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    SearchThisVideo: FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K PS4 PRO] – No Commentary

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    get down here Merc
    Oh who goes there Europe
    you're coming with us no I don't think
    gonna help
    hands where I can see him

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    have fun
    free do we shoot go ahead
    let's go
    drop the weapon
    you got this yeah what he said
    you're coming with us can't get
    try harder nope
    nothing to it

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    so what soldier boy steel is he one of
    us now he's cut balls this what was his
    name again
    cloud Cloud Strife right and he isn't a
    soldier anymore still he's a
    professional unlike the rest of us I'm
    glad to have him this is a one-time gig
    when it's done we're done
    we enjoy the work they'll joy to look at
    till you keep us safe
    great Clark what sir what people notice
    first because I'm not on the same page
    as people
    I'd say you're not even reading the same
    her even the same diva doors
    they've almost got the door
    come on nobody do something this crazy
    just for money they may not think you're
    a true believer but you know what I
    think that interested
    you better be worth the money Merc every
    last kill
    you're a boy no holding back
    guess your first
    looks like you're next alright let's go

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    here we go
    brace yourself was never in doubt
    this way
    huh not so fast we've got company
    should be easy
    all right
    nothing doing

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    was never in doubt
    soldiers may attack on command but I
    hear they make good guard dogs to that
    you've seen a few reactors so how do we
    get to the bridge above my coal storage
    ain't holding out on me are you
    stamps scared to fight two-handed fat
    him or is he a loyal little doggie have
    it your way mud we can do this with you
    or we can do this without you different
    reactor different layout depends when it
    was built never seen one like this but
    I'll manage
    not watching you I'm watching you
    don't you worry Biggs I'll have the door
    open soon don't you worry
    Biggs I'll have the door opens in three
    two damn I'm good
    who's there door
    oh wait
    it's over that's my line
    he's alone we can take him bangarang
    you've got this
    let's move he always knows just what to
    say cut it out I got this place covered

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    simmer down hotshot
    it's a good thing I know someone who can
    get us the passcodes hey do you know
    what else that command will talk to us
    but what can you do then we're good
    careful in there well what are you
    waiting for
    security is only going to get tightened
    so be ready we can't afford any more
    looks like the elevators on another
    floor mind pushing that button so you
    know Tifa right it's not really my
    business but are you guys close
    Wow are you ignoring me
    Tifa and I
    these sewer ads appear to call
    themselves avalanche sir we are
    currently investigating whether they
    belong to the same group that made the
    attempt on your life
    rest assured our inquiries will not take
    much longer
    this palm sole purpose is to drain the
    planet dry while you sleep why are you
    we why you sit it is sucking up maca it
    doesn't rest and it doesn't care you do
    realize what my core is don't you motto
    is the lifeblood of our world the planet
    bleeds green like you and me bleed red
    there you thinks gonna happen when it's
    all gone huh
    answer me you gonna stand there and

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    pretend you can't hear the plan crying
    out in pain I don't you can you really
    hear that damn straight I do get help
    say that again
    I'd worry less about the planet and more
    about the next five seconds save the
    screaming for later
    our lives on the line now
    you listenin Merc one false move and
    that happens well so much for having
    cloud do all the fighting there are some
    places a sword just can't reach just
    bear with him for me would you you
    should have asked for more money
    gonna throw your sword at that's the man
    with the gun good work these tin cans
    ain't got nothin on me
    come on
    still hurry up
    now for the real show
    do your job shut up look over here comes
    all done

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    to date
    look what we have here blaze your
    security system great those things have
    hurt more than your pride if you're
    careless they'll cut you down to size
    and then
    but I'm guessing you've done this kind
    of thing before yeah figure out the
    timing of the lasers then make a move
    when they cycle off exactly I'll go
    nothing like a little danger to get the
    blood pumping hey just keep those baby
    blues of yours on me
    you're doing good
    look they don't call those things
    sweepers for nothing
    I can wipe out a whole squad in seconds
    now if you wipe the floor with them
    we could say his donkey Josh what a hunk
    of junk is a heavy weapons platform and
    we rushed in
    that right it was magic

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    hey good stuff booth let's pin it down
    give it all you got
    of course we decide to get back up so we
    knock it down again no time to complain
    now's our chance go don't fail me twice
    I'm going to join it
    first soldier first class
    I mean your age not too goddamn rank
    though fall I know soldiers rank could
    be the same as his age
    guess that makes you a one-year-old uh
    live and learn
    that's our target the reactor core gotta
    set the bomb at the bottom
    let's get down there
    I can practically taste hurry it up

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    more like excited of it freezes artists
    heads up boys the ins inside more
    capable hands
    good luck
    you're choosing me over the reactor
    that's sweet but oh wait my turn they'll
    blow her mind
    go on shoo not that way
    the nature won't
    deal with that just as much
    that was easy
    let's do this let's do this
    all right let's see if little stamp
    really can bite the hand that feeds go
    on do the honors prove to me you're the
    man t4 says you are that you're one of
    us never said I was I'm just here for
    the Paycheck do the damn job

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    what's wrong I'm fine what about the
    you'll call Merc
    pretty cocky ain't you
    heads up
    hey how do we fight this thing it's got
    reinforced armor plating but the
    internals can be overloaded lightning
    magic no about to come on
    don't overdo it
    the other set of barrier
    without unity and purpose so what you
    are brilliant
    or go down in flames

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    focus on that Court oh now be resembled
    deal with that
    but it didn't work
    we don't take enough solar this
    Kilis bow
    poor shooting alphabet bit
    now it is hard
    oh you're in for now just shoot
    take me
    they're afraid of the air
    deal with that
    watch the tail you don't want to be hit
    by that lesion
    don't get hit take cover behind that's a

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    it's on you to get going if I Hey look
    hey just doing that thank you find cover
    and hunker down again and again and the
    been a while since I had to go all out
    Oh what to do enough in auto repair unit
    damn it we got to take it out quick or
    we're screwed
    I'm gonna blow this
    that's a promise
    the bomb

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    ha you hear that damn thing so Joe is
    done come on we gotta move
    wait we covered our way up
    tough but doable
    let's go
    you okay
    do I look okay help a girl out would ya
    my hero
    hey we'll link up over there look after
    come this way this room should lead us
    straight to Mary probably
    shut up incline
    get your ass up got you come find us the
    way out of here don't worry I'll be fine

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    I've got no board with
    ex-soldier boy they're here cool it five
    seconds is over take the lead
    it's on you
    Friday your
    keep it up
    come easy

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    brace yourself
    here we go
    my fire
    that was easy
    like obviously
    anytime now
    nothing doing
    come on come on come on

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    can you walk
    if I couldn't believe me you'd be the
    first to know I'll take that as a yes
    okay that was pretty cool alright come
    looks like we made it and with nothing
    but a few scratches to show think you
    might overdone it I followed the
    instructions to the letter maybe it
    triggered a reaction with them also well
    let's hope the city's still in one piece
    but the planets what matters right I
    mean this must have helped some after
    all that it had better have anyway let's
    get going we in sector eight that'd be
    just down there
    alright then lead the way
    you got it huh watch out for live wires
    they're everywhere well the air in here
    reeks can't wait to get out in the open
    ma'am what is that I never smelled
    anything so foul oh it's me gotta do
    something about that I'm soon
    I felt that one of my guts they just
    keep on coming
    we need to get out of this place was it

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    the macho density the primary explosive
    the blasting agent hey we can figure
    that out later
    huh I'm running on empty here you can
    refuel at the base next time I'll have
    to bring a little pick-me-up how much
    farther do we have to go not far
    that's about as good a place as any
    stand back then I'll set the bar I can't
    wait to see you Marlene can't wait to
    take a hot shower
    she's good to go
    you should tell those doors it gets in
    my way
    attention all citizens attention all
    citizens this is an alert from the
    stimuli Emergency Operations Center
    unidentified intruders have detonated a
    bomb inside mockery after one multiple
    explosions have been confirmed as well
    as ongoing violence in response a
    disaster warning has been issued in
    don't rip in the area rendering the
    entire center hazard no no way this
    couldn't have been us could it but what
    if it was what's done is done
    mercs right
    it ain't pretty but we can't stop now
    this was just the first reactor and the
    planet won't be safe till we get the
    rest yeah we always knew this was gonna
    get messy and this is only the beginning
    y'all gotta look at the bigger picture
    here nothing worth fighting for was ever
    won without sacrifice though you may not
    be crying out I know you in pain
    just like the planet but it's okay cuz
    I'm here for you to help take the load
    off your shoulders your fears
    your words your concerns and yes your
    whatever your problem I got you

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    so what's her next move boss that's easy
    we get our asses home
    we'll split up and shoot for the last
    train home regroup in the freight car
    got it later then
    hey I'd like my money now
    once we're back at things
    you know
    I don't need to tell you what this is
    right of course not it's healing materia
    you can have it first saving my life
    just doing my job nothing more yeah yeah
    cactus I'm lucky you were there
    survival can be a matter of luck or
    skill you can't rely on luck
    words to live by yeah thanks you do know
    how to use it right you do know what I
    was right
    Oh before I forget here's a little
    something extra for being so right that
    really was the ride of a lifetime
    see you on the train

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    up here look at me I said look up
    careful up here this could collapse at
    any moment if you wanna you'll have to
    use those stairs
    got a patient with has trouble walking
    need a stretcher ASAP to get you to a
    doctor soon
    to the station you can always climb
    those stairs
    to the society
    stations intact

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    it couldn't be
    you're not real you're dead I
    I killed you with my own oh you need not
    remind me
    it was the crowning moment of our time
    but that was then and this is now I have
    a favor to ask our beloved planet is
    dying slowly
    silent Hey
    can you bear to see the planet summer
    or the planet to die
    so many things
    it's so bright the sound
    voice leading this barrier the shiver of

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    her flesh
    that which binds us together would be
    Elmore and I would be loath to live in
    such a world which is why I must ask you
    this one favor don't worry it's a simple
    thing run cloud run away you have to
    leave you have to live very good hold on
    to that hatred I'm seeing things fumes
    from all the Marco maybe all right you
    got this
    they're at the station sure we can try
    the alley but is getting to the station
    really worth breaking our necks over yes
    because we won't order has been issued
    it is not to remain sore
    please leave your residences at once I
    repeat this is an alert on the ship not
    emergency operations an evacuation order
    has been issued
    our area man what a mess the reactor had
    caused numerous ongoing fires many homes
    are everything it is not an evacuation

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    area do what you like I'm taking the
    kids to safety learn the other way we
    stay together
    all those years of instruction
    the fires cat reaches here
    my friends at the station
    don't let the intruder astaire he's
    everywhere the firewall spread this
    you are too weak to save anyone
    not even for yourself are you
    are you I'm fine here
    this is for you flower that's right it's
    a gift you know for scaring those things
    away what things
    never mind think of it as a memento Just
    My Luck
    I heard that you know

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    how much well that depends on the
    customer in your case it's on the house
    huh lovers used to give these when they
    were reunited look I'm involved in
    things dangerous things oh I'm sure you
    are so so keep your distance wait you
    think someone's out to get you
    is that what you're all worked up about
    relax no one's going to attack you I
    hey the Mokka reactor just blew you
    shouldn't be out here trying to sell
    what are they
    and drop your weapon
    are you blind no you're right
    nice meeting you
    sort of a crowd right now
    was never in doubt
    let's go

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    all clear
    anytime now
    these are one
    not bad
    that master couldn't have gotten far
    stay alert

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    all right
    try me
    you're done
    nothing to it
    go ahead
    let's get this over

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    don't let him get away no matter what
    over there
    open fire shoot to kill
    are you excited Jenna
    on underestimate him
    let's do
    not that

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    let's go
    whose never know
    waivered Anderson
    nothing too
    he's here

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    let's finish this
    anytime that
    let's do this
    all right
    here it comes

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    right anytime now
    let's finish
    brace yourself
    so wrong
    let's do this is sector eight unit to
    target is surrounded looking to secure
    wait I know that
    just cloud won't be joining us after all
    no need to assume the worst I'm sure
    he's fine you saw him in action didn't
    you guys a soldier goddamn one-man army
    mm-hmm you think he's a keeper
    yeah no worry for a minute what the hell
    you been up to huh giving public
    security to run around that's why that
    did trot him away from the station some
    Oh nicely done well can't argue with
    results Oh
    wait got a question for you all what
    ever been attacked by an invisible enemy
    wearing robes came and went like the
    wind thought they were invisible they
    were at first only saw them after she
    grabbed me
    a new Shinra weapon maybe more like a
    panic induced hallucination
    never mind forget I said anything
    suit yourself come on let's move up
    a lot of people here and in the freight
    car - because of the evacuation order
    maybe yes we've got a crowd cooperation

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    is appreciated
    there's these right for shame
    on the slums
    of course they are hey cloud I am if
    you're about to unburden yourself don't
    you don't make it easy stop that right
    now just called in sick just leave me
    alone all right
    you're holding up pretty well huh even
    after what we saw at the station and all
    over sector eight
    I'm a soldier Wow why don't you learn
    you're still shaking you get used to it
    something to look forward to or maybe
    not you see my daughter now lives in
    Sector a little help cloud please I
    can't stop thinking about it the bomb I
    made shouldn't have produced an
    explosion that big it doesn't make any
    the explosion triggered a reaction with
    the Mach oh you said so yourself that
    was my first guess but shouldn't the
    reactor have failsafe to prevent that
    kind of thing - you mentioned invisible
    enemies back there right right oh no I'm
    just looking for excuses for something
    that was clearly my own fault gotta own
    up to it if I'm gonna learn from this
    and move on thanks cloud here a good
    what kind of maniacs go so far is to
    bomb a reactor they've yet to announce
    it publicly but I heard it was
    avalanches do anything really aren't
    they the terrorists who tried to kill
    the president is there nothing they
    won't do hey we're talking about us
    everyone knows avalanche only cares
    about saving the planet just just who do
    you think you are a law-abiding

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    concerned citizen ha ha
    fighting really in my humble opinion
    that explosion was a message a message
    to the bastard readin our planet dry
    they got it heard it loud and clear
    y'all's masters we will not submit to
    intimidation or violence but work
    together for peace and prosperity that
    is how civilized people change the world
    that is the Shinra trees in spite words
    is what we believe we all have to follow
    our conscience don't we we should go
    you hear that soot syndrich read my ass
    we're the good guys damn it
    you hear that soup syndrich read my hey
    this train is slower than molasses is
    right they'd probably kill us if they
    knew we were the ones responsible
    I get it if you can't relate
    shower might help long hot wine
    let's get this out of the way personally
    I find visual aids make the dull stuff a
    lot more bearable if it helps think of
    it as an initiation right how many times
    do I have to tell you people I'm not
    there's such a thing as playing too hard
    to get so here we've got a wireframe
    model of the great city of Midgar
    complete with massive steel plates
    suspended 300 metres above ground level
    the top which stands a shining beacon of
    civilization the whole system is
    sustained by the Mokka reactors which
    feed the insatiable appetites of the
    public the drain will be passing through
    an ID checkpoint shortly this here is
    the trains route as you can see it'll
    take us around this main pillar look

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    we're about halfway through it now
    they've set up a checkpoint here to scan
    the IDS of all passengers heading in and
    date of birth residential status
    criminal history all that and more is
    automatically cross-referenced in their
    databases public security wouldn't have
    it any other way
    don't worry our IDs are impeccable
    what'd I tell ya have a little faith
    won't be long till we reach the bottom
    take a good look it's because of that
    great big pizza in the sky that people
    down there gotta struggle to survive
    Shinra sucks up Mach Oh while the soil
    turns to dust the air feels with smog
    and the flowers die then leave and don't
    look back that's what's always worked
    for me
    oh that's all well and good if you only
    out for yourself but the folks down
    there don't have the luxury of choice
    you know
    like this train is suppose there's only
    one way it can go
    bombs detonated one members lost zero
    and one step closer to a brighter future
    lower your voices huh people are
    listening now get some R&R you've earned
    just be ready for the next mission All
    Right see you soon at seventh heaven
    you know where tifo works don't keep
    awaiting to worry

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    not long
    are you sure you haven't seen my husband
    if I did I don't remember office still
    there somehow as long as the trains are
    running it'll be work as usual tomorrow
    he's really tall you'd have no trouble
    spotting him even if he was in a crowd
    he doesn't bring any bad
    no one right now
    what are we even doing here no one in
    their right mind would go into a train
    graveyard at night people talk
    rumors spread and kids get curious
    speaking of which you hear it was
    supposedly a ghost not a monster
    must've been seeing things
    a reactor bombing
    I'm going on a ghost
    office still there let's go someplace
    train services happen
    when I put it in charge of my stand I
    told them son
    is to make people happy
    just enough fried March hand forward
    hear me out no words can describe
    apparently Shinra thinks it's a group
    called avalanche that's what I heard on
    the train anyway avalanche that sounds
    uh-huh what kind of person bombs a
    reactor the kind of person who goes
    around putting up fliers all over the
    slums I expect
    I've never felt the ground shake like
    that shinra huh

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    ma KO is the lifeblood of the planet you
    know the hell it is goddamn eco-warriors
    with their dumbass posters I tear them
    down and they're back up inside of an
    hour like I've got nothing better to do
    I mean look at all that steel work
    you're trying to tell me that's not
    progress you okay buddy
    ma Co junkie huh Vickers
    you again
    that hot shower can't come soon enough I
    can barely tell my skin from all the ash
    and sweat when I get back it's
    refuelling time and you Jessie
    I don't know figure out how I screwed up
    huh you're such a kidder
    this is real it's not a movie how long's
    it gonna keep burning able to reach the
    building on your own please contact the
    nearest Shinra employee for assistance
    Domino in work no freakin way put that
    fire out idiots I was there yesterday
    Marlene that's right angel I have you
    been a good girl oh you did did you
    well well you made it huh where'd you
    get that I can't remember the last time
    I saw a real one how sweet when did you
    get so thoughtful a guy can change it
    has been five years huh

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    I need to talk to Barrett right come on
    daddy the maca plays blew up everyone on
    TV is talking about it don't you worry
    about all that silliness daddy's here
    and he's not going anywhere tonight
    turn that thing off let's get you to bed
    hey don't you think you're doing scaring
    my daughter like that strangers that's
    right honey God do say that what a good
    girl you are remembering daddy's lessons
    you know what else good girls do they go
    to bed on time come on I want to talk
    some more daddy
    mmm all right but just this once uh
    southern what can I get you my money I'm
    still waiting on it uh afraid about that
    we should talk outside
    the people who died I'll return to the
    planet of course
    let that be a lesson to you
    before we get on to money there's an
    empty apartment in a place just down the
    road it's nothing fancy but I was
    thinking you could stay there for now
    the landlady is a big friend of the
    cause so you wouldn't even have to pay
    rent sound good
    sure does Thanks follow me then how was
    it up on the plate it was chaotic sorry
    for driving home in two ounces it was
    wrong of me to put you in danger like
    that I promise I won't do it again
    dangerous part of the job don't worry
    about me I'll try always happy to help
    stick at the Shinra so you make nice

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    with everyone as much as I could all
    things considered maybe not enough for
    them good you had me worried you're not
    exactly a people person I'll give you
    I saw sector 8 on the news it was like a
    war zone the news is just another Shinra
    mouthpiece I'll spread whatever lies
    Shinra tells him to oh right
    and here we are good ol stargazer
    Heights you're on the second floor room
    201 here is where I sleep don't have
    time for much else what with seventh
    heaven and all not even time to decorate
    here's your room - OH - don't worry I
    already told the landlady about you
    you did yes oh I mean I told her I had a
    friend looking for a place to stay was
    that too much no it's fine
    and this that one's uh no what
    it's getting late I'll introduce you
    it's a little bare but should be enough
    to get you through the night if you want
    anything else we can always rent one
    thing my money you guys only 2000
    remember I do and we'd love to settle up
    especially since this was your first job
    for us
    but that's it sorry we spent the rest
    preparing for the mission that really is
    it but not for long
    I'm collecting money for filters
    tomorrow so I can pay you after and
    you're sure about that
    of course as long as you help that is
    wait then I'd have to pay you for that
    too never mind no mm enough that's what
    we agreed on so that'll be the price
    with what you gave me at least 1,500
    you're the best I'll see you bright and
    early at the bar then thanks again for
    sleep tight

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    guess it's time for introductions
    hey you okay in there
    coming in
    your packet size
    what are you doing to Marco this is his
    apartment he's got a few problems but
    he's not a bad guy the landlady asked me
    to check on him now and then to make
    sure he's okay
    can I ask you to do the same sure

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    well now you must be cloud I'm Mara your
    landlady so how'd you like the place you
    from up on high I've been around I'll
    bet no matter all kinds come through
    with all kinds of reasons if you ever
    need an ear to bend I'll lend you mine
    can be about anything even Tifa what's
    she to you
    the granddaughter I never had and if you
    hurt her I'll take it out of your hide
    you hear me loud and clear
    go now you'd best get a move on to
    seventh heaven she's got a head start on
    you and then some
    come on quit lollygagging and go to
    seventh heaven already nothing to report
    maintaining surveillance my husband
    decided to go to the States
    the product makes a huge difference just
    hmmm looking good
    chili beans get chili beans a sector
    seven favorite how about it
    y'all won't find better beans inside of
    the plate both puns about you didn't
    if so many people just don't get

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    planet is a living thing
    Juma's brain
    morning hey just so you know Marlene's
    still asleep
    let the down to business shall we
    her these water filters won't replace
    themselves although the next batch
    probably could if Jessi put her mind to
    it most every home in the area has one
    folks love them because they practically
    eliminate the rotten egg smell
    honestly they make us more money than
    this place and it's easy money too we
    bring new filters collect the old ones
    and get paid what give me a break
    I'm not a Salesman I'm a soldier
    which is why no one will refuse to pay
    what do you say please
    let's get this over with great and while
    we're at it I'll give you the Grand Tour
    go ahead and keep whatever recline
    seeing as you didn't bring any luggage
    I'm guessing there stuff you need to buy
    Thanks and don't worry we'll pay you the
    different sounds
    Barrett's out making us groans - hey
    they're here to change out your water
    filter keep the baby how you doin I've
    been waiting for you to see clouds in
    charge of collections they'll take your
    time sounds like a pretty sweet gig if
    you ever need someone to fill then
    in your dreams maybe since we're here
    maybe we should do a little shopping
    suppose I can take a look

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    Thanks if you ever in the market for
    anything else drop on by especially if
    teef is with you we'll see you around
    okay I'd let us know when your filter
    next needs changing
    all the items you can walk straight from
    the place no matter your needs are your
    budget he's a regular stock up here and
    he might throw in a free beer too
    are you maybe well you could try being a
    little nicer to get free not my
    style our next stop is stargazer Heights
    plan ladies a client just met her then
    you know what to expect
    remember she's a good friend of
    avalanche so be nice please
    just imagine if rich people start
    thinking of safer down apparently it was
    done by a terrorist group called
    nothing's your report painting
    surveillance hey Mauro got some filters
    for you
    Siva my dear dear girl Oh what's he
    doing here working be nice
    clouds helping me with collections you'd
    better take care of her I'm pretty good
    at taking care of myself you know that I
    do still better him than you know charm
    no wit big sword but no skills I've got
    skills be nice I'm doing my best
    you're looking awfully glum are you
    getting enough sleep a good long rest
    secure anything I tell you a
    tried-and-true lesson for life on the
    ground floor am i right back to you law
    now your money thanks pearl you take
    care of yourself don't do anything I
    wouldn't do
    Mauro's great she helped get me set up
    back in the day you give or take a short
    hang but never mind that
    we've got to get you here money last
    stop is the weapons store don't try
    anything funny or you'll get the kids
    seem to think you're pretty cool hmm hey
    that last filter didn't do we're so
    sorry about that hopefully this one will
    work better save your excuses and get
    out all right if you could just settle

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    your bill
    we'll be on our way the hell you
    charging me for your busted-ass goods my
    associate handles payment disputes I
    think you can mosey up in here and have
    it your way
    pretty please thank you very much seeing
    as we're done with our rounds and you've
    got a small fortune now why not take a
    gander at the weapons well when will
    Barrett be back with the rest before we
    open up tonight it'll be a while yet so
    what do you want to do don't really know
    in that case I've got a suggestion I
    want to hear it if you're serious about
    becoming a merc then you're going to
    need to start making connections it's
    not what you know but who you know you
    know hmm another lesson for life on the
    ground floor yep
    connections get you jobs jobs build your
    rep and more rep gets you better
    connections how do I start hmm why not
    help out the neighborhood watch they're
    mostly volunteers but you'll get to know
    people yeah okay
    didn't see anybody at the office so
    let's head up top no better way to keep
    you and your family safe and with a
    weapon of your own come and check out
    our selection
    we gotta do something about the monsters
    on scrap Boulevard I'll head on down
    there first thing tomorrow huh didn't
    know you were holding down the fort huh
    oh hey cloud looking at join the
    neighborhood watch that depends what is
    this neighborhood watch do um lots of
    stuff really and our top priority is
    taking care of any beasts that wander
    into town that teaching the locals how
    to defend themselves like they say the
    only one who will look out for you is
    you clouds a great fighter but only we
    know that if no one knows him no one
    will hire him thought if he joined the
    watch he could get his name out there
    that would work for everybody
    truth be told we could really use your
    help we can't pay you in kill but we'll
    work something out for example what
    about your sword I could mod it for you
    no thanks it's fine just the way it is
    what you some kind of purist I know I'd
    never pass up a chance to improve Mikey
    hood come on at least let me show you
    how it's done

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    all set needless to say we'll have to
    try it out to appreciate the difference
    thanks huh we'll do you one better
    spread the word to everyone who listen
    about the new Merkin town between him
    and wedge there isn't anyone they don't
    know I'll march through the street
    singing your praises even on an empty
    so where are these monsters scrap
    good hunting hey cloud I'll come with no
    I've got this but you don't know the way
    do you read on
    sure thing I know these streets better
    than anyone
    scratch Boulevard is out west past the

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    barricades supposed to keep the monsters
    are starting anyway we should prepare
    just in case
    searching for candidates wedge mention
    wedge mentioned that swords mess good
    luck teeth and be careful
    here's fat syllabi I can see why
    monsters it feel right at home
    and the more we pile up the more they
    show up
    there's our first show me what you've
    got cloud
    so that soldier looks like an action
    this was just a warm
    come on

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    you're good at this charging in like
    it's nothing
    you to it's a little surprising well
    I've been here five years now
    you don't look out for yourself no one
    else will by the way that one's gonna be
    on the test this is a lesson gotta learn
    if you're gonna stick around okay let's
    wrap this up
    all right I think that might be the last
    of them you won't stay gone for long of
    course not even so folks will be
    grateful for the peace and quiet in the
    meantime a wins a win you know true
    trust me it'll do wonders for your rep
    right let's go check in with biggs and
    that swords mask searching for you just

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    opened up shopping huh ain't got nothing
    for a punk-ass like you get on out
    of here
    no better way to keep you and your
    family safe
    back already got every last one - now
    the slum should be safe you guys are
    machines good job meanwhile we told
    everyone we could about you
    so I heard I've got to ask though what
    did you tell them it's all right all you
    gotta do is keep up the good work it'll
    pay off soon enough I promise
    how's the sword by the way good glad to
    hear it seems like the perfect fit for
    you yeah we've been through a lot oh you
    okay I'm fine been meaning to ask after
    you left the village it's a long story
    I've got time why don't you tell me all
    about it while we try to wrestle up some
    more work for you that sounds great I'll
    come too I know you won't no fair
    think about it for a second they haven't
    seen each other in years you'd be a
    third wheel yeah hey before we get back
    to it why don't you check out the
    weapons no need come on the dealers
    probably heard all about you by now
    might treat you better I don't know
    about that
    you hear someone got rid of all the
    no better way to keep you and your
    family safe
    hold on heard there's a merc that'll
    take on any monsters do the man word
    spreads fast around here what if I enter
    sorry about before I get antsy when
    business is slow man in your line of
    work needs weapons now why not try that
    one on for size

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    yours on the house badass like you
    rockin my weapons is good advertising
    think about it fine
    or if you want to take a look at
    something else just to look
    don't be a stranger
    since you've got yourself a new weapon
    let's see if we can't put it to good use
    come on let's go chat up weimar whoo
    the guy who tracks all the requests that
    come to the watch you never know
    good toss some work your way where's he
    yet oh he should be back at the office
    by now

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    monsters searching for candidates hey
    Deva you need a helping hand actually I
    wanted to introduce you to an old friend
    of mine
    this is cloud he's a merc don't say
    we're always on the lookout for
    experienced fighters to help us deal
    with the bigger critters I'll take on
    anything for the right price that is
    experienced den cocky huh if it's a
    challenge you want I might have a few
    good ones your clients can fill you in
    on the detail prove yourself at these
    jobs and I'll see if I can't find you
    some more Thanks
    candidate detected performing physical
    analysis sizeable weapon excellent
    cardiovascular health and impressive
    lung capacity perfectly balanced muscle
    and bone structure an optimal candidate
    my name is Chad Lee I'm an intern for
    shinra's research and development
    division I hope you'll be interested in
    helping me with my research please
    accept this as a down payment I would
    like you to set that assess materia and
    your equipment and use it to gather
    intelligence in battle this data will
    help me to develop new types of material
    I'm not interested in working for Shinra
    you should know that I work actively to
    undermine shinra's efforts I'm sure you
    of all people can appreciate the
    tremendous power of materia as well as
    how it might be wielded against your
    corporate enemies and if you later
    decide that I am not worthy of your
    trust you can do what you do best I will
    hold you to that
    excellent then we shall work together so
    long as you deem fit once you've
    completed your task please return and
    report to me
    please set the orb of assess materia to
    your equipment and use it to gather
    battling you'll never want for work
    around here if you prove yourself useful
    is Marlene with you no oh okay that was
    kind of hoping she did how we'll find my

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    friends I know someone who can help you
    this guy right here really okay let me
    tell you all about them they have long
    arms and legs and they're a little
    skinny they light places where there's
    food and nice people who get them treats
    with mass and small spaces oh yeah and
    they're all cats I'm looking for cats
    they're friendly so if you call them
    they'll come running all three of them
    bye my friends please
    they love padded places like the road to
    the station a lot of people stop to play
    with them there what's the source of all
    life the light stream right
    what canned goods
    think we could get someone did you hear
    that just now I think what everybody's
    nuts might be nearby a wonderful Nettles
    Oh Russian and drop your tools did you
    hear that your arm no I think studies
    cats might be nearby
    ah that was definitely a cat I wonder if
    it's one of Betty's
    I swear I just
    don't take your eyes hey what are you
    doing here
    come on I'll be in touch I'm trying to
    get a cat to come out it snatched one of
    my pastries and scurried in there will

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    you be a dear and lend me a hand
    this sucks
    screw this
    and they ran away so never gonna see
    them again you guys they said that a
    scary man was chasing them
    that went well could be you found your
    calling was alright I guess
    think of each job as an opportunity not
    to make money but to build connections
    it's not what you know but who you
    remembered not a patient teacher maybe
    not so patient next time oh boy
    oh there should have finished collecting
    his share of the money by now so what do
    you want to do head back to the bar live
    stream next item on the Friends of
    freshness agenda
    so your merchants wind up scrap
    Boulevard water cats
    they're nothing
    do that
    worked up a good sweat

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    this won't take long
    I got
    it's on you
    you're good at this told yourself
    this won't take long
    to that
    allow me
    would kill for a shower that should be
    enough Intel for the kid
    cloud you were the first to gather the
    data I requested here is the rest of
    your payment I have developed new
    material would you like to see it
    I plan to develop more materia in the
    future together we can harness enough
    power to take down Shinra I'll keep
    repairing more battle Intel reports
    which I hope you will assist me in
    what was thinking I'm a chatterbox so
    they blew up a reactor

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    my husband decided to go nah man
    hey there Tifa welcome back and you the
    new mercantile looking for work right
    yeah in that case maybe you could do
    something about the doom rats them and
    they're where rat buddies have been
    tearing up town looking for food and
    got into the store and made one hell of
    a mess let me tell you oh you think
    that's funny do you don't like I saw you
    crack a smile
    well do the job and you can laugh it up
    for all I care
    anyway they're probably nesting in the
    outskirts now I've heard a wear red and
    peen I call its friends for help and the
    whole Rat Pack will come running just
    like that
    I gotcha now
    deal with that
    they come on
    you're out
    no I don't see me doing rats around what
    do you think should we wait you know
    this might be a waste of time let's head
    back to the store and touch base for now
    the leader of the Rat Pack is the worst
    of a mom the loudest most obnoxious
    squeaking Johnny liked to mimic it until
    we told him to cut that out
    hello hello Oh what do we have here I'm
    guessing you're that merc I've heard so

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    much about you're not here to shop are
    you people were right you look like you
    can handle yourself
    so some Drake's have made themselves at
    home in the abandoned Telugu Factory
    can't have that kind of trouble around
    here my regulars will do anything to get
    their hands on the scrap in there and if
    they run into those Drake's they could
    get hurt I'll handle it much obliged sir
    head on over to the old Telugu Factory
    and talked in Arjun he's the watchman
    guarding the entrance good luck
    I'm counting on you my friend
    narge ins the one with all the details
    don't forget to stock up before you go
    solid gold
    well that's too much to handle I'm just
    messing with you apparently took out
    somewhere rats which is nice and all but
    the job was to wipe off the doom rats
    no biggie get back out there and finish
    the job
    and we're good don't look so good it's
    only a matter of time until they show
    you'll get him this time for sure
    don't overdo it
    payback give your best no holding back
    call the night
    let's do it right

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    your joy
    all right
    this one's gonna haunt me
    finally managed to get those doom rats
    huh thanks guys
    you're the greatest was so dead in here
    I thought I might have to close up shop
    for good hey got an idea here Mia if the
    guy who took care of the towns rat
    problem told everybody where he liked to
    shop well what is saying I'll make it
    worth your while of course give you some
    incentive top you up to Weimer and my
    customers and anybody else who listen
    you'll be swimming in the word before
    you know it yeah sure
    okay then that's what I like to hear
    7/7 the new Merkin town in my little
    store I can see it now we're gonna clean
    people are counted so ease the rest
    something's wrong
    let's check it out glad we no longer
    have a rat problem birds like
    it's the planets of living

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    there are monsters on the plate too
    right nope the factory's off-limits
    factories off-limits Drake's have been
    spotted inside huh wait a minute Tifa
    don't tell me you're here to take care
    of those things are you in that case be
    my guest
    we believe there's at least two groups
    lurking somewhere inside the factory
    find in column all
    this won't take long
    allow me
    here we go
    let's go
    we're dead

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    keep those gloves up
    keep it together
    deal with that
    you're good at this told you so
    locked up tight
    let's in this quick

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    was never in doubt
    they're nothing
    that's a win
    got rid of those Drake's in the factory
    did you what a relief I can't wait to
    give my regulars the good news you're
    the real deal all right
    keep it up and I can see you going far
    as a merc in this town I've worked with
    my fair share over the years so believe
    me when I say that I know what I'm
    talking about
    anyway you're needed over at the pillar
    apparently another flying bastard
    stirring up trouble but you can't get
    enough of this huh well now I get it
    if you're good at something might as
    well make it your living may not know
    you I know a man who's found his calling
    when I see one
    keep at it I switch out my stock every
    so often so drop by when you're in the
    neighborhood huh
    I'll bet a lot of people are talking
    about you right now there's this amazing
    murk who can handle anything nothing
    I've done around here has been all that
    special though oh so you want more of a
    challenge huh
    welcome lo is getting a new stuff to
    keep up with the latest trends
    you won't be disappointed

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    always a pleasure oh if you're planning
    to might want to buy some extra supplies
    first welcome let me know if you need
    always a pleasure if you're planning to
    might want to buy some extra supplies to
    guests menu reserved dealt with those
    that wasn't me who put in the request
    but as a resident of covert street I
    appreciate what you did
    stay away from me settle down
    get off me I didn't do the
    sugar clunk or what huh
    screw you sugar warehouse so public
    security started asking questions and
    you know how Johnny gets it's because of
    the reactor bombing I bet I could be
    wrong but something tells me they're not
    gonna set up for just rough
    we've got to save him cloud is he
    avalanche no he doesn't really know what
    we do but he has his suspicions and he's
    a talker
    actually you know what maybe I should go
    I'm coming are you sure it's the least I
    can do
    lead on Thanks
    come on
    together again
    I'll add you no longer have a ruble
    come on
    we entreat of tomamos citizen of Midgar
    model citizens don't steal blasting
    agent so why don't you tell me why
    you're Heidi puck when we were going
    over the warehouse logs
    we're out

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    I swear all he had to do was keep his
    mouth shut
    yep anyway you distract the officers and
    I'll figure something out
    let him go hmm what were you the cavalry
    said said I think it is oh hell yeah you
    guys really came to save me
    picture doing
    here we go
    no holding back
    anytime next let's do this
    so is it over yo anybody there than help
    well what now he's a talker huh whoa
    whoa no you're not gonna wait you want
    to live and get the hell out of town you
    got it boss you ain't never gonna see my
    face again I swear are you sure about
    this it's a big risk I know but it's
    fine and then no more cloud you're
    scaring me

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    we need to go before they wake up
    I I'm worried about Johnny I'm more
    worried about us we got to go right
    what it's just you've really changed how
    I suppose it's yeah your eyes they used
    to be less
    it's the macho soldier remember I
    remember so what do you want to do now
    head back to the bar or do you want to
    tackle another job or two
    seriously I'm sorry but it's outside our
    jurisdiction show some spine yes sir
    ma'am if you don't leave at once I will
    be forced to arrest you
    oh yeah go ahead Tifa you won't believe
    this a cerulean drink blew in from the
    train graveyard but these two clowns
    refused to get up their butts and do
    anything about it
    hey is that it is you the new merc then
    maybe you can help us out the trick is
    in the old Telugu factory over there but
    to reach it you'll need to get a hold of
    a watch security key you should be able
    to find one inside one of the crates
    I forget which just smash them all
    we a rather aggressive month working

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    pushing it
    just like that okay
    when you talk
    let's do this
    worked up a good sweat
    that the key yeah
    let's in this quick
    no only enough is never in doubt
    coming through
    deal with that I got this
    yura hang bad

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    allow me
    don't overdo it
    watch yourself I got this
    brace yourself
    keep those gloves up sure thing coach
    and there he is I knew you were the
    right man for the job
    there's no denying you're the real deal
    not like these idiots with their excuses
    rather have one of you than twenty of
    them they're just doing their jobs can't
    expect them to be at your beck and call
    what exactly is it you're trying to say
    Marc you need people who can follow
    orders too I see now heard you were
    action ah guess I shouldn't be surprised
    you'd go to bat for your old buddies me
    I'm just looking out for my people all
    there is to it hell with you we could
    take care of this town ourselves no more
    marks or Shinra we'll build up the watch
    and kick you all out

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    you're a real one-man army
    so this
    so he's the rest
    who's gonna jump on that end
    hey you got another job for you America
    holding a fat man's business a certain
    shopkeeper told me you paid him a visit
    thanks for helping him out just so
    happens there's another job I'd like to
    offer you now that I know you can handle
    yourself in a fight you got a real
    killer on the loose you see a rabid
    catch dog maybe you've heard people
    talking about
    Shinra mutt gone feral a sighting was in
    scrapped Boulevard think you're up to it
    I'll handle it you're a lifesaver
    dad anyone else around here stands a
    chance go get him but I have to tell you
    that I'm grateful for all of your help
    thus far
    I've done it I've developed a new
    I look forward to receiving all of your
    future battle Intel submissions
    so anyone who thought that he was

    Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

    don't get yourself hurt
    come into it
    I got your number
    I see
    Bobby try me
    anytime now
    Keitha hey cloud
    I drove to have in the
    coming through
    anytime now

    Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00

    now's our chance
    you're good at this told yourself
    took care of the dog did you shoot we
    owe you one gotta say I've never seen a
    Shinra breed like that before out of
    curiosity when exactly did it show up Oh
    today the first reports came in just
    this morning why do you ask
    wait a minute is this crazy story about
    a Shinran research lab he didn't right
    beneath our feet under slums huh really
    that's news to me and here I thought you
    might know something I don't
    well I guess not it's a big organization
    I'm sure there's lots of Secrets I don't
    know yeah fair enough you got the
    bastard that's good enough for me
    okay then that's another solid gig in
    the books you know the whole town is
    really impressed with what you've done
    keep it up and you'll have enough work
    to keep you fed for a lifetime well
    thanks to you and don't you forget it
    so where do we get paid the shop or
    something yeah but why don't we head
    back to the apartments first take a
    quick breather which lesson was that
    lesson one got it anyway

    Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00

    let's go
    watch she's saying they're gonna huh
    someone's back awful early
    not that I mind would you two be dears
    and swap your filters out for me
    I left them in your rooms sure thing not
    so fast you do me a favor she needs a
    friend a real friend we're already
    friends so when she talks are you really
    listening thinking about her and her
    feelings or are you just going through
    the motions
    go on
    let's take care of this real quick okay
    come over when you're done
    give me one sec I'll be done in a bit Oh
    finally so after you left the village
    hmm I let you off the hook before back
    at the hall but not this time
    hmm well when we were kids everybody
    wanted to be a soldier right yeah I
    remember they were on the news every day
    during the war thing is by the time I
    finally made it in they didn't need
    heroes anymore there was nothing like
    what we dreamt of was just working for

    Watch video from 201:00 - 204:00

    Shinra just
    I'm sorry I know it's a touchy subject
    not exactly small talk especially with
    someone you haven't seen in a while I
    get it
    still it's kind of funny us going our
    separate ways thinking that must be it
    that we'd never meet again and then here
    of all places we do you know what we
    should totally celebrate let's dress up
    and hit the town
    I mean why not it'll be fun
    do you even have fancy clothes not like
    fancy fancy but I'll figure something
    out what do you think would suit me huh
    something exotic oh really then again if
    we're making an effort
    be sure to pick an outfit that goes with
    mine okay
    will do this is gonna be so much fun
    you'll see yeah maybe
    oh and on that happy note I think it's
    time we head back to the bar come on uh
    you don't need a break
    honestly I'm feeling pretty good morale
    isn't always right you know
    hey Mauro we took care of the filters so
    we're gonna head back to the bar now
    take care you two oh you're looking
    pretty chipper I don't feel that
    different must be my imagination then
    anyway keep your wits about you Merc
    a token of my appreciation be good to

    Watch video from 204:00 - 207:00

    apparently it was just imagine keeping
    your nose to the grindstone huh I've got
    just the thing for a go-getter like you
    no Russian Deepa let me stop by later
    you gonna bless us with your cocoa
    I've chatted with that married guy
    afield and here we are you must be tired
    same as you I guess could use a little
    something to take the edge off right how
    about a refreshing cocktail made by
    yours truly that you can sit back and
    save her Tifa yeah I'm feeling it a bit
    too hey do you think you'll stick around
    a little longer maybe work for a minute
    build up some savings I see so what'll
    it be wanna head back out for a little
    yeah why not
    well you want a head inside
    we're back did you have fun lots of fun
    hey need y'all downstairs uh right now
    then the plan is Marley one of a week
    for Jesse out front okay looks like
    we're officially on for tomorrow night
    then gotta go over the details with the
    others before you do about my pack get
    your money so sit down and shut up until
    we're finished
    double-time Tifa
    I'm really sorry but it shouldn't take
    much longer
    in the meantime grab a seat

    Watch video from 207:00 - 210:00

    what'll it be
    I don't know something hard and bitter
    well most people would say something
    sweet right about now
    I'm sure they would ah but you're a more
    discerning customer aren't you
    in which case
    our house special the Cosmo Canyon
    beautiful I gotta go
    hey you see the news the reactor bombing
    was the work of the Eco extremist group
    Avalanche public enemy number one gets
    your heart racing doesn't it they don't
    know our faces so we're in the clear for
    now but we'll want to capitalize on this
    momentum speaking of which you coming on
    the next one for the right price oh you
    can bet I'll be pushing hard for a race
    TfL will be joining us too but I don't
    know even a blind man can see her
    heart's not in it
    she was never on board with the bombings
    so if it comes down to do or die if I've
    got to put my life in someone else's
    hands I'd rather that someone was a
    professional like you
    could still kill some time

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay on PS4 PRO. This Final Fantasy 7 ...


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    1. Thank the good lord there is no commentary, I'm so sick of big YouTubers talking through lets play with the over exaggerated voice trying to make things more entertaining to their tween audience.

    2. Jessie: -Just… bear with him for me, would you? 🙂
      Cloud: >_>
      Barret: Yeah! ;D *starts flexing
      Cloud: Should've asked for more money… -__-
      Barret: >:I

    3. I remember the pops of my uncle Dan thymus having a cope of the original ps1 copy of this game, great classic anime adventure, also importance of eco conservation and fight for all freedoms

    4. One thing I appreciate about this playthrough is how you take the time to explore and really feel the world at certain moments.

      Thank you for the upload!


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