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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 21 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Ultra Settings) – From Noob To God!

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    how you all doing welcome to a brand new
    video today we're going to be playing
    fifa 21
    i haven't played fifa in the longest
    literally the longest time the last fifa
    i played was probably fifa 14
    or fifa 16. my favorite was probably
    fifa 10
    you know the world championship one and
    also probably fifa 12 and fifa
    or whatever it was called the one where
    you were in the streets and stuff
    that was sick i used to love that but i
    haven't played fifa in the longest time
    um i don't know i just stopped playing
    it i just grew out of it but
    i've got fifa 21 here i thought i'd give
    it a try on the channel see if you guys
    want to see it i just want to
    see how i am i it might not be a full
    series but i'm going to give it a go
    this will be in the highest quality
    setting that i can't do
    possibly ultra probably ultra anyway i'm
    gonna get straight into it if you are
    new here
    don't forget to smash that subscribe
    button and also the like button
    and i'll catch you when we get in i
    believe there's gonna be a cutscene or
    something i'm just gonna click space to
    it is something very special indeed to
    make it to a uefa champions league final
    now these two teams intent upon tasting
    welcome to the showpiece event on the
    european club calendar
    derrick ray here on the commentary
    position joined tonight for live
    coverage by the former arsenal and
    england fullback
    lee dixon it's paddy sanchez taking on
    liverpool well hundreds of millions of
    people will be tuning into this one
    probably the biggest club game in the
    world pointed end of the tournament
    who's going to come out on top well
    derek we're just about to find out very
    very excited
    introducing the paris saint-germain
    kayla navas starts in goal marquinhos
    plays alongside thiago silva in central
    defense neymar starts with angel di
    maria on the flanks
    and up front kylian mbappe plays with
    maori candy up front
    it is the game that the world truly
    focuses on
    the champions league final only two
    teams left in the quest for european
    who's it going to be tonightly well it's
    a toss of a coin for me it's a really
    big night for everybody all that hard
    leading up to pre-season training going
    through your domestic league
    playing champions league on and off the
    winter break all of that
    culminates in tonight very very big
    night for everybody concerned supporters

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    but most so the players they have to
    stay focused
    play the game not the occasion
    okay i've changed the controls hopefully
    this should be better now
    i'm not using the mouse anymore um
    i'm not too sure if this is gonna work
    out but we're gonna give it a try
    intense pressure no foul i am using the
    only the keyboard right now i'm not sure
    if it's gonna work
    i doubt it is it's nothing compared to
    controller let's be honest
    i'm not going to promise the best
    potential i am going to try my best but
    we'll just see how it goes probably only
    going to make one video on this because
    you know i'm not the best as i said
    but uh let's do this
    here we go let's pass it over oh no
    very quick thinking there
    i can't remember how to tackle boys
    oh no i should have changed my
    made by liverpool oh no georginio
    the attack continues
    and the corner for liverpool we saved it
    boys there we go
    all right we're gonna get this i don't
    know why i just pushed a mouse there
    separating these two sides
    come on come on come on the second half
    of the champions league here we go here
    we go here we go
    here we go we're gonna run straight past
    the focus we're going to run straight
    past we're going to run
    well it could be on come on yes yes
    that's how you do it it looked as though
    the door was locked
    it's been reopened come on that's what
    i'm talking about the relief with their
    game on that's what i'm talking about
    well here's the reason that's how you do
    it to evade the defender
    and he chooses to use that is
    that is how you do it boys well he's
    watch and learn
    watch and learn watch and learn
    we started off rocky but we made it this
    we made it to the top now we're gonna go
    even further
    all right let's do this let's do this
    i'm feeling good i'm actually feeling
    good about this
    i'm actually feeling good come on what
    you guys do
    playing out come come come come for me
    come on oh no oh no
    they're getting close maybe i shouldn't
    have challenged him
    here we go oh what the he's in here

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    no no no no no no here we go
    let's uh kick the out of here
    come on we got this come on come on come
    on oh the
    bastard's gonna take it isn't he must
    take that yes
    two goals yes well
    that's how you do it the fans are
    starting to believe it's theirs
    come on
    foremost here's the replay super fast
    let's watch that again
    and the keeper just can't react in time
    great strike
    nice we're going to do that a couple
    more times and we are good
    showing signs of frustration they need
    to improve if they're going to get
    something out of this game derek
    all right let's do this
    from to
    i am oh no
    let's get this i'm actually liking this
    we got this watch this watch
    oh no i up i you
    asking a lot to score from there
    goalkeepers come on
    oh you you come come come come on
    come on
    come on sally oh no where where silva
    that's sally
    let's do this pass the ball
    come on come on come on come on oh
    oh i should have i should have hit
    it sooner
    i don't really keep up with football
    anymore well psg have hardly seen the
    but to their credit they've been
    absolutely right
    let's see this they just sit back hit
    you oh
    oh no i'll hand it too hard
    back oh that would actually be good to
    hit it too hard just relax a little bit
    focus on your technique if you guys are
    enjoying this video don't forget to
    smash the subscribe button on the like
    help out this video a lot on my channel
    a lot i'd really appreciate it
    you know i don't really post fifa
    content but i do post gameplay
    walkthroughs if you guys
    do like that sort of stuff so you know
    keep praying for that
    i will have star wars squadrons up
    tomorrow it's releasing tomorrow let's
    pass this over
    i'm feeling good feeling good about this
    we're gonna we're gonna get it this time
    watch this
    you guys can't you guys can't imagine
    what's about to happen
    you just got you guys just can't imagine
    yes that's how you do it
    come on 69 minutes in that's what i like

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    to see
    well here's the replay you have to say
    he's been a thorn in the side of the
    opposition all match
    it's a good finish and a richly desire
    that is how you do it take another look
    at that girl shall we
    we did all three goals with kyle
    i believe because he said a hat trick so
    you know
    we're i'm up we started at the
    bottom and we're at the top
    oh it's not even kyle it's kylie in
    sorry about
    goal 69 that's how you do it 69 minutes
    well it's a tale of four goals in this
    match now three
    quantities right right right we're gonna
    we're gonna them up so 20 minutes
    i'm getting my touch right now come on
    come on oh no oh no
    oh no you give me this
    that is how you do it yes now my boy
    breathing room
    come on come on come on come on come on
    alright let's make no buttons pass it
    down here pass it down here
    thrashing come on come on and he might
    be through here yes
    oh he was then
    well he just put his head that
    oh he's given it the referee says
    penalty and an opportunity for them to
    pull one
    oh what the a clear penalty and a
    yellow card how's that
    come on but still uh two ahead
    right now
    they could possibly get one here we'll
    have to see what's gonna happen
    hopefully i'm hoping these don't
    get in
    oh why do i keep touching the mouse i
    keep touching my
    okay come on come on come on come on
    come on oh
    oh okay
    okay i see how it is i see how is
    i see how it is we're gonna play like
    that too he's the gem of a penalty
    so difficult for the keeper to get down
    low and he's right in the corner too
    i see how he is we are
    gonna up again another goal in
    this next goal
    just you wait and see handling of the
    here we go oh you two minutes
    remain they're not gonna score are they
    oh no no no no no no circumstances
    against no no no no no no
    no yes no

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    can you get your hands around this just
    what we thought it might be done
    we need another
    you will be doing that anytime soon i'm
    i'm gonna give it the full
    full brute force right now you're gonna
    see the full full
    once again oh i don't wanna
    i want them to have the ball so then i
    can push up you know what i mean
    and steal the ball it is we got a bit of
    overtime here
    we've got some leeway my boy bappy is
    gonna get this
    let's do this let's do this let's do
    this come on come on come on come on
    no your man let me know
    sorry for butchering his name but you
    we got this we barely got started and
    already a yellow card
    now will that be potentially problematic
    now what can they do from here
    oh him with a chance
    a goal it is the first important
    statement in this final
    made by liverpool well we've got the
    biggest club
    oh can you believe this just when it
    looked as though the door was locked
    it's been reopened
    must take the lead here
    this is our sixth nine minute goal we
    like to
    increase the see in this final will
    they be stopped now
    could reduce the deficit
    well it was fired a clear penalty and a
    yellow card
    to boot
    and he puts it away confidently

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    and the boss getting in the way
    oh can you get your heads around this
    just when we thought it might be done
    and dusted
    it's level again
    here we go come on yes i grabbed it i
    grabbed it what's that opportunity
    take the out of you come on come
    on you dream of 1v1s as players he's had
    one and he squandered it big time yes
    yes no by now
    yes give me this give me this
    this is our chance this is our chance
    this is our chance right here
    come on give him the ball come on please
    wonderful piece of tackling virgil van
    here we go oh what's an opportunity
    no no no no no no can he convert yes and
    still danger here
    well they can't quite take no you
    certainly wasn't a clean tackle
    and the referee has got to book him i
    think oh you should have given him a red
    card come on he's got to go into the
    all right nice nice little dribble there
    five minutes left of the second period
    of extra time if nothing changes
    it will be decided by means of no no no
    no no no
    no you good pressure to win
    the ball back
    please no
    okay so we're going to choose kyle for
    our penalty kick
    let's do this it is all about the
    penalty shootout w-a-s-a-d-t-m
    space to shoot target on and off okay so
    let's do this hopefully we can get these
    penalty kicks this is the way we're
    we're gonna get this come on come on
    come on i don't know what the i'm
    doing here we go here we go here we go
    here we go
    yes off
    the goalkeeper's got three friends oh
    i don't know how to save this house of
    practice derek hours of practice
    yes well that's why players practice i
    don't know how to say training
    yes that's what he was looking for off
    the crossbar well he went high he led
    back and he's just leaning back too much
    yes and he's beating the keeper
    yes no doubt head down lovely strike
    come on come on come on oh
    bread and butter derrick bread and
    butter are we gonna go
    off top here oh we went too high

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    oh scores from the sports confident head
    down lovely strike
    do you want pressure we gotta get this
    otherwise we've lost
    he must score if we don't get this we've
    here free shot with the goalkeeper to
    beat and you missed the goal
    oh deny them from the sports oh
    it's lovely
    we've got a softest guy now come on
    please opportunity yes
    and just like that yes yes
    strong hands as a goalkeeper and look at
    that come on come on give me yes
    and it's gone in well the sweet sound of
    the ball come on come on come on we have
    to defend this right now
    oh yes that's how you do it boys
    yes that's how you do it
    that is how you do it that is how you
    get the win
    you start off you lie to him you
    make it
    look like you can't win are you doing
    from underneath
    who's gonna come out on top but the end
    result is there for all yes
    first fee for 21 20 be for twenty one
    i'll say for 20 21 this is my first fifa
    21 match
    my first fifa match in four years as
    and we won i know it's not
    multiplayer i know some of that is
    single player it's easy you guys might
    but it is on pc and we did amazingly
    in my opinion we smashed the opposition
    well they were smashing us too but we
    did good
    let's just say we just did good if you
    guys did enjoy
    i really appreciate smash the subscribe
    button and the like button
    i know i was in the beginning so i
    probably put a few people off watching
    i'll probably edit a few bits out but
    that was one match
    of fifa 2021 it literally just came out
    if you guys did enjoy don't forget to
    smash the subscribe button on the like
    and i'll catch you guys in the next one
    thanks for watching
    peace out

    This is a full gameplay walkthrough of the first match on FIFA 21 and includes my first impressions, a review and most importantly the gameplay. I haven't ...


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