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    Farpoint PSVR Walkthrough Part 1 – Space Intro & Aim Controller (Ps4 Pro Gameplay)

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    Can we hit 100 likes on this video? That'd be pretty sick. Definitely one of the better PSVR games created thus far, Full series? Lmk
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    1. actually if you do a configuration options on the gun you have to stay in grid if you move gun out of grid that's when the grid pops up

    2. This game is incredible! The VR dream of the 80s child come true! It has nostalgic elements that make it dreamy and the visuals and themes are perfect. Even the spider enemy is a memorable story of the horror of man throughout time as we all have the face off with the spider before the kill where there is tension in the space before the kill. This game captures the tension amazingly but also release the tension and reminds you its just for entertainment with its a bit cartoony feel. Otherwise, geez its scary!!


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