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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 19 | THE JOURNEY: CHAMPIONS FULL MOVIE (All Endings / Cutscenes / Gameplay ) |【XCV//】

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    previously on the journey already I just
    love playing football images emerging
    this morning of Hunter wearing a red
    shirt it's not like it's like a
    different world out here magic game man
    thanks for having me
    so I'm shirts after the game I will see
    what I can do but you've been playing
    out of your mind man just keep up the
    good work
    don't be getting too dazzled by those
    Hollywood lights all right dad
    I know you played yeah but all I'm doing
    is fighting every inch of the way to
    play the game I love well well well look
    who's back from Lala everyone's watching
    me waiting for me to be the next Alex
    until it's time to stop and try to make
    everybody laugh it's time to start
    earning some respect
    apparently some of the big guns in
    Europe have been sniffing around you
    Atletico PSG buying Alex mrs. Beatriz
    banana I'd like to talk to you about
    your future as a player as a person as
    an icon
    he says have a good match and well

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    hundred course Bernard to come by 8gb
    boy no harder than the first 99
    don't be thinking upper get it now my
    all that swerving a [ __ ] and he tries
    to catch the keeper
    equalizes with his wall
    hundreth career goal and watch a beauty
    it was left footballing quartz which is
    a nut that's what he won't forget in a
    Lewis oh he's found a way through I just
    wonder if he can finish
    watch a day for him two goals to his
    name and now a total in his career of a
    hundred and one here's Walker this needs
    a good cross oh yeah she did
    well there it is the final whistle it's
    a disappointing result for commentary
    actually especially considering how well
    they played over the first what 50 to 60
    minutes but this game let's be honest
    it's going to be remembered for Jim
    hunters 100th clip goal and what a way
    to mark the milestone of the cracker and
    the volley hope you've enjoyed it thanks
    for joining us here and we hope to see
    you again next time
    I can't believe they played football on
    the telly back in the stone Age's Matty
    one grand that was a proper play
    can't even get a rise out of you you're
    all business as usual of course back
    then we didn't avoid a fuss you look at
    these days you know we played for 150
    quid a week if we won to us it was all
    about just playing a game
    hmm hey look at that sweet azar nut hey
    not easy keeping a shot like that one
    target should we get going
    hello traffic hey hey let me help you in
    a bag Jim don't you worry about that you
    stay there and I've got the backs I'm
    gonna take it I gave it to you
    all right then share the luck just give
    it back when you finish that we gotta

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    catch this plane I cannot miss it or
    Butler will have my head I can't believe
    you gave me time off for training as it
    is hey I cannot believe that last time I
    drove to LAX we're gonna Japan you are
    from England English
    you're training up until now should give
    you the confidence to move forward with
    your full potential the women here are
    the ones we want to take all the way to
    France but to get there you have to earn
    it every day butterflies right I hate
    I haven't felt like this is my first day
    with the developmental program I don't
    even think I can kick a ball right now
    look it's cool everyone here's nervous
    even you Shh warm up a bit yes sure
    you made a heck of an impression against
    Germany I know we don't win you change
    the game when you came on yeah but this
    isn't a friendly is it and I'm like the
    youngest one here
    are you trying to make me feel old no
    you ready hunter chomping at the bit
    coach all right well show me ladies line
    up at the cones passing patterns

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    you know what's worse than being late
    for training sleeping on a wet floor and
    ending your season Michael why are you
    late anyway well just came from a
    meeting with Roger about investment
    opportunities and you know you got to
    speculate to accumulate and all that and
    everything right
    what you doing it what types of meetings
    of my own by me number-one clients huh
    your only client you mean what you saved
    the best to last in you that's what you
    alright sure what is it cuz I'll go get
    to training or really a foot who's gonna
    kill me if I'm late Danny I know last
    season wasn't quite how he planned it
    doesn't mean to say you're not a good
    player just that it takes time to work
    are you trying to say Michael truth is
    clubs in two minds about you
    well then I guess it's time to start
    knuckling down and put a few double
    sessions under my belt now you're
    talking like a proper pro starting with
    preseason mr i go and show this club
    your indispensable and remember you're
    my number one client Danny
    yeah what training Oh bullets gonna whup
    my head
    I gotta find how the Jeff you'll see
    your profits double in a month two tops
    you're right mate
    so have we got a deal
    sweet sweet yeah yeah I'll swing by with
    the paperwork to Tsavo yeah all right
    bye Bobby you my friend are the new face
    of McMillan's fish and chip shops I've
    sorted you all the fish and chips you
    can eat 28 locations across England just
    call me the dawn of deals you mean
    McMillan's McMillen's fish and chips
    from Millie's like the place we used to
    eat every day lilies are very same and
    they're given you a choice between a
    radio commercial and a photo shoot for
    ads in print like you know how it is
    which will it be
    phone - why you got it that's what I've
    always said may get me in front of that
    camera hey I thought hey adidas is next

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    door I'm telling you build up your
    reputation few trophies few more man in
    the matches and the Williams will be a
    household name Danny Boy the pipes the
    pipes are calling oh look it's Roger the
    Dodger business manager extraordinaire
    it's Ringo Oh oh yeah my mistake of
    course nobody has ever called you Ringo
    you can't just make up your own nickname
    it doesn't work like that
    you it's what all the lads called me at
    school when when I was playing the drums
    hello you played the triangle once in
    the school orchestra and you got that
    wrong oh it was twice service business
    actually very good Michael Roger here
    has just got me Ringo brand new
    endorsement McMillan's fish and chips we
    used to eat there all the time back in
    the day didn't we Roger yeah well
    speaking of deals I just got a meeting
    in the diary about your contract
    extension they are the last preseason
    game right so play out your skin in the
    Far East and we could be in business oh
    no pressure a pole your future depends
    on this Danny
    when we the same around here without
    they're flashing it
    those super agents are all the same do
    anything to get what they want less give
    her a chance here
    Conor Alex
    so good of you to meet me miss will be
    this is my agent Michael
    mr. Taylor the force behind Rising Stars
    I have followed your work for many years
    a nurturer of raw talent it is a
    pleasure to finally meet you they do a
    scallop seviche hair which is simply
    unparalleled I'd recommend should we cut
    to the chase then of course Alex I'm
    sure as mr. Taylor may have already told
    you there comes a time in a player's
    career when they transcend the sport in
    which they excel they become a brand
    within their own right think Cristiano
    Ronaldo cr7 but this is only possible if
    you have the right team off the pitch as
    well as on it yeah Alex already has a
    team behind them one man does not

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    constitute a team mr. Taylor a player
    like Alex needs a team working behind
    the scenes to get the most out of his
    career we do not afford such attention
    on all our clients only the special ones
    Alex my team and I had Villanova and
    associates can offer you a chance to
    become more than just a football player
    like a robot with dollar signs I know
    our son mr. Taylor
    please take a moment to think about it I
    understand it's a big decision Alex but
    I must take this if you'll excuse me max
    yes I'm with him right now
    how are things progressing with Sergio
    shoot excellent sounds like she knows
    what she's talking about
    Michael my own brand what you know I've
    been around long enough to know a COO
    when I see one
    what are you talking about Beatrix
    Villanova does not share clients with
    anyone been offered a scallop seviche in
    a poison pill look you let me guess his
    transfer here or in that's Marcus Tamara
    to help broker the deal one of those
    super agent types yeah well I am NOT
    going down that road again Alex it's me
    or her you know I appreciate everything
    you've done for me Michael
    so recently I've just started to feel
    like maybe it's time to take things to
    the next level you know what you know
    thing I can take you there Pete could be
    good for us you could work together do
    you honestly think she has any intention
    of working with me soon as she gets her
    foot in the door she'll try to get shot
    at me you mark my words now this is a
    this is a path I can't follow you down
    what she's offering you it's gonna take
    some major sacrifices on your lawyer you
    need to be ready for that
    beginnings are never easy Alex but
    sometimes we have to let go of the past
    to grab hold of the future

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    alright then my football yep
    am i one of the best players in the
    world I'll say ok then I am the Sultan
    of stepovers Cristiano Ronaldo well
    maybe in his dream you wish you wish
    you'll be saying that when we buy you in
    the Tokyo International behave you know
    that trophy's gonna will it seems the
    plan is working hey guys dad said you
    were climbing the walls back home
    waiting to hear about the colour [ __ ]
    but well the plan was working dad until
    you brought it up so dad did you give me
    what's this Emmys
    she'll be brothers mine Scouts work
    she's never done that's for sure
    so are you guys done talking in work uh
    yeah yeah you can say
    right we better be getting off kin huh
    oh try get some shut-eye
    my clock is upside down your dad sure
    gets the rest to make up big matches
    coming up double or quits
    am i a celebrity yes okay sports
    if we go
    big welcome to you for the final of this
    preseason tournament I'm Martin Tyler
    with me is Allen Smith we do have some
    compelling action we hope and a lot of
    storylines for you as well as PSG face
    Manchester United yeah it's an
    interesting one this Martin with Alex
    hunter facing his old club but he's and
    he's old mate Danny Williams they are
    still extremely friendly but I'd be
    desperate to get one up on one another
    who season or not
    Manchester United very much the premier
    team in the Premier League over the
    first 25 years although they've come up
    a bit short
    recently 13 titles yeah that's still a
    big draw for any player I think
    worldwide there's so much kudos attached
    to this Football Club
    put them in front counter it is Alex
    hunter where the goal really pumped up
    for this game you hate maybe and firmly
    but that does taste sweet he can see
    from these celebrations Thomas million

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    here's Alex hunter and here's the shot
    with this goal advantage they've now got
    a corner
    they nah
    could he really wrap it up now
    about up well though it is the
    tournament is over it's been a great
    tournament really and psg will take home
    the prize one equation good football
    tried one or two different formations
    season is all about so good news
    although a big day for Alex hunter
    facing his old club of course he'll have
    plenty to celebrate tonight big thank
    you to you for joining us here in Japan
    and just a quick reminder that we'll
    have all the coverage of the upcoming
    league air games live on EA TV
    hey I never received your apology Alex
    the way things went last season
    everything just got out of control
    if I could go back look for what it's
    worth I'm sorry
    perhaps I judge you too harshly Alex oh
    we hold fans again sushi wait they have
    sushi in Japan why do we waste our time
    with you
    you need to work even harder and
    said seriously I mean it thanks coaches
    enjoy yourself you do
    do you need anything mr. hunter with me
    huh mate you to flag yeah

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    how can it be so hard to fall asleep
    when you're this tired well I do not
    know they good to be on the same pitches
    you gave us are you saying that cuz
    you're what let's go you to that in the
    certain call I just got well I said I've
    been playing well for a sixteen-year-old
    and that I just gonna take this call
    yeah then we celebrate yep it's the
    middle of the night here yeah do that
    yeah it took use different good
    actually it's amazing my little sis Kim
    just got called up for the Women's World
    Cup qualifying Scott must be absolutely
    buzzing oh and you don't have to worry
    about finishing that school project now
    you kidding I still need to pick a
    college and graduate and leave the nest
    and all that I don't know right now it
    just seems like small potatoes yeah yeah
    I must be really stressful being so
    successful runs in the family
    shut up move over so Terry a must be
    nice having a Champions League winning
    brother yeah they think that one you
    can't be that the attic barely spoken to
    him since he went to Italy can't say I
    miss him when we were kids dad used to
    make us train against each other eat
    fire crosses him for hours us even
    though I was Ted and Terry was 18 and
    massive hmm said he'd toughened me up so
    he used to smash into me every practice
    you still end up by it sometimes could
    hardly walking you know though you're a
    big premier league star yeah when I make
    a promise I deliver tell me how's your
    Spanish no great did a year of it back

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    at school but I was never really any
    why that's something we can work on if
    there's one thing lost Blanco supporters
    appreciate other than trophies it's a
    foreign player that tried to speak their
    language nots Broncos wait are you
    saying what I think you're saying like I
    said I'm a woman of my word five year
    contracts from Real Madrid on the table
    your clubs accepted the transfer offer
    all that's missing now is your signature
    B I don't know what to say I'd advise
    saying nothing until it's announced
    their official channels I'll see you in
    48 hours when he left back in everything
    you're looking pretty hype what can I
    say I'm excited for my little sister
    let's go celebrate yeah yes late night
    in Tokyo figure something out yeah
    YouTube go Adam I'm really not good so
    that's the first thing you feeling
    alright mate yeah boys to yourself okay
    see see yeah yeah
    hey was it that terry thing oh no no I'm
    just really tired you know with the
    jetlag and everything it's made me all
    loopy so I'm just going up to bed okay
    yeah see you tomorrow
    oh hey guys wait loft which way to go
    welcome we are excited to announce the
    signing of Alex hunter to a five-year
    deal we have great faith that Alex will
    become a key member of the Real Madrid
    team and provide our forward line with
    an additional option as we look ahead to
    another successful season

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    muchas gracias
    un muy Grande own or estar aquí aquí en
    Madrid con todos ustedes el el pueblo de
    Madrid en el Camas a de Madrid hala
    Alex you have already shown your
    potential at several major clubs but how
    will you handle the pressure cooker that
    is Real Madrid the most famous club in
    the world especially the expectation
    from the fans to win the Champions
    League each year
    I'm gonna have to prove myself to the
    manager a lot of world-class players at
    this club so when I get my chance I'm
    gonna be giving it 110% to make sure I
    keep my place and help this club win
    especially the Champions League I'm
    looking forward to testing myself
    against Europe's elite you will be able
    to make an impression at this club given
    the standard of players you will be up
    I certainly hope I can make my mark here
    that's definitely the plan I'll be
    giving my all to make sure I can try and
    win the first major piece of silverware
    my career here
    please hurry please thank you yes yes
    yes sure I have to earn the right to
    wear it giggles
    destiny awaits I get to dazzled
    Alex talk to me
    two years ago how was it kid with no
    contract now people are telling me I'm
    next for now though doesn't seem real

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    you know Alex your star in the making
    boy it's all happening so fast just look
    at the way you dealt with your press
    conference as well that Alex assumed a
    nanodevice field mallepalli
    grand cru better they adamantly spoken
    like a true native even the Madurese
    does already love you and you haven't
    even kicked the ball yet she's right we
    do Alex all you have to do let's go out
    there and do what you do best
    in La Liga
    we must dominate and in the Champions
    League we must prove again that this is
    the greatest club this competition has
    ever known a strong start on both
    competitions will be vital so let's get
    to work one welcome to the team
    chase me and I'm Joe nice to me Alex
    these are the coaches you'll be working
    with I'm just to be honest trying to get
    my head around being here that's why we
    are here to help you learn that our
    mother either way we'll start with 11
    the 11
    Anton and Joe each with their own side
    you will play a half with boss sounds
    good let's move it
    'we know here's the sighted attack it's
    the best form of defence the fact of
    football and I'm the old man mm-hmm
    scoring is only start of being a great
    striker having the skills to create
    space for yourself the stamina to make
    runs even at the end of a game is just
    as important
    Alex come on
    leave them

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    you play out in the middle come on those
    are the rules
    25 minutes left on the clock and note
    this moment because we are finally going
    to see Alex hunter in the all-white of
    Real Madrid playing for Real Madrid his
    boyhood wish it seems is about to come
    true you have there's a real buzz around
    the burner bio I mean he's had to bide
    his time
    missed me Alex to say the least but now
    he's finally got his wish and you'll be
    absolutely desperate to do well
    corner now those fans sensing a chance
    here they've got to capitalize on these
    CONICET well he used the inside of his
    head well but not the outside of target
    here just slightly missed I'm that one
    we have a substitution coming up and
    it's coming out to real madrid can turn
    o debut go for Alex hunter fantastic he
    just cannot keep away from the headlines
    Connie what a finish
    now it's with Hunter that's a clever
    pass from Alex hunter quick reaction
    time here from the goalkeeper
    but rich
    Kantar some story developing here in the
    burner FeO - for the debutante Alex
    hunter from England
    well round the G and Alex hunter seek
    Dakotan what's on the score line bastard
    first game over for a Madrid three
    points writer debut the super sub Alex

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    hunter we can imagine in the dressing
    room before heard these teammates and
    look at at Ross one exactly is all the
    fuss about with a snag well alex is
    I am here with Alex hunter who has just
    played his first minutes in a real
    Madrid shirt Alex how did it feel out
    there when I finally stepped on the
    pitch the responsibility really became
    clear to me this club this city these
    fans they expect excellence and now it's
    my job to give it to them oh you take
    your role on this team very seriously
    for sure man I know what's at stake I
    know what I'm capable of now it's about
    delivering it well I think the fans look
    forward to watching you do that thank
    you daddy
    Danny Williams a couple of quick
    questions for you mate Danny first off
    congratulations on a new and improved
    contract Cheers
    it's nice to see people appreciating the
    Williams now even so do you think you'll
    be any more than a bit part player this
    season especially in the Champions
    look proving people wrong is what I do
    day in day out yeah well if we are being
    honest though given your form for most
    of last season it's hard to imagine you
    proving yourself in Europe's premier
    competition alongside the likes of
    Neymar Ronaldo and Alex hunter look just
    you wait and see
    I am gonna prove everybody wrong I'm
    gonna lift that Champions League trophy
    up at the end of the season and you will
    be sorry you ever doubted the Williams
    great quote Danny thank you I said it
    stretch you know loads
    don't push it too out so
    Williams word yes boss been doing
    shuttle runs between a buffet car and a
    beach this summer don't worry about it
    whew double sessions are so yeah are you
    love suck it out bins anyway don't you
    it's good you should be a comedian boss
    anyway you'll need to work you know
    musty a new role gaffer wants to freshen
    up the system for the Champions League
    games to man out wide warm up the middle

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    did the opposition an aerial threat to
    worry about we need something different
    for the Champions League give us a
    chance to take teams by surprise I mean
    being a target man it's not really my
    game boss take it from me son learning
    how to play as a target man's your best
    bet for getting games at Europe this
    season man did you think you've got all
    the tools but you need to work on your
    well you know I could always give it a
    go boss I mean I played a bit there when
    I was a kid but uh it's not really my
    game well making you gain oh you'll be
    spending the season watching European
    nights on the telly it's up to you hello
    to once again
    party Tyler here welcome to Goodison
    Park just the line today
    it's Everton vs. Manchester United
    through ball attempted by Sanchez and
    the fruit balls got Danny Williams clear
    it's a fast start here they deserve that
    goal don't be the better team early on
    that's the goalkeeper in the eye oh it's
    good to me and the balls in it's a goal
    it's wonder whether the occasions
    getting the better job he's put that
    into his own net on a whistle and
    Manchester United of what
    well they always say it doesn't matter
    who scores the goal and that's because
    that's even more applicable when it's an
    unco take you can get dirty because it
    will peel the shoe will be on the other
    foot at some stage and delighting we go
    I am standing here with the man of the
    match Danny Williams yeah I mean getting
    that is fantastic but I've got to give
    credit where credit is due and that is
    to the rest of the lads I mean
    man-of-the-match feels you know a bit of
    an extra gift when I've got that sort of
    support around me you know week in week
    well said Danny thank you for your time
    yeah no problem mate Cheers
    right listen up ladies today is about
    being a competitor we're already through

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    to France all right all right but today
    we have to play Canada and they're gonna
    be hungry and they are hungry because
    they've only ever beat us three times
    last time was in 2001 you want today to
    be the fourth no Morgan Hunter manager
    wants you to starting up front she's
    hoping this will be the beginning of a
    beautiful partnership a partnership that
    produces goals let's not let her down
    shall we
    let's go us ready
    let's go ladies run hard fear nobody
    welcome to you all to the StubHub center
    I'm Martin Tyler Allen Smith alongside
    me as always and the match today the USA
    take on Canada is the final qualifier
    for the Women's World Cup it should be
    fascinating with a bit of edge Allen as
    well yeah there's always been a little
    bit of needle between these two teams
    some fringe players getting a chance to
    show what they can do so it should be
    interesting the USA are going about
    their business today with a slightly new
    formation to up front
    paired with the youngster Kim hunter
    well if I could hit it off I mean
    they're sending a strong message to the
    manager the head of the World Cup finals
    in France so it would be fascinating to
    see if they can actually gel do they
    suit each other's games hunter doe Alex
    Morgan's the scorer well young Kim
    hunter played a big part there with her
    assistant no wonder they look happy
    together looking for an opening this
    master they've broken through again a
    score again
    trying to steer it through in on the
    goalkeeper dr. BAE and is put in by Kim
    Hunter and what a lovely assistant Alex
    Morgan it seems like these two are on
    the same wavelength guide it through
    here's the shot well it wasn't an easy
    angle Alan
    well ambitious to say the least
    better enjoy it Hunter we won't be so
    lucky in France seriously we just beat

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    you Tremblay keep quiet
    what are you her mommy real classy
    I am here now with United States Women's
    National Team prodigy Kim hunter Kim big
    couple of months for you first cap for
    your country youngest player ever in a
    Women's World Cup qualifying squad yeah
    I'm just trying not to think about it
    too much just just want to stay focused
    on playing the best I can for my team
    and what does your brother Alex make of
    it all
    especially as he's yet to receive an
    international call-up himself must get
    pretty competitive in the hunter
    alex has been really supportive yeah
    he's a great big brother but for me
    personally this is a dream I've had
    since I wasn't open to Alex since his
    transfer to Real Madrid
    how's he settling in over there fine I
    think I haven't had much of a chance to
    talk to him notice how he's handling the
    language barrier is it true he's been
    learning Spanish I think so yeah yeah
    you heard it here first folks and just
    finally how about the new team outfits
    like our uniform well yeah I just sorry
    have got to go
    hi-oh cat right Jim you're taller than I
    thought you would be
    when Alex wasn't at the airport I
    thought I must have told him the wrong
    day so I got a cab pretty sure the guy
    ripped me off so he probably saw an
    American and thought tourists 106 euros
    yeah well he's gonna pay for that
    a nerd think we can get you that feature
    next week after the interview for sports

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    maybe we could just do them both at the
    same time but only gonna ask me the same
    questions anyway Alex you need to build
    a rapport with your journalist every
    answer you give them needs to feel like
    an exclusive this relationship is coming
    to strengthening your brown Alex Alex
    will you at least say hello to your
    sister Kath we're trying to finalize
    Alex it's now what to sync showing up at
    the airport a foreign city you know
    where to be seen in anybody in your
    entourage Victor remind you hunter s mom
    chill I'll be done in a sec I'm not
    chill you need to sort your priorities
    are to all of this none of its real Alex
    you think any of them would be here if
    your career ended tomorrow in what I am
    family used to be everything to you
    remember that
    now you're just surrounding yourself
    hangers-on you believe in your own hype
    Catherine I don't believe that is it
    weren't hard about the Knicks would you
    say to me
    come on I don't have to look at these
    people anymore just get you Sunday
    mom I don't even recognize my own sign
    that is not what I was expecting to see
    when I took off from LAX I would never
    want all those people in my house
    I can't at least be more like you he's
    just doing what he needs to I guess
    I owe you an apology no it's Alex you
    should be saying sorry did you meet the
    ignoring me when I got here that is on
    him no I'm sorry
    I love my dad but man he's he's been a
    real idiot sometimes
    great whites

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    ha ha
    hope you like yeah
    could you bring the car around here I
    have an idea
    lucky you avoided us in the least you
    began up against Terry dead
    come on papers will love that weathers
    on the same pitch yeah how's he doing
    Williams international icon on his books
    well tell him I said hi Alex there is a
    FIFA say no to racism event happening in
    Madrid this month and you've been
    invited all the top stars will be there
    Neymar de Bruyne are another Loomis next
    you have to think about what charity you
    want to donate to I'll set up an
    interview after training to make the
    announcement and then we seriously have
    to start thinking about your brand the
    photo shoot is only a few weeks out and
    we have to have your logo locked in
    before then way ahead of you oh my mum
    she's a proper designer be working in
    this firm yeah I was thinking that maybe
    she could come on board do the design
    it's an interesting idea but perhaps
    somebody more we won the game for years
    ever since she met my dad and no one
    knows me better to be perfect
    No okay
    he's getting on he's fine it's really
    enjoying the visit now I know how you
    feel before a big game
    mom you'll be fine Alex be on this must

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    be mrs. hunter Catherine pleasure B and
    this is my granddaddy hunter no
    introductions needed it is an honor to
    meet you sir
    no please don't get up I just I just
    wanted to shake your hand
    Roger please allow me to introduce my
    assistants Maximilian Louise Paris
    arenas and the head of Villeneuve an
    associates marketing department
    Francesco x+ Buon Giorno a nice to meet
    you I didn't realize there would be so
    many of you well shall we get started so
    in summary we are equating Alex to the
    wolf by communicating his intuition and
    intelligence on the pitch and combining
    that with a killer instinct in front of
    God Francesco
    well you see for me the use of a Worf
    here suggests that Alex is part of a
    pack rather than his own man and that
    for me it's not very good
    how do you feel what do you think
    more like leader of the pack a couple of
    tweaks I think would be bang on
    I suggest since we can't reach a
    consensus that you take the feedback on
    board Katherine and revise and in the
    meantime I'll have my team rustle up an
    alternative before we sign off on it I
    think that sounds fair
    then it's agreed excellent oh yeah I
    know it would have been awkward wouldn't
    again knocked out your old team you
    dreams a Champions League Laurie I don't
    know how I could have live with myself I
    really don't these super get up against
    Aaron oh yeah they're gonna be pretty
    special Oh that'll be Michael how's he
    uh he's got the Williams international
    icon on his book who do you think he's
    doing if I'm feeling like it all right
    bye-bye me fine then ah Michael bear

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    late than never
    oh sorry about that traffic was dreadful
    where did we land oh yeah I'll get the
    door then shall we
    you know I always thought one to wish
    all of it it reminded me of that kids we
    were at school with fancied himself as a
    football and what was he called what
    walkers leave it all the same these
    wannabes remember muggers used to do
    like 20 step overs and then fall over
    his bootlaces head he ended up in
    non-league never getting again look
    Daniel I just had this meeting with this
    estate agent friend of mine right found
    you the perfect house four bedrooms
    three bathrooms built-in sauna and a 10%
    discount are you sure
    couldn't you've just sent us a link for
    you can't live in this place forever
    Danny can yes sir it's not exactly
    Premier League standards it's more like
    I know Sunday League I would say a house
    like that that'll inspire you yeah send
    the right message out to the sponsors
    and the like yeah yeah but you're on the
    up that you're going places here so
    think about it I'll call you later
    Daniel yeah yeah yeah will do
    choose Michael why do you think me I
    mean it's a bit pricey but you know what
    were those investments you've been
    making in every city bathrooms oh who
    needs three batteries oh I wouldn't be
    Taylor's getting a sweetener off this
    what no Michael wouldn't do that he's
    all right
    shifty ass if you ask me anyways you've
    got bigger fish to fry like how you're
    gonna handle Terry in the Champions
    League you swore you on toast when we
    were kids yeah yeah yeah but we're not
    kids anymore are we
    that's the spirit [ __ ] I'm sure it'll be
    different this time
    a warm welcome to our live coverage I'm
    Terry fray with Lee Dixon alongside me
    in the commentary box and we're back
    under the floodlights tonight for tingly
    awaited Champions League action as the
    group stage business begins from these
    two teams always an exciting prospect
    Lee massive expectations on Manchester
    item always club of this size and
    stature the money they've got to spend
    they've been in the doldrums you have to
    say for a few years now but obviously
    now with the introduction of Danny
    Williams making his Champions League
    debut can he push them the next step I'm
    pretty sure he'll be nervous but you
    thought those nerves Mets betting big
    things from him it's the opening match
    de Champions League group stage match
    day one underway
    under pressure will SBC it's a great
    cross but what a finish so hard to wait

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    and be patient when the balls dropping
    he does everything right and finishes it
    fed through by Alexis Sanchez and a goal
    here for Manchester United
    they are the big favorites now
    first Champions League game for you
    Danny enjoy the experience
    well I mean it was such an honor when
    the boss picked me first game I mean as
    you know Champions League is everything
    to this club so the fact that he put
    some faith in me and and you know put me
    in the side that's that means a lot it
    means a lot big responsibility ya know
    it's its massive but you know I just try
    and put the graft in and the hard work
    and take each match as it comes don't
    forget to enjoy it too yeah yeah yeah
    I'll try yeah ooop defend this you using
    your head for something useful you know
    I try I really do your transfer to
    French giants PSG well stock is all over
    Europe was scared of me cause I don't
    think we moved to breathe tonight I mean
    it's all about immunity one-on-ones and
    making sure the man you're up against
    remember to be and how are you feeling
    about going up against your brother
    Danny Williams from the previous stages
    must be big thing for you well it might
    be for it okay once you win one of these
    nothing really fazes you if memory
    serves you didn't actually play in the
    final did you what was the first season
    in here that I was getting baited in
    played a part in getting this end do you
    worry about that
    this is squad gaming join us then anyway
    I don't sweat my brother how is he gonna
    get the better of me
    if you're watching Danny Williams boss I
    was wondering if I could put some extra
    practice in you know work on what the
    gaffer wanted oh good on you
    well the pictures always about asking
    about the pitch I'm wondering if you'd
    help train me
    what was that Williams limiter in quite
    alien I was wondering if you would help
    train me
    just say when so cool
    nice one I'll text you the directions

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    oh you see that house close wasn't it
    do you love Christmas at the Williams
    must be fun
    good evening everyone plenty of reasons
    to expect a compelling contest tonight
    here on the French capital Paris
    throughout the party pass Tareq ray here
    in the comedy position and I'm joined as
    always by Lee Dixon and in the group
    stage of the Champions League
    PSG play host to the chief rivals in
    this particular section its Patti says
    checking on Manchester United well Derek
    both teams got off to a flying start in
    their opening group last didn't they but
    something has to give tonight looking
    forward to this one and they get the
    ball rolling in this Champions League
    group stage confrontation Jesse lingard
    slipping it through now he's got to stay
    calm then it goes and of course it's
    Danny Williams well what a moment for
    the live they've been a lot of buildup
    in this contest
    can they convert and the ball is in the
    net the crowd have gone crazy and quite
    rightly so what a finish that is passing
    with the ball deep that said the final
    whistle and it's all smiles
    as teammates once a performance from the
    young fellow
    the most important thing that's the
    three Pisces helped his team but I'm
    pretty sure they've been little not in a
    wink to his brother when he walks over
    there and shakes his hand really big
    rival that between the two and he's
    finishing was super B really dominated a
    game in the end

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    playing in the Champions League against
    your brother what did it feel like
    getting the better of him
    uh well getting the win tonight was
    I mean maybe felt like we got at the rub
    of the green a little bit but we took
    our chances we took advantage of the
    situation when they didn't so that was
    and you know Terry's easy good player as
    they all are so I'm sure they'll be
    coming after us our next time well I
    have no doubt
    was it fun seeing him out there yeah
    yeah I guess it was fun I mean he was he
    was marking me all well trying to mock
    me and he hasn't had to do that since I
    was a wee nipper well thank you Danny
    mmm you got my good side could've
    shopped out the drill dough still kind
    of feel like the new I think you're
    doing all right so far
    I love Wi-Fi on the plane
    what's up school I had to take half my
    exams early and then defer the rest
    until after the tournament how much real
    life did you pick a college it tell me
    good news well I like the offers from
    Stanford and UCLA but my dad wants me to
    take the one in Berkeley he thinks the
    film and media program would be a good
    smart guy yeah but you know it's so
    different now there are tons of
    opportunities that weren't around when I
    was coming up going pro to high school
    is a real option makes you think
    so it all comes down to this the final
    throw of the garbage hoop World Cup it's
    all tied up at 36 apiece hunter steps up
    for the wind pressures getting to her
    yes come on
    hi dad
    Harold cue me round dad rematch later I
    wish I'm gonna study don't be late for
    the meeting
    just Silva will have you running

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    Charlotte's all day sir yes sir see
    you're making friends yeah that's great
    speaking of which your brother call
    should make it for the knockout rounds
    if we make it that far you've already
    won by just being here remember that
    even if you lose you've won
    honestly pressure is kind of getting to
    me I haven't slept properly since we got
    two friends start thinking about walking
    you trip over your own feet I know
    you're right but easier said than done
    sometimes so made your decision yet
    College is there another decision yeah I
    mean no I've been thinking about it a
    lot obviously and Berkeley looks amazing
    couldn't agree more but I I was thinking
    more wondering I guess what if I went
    pro I was talking with Alex the other
    day and she was saying there's tons of
    it where what that Seattle thing I don't
    even think there was serious Kim they
    wouldn't have talked to us if they
    didn't mean it I was just thrown a hat
    in early so they'd be top of your mind
    when you finish college you're not
    expecting you to entertain it
    I don't they want you to you have to
    remember that this tournament isn't the
    be-all and end-all I have to go to my
    hello eyes on me
    we are the United States women's
    national team defending world champions
    and that means that every other team in
    this tournament will be trying to take
    us down well we're not gonna let that
    happen we are going to be more focused
    and more committed than any other team
    out there we've gone with an experienced
    lineup we don't have time for slip-ups
    lapses of concentration or sloppy play
    today is our statement of intent hunter
    manager wants you on standby you'll be
    our shot of adrenaline for tired legs
    you got this ladies
    the change is going to be made and into
    the game comes Kim hunter

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    space for the shut a door another goal
    for the USA and it is Kim hunter well
    can you believe it the teenager makes
    further on the international stage
    well they've increased their lead here
    and that could just wrap up the match
    yet and the much better team out here
    today and that score line reflects that
    88 minutes played here this has been
    called a football match but in behind
    the defenders looks the goalkeeper in
    the eye off the bar back into play
    that did look like a real opening when
    they dealt with it
    maybe just missed kicked it a little bit
    there and pass goes straight to the
    opposition shots on here looking to take
    the corner quickly
    all have played into the middle it's
    gone in but maybe it wouldn't have been
    if it had connected off the defender
    a bit of luck for the goalscorer here
    with that deflection yeah I'm looking
    for the defender stuck out a leg you
    can't do much about it at the goal
    school take that let's see the replay
    it is now an extraordinary lead and you
    could say really game over
    I think I'm not putting up too much
    opposition to the excellent USA team
    here in this group stage game but for me
    it's all about Kim hunter Martin 17
    years of our age she gets herself the
    goal on the big stage has certainly got
    big much temperament no question about
    Kim 17 years old and you've just debuted
    in the World Cup incredible
    how does that feel I mean I was geeking
    out a little bit first the crowd the
    show I mean I'm on the same squad as
    Megan Rapinoe she had me singing born in
    the USA four weeks after that goal
    against Colombia it drove my dad nuts
    what stood out most for you kind of
    helps when you score and the team wins
    it was a dream first game I couldn't
    have wished for better now given how big
    an occasion this is for you
    is there a special someone back home you
    want to say hello to maybe you have a

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    question about the game okay
    Oh unfortunately that's all the time we
    have Kim hunter congratulations on your
    debut and good luck in the next match
    thank you if you don't give me
    everything you've got in every sprint
    then you are wasting my time and yours
    again hunter
    manager was impressed with you in the
    opening game she wants you on the bench
    again next time out okay I just want to
    put too much pressure on you before you
    but remember watch and learn
    even if you're not playing taking
    everything you can sure but I was kind
    of hoping I might start you know really
    show you what I can do managers decision
    is final hunter what I don't think I
    heard you correctly hunter are you
    questioning the managers decision no I
    just thought I have more to bring to the
    team you know what you have talent
    hunter that's for sure but the right
    attitude jury's out coach I wasn't back
    to your mark
    you could thank hunter for the next five
    coach meetings not for another hour
    right it's not yeah Oh
    keeping up with your schoolwork yeah
    can't be easy been pretty intense listen
    coach about yesterday I'm so sorry
    so tell me hunter his name Denis Daniels
    mean anything to you she's part of the
    2011 World Cup squad 18 year old from
    Detroit unstoppable in the air we used
    to call her the wall
    she was tipped to be the cornerstone of
    our defense for the next decade got sent
    home before the tournament even started
    for breaking curfew and I never heard of

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    that's cuz she's making juice somewhere
    in San Francisco we considered dropping
    you from the squad yesterday for
    questioning the manager
    you know you might think that I'm being
    hard on you but it's only because I know
    how great you can be you have all the
    talent in the world it's why you're
    still here Thank You coach I won't let
    you down oh and one more thing the
    manager wants you to start in our last
    group game do or die
    he wanted your chance
    thanks coach
    I almost forgot tea meeting one hour yep
    carry on
    tell me about the donation you're making
    and why sorry
    well it's been rumored that you're
    making a sizable donation to a charity I
    think your sources might be mistaken me
    I mean I might I probably will be doing
    something to at some point but I just I
    wasn't planning anything just yet my
    apologies Alex yeah good evening
    Spurs have never been sure to followers
    let's see if I'm advantage will care for
    them tonight here in London I'm doing
    great with me for commentary is Lee
    Dixon and we've got UEFA Champions
    League group stage action to bring you
    tonight this is Tom Tom Hotspur taking
    on Real Madrid
    Lucas Vasquez good numerical situation
    marker a sincere
    a fresh start and a quick goal well the
    manager with us said keeping tired
    abacus Ebru can Nick and early gold miss
    Celie I've done Real Madrid moving the

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    ball with purpose what collegiate
    opportunity hunter
    joy for the Merengues Real Madrid of
    scores well they pushed and pushed they
    tested and tested and they got their
    reward well Derek your goals of gold but
    they don't a lot better when they flying
    off the crossbar and look at that
    absolutely superb and look as Vasquez
    incisive pass opportunity it is and the
    ball is in the net the crowd have gone
    crazy and quite rightly so what a finish
    that is
    director says they'll be ready for you
    in 10 stinging run late
    you know I oh just for you yeah amazing
    in it it max Kravitz the name drink
    we're you got a bathroom mom
    bro let's go be sugar-free yeah oh my
    man okay the final designs are a little
    later than I hung but we got there in
    the end
    wicked see Catherine's design yeah mom
    happy would I even if I do say so myself
    ah that's the one Alex Mina Wow I don't
    mean to rush you Alex but it is decision
    they have to say Scottie mum's this is a
    big decision Alex this logo will forever
    be associated with your name I just
    think that in time you wish you would
    have made a different decision Alex has
    made his choice I will let the director
    know thanks
    good famiiy I was so worried you
    wouldn't like it
    you did good huh
    Alex they're ready for you
    air director says no father says it's
    gonna go late tonight you good
    whose shoe is this I'm sorry it's out of
    my hands
    here yeah

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    Alex hunters ha oh no no no he's busy by
    now come on seriously he's coming up
    with these okay
    there goes nothing
    yes I get in seriously
    nice one ei is finally starting to
    appreciate the genius that is the
    Williams I will call him
    and it's hunters phone oh yeah yeah it
    can I speak no no can you give him it
    charger well food who's having a man now
    my son
    excitement in the amsterdam air as we
    get ready for a big night of football at
    the arena in this great city
    I'm Derek ray and joining me for
    commentary is Lee Dixon and we've got
    Champions League group stage fare on the
    menu it's iyx vs. Manchester United for
    European Knights and the footlights
    always a special atmosphere not just in
    the stadium around the city - and all
    the troubling funds really can't wait
    for this one and they get the ball
    rolling in this Champions League group
    stage confrontation plenty of Running
    in the wide position this is the
    monument that is a goal from long range
    he would soon forget absolutely right
    and of the top-drawer terrific ball from
    one matter Danny Williams just has to
    stay calm and the ball is in the net the
    crowd have gone crazy and quite rightly
    so what a finish that is it's a massive
    lead and it's very hard to imagine them
    losing it now
    the end of the story for tonight at any
    rate and it's a victory for Manchester
    United where would you assess in a game
    afterwards his little boxes to be ticked
    and they ticked nearly all of them
    tonight he fans the gold key for the
    the ball was not shot really really easy
    big to form tonight
    clinically from the gone the manager the
    coaches the players and the fans are all
    happy tonight I am standing here with
    Danny Williams
    today's hat trick hero yeah I mean

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    that's a fantastic feeling it's great
    but the gaffer at the start of season he
    asked me to do a job and that's why I
    try and do every time I step out onto
    the pitch and I mean when all 11 of us
    do the job this team is always going to
    score goals
    so you credit the squad for your goals
    oh yeah
    absolutely everyone everyone is
    contributing you know I mean from the
    from the boss to the keeper to Martha
    the tea lady it's it's fantastic well
    that's a great attitude Danny and I'm
    sure the fans agree thanks for your
    thoughts yeah yeah
    hey I can you thing yeah all right
    it's called a light you just stand over
    there bullet good no more good job uh
    Danny hi they'll hire please
    great great okay okay we got it
    Thank You Danny
    where do I sign
    seven figures for back less 10% I
    think's just about in your budget Danny
    Pat Sam you moved out of this place mom
    I can't hold onto it too much longer had
    to call in some serious favors give us a
    minute oh yeah yeah well for that price
    I want two servants thrown in pal
    anyways it takes time to free on behind
    the cash the money's not there seems
    like you're in a bit of a hurry to sort
    this deal pop well maybe you've got some
    fun riding on it yourself either again
    everyone I'm Martin Tyler Allen Smith
    alongside me and we know you're enjoying
    the coverage of this Women's World Cup
    it's been a terrific tournament already
    and we have a splendid game in Prospect
    here today find the group match at the
    Stade vélodrome USA take on the Sweden
    yeah I mean this is the business end of
    the group now isn't it and the Americans
    they know three points will secure the
    place in the last 16 so just interesting
    to see how they go about trying to
    achieve that will not be aggressive get
    on the front foot or maybe a little bit
    more cautious well one interesting
    factor that we know already may be
    surprised but Kim hunter is in the squad
    sub in the first game didn't play in the
    second and here she is starting big core
    isn't it big call after that rumor
    disagreement between her and the coach
    but they've obviously made up and he
    feels that she's ready to go out now and

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    really perform
    I know I'm looking forward to having a
    look at these two Allen obviously it's a
    team game but very intriguing
    individuals out there they are and they
    don't just judge right from the kickoff
    they look like scoring they have now
    shot from the earth and what a good goal
    what a strike Amna volley wears no
    father no sighted football than to see
    somebody catch the ball flush like that
    going forward well Beauregard
    go back to pay the insurance doll head
    that little bit of dialogue that I
    laughter now beg hland
    substitution the break is definitely on
    real chance now and it's a goal for
    United States
    Hunter here's a chance to go down the
    outside of the opposition a real chance
    here I'd come off the go keep wanna go
    the one who moved the ball about there
    Martin before creating the chance was
    really good they picked the right pass
    every time now
    corner plate it
    they've set it up well for the cross
    across aim for Kim hunter and there it
    is the goal but there is the hat-trick
    she's going to have the match for to
    take home with a marvelous day for the
    well what a sweet moment for her Patrick
    and every single what was beautifully
    taken no wonder she's got a big smile on
    her face
    it's been a good day for the USA ladies
    today they are through the full time
    whistle confirms that and in the group
    stages are tough and you build momentum
    through the tournament and the signs are
    Alan that this is a team to watch out
    for in the knockout stages yeah I think
    they are one of the favorites to lift
    the trophy in a couple of weeks time and
    they showed their experience out there
    today I think just do you not getting
    carried away by the moment focusing on
    the job and will be bringing you all the
    coverage of those knockout games of
    course live here on EA TV Kim hunter
    with a hat-trick today truly astounding
    Kim how are you feeling right now like a

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    dream no but then I feel my legs burning
    and I realized that it actually happened
    well a special performance Kim an
    absolute pleasure to watch thank you no
    thank you
    place is ridiculous
    your brother for now he sought to this
    table room where his people did he's got
    himself some nice yeah sure does well
    congratulations are in order my daughter
    in the World Cup knockout stages so
    different going that you can save the
    pep talk dad I get enough of those from
    two silver
    I didn't mean to insult you Kim I was
    just caught off guard he's all you have
    to admit it's a pretty massive change if
    are not going to college what you've see
    a double didn't work out what if you
    always talk about it just see and all
    you could do is knock me down now I know
    how Alex felt Kim please
    I'm sorry it's your life Kim your career
    your choice wait you still talk about it
    if you want to just try not to get too
    I know you're just looking out for me
    but I'm not you dad
    I have a shot to do something special to
    be someone special you have to let me go
    tough session you okay raining too much
    for you oh sorry mate um shorts pieces
    you think you're doing enough to deserve
    a place under steam I just need to
    tomorrow I'm back on it I know you have
    business of the pitch so do many players
    at this club just don't let it affect
    your real job

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    yeah you look at your short mate
    over that loss yet I feel that Meister
    killed you
    anyone can get lucky once in a group it
    takes real talent between one of these
    not that you will ever know beanpole so
    what you just happened to wear that
    medal out did you yeah it goes with me
    outfit might why are you even here
    why just got into town for tomorrow's
    match I thought why not drop in on my
    little brother I was waiting for you in
    the parking lot with your man Butler
    said you was putting in some extra
    sessions you scared or something
    scared I'm gonna really enjoy beating
    Jawa watching you those in front of your
    own fans that is all the motivation I
    need Ben pop I see you wanna peach
    stylist when you
    well it really is a city that loves its
    football I'm talking of course about
    Manchester and it's a real pleasure to
    be here tonight
    that's all traffic my name's Derek ray
    and joining me for commentary on this
    game is the former Arsenal and England
    fullback Lee Dixon
    we've got UEFA Champions League group
    stage action to bring you tonight it is
    Manchester united against vanish as your
    map for European Knights of the
    footlights always a special atmosphere
    not just in the stadium around the city
    - and all the travelling fans who really
    can't wait for this one the cinema

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00
    givanni Mike fancy Apes lacking in
    direction with that header he was under
    yeah defender just put him off a little
    bit but it was worth an effort it goes
    in he's a hero
    philip bernard and vision shown by
    alexis sanchez and it is the opening
    goal of the contest well it was always
    going to be a tight game but now all of
    a sudden one team ahead things have got
    to change on both fence row by alexis
    is it going to be and I don't here for
    Manchester United they are the big
    favorites now tremendous vision is
    really slice them open matter with a
    cross and a goal here accuracy with the
    header just what they needed
    so good game bro yeah yeah it is before
    well yeah I was hanging out with your
    boy pattern he's a quick - yeah with
    Alex really yeah
    well say yeah say hi to him whenever you
    see him next for sure bro
    black see you back out now radio the end
    of the story for tonight at any rate and
    it's a victory for Manchester United
    well Terry that was a great performance
    wasn't it really really top class every
    department of the team working perfectly
    they strolled around coulda worn by more
    goals thought the manager be very happy
    with the result and the performance
    Hunter Morgan dude manager likes what
    she's been seeing from the both of you
    you brought a new dimension to the team
    but now we're moving into the knockout
    rounds and it takes a certain kind of
    maturity to play under that kind of
    pressure god she cooked
    of course coach I'll be ready man Ajay
    needs me during the game no that's the
    attitude we need and expect from both of
    you the two of you are leading the
    attack into the round of 16
    thanks coach this coach understood we're
    gonna kill him yep all day
    hi there once again everyone I'm Martin
    Tyler Allen Smith alongside me and we
    are into the knockout phase of this
    Women's World Cup the USA probably the
    favorites now take on the host France
    yeah it's going to be an intriguing
    occasion this up against the host nation
    just to see how they can cope the

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    Americans as you say favorites in their
    quest to claim the fourth title got a
    good side here I'm looking forward to it
    Martin and it is a game played with real
    skill that's not quite the physicality
    of the men's game but some ways the
    spectacle can be more enchanting because
    of that yes and I think the pace of the
    gun hunter it's Kim hunter while this
    goal is all about the strike partnership
    between her and Alex Morgan working
    really well
    trying to keep the ball not anymore
    probing the pass in with the jugs
    trying to unlock the defense with that
    troop or Kim hunter
    that is another goal to us a tally for
    Alex Morgan and Kim hunter with the
    assistant no wonder they celebrate
    well they've increased their lead here
    and that could just wrap up the match
    but in by Kim hunter fantastic goal and
    there it is third goal she is a hatchet
    heroine today really on top of their
    well the hosts France go out and the USA
    have put them out in a genuine away game
    for the Americans
    there was a real know-how I think about
    the Americans the way that went about
    their business that experience of
    winning on the big stage it was too much
    for France on the day well the support
    for the tournament here in France has
    been incredible but their dreams the
    French dreams of lifting the trophy have
    gone don't forget we'll have all the
    coverage of the quarterfinal featuring
    the USA live here on EA TV
    you made it Lil Sis making headlines of
    the World Cup I couldn't miss that no
    cows now huh yeah you are gonna need all
    the help you can get hello Kim
    hi bees in town to you is that your
    documentary yeah I got Nate you can
    watch it if you want am I in it
    are you a hunter

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    not what you think I ain't you I don't
    think hear anything I mean I I don't
    think you're anything bad I didn't I am
    a soccer fan first and foremost but I am
    a fan with means and resources that few
    others possess totally yeah I hear that
    you made quite the impression here young
    lady the press are saying that you could
    be the World Cups next breakout star
    oh this whole thing it's been like a
    dream I never thought it would actually
    happen I've just been waiting for
    everything to go wrong you know wrong I
    don't think so Kim with your ability
    your appeal you could blaze a trail
    through this woman's game change the
    entire way the sport is perceived
    people keep telling me stuff like that
    but I don't really know what to do with
    don't do anything just keep being
    yourself Kim I can help you go straight
    to the top mark my words
    help your team win the World Cup and
    they'll be making movies about you
    so I don't actually see my trailer
    I assume it's round the box your trailer
    yeah yeah yeah
    big 50-foot streamline I was expecting
    it was all in my contract all agreed I
    mean is this not LA Danny I'm I'm sorry
    I don't know who said you would have a
    trailer oh you're sorry ignore him he's
    just having you on all right doesn't
    know how to shut it off oh you really
    got me there
    hey boys no oh what's up me I didn't
    know they had you for this - yeah man
    love the boss skills at this events it's
    fun to watch plus I pick off you know
    that except for myself Danny Williams
    I play which are the big brother Terry
    if you stop oh that means like a place
    yeah yeah he's a tough player
    Tereus hey we'll have you boys set up
    over here to judge the tournament will
    present the tangle the trophy over here
    do pictures and signings over there
    cool nice one yeah looking for Phil it

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    sounds fun babe
    listen I gotta jump over to play a
    registration for a minute I'll be back
    in a bit okay
    I really appreciate you making a sample
    for me make obviously I know my sunlight
    yes ready to go
    we're reservation the Latorre no I
    totally forgot no time the best imagine
    you know what we must take you something
    Alex may have a word I think's building
    a brand means getting exposure
    it means being in the right places with
    the right people showing your face
    constantly cultivating an image
    wait this isn't about that logo is it I
    will always respect your decisions Alex
    even if I don't agree with them and I
    know that you do your best on the pitch
    day-in day-out and I am doing my best to
    make sure that you get awarded for that
    if we both do our jobs we can achieve
    great things
    dinner's ready you ready yes I can only
    do this with your help it is the
    Champions League round of 16 first leg
    and huge expectations for Real Madrid to
    go far in this competition how will they
    fare under the floodlights in front of a
    famous yellow wall and the home of
    mahasaya Dortmund we're getting down to
    the nitty-gritty in this competition
    Jarek ray here I'm joined on the
    commentary box by Arthur legend Lee
    Dixon oh stop it don't really like those
    compliments thank you doing stage is
    over this is where the competition
    really starts for me mistakes at this
    stage can be really costly in knockout
    football Dortmund at home keep a clean
    sheet that's the rule don't concede away
    goal to Elwood
    by the way good luck
    Marco Ascencio defeated Alex hunter can
    he keep his composure he's going to be
    angry with himself Lee having failed to

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    take that chance so early in the game
    well the first chance of the game Alex
    decidedly lacking accuracy well he had
    other options as well but he chose to
    shoot Tony cause the crosses on JPEG on
    the very highest order oh it was a great
    shot as well great shot great save
    and scope for the cross
    well he analyzes it you know I think
    he'll feel he shouldn't have taken on
    the shot from there well he definitely
    should have done the angles all wrong
    he's got to look for other options now
    he's got to stay calm
    that's a goal at the wrong end well it's
    every defenders nightmare an own goal
    here carbajal this first leg is over and
    Real Madrid have prevailed what did you
    make of their performance tonight we
    well we said before the game how
    important it was for Dortmund not to
    concede against Real Madrid in that home
    leg but they failed to do that but they
    still got the second leg at the burn
    about to go it's not over Baxley and
    just a friendly reminder we'll have live
    coverage on that game here on EA TV so
    join us then
    yes mr. hunter you are not Alex hunter
    hmm I I'll be outside if you need me
    Alex tell me what do you see
    history success I see family is the
    foundation on which this club is built
    players come players go but a team that
    is a family is unbreakable and a family
    is built on respect
    you are not meeting the level of
    professionalism that we expect from
    players at this club from members of

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    this family whatever business we have
    off the pitch it must never impact our
    business on the pitch the manager
    believes football is not your focus
    right now that is why he has decided to
    keep you on the bench for tomorrow
    night's game the Champions League
    you're right
    let myself down my focus will be a
    hundred percent or my furlough from now
    the manager will be happy to hear this
    Alex I'm sure it won't be long before we
    see your name again on the starting
    lineup I'll be doing everything I can
    each training session
    each game in La Liga
    being a part of real madrid means having
    to prove yourself over again every day
    come on drink yourself cos stay in this
    place forever you're not reading nothing
    again are you
    oh well Michaels mates not another two
    point five off how many times do I have
    to tell ya all you serious money's tied
    up long-term it's a non-starter salary
    Danny's only she'll be able to afford it
    in fact I know he can he how about you
    do what's that supposed to me
    what kind of short of clients aren't you
    pal the Commission's not what they used
    to be do you want to say that again I
    did yeah I've tried working with this
    cowboy cowboy I'm not the one who's been
    dropped by every client he's ever at but
    you're just lucky Danny's such a good
    guy ask him where your money is Danny go
    on ask him look at this guy's history
    are you and me Danny we go back since we
    were this high I'm looking after your
    future yeah
    nay it would be a good idea to take a
    quick look at the books yeah maybe we
    can move some money around and you know
    and then we thing at the house cuz it's
    a really great deal you seriously gonna
    listen to this guy after every deal he's
    messed up Walker hunter how many of us
    mate I just want to take a look at the
    books all I've ever done is look out for
    you every time you blew it who was there
    to sort you out you know what forget it
    you two deserve each other
    I'm out pal what Ringo don't need to be

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    like this
    Ringo that just happened
    well you can certainly feel the
    excitement tonight here at the theater
    of dreams Old Trafford I'm Derrick ray
    here on the comedy position and joining
    me will be Lee Dixon and it's Manchester
    United in the driving seat as they look
    to confirm their place in the next round
    of the Champions League
    it is Manchester United up against robot
    Manchester United in the driving seat
    after that first leg Derek normally when
    you dominate in the middle of heart
    you'd normally win games they did duck
    the clinic lock strong and really solid
    as a back and now this Champions League
    round of 16 second leg is underway
    bombers are space and time for the cross
    and it might be and a goal it is the
    opener in this game well keep it tight
    that's what both managers would have
    been insane but now the opening goals
    gone in and Avera Johnny Williams just
    has to stay calm
    oh that was a terrific stop in a 1vs1
    well high-fives all round for the
    goalkeeper tonight by the bar back in
    play here
    well as we see is a great cross but what
    a finish so hard to wait and be patient
    when the balls dropping he does
    everything right and finishes it up not
    a fantastic visit
    oh he's through here only the keeper to
    beat and the ball is in the net the
    crowd have gone crazy and quite rightly
    so what a finish that is
    and now it's official just listen to the
    roar Brahma eliminated in the round of
    16 well they can't have many complaints
    his look at the players celebrating down
    there Danny Williams is there with his
    an important match for them tonight
    continued that momentum came through the
    group stages now we're on the eight
    teams left who knows so that is that
    thanks very much for joining the pair of
    us here on EA TV we hope to see you next
    time lucky we caught it when we did
    could have been even worse
    for use at me outdoor my
    I remember collecting football stickers
    did you used to collect football
    stickers yeah cause of it my favorite
    one was this which is Michael Owen

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    absolutely just to get it I barely had a
    few days you vanished in a week later
    Ringo was there showing every other kid
    on the playground his new Michael Owen
    stick he was my friend my only friend
    yeah well that's all gone there Danny
    better careful budgeting we'll get you
    back in the black in now 18 months two
    years to top to their or win the
    Champions League final and win that big
    fat win bonus yet yeah right
    you know going already are you
    yeah I got a couple of new potential