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    what's going on guys Gast here and

    echoes is finally in the building I'm so

    frigging pumped for this game I haven't

    been able to sleep all night

    I got like okay that's a lie I got maybe

    two or three hours of sleep last night

    and it's the first I can't believe it's

    real man honestly like oh there it is

    there it is baby there it is baby I'm so

    excited I still can't believe this is

    real honestly I really can't believe

    it's still going it's still it's still a

    thing I just don't I just don't believe

    it I'm about to get into it I don't know

    I don't know I'm just I can't I can't I

    can't I can't I can't deal sometimes

    it's just too much it's in the karcher

    it's at the cartridges in echo this is

    officially a thing now there it is come

    on baby

    there she is boys and girls we made it

    we waited a long four months for this

    and I can't wait to get into it here we

    go this is real life this is the thing

    this is a game that was that's being

    made that's been made that's madness man

    initialization complete so I'm hoping

    that I put up I set up a light right in

    front of the screen here so I'm hoping

    that the lighting works that way better

    I'm just time there was a god named

    Goomer and I got his name Noah who

    fought each other bitterly for a name

    I'm gonna cry so much how did they just

    say they were sorry I'm glowing already

    let's promise we'll never end up like

    that okay yeah nothing will ever come

    between us




    I don't know man III I'm just sick I'm

    like I have so many chills he [ __ ] oh

    my god the hill penetrates the shield

    and then running up Chapter three

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00



    what's going on

    I'm trying to keep a level head right

    now this is going to be the greatest

    thing these chills men the Falchi all

    the flexion give me this give me the


    oh [ __ ] is this ever beautiful like this

    song man y'all were wondering why I had

    the camera it's for these moments man if

    these moments that like I need to

    capture everything like that's what you

    have to understand here is that

    everything in this playthrough I need to

    do my best to capture to the best of my

    ability this will be a defining moment

    in my life like this will be a defining

    moment in my life is what I'm saying



    this is going to be the moment of my

    life man sloth time 402 Victor oh Christ

    it's actually meaningful on teen


    oh my god

    god no

    don't leave me Pelican you can't do

    silicon that's elegant this say

    something please

    uh well okay so okay that was a that was

    ten years afterwards where do we go next

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    what's the matter face don't tell me

    you're after him again oh don't waste

    your time looking for that guy I went

    off first rollingwood oh poor girl

    so easily replaced I hate to break it to

    you say don't do a cliff sir might be

    only has one granted and that's all

    cowardice is boy mother told me they're

    not related by blood

    twist marsala coffin believe it Joe I

    like where the story is going go ahead

    dark unsinkable


    it means that poor girl poor gal she is

    having face cop in math fields hey Tobin

    believe what somebody saw a night in the

    woods oh we all right Castle what why

    would a knight come here

    big fan of manure or something what is

    gaffer this could be the last night

    we've seen fun month over here hey you

    coming oh man it's just so flushed out

    what a wonderful cutscene that was

    little fella cop oh my god you're so

    cute this is an actual [ __ ] game man

    like look at this what if I go the other


    nah invisible walls trying to try and

    for the L targeting here trying to go

    for the L targeting thank God I have to

    go find no sword or nothing yet oh hello


    they're too cute I think you mean very

    stupid boys don't wear we good lord

    maybe I'll just give it to Grandpa

    instead did you're kidding right

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    grants upon knows a manly week when he

    sees one unlike some boys ha ha ha very

    funny I was looking for what is

    something wrong I know I just love you

    so much she cheered up as all when you

    first came to the village you always for

    such a dark expression plus you never

    spoke a word Cray Poupon told me to be

    nice but I wasn't sure how to make she's

    better well I think you did just fine

    story that you told me each flower you

    picked for me each walk you took with me

    here in the what I don't need a

    different song come on I didn't do

    anything special our nature is dead

    inside that my first words to you were

    so unkind are you talking about when you

    called me a boar or a climb oh man bad

    boys like all men like you don't let it

    get to you

    why do I need a reason I mean I guess

    it's because I never knew my parents I

    have no siblings and grandpapa has

    always forbid me from setting foot

    outside the village

    you're like a window to a world that

    I've never had the chance to know is

    that a good enough reason oh my goodness

    what a good setup baby

    we have the same mark


    noises on your left hand and - on my way

    suppose in a strange sort of way I

    wonder where the marks are so still they

    prove that the two of us belong together

    always that is if you're not already

    tired of a clod like me making you laugh


    we'll always be together

    yes I promise isn't that what you want


    that was fake is he in trouble it came

    from beyond those trees come on oh hey

    looks like our Luck's picked up a

    success late after days of the same old

    trees such cherubic faces are welcome

    indeed after all what a little brats

    play will find a village I stay

    listen well what a [ __ ] and and I

    loyal Knights in service to His Majesty

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    King Lena the fourth megapolis lesser

    than his name for the other day hereby

    command to lead us to your miserable

    line of hubble's where you shall have

    the honor of signing us and otherwise

    providing all comforts it shall be an

    evening to remember so lead on and make

    like holy can't just will get the

    scolding of our lives if we bring

    strangers to the village good sir Knight

    if I may but a small village to call it

    a line of muddles is too generous we do

    not wish to offend you when you are

    clearly deserving of so much more what

    at least we humbly implore your great

    mightiness to you boy have you an older

    sister no don't say that we'll take all

    the food and drink you can muster and

    your sisters can serve it it's a sign we

    hire get not but take beating horses oh

    I shall force you to yo this is a crazy

    game already I'm wondering uh I hope

    copyright doesn't mess us up for those

    like keeping the voice-acting in

    where are you gonna take them to the

    village are we hey I don't like it


    I knew the Royal Knights with that's

    royal bird chittering little squirrels I

    am not a patient man if you do not wish

    to entertain us the one way you can

    entertain us the other perhaps we shall

    remove your tiny heads from your

    shoulders one by one silly

    don't worry lad I'll make a nice clean

    cut Wow


    yeah let's do it all this lasted really


    get away from my friend

    it's that so someone neglected to teach

    this mangy pup any manners you there

    girl show me your face God it really is

    her how you came to oh my goodness

    beyond me regardless you shall make a

    fine prize to take back a general to say

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    I knew it was pronounced to say I knew

    it was French I knew that's what it was

    pronounced like


    Derek ahead to me you barn bread so big

    you stave off your death sentence is no

    longer especially the mother can't save

    you now Brad cheese yeah boy

    Grey Poupon what like what are you doing

    at a backwater wasteland like but I

    think I know

    now this this is indeed good fortune we

    never finished what we started in the

    flames that night old man I have much to

    repay you for and what does progress all

    my virtues after shift going down now

    children run to the cemetery up the hill

    why why what are you gonna do no all of

    you run run little boys and girls


    listen well children we will drive these

    ruffians away but you must follow my

    every command

    I'm not gonna do that this time he's

    also crazy do it children cheer where to

    go guys got a dance together ok I got so

    many children you can get yourself

    through D Oh


    keep your distance from the enemy


    what are we saying for staff here I just

    wanting to go over there a okay I have

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    my attack is sick voice oh wait what


    I'm the boy class there no stops here

    there we go zero might so my attack is

    only six

    so I'm not going to go in for a day

    I mean I'm right young so all I got is

    swords I'm going to I think I'm going to

    be wanting to use terrain here I can't

    really imagine me not supposed to be

    doing not supposed to be doing other

    things other than use a use my sin for

    it so I'm just I'm just going to because

    he has he has 19 defense like he's a

    paladin right a goldmine rather so I

    think he just going to do his own thing

    man remember hold on that might let me

    see this yeah okay it's just explaining

    how things work is there a preview

    hold on now how do i zoom out of here me

    right now



    I like how they're cutting the grass -

    it's really cool

    CB Celica hey what are you doing

    let's go girl class go small they are

    Zee little feet Oh Jo did you see the

    horse there

    that was that was for our berry grow

    look at that look at those chompers boom

    that's all I'm saying it's the same

    thing eh you could be the left all right

    let's look to you some options here

    let's animations on normal game speeds

    gonna be fast

    smart and is going to be on and HP

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    gauges are on grid I'll turn the grid on

    for a bit actually now grids we only

    need two grid on all right let's see

    what these guys want to live here oh my

    god how smooth is dad

    oh all right let's see here

    what kind of damage we do so if we have

    six attack for four move if we go here

    we're dealing I'll have 14 health left

    is that what it's saying it's kind of a

    trying to get comfort with this battle

    forecast here so 14 I'm dealing two

    damage my attack is six of Defense's 4

    so that means I'm dealing two damage

    well the forecast is right there so I

    don't want to because if I do that these

    guys aren't really in the move oh this

    guy is in range okay well I think we're

    neglecting our defense here because we

    have three defense this guy's attack is

    only seven so I'm going to see I just

    want to see how these yes four and three

    so we're all going to be fine I think

    I'm going to take cover on the villages

    here see how Elm does

    oh yeah


    all right let's get in here all I'm only

    dealing chippy damage here I want to see

    if I can at least grab a kill Lanson

    mounted he'll have no health left take

    on this one phase in here

    we're walling out this guy I think I

    think if we wall him out this guy can't

    really do much who has the most defense

    out of this 2 2 & 3 we can't really get

    there though as long as we kind of stay

    clear yeah tactics and defense is only

    yeah we're going to survive I think


    the hit rates only 48 percent as well oh

    they're still gonna try to what oh wow

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    oh you want to learn what he wanted use

    the force as well mandis animations are

    smooth so he's also coming I want to see

    if I can grab a kill maybe I can gang up

    on them

    let's see he'll we'll give him a zero

    help as well I think I think the idea is

    where are we our village kids be nearly

    happening but not today general to say

    we'll be eager to learn that we have

    found the princess who refuses to -


    okay let's see if we can gang up on this

    guy he's on the war he's on the floor so

    so our hit rate is pretty bad let's just

    hope that he wants to stay and fight me

    I can't imagine him being so stupid that

    he wants to keep fighting

    Mison but he wants to keep fighting I

    see if I knew they were going to target

    Meissen then I would have just given him

    no weapon but I guess it is what it is

    maybe they weren't maybe the logic is

    they weren't going to waste their time

    on village kids oh well whatever

    thank you progress has been saved we did

    we actually did oh come on grandpa so

    wait how did we do that exactly

    it's all interest you wish we only

    survived because we did exactly as Sir

    Meissen commanded

    oh yeah does that mean sir Meissen

    commanded you to sob like a baby

    how can you guys joke about this crap


    Celica that was great what you're not

    happy I this is I think this is the the

    reasoning why she has to leave is

    because she's now on the run we saved

    the village from those despicable mace

    we're heroes I mean if nothing else

    we're not dead you could at least crack

    a smile Oh

    your tone understands now that they know

    Celica is here they will stop at nothing

    it's no longer safe for her to stay in

    the village boy but why it doesn't have

    to be like that

    Helen Celica

    I'm so sorry oh I know that you would

    have kept your promise

    don't apologize silica just just tell me

    that this is a mistake that you don't

    have to go work is already settled and

    we lack the time to discuss it first get

    back to the village and pack your things

    still ago alright hold on a second

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    explain this to me grandpa boss why are

    you making her wing is so precious man

    oh my boy

    I feel that's a page you don't want to

    not yet at any rate not great now you're

    talking in a riddle I won't let you sell

    it to her she needs me you the foolish

    boy won't listen to reason

    delica has proven she has the strength

    to make hard choices it will you please

    don't take her away would you mind

    looking after something for me but this

    is this is your good luck charm I'm so


    special yes and now it's yours I want

    you to keep it close always as close if

    you would have kept me oh my good my

    mother gave that to me

    not that I actually remember but so Akoo

    I can't take this from you you're not

    taking it I'm giving it I pray that it

    keeps you safe take care silica

    well this turned into a fine we don't

    know why she's leaving or even where

    she's going and whatever Sir Michael

    knows he isn't telling the likes of us

    hey not everything is our business I

    just thought that for her you know she

    you know we're different from us

    different and one way in every way man

    are you certain silica yes if I try to

    say goodbye to him

    I'll just end up crying grandpa they're

    my son where will I go next hmm I have a

    place in mind perhaps it's time to call

    on an old friend you know who it is care

    I'm certain your enemies will never find

    you forgive an old night for failing you

    priests and the mother will did I would

    have stayed by your side and protected

    you to my dying days but I cannot leave

    Ram village

    you don't need to apologize to my sense

    I regret nothing

    the days I spent here with you and own

    were wonderful the experiences I had in

    the friends I made oh man you don't have

    to be my shining night through my friend

    does this have to promise to always be

    my grandpa of course I want to make a

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    new promise pointing when I'm older and

    stronger they're going to find you it

    doesn't matter where the world hides you

    or how long it takes I promise to find

    you so please don't forget me okay

    I could never forget you and I promise

    you I'll be waiting for the day we can

    meet again for now

    what an amazing oh my gosh oh she's

    gonna start crying so long what excute

    prologue oh my goodness that is too much

    that is too much oh that is too much

    I'll tell you what um those were that

    was a really really really good set up

    I'll tell you what though that early

    that opening cutscene I know they're

    trying to set up this it will be a row

    be like it's unclear what it is now but

    it will be revealed later in the

    chapters Fire Emblem has a tendency to

    do this now did it with awakening I'm

    not quite sure if they did it with um

    with faith I don't even remember they

    did did you the permission same God so I

    think we all seen this before so our

    continent of volunteer was holding to

    true of them sibling God's name is Juba

    and Miller

    the Elder Gods omlie mankind must be

    ruled by its again you seem they're

    doing it's like they're doing the whole

    premonition and setting up for later but

    I honestly don't know if it actually had

    to I feel like that was one of the

    scenes where I know I'm talking over

    this but I think we've already seen the

    opening here from the first trailer

    reserve conflict was kind of skip this I

    really find of course

    Melinda would be divided in play with

    Duma rule in the north and Miller ruling

    the south and in order that's fine we

    already know what's going on

    Act one Sophia's call hafsteinn 401 a

    Valencian Chronicles I think that was a

    good time to stop this I guess or not

    anymore you know what it is I'm gonna

    I'm going to stop this and just bring it

    to the next to the next part I guess

    we're not any more I guess where it's

    going to be a long one


    where's can wait for the cutscene end so

    that I can get my thoughts here well

    done um well in today's training here

    right so we can we can stop here and

    then I'll make the next part or for

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    later today I'm planning on doing a

    double upload today and I'm actually

    thinking I know it's kind of jokes but I

    feel like a lot of people really enjoyed

    the Mario 3d Land thing and I think it'd

    be a good filler for that for the midday

    type thing if I have enough time to do

    it cuz I have a lot of fun doing it and

    it doesn't take that long to it's just a

    couple levels and it's really fun um but

    like I said I okay I just got to say

    that was easily the best opening I've

    ever seen for any Fire Emblem if not any

    game the only thing I am a little bit in

    on was that opening the very very

    opening thing I feel like um I feel like

    you've made of it like okay I don't want

    to I don't want to be too presumptuous

    here but I feel like there's a lot more

    going on with it with the early

    development in that later part right

    there it was it was a shock or sure but

    observations there seems to be some sort

    of possession going on Milla had these

    crazy eyes and so did and so did a

    Celica so it's I'm curious as to how

    that's going to play out is probably

    gonna be like you know later in a later

    thing here but honestly presentation was

    gorgeous the voice acting was gorgeous

    these characters are all have their own

    sort of traipse even it's interesting

    how even as children even as children

    they have so much personality to them

    and oh my goodness it sets up a lot of

    things well it's a lot of good stuff

    that wasn't that was very very I'm very

    I'm very impressed it's this is a

    beautiful beautiful game

    what easily the most beautiful fire in

    this game I've ever seen quality is so

    good so much heart and care is put into

    this game and I can't wait to keep going

    anyways guys thank you so much for

    watching I hope I got used the UI and

    then the battle forecast I was little

    bit confusing at first I'm sure I'll get

    used to it thank you guys so much for

    watching I really appreciate it and

    please people like and comment if you

    enjoyed and please share if you like

    with that being said guys that was part

    1 Fire Emblem echo

    shadows of Valencia and I'll catch you

    guys next time deuces

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    Backdrop and thumbnail by Finian https://twitter.com/_Finian_

    A remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Nintendo 3DS.
    On the continent of Valentia lived a pair of sibling gods, Mila and Duma. These two gods fought a savage war over their conflicting ideals, before finally forging a pact to divide the continent into two. Afterwards, two nations–Rigel and Zofia–were formed around these gods. In the coming millennia, the continent ushered in an age of peace. However, in the current era, war threatens to engulf Valentia once again and only two youths–Alm and Celica–hold the power to stop it.

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    Comment (48)

    1. Ghast, you should look up the Lipizzaner stallions. They're a breed of horse that was bred and raised to be war horses, and they were trained to do these crazy moves on the battlefield. They're still around today, actually, and you can see them perform those same moves.

    2. first time watching one of your videos, and i love it!! bought this game the day it came out and am just getting around to playing it. i wanted to find a new person to watch play it along side me, and im glad i found you!! keep up the great work, man. this is great

    3. You know, I love how once you start the game, the very first thing you see is a "good going hero" moment. Killing your love interest. slow claps Good job, Alm. Good. Freaking. Job.

    4. Salyde has a fetish for dark skinned women?! God damn!!! And it's just the prologue! This is a step up from FE 4. Looks like the original Intelligent Systems is back.

    5. Ghast, I have to say, I'm only 4 minutes in, and your emotions are contagious. I'M tearing up from how much this is all meaning to you. I didn't watch this series sooner since I was waiting until I could borrow my friend's copy (I'm broke right now) but now that I'm done… you're making me feel emotions, man.

    6. 5:25 Alm: " Don't leave me Pelican… You can't!" So Alm called Celica a pelican lol. btw is there sky night/pegasus rider? CRAP! Ugh now I'm a fangirl and I blame this Video…

    7. They did the premonition thing in Fates with Corrin's dream of the 2 sets of siblings fighting over him and him having to choose but it wasn't as much of a spoiler as it was with Echoes and Awakening

    8. Man, that prologue takes wayyyyyy too long. And all you get is 1 battle.

      Least Awakening only had two CGI cutscenes before and after the prologue.

      Also, the spoilery scene in awakening can be used as a vision of the other past and not what'll happen in the future. Unlike here.

    9. I'm rewatching this play through for the 3rd time. Loved your reactions, love your content and because of you, my love for FE has returned. Thank you, Ghast!


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