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    SearchThisVideo: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 100% Playthrough Part 1 – IT'S HERE

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    Watch video at 00:00
    hey what's going on guys I'm from a
    liquid and it is here that Final Fantasy
    8 remaster now I apologize ahead of time
    if I'm talking a little bit quietly
    it is currently past midnight and the
    family is in bed anyway what we got we
    got a free time speed nirvana balls the
    ball boosts okay so there's the only
    actual boosting skills this time oh well
    nope I'm really really gonna be using
    free time speed anyway ah the cat take 4
    be free I was kind of hoping for at
    least like widescreen but what can we do
    I suppose what can we do still a let's
    take a look tell nice that's new
    cutscene I'll be
    I don't think they've done anything till
    escort seen I think this is literally
    light just a straight rep of the ps1
    version they're still quite badly
    I'm gonna do a comparison video for this
    so I do think this is just a straight-up
    ps1 wrap but the very least it's the
    same as the Steam version they brought
    us out a few years back

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    yeah that's that's totally just a ps1
    rap like it's the exact same so they
    didn't do anything about they didn't do
    anything with that logo just which is
    also part of the MV by the way that's
    kind of lazy for a remaster you'd think
    they'd at least redo though at least
    we've got some nice clean models again
    shame the backgrounds are migrated how
    are you feeling my forehead hurts
    no kidding
    looks like your eyes are focusing you
    should be fine say your name for me hmm
    what should we name me I could think of
    a few things or I think I'll just I'll
    keep the video plane and just keep it's
    a squall but yeah guys if you'll new
    around here then this will be a 100%
    playthrough /water row with a platinum
    trophy waiting at the end of the video
    series we will be doing absolutely
    everything I'm not quite sure how I'm
    gonna overpower early on though you know
    I don't know whether I'm gonna go like
    fall out see Leon or just sort of wait
    until later I take it slowly mm-hmm I'll
    probably be doing caught well I will be
    doing cards I'll definitely in cars I
    caused it to broken not to do really I'm
    not really sure about what else I'll do
    hmm it's kind of hard to decide like
    there's so many ways you can tackle ff8
    as I could do a low-level playthrough or
    I could just get squall level up got the
    dragonfangs from tier axes and then
    carry on afterthoughts
    because I need only be like in the mid
    20s well low to mid twenties ideally I
    mean I could just go all the way out and
    I do where let's just do the times free
    booster yeah I could just go like all
    housing at the party up to level 30 just
    for some easier magic early on which
    yeah I mean I'll be getting the party up

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    to 30 anyway for Diablos so yeah I'll
    probably do that to be fair as like I
    probably will just level the multi
    theity early on I mean it's not ideal
    for stat gains but it's not a huge loss
    like come towards the end of the game
    I'll still be maxed out on pretty much
    everything anyway okay yes I know quest
    as we've got the fire exam coming up and
    ciphers gonna get told
    don't worry cypher okay well that's got
    the Guardian forces you know on the FFA
    is overpowered video I was surprised
    about a few people who didn't actually
    know you could get the Guardian forces
    this really like edge it boggled my mind
    and to me you see trophies are right off
    the bat that that is something that
    really bothers me about this game to be
    fair it's like the trophies are so easy
    is definitely a big big disappointment
    well there's not really much we can do
    about it it's just set all the learning
    bits yeah I suppose I'll get ice magic
    first no I'll just be sucking at things
    like blizik Aleta
    let me out
    no I only speak to Christie's I forgot
    guys I forgot okay after fire cavern we
    go but we've got to do something is
    super super important first we've got to
    pick up seven it's terrible cards right
    after we speak to Sophie there you go
    I'm not see I'm not totally heartless at
    least asked if she was okay it's like
    I'm a nice guy that way
    and I'm not gonna waste time doing that
    okay we got the cards I know how to play
    and I just see how terrible these are
    yeah I look at that I mean oh so bad so
    I don't mmm I wonder if actually
    probably cards some monsters and if I at
    least get something like jump out cacti
    maybe I'm not gonna bother with that but
    yeah I think I will actually I will guys

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I need to get was that cure as cure
    inside yeah I go that's a squall just so
    I can heal off while I'm outside let's
    I don't want tutorials I skip I skip
    icon no oh hi Cass go yeah okay so it
    looks like we don't have to bother with
    tutorials now let's just go do some
    grinding right off the bat we just want
    to learn some skills first in fact you
    know what I'm gonna get effort first
    actually the timing for that was a
    little off there we go yeah see it's
    just getting used to with the booster on
    that's all you know what though I'm
    gonna get air for at first
    cuz that way he can benefit from the
    game as well and it's not letting me use
    the analog sticks to control the camera
    I'm not super happy about that to be
    fair not at all I should probably have
    just fleed Baba
    no what can you do I could use the no
    encounters booster yeah okay let's go
    good effort yeah skip okay I already
    know I'm lonely I'm Barbara John's
    Nenana fence quiz I slide there's really
    no point
    and okay so here's the thing the fire
    cavern test is actually related to your
    upcoming seed rank and for this the low
    way time you have left
    is actually a higher school overall so
    it's always a good idea just to choose
    10 minutes which at the end of the day
    is still more than enough time
    especially with the free times booster
    because obviously that affects like
    everything except in game timers which
    is definitely a bit of a shame to be
    honest but what can you do really
    I'm just flee I really want to level
    them up any more than I have to this
    early I especially quest us nice fire
    and say yeah all ignore that I don't
    want that or some bombs I could do it
    I'm glad I don't have card so willfully
    yeah I mean I could have killed I'm
    gonna hoped for a card drop I thought

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    yeah I think I'll do that like I'll kill
    a few bombs and hope for a card draw
    same with the Buell's actually it's like
    that card isn't super amazing boy it's
    still better than what I have wait do I
    have a mule I think you get up you'll
    know you don't get one mmm all right
    let's get effort yet effort so we can
    start learning his stuff as well like if
    I'm gonna grind card outs and things
    like that
    well Cod and card mod I might as well
    grind all three at the same time yeah
    we're just gonna cheese this with Shiva
    I don't know my saying Geneva
    doo-doo-doo-doo we have Shiva that's
    right efforts that's right just spam
    Shiva here it's like I could have
    grinded up to just with one shot efforts
    by using card sports yeah it's not
    really we've y all doing straight off
    the bat it's like I know I did the
    overpowered before effort video but a
    lot of things in that video weren't
    really all that God for like a full game
    play through it was more like a fun
    thing to do sort of thing you know it's
    this time for it being a full game we're
    still gonna be doing the cards or we're
    just gonna get air for at first because
    the efforts like gives us a really
    really good card as well we're just
    gonna make things much easier but aside
    from that I know I forgot I've got to
    get the occult funds I really hope that
    still there
    I don't know how to chuck well I'm glad
    for us at least and there's a first card
    we're gonna be using the bat a lot and
    food trophy already and I still don't
    need that tutorial ok fishing say
    something Junction efforts and change
    what he is learning now here we could go
    for the fire magic refinery bought it's
    definitely Bad's got the stream of 20%
    first because then you can learn
    stranded for 40 percents and finally you
    can learn a drone for bonus which is
    definitely gonna be ideal for us and a
    bomb called I'm gonna kill him because I
    do once the bomber card he's got some

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    okay I'll just do that or just do that
    it will be nasty still no card mm-hmm no
    come on twin a wall I suppose can't win
    them all
    hey what is slide save me time if I can
    get a bond card here because the bond
    cards aren't that bad definitely add to
    my currently terrible hand I'm gonna
    have to grind out a bomb cord
    don't kill Christie's no okay yeah
    that's fine just keep talking squad I
    don't mind my lies going off after
    survivor I suppose the best heal though
    untie okay come on bomb so come on bombs
    Wow yeah come on bombs come on mmm I
    mean that's one bomb at least wash your
    it's like Guardian forces in this game
    are truly truly terrible BOTS they are
    actually pretty helpful of the base
    dollars they just make things go that a
    little bit quicker give me a card
    please give me a bank card of course is
    it Fame there's only no encounters
    though for a booster and not like more
    encounters I would've loved that would
    have made my life so much easier coming
    up come on come on bombs okay one bomb
    okay I would prefer to but I'll take one
    I'll take the one give me the bomb card
    ever done guys I'll just come back your
    later and called it I kind of hope I get
    him now though cuz it saves me a trip
    later and didn't get it okay
    what does come back later
    Oh what can you do right I need to go
    and check for a cold front it's like I
    can't buy yet so it's not completely
    miscible thought I would rather I would
    rather not buy it basically so let's go
    another Luke yes I know I know I don't
    need more tutorials first things first I
    need to go to the library please stop
    that please stop it that please stop it
    that please - he'll be there oh I really
    hope it's still the reliable library
    I'll bet I've gotten a completely wrong
    way nope it's this one
    that's like normally I always choose the
    wrong direction for things like that

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    yeah where was it hmm
    was it down here that's what I can I
    know it's in the library or I can never
    remember where
    no I don't talk to him okay
    well I don't want to talk to these
    people I'm stuck
    my master no I got it okay nice yeah
    that one actually yeah disappears after
    a while so it's best to get it early
    okay so now we can go and win some
    abilities and then we'll start doing
    some cards and then more basically
    overpower everything even at a low level
    because that is our the way I play ff8
    it's like you know I mean it's just know
    why I find it fun just for really
    breaking of the backups of the game
    I really wish I had called right now to
    use against em but I don't so you will
    escape okay I don't really care that I
    don't have courses here even though
    warden make this a little bit faster
    just summon
    like to summons and we will basically be
    and even if quiso dies I still have two
    more so ensues and then I can just go to
    be in Ambala so it's not like terribly
    round a feeling either plus a squeeze
    all levels of these something speed will
    get faster as well I do like that they
    read at the summon animations though
    that's a nice touch okay you guys done
    yet come on go down already please I
    probably should it unless of course this
    to be at least right before I went back
    into balance
    oh well you'd think by now I'd be used
    to things like this okay well she blames
    her ability so time to switch that over
    and we will get strength aside from that
    will also use ice magic refinery just to
    see in those fish fins into some waters
    where it will then junction asteroids

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    yeah we'll just give it to strength
    because sooner or later straps gonna
    just jump up in power and then we can
    just use normal attacks on the fish
    I still didn't do my config settings
    I'll have to remember to do that in a
    second if I need to remember to do that
    after that spice I really really really
    need to run to do after this fight let's
    just do something normal it sucks
    and this boosters really throwing me off
    on when to use the trigger okay yeah I
    missed a free neuro I am bad wow I'm
    really bad maybe I should just hitting
    the times free speed off I'll land soon
    or later okay that's called so now
    Halldor scats the over 80 waters ability
    no Jeff change a queasy or two card mod
    and now we basically just start coding
    everything I still got water Junction
    data yes I've got three seven strands
    now it's like I know I'm not gonna want
    the Year fishy is all this I hope I
    don't want to shot them anyway
    okay yeah I'm gonna start turning that
    off but I still didn't do my config god
    just make sure I'm not one shot sing
    still yeah I'm not wash I think and I
    didn't even a quick card I'm an idiot
    I am an idiot beyond belief yeah I mean
    I'm just I'm too excited to try and
    start rushing through it
    oh yeah I just I can't hit the boost up
    with times right
    oh my god right
    conflict config do the config first
    memory always active scan yeah just once
    camera movement do 100 stand battle
    speed fast bowel message fast and we're
    done okay then GF okay yeah that's fine
    let me just he'll scroll up and we'll
    start again I need to give him card I'm
    so glad I can cut into a bottle that oh
    my days
    it'll take GF off the card yeah I don't

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    talk another ability Lane yes okay so we
    have card now so now we want to go up by
    the mountains and 5 2 galas I don't
    really care about buy books boy I
    suppose I'll card them anyway
    and we only got a Bible God Oh slide the
    chances for getting a rare card is six
    percent so it's not high but it's not
    like super super low Weaver another by
    bog that's a shame another by bog not
    great not great to tell you what I will
    do though I just say you and gas walk oh
    I thought the game froze that but guess
    what guys we have a soft reset that
    means we can do oranjee manipulation
    which means we can easily change card
    rules later on alright so I'm gonna get
    some cool magic anyway just so I can
    always heal myself I probably should I
    give magic fears to be fair I'm going to
    change water over some magic
    I won't he just ended himself I was
    content to just call him then we gotta
    spot about for Christie so anyway
    junction magic okay now we can start
    drawing more it's like I really can't
    believe I'm going how it's my way for
    kill wars involved it just makes life
    easier and means I don't have to keep
    going back yeah I'm just gonna saying
    the booster off wait what I still missed
    I never miss
    okay I think I'm dying right now
    oh I still must know still mess again
    wow it's really terrible it's really
    you don't wanna stalk
    there we go 9 it's time mmm they seem to
    be gaining a lot of chains in
    come on come on give me the cures give
    me the cures and I cast it now you

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    really is getting a lot of tunes and
    stock up some more I'll just stop it's
    hundred cuz I always seen as only an HP
    Jay I can just stick your and laugh and
    out okay I shouldn't need to anymore now
    I don't think I think that was probably
    yeah that was the last one so we'll cast
    it for free
    yeah no more just attack and card
    do-do-do-do-do-do come on come on turn
    into a card see and into a card no okay
    are you gonna turn well this guy really
    doesn't want to turn into a card there
    we go oh I got follow me
    nice nice nice and nice that was pretty
    quick as well to be fair what yes for
    those of you who don't know when
    courting the monsters you can sometimes
    called them into a rare card so for
    example these former card
    excuse me if you called a two spot
    monsters and Caterpillar monsters you
    can get a trauma a very useful card so
    that's pretty nice
    now we're after Glacial eyes though
    because they turn into a jumbo cancer
    cards which is super super helpful just
    a glacial eye
    well I suppose we call win em all now
    can we let me just read wrong from magic
    actually mr. California that's huh
    because I'm lazy
    super super lazy we have for those of
    you who don't know if you want to
    encounter glacial ice very often just go
    near the mountains that's their means
    that is their main draw point one why
    don't you let me move up that lie for
    some reason the menu was locked on to
    draw like I'd literally could not move
    the case they the game seems a little
    bogged you know you want to just call it
    for me pretty please
    okay pretty please yeah just another
    glacial I again oh time to carry on
    until we get Rhambo character I got this
    really quickly when I was doing it for
    the overpowered video as well it was
    actually by books that just didn't want
    to give me the card at all no another
    glacial I okay we're really not having
    much luck this time all of you guys
    really not having much luck I suppose

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    it's practice for using trigger though
    no another glacial I that's like the
    timing does seem to be slightly off
    compared to like the steam version and
    the ps1 fish an old two glacial ice and
    that was terrible
    that was terrible to how to use a cure
    don't it's like I could technically just
    cheat and use the booster but I really
    don't want to do a lot okay glacial is
    terrible getting caught that's even
    worse no you really don't want to call
    it for me do you
    nope just another glacial I I have a
    feeling this is gonna take me a long
    time least I control my my game forma
    isn't that about it games almost ready
    god I would have prefered jumbo
    character because jumbo cactus like the
    only one really we've going out your way
    for another place why oh I got an Arctic
    wind oh that's not bad
    like when you use ice my trick refinery
    on Arctic wind you contain any sensible
    is ago so that's a that's so pretty nice
    droplet and it's pretty rare as well to
    get at these levels like a is pretty
    downright no just a glacial I again I'm
    come on glacial I
    he's really don't want to give me the
    Jumbo coccyx orderly what my gf
    abilities on
    25:51 and 42 okay I'm probably gonna
    teach f4 at HP Junction after this just
    so I can of my HP so I don't have to
    heal so often oh I did not mean to kill
    him that okey-dokey
    well I mean mistakes happen
    mistakes happen I really don't want to
    go up against two of them okay I'll just
    open the manual that way make it easier
    another glacial I I really suck with
    this trigger no the Glacial I okay come
    on there's like a this place I'm feeling
    I'm gonna go to a hundred cars Oh two of
    them again I polish it a healed please
    called quickly please call it quickly
    like I'm gonna heal I'm gonna heal I'm

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    gonna heal I don't trust it
    come on Oh
    okeydoke kid I see a high level one no
    he's not
    and just another glacial I know of
    don't look up there there we go
    okey-dokey so now we have a free pretty
    damn good cards to be fair
    oh that's Alan took me 16 okay so we've
    got Rama jumbo character and Afra
    already you straight off the bat and
    we're velum and playing foods two
    minutes yeah I'm happy with that to be
    fair that's really not bad there's
    really not bad going okay now I'm just
    gonna fight you know I'll rather than
    just slowly walking all the way around
    the path to avoid the bowels I'm just
    gonna use the non counter booster just
    to slightly cheetah just because it's
    easier and it saves time this is just
    the car shop right there we go
    yeah that's just the car shop and the
    booster bar car and in fact we'll go
    down and get the magazine from the hotel
    yeah and I suppose we'll also save while
    I'm here timber mania except for a
    trophy it's miserable
    I think it's miserable I'm fairly sure
    it's miserable yeah I'm fairly sure it
    is actually massively okay then now all
    that's gotta eat called a plane rule the
    car the rule we want is all because it's
    gonna save us a lot of hassle I
    challenge you deaf new one new MMF new
    direct heck no directors the West come
    on Kamil just give me all
    come on give me old please pretty please
    new a new okay you really don't want to
    give her me yeah she is really not being
    there we go okay don't look hunter well
    it's false my God's not really having go
    daughter she's under to buy books for
    now okay jumbo cut for that impossible
    friend to take if read that again
    impossible for him to take stick form

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    to do now
    most a combined bulk of that like it
    doesn't really matter where he sticks
    off one doodoo easy-peasy
    and there's another trophy just like
    that okay he did it stack that a stack
    it didn't stick I don't want my racks
    didn't stack come on you know you want
    okay okay I'm gonna stack no wow it's
    really wanna try playing again
    it's like normally you don't have to
    play ball I'm not having much luck where
    it seems okay they won't face as well
    which is gonna make this much quicker
    doo-doo-doo-doo and Gigi have won
    super easy it'd be even easier if I
    could get some bum cards though okay
    it's stuck so I'll let go caught some
    bombs I suppose I'll fire some random
    battles along the way just not a little
    bit of XP please don't watch I'm okay
    I was worried for a second that I might
    one shot another by bug no it's like I
    figured I might as well
    caught some enemies on the way you know
    just in the hopes of gaining over a rare
    card if I don't it's not the end of the
    world it's just like a nice thing to
    have really and damn I want shots come
    on come on yeah just a buy a book again
    see I don't know why it says what bank
    book really does not like giving me any
    records like ever and that sucks
    well let's get bond soon as we got a
    bomb called we can man really kick
    things into gear yes I don't care about
    you Buell please give away

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    come on give me bombs give me bombs give
    me bombs there we go please don't watch
    her please don't watch oh please don't
    want shop okay now we just caught him
    so bombs can also give you a Krista card
    which is nice but I don't actually want
    Krista I do actually want the bomb but
    I'm going to get let me just double
    check the bomb now I'll keep I'll just
    keep the water helps keep the lawn I
    can't remember bomb having a seven on
    the side though like I really don't
    think I could remember bomb being that
    front I could've swore it was like a
    five and a six wonder if maybe they've
    tweaked some of the cards or wherever
    I'm just really remembering horribly
    here well I get that it is definitely
    possible that us is definitely possible
    avoid that for us because t axis seems
    to love killing me in that that specific
    forest save the game and now we can
    start playing for some rare cards the
    first one that i'm gonna go for is
    quistis though
    come on oops wrong gate cafeteria
    I'm gonna save here as well though
    actually just because it's closer to the
    cafeteria and this guy can guess I'm
    really got down fluky hands on yeah okay
    cafeteria cafeteria doesn't family we
    don't want that don't want the quad
    cafeteria and we're also gonna get a cut
    scene with cypher and his cronies No oh
    yeah they're only that before fire cover
    anomaly oh ok so we want to play the guy
    in the back come on buddy use course
    this use course I use gala just because
    Andy didn't use it of course
    okey-dokey and I've pretty much won the
    game already because of how he placed
    that card down I'll stick that there
    he's gonna take it though I saw that
    but I can and he can't do anything about
    and GG so now I've just won some better

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    cards as well
    which means we now have a pretty decent
    hand to be fair these guys laughed
    that's top right I'll do it while uh
    Derek says quistis that's the one we
    and she's blocked me in I can take it
    with ephra though and she can take her
    nice gg games over
    I can't take that this is gonna be a
    perfect winner seems perfect one okay
    that's close this done so we can come
    away from him we don't need to bother
    with him anymore
    and there's one more unique card that we
    can win well before though I'm gonna
    because obviously I don't want to lose
    my rare cards okay and since he's
    already left we need to respawn him well
    the guy we want is the jogger
    come on Joker come on now yes we wants
    him because he has mini mark which is an
    over a car that we want I mean granted
    we're not gonna use that ball we want it
    and of course he didn't use it
    typical typical the only problem is
    though he's like in front of me so he's
    gonna be able to run away and I'm not
    gonna be able to stop him GG game over
    all right if I'm mask working off well
    for 10x free off and that much square I
    can get him let me get a front no I
    can't get a front of him okay come on
    use that use it use it and he didn't use
    no no oh I don't know why I did that I
    really don't know why I did that I was
    shipping off me the booster back on oh
    that's why you should pay attention and
    you can take I forgot that there was a

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    little bit of a lucky win leave me
    Dakota want there we test mini-mug at
    the very top he can take that actually
    so I'm gonna have to use Christie's face
    but not use ever first
    then we will take it no more just play
    defensively it's super easy to win now
    ug UG and that's also all the records we
    can actually get at this point now
    however it's gonna be a case of farming
    some rare cards so what I'm gonna do is
    I'm going to end this video here I hope
    you guys have enjoyed it and when we
    come back all of my card farming will be
    done and we will be carrying on with the
    game but thanks for watching guys as
    always I hope to see you next time and
    for now I'll see you later

    Commentary is kinda quiet (and slightly dead) due to the time of night it was, so apolegy's i know its not gonna be super interesting or energetic. this will change ...


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    1. I know this is old but for anyone using this walkthrough, the timber maniacs at the Balamb Inn isn't missable, only 1 is and its at the white seed ship. Also, grabbing that magazine will change a future scene with laguna and Julia in Julia's room during the flashback.


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