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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 19 Career Mode: Manchester United #1 – A NEW BEGINNING!! (FIFA 19 Gameplay)

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    what is going on guys today we have got
    FIFA 19 I'm gonna be starting this
    Manchester United career mode I'm gonna
    be doing some content on the journey and
    Ultimate Team as well so if you're new
    around my channel make sure you
    subscribe turn on notifications all that
    good stuff so you do not miss her upload
    yeah just like I said I'm gonna be doing
    heaps before we get into this as well
    shout out to wolfy for the thumbnail
    he's already made some early FIFA 19
    content as well if you haven't seen his
    videos before
    I'll leave his link in the description
    so you can subscribe to his channel he
    does the graphics work as well so
    massive shout out to him and we're gonna
    go straight into a new career so let's
    see let's see what is new is there
    anything obviously okay yep this is
    pretty stock standard stock standard the
    same oh yeah guys ah let's see let's see
    what else there is but as this updates
    downloading the updates yeah guys let's
    try and see if we can hit 2,000 likes on
    this video and as soon as you guys do
    I'll upload the next episode in this
    series I just want to get plenty out for
    you guys so yeah make sure you leave a
    big thumbs up leave a comment as well
    I'd love to see your thoughts what you
    think about career mode in FIFA 19 this
    is my first time yeah going into it this
    is my first my first game of FIFA 19
    first day I've loaded it up so yeah I'm
    really I didn't play it early wasn't one
    of those guys so yeah I'm really I'm
    just noticing already man you know I to
    have a lot of money I don't want to
    completely buy too many players but of
    course yeah I don't want to I want to go
    into the transfers but I don't want to
    go yea huge on this first episode I want
    you guys to give me some feedback in
    terms of who you want to see so yeah
    make sure you leave comments of
    transfers players you want to see cuz I
    do want to go with fairly realistic
    signings anyway as much as we can as
    much as we can do I want to go to
    unrealistic like Stein Ronaldo move the
    you ventus or like name
    or Messi that wouldn't be fun to do for
    me so generally again I like to go with
    one of the younger looking guys I just
    go suit and tie
    yeah Sudan's high for now so we're all
    set there entered my name nationality
    I'm from Australia if you didn't know so
    yeah that's information for you if you
    couldn't tell by my accent anyway let's
    get into this come on I want to skip to
    much ok at least this is different you
    are an expert at FIFA hey Barry we're
    gonna find that out so obviously there's
    the new difficulty ultimate I've used
    ultimate before in Ultimate Team but is
    very very very dominant I'm gonna start
    on legendary which I've always played on
    legendary is a nice challenge we'll see

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    if it's harder people were saying in
    FIFA 18 was a bit easier I could feel
    that so let's see how it is gonna be a
    fee for 19 I love to progress up to
    ultimate and see how that is
    I like this see this is just a little
    fresh look if they change it up a little
    bit you might not say there's new
    features here but yeah gives it a little
    fresh little calf length hey maybe I'll
    do 5 minutes there and that should be
    your right will change 2 pounds sterling
    it's called as well but here for
    majority of you guys will enable the
    European competitions obviously
    champions are Europa League you want to
    see that transid no and they will just
    want to see transfers yeah hopefully
    we'll see and yeah latest squads yo of
    we'll want to use later Squires and then
    Old Trafford stadium yeah that's all
    good for me so let's get it see this is
    the thing is I'll see big thing is like
    the backgrounds but they switch the
    background up they just make the save
    file here I'll probably do a backup I
    always like to make a backup of the of
    the save as well just so it doesn't get
    corrupted in case it does so advanced
    this is like your starting up a save in
    FIFA 18 isn't it a new career mode
    everything fairly similar so far you
    choose Oh
    I will I will play I will play this just
    so you guys will see gameplay in the
    first episode so we'll go through and do
    that and we'll choose the highest the
    prize money hey maybe we'll have a good
    opposition to come up against as we go
    through the preseason oh yeah look at
    that it's man united rayel PSG and FC by
    him by Munich so yeah
    how people were like speculating if
    there was a new tab there's no new tab
    so it's pretty straightforward Champions
    League is gonna be some of the biggest
    features so we'll go in and at least
    we'll take a look at this so you can't
    hear anything obviously
    it just draws a team Manchester United I
    thought I'll show this here because this
    is yeah this is the this is one of the
    major new features Champions League so
    at least you can see you can see that
    you can see the group's UEFA Champions
    League group draw those at you oh yeah
    those I've just put in yeah those were
    kind of more automatic hey that's that's
    a big group at least that gives us a
    challenge at least that gives us the
    challenge I wasn't gonna go through and
    because you can't do all the realistic
    groups anyway cuz some of like those
    lower teams some of the lower teams that
    don't normally advance I'm not even in
    career mode you're not in FIFA here to
    put it into that so anyway that would be
    a good challenge for us once Champions
    League rolls around so here I want to do
    a mix of obviously yeah focusing what
    I'm gonna do in this career mode but I
    want to showcase this to you guys I want
    to show you around the career mode and

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    see what is potentially new so let's see
    some of our first mystery look at the
    budget absolutely crazy for us so we've
    got yeah we've got a lot of money so we
    recognize you the coaching staff again
    this feels like such a similar message
    Asian alike just gonna delete that
    message it really honestly it feels like
    I'm just starting a new career mode in
    FIFA I ain't just a little slightly
    different background sure its sales it's
    the same stock standard messages that I
    don't this is like guys like this is
    a good thing long-term long-term vision
    expectation first scare report arrived
    guys we'll take a look at the sky report
    but I don't normally yeah these are a
    few guys Jamie Vardy good but hey like I
    said I want to see majority of you guys
    may just look for a young player
    something like that but yeah full full
    time being I want you guys to leave me
    some comments and I'll focus a lot on
    the transfers in the next episode I do
    wanna get into game play as well I'll
    play one of those friendly so again you
    can view that will view our GT in scouts
    we can hire one more if we want to but
    we have a big amount and let me know
    what we should add for the instructions
    there's striker Pacey and prolific and
    then there's any position as well first
    in quality and free-kick specialist but
    yeah let me know the additions I should
    change there or I listen to transfer
    suggestions from you guys as well and
    one of the things I like to do first go
    to the use that is anything different
    here now again you're gonna find me
    saying the same things like stock
    standard it's the same thing over and
    over again but hopefully I like to wait
    for a 5 star judgment a 5 star judgment
    there's no rush definitely for that so
    yeah we'll leave that for now and at
    least has an explanation now experience
    a more experienced Scout will find a
    larger number of players ask out with
    better judgment or fun higher quality so
    yeah it's good to get the judgment but
    experience is very important they can
    find more players for you so five star
    five star is yeah you might get a bit
    lucky to get that but we gotta wait I
    always see at least five star judgment
    as a minimum because you want to get the
    very best through maybe you could
    consider four star judgment if there's
    five star experience because it's gonna
    be a more depth a bigger pool of a
    bigger pool of players to you so we will
    skim through this the team but first it
    shows us the game plans we can take a
    look you can alter different game plans
    for when you change your mentality from
    ultra defensive and defensive attacking
    and ultra attacking there's balance
    there as well so that's something this
    feature obviously it's not career mode
    specific but it's one feature in FIFA 19
    that is going to be
    one of the most relevant to career mode
    like being a manager you're going to be
    able to change your game plans change
    your tactics we just with just how you
    normally change your mentality right
    there so that is that is pretty good
    like I said that's gonna affect career

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    mode the most so we take a look at the
    squad there's a few players a few
    younger guys let me know yeah who out of
    those younger types I definitely have
    heard of Qiong before teeth Chong he's
    his GU young players got four-star
    skills full star
    weak foot so he's 18 6 foot 1 which is
    pretty good for that kind of midfield
    winger type I definitely want to give
    him a look in and there's a few other
    guys grant is like the backup keeper
    just older would leave him
    marceia Jesse lingard I really like
    Jesse lingard in last year or so he's
    he's a fun player he's a fun player to
    use in the team I reckon the midfield 3
    is gonna be so dominant we've got that's
    gonna be a big part of our game at least
    but for me I did the same thing when I
    started the demo play first match of Man
    United I'm just gon fuel Jones and
    especially in FIFA like by strength is
    just a bit more and Smalling has that as
    well because he's that six foot four and
    87 strength right there so that's that's
    really important to me to have ya
    partner Bay and Smalling but that tells
    me centre-back is a position we could
    look into like Phil Jones injury-prone
    like injury prone Phil Jones like his
    name kind of rhymes injury-prone just
    Fiat SpA he's only 26 I think I feel
    he's been around for a while but we need
    to look for that star Center back you
    got Rojo there as well so let me know
    any guys we should trance a list there's
    Lindelof he's still young enough he's 23
    so he may give him chances but I feel we
    do need that one extra one extra center
    back so maybe we'll go look for some one
    and here is a player we have already got
    a report on as well from the scouts you
    can see his 85 overall as melon screener
    from inter he he looks like a really
    good player he's come up definitely last
    season last season he was
    very strong so you can see his
    attributes we got yet everything for him
    there take a look at that take a look at
    that and I believe he's got pretty good
    potential and he should have as like
    he's really come out still only twenty
    three so we're gonna shortlist him and
    the transit hub in the transit hub we're
    gonna take a look to try and sign him
    like I mention I did want to go through
    a transfer process as well and I I
    thought that centre back position is
    perfect and yeah just take a look at his
    strongest attributes right there
    obviously all important for a defender
    but he's got he's got four he's got
    before that are real real strong eighty
    six or higher and marking even in the
    90s that's absolutely huge and he's
    young to be at his best five six seasons
    so as you can see there he's got four
    star weak foot which is pretty nice on a
    defender I'll take that he's got you can
    see the single trait he's he's got that
    one trait there that's the power header
    so he could be that real big force in
    defense but then going forward when a
    win at four corners at least and he's

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    not slow so he's gonna be so powerful
    defensively and he still got
    acceleration of seventy and sprint speed
    seventy three only agility a bit slow
    but hey definitely that sprint speed
    acceleration make up for it and he's
    gonna grow so let's go to approach to
    buy and we should be able to make a deal
    I think let's go I like the bit of the
    mood setting music I've actually turned
    off the FIFA game music because it
    chansik of copy writings too high
    happened last year so much for me I'll
    put some other music in though hopefully
    enjoy that but yeah get set it's in the
    mood but let's try and think about this
    deal I didn't really take a look at how
    much but because he's like 40 more 40
    mil guys so okay I just wanna hey yeah
    we'll just go off a transfer fee I'll
    put an initial bid in
    I'll put initial bid 45 45 because I'm I
    don't really know at this point I don't
    know if you could really you don't have
    to offer too much above their value or
    something or it's gonna be similar to
    previous years yeah you're gonna have to
    pay a bit more it
    all about at this point in time a lot of
    it is just experiment so 45 I don't I
    really do not expect that to get
    accepted at all so let's just see you're
    going to have to do better yeah I
    thought that will be the case so we're
    definitely going to have to counter that
    we're gonna have to propose a new
    propose a new transfer fee so yeah we
    get our idea now maybe try and go in
    between at least almost at least 55
    let's go how about if we go 52 and a
    half 52 and a half that's still pretty
    big money pretty big so let's say I
    don't really want to add any clauses or
    anything like that
    I was wondering how to skip that hold
    down to skip if you don't if you don't
    know I'm playing on PC and I've just got
    a different controller I yeah he's
    really staying strong he's trying that's
    huge money though but let's go 60 mil
    six yes real big let's go for it oh
    they're gonna they're gonna consider it
    they're gonna consider it yeah guys it
    says hold to skip and that that looks
    like a back button but I was pressing on
    that what's on the controller but yeah
    it doesn't do anything let me know yeah
    let me know about that if you do know
    what active activates that here to skip
    it but I won't worry about that for now
    exactly because if you're wondering this
    has the Xbox buttons but I'm not playing
    on xbox I'm playing on PC just with a
    with a controller to use Peter you're
    not an Xbox controller exactly but with
    similar buttons because it's got the
    Xbox buttons technically like a B X & Y

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    all of those but anyway guys more
    importantly we made that beta I hope
    they accept it because I was I was
    holding big hopes I was holding big
    hopes to make that transfer go through I
    think yeah he will be a perfect one and
    like I said I still want to make
    majority of the whole at least get into
    the start of the season play a few
    matches and we'll see what the preseason
    and see how we go but let's just advance
    spend too much time on that for you guys
    okay it's unacceptable it was just gonna
    be the same situation that they're
    sticking to around that 74 million and
    we're trying I don't want to spend too
    much time negotiating like guys but I
    think we can get I'm surprised though
    I'm surprised though we just proposed a
    new transfer fee hey win 60 million
    let's go 63 I feel we're close to
    getting a deal done so we'll just submit
    the offer and just wait til that goes
    through to see his response yeah see hey
    that's a fair offer so you weren't we
    weren't too far off at all so now we
    just go through to negotiate the
    contract you can see the signing bonus
    squad roll I'm just trying to see things
    that look different from FIFA 18 career
    modes so yeah see you guys just so you
    know the back button what it's supposed
    to be on my controller that I have on PC
    yeah it's I'm holding it to skip but
    it's not really activating it so yeah
    I'm just I haven't had a problem with
    this control so maybe it's the game I
    suppose yeah let me know in the comments
    about that for sure but anyway I won't
    mention it like every time but yeah just
    so you know crucial all importance let's
    say they're gonna he's 85 overall though
    that's good man
    he's gonna be real good so yeah UE wants
    to be crucial so I understand that so
    because he's AJ a time down five-year
    contract for sure we would like to sign
    him on a five-year contract he he si si
    so guys this is there's barely no
    difference apart from little colors
    yeah that's what you want so let's carry
    on and yeah even release Claus doesn't
    want but feels like such a similar
    process to FIFA 18 like trend I feel
    like these haven't been touched at all
    ma'am okay moving on
    let's see signing bonus clean sheets
    fairly straightforward I don't want to
    spend too much time on countering so
    maybe we'll just do one here maybe just
    try and lower it a little bit maybe his

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    wage to 90 signing bonus
    just lower both a little bit and see if
    that does anything so put that in there
    I'm sorry that's a bit too high so yeah
    I'm just gonna go ahead and accept that
    deal I think it's not gonna hurt us too
    much financially at all if you take a
    look at our budget but it'll be good too
    yeah finally sign him up so let me know
    on that skip thing if you know like
    because mine is similar to an Xbox
    controller there's not there's not many
    other options I could do I was holding
    the back button what it is because I
    have start but the start pauses it and
    then the back button it actually doesn't
    do anything so yeah let me know if you
    have a controller you use to use on PC
    not just here so you don't use a
    keyboard that will be too frustrating
    unless I have to press something on my
    keyboard for that maybe that could work
    I might try that next time maybe
    backspace good that Hey Oh always
    experimenting and again we go to the
    bottom for the new signing everything is
    so yep
    everything is very similar in terms of
    that there's a few other guy let me know
    what you think of all they're just
    saying who who do we drop it down a
    screw like a tee like we sign him as a
    great like he's just our replaces Jones
    just like that but really I'm gonna take
    yes Smalling out I like so he's got very
    good strength over by he's I feel at
    their ages you got BAE's 24 and 23 and
    is that we can build a centre-back
    partnership off that but I feel we need
    stronger left back so no actually young
    I've been impressed with him actually
    how he's been able to reform himself I
    think he's only getting better in that
    role compared to like when they started
    playing him as a fullback but definitely
    we will have to violence because their
    ages as well so definitely maybe suggest
    the guy that is younger like a younger
    left back and right back as well I did
    want to go for assigning myself for the
    first episode obviously as there
    wouldn't be suggestions yet but yeah
    we'll leave that there
    and he really does come in the squad as
    one of the better better players now and
    yeah I always look to like take a look
    if I can change the kit number but yeah
    that five was the next lowest so I think
    that is going to suit him I think that's
    alright so without changing any of like
    the other defenders numbers he's going
    to be a first team so yeah he looks I
    think yeah he's looking the goods it
    would be a very good player so with that
    we'll just check out so you can take a
    look the news
    Milan screen er joins and we've made the
    first signing just like that guys so
    let's go in and we'll try training again

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    experiment with this definitely Marcus
    Marcus Rushford Marcus Rochefort as one
    will try and train up I feel shooting it
    he's shooting up a bit more he's
    finishing is only 79 so yeah this is the
    one that's out of sprint speed so we can
    train up sprint speed even though we
    don't really need to honestly it's just
    yeah an extra option has long shots
    there as well so I think we'll go with
    the speed shooting and just with the
    signing of em screen eeeh as well as
    good as he is he's he's still only 23
    he's got potential so yep I think that
    slide tackle can increase we just
    improve his defending attributes but hey
    de la
    I might look at him maybe you say oh
    yeah he's the
    and look sure still only 22 I'm just
    unsure of his potential pardon the pun
    but yeah
    Diego de lots whose nickname be double
    D's later let's see let's see if he
    performs to live up to that kind of name
    but yeah I don't know exactly his
    potential in the game but let me know if
    I should be giving him chances if you'd
    like to see him play not sure about this
    guy I don't know 1964 so you can see the
    difference in their rate definitely
    Chong you say I sees 65 but yeah I'm
    gonna see what we can train up with
    Chong if we've got one that can do four
    I like to do one that's hard because
    yeah we just simulate these anyway just
    the training sessions and of course
    angel gomez I hope he has got a pretty
    good potential but we'll try and develop
    him as much as we can at the same time
    so he can okay speed shooting yep I
    think they'll be pretty good for him so
    let's just simulate all of these already
    and there we go nothing too special but
    not terrible as well but like you guys
    would be wanting to see let's get into
    play imagine hey PSG so this is gonna be
    a real contest even though it's pre see
    it's more so good for me to test myself
    so yeah we'll go with the home kit and
    guys just so you know before I go into
    like first matches of like a series or
    whatever I like to show you the settings
    I play on but I already selected that at
    the start but if you want to see my
    camera settings this is what I'm using
    there's actually save from my Xbox
    account so yeah
    I carried over like the save and
    everything like that and yet I don't
    adjust sliders I leave them as is just
    so you know there's CPU user they're all
    they're all 5050 but you've seen me just
    going into this right now so we could go
    into team management but hey yeah this
    is line up how it felt like Rushford
    Marcial very important players so let me
    know terms of tactically obviously the
    best way for me to yeah get the best out

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    of my players that's very important as
    well so we're gonna see that as we go on
    let's head into this first match playing
    a legendary against PSG let's go man
    United v PSG come on my first official
    match of FIFA 19 hey let's practice a
    bit of this let's practice a little bit
    ground pass let's let's get into there
    we go just a little bit of intro there
    as well
    that's not too bad the higher oh that's
    a good ball through and Bop a far out
    man but that took me by surprise for
    sure I did not expect them to score so
    instantly I was like oh how is defending
    gonna be as good goal so I just
    continued their early early goal like I
    said I didn't play too much of demo and
    literally played one game made a video
    about it and didn't really touch I
    wanted to get into the full game like we
    are here today but let's all come on
    Alexis Sanchez good block good touch
    good goal it's a goal fest in the first
    ten minutes wow
    just continued after that what a garden
    Sheree I dismiss randomly for the it was
    a great goal though guys I just pressed
    a couple random buttons for a
    celebration guess that meant to skip it
    can replay on the video I just can't
    believe I got that back as much as I
    couldn't believe I conceded that what a
    what a hit that was tiara again we're
    really not letting them get in and Fred
    like I mentioned this central
    midfielders the the other
    yeah the midfield three can be very
    strong okay we really started with the
    bangle the match started with a bang but
    now it's a bit tighter see that's what I
    mean by like he has the start like I so
    good and here we go again
    Fred almost try to finesse that but also
    guys let me know if you want me to
    continue in the second episode or just
    focus here if you want me to play more
    of this or simulate the friendlies or
    these preseason competition so we can

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    get straight into the Premier League
    season do you want to see more gameplay
    do you want to see this preseason stuff
    let me know I thought I should show the
    first game definitely so you guys can
    see gameplay but do you really want to
    get into the season proper
    Oh yep the Finn taught could tackle
    he's absolutely boss because he's such a
    great height than great defensive
    ability strong lingard let's see I need
    something need some options held them
    off Oh bad pass but maybe that's his
    best selection of pass by myself I was
    just going to compliment him on his
    movement here we have to focus screwing
    up he's done his work yeah for sure
    just Fred's he's a quickest midfielder
    quickest central midfielder and here he
    is again trying to Lawrence run the long
    shots feel alright good bill that Arbor
    I'm loving just the positioning of
    screen er so far he's looking like just
    a real good signing like the defending
    that's been more CPU defending has been
    real good that's when you really see the
    quality of the defender they're
    positioning right
    but hey yep a low-percentage chance to
    score they're easy to bend this is we're
    gonna bring on there's no one that's
    really too tired to be fair but I really
    just want to bring on Marcial and if
    anything lingard is but I feel was just
    not providing that threats I want to
    give him a go but for me I'd prefer to
    start Marcia one matter if we're gonna
    yeah if you don't want that completely
    impact he's still got that technical
    ability but lingard is kind of that
    in-between player he's decent physically
    maybe he's a little bit quick but yeah
    always love Marcia he always generally
    develops really well in career mode as
    well Anthony Marcial so there's that so
    it sees impact but he could be a very
    good impact sub as well so there is also
    that the screen yup there's some decent
    pressure maybe trying to be a little bit
    too cute maybe trying to be I thought
    they're just there yeah defensive
    pressure was surprisingly good there
    they didn't really give us space so
    Pogba haven't done so much with him yet
    let's see Fred or what a ball wasn't
    expecting it to be that good oh I
    thought it was gonna be able to get past
    but it's Thiago Silva he's good so

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    they're just passing through each other
    and then get across in fairly easy to
    defend so we got to play this look at
    that but then there may not be to it
    we're just going to use his pace get
    across in oh no how how did I put too
    much it was just the speed of the ball
    in as well yeah bit too much on that I
    thought that was gonna be a goal for
    sure but if that's made harder to get
    those type of goals yeah for sure that's
    good let's bring on Marcus Radford for
    ya Alexis Sanchez I reckon there oh yeah
    I'm not sure so what Pogba Fred message
    I still all these match winners all
    these Fellaini I'm staying away from
    transyl estate anyone but let me know we
    should do it fellaini
    he's someone I didn't like to sell off
    but one matter yeah just leave that just
    bring Marcus Ratchford on they're making
    a change yourself that could have really
    been I think that has to be the match
    winner it was definitely a match winning
    chance just maybe about a little bit
    excited put too much on it but like I
    said if they've made it harder to always
    score those kind of we across it in got
    to get your connection better which is
    good but or the possession they're
    really I think they're doing what I was
    doing building up the halftime not
    wanting tackling is good but there
    that's probably gonna be it
    it's become so hard to winner this late
    oh go keep well what a save to hire
    really they had him like I'm yeah look
    I'm that's like I'm not a surprising
    reaction that's like FIFA stuff at its
    finest are struggling so hard but I'm
    like how many times is gonna refer I'm
    like yeah get that out of the way in the
    preseason so that's one initially I
    thought daheia surely had to come get it
    but he make save their rebounds it's the
    same FIFA kind of gameplay stuff there
    that's not something new so it's not a
    so leave that there really no surprise
    those kind of goals so there we go
    interesting first match but there's a
    lot of things especially to end it off
    that it's not too surprising a FIFA game
    play similar stuff but guys I'm just
    going to continue a few days see if we
    get any transfer information but no the
    next match so let me know what I should
    do in the next episode in episode 2 of
    this Dioner see me because this is more
    more good teams are going to be playing
    and so like we've we've got buying next

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    and then there's rayel so to see me play
    against these teams or do you really
    want me to get into the season as soon
    as possible if we take a look at the
    calendar again this should be fairly
    similar in itself yeah if we seem like
    up to August just let me know let me
    know I really like to play my career
    modes in a way that yet my viewers like
    to watch them and like I say with the
    we've still got money let me know what
    you thought of my transfer the single
    one I made but as you can see we've got
    like a hundred million just over that
    left so let me know let me know what I
    should do
    let me know transfer suggestions if
    there's some of the most like thumbs up
    comments I'll take those into
    consideration let's see if we do have
    another yes this is a perfect way to
    finish off ah to me perfect would have
    been if he's from England though it
    doesn't really matter a used to matter
    if a guy's from England and you're
    scouting England yeah better but hey
    we've got the finish Elias five-star
    experience five-star judgment and that's
    that I like how a few years ago they
    reduce the prices of them so that's a
    perfect one to get at least off that so
    we will set that up just before we go
    and we'll Scout England just to be
    realistic get through English lads and I
    just like that I always go nine months
    and I don't look for a specific type and
    just because I don't think like when
    you're looking for a signing you don't
    go for us like a youth scattered player
    you go for actually a player that's good
    enough already
    like someone I did you know what I mean
    this is more so you just hope to get any
    good players so let's just advance and
    yeah hopefully we can see some going
    forward getting some good players into
    the first team and I may look to you
    scatter future like Starbuck will leave
    we'll leave that we'll leave that as you
    guys might want to see it so I'll check
    it in this video honest is there
    anything new here like this the scatter
    future star career rematch no I'm not
    gonna do that cycle no that's silly edit
    player in career let me know if you're
    me to edit players any of it but okay
    there's a decent amount of scout future
    star and the thing is I'm only level 33
    and I'll definitely get to level 30 34
    so I'm gonna have although I don't
    really do financial takeover almost
    feels like yet just giving yourself
    money a bit cheating and as Manchester
    you know you don't really need that but
    yeah Scout a future star I just need to
    get to the next level 34 like I know
    some people that's above like 80 and
    stuff like that who have older accounts
    I actually have one that's like 90
    something on my xbox my older account
    but yeah I used to play like way back
    with as long as I can remember that's
    why it's such a high level but it's like
    it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if
    it's that high because they have the
    next highest isn't like about 30 so

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    about 40 there's an even matter so yeah
    I'm gonna leave this here guys for now
    but as I mentioned drop a like if you're
    excited for this series if you I'm gonna
    say if you liked it but I know a lot of
    you guys are gonna see this and be
    disappointed because it's like what's
    new in career mode there isn't really a
    lot Champions League you're gonna see
    make sure you what's this series to see
    once Champions League comes around so
    you can really see I like this new
    little news feed its presented in a
    different way at least a little bit just
    how it says news and man united win the
    race and or when Fred sign to see how it
    flashes like that it's something a
    little bit more fresh but hey something
    probably get a bit boring after time or
    not as new after a certain amount of
    time so anyway I'll leave it there for
    now have a suspicion when I was trying
    to skip during the
    during the signings of the making the
    transfer and the contract I'm feeling
    maybe the backspace on my keyboard would
    do that because that's what the signal
    looks like put the signal of the icon
    but yeah maybe that'll be it
    either way guys subscribe for new around
    here so you don't miss any FIFA 19
    uploads and I'll see you guys in the
    very next video

    FIFA 19 Career Mode starts today on early access/ea access In this FIFA 19 Career Mode series I will be taking control of Manchester United! Through this series ...


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