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    welcome everyone to the FIFA 20 Altima
    team Road to Glory
    my name is lasty and I will be guiding
    you through everything you need to know
    about how to play fifa 20 or 20 grass
    root style with no money spent on fifa
    points let's grind this game together
    and come out with some pretty cool teams
    and stuff throughout the year so
    basically I know that there's a lot of
    you out there that are fans of the
    series and have followed me for the last
    couple of years thank you and welcome
    back and I'm guessing there's a whole
    bunch of you that are new to the channel
    that are maybe this is the first video
    of mine you've seen all I can suggest to
    do is hit that subscribe button down
    below because I'm gonna be uploading
    this series daily and you guys can
    follow along basically copy the
    techniques that I've got going on here
    and we're gonna come up with a pretty
    good way to start you know the today's
    episode is all about how to start
    ultimate team and then we'll be going
    through doing the objectives working on
    our team and stuff in future episodes as
    well also do me a massive favor
    hit that thumbs up button last year we
    got 18,000 likes on episode 1 guys can
    we hit 20,000 likes on this episode that
    would blow my mind and thank you so much
    for your support in advance we're
    getting stuck into it right now as you
    can see what's going on I chose France
    as my starter nation I typically do this
    every single year I really like that you
    know basically whatever nation you
    choose it gives you more of them in your
    starter team so I've chosen France
    because I like French players there's
    typically a lot of good ones on the game
    and a lot of good starter French players
    as well so we get Jimmy Briand we get
    Maxime Lopez we get a right no it's not
    right backs actually Mangala who's in my
    right back spot but he's actually a
    centre-back so that's a pretty good
    start we've got three gold French
    players already and you will have the
    same as well and the reason I do this is
    because basically the next move we're
    going to make here is to choose a lone
    player so the game's gonna give us a
    chance to upgrade one of our players for
    like a five game loan or something like
    that with some top tier players but
    they're only loans so it's all good so I
    chose my striker because pretty much
    every year the player I choose is
    Antoine Griezmann
    so imagine my surprise when I when I
    press the button and choose my striker
    and Griezmann doesn't actually pop up
    you know he's not in the list of
    strikers to choose this year so as you
    can see it loads on in and I nearly went
    for Pierre Emerick a bombing because we
    all know how good he is on the game but
    he's not French and I kind of wanted to
    get the Frenchman as that's part of the
    reason why I chose France as a starter
    nation so after a little tip from one of
    my mates I could actually back out of
    this go down to the center mids and it's
    gonna give me a different selection of
    players that are midfielder based and
    I've gone ahead and chosen 88 rated Paul
    Pogba because that matches what I've got
    going on perfectly it's a very open
    player great player that's gonna maybe
    come in clutch for us and as well you

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    know he's French and he fits the team
    and stuff out or he will fit the team as
    and when we build it so Paul Pogba is
    our big lone player that we were able to
    bring to the ultimate team here in FIFA
    20 so the kit selection is the next part
    that you get given I chose the Brazil
    kit because hell yeah why not like we
    all love a bit of Brazil going on around
    here and I nearly chose the FC Barcelona
    kit but I would had two yellow kits and
    I don't necessarily want that so I chose
    just a darker kit that can you know
    contrast as my secondary and I ended up
    going with the Minnesota United badge
    simply because it looks cool and
    typically I stick with one badge all
    year I'm not sure if I'll stick with
    that one all year but hey basically
    where we've got to now is the club
    summary we have started our Ultimate
    Team and you guys should be in a very
    similar position to me at this a very
    point in time now the next part is like
    you're gonna get some returning rewards
    if you are a returning user but I'm
    guessing some of you watching this video
    are brand new to all my team and you're
    looking for a little bit of help
    so the returning bonuses that I'm about
    to show you that I'm gonna get I'm not
    actually gonna use them in this episode
    because I want to be roughly where you
    guys are if you were start an Ultimate
    Team for the very first time however
    some of you might be able to get
    slightly ahead of me now because
    actually I got four all players packs
    two gold packs a loan reward player pack
    and if you get them open them up
    well go for it get your players and see
    who you get so we are actually going to
    get 1,000 coin boosts per game for 15
    games that's a very good one I can't do
    much about that it's gonna just add on
    to every single game I play for the next
    15 so it's a very very worst-case
    scenario you'll be 15,000 coins behind
    me after 15 whole games we're just gonna
    take me a few episodes to get through
    anyway so you can catch up no problem so
    the rest of the episode is going to be
    based on how to start ultimate team and
    it is all about this it is all about
    your objectives right you need to focus
    on these objectives if if you're not
    going to spend any money you're gonna
    have to get through the basics through
    the single-player competitive play all
    of that stuff within the Foundation's
    objectives because they're gonna get you
    started off nicely don't forget we've
    also got milestones this year which
    never expire we've got season objectives
    and actually the season progress as well
    so that's pretty cool it means that you
    can see this little seasonpass thing
    that's that I'm ticking by right now
    you're gonna be able to unlock these as
    you complete the the season objectives
    which lasts for I think I saw season 1
    last for 50 days if that's the case
    you've got 50 days to earn as much XP as
    you can to work your way towards level
    30 and level 30 looks pretty cool you
    get a choice of one of three players as
    your reward an 85 Zaha an 85 Talisa or
    an 85 lucas vazquez now that's pretty
    enticing that makes me want to grind
    this game to earn that player because
    I'm gonna be getting that for free it's
    gonna cost me my time but I love playing

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    this game anyway right so we're gonna be
    all good so back to the basics then we
    need to start things off by literally
    going to the basics that is the
    objective that I want you guys to be in
    right now and I want you to work on
    these these very very easy things to do
    right start off with changing your club
    name you're gonna have 0 coins you're
    gonna have 0 fifa coins 0 wins on the
    board but I tell you what after you
    simply change your club name you're
    gonna have a hundred and fifty coins at
    your disposal decent that means that you
    could buy the very cheapest thing in the
    game should you want to do so next up
    we're gonna there you go you can see
    that 150 coins is making its way in to
    my road to glory
    next up we're going to work on
    positioning and basic chemistry and that
    all that requires you to do is go back
    to your squad move a couple players
    around so that maybe someone's in the
    correct position I know that you might
    have already fiddled around with it you
    know as you got your lone player and
    stuff but go back to it maybe try and
    improve on it just a tad by you know
    replacing one player with another or
    putting someone in the correct position
    and there you have it you're going to
    complete a couple of objectives and it's
    all going to be good so we'll head back
    into the objectives now to claim our
    rewards and we'll see what we get I mean
    it's on display as to what you're
    actually going to get we completed two
    right there we got positioning and basic
    chemistry both were 150 coins or at
    least one of them this first one was 150
    coins so we're now up to total of 300
    coins in our club not a bad little start
    for the first literally like couple of
    minutes of play and we're gonna get a
    gold reward pack here now what I've
    noticed about these objectives is that
    the rewards you're gonna get are
    untradable so you're gonna want to use
    the stuff you get here to actually use
    it in like SBC's or you're gonna want to
    use those players to input them into
    something to get more rewards back
    sometimes that can be tradable rewards
    so these players are going to be fairly
    important to your club like I'm never
    gonna use you know Nunez because he's
    got not the greatest of stats and I'm
    not building a Spanish team however an
    SBC comes out where I need a Spaniard
    from La Liga he's going straight in
    there because he's cost me nothing and
    he can most definitely be useful to us
    and as you can see he's untradable I
    can't do anything else with him so he'll
    he'll save us coins in the future
    because we did possess these foundations
    now so squad Bowser's the next area for
    me to go to because that if I complete
    the the next challenge here the next
    objective in the basics I'm gonna put
    complete the entire the basics and get
    the overall reward for that objective so
    we head on into squad battles and don't
    even worry guys don't even worry about
    playing online don't even worry about
    playing against a high difficulty take
    that very start a squad that you've got
    maybe take your lone player out I took
    Pogba route I'm not using him in this
    take your lone player out and simply go
    into the easiest squad battle that you
    can find the one with the lowest
    chemistry that
    we straight in or whatever and play it
    on beginner play it on amateur I think I
    went I went all-in and went on amateur
    this year guys and what that's gonna

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    give you is I mean I won like ten nil
    and then I just kept possession I wanted
    to get through this game pretty quickly
    it's gonna give you a few coins for your
    match match coins I mean it gives us
    what seven hundred squad battles points
    765 squad battles points which is not
    much and it won't give us any real
    rewards they are in the week you're
    gonna have to keep playing squad battles
    if you want to get those rewards but
    what it did do is complete the basics
    for us which gave us an overall silver
    pack now that's good because we're gonna
    get a couple silver players and of
    course we got the reward for playing
    squad battles and there was actually
    another one within single-player which
    was winner squad that was matched so we
    completed multiple things by just
    playing one game a fee for their against
    the computer now that's the one thing I
    would stress to you guys that are new is
    that don't necessarily throw yourself
    into online when your team is not ready
    the objective of today's episode is to
    come away with like a full gold team
    it's not going to be a great team but it
    is something that you can at least go
    into and play against other star two
    teams with and then gradually work your
    coins up and that team is definitely
    gonna get better I promise you that so
    with that I mean what we doing now we
    open in another pack our second silver a
    reward pack little Jaden Sancho on the
    front unfortunately a chain Sancho's of
    gold so he's never gonna be in the pack
    but we get another player it doesn't
    really matter who you get at this point
    because there unless maybe a good french
    silver might have worked his way into
    our squad but again my objective for
    this episode is to get you a full gold
    team so that's exactly what we're gonna
    do so once you've done the first couple
    of foundations objectives you're gonna
    want to take a little bit of time and
    head on into squad building challenges
    because without you even knowing it
    you've got a few players in your club
    that can at least get you through the
    let's get started basic squad building
    challenge all of this group here first
    exchange the second step the third step
    you guys are going to be able to get
    through that no problem whatsoever now I
    know there's a lot of you out there that
    are kind of you're like lastly mate we
    know exactly what we're doing here good
    that's absolutely fine just get it done
    get your players but this is really for
    any of you new people out there that are
    just struggling or want to
    and how to do ultimate team right
    grassroot style with no money spent this
    is how you do it so the first one
    requires you to literally put in a
    goalkeeper put the worst possible one
    that you've got in your club in there
    you know don't don't use the one that
    has the correct nation that is currently
    in your team just use the worst one that
    you've got in the club typically you'll
    have two or three goalies in there and
    if you only have one just use him it
    doesn't matter right you're never going
    to use that bronze again next up we're
    gonna get the bronze reward pact for
    doing that so by submitting one bronze
    player we're gonna get a bronze reward
    pact which is going to offer us out well
    at least one player and then a couple of
    extras in the pack as well so maybe
    you'll get a contract maybe a Fitness
    item maybe we'll get a manager I don't
    know what it's gonna be but you can see
    there we are we are up a little bit on
    what we've started with from from that
    very first SBC the next one's gonna
    require you to submit three players now
    just choose the players in the right

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    position it doesn't like again I've used
    the silver here it doesn't necessarily
    matter if you've got bronze players that
    fit that team use it up it's better if
    you can use them however I used a
    untradable silver player I'm it doesn't
    really matter to me I just wanted to get
    that one done because again it's gonna
    give us a reward pack again not super
    fussed about the reward pack I'm just
    I'm more fussed about getting the
    overall SBC done which is probably gonna
    trigger some objective to be complete
    and get my first overall SBC's complete
    which is going to give me a reward in
    itself so that's basically what you're
    doing here you're just trying to do
    multiple things to get rid of some of
    your lesser players your your real base
    level players submit them into
    challenges to get rewards back to get
    you on your way it's just as simple as
    now a little reminder for any of you out
    there Wow
    still frog in the throat haven't
    actually done a commentary in a while
    it's been a little while I must admit
    but for any of you out there that
    haven't already hit that thumbs up
    button I mentioned at the start of the
    video we're trying to hit 20,000 likes
    if you guys can be as kind to hit that
    thumbs up that would be amazing
    and subscribe I've got daily content
    coming your way and we are gonna get
    really stuck in with the road to glory
    this this year
    I like the casual nature of my road to
    you guys that maybe don't necessarily
    have the most time in the world can sort
    of keep up with me
    but I also do want to take it I want to
    elevate it this year we got a very very
    good squad at the end of the FIFA 19
    Road to Glory and that that was a huge
    success all year I really thank you for
    for the support that you showed on the
    channel last year I hope we can do it
    again this year I want to go bigger I
    want to go back and I want to get better
    squads for the rest of this FIFA I'm
    really excited with the current
    objective system the new stuff that
    we've got here to work on milestones
    objectives and then also icon swaps if
    you haven't read about icon swaps
    basically if you can think back to what
    foot swaps were last year we're going to
    be able to actually earn tokens by
    completing objectives which is gonna
    allow us to unlock icons
    oh that's just that's awesome I can't
    wait for that and I think in icon set 1
    there was a middle Didier Drogba and if
    we can work towards that and get that by
    like December oh my god we'll be well
    underway so that's exactly what I'm
    aiming for and I want to have the best
    team that we've ever had on FIFA by the
    end of the year no doubt about it
    so the squad is kind of looking a little
    bit like what's going on but that's
    where we're getting to now there are a
    few more objectives that we need to
    complete there are just other things
    that we're getting a couple of coins now
    you know we've got some coins in our at
    our disposal just by completing a couple
    of objectives we need to take on the
    next challenges here which we literally
    just did by adding a contract to our
    manager and in a contract to a player
    adding a fitness card to a player and
    that's gonna redeem us well 150 coins

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    what's the next one gonna go another
    hundred and fifty coins it's probably
    gonna be four hundred and fifty coins in
    total and then a group reward overall
    which is gonna be what I mean we just
    need to complete this one no we got a
    squad fitness for that that's very good
    you know that's gonna be very useful
    when the weekend league comes around
    that's for sure or division rivals and
    stuff and a consumer bulls pack I'll
    take that there's a couple of chemistry
    styles in there which we could start
    applying to some of our players that
    we're gonna actually stick with and use
    and then we move on now to the chemistry
    section so
    in order to get a green link a perfect
    link and three perfect links it's gonna
    require us to spend some of our money to
    go out and buy some players that are
    going to be worthy of our team and that
    are going to actually complete these
    objectives so knowing that I had French
    players I literally went on the market
    and had a little look and I bought this
    French left midfielder I don't intend on
    really using him but if you can pick
    players that will work for you and are
    actually going to be in your starter
    squad that's for the best
    so as you can see by buying him and
    putting him in our squad and he link to
    Jimmy Briand we got ourselves another
    150 coins or whatever next up we what
    was this one for I missed that what was
    that one for the green link or something
    I'm not a hundred percent sure but we've
    got enough XP oh that must have been
    from a daily objective because we earn
    XP which then got us through level one
    of the season pass what do we get a loan
    option and I chose VanDyke because well
    he's the highest rated player there and
    I think he's gonna come in clutch in the
    weekend League in a week or so time I'm
    probably gonna need Virgil van Dijk so
    we've chosen him and yeah I mean that's
    a very good one to get I would I think
    I'd recommend you guys choosing Virgil
    van Dijk so next up it's time to fill
    out more players so those objectives
    about chemistry
    they were about like perfect links now
    if you guys are new to ultimate team a
    perfect link is when you get a green
    link to a player but they are the same
    nation and Club so an actual perfect
    link these players are the same nation
    and play for the same team as each other
    like my left-center mid and like my left
    mid do right now and the center back
    that I just bought as well so I went and
    bought a load of players from I think
    the team is stud Rene and and it doesn't
    matter which positions you play them in
    just by a few perfect links on the same
    team and you're gonna start noticing
    that these objectives are going to get
    completed so this is maybe why I would
    recommend kind of staying away from like
    the Premier League simply because
    they're gonna cost more the Premier
    League is the people demand those
    players right they are they are what
    people want people desire the players in
    the pram because it's one of the most
    popular leagues in the world right so
    those players are going to go up in
    price especially like English players
    and stuff like that so if you're trying
    to build your start a team with that
    you're going to be paying percentages
    more than what you were doing if you
    were just building a little French team
    or something like that even better if

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    you guys were able to go into a slightly
    more obscure one like a Russian League
    or something you'd probably be able to
    pick up some more Opie players that are
    gonna work for you however I chose
    France for now because we chose France
    as our starter nation and that's gonna
    sort us out for today's episode trust me
    by the end of tomorrow's episode you
    guys gonna see that we've got a totally
    different team this is literally just to
    get you guys off your feet and going you
    know get going on this ultimate team
    lark and then by tomorrow we're gonna
    move on again and we're gonna have
    enough coins to upgrade our squad
    maybe we stick with the French thing but
    we upgrade to some of the players maybe
    we sell everyone we can and buy some
    Russian League players or Chinese Lee
    players or something where we can get
    more op4 less cost that's that's the
    idea anyway so basically the way that
    we're playing now is because EA access
    is out so EA access is here and it is
    available to you guys as well whether
    you're Playstation or whether you are
    xbox or pc have origin premiere access
    or something like that so for I mean
    like if you can get EA access I've done
    a couple of giveaways as well and maybe
    we'll do some more as well my Instagram
    or something over the next couple of
    days but this is your way to get a 10
    hour trial of the game to play it before
    it actually comes out in a couple days
    time so this is a good way to get
    started because it means that maybe
    there are some people out there that
    won't pick up the game until it actually
    launches and you can go and buy a
    physical copy in store if you guys can
    get on EA access and play the game
    you're gonna be successful because
    you're gonna come away of a squad and
    often the times the players that you can
    get during EA access start to go up as
    more and more player players get on the
    game as more and more actual people get
    on the game spend fifa points the demand
    goes sky-high for some of the bigger
    better players and the prices of those
    players go up so the earlier you can get
    on and play this EA access trial the
    barre I would recommend it get on there
    and do that as soon as you possibly can
    and you can buy it literally just for
    the 10-hour trial for like one month
    like three pounds or something it's
    definitely worth it and like even if you
    were the sort of person that was not
    buying the ultimate edition of the game
    maybe you are buying just the champions
    edition or the standard edition the
    difference between buy them one of them
    to the next one or just buying the
    standard edition and getting a 10 hour
    trial is is miniscule like it's a couple
    quid so it's definitely worth it to get
    in the game early so whilst I've just
    been rambling on there we completed a
    couple more chemistry based SBC's the
    advanced chemistry one which actually
    gave us a pretty cool pack so I know
    we've got eight packs here well open the
    rest of them tomorrow but we just earned
    the gold players pack which is actually
    a really good one to get because it is
    going to be twelve actual gold players
    there untradable but they're useful for
    SBC's down the line now we end up
    getting of course you get one rare at
    least we get Lopes is that Lisandro
    lópez if that is he's decided to to go
    without the hair going forward says here
    you must be getting on a little bit he

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    must be um we get like Sheamus comment
    we actually get Kazama and a French
    right back as well which works so
    perfectly for our squad so they can
    instantly come into the team and welcome
    by the way to Kazama who I tried to buy
    but was a little bit too expensive so
    now I've got a left I thought I already
    purchased that I can sell on the market
    and get rid of him and some of those
    coins back and you're gonna see now for
    the last couple of minutes of this video
    it's basically going to be me putting
    together the rest of this squad so we're
    gonna do things like change the
    formation change your who we going with
    here I'll start you off in a 4-1 2-1 to
    narrow this is the team that we're going
    for when it comes to like a goalkeeper
    and stuff by the 400 coin one by the 350
    coin one just by someone cheap it
    doesn't necessarily need to be anyone
    amazing trust me on that everything is
    gonna change going forward in just me I
    just wanted to get you past that 1 hour
    mark of play in this game you're gonna
    have a gold team you're gonna have a
    bunch of objectives complete and you're
    gonna be on your way to getting started
    properly on FIFA 20 Ottoman team so we
    sold the left mid because we changed the
    formation of the squad I've also got the
    left back to sell that we bought so
    oldest team up on the market
    you'll see that he sells by the next
    episode and they go guys so we've got
    after one hour of play in this game and
    as you can do on EA access as well we
    have got a full gold French team just by
    starting this game and grinding a couple
    of the objectives there is so much more
    to do but as you can see we can place
    popper into our squads and and and and
    we could go into an online match with
    this and probably compete fairly well
    against other starter teams or we can
    work on some of those objectives even
    more and actually well we're gonna end
    up with get more coins we can improve
    the team and then we can go online as
    well that has been the very first
    episode of the FIFA 2008 seem road to
    glory guys like I said earlier if you
    could smash that thumbs up button show
    your support share this with your
    friends that would be amazing
    I saw am looking forward to carrying on
    this series every single day for you
    guys during peak 4/20 it is my favorite
    thing to do it's a really great way to
    play out on that team and it's the most
    fun way in my opinion grassroots no
    money spent will earn what we get so
    yeah guys subscribe to the channel if
    you're new around here like I said for
    that daily content have a great day
    everyone and I will catch you next time
    with another episode peace

    ○▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭○ MORE FIFA 20! HOW TO START FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM WITH NO MONEY!


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    1. Here it is! A new season, a new RTG! If you would be so kind as to SMASH that like button and SUBSCRIBE to the channel, that would mean the world to me! <3 ENJOY!

    2. im confused because when I started playing my ultimate team I got free packs and I got Pele, Maradona and other really good ones but idk if its like very easy to get or I got very very lucky

    3. I'm Canadian I'm also a Madden player. I'm starting my fut 20 team rn, and I have to say compared to Madden making your team might be the hardest thing I've ever done. In madden one of the best strats is to only do offline team building challenges. And then at the end of the year or close to it start playing games and I don't see much of that in fifa my madden team rn is around 93 ovr and I never spent a penny. This game is very pay to win in my opinion.


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