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    SearchThisVideo: FIFA 21 Volta – Part 1 – The Beginning

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    what's up guys and welcome to the start
    of a brand new series here on the
    channel we are back
    for the second year in a row to take it
    back to the streets
    for some volta football so uh i'm
    excited man this is a brand new story
    driven experience
    we've got a completely new cast of
    characters we've got new celebrity and
    athlete cameos
    it's going to be insane i'm looking
    forward to it i hope you guys are too
    as always especially on these first
    episodes i really appreciate your
    support so if you want to drop a like
    ring that bell so you don't miss any
    episodes from this series
    make sure you do so now and without
    further ado
    we're gonna hop into it we've got uh old
    girl we've got old girl in the back we
    got dude here he looks pretty sick i'm
    not gonna lie
    we've got uh this guy over here and then
    we've also got
    this dude here i'm gonna i think i think
    we can pick any one and and i think
    we're gonna be able to completely
    change and customize them so of course
    we're gonna go with uh with good old
    nationality and region is gonna be from
    the uh the good old estados unidos
    i'm going to say we're we're going to be
    pretty tall i'm going to put us at like
    you know 205 up near six two looks
    pretty good to me
    gameplay i'm gonna be an attacker right
    footed gender we're gonna be male all
    right looks
    looks good there head we're going to be
    able to change up yeah so we're going to
    be able to go through i'm going to be
    able to completely customize this
    however we want it what do you guys
    think so far i feel like he's looking
    all right a little bit basic we've got
    some black joggers black tea
    red shoes don't really have anything
    unlocked like we've
    we've got an anchor tattoo that we're
    probably going to end up changing
    eventually but
    i feel like i feel like he looks alright
    we're going to keep it nice simple clean
    kind of plain for now of course as we
    up and unlock new things we're gonna be
    able to customize them so
    uh choose our team so i couldn't really
    think of a name but then i saw this
    we've got an
    octopus with a chain and like a bandana
    on that's pretty dope so we're gonna be
    called bikini bottom baby let's go so
    home turf paris park cape town lagos
    berlin rome oh dude this is insane
    i'm gonna say oh sydney sydney would be
    pretty dope right there on the beach i
    think i'm gonna go with sydney here's
    our ragtag squad here let's uh let's get
    into it so i'm going to say let's just
    play the debut
    i know you could play like online you
    can you can do all kinds of stuff so
    play through volta football cinematic
    see what it's all about through matches
    and training drills you can see the
    world we're gonna be traveling around
    all those destinations and we're gonna
    be able to
    earn our chance to compete in the
    streets and icons tournament and become
    a champion so uh it's gonna be fun man
    i'm looking forward to it i love
    you know any any sort of like storyline
    career-based mode is is always a lot of
    fun so
    let's um let's get after it baby you
    chose volta
    i respect that i don't know much about
    this world but if i can help you i will
    this game is about getting yourself out
    there right
    earning recognition and this tournament
    is the perfect place to start

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    so sick he's from
    he's from the first one right kobayashi
    something i also i need to turn on our
    uh i need to turn on our subtitles i
    missed that part let's get after it baby
    here we go
    all right so i have i have not played in
    a minute i'm
    i'm just going to be completely honest
    with you we're going to have to get back
    into it i know
    so like we we really we want to do some
    some cool moves and stuff you want to
    try to
    you don't you don't just want to score
    goals you want to have a little finesse
    in it so
    we're going to have to learn our our
    moves and stuff not today
    okay kick it up to our boy go ahead and
    send that one in see like stuff like
    that we don't we don't really want like
    straight up play moves we need to learn
    to like
    juggle and rainbow and
    maybe nutmeg some fools out here or
    something oh no we're gonna we're gonna
    try to mess around with it
    oh yes sir see what i mean like do
    do stuff like that maybe i don't know
    we'll we'll see
    we we're gonna put it together i i gotta
    we gotta do some
    like training and skills challenges and
    stuff they'll teach us to do it over
    all right because i honestly completely
    forget how to do it so
    might have a little less finesse to
    start things off here oh nice
    oh baby let's go that's what i'm talking
    about that was actually pretty sick
    right there so we
    i mean we just need to
    you know learn our way around the pitch
    here but that i mean we'll take that
    would have been nice if we would have
    caught it without the bounce but
    that's gonna be a 5-2 win there i
    believe 5-1 maybe
    still got it maybe i roasted
    you okay with the shooting competition
    right now yes
    can i borrow you two in a few minutes
    close control is coming up
    yeah thanks man
    the world is happening here this is a
    trick shot contest
    nice dude he's so good
    your face would be impressed

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    i love that see that has got a new best
    whether he likes it or not right
    i'm up back in a minute
    hey it's a lot to follow up on good
    very good
    all right so this is this is gonna be a
    i'm gonna stop this ball come back this
    is gonna be a uh a dribbling competition
    kakaya all right we're gonna come this
    go back this way go back this way
    go back this way
    go back this way go back this way come
    on baby
    go go go shoo go go go
    this is all this is we're good to like
    you know go
    straight and then turn around right okay
    got that
    nice gotta come back this way
    this is ridiculous dude all right we're
    gonna we gotta stop the ball more
    we'll be a little a little bit quicker
    if we stop it oh we got an excellent
    all right we'll take it man try flexing
    the place but i promise you nobody flex
    25. i know i picked the right person
    that was amazing they had three ricardo
    you're full of surprises
    beatrice villanova the hell is going on
    oh b
    we spoke on the phone she's from the
    original too right help me pick the team
    for today's event
    are you having fun yeah it's awesome
    i remember b i guess so
    no pressure good game thanks
    just a little star struck no big deal
    love all the colors up here man this is
    no no big deal just a rooftop football
    all decked out got the sao paulo lions

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    up next and uh let's i mean let's get
    after it so i know
    there's like i think it's if you hold l2
    and r2 you can do like all these moves
    he's not really doing the moves i was
    hoping he was going to be doing there
    definitely definitely should have and
    could have taken an earlier shot there
    we'll take that
    um i need i mean maybe if i brought up
    the controls i i don't know it's it's
    the first episode so we're gonna be all
    come on stop him take a snipe
    ah almost i know like if you hit if you
    hit right stick it it gets it up off the
    ground so you can do some
    kind of more tricky you know juggling
    type shots and stuff
    oh gosh these guys are up in our our
    let's just go let's go ahead
    we're gonna pretend like we didn't miss
    that first one
    your boy just stole it from everyone
    right in the middle dude what's three of
    them just standing around
    let's go all right it's it's four nil
    right now we're looking pretty good that
    i mean that was a good tackle out of her
    i'm not gonna lie i'm trying to set up
    you know she's gonna pass here oh she's
    gonna go up top
    trying to set up to stop the passes oh
    they're getting through us okay here we
    go here we go here we go here we go this
    is me
    just getting try to get it there
    there it is all right
    ah see i try to i'm trying to do some
    stuff i i don't know man i don't really
    know what i'm doing if you want to be
    honest got him there
    let's go let's do a little oh flick it
    up to yourself
    i guess i don't i don't really know what
    the point of that was but
    it's about all all i know how to do at
    the moment
    we'll take it a little bit of finesse at
    least we're not just running around
    doing nothing nice convincing win there
    all these little cut seats and stuff
    dude it's too much
    we'll take it loving this
    i want these games to end yeah but the
    body's going to be feeling it tomorrow
    most insane thing just happened yeah
    we saw you just went one-on-one with an
    legend yes so kaka has a team
    and they are playing in a tournament in
    dubai first class
    big cash prize he's leaving us
    be the captain

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    well done amazing yeah that's so cool
    it could have been any one of you got
    one more game
    cap one more game let's go
    so kotaro our best player is going to be
    leaving us
    obviously we're excited because he's our
    friend but at the same time
    it's gonna leave a big hole in our team
    we're gonna have to recruit some people
    we're gonna have to work our way up
    we're gonna fight our way to playing in
    and hopefully eventually be able to beat
    him in the championship calling it now
    you guys you guys heard it here first
    here we go round four the sao paulo
    bikini bottom versus the royals i
    actually think we we kind of
    kind of did all right with the the names
    dude to be honest
    oh come on that was some amazing defense
    out of the entire team
    everyone working together right there
    we're gonna hit it off the top
    crossbar oh
    come on finish here finish finish finish
    strong finish strong there it is
    just gonna go ahead and lay it up we'll
    take it
    we out tonight uh i've got to have
    dinner with the kaka
    and his people
    sorry superstar it's your chance go get
    we'll be watching the live stream don't
    stay too long
    then it was us back to reality
    it could have been me could have been me
    what if it could be all of you be
    hang on a second you know i
    had nothing to do with that whoa what
    did you say just now
    dubai what if you all could go
    you could get us in oh not exactly i
    mean like i said this isn't my world but
    i do know a few of the teams that have
    been invited
    who lisa freestyle izzy hitman
    at van gils if you can beat them then i
    don't see why you shouldn't get that
    yeah i mean that would be awesome okay
    but how are we affording to fly around
    the world
    challenging other teams chasing a long
    shot what if i took a chance on you
    why would you do that my life is all
    finding the angle making the deals but
    this this is
    this is football i mean this is fun
    look you get to dubai you can pay me
    okay what's next
    train hard win games prove that you
    belong in the tournament
    i'll book your flights
    thank you so we performed she hooks it

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    that's all we got to worry about gotta
    have a good comeback story
    a little come up story really not really
    a comeback
    hi hope you made it home okay i i just
    spoken to lisa and of course she's ready
    to give you a match
    i also just set up games for you in
    and milan so win both those and you'll
    have a chance of getting your invite to
    i'm so excited for you ciao
    so we're going to be basically jet
    setting across the world
    playing in these you know 3v3 4v4 5v5
    football matches and working our way
    towards dubai so we're going to go to
    milan we're going to go to sydney we got
    to go to paris
    and eventually we can make our way to
    let me know what you guys think if you
    guys want this to be a full series on
    the channel i am definitely down
    it's not like this is the most intense
    just crazy game mode ever but i i feel
    like it's kind of fun we've got a bit of
    a story in the background
    just some fun casual you know street
    football it's it's kind of interesting
    especially if we could start chaining
    together some cool moves and make it
    look a little bit better so
    i'm down for anything if you guys want
    more be sure to drop a like let me know
    what you think down in the comments
    below and
    uh i'm gonna see you guys later peace

    Thank you for watching! #FIFA21 #Volta #Gameplay.


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    1. The Asian man was in the first Volta. he was one of the best players you had to play against
      edit: i'm pretty sure the right stick on cotrollers can execute a lot of skill moves


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