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SearchThisVideo: F1 2019 Career Mode – Part 1 – Playing with a Wheel!

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what's up guys and welcome to f1 2019
it's finally here and I'm actually kind
of excited about this so we played a few
of the f1 games back in the past I'm
definitely not a veteran by any means
but it was always super casual we never
really played through a full season or
anything like that so I'm hoping you
guys enjoy this I'm hoping we can make
it through a 21 race season this time
around and let's see what we could do
man we've got the the wheel setup here
I'm also not a veteran on this thing so
we're going to be learning as we go it
should be a fun time right now I've got
the camera facing us on some episodes we
might do like a wheel cam and stuff like
that I don't know we'll see what happens
but um let's just get into making our
driver here so here we go we're going to
choose our avatar I don't think you can
actually choose or change any features
like you can in some games we can change
like the nose width and everything like
that I think you just have a bunch of
presets here but it looks like we've got
quite a few who do we want to go with we
want to go with somebody who looks like
ourself I feel like we're getting down
into the skin tones that are too dark
maybe that guy's pretty handsome I'm
gonna I'm gonna go with him all right
looks good to me choose your country and
region we are gonna be from the US first
name oh man how do you how do you hit
the bumpers on a wheel Trevor Martin
looks good to me what do we want our
three letter initials to be I'm gonna go
with TMT like the the money team like
Floyd Mayweather no it's like you know
TT Mart's
and I think that's close the closest
that we could possibly get all right so
we've got that we're gonna go with our
audio name it's gonna drop down
hopefully they've got Trevor just
kidding we don't want Trevor we want
Martin here they're gonna cause by our
last name obviously so we've got that
and then for driver number they have
seven they don't have seven sevens
usually my favorite number uh let's
let's go with the lucky number thirteen
why not career in leagues the reigning
champion is inside of yous driver number
one I don't care about that I'd rather
stick with my number all right I'm good
to go so we are gonna register our
details and we are solid let's get it
boys start up a new career here we go in
f1 20 19 you'll be invited to start your
by selecting a formula to team driving
for this team you'll experience some key
moments of a formula to season a
thrill-packed racing championship in its
own right and the springboard to formula
1 at the end of this feeder series your
choice of driver Academy and your
performance in f2 will determine the
terms of the contracts offered by the
teams as you embark upon your career in
Formula 1 and begin to write your own
chapter of motorsport history all right
sounds good to me so this is a new
feature this year basically it's I think
it's like three races it's just kind of
like an intro to the main series so
depending on how well you do is who ends
up liking you more in the better
contracts you get and stuff like that
it's kind of cool it's just like MLB or
NBA or anything else where you play a
little bit early it determines how good
you are and then you you kind of get

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

offers based on that so here we go we
are gonna select our team I'm gonna be
completely honest I really don't know
that much about Formula one let alone
formula 2 I mean I've always had like a
respected an offer formula 1 but just
recently I've started watching more so
like a lot of other basic people out
there I watched the Netflix drive to
survive series fascinated me and now
I've been watching a few of the races I
just watched the the French GP recently
it's kind of a boring one but so I'm
starting to get into it but I'm still
kind of a noob so hang with me there
guys but here we go we've got Carlin art
dams Russian time MP motorsport I'm just
gonna pick I like tried it that looks
like a cool logo I'm gonna go with
trident Oh Driver Academy oh ok so
whichever one you choose here this is
going to give you kind of like brownie
points with those teams at the end of
your f2 career and you're probably get
better contracts like we've got the
Mercedes Academy here so it's going to
get you bonus points with the Mercedes
team the the Williams team or the racing
point team that one I'm not I'm not sold
on I think I'm gonna let you guys choose
who we end up signing with at the end of
this episode but I feel like it
shouldn't be Mercedes I feel like we've
got to gotta try to beat Mercedes so we
get the Ferrari Academy which gets us in
with Ferrari Haas and Alfa Romeo
we've got Red Bull for the Red Bull
teams Renault McLaren
and then none okay interesting so
Renault and McLaren are by themselves
that's kind of unfortunate
I wouldn't mind racing for either one of
those I think they're both really good
teams but I also I want to have my
options open so I think I think we're
gonna go with Ferrari it's not like
we're stuck with one of these three
teams yet but it's just gonna give us
those bonus points I wouldn't mind
racing for Ferrari might be a little bit
too good but Haase is pretty cool as
well let's just go with it well we'll do
it up all right so we've got qualifying
practice race distance and Driver level
we're just gonna leave it on easy for
now because your boy is a noob and let's
get into this here we go event three out
of 12 in May 2000 18 the third event of
the 2018 formula two championship a
mechanical issue presented Trevor Martin
with a stark choice put the team first
and see the position to their teammate
Lucas Weber or deny Weber to pursue
their rivalry with Devon Butler tried
its new driver really commanding the
race here
Devon Butler still ruthlessly giving
chase these two have been really
scrapping it out for the early wins in
the championship
and something's wrong Rama seizes chance
some kind of mechanical failure no speed
again it's unclear what the issue was
can they still finish this race oh shoot
looks like she's gonna be on us some
speed at the top end very close to the
finish here we go voice I'm not in

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

control yet oh oh we're gonna be in
control at the end of this okay here we
oh my gosh all right well our brake
works but our gas doesn't work so I
tried the age-old trick of turning it
off and on again and we have an
accelerator pedal let's go baby here we
go we are in action our first race of f1
your teammate is approaching and wants
to get past repeat Lucas wants to party
come on baby so our teammate Lukas is
behind us he wants to get around us our
turbos out that was the issue correct so
we're missing some of our top are you
sure about that bro I got my DRS active
I mean he's he's now he's in p5 p6 1p
four we've got up a point I don't want
to be a bad teammate but if he's he's
not gonna pass us then we're not gonna
let him pass us you know what I mean
we're not gonna slow down for him
I mean granted this is probably kind of
like come on baby got around them let's
go I realize this is probably like oh
gosh we're really far on the outside
here there's probably like a scripted
thing and we are in that default
difficulty which we probably need to
think about bumping up to be honest now
that I can see how easy it is for us to
pass these guys but still you can't hold
it against me I'm three positions up on
him no way I'm gonna get a layoff for no
reason some people are gonna want to
talk to you after this potentially
denied the team valuable points
right so do the best you can valuable
points like my third place position
hunting second right now I'm not sure
what I did I just pressed something I
made that menu come up okay we're
getting we're getting a little a little
crazy here I'm being a little bit too
aggressive trying to catch this guy
we're okay
are we within a second of them we're
going to be able to activate the RS I
don't think we are okay last race okay
we're gonna take care of our tires also
want to try to catch up on here and
we're up on them

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

got him that was a pretty smooth pass we
definitely need to up the difficulty
dude oh my gosh I can feel my tires they
like this this thing is not handling
well anymore so now it's just a game of
keep-away we just want to stay in front
of al bond here and make sure we secure
this P to finish should be some good
points for us put good points for the
squad and the team hopefully isn't too
mad at me for not letting our teammate
pass come on baby we might be able to
catch him our rival Butler so this they
were whatting our teammate to beat him
that's what they wanted us to go around
for so if we can beat him that would be
the bee's knees
DRS DRS let's go that's that's first
that's P one baby please don't pop a
tire such a ridiculous dude
these things they do if they are not
dripping they're not who could I was not
paying attention there
just don't let him around you final
we got a voice let's go so what are you
saying about that sir about the the
whole turbo issue and letting our
teammate buy so another fantastic
victory for Trident today our drivers
are making their way out for the podium
celebration only Trident taking that big
old bubble of champagne congratulations
to the amazing
oh here we go alright so f1 drivers
receive a lot of media attention and how
you deal with the press can have an
impact in several aspects of your career
interviews can occur after any session
of a race weekend according to what
happened and how you performed how you
answer that interview questions can
affect your reputation with both your
own and other teams the morale of your
R&D departments and whether you become
known for your sportsmanship or your
showmanship consider your answers
carefully but don't take too long you
only have a limited time to respond each
question in an interview if used the
answer can frustrate the press leading
them to asking you tougher questions in
the future hey that was an exciting race
it definitely got people talking about
you which means I was able to secure a
quick interview ok we're all set over
here just a minute remember anything you
say to the press can go very very public

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

so be relaxed but also be conscious of
what you're saying and how it might come
across to other people
ok sounds good I think we're ready is
this like our agent or something so Emma
keeps telling me you're the one to watch
this season if that's true you'll be
doing plenty of these just remember be
yourself and the more you can give me
the better this will go right stand here
turn a little this way for me
make sure you get my good side girl
ready an exciting race City
let's get your perspective can I have
your number no sorry Lucas are new to
the team how are you settling in
settling in well so soon goes on we'll
find our rhythm don't need to settle in
I'm a professional
Timur doing fantastic job and it helps
that Lucas Weber as an exceptional
driver there we go I want to ask why
didn't you let Lucas past when your team
told you to I really don't know why they
made the call he wasn't that close I
gave the opening but I wasn't gonna stop
for him I probably should have liked to
take this opportunity to apologize to
Lucas Weber I'm gonna be completely
honest dude 100% honest I mean I was
willing to pull over and pull off to the
side and let him pass us but he didn't
he didn't pass us bro no
next time the team gives you an
instruction follow it it is not a
yes oh I'm sorry my mind's erupting I
can leave or continue can we help you
with something oh it was just you were
the bad driver
yeah from my car seem like you deserved
it with okay congratulations but the
team gave you an order you could have
jeopardized it for both of us
you know I hate to be the one to tell
you this but you really don't have what
it takes to be a champion Lucas likes to
talk a good game about the whole team
thing but the fact is if you're in the
same situation do you really think he'd
let you pass I would see the hesitation
anyway doesn't matter who wins next
season I'll be spending my Sunday
afternoons atop the f1 podium while you
two will be teaching kids to drive
good luck yeah look I understand why you
did it do you really think an f1 team
are allow you to just drive however you
want come on I mean he's got a fair
even if I was faster if your team is
telling you to stop you should alright
so the sixth event was a low point for
Trevor Martin when an aggressive move
from Devin Butler resulted in contact
and the destruction of their front wing
Butler's penalty saw brought back within
range of Martin but only where but with
only a few laps remaining
alright so Butler's gonna be trying to
catch back up to us I don't like Devin I
like our teammate I understand why he's

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

upset it's a bunch of egos dude we're
all trying to make it to the big leagues
just gotta I'm gonna take care of my own
you know what I mean even though that
was probably a bad move oh gosh
and stop them getting fast Oh contacts
but must simply left them nowhere to go
there was just no way for them to have
avoided that and look their significant
damage not sure if that was down to
recklessness or sheer aggression
I'm sure the Stewart's are gonna have
something to say very shortly
nail him nail him to the wall let's go
baby right so he took our our front wing
up instead of this race you got a new
one in the pits and now we're gonna be
back after it here we go we're p11 right
now with five laps remaining
okay sounds good to me I'll do my best
man here we go
try to get around these boys yes sir we
definitely I promise you guys episode 2
of the difficulty
looking pretty good there slowed down
through here
- what a beautiful place to race I don't
even know where we are right now but it
looks amazing
Ruslan's kathleen sick price v6
he's six so we're in 10th right now
let's use our DRS we should probably
stay behind him and then and then go
around okay
my bad
but not bad on that one that was my
fault we've got contact on the right
there but we're good we're around them
we we definitely overshot that a little
bit yeah we want to stay behind him
draft him with the DRS and then cut
around to the outside now I just hit the
DRS and are on the outside we're in p9
right now we've got a few laps left got
a couple of guys in front of us here how
are we gonna get around them is the
question whoo
so we were in PA right now with seven in
our sights and then Devin is in p6
I don't oh I see him up there shoot he's
got he's got quite a lead on us but
we can we can make this work I don't
think we're gonna be able to go around
the outside on this guy but we can cut
the inside baby let's go we've got DRS I

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

thought you couldn't I thought you
couldn't use DRS if you were leading I
thought only the chaser could use it
looks like Butler just moved up to p5
shoot that's gonna be one more person
we're gonna have to pass man but they're
both together right here so maybe able
to make something happen let's make sure
we're ready for the DRS cone
I don't want to go for too aggressive of
an overtake here
I got a want to but I don't you know
what I mean let's be smart about this
there we go
I'm gonna p6 we got Butler in front of
us we've got two laps left to be able to
catch him I think we're gonna be able to
do it
right there dude the the problem is as
soon as we try to pass him he's
obviously gonna be super super
got him on the inside maybe let's go
activated the DRS got right around him
we're chasing fourth place now before
should be able to get dude I'm feeling
like I'm Lewis Hamilton out here
brightest I got that Mercedes engine and
I'm just a straight dogging on people I
keep pulling up this MIT my thumb keeps
hitting it when I turn right really hard
I don't know what I'm pulling up cause
we're up to P four we might be over the
podium that would be we might be able to
get P to dude
let's let's do a whole lap here I'm kind
of curious as to how you guys want me to
do these videos I mean I'm I'm down to
do the full race but I feel like I would
be in sick price P six that would be
really long and I feel like maybe
highlights might be a little bit better
I shouldn't be taking my hands off the
wheel like that
she trusts her own thing
said take camera he's walking up dude
he's locking up and the karlon I'm
around him
Bella Bella what are you doing why she's
unlike this ball how did you even get up
she was just climbing up on top of the
thing I like it down Go Go
she like turned my monitor and
everything dude in sick price p6 I don't
I don't think that's something that
like real f1 drivers really have to
worry about outside of this turn here
we're good okay so it looks like we're

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

going to take a p2 so in the third race
we had a p1 this race we're gonna take a
p2 I'm I'm not mad at it
well let's go baby that's what I'm
talking about great work out there today
let's have your thoughts yes ma'am
well that was a great recovery today did
you think it was all over when you had
the collision with Devlin as soon as I
realized the car was tribal I knew I was
still in the race everyone in the team
put in huge amounts of efforts and you
can't let them down I'm gonna go with
that dude I feel like we we are our team
some props so did you ever think you'd
get the police back from Devin um
amazed I did sitting if another seemed
like the perfect opportunity to catch
him his huge gather to race and see what
gonna be kinds honestly was going to
call them out in calm slow what do you
think of your championship chances a
results are a reflection of the
incredible work of the entire team and I
want to speculate for it am i talking
about in the track and carrying a lot of
momentum I'm gonna I'm gonna give the
team props again I feel bad for that
first race when we completely ignored
them well that's everything
what can I say I guess there's no other
way to put this but I'm sorry I'm sorry
for ever giving you the common
respectable gracious dessert because you
don't deserve and neither of you do that
was the dirtiest driving I've ever seen
exactly I'm taking my line and I get
smashed into and then I'm penalized
you're unbelievable you deserve every
second of that penalty maybe more I mean
aside from trashing the car did you ever
stop to think that maybe someone could
get hurt me by what winning a penny cost
is your strategy not ours you better
watch yourself
whatever did you know what's so buddy
don't let him get in your head he knows
you're a better driver so on the track
stay away from him he will try to force
you into contact that's how he wins yeah
let's get ready for the press briefing
it's good advice but yeah this is like
so real like you guys know I know here
we go
hold on I'll tell that story this again
Martin and Butler were tied on points as
they ended the final race of the formula
two championship but with Butler had by
virtue of a greater number of race wins
Martin needed to score more points in
him to claim the championship oh man so
we need to place ahead of Butler here if
we don't place out of Butler it's all
for nothing I'm gonna be at yes marina
chin every events in the formula 2
calendar has led us here today we go the
final event of the championship and one

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

that promises to be a spectacle every
bit as exciting as we might appoint look
at all those yachts out there bro that'd
be so much fun to watch a race from a
yacht like that so the yeah silencer kit
offers 21 corners and a lap distance of
around 3.4 miles there are a few
opportunities to pass with long
straights and DRS zones in two places
turns 8 and 11 plenty of close racing
then plenty of speed and plenty of
excitement for the fans no doubt all
right let's get into it but yeah like
that the whole egos and fighting and
disagreements and like yelling at each
other in the
Raja's and stuff totally DJ b-real
and the next time we see each other
you'll be the f2 world champion no
pressure then alright you can choose any
of the 5 car presets by highlighting 1
you can also click on a setup to
customize any of these presets in detail
by adjusting the sliders well I don't
that that's the thing is I have no clue
what I'm doing so I'm just I'm gonna go
for it oh wait a second we're starting
the race ok
lights out at Abu Dhabi here we go boys
so Butler's a few a few places in front
of us I'm gonna try to be smart dude we
haven't started a race yet this is kind
of terrifying we're all like right in
with each other I don't even know how to
look to my right so I'm just gonna hope
for the best and hope nobody's there
we're good
okay we've got our spot we're in the
lineup for PA Butler's nothing beats Rui
didn't have our best spot there but like
I said I don't want to get too
aggressive this is a long track we've
got some straights with DRS and stuff
like that we should should be able to
make some moves we're good
I don't know if those guys were fighting
there or what we got around them pretty
easy so we're up at a piece six here yes
sir will do this is a long track too
we've got six laps of it we should have
more than enough time to be able to
catch him a little bit of contact there
we're okay
the good news is everybody is all
bunched up together
not gonna be able to catch him there
every time I think we have an
opportunity to get shut off oh here we
go dude our engine on the straights is
insane got a break here we're just gonna
have to pass these that the front
straightening the back straight we're
gonna have to pass them there
really we just have to be so careful
so we BM and we are a world champion I
would say that that's going to put us in
a good spot for all those f1 teams that
we want to join I'm on that booty bro I

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

know you're nervous I know you see me in
those rear views
think that's from when we we kind of hit
the front wing on those guys earlier we
had a little bit of contact there but it
sounds like we're good I'm just I'm
playing it super safe super sitting here
all I'm worried about is just getting to
vet straight we might be able to beat
him on that front straight across the
starting point
try not to damage our front wing anymore
come on maybe
oh we're gone
nice work that brings you up the price
we just got fastest lap two DRS is now
enabled I'm just gonna fall in line
we're just gonna race like a normal
human being nothing too crazy if we can
hit the RS on this back straight up here
we might be able to get all the way up
into first it's gonna be happening here
soon boys
come on baby
is this not a DRS zone I would have
figured it yep it is in the era so we're
catching up on first
the problem is we don't even need first
I'm not gonna do it I want to do it
we'll pass them later on in the next lab
I want to do it but there's no reason to
let's not get stupid I'm just gonna play
this smart we're gonna take our win and
then we're gonna have to up the
difficulty for sure I know you can like
change the difficulty on your car you
can also make the AI more aggressive so
we're gonna have to do a mix of both
we'll adjust that throughout the the
series make it more you know the wing is
not looking good we got to get out in
front of this guy and then we want to
worry about that anymore but yeah we'll
adjust it and make it more difficult
throughout the series make things
interesting so if we get around this guy
we're going to be up in the first place
and then it's just
do whatever you do from here on out
he's not gonna let us around him we've
got to be able to get around him here
though right with the DRS yes sir
we even have to use TRS hi so from here
on out we just oh gosh we're getting the
speed wobbles we just do a thing just do
whatever we got to do final corner here
and that's it let's go baby
gotta win world champion that should
give us plenty of bargaining chips you
see my privilege over the years to
witness a number of great sporting
events to that prestigious list it's the

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

ultimate dream for any racing driver we
have a new formula 2 now we got to move
into formula one and do the same thing
baby that's what I like to see but yeah
those teams that we want to sign with
y'all are gonna have to pay up that's
cool dude
I like all the cutscenes and the story
behind it and stuff this is good the
Racing's good obviously but
it's a nice bonus first of all
congratulations you must be thrilled
thanks babe appreciate it wow you're the
drivers champion how does it feel
despite some previous incidents best
driver one of the end feels great and
close amazing I want to thank everyone
on the team we're just gonna keep being
a good guy for now I think we want to do
that season how is the race for you
there's challenging but the team really
put it together I never had any doubt
and finished the points that's all that
matters it wasn't easy but it's great
race and I'm pleased with the result
again give it to the team baby
well we've been hearing rumors of a
possible future for you in Formula 1
here's a comment I would love to race
against the best in the world
appreciate your time
alright well I think that's the end of
our kind of like pre career our filler
series and therefore I think it's the
end of this episode I think it's it's
gonna be time to choose a team
congratulations enjoying the last time
it'll ever happen Devin it's okay to be
upset you came very close we know things
would have turned out very differently
if I didn't get slapped with that
ridiculous penalty what is it with you
and complaining look somehow you managed
to do a lot of things right today it's
great you needed the win I didn't for me
this was always just a stepping stone to
well for you too you got your work out
for you now that I'm gone so you're
gonna have to prove to everyone it was
more than just the good yeah sure
winning one race is luck winning the
championship is Talent
really next time you use that incredible
tavern to ram into someone and steal all
their points remember they won't be as
forgiving as I always got an excuse our
it's been a lot of fun I gotta run
things to sign important paperwork and
although I'm sure you understand
ciao so this big win you're gonna be
getting a lot of interest well I can say
is choose wisely or else you might end
up with someone like Devon as your
teammate come on let's go celebrate heck
yeah man I'm like that would be so
awesome all right two months later since
the thrilling conclusion of the 2018
formula two championship a lot of
opportunities have begun to open up for
you your agent emma has called you into
the office to make a final decision
about your potential future in Formula

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

dude I'm nervous I'm excited to see who
has the most interest in us choosing
which team to race for is one of the
most important decisions in your Formula
One career so consider your options
carefully and pay attention to each
team's expectations highly ranked teams
like Pryor and Mercedes have faster more
competitive cars but we'll expect the
driver to be achieving podium finish
this right from the start of the season
they will quickly become unhappy if you
fail to perform lower ranked teams have
less competitive cars but their
expectations are easier to meet they
tend to be more forgiving if it takes
you a while to settle into your career
signing an up and coming driver like
yourself will be a positive move for any
team is result when you sign your
first-ever Formula 1 contract you
receive a one-off bonus to your
reputation with that team
shoot multiple f2 drivers on the run
welcome come on in dude take a seat
I'm nervous forums time we have the big
conversation about your next move your
performance at the f2 championships last
year got you a lot of attention from the
Formula One teams some of it more
positive than others I'm not so
concerned with who does or doesn't like
you you'll have plenty of time to win
the doubters over but I am concerned
with our choices there narrowing as we
haven't shown commitment to anyone as
your agent my advice is to make your
decision now we can worry about comfort
and finer points further down the line I
need you to review these you've earned
every single one of these proposals so
take your time have a read through and
don't get too hung up on specifics let's
get you a four meter one seat dude all
right so it looks like everybody's
available Ferrari team won't settle for
anything less than racing championship
victories and they'll expect their
drivers perform the highest level of
course they want us to fight for the
Mercedes wants to lead the field they
actually have quite a bit of quite a bit
of you know value in us you know what I
mean Oh Ferraris attitude preferences
showmanship I kind of like that Red Bull
Aston Martin Racing compete at the front
showmanship they like Renault likes
showmanship Toro Rosso likes showmanship
McLaren likes sportsmanship so does
racing we're not going to go with racing
point Haas likes showmanship alpha male
like sportsmanship and we're not going
to be going with Williams um interesting
so I I definitely don't want to do
racing point or Williams I don't want to
do Mercedes just because I feel like
that's that's a cop-out dude that's too
easy you're in the best car that sort of
thing I don't want to like be guaranteed
like that you know what I mean and like
Ferrari sounds cool but I'm also worried
that they're kind of in that same
position I think something a little bit
more mid-range would be fun I mean like
Red Bull is a good option they're like a
solid number three so we could take a
and compete with Ferrari Mercedes

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

McLaren could be the same thing and I
guess we could do the same with like
Renault or Haas I feel like I feel like
those are my five Ferrari Haas McLaren
Renault or Aston Martin Red Bull let me
know what you guys think down in the
comments I think it's it could be
interesting regardless I guess Alfa
Romeo is is the team that has the most
interest in us but I kind of want to be
with like a young cool showy tight team
you know what I mean so I think that's
what I'm gonna look at are these five
probably not Ferrari we're probably
gonna go for one of these four just to
kind of be a little bit different let me
know what you guys think down the
comments leave a comment down below
whichever one has the most votes then
we'll be sure to to make it work so
anyway I hope you guys enjoyed drop a
like if you did subscribe you have it
already peace out

Thank you for watching! #F1 #F12019 #Gameplay.


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  1. When I did the campaign I pulled over because the rating was like 70 for the AI so I was having trouble passing but the argument changes when you let you teammate pass:D


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