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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 18 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 – CHAPTER 3 (Full Game)

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    DICE I officially have the full game of
    FIFA 18 in my hand ready to play which
    means we can now continue to chapter
    three of the journey and I'm so so
    excited the next chapter is called a new
    galaxy which wouldn't mean we go to LA
    maybe if you guys would love to see more
    of this series today leave a like on the
    video leave a comments below also if you
    guys aren't subscribe to the channel
    already subscribe to the channel we are
    so close to 1 million subscribers we are
    very very close also I'm doing a
    giveaway on my West Ham career mode so
    if you guys want to win a copy of fee
    418 go to that first part and enter the
    giveaway it's quite easy to do let's
    let's jump in continue the journey oh my
    God look at that hashtag agent fired I
    feel great I feel really bad for doing
    that just suck in my call on the spot
    but Michael may be gone but your family
    will always be here for you thank you
    mom we do love Katherine she's an
    amazing woman I feel like I said that
    objectives we have a hidden objective a
    new-look play a match with a new
    hairstyle ok I can do that and the last
    one is get LA Galaxy into the MLS Cup
    so we are going to LA Galaxy there's no
    alright then let's do it advance
    soccer's my favorite sport to watch man
    and I'm also galaxy you know la I
    represent but him to go out and get a
    young pair like Alex hunter it's just a
    message to MLS hey John this season I
    mean the kid is you leak straight up
    world-class talent
    for me to see now a young player coming
    from Europe usually you get the opposite
    young talented American going to Europe
    I'm just happy small season and I get
    the joy and watch the water into a stage
    you have guys in the league that are
    very important for this league to have
    been code of Santos service but now you
    have Alex hunter coming a it actually
    happened we've gone to LA Galaxy with
    about the cypher Roma trade we've now
    gone over to America in LA and we're
    gonna do an illegal acts a which seems
    like I'd be able to step back I'm not
    gonna lie
    I'm not quite sure what's gonna happen a
    new galaxy sounds like star wars
    obviously not and there he is
    Brandon kick yeah
    you're Alex hunter I'll be doing my

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    autographs later don't say that
    battery that would be so jerky how did
    you get past security oh you know
    friends in high places don't see
    yourself now except oh.just blagging in
    come on get out here that's who
    stepsister no more nervous than me yeah
    fine come on it's show time
    Eric Santa Jerry always going TV only no
    way who are you doing here
    I'm here working needed to check this
    listen the studio just sing a party
    you should come meet some people in town
    help you settle in yeah yeah but that
    would be wicked Cheers yeah
    Jimenez enjoyed my time with the Red
    Bulls different games oh yeah our fun I
    will see you tonight
    it's impressive
    listen Alex I just wanted to say that um
    well I'm glad you're stepping in for
    micron son give him the works I was
    saying that girl in the Clickbank
    tonsils is the girlfriend I think that's
    actually a stepsister yeah that's bill
    quit isn't it yeah
    oh it just comes to show off I'll know
    if I screw this up in front of the crowd
    my life will be ruined
    oh yeah sex what we're doing right now
    oh you suck as I talk over there for

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    I'll collect top in oh ye well I find a
    singer my name already how'd you even
    know who I am
    but again just no power lasts as much
    Oh sexy quite close they're close indeed
    that was quite close almost Lennox to
    them few more shots and we should be
    good think five quick oh there we go
    excellent there we go we impressed and
    is that really loose oh nice yeah you're
    struggling to get a saying like that in
    London girl oh those look nice though
    I would imagine he's getting paid quite
    a bit oh so there's that contract we get
    ten thousand a week go try and win the
    MLS Cup I can't say it very quickly we
    have two thousand so that's all now in
    dollars we get ten thousand a week we
    get 650 for scoring a goal 2600 for
    starts in and the club goal which is the
    MLS Cup we get 65,000 Oh fancy
    and we're going up to so I thought this
    isn't it so thirteen point five million
    dollars we are were four now not bad
    going so what next I don't know
    so it's just like I guess like a
    show-off maybe just oh no look a
    Foucault what he said oh my god you're
    kidding me Premier League too hot for
    you to handle Alex hunter
    god damn it sucks really sucks that's
    really really annoyed me like so much
    Garrett Walker
    always time for the party
    hey Alex
    yo yeah glad you came man thanks for
    having me y'alright need anything nah
    man I'm more good just like checking out
    the scene yeah that's pretty who ass
    haha it's early wood it's hard to do it
    out here come on
    got some friends I want you to meet
    wicked hey welcome to early selector I'm
    ready end was Eva an NFL player or does
    basketball and I'm quite sure and we are
    seventh place which is not good as it LA
    Galaxy is normally known for being I
    guess the top team in America this is
    the Western Conference and a seven which
    is not that good when if we start it's
    now match day against the Timbers I love

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    that name inconsistency this has been
    our enemy offseason it's something we
    must overcome today we think only about
    this game this one result one game at a
    time one victory at a time
    achieve this and a play-off place can
    still be ours Alex you've not trained
    with us yet so today the manager has
    named you as a sub but be ready to make
    an impact when the time is right a sub
    are you taking a Mickey act of careless
    way to be yourself
    you are so I can pretty I can pretty
    much guess what's gonna happen right now
    we're gonna be losing and we come on and
    try and win the game that's what's gonna
    happen and what's that hidden objective
    I don't know
    well well well look who it is
    I heard you're out late last night it
    wasn't like that you're a good player
    but if you keep this up we've got a
    Alex hunters face it's just he's such a
    jerk I didn't drink anything I may have
    had a coke okay
    some wolves are in school good he's
    dominating this match we all expected to
    see him in the water
    well Madrid this weekend but here is a
    test here for the Galaxy defenders
    TV step tryna find space for the show
    nothing between the two sides still no
    galaxies head
    tip here she's on the bench including
    Alex hunter bring me up bring me on
    let's do it I'm ready to prove myself in
    America always looking us Alex

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    it's time
    let's do this
    I'm ready obstruction fingers ready
    it's 6.0 score the next goal and win the
    match break the deadlock
    pass to me and I'll score it's in good
    saves all white but it's not quiet Roma
    do dessert
    I'm taking a free-kick a sigh a little
    showcase but can you do it when it
    I think you better go
    Oh No
    the pressure I can't bear it
    I feel like the whole world is watching
    me right now including the 27,000 fans
    in the stadium actually quite far out
    that one and saris and I'm playing in
    the sense of mid position every word
    that gold free kid to go in
    I was so desperate but it's just a
    little bit too far out yeah just didn't
    happen to do it oh nice nice nice shoot
    and again when is it gonna bethe start a
    very great bad start
    Oh put the ball nice nice turn rather
    than the Lions I mean I'm sense Midler
    is waiting
    what the was that villa hunter oh
    yes as a great pass that went in that'll
    be no in beautiful I mean I'm hoping to
    get the next goal but being a sense of
    interest is it's a bit difficult to
    score goals
    Bangkok it's very difficult it's not
    like you're on the wings or up from or
    even like a cam you just yeah weird
    danger now I'm at six point seven no
    she's a good stop I do want to get a
    goal ruble wit there we go that's me
    mate yes yes yes what a moment
    Alexander Oh perfect

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    beautiful absolutely beautiful Santos oh
    even the hold on to it there's that much
    power all whether it's sliding as a very
    big shot play hunter up front given
    honestly stained like rubbery either
    enjoy it Hunter shoot it what describe
    this we come on any galaxies looks so
    much better I'll come and guys clear it
    man rocks finally I want another girl
    want to be greedy
    teammates arriving for the cutback here
    or just coming up a goal it's been
    rather tasty all nice effort well done
    give me a chance to get back in position
    I just went it forward that's all that's
    not so surely shoots damn oh well to nil
    though I'm crying for gold unless you
    have to be in the right position
    that's what a good player does play in
    opposition people I might miss that
    first touch was a little bit heavy
    Timbers first Portland Timbers still to
    begin um who cares
    Oh lovely called cut back they're trying
    to find a way through oh he's whisking
    me off
    pass it ah lovely things will be like to
    see shove a shot until alex hunt some
    men emerge ya know it 8 points:5 as well
    got the girl about to win the match
    already making a pretty good impacts oh
    come on oh I've been partly my fault
    got it that hair it's outrageous to
    unload think we're good still no clean

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    shoot the ball out take your time - what
    no way we're gonna lose this no no no no
    no way in the game guys we got a point 0
    to 1 to LA Galaxy not a bad first game
    Melanie might as well
    what if it was the right step at this
    stage in his career but looks like
    helping galaxy's playoff chances that's
    for sure
    this has to be a temporary solution for
    exams or surely we can't stay at LA
    galaxy for this lot it might be for a
    couple of months oh I don't know weird
    transfer isn't it you must have been
    very happy with your personal
    performance oh wow physician really
    struggled to keep up with you I was bang
    on it out there was entire school why
    not like bang on out there today
    so cookie I just want the rest of the
    MLS to know Alex Hunter has arrived oh
    yes they have no shortage of confidence
    Alex congratulations on today and
    welcome to MLS Cheers
    this has to be like a temporary solution
    for Alex and sir you can't stay in the
    MLS flatly phrase whole career just it
    just can't
    he scores goals for fun in any league
    yeah I'm not sure I'm really not sure
    what's gonna happen next I really owe
    managers trust has gone up quite
    dramatically we do need though is a
    brand new haircut and I go for the
    hunter does that count as a new haircut
    I guess so we have a new tattoo which is
    plant what plant is I don't know let's
    not talk about it
    wardrobe we have some new clothes a
    brand new t-shirt which you've just
    unlocked very nice I will quit that long
    sleeves with a lot funk as well more
    sure what it was pretty sink added s
    really related I do want to change these
    bottoms oh let's go for some ripped blue
    jeans look in good oh there's the LA
    Galaxy kits we have a couple of new
    shoes let's go back to LA man or one
    second Jim hunters said something
    this is granddad to Alex hunter from Jim
    hunter did its work correctly
    oh these games the Twitter
    I love it right Gareth will Creek in I
    think we want to read this okay
    I just heard the Williams forty is
    making these Premier League debut Heaven
    laughed so hard in ages wow that is so I
    think Danny Williams
    might have gone to West Ham honoree has
    said decent debut Alexander will be
    following his time at LA Galaxy with

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    see we showed up we scored a goal pretty
    good performance as well but it's now
    time for some training
    I might I've got a scene that one was
    gonna skip past that can go pretty well
    at all
    oh damn I hate when training goes really
    bad and you just can't do anything about
    it you just want to keep trying as well
    well here we go guys basic penalties
    that might be this much power here guys
    basic penalties don't do too much power
    that's probably not enough actually oh
    they said winning that that's a positive
    and that's gonna go right and then we do
    or must go talk actually we need to step
    up though
    how do I get it nice and low in the
    corner decent our pace
    Oh more like it there we go nice abhi
    already good was a goalkeeper it's about
    to get interesting
    or when a nice excellent perfect that
    count good we're on a so got a and a see
    I'll take you
    yep confirmation yeah
    talk about a seat we should now be in
    the starting lineup which is good so you
    should start no sup if you think that's
    no man the place is sick it's gonna like
    four bathrooms you got gold play toilet
    seats in them as well basically so
    brough tell me how's life in the Premier
    League treating you everything you
    thought it would be they've been trying
    to play me in your old position just
    gonna take some time to get used to tell
    me about it it's like a different world
    out here to the olliewood you know a
    little Botox in the face no time me now
    but seriously rough I didn't realize how
    much traveling there is an MLS this
    country is huge
    oh listen mate I'm gonna have to call
    you back here why
    yo Alex yeah what's up man oh yeah good
    just chillin only just just randomly
    Cuccia yeah
    out of the blue okay then Jesus feel
    like we're more but more of a star since

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    we turned up in America which is weird
    cause it'sit's sucker and it's not as
    big in America but there we go
    we do have two skill points and we are
    78 rated oh there we go
    we do have two skills I would wish
    strength would be Goodwin their strength
    would be good strength is so important
    especially if you're a striker so they
    go got some strength just see my best am
    show in the background we're now those
    shirt and LA Galaxy shirt that's quite
    cool I like that oh my god Ian he's
    actually in this game
    MedX hunters found a little stability he
    can now focus on being a player he is
    capable of being that's exciting to me
    agree I agree are now free to full is
    the playoffs and I believe first and
    second is like an automatic into the cup
    a surprise I know I'm not quite sure so
    we are in that top stick which is good
    and the next game is against Seattle and
    we should be starting I hope see you
    guys later thing ghosts watching and

    Fifa 18 The Journey Walkthrough Part 1 https://youtu.be/MdPU3kW3Vyg - Fifa 18 Journey Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 Life with EA Access on Xbox One - Alex ...


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