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    SearchThisVideo: FFXIV: Shadowbringers MSQ Walkthrough PART 1 – A Whole New World

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    look how many people there are should we
    get to it then pick up anything that
    seems the least bit device like and
    we'll make ourselves a pile well if it
    isn't the hero of the hour maybe you'll
    change our look we found bugger all
    without you
    aye aye but we could hardly say no to a
    call for aid from the scions Jessie call
    it the chief or some other business so
    we'll be working twice as hard to make
    up for his not being here
    thrice is hard even thank you both of
    you I'm sure we'll find that beacon in
    no time
    I'm not seeing anything out here
    do you reckon you could squeeze in the
    air wedge and get stuck halfway no thank
    I could try if you like Tatar room no we
    couldn't ask you to do that oh I'll be
    this receptionist is not afraid to get
    her hands dirty

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    sorry I meant to say the scholars
    haven't finished their preliminary
    assessment of the site yet so we're not
    supposed to venture too far in hmm
    what's that you got there now that looks
    promising uh isn't that the ironworks
    symbol counterfeiters now I have you you
    are right
    stay with me focus on my voice
    that expands contract you'll become
    instant weight this must be it
    the device oh this is supposed to happen
    throw wide the gates that we may pass
    leave Germany warrior of light find our
    friends and bring them home
    do not look at everything right
    everything that was asked of us and
    still still it came to this

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    your time has not yet come
    from endless dreams I awake
    something vague yet urgent calls me to
    action once more
    rare to meet someone out here is not a
    peddler himself what brings you into the
    wilds dist I'm annoyed

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    well if it ain't the oldest joke in the
    book me granddad gods rest his soul used
    to tell that one to the barman are
    kicking out time
    and when pray tell did we last have a
    dark night
    you're rotten Oh drunk yet feed Riptide
    over a hundred bleep years ago that's
    you got that look down to a tee
    oh I'd almost think you meant it
    ah got to you did the poor beggar that
    explains it
    well I've roads to travel and wares to
    sell but you you best hurry along to the
    town near boy just head east through the
    trees and aim for the shining tower
    you'll find the place soon enough is the
    biggest settlement for miles around
    go on now friend they'll take good care
    of you in the crystarium
    dizzying height surprises the gleaming
    spire its tips threatening to pierce the
    blinding canopy
    there it will all begin in you
    between dark and light the pure and the
    corrupt the one true struggle

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    every face in this city I know yours I
    do not this is the threshold of the
    crystarium stranger and I am its
    gatekeeper if you would enter you will
    answer my questions
    from where do you have
    do you take me for a fool no such place
    had you given me an honest answer I
    would not have barred your way we care
    little here for a person's place of
    origin but instead you chose concealment
    and I will not suffer you to pass
    that one Deaton it must have gulped down
    the whole hand-wringing doll
    everything all right captain
    quite a right my lord just a stray
    senator and a weak one at that
    I see we cannot we should be on the
    lookout for more but I see you've met my
    guest I will escort into the crystarium
    myself if you've no objections another
    off your mysterious friends is it I
    should have known very well I'll inform
    the others your guest is to be given the
    run of the city pray forgive my less
    than cordial welcome may the rest of
    your stay with us be a pleasant one

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    come with me I will answer whatever
    questions you have we assemble private
    right there before we plunge into the
    where's and where falls let me first
    thank you for answering my summons
    I had intended to bring you directly to
    my personal quarters but I fear my aim
    was slightly off that you're still able
    to make the crossing unharmed is a great
    belief and so we come to the question of
    where the realm in which you now find
    yourself belongs to one of the thirteen
    reflections or shards the first to be
    precise even if its inhabitants are
    largely oblivious to the fact as to
    where for having been awarded the rather
    grandiose title of crystal X arc I in my
    capacity as caretaker of the crystarium
    thought to seek the aid of you and your
    an inkling yes I can only beg your
    forgiveness mutters here forced my hand
    but all shall be explained in due course
    I promise you let us begin with the
    glaring skies of above
    here in the first the world has been all
    but consumed by primordial light
    he began a century ago by this realms
    reckoning a luminous flood swallowing
    everything in its path more than
    nine-tenths of this star was lost and
    the fortunate few who survived are
    hounded by abominations born of that
    catastrophe even now
    Sin Eaters we
    the creature you saw earlier was one
    such monstrosity
    it was to save the first from this
    menace that I learned to bridge the rift
    between worlds that I might call upon
    the aid of the greatest of heroes and
    though it meant depriving a world of its
    champion I had to try for in saving the
    first you would bring salvation to the
    source as well

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    but what manner of hosts harangues his
    guests in the middle of the road
    let us continue our talk within the
    - City
    sole sanctuary for the living in the
    world all but resigned to oblivion
    each stone was laid without
    the town itself a symbol
    a monument to defiance in the face of
    no would-be hero could fail to answer
    its call for who among us does not yearn
    for salvation

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00


    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    welcome to the ocular my private study
    we can speak here without fear of being
    overheard I have much to explain but the
    truths which I must touch upon in doing
    so would cause only distress and
    confusion to the people of this world
    pray keep that in mind now I am sure you
    are desperate to know the fate of your
    fellow Cylons to put it simply they are
    here in the first their arrival however
    was not as recent as you may imagine
    here time flows at a different pace from
    that at the source in the space of a
    single hour in your home world an entire
    year might pass in the first and the
    reverse could also be true the pace
    fluctuates without rhyme or reason and
    it cannot be predicted that said we seem
    to be entering a period of near
    equivalence and thus for the moment you
    need not overly concern yourself with
    the passage of time as for your
    companions however you stoner and Ariane
    che have dwelt here for three winters
    all told while thank rats count stands
    at five even our more recent arrivals
    Alfano and Alize have lived in the first
    for almost a year
    my intention had been to summon only you
    but the art of reaching across worlds
    has proven exceedingly difficult to
    master thus it was that my fumbling hand
    closed upon those to whom your fate is
    most closely bound as well as they were
    not the object of my summons their
    transference was incomplete though they
    may appear to possess corporeal bodies
    they are in truth merely spirits that

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    one can see and touch consequently while
    you yourself will be able to pass
    between worlds with relative freedom
    they will not much as it grieves me they
    are stranded here unable to return
    we spend every waking hour searching for
    a way to reverse the summoning in the
    beginning at least as you may have
    surmised however our efforts met with
    little success and then we all but
    abandoned the endeavor once Arianna
    shared with us the vision he had
    witnessed during his journey through the
    rift in that chaotic no-man's land
    between realms time space warp and blend
    in unexpected ways
    what Ariane che saw was the future that
    which would one day come to pass in his
    vision of tomorrow
    the first was rejoined with the source
    this collision of worlds brought about
    the eighth unreal calamity and the
    deaths of countless multitude amongst
    those who perished Ariane che clearly
    saw the fall of the Saiyans mightiest
    champion he watched you die
    and thus did the Saiyans embrace their
    exile and began searching this world for
    a means to forestall the coming
    catastrophe in yours their souls are
    stranded in the first yes but they have
    fought on desperate to save their home
    and you from destruction nor have their
    efforts been in vain for it was they who
    finally established that the elimination
    of the Senators will indeed serve to
    prevent the calamity considering these
    circumstances of our meeting you would
    be forgiven for doubting my version of
    events and so before all else I would
    suggest you track down your comrades and
    hear the tale from their lips I shall of
    course be happy to assist in these
    reunions and you need not make any
    decisions regarding your involvement
    until you were certain of where you
    meanwhile I promise I will not rest
    until I have found a way to help your
    friends return home
    what say you have I had more trust for
    the moment at least
    excellent you will not regret this with

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    that settled we shall have to see about
    getting you ready for the road traveling
    across the rift has no doubt left you
    weary I will arrange for a room where
    you might rest in comfort while it's
    being prepared perhaps I can show you
    this is the musica Universalis the
    commercial heart of the Chris Terrio
    what you might need to prepare for your
    journeys can be purchased here
    ah yes you must be curious about the

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    currency fear not the Gil you carry will
    serve you well enough
    each nation once minted its own coins
    but it was all a jumbled mess following
    the flood after much debate
    the local merchants eventually elected
    to revert to the old ways where in a
    coins value was decided by the worth of
    its metal as for a unit of measurement
    we agreed upon the term Gil a word
    borrowed from coins uncovered within the
    crystal tower here and as our traders
    paddled their wares across the land so
    too did our usage of Gil become common
    practice from what your stoner tells me
    a standard coin from the source equates
    to exactly one Gil here or near novelty
    matter our way of life has benefited
    greatly from the artifacts we recovered
    from the tower some of which may be
    familiar to you
    but I fear it would not be practical for
    us to provide everything to which you
    are accustomed she'll need a means to
    access the commodities of your home
    world a van kerim sin my dear fail o
    paragon of pixie kind for you I have the
    most vital task this fine gentleman is a
    friend from a distant realm and we have
    need of a means to ferry things back and
    forth from his home might you be able to
    assist us in this matter
    but you came from beyond didn't you from
    beyond the rift wonderfully exciting
    what a brave and reckless and marvelous
    thing you did you've the heart of a
    pixie you do after careful consideration
    I have decided to grant you my
    assistance make a pact with me and the
    fun can begin but answer me this
    traveller did your garments come with
    you and you crossed over your teeth your
    just as I thought Ben you've a good
    state connection with your home through
    which all your belongings great and
    small may easily pass from this moment
    forth I will be your as Navis and you my

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    snail yack like the branch which sprites
    from the sapling our bond will flow
    unbroken from one to the other raise
    your hand
    tis done we are bound now to discipline
    come come then make your request tell me
    your desire to visit this world of yours
    mayhap her message to your friends in
    the source to inform them of your safe
    consider it done
    as you heard that was FeO old of the
    Pixies their kind possess an affinity
    for magic akin to that of arcane beings
    they rarely showed themselves in
    populated areas but FeO is insatiably
    curious even by pixi standards and seems
    to have taken a liking to the Chris
    Terrio right we were going to organize a
    room for you weren't we come on
    I know you who the warrior of light from
    the source
    what did you just you can hear me oh
    gods how long has it been
    I I that was what i called myself in

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    your world the warrior of darkness
    my real name is odd bet
    I used an alias in the sauce a daft one
    looking back
    if you've recall my tale it was my
    comrades and I who caused the flood we
    thought our home doomed and so we
    listened to their essence let them guide
    us to the source and tried to hasten
    neck gods-damned Dada I remember when we
    fell defeated by you and yours
    I remember our audience with min philia
    how she listened to our pleas and
    returned our souls to the first
    the flood was poised to swallow nor
    Frank min philia and my friends they
    they surrendered what little they had
    left to hold it back
    just fade it away
    leaving me to bear witness
    tell me do you know the year how much
    time has passed since we caused the
    flood a hundred years
    a hundred long yes
    my hands find no purchase my gestures
    catch no I and my please be they
    whispered or screamed reach not a single
    leader I am shade cursed do not but
    I feel as if I've been walking forever
    I hardly noticed when my mind and body
    began to fray at the edges
    didn't bang my senses were sharp again I
    felt like a fish being reeled in and
    before I knew it I found myself in this
    room why is it that you can see me what
    are you even doing here come to that

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    you were summoned to save the first
    waste of time this world is beyond
    saving like those who try to save it
    I told as my mine maybe I've not
    forgotten that
    but if fate has brought me to you the
    one person is God's forsaken world who
    can see and hear me then perhaps there
    is a reason I endured if I can find out
    why I was left behind then maybe maybe I
    can bring this journey of mine to an end
    well I'll be watching Warrior of Light
    but do me a favor be careful out there
    this world has had its fill of heroes

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    ah how did you find your new quarters
    I trust you array with rest
    I was not where the room was haunted and
    you were rather tired well should you
    receive another visitation be sure to
    let me know now let us return to the
    subject of the silence whereabouts this
    map shows the lands of northrend
    the only area to be spared the flood of
    light the crystarium is here in the
    region known as lakeland to the north is
    the fairy Kingdom of ill Meg that is
    where you'll find or ERJ to the east
    lies the once prosperous civilization of
    Rach tikka your stoner is stationed
    there in the heart of the forest
    alas neither location can be reached
    without considerable difficulty as such
    I would suggest you first seek out one
    of the twins each of whom is stationed
    but a short flight from the crystarium
    alpha know is on Kalusha an island off
    the western shore it is home to a city
    called Ewell where the rich and
    privileged while away their days in
    idleness for his part in furthering our
    course alpha know journeyed there to
    meet with the citizenry and for July
    insist from what I hear he has since
    kept himself busy gathering information
    around the main settlement
    alizée meanwhile traveled south to the
    arid wastes of our meringue they lie
    upon the very edge of the in a habitable
    world where the flood of light was
    halted those who dwell there and live in
    constant fear of attack by the Sin
    Eaters in contrast to her brother
    Alizee felt that her energies would
    better be spent learning about the enemy
    and thus she sells her services as a god
    both to hone her skills and gather
    information on her phone
    so will it be kaliesha or our meringue
    it matters not which you choose to visit
    first simply inform me once you've made
    your decision and I will see to it that

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    you are provided with a suitable mount
    ah but you must be wondering about thank
    rude he has taken up with a new
    companion and is presently engaged as a
    wandering hunter of Sin Eaters being
    ever on the move his whereabouts are
    often difficult to ascertain but I am
    certain your paths will cross at all

    It's here! And it's gonna be a long one... Here's Part 1 of the Main Scenario Quest cutscenes and missions! #FFXIV #Shadowbringers #MSQ.


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    1. THANK YOU for answering "you know how much trouble you've caused". I had to search a hundred YouTube videos to find out what Exarch's reply is. My God.. THANK YOU. An inkling he said.. /slap him !!

    2. I wonder if anyone has noticed any Ff 9 references. For instance, the jesters are a female version of Zorn and Thorn. Also, the planet Novradt is like Terra in Ff9 how it could be consuming the planet Gaia or Hydalin in Ff14.


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