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SearchThisVideo: F1 2018 Career Mode – Part 1 – The Beginning

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Watch video at 00:00
what's up guys and welcome it to
something a little bit different this my
friends is f1 2018 so this is the first
ever f1 game I played I've wanted to
play them for a while and so I figured
if I'm checking it out I might as well
record it for you guys see what you guys
think I think it could be an interesting
series obviously we love racing games on
this channel but I'm a little bit
worried that like you know there's not
there's not a ton of cars that you can
customize and stuff like I feel like
that's half the fun of a racing game is
being able to like you know pick out
different cars and super MUP and
customize them visually and stuff like
that so we can't really do that as well
as its it's obviously a much more kind
of like refined and very technical style
of racing rather than racing through
city streets and being crazy so I don't
know we'll see what happens we'll try it
out and we're gonna we're gonna start up
a new career here let's see we've got
going on I like this dude here for a
helmet um ooh this one's pretty cool I
like that a lot so we've got different
colors details and stuff what color do
we want to go with I kind of want to go
with more of a to be honest the blue
looked pretty cool I guess it kinda
depends on on who we're gonna be racing
for do you guys want to race for four
like Mercedes longside Lewis Hamilton
that'd be kind of cool right we're gonna
go American number 15 looks good to me
name first name is gonna be Trevor got
it up top there surname is gonna be
Martin got it up top as well looks good
Bri v8 inane three letters hmm what
about TMT I usually do that in like UFC
and stuff so we've got that audio name
do we have Martin on here we should all
right yeah I got Martin Martin I love it
all right register details and here we
go let's start up our career oh we get
it we get to pick which team are gonna
be racing for we've got Ferrari Mercedes
AMG Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Renault
Scuderia Toro Rosso
Force India McLaren Hoss sabor Williams
dude I'm going I'm going Mercedes AMG
and we're definitely gonna go in Lewis
Hamilton on our squad all right here we
go boys
looks like kind of assistant stuff do we
want to have on I don't need a braking
assist anti-lock brakes will keep on
traction control racing line corners
only or off I'm gonna say let's let's
keep it full for now while we're
learning the game automatic gearbox pit
assist do we want a pit assist probably
I don't want to run anybody over and
kill anybody
vehicle damaged we've got reduced or off
full simulation probably leave it on
reduced for now regular corner-cutting

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

stringency qualifying race distance
let's leave it on five laps we want to
keep these races short all right looks
good to me let's advance your boys but
yeah I mean I know there are a lot of
diehard f1 fans out there and a lot of
you guys haven't asked me to check this
out I'm down check it out I just I don't
I don't know I'm worried it's gonna get
a little bit repetitive well different
tracks different scenarios stuff like
that but I'm worried that it's gonna be
just a little bit repetitive and and not
quite as exciting as something like a
port saw or a need for speed or
something like that but I'm always down
to try anything boys
thanks for coming by
I'm sure you're very anxious to get out
on track it's taking a lot of effort to
get to f1 congratulations but the real
work starts now this is Claire
Motorsports join us
nice to meet you you'll be seeing quite
a lot of needs throughout the season
well that's a good thing boy speed a
pretty impressive junior career how are
you feeling about your move into f1 do
you think you have what it takes
let's save the questions for a proper
interview showing I'm sure you'll have a
lot more to talk about once there's been
some action on track I think we could
fit you in after fp1 if you're free that
works for me I'll grab you the second
you finish on the track remember the
relationship you have with the team can
be affected by what mistakes the media
so be careful anyway it's time to catch
up with Carl he's waiting for you in the
data center good luck out there today
these people had no idea that I don't
have a clue what I'm doing this is gonna
be interesting boys welcome to the data
center here we've got access to all
kinds of information including car
telemetry weather lap times
tire wear the list goes on plus we've
got a direct link back to the factory so
we're in constant communication with the
team there we need you to regularly
feedback about areas of the car that are
lacking and help us to rekt our
resources in the most productive way
more effort here equals a quicker car so
it's well worth the effort good luck
this season oh and make us all look good
dude this is pretty intense I like this
I like that there's there's more of a
story to it welcome to your new team as
you're well aware Mercedes have been
mighty over the past few years so
there's going to be a lot expected of
you right from the start
dude this is intense here you can see
the pertinent details about your current
contract on one side of the objectives
and bonuses that we've negotiated with
the team on the other its information
regarding how you're perceived
throughout the paddock your reputation
with the current team and your overall
value to them which is a combination of
these elements so we're expected to
qualify and finish and fourth oh my gosh
expected lifespan 140 laps overall where
you can change all the engine this is
ridiculous your gearbox dude what is HAP

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

I I don't even know what's happening
here all right let's just get an get
into our first practice do what we got
to do holy cow dude this is insane for a
die-hard fan like going in and changing
your certain specific tires and tire
pressures and all that stuff that would
be insane I literally do not know what
I'm doing now I didn't I didn't magic
boy junior to come on in here surely a
coach me up know to be an interesting
practice session here in Melbourne it's
not long until we get the session
underway and we'll have some cars
appearing out on the track all right so
our first practice session we got a
little energy with overlap over the last
few weeks about track limits how much is
too much
when you're cutting corners and running
wide what are your thoughts on this and
do you think we'll be seeing drivers
pushing those limits this weekend will
it be disappointed if we didn't frankly
if race control want to clamp down on
drivers wandering off the track then
it's up to them to police it as a driver
you're being paid to get your car around
the circuit as quickly as possible don't
forget so if you're not pushing those
limits if you're ignoring the
advantageous line then you're not doing
your job properly now I agree that you
know we have these white lines there for
a reason and we do want to see those
limits enforced but for me it's not a
driver's responsibility to do that
so they're saying cut corners where you
all right let's see we could do
then wrap those tires we're gonna be
pulling out of here boys let's get it oh
this is so sick
driving by all the other teams here we
go baby let's see what we can do I'm
excited about this this is gonna be
crazy I don't think we're gonna do the
full practice I kind of want to just get
into the race but we'll see what happens
it wasn't let me control out there for a
second finally kicked in I think that
was the pit I think that was that the
pit desist or whatever probably put you
at the end of pit lane and then and then
gives you the wheel all right
it's gonna hold this line follow it
follow the leader should make it fairly
easy for us cruise it around through
Melbourne Australia no big deal first
leg of the Grand Prix season
dude the speeds we're hitting here are
insane I want it straight I want to see
we can do on a stray we're gonna have
like 140 160 brother this is ridiculous
they said it cut corners right you void

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

just took out a cone
this is ridiculous bro it feels pretty
good though I respect it like I said
it's gonna be a very kind of like exact
type of racing you know what I mean like
you're you're fallin on line you're
you're racing smart it's not rubbing and
and getting into wrecks and and pushing
people and stuff like that like a lot of
the other racing games you do it's gonna
be interesting I like it I feel like we
definitely need to play this in VR
though VR would have been would have
been sick or at least on the the
simulator that I have I need to start
using that thing more 100% all right I'm
good I feel it let's retire from the
session we're gonna go ahead and let's
get to our race I've got a five lap race
these laps are pretty big we just
completed one right there so it
shouldn't be shouldn't be too long of a
race I feel like if we did the 25% we're
I'm pretty sure this game is like 30 40
minute races I'm not trying to do one
that long good five laps works for me
she's cute dude I like her eyes you in
Formula One you must be thrilled
continue the hard work baby it's been
hard work getting here but changing
there were so many names not a bad
response there I'm gonna bring poem
points for the team let's go baby a rep
increase with them - all right
rookie season coming in race alongside
Lewis Hamilton get out of here bro this
is ridiculous oh man all right so we
there are three practices and then
obviously qualifying and then the race I
say we just skip at least two qualifying
if not even skip to the race I don't
know what do you guys think I'm down to
just skip to the race we should probably
try to quell don't want to end up in the
back of the pack though so let's come in
here we're gonna skip the qualifying
welcome to Melbourne we're qualifying
for the Australian Grand Prix should be
getting underway shortly one-shot
qualifying now that Anthony David said
you're not getting any younger but you
have been involved in your fair share of
qualifying sessions in an illustrious
30-year career how do you deal with a
pressure when you have that one chance
to deliver a perfect lap it's not so
much about dealing with the pressure
it's more about how you approach the
risk and just how much of it are you
willing to take
you're constantly balancing the car on

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

the edge of grip from braking cornering
and traction over the course of a lap is
easy to get that balance wrong and
that's why achieving the perfect lap is
almost impossible as you say I've been
doing this 30 years now and it never
gets any easier if we go boys one shot
do not miss your chance to blow could
change up our tire compound dude I have
no clue what I'm doing here like I said
we just we we got to go with what they
give us and we'll see what happens
all right our one and only shot at
qualifying here boys
what the fastest lap we can possibly get
I'm focusing up as much as I possibly
can we're gonna follow this line to the
tee maybe push the edge a little bit I
don't know there's delicate balance you
want to brake late but not too late
looking pretty good so far I'm feeling
dude this is so sick it's so different
than a lot of other racing games we play
in this channel which which is
interesting I don't know slowly up to
you guys like guys that up I just wanted
to check this out
get a little feel for it you might do a
couple of fueler episodes for this the
channel see if we want to turn it into a
series but no guarantees
we do have arisin for coming out soon
which is going to be amazing
also I don't I don't think I've started
posting it yet but I started recording
some breakfast it's another another
racing game really interesting it's more
focused on like demo derby style it's
really cool we're gonna be playing that
soon on the channel so I don't know I
just I love cars I love racing figure we
could check this out I feel like that
was a solid lap I'm happy with it
let's go boys
got the pole position gonna be starting
it first unless somebody else has it
better but before we go let's quickly
remind ourselves of our top three who
are martin räikkönen and lewis hamilton
goodbye for now then but we're really
just getting started
make sure to join us again for lights
out tomorrow dude we came in we might
have to bump the difficulty just a
little bit I didn't see where you can
change that I mean we turned off some of
the assists she's impressed you made it
look easy you know I just do what I can
qualifying session it must be a relief
being that far up the grid good to be a
humble guy much time practicing are you
saving your car for the main event
I'm confused by both of those answers

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

that didn't like either one appreciate
your time
we just killed it though that was good
all right gonna be starting off in first
can we hold everybody off I don't know
we'll see
new drivers new cars and a new Formula
One season but it's the same albert park
that we've come to know and love for
more than two decades now the host the
first round of a 21 race championship
taking us from here in melbourne
australia across the globe before we
eventually reached the season finale at
Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi we've
raced sir quite a bit on the Bloodhound
town business centre in lonely Albert
Park circuit three point three miles of
public roads closed for the weekend of
course make rugby circuit with little
undulation there are sixteen corners
around the lake and a couple of good
passing opportunities here as well
thanks in part to the DRS soaked into
turns one three and thirteen we have
plenty of changes to the sport this year
with the addition of new safety features
the return of France and Germany mates
and more tyre compounds than ever before
and of course we have some big car
manufacturers back in the sport too
without for Mao and Aston Martin
returning his title sponsors for Salva
and redbull respectively joining me to
take you through all the action of the
2018 Formula One season is Anthony David
so that's a pretty dope arm and I'm not
gonna lie thanks crufty always happy to
be here I'm looking forward to getting
underway chrome-like Balu as Mercedes
4th constructors title in a row although
for the first half of the season
it was absolutely neck and neck with the
Ferraris hopefully this year we can see
the chase impact take that final step as
I'd love to see a championship contest
all the way up to the final race in Abu
Dhabi another story to keep an eye on is
the relative performance of McLaren and
Toro Rosso who have exchanged power unit
suppliers this year and given the
additional restrictions on engine
they need to be strong in terms of both
performance and reliability so before
the off let's remind ourselves of
yesterday's qualifying session with a
look at the starting grid
Martin lines are the boys up front Dudek
you back that we were four seconds ahead
of everybody else is a little bit little
bit concerning sounds good to me I feel
like we definitely need to pop that
difficulty a little bit
here we go boys we off whoo well we had
the pole but okay
wasn't really paid attention he got out
in front of us Hamilton's try to get out
in front of us bro we're teammate stay
back this is my time to shine
alright kind of sucks that we lost our
our lead right off the bat but

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

we're looking pretty good here räikkönen
is how you say his name okay break the
little I didn't realize that turn was so
we got to try to get around this dude
I'm not trying to run into him though
you know what I mean he keeps breaking
in these corners dude we don't need a
break here
try to look for a good spot to pass
without actually damaging the car come
on come on come on no I'm not gonna get
it there this is tough dude we got Lewis
Hamilton right on our back - that's a
little bit a little bit concerning did
we get around him I think we did okay
maybe dot holy cow dude we are
oh my goodness Lewis don't do it to him
I gotta take this wide shoot we lost a
spot - Lewis that's all right though
these guys are rubbing up in front of us
man we got to be carefully I don't want
to wreck my teammate
okay thought we might be able to get
around there but he took a left who well
we got they gave us a warning that we're
being too aggressive
they said collision with räikkönen but I
didn't I didn't collide with him if
anything we would have hit Luis on that
that move the old Mercedes vs. Ferrari
matchup okay all right we got to keep
this under control got to keep this
under control Trev
he's getting ground here we go we had
old Mercedes vs. Ferrari rivalry here
the two goats it would have been fun to
race for Ferrari dude legends
my apologies fam oh that was that was on
me whoo we're buying those single I
don't think I really have afro wing but
it's got the fastest lap of the race
nope never mind just taken from us
couldn't even let us live in glory for
three seconds all right we're out in

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

first again try to actually keep it this
time this is fun I mean out like it I
just I'm worried it's gonna get a little
bit repetitive over the the course of a
few episodes I mean I don't know the
tracks are gonna change it's just you're
always in the same car you can't really
model I mean you can't modify very
intricate details but I don't know what
the heck I'm doing with that
we could bump up the difficulty just a
little bit and then also I think we
should turn on unrealistic damage just
to really keep ourselves honest we had a
couple of little collisions back there
and I mean that just it's narrowly gonna
fly right now we're on a reduced damage
take there's another one and then
there's simulation they can be turned on
simulation and really truly erase like
it was a real f1 race that could be kind
of fun
plus added a little little difficulty so
we are now out front the entire time
I just can't even imagine it but don't
they have like 4 G's of force in the
corners and these things like close to
it or something I I can't imagine the
feeling of being in this far especially
for it a long race we're only doing five
laps here which I feel like was a good
amount but think about accelerating from
140 to 170 breaking down 260
accelerating back up the ones that like
think about that section we just did
right there it doesn't really look like
much here in the video game but this
would be so incredible
a place where you can do f1 ride alongs
be kind of cool
whoa a little bit out in the grass and
sand there but we're okay
try to learn how far we can get into the
corners before breaking
we're a little bit far oh shoot are you
freaking kidding me
I am losing spots
are you serious we got a two second
penalty we're gonna be alright dude I
cannot believe that just happens I
cannot believe we just spun out I was in
first place just try to push just try to

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

push it a little bit a little bit too
far got a little loose oh my gosh dude
this is the final lap - I think if we
had two laps left we could probably
catch back up and get back up into that
that first-place position but we lost it
are you freakin kidding me dude also a
hundred percent there's no way our car
is working after a collision like that
if this were on simulation no chance I'm
racing it super aggro here boys I'm
gonna try to get back up and get that
that top spot I've got a warning for
corner cutting
mornings are penalties that's what truly
I want to catch them so bad dude this is
the final section of the track - oh man
we're gonna get third place
oh we're 2 seconds ahead for more than
two seconds ahead so we should actually
be able to keep three should have had
first dude that was dumb that was done
just at the right temperature so the
more easily you can keep them there the
better your race tends to go we did all
right diamond if you're if you're on the
podium for your first race that's done
there's a familiar red suit making its
way to the top step fantastic win for
you got to start somewhere
get a spray all the champagne let's go
maybe good stuff all right I'll take it
so there you guys have it let me know
what you guys think obviously we need to
bump the difficulty a little bit
probably turn on some some realistic
simulation style damage it was fun I
just like I said I'm worried it's gonna
get a little little repetitive so nobody
what you guys think hope you guys joined
driver like you did subscribe have
already thanks the lead of the
championship who was your driver of the
day well he had a great drive today
somewhat unexpected maybe but I'm gonna
go for Kevin Magnussen

Thank you for watching!


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  1. I’m playing this game on ps4 and I can’t even get the car up to 7 or 8th gear at all and not getting enough speed either even when I go full throttle and I am starting to give up on this game can you someone please help with some tips

  2. This game can be used as a sim, usually a game is customizable but F1 is supposed to be realistic so it isnt supposed to be like NFS or Forza so the way you drove in this was terrible but also you are an entertaining youtuber


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