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    FFXIV Stormblood: Castrum Abania (Level 69) Dungeon Walkthrough & Guide

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    This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.

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    Comment (21)

    1. is that number 24 from ffvi? oh HELL yea

      this game too nice, it actually tells you which he's vulnerable to :|, ffvi just said fuck you hope u have some non elemental magic

    2. Aw this made me realize that Scholars don't get the upgraded Bio 3/Miasma 3 like Summoners do 🙁 I used to main sch/smn but switched; I was gonna go back and level them to 70 eventually though.

    3. Spent an hour wiping in here today. Never finished it. I was the tank. Things were dying extremely slow. I don't mind as long as people dodge mechanics. People don't dodge mechanics. Wipe to 2nd boss 4 times. Tell them over and over to stand in the towers to soak the damage and get the right element. Only soak 2 towers every time. I was the only one with the right element. No idea how we managed to kill it. Dreading the 3rd boss. Tell everyone to kill claws then packer. Run from the ones chasing you. DRG runs straight at his claw every time. Eats every AOE attack. Healer constantly healing him. Forgets about me. Out of cooldowns. I die. No one kills packer. Boss gets charged even more. Repeat x 4. Abandon Duty.

    4. I tried this dungeon for the first time and could not clear it because dps in the party didn't focus on the claws during the last boss, so i would get stuck unable to heal anybody (i got tether all three tries). This happened three times, and the tank turns on me and starts a massive tirade, so I had to leave. :(((((( Any other scholars have issues healing this place btw? I honestly don't think my heals were a problem we were doing fine up until the last boss so…

    5. Your guides are always so helpful…managed to complete dungeon without dying thanks to you…Always watch/look for your guides..Thank you


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