
tires were in good condition or not I am
using DRS which you may have
occasionally during a race not all the
time so I'm probably cheating a little
it's why I'm up so much I'm just trying
to be consistent runnin out every lap
trying to impress
team principal hi we're now putting to
tape the since Peterson see after this
first why black or purple where you
going I should have stopped the test has
been complete you can keep going to
gather more Intel with that any sort
destruction you see my traveling goes
down so much but any distraction we talk
in we've seen seven pops up my engineers
saying something I just tend to just I'm
a typical man I've hardly two things at
once it's true if I just sit here and
focus on my driving I'm so much more
consistent it's interesting to drive the
car when the tire wear smarts to give up
at orbit Elsie starts perform not as
well lose a little bit of grip start to
uh a little bit one confidence
I think we've done the challenge we
should get like 90 points so I'll take
that turn to the garage as all the cars
are now over the line your top three
again ah ba TAS Hamilton and Daniel
Ricciardo thank you for joining us for
free practice today we'll be back with
more formula on action very shortly I'm

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

being my teammate on a race set up on a
harder compound feeling pretty pretty
confident I'm not gonna lie those that's
pretty good that's a good feeling
what we're gonna do he's in this episode
here hope you guys have enjoyed it
that was order the practice session sent
up our driver selecting our team i'll
grading the car for the next race and
yeah really fun I'll see you guys soon
bye bye

#F12018 #F12018CareerMode #F12018Game.


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  1. Tip: Try to get all practice programs done in FP1 and FP@ so you can skip FP3. Becuase from FP3 you will change to the "Event gearbox" if you can skip FP3 you have less wear on that gearbox. Nice video mate, nice laptime in the Qualy practice program

  2. Hi great videos please can I ask for a little help? I am new to this game, but I need help. I do a time trial at Melbourne in the Williams and do a time of 1.24.53, time was midday and sunny. When I go to career mode same track same car and setup my time is 1.32.11 and AI are aprox 6 seconds ahead I have AI set on 70. Please can you advise.


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