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    welcome everyone to the fifa 21 ultimate
    road to glory my name is lasty and i
    will be
    guiding you through how to play fifa 21
    ultimate team
    without the use of fifa points we're
    going to go grassroot style
    grinding this game out to try and get
    the most possible enjoyment out of it
    and of course to pick up the best
    players and best squads
    that we can get throughout the year now
    this will be a
    daily series a lot of you are already
    seasoned veterans
    of watching the rtg and i'm sure you're
    excited to be back so welcome back to
    and then to a lot of you guys that are
    probably new and this is the first video
    of mine that you've seen
    welcome you've found the right place
    you've finally made it here
    to the rtg and i could not be more
    excited for you
    so all i can ask you to do is make sure
    you hit that subscribe button down below
    click the notification bell like i said
    i'll be uploading this series every
    single day you don't want to miss it
    i upload it around lunchtime uk so
    you've got something to watch
    whilst you're eating your sandwich so
    last year was the most successful the
    rota glory has ever been and in episode
    i think i asked you guys for 20 000
    you absolutely smashed that goal so
    we're gonna increase the target this
    to 30 000 likes hit me with a thumbs up
    episode one to show your support for the
    it's a huge goal but i think we can get
    there throughout the year
    now let's not waste any more time let's
    get stuck in
    shall we let's we need to load up our
    fifa 21 ultimate team
    a lot of you will have started on the
    web app last night
    i decided not to do that i really like
    to start my fight experience
    on console where we can go through all
    of this let's get started stuff
    together um so if you're going on to
    for the first time you'll see this
    you have to choose
    a starter pack now choosing your nation
    carefully i normally go for france
    and that's what i normally recommend
    today i'm actually gonna break my rules
    and i've decided to actually go not with
    france which is normal but i'm gonna go
    for brazil uh simply because well
    i figured out that there was quite a lot
    of brazilian players in different
    leagues on this game whereas the the
    french players a lot of them are sort of
    in the premier league or mainly the
    french leagues obviously
    um so for early sbcs where i may need a
    little bit of loyalty
    i figured having some extra brazilian
    players in my club
    might be the way to go and there are
    some nice low-rated good starter players
    from brazil as well
    that i definitely want to try out so
    that's why i have gone
    with brazil as my nation for the road to
    glory to begin with this year
    and we get a striker from our starter
    pack leo
    baptist tau 78 pace 79 dribbling and
    75 shooting he can be my starter striker
    until we can
    afford to get anything better so i was
    really happy seeing him

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    come into the squad also pretty happy to
    see one gold brazilian centre-back and
    one brazilian
    center mid as well a gold one of course
    and this is what your starter team will
    look like so i'm sure a lot of you are
    very used to seeing this image
    and you cannot wait to get some of these
    rubbish players out of your squad
    so that you can make it better and
    that's exactly what we're gonna aim to
    do today
    so this episode is all about how to
    start ultimate team with no money
    uh and by the end of this episode i will
    have a low rated but fully gold
    squad and if you follow what i do here
    you'll have it as well
    um so the first thing i do
    is replace one of my bronze players to
    get a lone player
    now the tip that i've got for you here
    is that let's say you know we've gone
    with brazil
    we want to try and get as much chemistry
    as possible uh
    you can back out once you've chosen that
    striker or whatever you can back out
    instead of picking him
    and then go around looking in different
    like right here there's a lucas moore
    available as a right mid
    who is brazilian that could be really
    helpful for me
    and as you can see we checked the center
    backs and there is a tiago silva or a
    but i would recommend not going for a
    centre-back you're going to need someone
    who's either
    really fast or really good at dribbling
    or shooting so they can help you out
    when you need them as like a super sub
    in your important first few games on
    ultimate team
    last year we chose pogba because we went
    with the french route
    now i could have just got myself an
    aubameyang for the bench or a luis
    suarez or something
    or even like a hyungman son right here
    but none of them are going to
    particularly link to my
    starting squad that we're trying to
    build this brazil thing so in the end
    i've decided to go for lucas mora now we
    six game loan on him because he's
    slightly lower rated
    that could be really beneficial for us
    rather than just choosing the highest
    rated player that i could possibly see
    i've tried to be a little bit tactical
    about it and pick the player that would
    suit my starter squad the best
    so welcome to the club lucas mora 83
    overall um once we've got our loan we
    need to move on in
    to the second part of let's get started
    which is choosing your kits
    so i think in the end i take a little
    look at all of them and then i think the
    one i want the best is alfata
    from the saudi league so i choose that
    as a nice blue kit
    and then for the away kit we need
    something that contrasts and some of the
    white kits there had quite a lot of blue
    on them
    um i didn't really want to dark it
    either so i go for a white kit i go for
    this one right here
    yes got some blue on it but it's uh it's
    obviously still a very very
    white kit and for the badge for me it
    was a
    uh a cross between either the spurs or
    the benfica
    but in the end i've decided to go with
    the benfica badge just because
    it's got a nice like bird on it it looks
    cool it looks regal it looks fancy
    and there we go ladies and gentlemen
    club summary we have started
    our ultimate team we've got a crazily
    bad starting eleven
    but we've got a starter pack from brazil

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    we've got a badge we've got a couple of
    and we've got a lone player in lucas
    who right now is like the highlight of
    my ultimate team that's
    that's as good as it gets for this very
    moment so uh yeah take that tip on board
    depending on what nation you choose
    you know if you do go down the french
    route i recommend trying to get pogba
    instead of choosing like an aubameyang
    who you're going to struggle to get any
    chemistry with
    and maybe you're just going to have to
    use him off the bench so
    welcome back to fifa ultimate team for
    any of you that have played before
    in previous years you will get this as
    well some packs some kits
    and a little bit of a coin boost for
    well 15 matches which is obviously
    a great incentive um to come back for
    the next year you know you get quite a
    lot of stuff here to start things off
    if you are a brand newbie if you are new
    to the game and you've never played
    unfortunately you won't get this stuff
    right here it will be a little bit more
    difficult for you to start out
    um but the majority of you have played
    fifa before right and
    and if it is a little bit more difficult
    for you to start out you can pretty much
    follow what i'm doing in this episode
    you might just be stuck with one or two
    silver players or something in your
    instead of that full gold team to begin
    with um
    but once you get through your objectives
    which is the first thing we're really
    gonna do
    you're gonna start earning those coins
    and bringing in those players i promise
    so i decided to go for trent alexander
    arnold here
    he's the highest rated all three of
    those cover stars there of of
    trent harland and joe felix look pretty
    good um
    but i think he's quite a well-rounded
    player i could even bring him on as a
    center midfielder type thing
    uh early game and i really like the
    tifo that we got given there i will need
    to apply that when i
    when i first possibly can because i
    think that looks great it might even be
    my tifo for a really long time
    i've said to you guys before that i am a
    big fan of the more
    like football-oriented uh t-foes and
    stuff and stadium customization
    as opposed to like you know cream puff
    cats and all of that type stuff
    i'm more of a i like the the traditional
    actual football stuff rather than the
    buses and cats and coffees and stuff
    that they sometimes release
    and that's just my opinion you guys
    might absolutely love that
    so we're heading on into objectives for
    the first time
    and because we've moved a couple of
    players around in our squad we've just
    started off getting a couple of the
    basics done
    uh your aim for the first few hours on
    this game should be to try and complete
    a lot of these
    uh foundations objectives so um
    right now you can tell i haven't done a
    commentary for a long time because i'm
    already struggling with my voice
    but if you just move a player around get
    a little bit of extra chemistry
    i think the next thing we're going to do
    here is change our
    club name it's just like super simple
    you can find this in the menus and even
    if you're brand new to the game
    it doesn't you know it's not too
    difficult is it it kind of makes sense
    just uh essentially you're setting up
    your club
    so that you can go on and and and sh and

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    achieve great things throughout the year
    uh so we always call ours the road and
    we have the rtg abbreviation that'll be
    the three letters
    when you're in a game um that you can
    see against your opponent
    and then so we get a little 150 coin
    for changing the club name excellent
    stuff and we can move on from there so
    what are we up to now we're up to like
    450 coins is it something like that
    i can't remember exactly where we're up
    to we completed three things at least
    and then we also reached 85 chemistry
    because we chose the smart option of
    going with those brazilians
    and we had some in our club and we got
    the lucas mora it's helped us achieve
    some good chemistry
    to begin with um the next thing to do
    is apply consumables to the managers and
    to just one player
    just get a contract on your manager get
    contract on your player
    you can do that from within the squad
    menu of course and
    you do to begin with have a couple of
    these contracts available
    they're just bronze ones you just need
    to put them on there onto a player that
    maybe you're going to use for a little
    bit longer
    and it's going to complete another two
    things that's another 150 coins
    or maybe even another 300 coins and
    you're nearly done with your first
    batch of basics so you could just go
    into a squad battles game i'm probably
    gonna leave that for the next episode
    normally i would just go in and start
    that right away uh but what i wanted to
    do was
    try and come away with this episode with
    a gold squad
    just like just like you could do without
    even playing a single match
    so that i don't get that extra coin
    bonus or anything for maybe some of you
    guys that are completely brand new
    so the way that this series works uh is
    i'm a really average fifa player i'm not
    anyone exceptional i don't
    typically get like high gold or elite
    finishes uh in in the weekend league
    is essentially the everyday man road to
    glory you know this
    is what you can achieve if you are
    a casual to moderate level player
    that is fairly good at the game you know
    can can hold his own but isn't
    elite or top 100 and with a little bit
    of a
    pack luck with a little bit of grinding
    out the game
    you know playing as much as you possibly
    this is what you can achieve in in in
    fifa 21. that's exactly like
    what i stand for in this series this is
    the everyday man
    road to glory so since i decided that
    i'm not going to play
    any squad battles or anything in this
    episode we're not actually going to play
    a game
    i figured the first thing i would move
    on into here is my first squad building
    challenge my first sbc now a lot of you
    will know what these are all about
    but going to the play section going to
    squad building challenges
    and complete the let's get started sbc's
    because they just require a couple of
    your bronze players
    for any newbies out there you are
    submitting these players you are going
    to lose these players
    um for a greater cause so if you submit
    those four bronzes right there
    you get a bronze players pack now that's

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    going to include a few more players than
    what you actually submitted
    so that is like the idea of it and
    throughout the year there'll be crazy
    sbcs that come out
    um and essentially you sort of risk the
    players that you've already got
    to get like a pack or an unlock for a
    cool player
    that is potentially better than what you
    actually put in
    so i really love spcs i'm gonna try and
    be a little bit more cautious with them
    this year
    i know that i can be someone that uh
    does a lot of player sbcs and then ends
    up not using so
    a lot of players for a very long time
    like last year everybody called me left
    wing fc
    because i had so many crazy left wingers
    on this game
    it was it was too many to even use in my
    squad you know you can only really have
    one or even two left wingers if you've
    got a
    the correct formation that even does
    that so uh so yeah i'm gonna try and be
    a bit more cautious this year
    but what we're doing now is from those
    sbcs and from a couple of the objectives
    that we did to begin with
    uh we've actually earned a couple of
    packs so
    uh we've also got those returning user
    packs as well to open up which i'm quite
    excited about
    because they're better this year if you
    are if you're someone that's played for
    a few years which i'm sure a lot of you
    um you used to get like all players
    which were players that were all like
    bronze silver and gold
    whereas this year that you get like four
    gold players packs so
    that's four times 12 gold players you
    get and they're tradable as well
    if you really wanted to when you see me
    open these packs in a couple of minutes
    like we're just doing the ones that
    we've learned from our objectives so far
    um but when we open up these gold
    players packs we could literally discard
    all of that stuff
    get a few thousand coins and be really
    really off to a flyer
    and have like 20 30 40 000 coins right
    off the get-go
    and with that obviously we could buy an
    entire starter squad
    um but what i would recommend to you
    try and keep hold of those players uh
    just simply because they have loyalty on
    them already
    and we don't necessarily know the value
    of players right now maybe there are
    some early species where you could
    either use them because it's going to
    help you get chemistry for sbcs
    because they have loyalty or
    they could be someone that comes up you
    know in a marquee matchups and you might
    want to sell them on
    and that's going to be beneficial for
    your coin balance a bit later on
    rather than just trying to sell some
    random spanish sentiment
    who's probably not going to sell for
    much and you know
    in two weeks you could have made 2k for
    him rather than 500 coins
    so we get kind of lucky there and get a
    danilo in a pack which
    i mean it might not seem very lucky he's
    a low pace right back
    but he's brazilian so we get another
    gold brazilian player for our team
    and these are the players which have now
    turned to concepts because well
    i use them in those starter sbcs uh so
    they're now gone from my club goodbye
    and we can start to put in a couple of
    gold players
    we can start to buy a couple of players
    for our team
    so i don't normally hold much of a value

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    to my goalkeeper on this game so i
    bought the cheapest
    brazilian goalie that i could possibly
    get and then this
    is a a fairly decent looking left back
    78 pace i figured yeah i'll bid 600
    coins on him
    that's the minimum you can buy him for
    for some reason there's some issues with
    some of the gold players where
    their minimum buys are like 600 as
    opposed to 300
    which is is their discard price it's
    weird i don't understand it and i wonder
    if it's a mistake or not
    um but yeah there's going to be certain
    gold players which just don't sell right
    now so that would be
    a reason to maybe not list all of your
    stuff up onto the market right away
    so with this gold pack right here we get
    a couple of other items as well uh and
    the items like some of the tifos that i
    will literally never use and like
    manager leagues i'll never use
    i just discard straight away i could do
    with the coin balance as much as
    um but anything important like contracts
    and players
    i'm going to keep them for now as we
    as we build up our stocks of like cool
    you know good amounts of contracts and
    i'll start to discard them from my club
    but for right now i may need them for
    when i'm trying to play lots of games
    and stuff in the future episodes so we
    get a spanish right winger there
    get some other stuff and we can discard
    some kits that we're absolutely never
    going to use
    and again manage a league there so it
    gets me like 100 coins or something
    we're nearly up to a thousand coins
    right now and we're now
    opening up these gold players packs so
    on twitter last night loads of you were
    sending me these crazy pack pools that
    you got from your literal starter packs
    i saw in bappe's i even saw a neymar
    i was kind of blown away by like some of
    the crazy
    packs that you guys were getting um for
    literally your starter packs where
    there's one rare player in there
    you must have got really lucky um i was
    kind of hoping that wouldn't
    happen to me because i don't want to get
    like a really good player like
    super early on maybe if it's a few
    episodes in
    uh you know and we've started to build
    up our club then yeah i'm absolutely
    happy to
    start packing some worldies but um for
    right now
    i you know but you guys will obviously
    want to get the best possible packs
    as you can i kind of want my series to
    go in a way where
    you know if i was to pack like a neymar
    right now
    that would be crazy that would be like
    the we would have already reached the
    whereas you know anything in a few
    episodes time that's when they can give
    you the daymar if they really want to
    that would be like my dream pool apart
    from a zidane if we could get an icon
    sedan that would be amazing
    uh by the way icon sbcs are back this
    that we missed them last year i couldn't
    get my ronaldinho or anything
    but maybe this year we go for a zidane
    sbc oh that could be like one of the
    main goals for the series and that would
    be absolutely epic ah
    i'm now excited about that i'm now
    absolutely excited but as you can see
    from these gold packs i didn't get
    anything spectacular
    but what i have done is i've just put
    another like 48 gold players into my
    club and they're all tradable
    and they all minimum sell for like

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    minimum discard for like 300 coins
    that's a fairly decent whack of coins
    that we could have made there
    and we could improve this squad with but
    like i said i'm gonna keep them
    gonna use them gonna make use of them
    and their loyalty to the club
    uh for sbcs and stuff or wait until at
    least some of them are worth anything
    and i can sell them on so from those
    packs i decided to see what brazilians
    we actually got and i thought i'd you
    know put them into the
    the starting 11 or at least onto the
    bench and reserves
    and start to you know figure out my
    squad like i said i want to come out
    with a brazilian team at the end of this
    and that's exactly what we're going to
    do but in order to
    up our coin balance and get more packs
    from objectives
    there's certain things you need to do
    you might need to it
    might look a bit weird me placing a
    goalkeeper up front and a center backing
    i was essentially trying to get this
    chemistry stuff done
    so i put a goalie up front because he
    played for the exact same team and
    and he's the same nation as the striker
    so that's what they call a perfect link
    so that gets me an objective complete
    if i buy this player right here he's the
    third player that plays for benfica
    and his brazilian so that would be three
    perfect links which is again another one
    of the objectives that we need to
    so by you know starting to build this
    squad up and getting green links
    everywhere even if it is just
    randomly putting a goalkeeper at striker
    for a second uh
    you can you can get your objectives done
    so be a little bit
    you know just play around with it a
    little bit you might need to you know
    we're not going to go into a game with a
    goalie up front and a centre-back in
    but what we are going to do is move them
    around so that we can complete
    objectives and get them done
    so as you can see the chemistry section
    is now done
    we got a sniper chem style which they
    have swapped i think with the finisher
    chem style this year
    because they they boosted the wrong
    things i think they've
    it's always been wrong um but for
    completing chemistry we get a gold
    reward pack another pack
    uh and i think it's probably pretty sure
    all the packs you get from this
    are untradable i don't think they're
    tradable anyway but you're about to
    witness it so uh
    this is the gold pack that we get i
    don't think it's even a rare is it
    no it's not but it's another brazilian
    from the portuguese league which we've
    got quite a few of right now
    so that's going to help me reach like
    100 chemistry and
    get other objectives done or whatever it
    possibly is i think i needed like six
    green links
    for chemistry advanced and as you can
    see i got that done
    and got a gold players pack another gold
    players pack
    so it's pretty simple really isn't it
    like you just follow along
    go through the objectives read what they
    want you to do take action on that and
    then you're all good
    uh so from this gold players pack we do
    get one rare of course we don't get any
    boards or walk outs or anything
    we get woo lee from the spanish league
    who is actually a fairly good like la
    liga starter striker with 85 pace 78
    and then some other cool players in
    there that we can we can make use of but
    yes they were
    untradeable so now it's time to try and

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    complete this squad of ours
    i'm gonna buy a left mid i bought a four
    star skill five star weak foot left mid
    with good pace decent dribbling and
    shooting for a starter player
    i bought this guy from the bundesliga
    and he comes into my team
    and what is that guys that is 11 gold
    players in my starting
    lineup we've done it we've done what i
    wanted to get done in this episode right
    here which is to just get a team
    that i can be at least comfortable to go
    into my starting squad battles matches
    all right so i then take a look at a
    little look at season progress right
    if we work our way up to level 30 and
    you will have seen this in my video
    yesterday if you were
    if you've been a viewer of the channel
    for a while but from season one you can
    get a lacazette
    you can get a sabitsa or you can get a
    wan bernat as the level 30 reward player
    so for any of you new out here
    there are lots of objectives to complete
    throughout the season
    which is like 50 days long you know
    something like that and then uh
    with that what you get is you get xp
    you grind your xp try and get up to
    level 30 and then you get that player
    for free who can go into your squad
    which is brilliant
    so um i wanted to complete the next set
    of sbcs
    unfortunately one of them is really
    difficult and requires silver players
    it's this one nation midfield that we
    haven't been able to complete here
    i remember this being expensive last
    year as well uh
    and it's something i'm not going to be
    able to complete right now because i'm
    going to need to
    buy some players or get lucky packing
    some silver players um
    which are currently a little bit price
    fixed but you know it's early days isn't
    it so we'll pick them up eventually
    and by completing another sbc we'll get
    another objective done
    uh we'll get the sbc section completed
    that'll give us another
    500 coins or something like that so um
    yeah i would class this as a successful
    you know it's not the greatest team in
    the world i don't have pace in my
    i don't have the ideal strikers that i
    would want
    but what i have got is just a gold
    brazilian team
    with a half decent lucas mora there for
    a few games
    that i can be really quite happy to go
    on into a match with
    and at least start things out now i also
    listed up 20 players on the market
    some of those ones that we think are
    bugged which are 650 start
    uh and they probably won't sell but by
    listing them up on the market
    i get another objective done i get some
    more coins
    and uh they probably won't sell and then
    i'll stick them back in the club
    afterwards because like i said
    ideally i kind of want to keep those
    players in my club for now
    with that we got through a little bit of
    xp and we got our level one reward which
    is a trent alexander arnold
    uh i picked him again even though he's a
    duplicate you can merge the two together
    so we've now got like eight games on a
    trend at some point which could be
    quite useful for us i would say and as
    you can see we're up to about 3 000
    coins again
    because a couple of those players did
    sell um but they're still 17 there
    which will most likely not sell so

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    that's episode one ladies and gentlemen
    thank you so much for watching this is
    what you can
    get you can get yourself a full starter
    team um you know this is not the
    we will improve on this drastically from
    the next episode i promise you that
    we're going to get our team up we're
    going to start playing games
    completing more objectives and earning
    some coins and getting some new uh
    new players and and stuff into the squad
    because i've got an idea
    for some of the types of players that i
    want to use and we can make this so much
    so quickly so yeah that is episode one
    do me that favor
    of hitting me with a thumbs up like i
    said the huge target of 30 000 likes
    is upon you please show your support for
    the series
    subscribe to the channel if you're new
    don't miss out on this series every
    day turn that notification bell on and
    come and follow me on twitter and
    my links are down below in the
    description i'll be doing giveaways for
    this game and stuff over the next couple
    of days so get involved
    um thank you for watching everyone take
    it easy
    stay safe stay healthy and i will catch
    you tomorrow with episode 2
    of the road to glory peace

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    1. Welcome to the first episode of the new RTG! Here's hoping we have another great year! Show some LOVE by SMASHING the LIKE button! And SUBSCRIBE if you're new around here! <33333

    2. Karens be like: I'm suing ea for making so called 'SBC you're risking your players for something potentially better, just like gambling hows that setting an example for the children

    3. Hello guys, I sometimes face opponents in fifa 21 ultimate team who have all his players super fast, super strong and untouchable !! Are they Hackers?? This is unfair it makes me so angry. I'm very good at the game but thinking of giving up the game forever.


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