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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 18 THE JOURNEY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 – Move to Bayern ( Full Game ) – No Commentary

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    alright that these are the last ones
    well I'll get those in a car then Cheers
    shouldn't this being a museum or
    something hey Matt it's kind of a family
    heirloom like our granddad schooled his
    hundredth goal of this Coventry City
    away February 1969 left foot Wally
    sweet as a nut yeah that's what's
    brought me that
    come on you really have to go I'll be
    back before you know it all right when
    you go back we're gonna training
    together okay feel better get a move on
    or you'll miss your flight yeah coming
    hey Alex
    Thanks when were you asked me for a
    piece of advice once
    never stop believing you're good enough
    oh we wondering here on our way about
    this game and about so far no both teams

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    no it's boyish it at all just the heads
    on the sidelines there well well well
    look who's back from lala land
    hey but let me see if I've got this
    straight you come back to Blighty for
    the holiday season and here you are
    spending New Year's sitting at your
    mum's watching football on the telly
    Alex hunter party base Oh Mase look a
    mouth with mercy I can't believe I'm
    actually gonna say this but it is good
    to see you bro I know that I see me
    every day
    ah modest as ever huh look Danny I'm
    sorry if I sort of fell out of touch a
    bit ah Ben now we're mate
    it was mad so you gonna tell me what's
    going on well that's a win in that's
    what well seems the gaffer doesn't think
    I'm as good as the guy they brought me
    in to replace I don't know me ever since
    the movies like I've been in my own head
    too much like everyone's watching me
    waiting for me to be the next Alex want
    to maybe Championships where I belong
    listen me you need to put all that out
    of your head man
    just show them what you can do who needs
    Alex hunter when they've got a Williams
    yeah I don't want to say anything you
    know hurt your feelings
    I appreciate ya you down there you're
    welcome mm-hmm no more stealth mode all
    right well let's go out I'll show you
    how it's done

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    Oh quality mate
    I see you've learned a few new tricks
    while you've been away a few here and
    there vices been Ola forgot about that
    football being fun maybe that's your
    problem bro yeah maybe you're right
    so where we celebrating New Year's I
    dunno a club or opened about a month ago
    mhm reckon it could give your LAN go to
    room for that money
    ah really well only one way to find out
    you're talking partner
    Oh seriously bro but early in it I've
    been up since 5:00 meat cat really
    should hang some curtains up in that
    spare room I had to block the light out
    with a towel Oh Jim is that fry up ready
    yet Jim he's probably got the kitchen
    door closed doesn't he
    hey Jim hi Jim seriously don't shower my
    granddad like that show some respect man
    you said he made me a fryer I'm wasting
    away I'm gonna see what the problem is
    hey Jim dad he's in like the middle of
    the night in any Cherise been up half
    the night talking with the galaxy seen
    some big guns in Europe have been
    sniffing around you you serious like who
    Betty coma treat PSG and Bayern Munich
    now next Alex yeah yeah yeah Mia Mia Mia
    don't get me wrong Galaxy didn't want to
    let you go but we perhaps like this come
    down so I'm real dad what do you think
    well that's that then I'll get back to
    you and I have the paperwork ready to
    sign thanks dad
    Oh speak to you soon son wait wait wait

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    what about you and Kim what about us
    what happens now
    what are you talking about it's Bayern
    Munich you'll be able to get his tickets
    to the games right lawyer Muller lemon
    dal ski come on
    oh yeah obviously if you're lucky oh can
    I finish my call
    she's right Alex opportunities like this
    don't come along every day I'm gonna
    miss you guess yeah we'll miss you to
    something hey and clean up your bedroom
    you slob Oh
    Danny all right Danny
    thanks for coming you'll be fine I don't
    know anyone out here you sure about that
    Alex Dina seems we both have come far
    since we last Amanda I'll do my
    presidency and I have your performances
    in the championships last the season to
    think the difference you made when you
    came to me last year unknown this I
    think many people noticed no but I've
    got a lot to thank you for to dinner at
    this is my agent my my dad mr. hunter
    pleasure nice to put a name to the face
    here I predict only great things for
    your boy no no Alex is in good hands
    now Alex come the manager in the press
    they are waiting it seems your arrival
    has caused quite the how you say the
    media circus yeah

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    thank you all for coming today we are
    very excited to have Alex at joining our
    club we will now take a few questions
    yes Alex we have all heard the reports
    that you had a number of offers to move
    back to Europe what made you decide to
    join Bayern Munich well my opinion the
    best place should play for the best
    teams and they don't get much better
    than this this is an amazing club and I
    really think I can add even more quality
    to what's already an amazing squad yes a
    lot has been made of your age at just 18
    how will you deal with the weight of
    expectation on your shoulders how can
    you change the fortunes of a club that
    has already been knocked out of Europe
    the way I see you can either let
    pressure get to you or you can use it to
    drive you on I'm sure you'll all be the
    judge of how I get on over the next few
    months we have a time for just one more
    question yes you on the left it has been
    a turbulent year for you leaving your
    club in superior league joining the LA
    Galaxy and now coming here for those of
    us who followed your career these
    constant moves they do bring a suspicion
    of disloyalty
    I don't care what people say I just want
    to play football win trophies and that's
    what I try and do wherever I play we are
    I am afraid
    out of time thank you all very much for
    Alex hunter has made his move then he's
    left the MLS he's back across the
    Atlantic he's in the Bundesliga for a
    debut here with Bayern Munich where the
    standards of any player are expected to
    be very high can he reach them Alan well
    that's the question isn't it the
    challenge has been set clearly by and
    I've got faith in Alex hunter and you

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    can see why they would he's young he's
    got it all in front of him so a big
    chapter in his career here's the shot
    we have a corner to come by that
    deflection corner swung in let's rather
    skewed off his head in the end yeah he
    he didn't catch it top he I think he
    probably closed his eyes there
    good position they've worked this attack
    very well into a quite a dangerous
    position now-now rebury
    franck ribéry played forward hunter
    how did he save that he's one of the
    best in the business for those kind of
    situations absolutely brilliant
    really trying to use the full width of
    the pitch here to make some progress
    franck ribéry penalty at months it's a
    penalty for minds a slight delay as a
    ref clears the defenders Kelly score God
    is surely yeah great penalty really look
    confident top left-hand corner no chance
    for goalkeeper 16 minutes played 1 nil
    Frank salad
    comes in with a tackle decision is a
    trouser fair tackle
    the goalkeeper
    by any means
    bye and playing well now here's the shot
    from distance given that he tried to
    place it you got it rather wrong ya
    probably did choose the wrong option
    should have tried to get some power
    behind that shot
    franck ribéry
    good work really so in review intention
    of the pass
    putting on the squeeze again enforcing
    an error really a wasteful clearance
    they've got numbers in this attack and
    it looks dangerous
    now rebury hunter
    Hamish Rodriguez
    it goes out from the header for a throat
    Alaba Hamish Rodriguez

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    looking a problem until the clearance
    was made
    stopped him fat eclis and just as well
    the approach play looked very
    encouraging hunter into the attacking
    franck ribéry now Rodriguez
    that's great defending they're stopping
    that attack
    sandra vogner
    now here's a chance to get at the
    opposition hunter and now they've lost
    it and could be caught having to hurry
    he's on the side and in behind
    he's put the chance to go into the lead
    now pushed out by the goalkeeper
    so it's halftime and whisk
    and the referee has blown and the second
    half is now in progress
    Hunter the shut up new beginning for
    Alex hunter and he's marked in some
    style with this goal where it's the
    perfect start for anybody in the
    business of scoring goals that'll settle
    him down he can't have scored many
    better than this
    with the Bendis imparted onto the ball
    I'll give him credit you could see
    exactly what he set out to do there and
    executed it perfectly it's by and
    miracle II shoots good forward play from
    and that advantage suits Bayern Munich
    in on the goalkeeper
    Hunter it's Alex hunter goalkeeper
    hasn't had to move for that
    sit through in with the chance he's had
    to go here fantastic same
    by Minich I'm making a change now

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    corner swung in and the goalkeeper has
    done well to stop that one under
    challenge that's good control
    how much Rodrigues Robin gets it back
    this how they love to play on the break
    look very good indeed but the move is
    broken down on now they're behind
    they've got to try and switch things
    here's hunter making us flash again Alex
    hunter two goals nowadays debut well
    already a big favorite of these Falls
    are singing these nine window stunts
    he left the goalkeeper in the eyes and
    said right I've got the win here and
    he's dropped the goal to show that I
    love that corner finish when you don't
    have to blast it as long as the
    placement is right years ago from mites
    it's a second goal for the visitors 64
    minutes played to one interesting news
    again from a lahmacun ally thanks Alan
    is Alex hunter
    now can a bring they could pose some
    danger now he went in well well he's got
    support here or read by the defender
    in behind the defenders Roman Roman hit
    the Fremen to go after the same
    as the goalkeeper Oliver Bama
    comfortably dealing with that
    says Capri
    well they're in a good position here
    after he sees that as a foul and it is a
    free-kick but they're going to take off
    a midfield player who's really been
    almost a second tried his luck puffing
    his cheeks out there thinking for a
    moment that that was on its way in the
    free kick well he's a long way out us a
    little surprised he tried but he's a
    good effort and they've cut it out and
    back it goes to the keeper shoots
    right down the wing keeping the wide
    attack going
    now the shot try one now given and he
    tried to place it you got it rather
    wrong yeah probably did choose the wrong
    option should have tried to get some

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    power behind that shot Tiago
    that's a great interception
    could be dangerous with good fishing
    I'll take
    and does the jump in the penalty take
    the necessary
    slide roll stuff from the spot yeah I
    think some people are cut out for it
    some aren't in this light certainly is
    well we're in the last few minutes now
    and the die has been cast in this game
    at or Aveda
    sebastien Rudy we could be in he's
    through here and here's the shot he's
    hit the high spots again Alex hunter
    he's had a hat trick on his debut
    well sometimes you think he bites his
    own headlines this boy what a debut it's
    be water days having three goals now
    he's been a thorn in the side of the
    all match and he's thoroughly deserves
    that hat-trick onto the attack now
    Alex hunter
    it is yet again the stuff of dreams from
    Alex hunter to make such a major impact
    in a new league with a new team Wow well
    all of a sudden you get the feeling that
    the fight for the title is back on with
    this boy firing up top
    well we've seen a gaming
    for me it was your performance that
    really stood out do you feel you proved
    a point today
    I don't think I've got anything to prove
    it was a great debut and I was happy
    with my contribution you know kind of
    feels like you're trying to get a rise
    out of me no not at all I think we're
    done here

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    oh yes Alex dinner Alex nobody's happy
    the president the fans the dressing room
    out of Europe and behind in the league
    the stress that has never been so great
    on me we have to turn this around but
    I'll be doing my best to help you out
    with Athena the boss he has been given
    budget to bring in one more topical as a
    player nothing like a bit of healthy
    competition quite through but in this
    case competition is not what the boss
    he is looking to build a partnership and
    you are one half of this equation cool
    look this is why I called you I would
    like your opinion on who you think would
    work best alongside you well who are we
    talking about here believe me when I say
    top a talent Alex
    not sure why we wouldn't stick with
    he's as deadly as they come dinner
    that's a fact I was hoping you would
    think as much and I agree
    Thomas is a top cosplayer the boss will
    be pleased do you feel that way
    Oh Andina Alex I know our being here to
    you thanks
    don't worry mate you'll be back soon
    victory is the only option
    today we train as hard as we play and
    on this day we will train a one-on-one
    ed - ed give me maximum effort or

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    nothing at all
    with train like we play gentlemen well
    done if we carried this intensity into
    our next match we will be very hard to
    beat this match I can be sure
    I suppose from the English point of view
    the Allianz Arena will always now be
    associated with Chelsea beating fire
    minute here to win the Champions League
    I think the Munich fans were already
    celebrating before the game kicked off
    judging by the atmosphere when we came
    on that particular day but Chelsea had
    other ideas
    yeah what an incredible night that was
    and what I love about this stadium is
    it's a huge one hold 75 thousand plus
    but the pitch is very close to the
    founders that it makes for fantastic
    by organic line up
    they deserve that gold ap the better
    that is exactly where he would have
    loved to put it maybe it was a bit
    fortunate it flew up there from his
    point of view but it was exactly the
    right spot now one word martín
    so it's Bayern Munich in front
    did well stuck out a foot cut off the
    pass I like the look of this attack
    we'll help ease the pressure
    chocka have their own proud history of
    course but they do find at times they
    have to sell their best players yeah
    I've been not quite the same as Busia
    Dortmund but anybody that does well at
    Schalke or Europe's top clubs will be
    into the attacking third how did he save
    that he's one of the best in the
    business for most kind of situations
    absolutely brilliant
    here comes the corner cleared away well

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    away from gold
    Frank would be very very good distance
    to the clearance break quickly when they
    get possession
    it's on the move all the time it makes
    the lots of these interceptions
    Willa back with hunter
    have a corner to come by that deflection
    in goes the corner not able to take full
    advantage of a good position how miss
    Rodriguez hunter we've got to clear it
    Kalka trying to attack them
    now hunter
    Cibola able to make a good interception
    can he do it Robyn's foul
    we know burgstahler
    this looks promising
    he's caught offside and you see what
    he's trying to do it's all about the
    timing of the run
    can afford to give those defenders a
    yard or two you know because he's
    quicker than them what we get to see of
    course the assistants don't whether
    that'll change down the years I'm not
    sure but anyway the replay here it shows
    he's got it right he has I mean there
    was no real golf scoring chance but
    what's POW referee has to blow for it by
    now though getting forward well as a
    team now
    Hunter and the defender tidies that up
    Oh miss Rodriguez Tomasulo in quickly
    for Byun they'll be waiting for the
    break maybe to testily make a change or
    two to keep at the beach
    yes stop boonie maybe he'll cross it
    is aimed the end with a punch to clear
    the danger
    whipped in from the wide area
    now hunter
    tacky well here
    to be very difficult Audrey gets three
    minutes that's what's going to be played
    for added time

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    good defensive clearance there any
    possession with that header
    that's halftime at 1 nil
    referee blows and we're away for the
    second half with Schalke on the ball
    Amen with the challenge and the ball
    broke free Thomas brother
    we do folks talent
    now the
    Sidney SAP
    the white man can show his skills here
    the post
    Alex hunter
    Alex hunter at halftime Allen Smith well
    he played really well didn't he and he
    got himself a goal to put his team ahead
    he'll be pleased with that first 45
    minutes anticipated the direction of the
    pass and was able to intervene schalke
    setting off on attack
    Sidney Sam and they're on his toes
    on Tavella
    he stopped early
    that's a foul a free-kick for Schalke
    who are going to bring on someone from
    the bench
    great power with the header excellently
    placed fine goal he's always on the move
    in the box the slide and we know he's a
    fine head of the board he showed it
    there so away we go at one or
    by Anne Frank well now
    they spread it out wide
    pissed away by the keeper oh that's good
    but no near the target yeah I took
    responsibility Sidney and he'll be
    hoping it's a bit better next time
    and there's action on the Schalke bench
    I'm here they out on the attack
    fantastic side
    and any goes well the players what that

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    good support play from his teammates
    fights to stop penalty
    no doubt in the referees mind about the
    penalty so no doubt about the color of
    the car dish yellow yeah maybe a little
    bit relieved but he he wasn't seeing red
    there but the referee I think back into
    the penalty area
    a time ball
    magnificent from the goalkeeper but all
    about positioning
    top-class keeping corners take it tell
    my smoother
    Sydnee sound
    that's easy here's a keeper
    of decisive from the referee no doubt in
    his mind that that was a yellow card I
    don't know you know Martin I know
    another referee might not book him for
    that offense
    Sebastian Rudy
    very confident with the board is fate
    haven't dusted
    watch it that Badal competition phone
    call it's late girls
    one here they are in front and very
    little time to go
    Schalke go down
    Avik straight to it didn't they try to
    steer it through what an opportunity to
    wrap up the match oh yeah that's what
    you need to be these situations clinical
    have no mercy they just didn't show that
    this is how we expect by a minute to
    play punch in their attack energy and
    by a solid defending it's been a recipe
    that's been too good for the Opposition
    in this day lovely ball shiitakes out
    file a free kick for shelter
    not he's paid to save it's a pretty
    comfortable one
    it's noticeable that the home supporters
    trying to help their team in this

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    situation they're encouraged by the
    leave but they fearful perhaps that this
    team might lose it
    well they won't want to give anything
    silly away their opposition of chasing
    the ball trying to get it back and get
    back into this match okay
    pressing forward with an equalizer in
    mind and they get it away here's the
    final whistle
    the manager mailed his colours to the
    mast with a very attacking team
    selection Allen and look at the school
    line it justifies that yeah I think we
    looked at the team sheet beforehand
    Martin wanted to have it
    whose adventure

    FIFA 18 THE JOURNEY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - Move to Bayern ( Full Game ) - No Commentary ▻Playlist: ...


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