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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 18 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 – RED CARD (Full Game)

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    and pom tracking shot okay Alex so your
    last game in the Premier League the
    crowd booed you how did it feel what did
    you do first thing when you came off me
    it was because yeah probably like worst
    experience in my life I think just I
    mean I didn't really do anything I just
    I just try to go out there you know
    there that's it right there that feeling
    I want you to bring that feeling back
    find it carry it with you through the
    whole scene this guy this guy offers you
    a Coca Cola you decide to drink it for a
    nice kid yeah generous generous so you
    drink the Coca Cola you feel refreshed
    you feel uplifted you want to get him
    something special so he'll remember this
    moment that's it cool you've got this
    yeah yeah yeah you're ready it yeah yeah
    let's roll on rehearsal quiet on set and
    hey Alex Alex answer yeah forget them
    they don't know anything you're the
    greatest you were drawn my coke it's
    okay you can have it yeah you're running
    Matt nobody's gonna believe me you got a
    yeah comment in
    cut yes
    killed it guys it was great again way I
    felt I was a bit nervous like I wasn't
    sweating too much was that no that was
    unbelievable you kidding me did you
    check the gate that might be the worst
    commercial of all time anyway welcome
    back guys three brands new FIFA journey
    episode we're now into double figures
    part number 10 let's have a quick look
    at our objectives for chapter 4 I can
    see one of them shorter every practices
    do not simulate training I do already so
    that's fine score five goals I will try
    my best and win the MLS Cup made my u.s.
    women's national team debut X hums our
    fingers are come in and bring in my hero
    tario Murray best day ever
    yeah man that would be crazy oh look
    it's my step over and I'm ready oh how
    cool is that and I'm playing for the US

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    women's football team it's just such a
    massive day for her
    so it's officially the day of the Cup I
    figured it would be perhaps training but
    apparently not so yeah let's jump into
    it I guess if we lose this we are out of
    the cup
    this is Cup football now win and we
    progress to the conference semi-finals
    lose and our season ends in failure
    today is when the hard work really
    starts gentlemen give every ounce of
    your being and you can achieve anything
    even what no one thought possible like
    an aging Mexican making it to his first
    World Cup si se puede let's do it close
    we can do it again if we lose this
    that's it
    la dream is over Oh almost scored I'm
    getting a little bit of my first-ever
    games in the MLS this is now so
    important so important the pressure is
    somehow score five goals as well as a
    bad pass
    oh nice Freebo and we have a go stops I
    didn't know massive go nothing to do bus
    really but I'll take it
    one Neil we're winning the match so go
    for shot all my fav very nice save
    almost to Neil throwing throwing pasta
    me pasta me go go go go go speed
    alexander posted him trying to pick out
    oh that might be the other cars
    you still see was dim it should give me
    a caution maybe but what's quite heavy
    it's quite aggressive I'll be there
    who's that - straight off me oh nice oh
    right the goalie man the knesset Oh
    lovely football
    Chung in the Box box it can last for
    sure oh yeah
    Sunil okay I guess it was so I start it
    off but then get the assist and get the

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    goal but it's to kneel to LA Galaxy in a
    massive massive game everyone's just
    steps up and we're doing pretty well
    thumbs up for that and then it goes it
    was a chance really of getting into a
    scoring position is Alex hunter injured
    bundage the ground you all right is he
    parry celebrate now as he recovered we
    good absolutely swish but to the sale
    players much finish no free meal and I
    was good any ceasefire now half time
    hopefully can shake you off it would
    actually bundle to the ground but we're
    freeing it up and it was weird because
    I'm not really done it's been a pretty
    average game for eggs unser got the
    yellow card of course as well yeah I'm
    hoping to get least one going this
    lovely ball a good effort on goal
    lovely free ball takes omelets shoots
    yes finally a goal for electronic soft
    finally I'll just holding my breath
    there's a back I need to go open does as
    a rough second half a rough first carp
    seats one approach we were cleaning up I
    was still like I want to score a goal
    always scored another one where absolute
    domination I very school one goal but we
    are like five minutes can actually it's
    finished wowzers what a team before
    let's absolutely dominant it's not
    really down to me Evo it's just the AI
    ticking but against the AI
    sonica message distraction maybe there's
    like steady mix for the board hasta me
    oh you dare no no no no these days
    going off your feet like that is running
    the risk of the referee taking serious
    action bound for the next game as well
    what have I done
    oh I was so pointless oh great I thought

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I was gay for now I didn't I've never
    got a red card I don't think in the
    journey yeah
    oops okay still getting team of the week
    of course here we go yeah
    I guess we get BAM for the next game be
    one game won't be one game BAM so he
    could still be in the final but I saw
    based off how they do in the next game I
    have nothing to do with it though
    I mean oh very dominating this one so it
    ended 6-1 pretty comfortable victory
    let's do scored even when I left
    Oh ghost rock hunter
    coach you know what I'm going to say
    don't you watch the red cards watch the
    red cards Alex we can't afford to lose
    you for any amount of time at this stage
    in the season scoring goals is the only
    way you should be hurting our opponents
    I go you coach make sure you do
    oh ho ho nice tonight Shirley but one
    words MC and I this has gotta be enough
    power there's enough power actually yes
    an excellent just scrape through Oh
    so let's see n na yeah penalties were so
    tricky just talk about it see if it's
    even Stewart power or a lack of power
    and it's so hard to just aim it where
    you want it is it looks easy but it's
    not easy
    still well I got one a I got to see and
    as the gold one anyway so good work
    today so what the hell happens next
    as I got a red card do we just skip the
    next match just sit it out
    so this one is against sporting I guess
    we sit out I remove all red cards we
    can't play so here we are the playoffs
    for real two legs and today we are in
    enemy territory gentlemen stay
    disciplined keep your shape frustrate
    their fancy force errors and the away
    goal will come card work and belief have
    taken us this far but now focus
    attention to detail they become just as
    important one lapse in concentration and
    all your hard work counts for nothing
    she said worthy yes I gots in the match

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I'm not actually taking part but he's
    over two legs so perhaps some come back
    and do like an epic comeback and win the
    match redeem myself oh okay well free
    who needs Alex hunter no one does and a
    galaxy are smashing here I know so we
    now have risk tape ok I don't know why
    we'd need that but I mean if you've got
    an injury it's fine we also could we
    also have so we have a bunch of new
    customization options we have gloves all
    these gloves is loads of them different
    colors oh so risk tape as well so I'm
    gonna have
    I guess I'm a left wrist some white tape
    don't know why why not also do want to
    change my hair I don't like this look
    it's not just not great Oh got some
    sweat bands as well ah has loads of
    stuff here this is madness
    so you got rubber bracelets get our
    bracelets what's a little tape is this
    okay just like round the wrist got a
    sweatband do we have like a white one
    black one see black looks quite cool
    like rubber bands as well so cut like a
    rubber bracelet on my right wrist a red
    one there we go if that looks quite cool
    customization well looks so much sir
    sweatbands tapes not bad at all wardrobe
    we have another item as well and have a
    long-sleeved top it's that one which I
    would equip this looks a bit tricky so
    go down here okay down here in this way
    a bit more pace apparently sorry and
    then we can shoot oh great it's just
    that so much points just lost they're
    keeping the combs and here we go that's
    more like it
    I want to see some pastes honestly some
    paste - but there we go nan show me pace
    then mr. combs don't mr. combs and
    bullet nice be already finished shot in
    the top corner excellent aid through the
    posts job really master class or not
    I'll try again this is so good there we
    go good eventually try on chicken oh
    good save Double A so our sprint speeds
    gone out and a bull control Andrew
    Berlin he's gone up as well so there's
    some good training when we train hard
    double a so we like we should be going
    into the next match
    over in yellow looks like someone needs
    an early night or 10 all right you know

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    if I want your voice I'll ask for it
    let me feel a bit low energy lately just
    enough pain so good relax it's just an
    off day having a lot of those lately bro
    what my opinion hanging out all hours
    with your a list of buddies is taking at
    all when's the last time you played us
    Sicily well you need to get your hair
    straight hunter because right now you're
    letting everyone at this club down
    including yourself she's got taking the
    piss what's this guy on my every time
    I'm in a team yeah drop back a position
    mate don't get me there I score goals
    fit fan-made what joker parameter
    reserves again I was banned for one game
    surely two yellow cards is one game this
    is the second leg of that game okay so
    when the first ones free now we won 2-1
    okay that was like I didn't realize the
    red car was that crucial I thought was
    one game that's nobody what happens in
    it two yellow cards is one game oh
    that's gonna dribble in yeah he's like
    what are you doing man
    we'll just buried that what pressure oh
    oh do the fake shot off the top post
    Barrett it all this is so much fun
    this guy's must be so angry right now
    Alex hunter is on fire
    beautiful I'm finished sitting at AA
    trying to finesse it there we didn't
    quite work there we go beautiful
    doublea's there's on talking about mmm
    trainees complete just realize this
    might make our score five goals almost
    impossible it's I've scored one goal and
    I've missed two matches so yeah I don't
    have to have a well D score like four
    goals which probably look it's pretty
    not gonna happen
    here we are the best of the West two
    games to decide who goes through to the
    final looking around I'm wondering if
    for some of you just getting this far is
    enough a successful season but good try
    why not a few months ago no one thought
    we'd even make the playoffs you have no
    right to be thinking like this one
    thought like this betrays every man
    sitting in this room betrays everything
    that the galaxy stands for being the
    best as individuals and as a team listen
    to those fans out there they expect the
    very best from us our duty is to give
    them what they expect play with pride
    and character fight for one another and

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    take this club back to where it belongs
    cease up with it you guys ready already
    we still have two more games to actually
    get into the finals so we're not quite
    there yet I've got a little bit ahead of
    myself I'm sorry but I'm ready with 17
    I'm rated plan up from LA Galaxy in one
    of their biggest games ever let's do
    let's get some goals man this guy's
    quick you know within excellent cross
    save it goalie good pretty quiet first
    part I'm wearing for the right
    opportunities as I always say no I will
    strike shoots yes Alex hunter
    Tippy's chants praise me space absolute
    hero so that's two goals mounts in three
    games I wonderful way girls count for
    more so say it's one or after after both
    legs would they go through does anyone
    know honestly that know my MLS knowledge
    is shocking really
    I'm really sorry oh no how did he miss
    that this rose - rose it there's a
    horrible horrible mess in like a long
    shot that felt pretty close
    yes have been a very very quiet game
    pretty boring game actually
    so the game was then it goes one nail
    pretty uneventful it's not a great
    performance but I probably ticked all
    the boxes so that's good it's a big win
    it's very very big gold seven point six
    as well just it just wasn't a very good
    game for me I was really struggling to
    like find space get really good
    opportunities to have a shot they closed
    me down so quickly they're putting
    blocks in it was just generally tricky
    pace has gone up though it's 82 which is
    actually quite a high number it's a
    decent pace so we have to skill points
    as well I'm gonna go for long shots and
    also shot power there we go some decent
    improvements new hairstyle which one is
    it where is it where is it

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    ooh tight dreads for one game I will use
    that I'm not a big fan of it that
    doesn't really seem that much in my
    opinion anyway
    and our play ups coop as well we have a
    messy plan on our arm cuz why not a
    brand new hoodie the green one oh well
    it's a very different looking at x
    hunter receive the ball exxon sir cross
    it in christian again and boots in the
    goal excellent a two a's what stats go
    up I'm always interested actually the
    individual steps about sunset all the
    time just to say he how he's improving
    what's his weaknesses how we can improve
    them those composers gone up his vision
    went up there as well Attack Position a
    very good training session well we have
    another hoodie with the blue beret
    there we go we're not sure about that
    hair really not sure
    and some of boots how many boots do you
    have in this game honestly unlock boots
    every time I come to this menu screen so
    many boots I think I love it is based
    off our earnings and our stats and yeah
    looks like Alex hunter is a major
    difference maker
    surprise surprise so Alex answer
    knows about scoring you're welcome the
    banter so next game will be the second
    leg of the conference final very excited
    then we go into the Cup final I've got
    two very big games coming up I'll see
    you guys later
    bye bye

    Fifa 18 The Journey Walkthrough Part 1 https://youtu.be/MdPU3kW3Vyg - Fifa 18 Journey Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 Life with EA Access on Xbox One - Alex ...


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    1. 2:15 It's actually a pretty much shot for shot remix of a famous Coke ad from the 70's. Look up the "Hey kid, catch!" ad. It features a player called "Mean" Joe Greene, a player famous for his diva like outbursts of temper on and off the field. But after a bad game, he bumps into a kid, who gives him a Coke. The kid says "nobody's gonna believe this", and Greene throws the kid a towel, saying "Hey Kid? Catch!"


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