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    SearchThisVideo: FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FF7 REMAKE)

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    well here we go I wanted to make this
    intro kind of something cool I won't
    take too long hopefully but since the
    last I guess the last series was rosin
    evil 3 obviously but in the middle of
    recording that series I have a daughter
    now so I was at the hospital crying a
    couple days ago I actually got this game
    in my email the night she was born so I
    don't know this is kind of sentimental
    to me plus this game is something I grew
    up playing and I just I don't know I'm
    gonna dedicate this to her he's gonna
    give away two copies this game both for
    ps4 if you had a chance once you liked
    the video leave a comment if when you
    found my channel I'm gonna tell you
    right now I hope to see this day if we
    had like 30 or 40,000 likes in the first
    24 hours I will spam this game like i
    did resident 3 and doom eternals so
    anyways this is awesome my video
    structure shouldn't change really I mean
    she sleeps a lot right now so and every
    other games been delayed this year so
    we'll see what happens but you guys rock
    best audience ever let's get this

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    get down here murk
    all right let's get it the destruction
    of Mako reactor one Oh
    who goes there uro so now obviously this
    is the same thing as the demo but I
    wanted to see what they actually changed
    from that but kind of go over everything
    I played the demo a couple of times I
    don't struggle with the first big boss
    fight by not using like lightning and
    stuff so hopefully you're coming with
    oh I know you can set shortcuts I don't
    know if any that's available at the
    start of this right now okay no it's not
    man menu yeah
    after a little bit I can set shortcuts
    I'll do that two minute cooling to help
    hands where I can see them
    have fun
    all right
    ATP gauge fills as time passes by teki
    up three thanks still the same that we
    shoot go ahead so essentially what
    happens here and I think they actually
    said it yeah raver let's go oh man
    there's shortcuts like it automatically
    got a few things on it that are
    essential so all right here we go
    not in battle you can check the map okay
    nice I kind of piers that's where you
    supposed to go alright let's check
    everything out here we go they get a
    chance to look at all this a lots let me
    see what else we got items I don't think
    I need either fire right now everything
    that's really like essential is on here
    maybe I'll put a I don't know what I
    need here I guess just this for now I
    mean it's better than nothing I suppose
    I just got out of the menu looks and
    everything he has fire nothing really
    essential to this right now but this is
    stuff I didn't really get a chance to
    show off in the demo we will see this a
    lot I'm sure throughout the game I'm
    curious how far they're gonna go into
    the original game you know
    you got this yeah what he said oh
    they're gone
    all right guarding innovating so it
    reduces amount of damage suffered but
    also charges your ACB gauge you're
    coming with died out a little bit
    practice that does so much damage
    I was about to do the listen em on down

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    think we're good
    what kind of explore as much as I can as
    well cuz he's like chests are everywhere
    now they were in the demo here we go the
    opening cutscene didn't actually give
    you everything in the demo either I'm
    pretty sure it was a little different at
    least parts of it were like the very
    very beginning guys get back you ever
    get it's kind of a funny time like I
    know I have a daughter now and I'm
    playing games I grew up playing Final
    Fantasy 7 came out 97 if I'm not
    mistaken I think that's right
    I could be wrong I don't know and then
    resin evil 3 came out in 99 and I'm you
    know playing the remakes of both of
    those games right now which is just it's
    just kind of funny moments so alright
    here we go
    oh wait hold on let me just nevermind
    we're talking
    so what's soldier boy steel is he one of
    us now
    he's cup falls this what was his name
    cloud Cloud Strife right and he isn't a
    soldier anymore still he's a
    professional unlike the rest of us I'm
    glad to have him this is a one-time gig
    when it's done we're done all right real
    joy to work with though okay Biggs and
    Jesse paint a potion think I missed a
    few of these things in the original
    things or the demo I mean
    her even the same give it a rest
    come on nobody do something this crazy
    just for money they may not think you're
    a true believer but you know what I
    think that interested
    you better be worth the money mark every
    last Gill
    that's an iconic man that's such a cool
    little spot right there
    all right if we'll trade the reactor
    don't mind if I do specific targets okay
    yeah get a boy just to lock on stuff
    guess you're all right let's get this

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I don't know much tracking it has
    all right stay still nope all right
    we're good
    I like I'm a guard dogs amazing get
    ready here we go
    all right we're good
    wasn't too bad let's go I won't use
    potions up in Dutch I saved some stuff I
    know that first ball slate my goal for
    this video is to get past where I was in
    the demo which obviously that demo is
    like an hour long so I kind of wonder
    house fire would you hear command menu
    let's try it
    for the Deaf not not a lot but it does
    stagger let's go problem
    alright we're good not bad I'm still
    look around a little bit there is a lot
    of stuff that I they they may have puts
    more stuff in here since the demo I
    really don't know
    and I won't be playing the full game by
    the way now that everything matters I'm
    actually really excited because I don't
    know I'm just curious how far the games
    gonna take us because I don't think
    we'll get to see Syd high-wind or
    whatever his name was
    that would be nice he was my favorite
    character in the game his I can't I
    think it was just like his hum it breaks
    for nuts and I like the little area you
    that you actually discover him you know
    red 13's got to be in this because he
    was kind of early on I just wonder if
    we're actually gonna get out of Midgar
    that's that's the curiosity I have right
    now hmm this way not so fast
    we've got company these guard dogs are
    relentless try to keep
    all right get that one guy
    no can't see anything but we out here
    brace yourself over let's get it at
    Punisher mode is disgusting it does so
    much damage and it staggers everything
    so much quicker it seems

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    gained more potions how many we up to
    now I'm just curious 13 okay I remember
    add a lot when I fought the boss I want
    to use them but I don't want to waste
    them just yet
    man I love that attack stand there take
    it if you want fine with me
    was never in doubt I like braver better
    than the rust attack is the first attack
    it's I don't know it doesn't seem like
    it does as much damage and I don't know
    they they don't fit
    neither of them track really well but I
    flex prefer braver
    what here we go
    I'm gonna check over here really quick
    just to make sure no all right we're
    good so I wonder how they're gonna do
    this I know with like the stuff going on
    in the world right now I just wonder how
    how well this game's gonna do and will
    it give us another section of Final
    Fantasy sevens it's kind of my worry
    right now soldiers may attack on command
    but I hear they make good guard dogs too
    that you've seen a few reactors so how
    do we get to the bridge above Makos
    storage ain't holding out on me are you
    stamp scared to bite the hand that fed
    him or is he a loyal little doggie have
    it your way mutt we can do this with you
    or we can do this without you different
    reactor different layout depends when it
    was built
    I've never seen one like this but I'll
    in three two damn I good
    Luther door
    it's season that's my life
    Vanessa class 6 all into alright
    switching modes every character has a
    unique ability which you can activate
    clouds mode shift you can switch between
    his balance operator mode his attack
    oriented Punisher mode I mean are you
    know that moves slowly but unleashes
    more deadly blows launches a counter
    blow every time he attacks enemies or or
    he guards against ok he cannot however
    guard against range attacks or melee ok

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    that is awesome love it
    I mean should I use a potion let's move
    I feel like I should it's a good thing I
    know someone who can get us the
    passcodes hey do you know what else that
    command will talk to us but what can you
    do and we're good
    careful in there I got this place
    covered I keep looking down at my hands
    I got the bands from the room I was able
    my daughter when she was first born
    it's just so surreal I don't want to
    take them off yet I don't know I just
    want to keep him off ah let's see what
    Barrett says security is only going to
    get tighter so be ready we can't afford
    any more mistakes all right so you know
    Tifa right it's not really my business
    but are you guys close
    are you ignoring me
    t-phone hi
    these sewer rats appear to call
    themselves avalanche sir we are
    currently investigating whether they
    belong to the same group that made the
    attempt on your life rest assured our
    inquiries will not take much longer
    this palm sole purpose is to drain the
    planet drive while you sleep
    why are you eat while you sit it's here
    sucking up Marco
    it doesn't rest and it doesn't care you
    do realize what Marco is don't you Marco
    is the lifeblood of our world the planet
    bleeds green like you and me bleed red

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    there you thinks gonna happen when it's
    all gone huh
    answer me you gonna stand there and
    pretend you can't hear the planet crying
    out in pain I know you can you really
    hear that damn straight I do get help
    say that again
    I'd worry less about the planet and more
    about the next five seconds save the
    screaming for later
    our lives on the line now you listening
    Merc one false move and that happens
    well so much for having cloud do all the
    fighting there are some places a sword
    just can't reach just bear with him for
    me would you should have asked for more
    Barrett Wallace is join the party
    all right utilizes our specializes in
    range attacks holding down overcharge
    let's get it deliver a heavy hitting
    attack that fills a large portion of his
    ATV gauge once Unleashed it uh takes a
    long time I would recharge okay I wanted
    to see some really quick hold on already
    no that's I'm trying to well now let me
    go to the menu oh I think I have to
    finish a little portion before I can do
    abilities let's try focus shot
    we should assume that things like a one
    come on
    I can switch different characters to
    ping on the battle situation yeah
    pretty pretty straightforward

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    got all done
    all right I had to be out of battle to
    do this but I want to check out his uh
    his battle settings I have right now all
    I'll also put oh wow hold on he's got
    Phoenix down on there too here's what we
    can do
    oh I feel like yeah he actually has cure
    as well
    mmm which one I want to huddle in there
    let's see post and I do feel like cure
    is going to be good but I know what's
    coming up so maybe we don't use potion
    maybe we put on Thunder for that that
    should be good for now all right we're
    good I'll let me do a mango save haven't
    done that yet saving is always good in
    these games you know just in case my
    game crashes all of a sudden I think the
    date like it does have autosave from
    what I've seen but I don't know I could
    be wrong
    let me double check back here make sure
    it's not like some boxes I missed
    clicking break these I didn't see me
    and back here yep I think we're in the
    I got to go now I think some of the
    flashbacks someone like he was heated
    like the flashback when they got on the
    elevator I don't know if that was in the
    demo I can't remember some security
    system your pride if you're careless
    they'll cut you down to size in this but
    I'm guessing you've done this kind of
    thing before
    yeah figure out the timing of the lasers
    second off exactly I'll go first
    nothing like a little danger to get the
    blood pumping hey just keep those baby
    blues of yours on me
    all right you can move around outside a
    battle more quickly about holding r1 or
    r2 or you can press l3 to once keep
    dashing until you stop moving okay I
    thought you'd want to do this instead
    well actually oh you can't do the - like
    the evade you can't do that outside salt
    on let's let's just kind of wait
    however good news anything right here I
    didn't really check this area in the
    demo so I just had to double-check there
    might be a potion Becky I don't even
    know yet
    are nothing here alright
    I could have met I could have went for
    these are WS

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    now I just go full circle hondalink avec
    up nothing I did I didn't mean to do
    oh no I guess it is the same never mind
    I got lost for a minute I got lost to
    the sauce over here yes is the last
    little spot
    oh my goodness deep in Barret got hit on
    that one yeah so this a little bit not
    I'm glad that's over with and we're
    almost at our objective they don't call
    those things sweepers for nothing I can
    wipe out a whole squad in seconds not if
    you wipe the floor with them first I
    mean let me just look back here really
    quick definitely gonna use thunder on
    anything that's metal I learned my
    lesson all right
    we got
    who's that right need to hit it with
    magic oh my gosh have to uh
    all right hitting enemies with certain
    attacks or dealing large amounts of
    damage will typically knock them off
    balance and pressured I will a pair
    underneath their gauge and this happens
    Feltham with spells and abilities to
    quickly filter stagger gauge under the
    life bar once it's full you can stagger
    them okay
    cause it just had to get back up we
    knock you down again
    Oh coming to complaint
    let me just just go ahead man I can't
    just spam that but whatever
    I couldn't build it one more time I
    think we're done all right
    enemies have been staggered more
    defenses take more damage okay now's our
    flacco go don't eat tell me twice I'm
    twenty-something first
    doesn't go into me twice

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    I mean your age nice goddamn right
    I remember if you get a health bottle
    which is great good guess that makes you
    a 1y living
    all right let's get it
    that's our target the reactor core gotta
    set the bomb at the bottom
    all right let's get this man Redemption
    time here's what I will say so I don't
    remember if my health goes up before any
    big fights or what
    jacket scared her more like excited I've
    been dreaming about this for years
    mother Phoenix down that'd be good for
    take it out
    nope was just trying to explore a little
    bit however good
    it's all I mean is Buffy nuts what
    you're gonna
    don't overdo it
    but by the auto-lock so good because you
    must track of the enemy sometimes a lot
    easier right we're done with that my
    turn nice well that it shows what you
    get now I do miss the old like you one I
    guess someone with actual soundtrack
    song was called but the victory music
    you know every now and then I think what
    I'm saying like Barrett or somebody
    doesn't soon I just did it down
    yes we're good deal with that
    let me get I'm just gonna yeah cure

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    really quick I know what actions gonna
    happen so pretty sure we need to heal up
    before we actually go into any kind of
    battle so let me just do this oh so you
    can't use this from the menu okay but
    have to wait from like in battle to do
    that I don't know if you do or not
    here goes nothing
    yeah let's do this let's do this
    let's just go ahead and top off our
    helpfully quick before we get in
    anything crazy
    I don't want to waste a potion that's
    not that's not enough left all right
    there we go nice all right we're good
    my need is the ether on Barret since he
    has the cure end of thunder so
    all right let's see if little stamp
    really can bite the hand that feeds go
    on do the honors prove to me you're the
    man t4 says you are that you're one of
    us never said I was I'm just here for
    the Paycheck do the damn job
    what's wrong I'm fine what about the
    you'll call Merc
    I'm just gonna do 20 minutes last time I
    did 30 I don't think it really matters
    which one you do pretty cocky ain't you
    heads up
    hey all right let's get this sighs it's
    got free money to get him her games
    built up for babies her to walk on
    through there we go
    lightning magic no other option
    so this thing has three different phases
    the first phase is this one keep it up
    using thunders most effective right here

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    take it over
    raiveer going
    and the other one he has like a little
    box up one room keep going in
    take movie
    I see
    a barrier
    gotta get behind it yes so what's your
    brilliant Jeff weak it's a fill
    generator right here
    or go down in flames
    come on
    it does a lot of damage now let me do
    some cure let's do yeah save some post a
    little bit Oh
    oh yeah you got swap up
    don't just stand there bail me out damn
    I was living stuff t'know I was gonna do
    that you actually tried to help me out
    I'll take it easy
    it wouldn't be much of a weapon I
    blocked it Oh baby
    here's it okay hold on I gotta use this
    yeah it's being out of that let's just
    gives me a little more time and all that
    part is that you can't visit can't use
    my lightning on that thing all right did
    we do body or not less talky more chewy
    little more time person having to do it
    like in QuickTime over here
    there we go let's get it now's our
    chance give it everything you've got
    take it over
    take the lead all right

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    I got
    some braver going let's get it
    pressures almost 100% got it let's go
    my limits almost there
    watch the tail you don't want to be hit
    by that laser
    what do we do don't not let me just uh
    heal up really pregnant debris
    strike now report fires again
    all right now that I can do some thunder
    now more thunder going of course it's
    gonna stagger me out of it
    that knows medicine so much more damage
    than everything else
    look at that Limit Break men
    that earlier deal with
    oh my god what's on you
    got into zone right now honestly hold on
    back up back up back up
    the person's gonna pop there we go all
    right we're going in it's over
    Oh God
    deal with that yes
    I hope I get heat damage right there
    just a little bit alright taking damage

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    and staggering enemies fillers you limit
    gauge and limit gate open the gauge is
    full yeah
    all right yeah of course
    I can see things on your finger
    when I get my chance let me just top up
    the health Vista let me make sure I
    don't get killed here
    hold out until you spot an opening
    but I blocked that in time take the lead
    KidCo if I healed up
    firstly we're good to go baby I'm to
    waste let's take it out quick brushes
    almost all the way up oh it's healing
    let's go baby to do some real damage
    take them down
    done let's get it baby damn it
    the ball
    huh you hear that damn thing showed you
    how it's done
    come on we've got to move all right
    thinking the demo I chose 30 minutes but
    why not try those something different
    you know my health is at an all-time low
    but I'm pretty sure I don't really need

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    to heal up right now he's gonna run for
    it that fight went a lot smoother than
    my original video when I've played the
    demo I have I was on that struggle bus
    I'm not gonna go for it whatever if
    there is oh there's something right here
    though you got plenty of time I don't
    know why they give you the choice of 20
    or 30 minutes it seems like it doesn't
    matter which one you pick maybe you get
    like a special trophy I don't know and
    I'm I am moving grooving right now
    nice no holding back let's go
    now miles will top off Justine just in
    so here's where I'm excited this is
    about as far as I got in the demo I
    can't remember if you even escaped this
    area I'm pretty sure you do but I'm just
    curious how they do it after all this
    that's right you got to shimmy over to
    you okay there we go my hero hey we'll
    link up over there look after Jessie
    come this way
    this route should lead us straight to
    Paris probably
    washing some boxes first off are we good
    I'm actually excited to see
    first interaction like in the city and
    stuff you know because we're just like
    the first reactor right now but there's
    so many places you can go I just wonder
    how linear or how free roam isn't
    actually going to be compared to like
    the original game you know
    goes mr. Barrett on the other side over

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    ex-soldier boy they're here
    take them down cool no nobody oh I need
    to use Barrett for these guys because
    they're so high up you know wow I think
    it matters too much
    I know what that actually was
    oh yeah we got to fight this thing again
    or it's a different one now
    good night I helped myself get me to do
    that looks so good yeah hold on I got it
    whoo have you kept heat up
    I was going too quick don't overdo it
    I here we go nice doesn't give you as
    much as a potion but then when we get
    like the kira and like the curaga I
    think it's what was called it's gonna go
    nice let's get it
    the way they've done this game like just
    from my childhood applying it to now is
    just so like they reimagined everything
    it's really just next-level five in the
    same game obviously it's just like it's
    the same story the same like instances
    but everything's just so different you
    know but it's a good different camera
    this is the same chest I got earlier
    yeah it is okay we're good on why I
    couldn't see the lid
    cloud is so stylish in this game no

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    holding back
    I'm he was always fellas in the original
    but it just made him so cooling this on
    I have like flashbacks to crisis for a
    little bit Bob while playing this with
    I got
    nice cannot wait to see the reviews
    apparently this game came out like in
    Australia really early so I'm sure a lot
    of people even though I'm starting it
    like what I'm supposed to they'd at
    least be embargo and all that I bet
    those people out there that I've already
    beaten the game be curious to see how
    the reviews go you know we live in some
    weird times right now
    no sorry hold on
    dodged all that you
    then we get to sing half-life already
    here it comes
    let's go oh man how many doesn't matter
    now we're gonna be moving grooving let's
    get it
    that was easy
    so there's something back there for a
    there we go again the stagger finally
    let's get it
    - on these guys there's nothing [ __ ]
    watch yourself that was actually kind of
    nuts to the hill up just a little bit
    I remember I used all those potions on
    that little scorpion thing in the demo
    it was kind of nuts he's like 20 of them
    I think

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    come on come on come on
    sprint to safety let's get out here baby
    can you walk now remember that exact
    moment believe me you'd be the first to
    know I'll take that as a yes
    okay that was pretty cool alright come
    looks like we made it and with nothing
    but a few scratches to show think you
    might overdone it I followed the
    instructions to the letter maybe it
    triggered a reaction with amok oh well
    let's hope the city's still in one piece
    but the planets what matters right I
    mean this must have helped some after
    all that it had better have anyway let's
    get going we in sector eight don't be
    just down there all right then lead the
    you got it huh watch out for live wires
    they're everywhere little bit of a
    transition sorry if it looked weird I
    kind of want to see what's back there
    about air in here reeks can't wait to
    get out in the open yeah what is that I
    never smelled anything so foul oh it's

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    me I gotta do something about that
    I'm soon
    I felt that one of my guts they just
    keep on coming
    we need to get out of this place was it
    the macho density the primary explosive
    the blasting agent hey you can figure
    that out later huh I'm running on empty
    here you can refuel at the base next
    time I'll have to bring a little
    how much farther do we have to go not
    far to potions let's get it we needed
    those four [ __ ] baby that's about as
    good a place as any
    stand back then I'll set the bombs can't
    wait to see your mother
    Marley hot shower
    she's good to go
    you should show those doors it gets in
    my way pretty cool little section right
    here very linear but you know it's kind
    of what I was expecting
    unidentified intruders have detonated a
    bomb inside maka reactor was multiple
    explosions have been confirmed as well
    as ongoing fires in response a disaster
    warning has been issued in sectors one
    structures in the area of glass
    rendering the entire spectrum hazards
    no no way this couldn't have been us
    but what if it wants what's done is done
    mercs right
    it ain't pretty but we can't stop now
    this was just the first reactor and the
    planet won't be safe till we get the
    rest yeah we always knew this was gonna
    get messy and this is only the beginning
    y'all got a look at the bigger picture
    here nothing worth fighting for was ever
    won without sacrifice though you may not
    be crying out I know you're in pain just
    like the planet but it's okay cuz I'm
    here for you
    to help take the load off your shoulders
    your fears your worries your concerns

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    and yes your fees
    whatever your problem I got you
    so what's our next move boss that's easy
    enough we get our asses home
    and I'm so eager for certain parts of
    this game right now it's eating me alive
    like certain characters knows that are
    coming up all right we're taking all
    these we'll split up and shoot for the
    last train home regroup from the freight
    car got it later then Hey I'd like my
    money now you can have it once we're
    back at
    I reached the sector 8 station here we
    just bring back so many memories right
    I don't need to tell you what this is
    right of course not it's healing
    you can have it for saving my life
    just doing my job nothing more yeah yeah
    fact is I'm lucky you were there
    survival can be a matter of luck or
    skill you can't rely on luck
    words to live by
    yeah well thanks you do know how to use
    it right you do know what I was right
    all right here we go begin to tour a
    tutorial so here's the thing this is
    gonna just probably be cure if I had to
    guess I'm sharing equipment yep
    okay I wore if this games gonna have the
    W where you can do like W cure stuff
    like that or I think it's like those
    types of things I don't remember exactly
    been a long time since I've played
    all right healing yeah of course we got
    to get a better ring or whatever swap
    remove there's nothing else to swap
    alright we're officially done with
    tutorial there we go let me check
    everything battle settings now I can
    actually swap this out when put that on
    I feel like I don't use thruster attack
    really I don't know man
    wait when did he learn thunder cuz he
    didn't have that earlier interesting
    phoenix down well keep those i like that

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    i might switch them around inventory the
    buster sword armor bronze bangle there
    it is
    accessories materia right
    I was only trying to help before I
    forget here's a little something extra
    for being so brave that really was the
    ride of a lifetime
    hi-potions let's get it when how much
    that does maybe like 500
    like I'm running through this area quick
    hold on
    there's only one speed that's full
    sprint so I'm trying to go slow but I
    guess it's not a whole lot of places you
    can actually that's kind of funny
    oh here we go wait and what happens if
    you talk to people like that you get
    anything special right there well yeah I
    know that I guess they just tell you
    where to go
    that makes sense of course right three
    grenades all men
    here we go
    this is a it's kind of bringing back
    some memories it's been a long time
    are nothing hidden in the the back areas
    what about back there
    nope can't go there either
    stations intact
    like if I just run through this man
    bridge I'm gonna miss so many like
    chests and things I can break apart

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    my first glimpse of Sephiroth narek he
    could it be
    this is kind of cool I remember
    everything on fire when you first seem
    hey man it's like nostalgic but I'm also
    like just trying to remember everything
    I can't go any faster than this
    his character design looks awesome
    though it's the first time I'm back you
    see it
    I have watched any trailers for this by
    the way heard a few of them added like a
    lot of spoilers so I kind of avoided it
    just to be safe
    weight games going crazy mess
    I think the original game just did like
    white flashes or something if I'm not
    you're not real you're dead I am
    I killed you with my own oh you need not
    remind me it was the crowning moment of
    our time together but that was then and
    this is now
    to ask our beloved planet is dying
    slowly silently
    painfully can't you bear to see the
    planets suffer cloud
    so many things
    the sound of her voice leading me this
    barrier at the shiver of her flesh
    that which binds us together would be no
    more and I would be loath to live in
    such a world which is why I must ask you
    this one favor don't worry it's a simple
    thing run cloud

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    run away you have to leave
    you have to live
    good very good
    hold on to that hatred I'm seeing things
    fumes from all the Mach oh maybe all
    right you got this all right taking a
    detour here we go everybody stopped the
    first part here in a minute but really
    wanted to thank you guys so much all the
    support by the way I was a really
    awesome like awesome little section
    there was so yeah separate us character
    design was way better than I expected I
    guess the early Final Fantasy 15 for
    some reason I don't know why
    a local designs actually really good too
    I have the urge I don't know where
    they're gonna stop this but I think
    wherever they stop I'm probably gonna
    play the original just for fun you know
    like I'm probably like on the switch or
    something just to like remember
    would you like I'm taking the kids 3
    potions let's get it is there gonna be a
    fight coming up I'm actually curious
    what the reviews are gonna give like B I
    feel like I can see some nines I don't
    know there's always like that oddball
    but website or reviewer that gives it
    like a crazy hire crazy low you know
    loveless streets there's a lot to take
    in right here
    you are too weak to save anyone not even

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    are you I'm fine here this is for you
    huh flower that's right it's a gift
    you know we're scaring those things away
    what things
    never mind think of it as a memento
    Just My Luck I heard that you know how
    much well that depends on the customer
    in your case it's on the house okay
    lovers used to give these when they were
    reunited look I'm involved in things
    dangerous things oh I'm sure you are
    so so keep your distance
    wait you think someone's out to get you
    is that what you're all worked up about
    relax no one's going to attack you I
    hey Amaka reactor just blew you
    shouldn't be out here trying to sell
    let's see
    drop your weapon
    are you blind
    nice meeting you
    sort of a crowd right now
    I don't think so fam
    nope here goes nothing
    you can almost take these enemies like
    no problem

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    get ready see yeah not bad
    plus we're gonna go down guess that
    we're going the same way where she went
    it's been a while that was a really cool
    introduction now they did that Oh hold
    on wonder bro
    oh you can go up there let's make a
    shard let's get it
    how we're not going there so
    although some more enemies hallo what's
    this over here hold on
    a little bit overkill but I'll take it
    nothing to it'll grab this
    it's materia but hold on what let's set
    it up let's see what we got so we got
    firing that what is this deadly dodge
    materia ooh it makes your MP minus one
    though I don't know I mean do I need
    this it brings them all in together
    and it's kind of cool I know you can
    just find it on the ground like that
    that's been so long since I play this
    well I'm actually I mean obviously the
    remakes new I just don't look around is
    there anything I'm missing like I almost
    missed that so
    I swear consumer going
    went there can't hop over there so we're
    pretty much stuck right here that faster
    couldn't have gotten [ __ ]
    still just break this stuff
    all right how much like going this way
    guys and just look around like I got the
    streets all to myself right now I mean -
    the soldiers occasionally
    did you secure obviously on me
    oh just barely missed these dogs let me
    tell you shelf up the staggers need for

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    your device right now
    Floyd right now
    guys have grenades in the back do a lot
    of damage
    yeah absolutely over him
    I'm looking around this area doesn't
    really seem like there's anything
    worthwhile we're still in combat
    Oh Shock Troopers up these guys
    right I'm right you know what the high
    post that's what I got too
    I actually prefer using a little menu
    theme for now hold on yeah
    really that little bump and damage heart
    take that
    chillin you gotta stay healed up man
    let's go we don't have bears here to
    help us out on a phoenix down right nice
    let's get outta here
    like I'm just farming enemies at this
    point so much
    Oh climb the roof okay I knew of it okay
    someone's going the right way let's go
    ahead and grab this just in case two
    grenades haven't really used those yet
    right we're good
    I like our materia is on the Buster
    Sword right there Oh fire shoot to kill

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    all right break the blockade oh my
    Oh hold on there's a big right here
    almost missed it
    nice iron old iron bangle hold on now if
    this one is actually better than my
    other one
    well it's gonna be 16 and it has a
    material slot nice let's set materia
    then that way I can actually have fire
    well I mean I might as well put those
    there and then put the deadly dodge on
    the bangle you know I guess it can't it
    can't hurt or can it I don't know
    it's crazy that was just in a chest like
    that you know underestimate him
    was never in the house fast gracious
    it was like a little combo there I like
    the getting all the loot while taking
    out that guy
    oh wait held something back here
    another metal nice boxes you
    was never and so far the combats really
    smooth when you have when you're just
    controlling one character obviously I'll
    have to get you to let the other
    hobbies that gonna get around you guys
    oh that's actually really easy

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    he's here
    come on do something
    so they want to use like sofas utilize
    like the Dodge shuffle now
    kind of getting the flow of everything
    that guard dogs game so far there's a
    tougher of the enemies are recollected
    the speed they have okay nice I kind of
    switched it up there
    and take so long
    all right let's get it this
    not too bad at all
    have it there's so much stuff I've
    actually missed in this game already
    oh yeah there's a chest right here too
    i potions all right definitely gonna
    lose that later on I'm sure as the
    health bar gets bigger I guess I'll be
    able to okay we're good
    we'll have to use more of those hi
    posters well pretty much never use
    potions again I'm sure at a certain
    point that's the way it was in the
    original game and then you have to rely
    on like I think elixirs
    that's not good
    I'm playing Batman Arkham Asylum or
    whatever else Arkham City get surrounded
    like that
    don't want that soundtrack it is
    I didn't refer taxes I can like take my

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    the Huntsman watch out alright let's get
    this going
    this guy's got some help oh my god
    I mean can I just do this hold on
    let me see what happens we do this no oh
    wow that actually works good
    yeah let me just do fire I don't have
    the shortcut for it but let's go I had a
    feeling that might be the trick I'm
    alright you're obviously gonna block
    walking right there
    Oh God the damage
    we have plenty of magic points all just
    keep 12 I guess
    I look at the pressure up
    right over for user via
    [ __ ] dude this is sector 8 unit -
    target is surrounded
    wait I know that
    his cloud won't be joining us after all
    no need to assume the worst I'm sure
    he's fine you saw him in action didn't
    you guys a soldier goddamn one-man army
    hmm you think he's a keeper
    yeah worried for a minute what the hell

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    you been up to huh giving public
    security to run around
    that's what that'd draw them away from
    the station some Oh nicely done
    well can't argue with results Oh
    wait got a question for you all what
    ever been attacked by an invisible enemy
    wearing robes came and went like the
    wind thought they were invisible they
    were at first only saw them after she
    grabbed me a new Shinra weapon maybe
    more like a panic induced hallucination
    never Mike forget I said anything
    suit yourself come on let's move up
    alright let's stop here for now and in
    the freight car too because of the
    evacuation alright guys well that notes
    I love you all best best intro to a game
    I've played quite some time I've just
    really enjoy how they've redone
    everything and that's why I wanted to
    make this first part my longest part one
    I've ever done
    Anil likes you drop one it's greatly
    appreciated if we had like thirty or
    forty thousand and twenty four hours
    definitely expect a full series quickly
    either way I'm playing the full game I
    just you know if you want the videos
    fast but you guys Rock I love you all
    take it easy

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 of the FF7 (Final Fantasy VII) PS4 Remake Full Game Story Campaign including a ...


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    1. This brings me back Brad. I played this as a young teenager, maybe 12 or 13 I'm in my early thirties now. I do miss the time based attacks though, Like the closed cut scene battles

    2. So, about a hour in, l started hearing fallout 4's title screen music. l didn't know why, until l realized it was coming from FF7R. (seriously, it sounds almost exactly like the Fo4 home screen music!)


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