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    SearchThisVideo: FFXIV Stormblood: Castrum Abania (Level 69) Dungeon Walkthrough & Guide

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    hello everyone mr. happy here and in

    this video we're going to be taking a

    look at castrum a banya which is the

    level 69 dungeon for final fantasy xiv s

    storm blood you'll unlock this as part

    of the main scenario quest of course at

    level 69 it rewards item level 200 and

    let's see 288 gear so gets you pretty

    close to the gear that you'll be getting

    from your level 70 job quest and it was

    an all right dungeon let's see if we can

    get into it because the servers are kind

    of shaky right now obviously if I don't

    make it in or people start 90 King then

    I won't use this recording but otherwise

    you know fingers crossed hope for the


    alright fingers crossed fingers crossed

    fingers crossed I'm in but is everyone

    in doesn't matter if I'm in it only it

    matters if we all make it looks like we

    all made it alright so for anyone

    wondering why we've been doing dungeons

    like this I've been doing a lot of

    videos like this as opposed to doing a

    traditional guide it's because I'm in

    the middle of a 24/7 live-streaming

    event over on Twitch so the stream can't

    go down so it's harder to produce the

    more concise guides for these dungeons

    those will be coming at a later time

    probably in about a week after this

    event is over for now just doing the run

    throughs and talking over the different

    trash poles and describing them is my

    alternative to producing regular guides

    so hopefully you don't mind that if you

    do well then just keep an eye out for

    them about a week after you see this

    video so the first trash pull just has

    one of these Avenger mobs and then a

    couple of the twelfth Legion enemies

    nothing too threatening here but again

    enemies just deal a lot of damage if

    you're not in item level 288 or if

    you're not even item level capped which

    deer this is item level synced to 290

    since you can actually do this dungeon

    as a level 70 you can see our tank

    actually is level 70 if they do hit

    pretty hard so he doesn't have his full

    artifact gear yet from the level 70

    quest just because of the server issues

    can't really get his hands on that plus

    he just got 70 not too long ago they hit

    pretty hard I think that's been a pretty

    common theme in these dungeons as I've

    seen a lot of very hard-hitting mobs

    which is nice because it's something

    that I wanted to see out of just the

    regular dungeons as is so run over to

    this next one so we got these three mobs

    on the Left we have an Avenger and two

    vanguards nothing really here worth

    saying that's specific this point you

    just saw the Avenger mob you know what

    it's capable of hits the tank really

    hard sometimes it'll really slap them

    for a big amount and then you fought

    enemies like these vanguards a million

    times you know they have you know

    Conal a ohi's line AOE Zhun dodge ball a

    ohi's all kinds of things these ones

    don't use all too much however


    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    I'm almost done with this one I'm

    remembering oh yeah there's a part later

    that looks a lot like this room that I

    was almost mistaking it for after we

    killed these three I think yeah you

    could already tell that three more we're

    about to come out it's the opposite

    pattern now though it's two Avengers in

    a vanguard

    slightly more threatening because of the

    Avengers hitting as hard as they do so

    if you're gonna pick a target try to

    pick those as your first target of

    choice they also do have quite a bit of

    health so worth keeping your eyes on

    that I noticed we had a little bit more

    damage on this mob so I'm going to

    refocus to the Vanguard just to keep us

    kind of on pace

    and I believe this will take us into the

    next room there's actually quite a lot

    of trash in this dungeon compared to the

    previous dungeons and all of it is

    pretty strong in terms of both its

    health and its damage output so expect

    this meant a little bit more time in

    this dungeon than the previous ones yeah

    so for this next part there's a bunch of

    twelfth Legion bits that'll that'll

    hover above when you pull them they

    don't have a lot of health these can go

    completely against everything I just

    said these don't have a lot of health

    just kill them off as quickly as


    Tagg maxes and signifiers well all these

    enemies you've seen before at this point

    nothing special about these ones just

    pull them all together and kill them

    I usually just prioritize signifiers

    first it's kind of just an old habit but

    there's no specific reason to do so in

    this case stun the dark fire so I don't

    have to move out of the way for that one

    right he's on this one so I'm going to

    switch over and kill this one real quick

    I believe that takes us to the first

    boss yes it does

    so the first boss is the Magna rotor for

    the most part it's just dodge a Oh ease

    however at some point the Magna rotor is

    going to start dashing wildly around the

    arena it's a bunch of marked AO ease so

    you can avoid them easily but your goal

    is to kill the adds that spawn take over

    those two cannons you can see there's

    one there and there's one over there

    take it take take control of just one of

    those cannons and blast them in the face

    pretty much best way I could think to

    describe it I was so busy talking about

    the fight didn't even do my opener so

    let's do a delayed opener about that

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    yep here we go so this is the attack

    that I was just talking about where he

    starts going around wildly so can't even

    really do an opener here still get hit

    by any of those a ohi's pick one of the

    cannons to go for first you there's no

    reason to kill both of these optos you

    just need to free one of the cannons

    then have somebody right-click it

    charged up magitek pulse hit him it'll

    stun him for a few seconds and stop them

    from dashing anymore


    hit him real hard

    so on top of that to talk about some of

    his other abilities he does have a tank

    Buster you saw that one right there

    where he spins his tail around at the

    tanker his wheel around I should say at

    the tank and does quite a bit of damage

    magitek fire does some AoE damage as

    well so just be careful of that attack

    that cleave is pretty strong I think it

    just hit all of us a few seconds ago and

    magitek fire too is just a targeted fire

    spell he does a few of them back to back

    and magitek fire three is the

    unavoidable room wide AoE so he's going

    to go do the wheel mechanic one more

    time he's not invincible while doing

    this wheel mechanic so you could in

    theory just kill him if your DPS was

    fast enough but uh I don't feel like

    dealing with the cannons besides doing

    the mechanics in a dungeon walkthrough

    is probably the better idea you know

    what I mean


    kill that Optio and we're good as soon

    as he uses that magitek fire by the way

    those cannons again become unusable so

    you saw there it was kind of active for

    a little while even though we had

    already done the mechanic and that went

    inactive as soon as he did match match

    tech fire 3 there you go look at that

    288 gear

    in terms of exp for this dungeon three

    of these with rested exp should very

    easily get you from 69 to 70 when armory

    bonus is factored in on secondary jobs

    that'll be a definite so exp from this

    dungeon is really good so for this trash

    Olly all it is is there's magitek pods

    and the more magitek pods you kill

    before they finish castling deployment

    the better the less ads you'll have to

    deal with coming out of them so if you

    don't DPS them at all you have to deal

    with four adds if you kill two of them

    now we only have to deal with two adds

    so you might want to communicate with

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    your party real quick which side you're

    starting on just work like the far left

    one of the far right one like one so

    people know whether you're going

    clockwise or counter clockwise with

    these four pods probably better to do it

    that way


    now the gate goes down about 35,000 exp

    with my rested from each of them so got

    so I got my food buff on too so this

    next room you run in and three of these

    pug maxes are going to immediately come

    after you

    there's also a treasure coffer over

    there but after you kill these pug maxes

    you'll have to deal with some additional

    ads that will come charging at you so be

    on the lookout for those

    okay we killed two of them

    now these twelfth Legion rotors we're

    going to charge across pretty quick cast

    and then the tank has to pick them up

    like normal


    these guys do also have a cleave attack

    by the way so keep that in mind if

    you're somebody who is standing near the

    tank for any reason that you are putting

    yourself at risk here somebody else is

    grabbing it


    all right we're going to do the same

    thing we're going to start on the left

    turn most POD similar to the last room

    the pods are a little bit more spread

    out though so you might want to hover

    like this hover over to one side we may

    not actually kill this one in time Oh

    nope we did it now on top of this

    whatever actually survives in this wave

    is also joined by two more magna rotors

    so you get all the adds immediately here

    as opposed to having the different

    transitions like from the last one with

    the CAG maxes not a big deal but again

    watch out for those Cleaves on the

    légion rotors probably don't want to

    have to deal with that


    okay and I think that puts us at the

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    second boss trying to remember if yep

    second boss second boss only has one

    really major mechanic if you fought this

    boss before in the previous Final

    Fantasy's you probably know what it is

    but we'll talk about it as we get to it

    so number 24 here is the second boss of

    the dungeon he's got a lot of AOE x' you

    need to avoid but there's only one major

    mechanic that you really want to look

    out for stab is indeed a tank buster so

    keep that in mind

    Gale cut bunch of place dailies on

    players don't get hit by it

    so these towers at this point you should

    know very very well

    one person need to stand in each of them

    or it's going to do a bunch of damage to

    other people now on top of that it gives

    you deep buffs and buffs so he's using

    barrier shift now if you just read the

    text on the screen right there it would

    actually tell you what you need to do

    but he basically has a buff right here

    reflecting all fire and lightning damage

    back so basically there's a fire circle

    and a lightning circle behind me so what

    do I need to do I need to go to the

    third circle which is an ice circle I

    drop my stacks just to stop and explain

    that and show it one by one

    if you don't do that then every time you

    hit him it's going to give you a

    counter-attack you see how that person

    keeps getting knocked back by the

    counter-attack that's basically when you

    don't have the correct element so my cup

    runneth over with fire and ice is what

    he said out loud so I'm going to go grab

    the lightning one instead of waiting yep

    reflecting all ice and fire aspect back

    so that's the text that you have to look

    for is his cup runneth over or you could

    just wait till the barrier actually pops

    up and then go get the correct one if

    you miss whatever he said like I did the

    first time I've like haven't even been

    playing the job right at all the entire


    trying to make sure the mechanics come

    across more so than anything else and

    it's just going to keep repeating until

    we actually get through the boss bears

    ship lightning and ice so we want to get


    okay who would direct crit on that

    tornado kick to about 12,000

    all right we get all the loots

    all right so next between boss is 2 & 3

    we have this bridge as you can see there

    is a I guess I'll call it a deployment

    unit here on the right you walk by it

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    and a bunch of ads spawn we also have

    these Legion bits which again you want

    to kill pretty much as soon as they come

    down I believe they explode because I've

    never let them explode all the way if

    you don't kill them fast enough I'm

    pretty sure they're similar to the ones

    from the a thorough chemical research

    facility on the second boss where

    they'll just still explode for a bunch

    of damage if you ignore them when we

    walk up a little bit further even more

    of these enemies are going to spawn


    there it is if more Legion bits take

    care of right here I already have that

    item same deal bunch of spiders this one

    has an armed weapon also wolf which as

    you can see is not messing around damage


    I'm actually predict getting very very

    close to level 70 now as you approach

    the final door we have one last legion

    bit and we also have the rearguard of

    the weapon it's a little bit of

    basically everything for slashers and

    one of each of the the big enemies from

    the previous poll there are still more

    trash after this there is still more

    trash after the second should say should

    it say in English today


    I remember the next one taking a very

    long time to kill

    in terms of damage output

    all right let's go

    yep and then we have one last Colossus

    and a couple of slashers this Colossus

    is a pretty strong in terms of how long

    it takes to kill him if I remember



    I mean you fought a million Colossus or

    colossi so far at this point so you

    should be very familiar with everything

    that Colossus can do


    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    I think with that when you're moving on

    to the final boss I grab this treasure

    coffer real quick got the axe not bad

    and this is the final boss Inferno this

    boss has one majorly important thing

    he's going to grow twice throughout the

    fight one woman power his left arm one

    more empower his right arm he has a

    mechanic that comes from each arm and

    that mechanic becomes stronger when one

    of his arms grow he also has a part

    where you need to kill ads very quick

    I'll explain the ad phase when I get to

    it so that was the left arm attack right

    there that was the tank Buster and rahu

    blaster is his right arm mechanic


    so ketsu and Rahu ketsu Bing one of his

    arms Rahu being the other as when he

    does two mechanics at once that was the

    meteor mechanic and the AoE that he

    needed to avoid now this is where he's

    going to get his first empowerment

    ketsu has grown so now whenever he uses

    something ketsu related it's going to

    have an additional effect the cleave

    attack now has a bleed attached to it

    which can be removed Rahu blaster is

    going to stay the same for this phase


    here's the ketsu slash again with the

    strong bleed effect once more ketsu and

    Rahu so now this is the Empowered ketsu

    which is the huge /aoe zat are coming


    whereas Rahu is the meteor



    I think that one was also a targeted AoE

    on our healer I don't believe it's

    always the healer but on that one case

    it was definitely the healer just a

    targeted AoE that they need to not

    that's not stand next to other people

    right so now he's going to empower his

    other arm this is also going to be where

    we have to kill ads so I'm actually

    going to move over here right now

    maybe it's yep here we go so you have

    two Legion deathclaws and one Legion

    pakad Packer the people who have the

    claws on them need to have other party

    members kill the cloth so that they

    don't die that should be your first

    priority then you need to focus on the

    packer right here all the deathclaw all

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the other deathclaws do I actually might

    want to not eat that will be this the

    death let's just hold you in place so

    you can't do anything so they're not

    lethal you should make them a priority

    first and they also don't have a lot of

    health and after you and then if you

    don't kill the packer in time it's going

    to deliver a serum to the the main boss

    who's actually not this guy it's a guy

    who was uh given this guy his steroids


    who's over there in that a little

    command center thing and that'll make

    the boss a lot stronger you don't want

    that and that's it that's the final boss

    of the level 69 dungeon Oh

    and that's the second Dark Knight sword

    I've also seen for this fight did not

    need it unfortunately all right well

    that's it for the level 69 dungeon

    hopefully you enjoyed this little

    walkthrough end guide should I like

    favorite subscribe and share and stay

    tuned for all of the guides and videos

    that you're looking forward to here in

    Storm blood I will see you guys in the

    next video and until then take care i



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    1. is that number 24 from ffvi? oh HELL yea

      this game too nice, it actually tells you which he's vulnerable to :|, ffvi just said fuck you hope u have some non elemental magic

    2. Aw this made me realize that Scholars don't get the upgraded Bio 3/Miasma 3 like Summoners do 🙁 I used to main sch/smn but switched; I was gonna go back and level them to 70 eventually though.

    3. Spent an hour wiping in here today. Never finished it. I was the tank. Things were dying extremely slow. I don't mind as long as people dodge mechanics. People don't dodge mechanics. Wipe to 2nd boss 4 times. Tell them over and over to stand in the towers to soak the damage and get the right element. Only soak 2 towers every time. I was the only one with the right element. No idea how we managed to kill it. Dreading the 3rd boss. Tell everyone to kill claws then packer. Run from the ones chasing you. DRG runs straight at his claw every time. Eats every AOE attack. Healer constantly healing him. Forgets about me. Out of cooldowns. I die. No one kills packer. Boss gets charged even more. Repeat x 4. Abandon Duty.

    4. I tried this dungeon for the first time and could not clear it because dps in the party didn't focus on the claws during the last boss, so i would get stuck unable to heal anybody (i got tether all three tries). This happened three times, and the tank turns on me and starts a massive tirade, so I had to leave. :(((((( Any other scholars have issues healing this place btw? I honestly don't think my heals were a problem we were doing fine up until the last boss so…

    5. Your guides are always so helpful…managed to complete dungeon without dying thanks to you…Always watch/look for your guides..Thank you


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