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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 20 CAREER MODE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – FIRST BIG SIGNINGS (West Ham)

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    hello guys and welcome to FIFA 20 and
    today we're checking out career mode I
    am such a big career mode fan I
    absolutely love it
    this might be just one video it might be
    two videos might be a whole season I
    have no idea but I wanted to play it and
    do it as a video made perfect sense so
    yeah that's all we're gonna do there's
    no sort of pressure on this on this
    video it's just a video right anyway new
    career let's be a manager I always
    select my beloved Westham download
    latest I don't think there's a hundred
    percent the latest latest but it's it's
    new enough their manager career so
    there's a few changes I will go through
    as we progress and this is one of them
    get to select your manager or female
    male that's a terrible hairline it's a
    bit like myself actually that's where
    I'm going this be like Jose Jose
    Mourinho a little bit tiny bit looking
    I'm gonna put my name in yes it is a few
    changes here and there not being like
    massive but I'm just always a sucker I
    always loved the starve career modes the
    transfer windows I love succeeding as a
    manager in this game it's it's addictive
    I woke up but spring in my step because
    I knew I was gonna be playing Fifa xx
    career mode I love it I love career mode
    I'm not the best I'm pretty gonna
    pronounce a few names wrong and stuff
    like that but I've just yeah I'd say in
    terms like football I thought it appear
    like quite a bit but European football
    probably isn't completely I'd honestly
    it's the time trying to sync time into
    the game can be tricky especially like a
    newborn a job stuff like that that's a
    good-looking man
    so can you import the face in poor faces
    I don't know maybe this is the tone and
    complexion there's definitely a few
    options I don't go like super like in
    depth but obviously like hair and
    eyebrows stuff like that
    we will I'll push your eyebrows very
    bushy eyebrows everybody's eyes
    arabela outfit as well of course so back
    to the brows yeah on bushy eyebrows
    there's a number of different noses have
    you can go even more in-depth we've
    tuned in fine-tuning the customization
    to the perfection you wanted those are
    some beautiful lips just gonna say
    slightly chunkier face a bit of a
    skinnier face is it me or does that suit
    look a little bit too big for this man

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    you should have a bit of money you
    should go to a tailor I'm just saying
    you can have Gary Lineker sort of is
    small ears up to you so on a go for hair
    fast so long hair medium hair short
    I reckon short hair can go a bit bald if
    you wish what's a manager sort of
    haircut cuz that's not a manager is it
    that's not a manager at least in their
    Premier League anyway that'd be
    hilarious that looks a bit young but
    still sort of smart ish lovely dark
    brown locks see you could go for
    accessories if you want to so I really
    crazy looking what would is going on
    there's some crazy looks you can go for
    LC they're quite the the more at the
    coats fly look more like clop if you
    want I know for the smart look facial
    hair yeah perfect
    on point on point and to be honest
    there's a lot of different outfits but I
    think I like what we've got on I like
    the bad spin on on a blazer I would like
    it to be a little bit more fitting does
    look a bit big for him a tiny bit
    about shoes they're important some good
    shoes are that's the cool the one a
    black tire to be honest I'd like a
    claret toy but like more customization
    on this front that's a bit claret it's
    not it's red but all red socks
    you can't see them but they're there
    believe me let's go for some brownie
    shoes there we go so that it's gonna be
    our manager you could go really in depth
    of it I've done I've done the basics I
    guess but that is out manager so we're
    gonna be Westham I'm always always
    Westham in this game always so domestic
    success medium continental success low
    the West Ham brand financials low and
    youth development he's actually quite
    low that's rare I really like the kids
    this year they're so good a surprising
    decision we have a number of things
    being mentioned it came as a bit
    surprised that Scott Coleman is the
    manager today it's a bit of a high-risk
    because we're so young it's our first
    job but there's a pick someone and I've
    got to get my first up from somewhere so
    there we go I've got some fairly I'd say
    ambitious signing prospects fairly
    ambitious I know why one so I we work at
    a seam in a second but I noticed
    definitely some weaknesses I would love
    to accept a preseason tournament I wanna

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    go for the the less difficult one yeah
    the least difficult so I'm pretty gonna
    skip most of these games to be honest so
    righty then let's go to the squad what
    do I want to work on for me I think
    maybe a sentiment will be good a backup
    for hella I've still got an Anders he's
    actually left he's gone to Seville but
    still that's fine yeah since I'm a
    striker left back and right back they
    are for me the essentials that we need
    I'll get rid of this mines guy I want to
    get a bet
    backup goalie perhaps someone a bit
    younger a bit of potential it's less
    lightly free so I was gonna sell him but
    is not bad back up actually surprisingly
    high rated Creswell I'm sorry he's 29
    it's not very Pacey you're off I'm sorry
    again the Winston Reid please get out of
    my club the classroom played like Carol
    gets so much dick will shake it so much
    stick but Rena's not played in forever
    like honestly forever it's crazy
    Ben Jonson I thought those honestly I
    think 55 was a bit harsh
    the man's got potential
    we'll go Burtenshaw but even if I've put
    a lot of time into him you're putting
    it's like 70 72 so set him sober lefse
    75 rated I've always actually 76 so yeah
    he's gotta go he's too old he's retiring
    anyway from getting a little bit of
    money or Sanchez again get on that
    transfer list Holland again I think's a
    little bit low 21
    he's not young young yeah get rid of him
    I've been a bit harsh here okay this is
    always the tough II like do I sell marks
    Noble in terms of real life I wouldn't
    sell him right now like that's always
    playing quite well actually
    so I'm gonna bond in the game for me
    it's not good enough we'll share if I
    get a decent offer
    I could be tempted could be very very
    scented again with your malinka I think
    yome Linko is a good backup silver again
    it's not young young 67 67 isn't too bad
    so Kay yeah I've being quite harsh here
    against no grass 31 goes through the
    same barber as me but I need to get rid
    of it
    yeah I'm sorry it's not grass if you're
    watching this I'm really sorry okay
    I'm really sorry Antonio hmm keep them

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    for now I'll keep them for now I think
    there's a really interesting base in
    this squad a really interesting base for
    a really good team really good yeah I
    mean it's a lot of attention which I'm
    very excited about my first transferred
    targets do actually is get rid of some
    of these instructions I'm gonna edit
    these I would like a wrap back and I
    would like Pacey
    for sure we have a dribble up not
    prolific cuz he's a write back for a
    reason and the age 16 selects 25 if we
    sell Zabaleta
    it's gonna leave me very very short so
    yes free-kick specialist first-team
    quality I do I do need another striker
    so I guess yeah keep that Scout open
    definitely look out yes so some of the
    changes so training for example it's now
    very very different sorry about the lack
    of music by the way I would love to have
    music but YouTube and stuff I just can't
    do it let's start with Declan rice so
    normally in previous FIFA games you put
    the trailer the player into training and
    you can max out their attributes fairly
    quickly to get to their max but in show
    but now you gotta keep them happy
    we're out happy I have to play them to
    reach max potential so you can't just
    stick them in training and hope they do
    ok this what pass him yep these are just
    gonna sim these I want to just get the
    training done who else is worth training
    for now's is pretty old
    Diop he'll yes and it's a good shower D
    up honestly I'm worried he's gonna
    it's a bigger club fairly soon if I'm
    being completely honest hopefully not
    hopefully not race against the clock
    who else should we welcome back my point
    working with Ben Johnson maybe do more
    with rice then adding more rice another
    hard one
    I'm sorry I'm really sorry
    send them all he's got a tough tough
    training indeed CCD not the best
    training but it's progress
    it's progress so even the notifications
    are now different as well so you get
    actual player messages and you actually
    respond to those and it has effects on
    their morale so pretty get a bunch of
    messages now because we put a lot of

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    players on the transfer market so
    they're not gonna be that happy if you
    guys have any recommendations on players
    I should sign let me know oh here we go
    yep lots of messages we have a transfer
    offer lots of offers really monaco
    warning really that's surprising a
    little bit surprised to be honest I'm
    just winning just to accept that that's
    a pretty good amount I should I try and
    get a little bit more good tongue gets
    honey bit more well I want too much more
    so Eddy
    yeah you can just just see what you can
    do I'm just gonna delegate this see what
    they see what happens hopefully it goes
    okay whoops that would be a shambolic if
    I screw that up see a player chat we've
    got lots of messages and now you have
    your reasons to list me boss but I must
    say I do enjoy my time here every Santa
    oh I feel so bad can't guarantee you
    place I'm I miss being completely fair
    okay a similar response hey guys
    I was saying I'd be surprised to hear
    you wanted me you want to sell me it
    must hurt hearing that to know the
    manager does not want you anymore it
    must hurt I'm so we need the money
    that's such a harsh response ouch
    and you see the room around is yeah it's
    it's not very high and then this isn't
    even with a squad anymore so Greece's
    boss boss on behalf of the whole team
    will have to work from sit a team
    thank you very much excited about the
    nice to meet you too a slightly morale
    boost there yes so he's happy about
    going on a loan deal I'm glad me alone
    it's good to know so he's happy bunny he
    wants to go on online what's the play
    play football which we completely get do
    we play Chris well he's not in the best
    mood right now which is understandable
    I'm gonna play my Saku and we're gonna
    play four nails as ass intimate yeah yo
    Malenko actually on the bench
    yeah he's a good backup player I think
    he's getting a little bit old he's tall
    good play right brought me it's right
    wing yeah that's gonna be a team confirm
    right first player this is a this is a
    little bit ambitious maybe I want a sign
    Foden from NC very very young can play
    em I believe and sense amid this man has

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    loads of potential yeah I think with the
    sky in first shortlist as well that
    could be a very interesting prospect and
    this one is a little bit more for the
    future as guys called Aaron's I've heard
    he's pretty good young right back place
    for Norwich is it yeah max Aaron's
    that's his name nineteen years old
    bags a potential Celeste ones we're
    gonna scout for now
    I'm sorry one more again this may anger
    some people maybe I don't know place a
    menu yeah Mason Queen was I guys name it
    17 years old
    maybe him just like a is contracts about
    to expire
    wow I think thank you slow mom recently
    I believe I'm sure member seeing some
    tweet or something so we're about to go
    against DC United you'd hope would win
    this it could go horribly horribly wrong
    11 p.m. Jesus that's like for nil Halla
    Lezyne e4 now's Frederick's Frederick's
    by the way he's stupidly quick I forgot
    Rooney place with DC United I completely
    forgot all right we have a transfer for
    ugh boner oh okay
    so it's worth about 6 million Watford
    won him which is a bit worrying I find
    that I reject that yeah I'm gonna reject
    that sorry Watford not a chance
    right well we got an offer for Antonio
    ooh another interesting one I might
    negotiate this it's a pretty good offer
    where we can stretch toward 12 always
    got released clauses 17 interesting
    let's negotiate we can try and push that
    up just a little bit actually like him
    yes recently I think he pulled his calf
    is that free months this like a skip
    pasta stuff we've seen this this is in
    like FIFA 18 this or negotiation thingy
    let's propose a new transfer fee looks
    so young doesn't he
    our manager let's try 13 more towards
    the release clause
    let's see what happiness here he's 29
    it's from he's younger than that we've
    got 27 selling clothes of 5% and 10.7
    okay he's negotiating I like that just

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    increase the see if we can trump up just
    push it up Devon point free I think that
    might be the max we can get from this if
    we push anymore
    they might just give up but that eleven
    point three million might be useful so
    this is a big call but yeah
    goodbye Antonio I love the player he's a
    bit of weave player to watch in terms of
    technical prowess he doesn't really have
    any he saw just bundles through but he's
    so strong and he's quick that's it's not
    going through yet it could still
    completely fall apart all IX I'm liking
    this I'm liking this a lot I might
    delegate this one just see we can try
    actual much except it it's a pretty fair
    yep Aaron Cresswell has now left the
    building which means we definitely
    definitely need a lift back so two more
    days and we will work out how how good
    max Aaron's is I don't think is that
    like a crazy racing but he's a guy I
    want to keep and thence of grow he grows
    very well great potential we're gonna
    sim this Benfica match seemed it seemed
    it seemed it let me go do some more
    training may try and sign our first
    player o2 to so that's two I swear I saw
    a player number 95 what there oh no see
    this is why shouldn't Ella gay yes so
    really I can do that that's a good offer
    Winston Reid has now
    while almost left the club he's not
    going to negotiate with mother ko that's
    that's that feels like a random transfer
    I'm not gonna lie that does feel bit
    random train train train dude stop CB
    DDF happened what happened there yes
    what's the F about right so we have a
    scout report on Mason green woods 17
    years old
    damn oh my god that is very tempting
    should we should we keep it a go Phil
    Foden is already 76 rated is 7 why salon
    like that 15 win unless that is pricey
    so we're gonna approach men city for
    filfo done we've just done a scout on
    him he's pretty good 76 19 years old cam
    sentiment yeah we need a sentiment
    especially we get rid of noble we'll
    share for example Phil Throwdown could

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    be the man we need let's get started
    okay let's do it so I'm gonna offer you
    straight away or plus what about men
    city's gonna want any of that players
    let's go straight in 15 million see what
    he says
    come on give him to me please this would
    be a really good first sign in I'll be
    very happy with his signing that's not
    too bad
    so what 16.3 I think that's a fair
    amount yeah I think we're gonna do yeah
    I'm Williams Tallulah the deal is done
    he's done we're gonna negotiate with
    feel photon it himself and we're gonna
    get him in the squat we look so young
    looks like he's just turned 21 these
    men's you West Ham I mean why not why
    not right so let's discuss your role
    we're gonna go for important not crucial
    but definitely ran the first squad for
    sure the starting squad is he happy with
    that is easy please great sweet contract
    limp I'll get 5 years sounds good to me
    let's see for such a young a young
    player disregard the release clause I'm
    not interested right so let's move on
    the next item and talk about salary he
    expects at least 35 per week will
    require steinem bonus and if each scores
    the semi goals get 210 to be honest that
    wage is impressive I'm really impressed
    that he's actually gone down like 10,000
    it's time for Westham he's got a few
    little bonuses here and there but I
    wouldn't accept that all right
    third on thank you very much
    you are now officially a Western player
    what a first signing very very happy
    with that
    let's move on to max Aaron's 70 rated
    pretty Pacey bags a potential
    let's try and buy him 4.8 million how
    can we get this man
    through outdoors and plan for Western
    would you like Zabaleta that would be
    he's not gonna say yes to that not in a
    million years but it's worth ago okay
    that actually works so they want
    basically five point five million and

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    zabaleta I think that's a fair amount
    I'm willing to do that get to zabaleta
    off the wage bill as well there we go
    done science let's negotiate
    mister earns himself so I'm not sure we
    can do with errands in terms of his role
    it's got any rotation a minimum a
    minimum yeah rotation maybe
    yeah we're given time to play but I'm
    not gonna promise you first in football
    every every week I wanna go to this and
    freshen up by the way
    it's great so yeah five years sounds
    good in that's fair
    disregard their beliefs close I don't
    really want it I don't really want that
    to be honest
    yeah the client there were loose claws I
    don't what they're basically eyeing up
    there is they want to move to an item NC
    in the future I don't want it okay so
    they're gonna adjust their their amounts
    accordingly so wage wise let's go for
    slightly boost sixteen thousand bonuses
    sign-on bonus give them a little bit of
    money they also give you a hundred
    thousand enjoy that take it in and
    appearances goals clean sheets if you
    have ten appearances I will give you
    another fifty thousand there we go
    that's a pretty good little pretty good
    low offer there some incentives as well
    it's a train hard it's again that first
    team squad
    you're probably play like League Cup
    matches that's a fair offer okay you
    always wonder when they accept you
    straight away how low could you go right
    another potential target for us I love
    the fact he can play up front right made
    17 years old
    67 already we are gonna try and buy this
    man recently acquire him really
    purchased alone nope they're nice rested
    so we're gonna do is stick him on the
    show list for now and we're what about
    later on Antonio has now left the
    yes Sanchez 33 that way he's ridiculous
    he's on a crazy weight he's on like
    75,000 real
    money which is insane that's a lot of
    wage yeah except that just get out of

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    the club don't want him bye bye bye boys
    we're gonna sing this this rubber match
    if we get any further into the
    tournament I will probably play the
    matches I don't know 5 1 damn hallowed
    scored four goals I mean we've been
    desperate for a striker so long and that
    is superb news got a little bit of money
    as well 1.8 million again this is a bit
    a bit ambitious
    again as all my son it's probably will
    be to be completely honest I mean why
    not be ambitious we can be a big club we
    can surely use my right a bell ring head
    to bell ring 24 years old already done a
    scout him already
    shortlist him for that speed hmm I never
    asked no player I think he might decide
    actually but again gonna keep an eye on
    he actually I'm pretty well I think on
    Thursday night in the European
    you oppa car is called yeah so maybe
    look into him left me it's not really
    looking for a left mid but if he's got
    if we can sign him for a good amount
    while certainly time about to spell his
    name but I noticed this guy has a lot of
    place again he's he's a left midfielder
    a left winger I believe actually token
    sweating this right left wing there he
    is 18 years old with bags and bags of
    pace oh wow ok might not be a kill him
    that's a very high release close again
    shortest him who knows in the future I
    don't really need like a left wing go
    yeah I thought it might be a bit less
    than that maybe 20 million 25 million I
    was incorrect this is a signing I always
    always go for Lafont
    I signed you back the last like four
    FIFA it's just so good he's so young
    he's got like maybe 79 rated already and
    he's 20 years old maybe potentially the
    best goalie in the future in the world
    who knows
    very very penitent icicle actually make
    them Niles might be a good shout let's
    give him the scout as well put them on
    my short list none of what to go with in
    terms of striker that's I'm having an
    issue of food Wi-Fi in as a striker
    right we're just sold read so we've got
    5.5 million into the transfer budget
    that's a pretty good amount and we have
    don't wanna sell mark noble for the
    right amount yes

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    five million 5.3 million I would be up
    for that
    that hurts doing that I'm not gonna lie
    like it really does hurt but that's a
    good amount of money that's a good
    amount of money I'm not gonna lawyer
    that's that's quite juicy that is quite
    juicy we're gonna sim this one if we win
    this match I will basically take part in
    the final I will control the final and
    probably lose not a fee for a little
    while don't really play the demo Eva
    let's see if we can get through to the
    final yes
    four nails and Anacin but but when our
    dick gets enough oh that got troublesome
    whoopsie doodles whoopsie doodles indeed
    so we sold Sanchez it's not much to the
    the transfer budget but it's something
    where she got more money from the
    tournament which makes no sense
    yes he's banned for one match so he will
    not take part in the final that means
    our bonus gonna have to jump in it's a
    pretty good replacement to be honest
    very fairly good
    fairly good indeed yeah I thought we
    need to sell some more players still
    need to sell someplace about training so
    I want to spend a bit of time on some of
    our new players Beck around 20 years old
    I feel like a lot of people gonna be
    signing Declan rice in fee for this year
    just try improves Perth in simul
    probably got that's a good training
    but Sabella ring is have we got all of
    his stats yes 80 rated I thought might
    actually be slightly higher than that
    hmm interest in sign-in sure sacker is
    65 seen got left
    alright mid does he have a decent pace
    yes he does
    lafawn I think would be a really good
    sign in OH
    make them Niles is actually 2175 rated
    oh that's tempting
    can we try and buy it lavon's do it is
    on loan another club okay that's not
    gonna happen
    Swedish which one signed sucker left me
    it I don't know if they gonna last
    why am I not oh okay interesting when I
    skip negotiations alright what am i what
    do we all but what do we do want to do
    here just gonna jump straight in with
    1.2 million would you be interested this
    guy is gonna be a lot of work I mean
    he's 65 rated base
    aged 17 17 it's already quick as well so

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    I mean it's a benefit I think they've
    just done it wow that was quick delegate
    that was a very very simple negotiation
    we're now gonna meet the sucker himself
    accepts yep so it'll be a prospect
    laughing that's fair I think this club
    juicer it's gonna be a good club we're
    gonna counter with five years please
    five year contract I want only here for
    a long long time a long time disregard
    the release clause so he wants one point
    six anyone suck a little sign on bonus
    she's fine fourteen thousand that was a
    quick sign in the sort of signings I
    like hexa Bella ring right back right
    wing back as we know very very quick or
    give someone a bit younger
    hmm a bell ring bell ring let's try and
    sign him this is gonna I feel gotta pay
    up about fifteen twenty five I might I'm
    trying for our player in see if they're
    interested in maps we did alai
    Hernandez maybe
    maybe you lay about the club anyway he's
    a Seville so looking for a fullback a
    winger or a midfielder pays homage to
    offer other positions do you have anyone
    we would like to sell would you like to
    know cross they're not gonna take snow
    grass surely not a chance
    this ain't no not a chance what they
    want 25 billion though they want snow
    grass and 25 million oh my god
    it's quite pricey let's try it
    just calm it down a little bit something
    let me offer you his value he's value I
    think's a fair offer and it's not grass
    on top of that
    my intention not to play harmful but I
    would like to lower that three
    dramatically by Timmy you it's gone down
    to 23 and the Garcelle uncles now as
    well I'll come on man
    I don't want to do her I'm willing to go

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    if not I might go elsewhere
    I don't want to do
    I'll just say for that all these drops
    it quite a bit okay if we get in there
    we're getting there
    I might accept that yeah we're going for
    that that's our biggest signing yet a
    lot of money but he's still 24 you
    stepping up from film Fruitland and it's
    stupidly quick it's pretty quick so now
    we got the Frederick's and building as
    our my back's I think that's yeah I'm
    clapping with that I'm gonna go shoot of
    course it's not done yet get a little
    bit sick sighs when the go straight with
    the player see what you want
    I'm guessing this one is gonna want to
    be very very important crucial the first
    team player weighs 62 it seemed not that
    bad crucial you'll be playing all the
    time all the time making some good
    progress here I don't go for five years
    it's that sound okay what's three years
    we meet in the middle
    we go for a fall I'll take them to 28
    freeze quite low all right four years we
    met in the middle I like that yeah
    except that no release clause right
    let's go and talk about Simmons
    so you're currently on 62 I will give
    you 65 benefit clean sheets oh and it's
    tiny little bonus there is that enough
    for you sir
    mr. building that's a fair fight I'm
    happy it's great this is all going 40
    well so let's now change up the squatted
    orbit and our friends Frederick's but
    you are now firmly on this bench firmly
    on this bench is he in a squad already
    is he here there he is
    Ben Foden we've got a number of
    replacing so we could pretty cell right
    back Frederic's could go feel bit mean
    saying that for mean I might put on the
    transfer list I did not expect to be
    saying that we now need if we sell
    Creswell we need a left back but that
    has not happened just yet so no don't

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    panic but we do need a bear left back ah
    I've never distant this name being
    mentioned actually 20 years old
    definitely scared put him on Oh at lone
    I can't listen to him maybe keep on the
    shortlist anyway
    that is annoying that's just ruin my
    Hernandez fear Fernandez Theo Hernandez
    that's a mouthful definitely Scout him
    21 it's gonna cost us a lot of money
    though a lot of money
    oh my Richards I don't know what your
    what you're about I'm gonna shoot list
    you I really do need everybody at
    I mean potential Pacey young so this is
    the final we are going to do the final
    we're gonna control the final
    which pretty much we're gonna lose the
    Champions Trophy I want that very shiny
    very shiny
    it has my own name I noticed I'm not
    gonna play fifa not play the new FIFA
    yet so bear with me run away for this
    confetti it's everywhere it's quite a
    strike so we can check on the starting
    lineup very distracting a really good
    preseason so far Oh
    bamboo is there with the pass almost our
    first ever shot in the game oh come on
    it's a bit rough I got the balls
    the first vowel even arrest was a bit
    let's get the ball okay test that that
    Bella English link so it's a speed
    Anderson and Bella in could be really
    interesting very interesting players
    keep an eye on them and thus in 84 rates
    in the game a really good season last
    season but I still take a closer look at
    Alette I was pretty chuffed when I saw
    it I was pretty shocked indeed as kuna
    surely my first corner in c420
    post of Goldie probably comes
    so the one on the main editions 2 3 4 20
    is the defending assess file to get
    through to defense it's more adaptive of
    God okay
    that's gone wrong that's gone wrong you
    ever seen the new press conference yet
    oh there's Ivana and last-ditch sliding

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    block love it yeah the press properties
    that new as well that's all about team
    morale if he's ever unhappy because I've
    been swimming the matches we can just
    get the win here a little bit extra
    money sort of transfer budgets kavion
    ski is honestly it was come with a year
    last season such a good goalie very very
    underrated outside of West Town love him
    confuse down past the wrong player their
    cameras doing we does best interception
    on who she is not quite quite the same
    mass but it is a bit slower in the mid
    go Henderson
    oh shoot that was that chance because
    one knew at the halftime work and I
    screwed it up a very ambitious prospect
    that was sequestered ecologist
    looking for a cancer luckily bettering
    with his pace there we go that rule and
    it's still young I don't know how he's
    still 24 you're not the best half for me
    no shots on target but as a little bit
    have a shot Anderson then there's our
    first Sean target that's embarrassing
    Padma Papa has gone to Real Madrid it's
    happened in the game station similarly
    just being a brave back game to me very
    very very very rusty
    my parcel has been terrific not gonna
    have to break them down they've
    definitely at the bad chances no doubt
    about that and I'm not sure if it goes
    the penalties on yes I'm not sure if it
    goes the penalties I will stick with the
    same team if it goes extra time so make
    some some serious changes
    is it just one it doesn't end of it
    surely new Neal six shots frame target
    2/3 yes we're going straight to
    penalties why laughing mock Mobile's get
    up penalties 8888 full of boss I'm not
    gonna lie though I'm terrific our
    penalties what was that what was that

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    angry the lipstick pressing a hold B as
    the player is approaching the ball the
    time bar will appear press B when
    indicator is in the Green Zone okay I
    got it
    so this is the new penalty new penalty
    system isn't it I believe it's not 200
    you right in the South corner
    can't do much about that on I was gone
    I sleep in today so that's the new
    penalty system I don't know what it
    means why I press B when it's green I
    bow you can see anything that's green so
    we're gonna skip past the trophy give me
    no that was not good match for me those
    that's bad not what we wanted
    that was really bad penalties from both
    teams what happened so so bad oh my god
    that was terrible and luck no ball this
    actually just left Wow Wow well well
    Chris well has now left the building and
    we got a offer for Powell two hundred
    thousand yeah I'll take that
    a final Scout on the foot Creswell has
    now left the building and we have 4.6
    added to our transfer budget and we just
    got a offer of fourteen million from
    Arsenal what no projects go away that is
    a terrible terrible offer what are you
    gonna consider that so guys that is the
    end of this episode hope you guys
    enjoyed it we are slowly approaching the
    first Premier League game of the season
    can't wait if you guys want to see more
    of the career mode let me know this
    could be just one episode
    I just really fancy playing career mode
    and signing some epic players imagine in
    a completely different Westham team and
    yeah I'm excited see where this goes see
    you guys soon and Baba's

    FIFA 20 Career Mode Part 1 - FIFA 20 West Ham Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough with EA Access #FIFA20 #FIFA20CareerMode #CareerMode ▻JOIN ...


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