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    FARPOINT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – INTRO (PS VR Aim Controller)

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    Farpoint Walkthrough Part 1 - Farpoint Gameplay Part 1 PS4 PS VR with the Aim Controller Let's Play Playthrough Review
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    Comment (40)

    1. Game Riot are you playing on a normal ps4 or on a ps4 pro : ) got a normal ps4 & the VR headset .. Sony 4k hdr tv ..even thow my playstaion isn't the pro ..will it look at sweet as your video : ) anyone who know ..please tell me

    2. 'blue lava' of blue volcano is the result of sulfur burning, its a real phenomenon, so the game's art department seem to have educated people on board 🙂 nice attention to detail

    3. Does the right thumbstick (the one you have near the trigger) work for you while playing this game? I can use the buttons but that thumbstick doesn't work for me, I can only use the front thumbstick to walk left/right/front/back and have to physically look to where I want to go.

    4. God… I can't believe how far we've come in video games, just for a past few years I was still using my N64 controller to kick links ass in super smash bros, now I'm immersing myself right into the middle of a ultra modern futuristic video game, VR IS FUCKING AWSOME!

    5. Tried playing this game and I got motion sickness, what kind of BS ? I guess VR just isn't for me, and here I was waiting to play ace combat when it comes out yeah right I would probably Puke. Life isn't fair

    6. This game's logic is f*cked. So obviously Dr. Survivors keep moving and Dr. You sure about this? would've been absolutely crushed by the speed they were going at. (seemed faster than light) Of course though it is very possible that they created light speed travel and made those suits to withstand it, however I'm pretty sure they wouldn't of found a way to contain anti-matter (This could help us achieve light speed if we found a way to contain it and not go Tsar Bomba on us) anyways, the Gs from lightspeed will practically turn us into splat or 1 particle thin, continuing on, astronauts have a hard time withstanding 9 Gs (Gs is x gravity of earth's) so what I'm saying is, I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about but I'm pretty sure none of it makes sense unless you watch life noggin and realifelore

      -14yr old autistic kid

    7. If you play this again change to your shotgun it's really good for killing tiny spider things I've played this game and the shotgun is one shot kill the fully automatic gun Is more for long range

    8. During the beginning when the two people went out on the tether to get to the wonderer pissed me off so much! Why the hell would you float towards the radiation instead of the damn ship

    9. How do you start from a checkpoint if you already made progress? Does anyone know how to pick back up where you left off. I played almost 2 hrs and its making me start from scratch when I logged back on. Thanks

    10. I have some question. have psvr but I don't have aim controller, I know the game also can play with ps4 controller but the thing is, is it really enjoyable with ps4 controller ?


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