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    in the name of the Father and in the
    presence of these holy relics I hereby
    pronounce you man and wife
    from this time forth may the blessings
    of the dogs like to a path for all
    wanted attacked by both land and air our
    kingdom stand little Nava DS has fallen
    impossible my father I know not I am
    sorry if nobody's has indeed fallen it
    is only a matter of time before they
    reach the borders of dalmasca there is
    nothing to halt their advance
    secure now below with all haste I will
    go and I will go inside

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    the Altair stand watch over your life
    that I'd be considered worthy
    Moltres is lost we must withdraw no
    bailing still stands
    on-site never failing light
    feelings for my father

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    blessings of the Great Father descended
    and guide your bodies return to the
    Great Father guide your spirits returned
    there shall find peace Faro
    the death of Lord Rolla hey asana branya
    was but one of many tragedies to be
    followed the kingdom of darkness cap the
    air of hope that had surrounded her
    Royal Highness Princess Ash's wedding
    was now quite lost dalmasca had been set
    adrift at the mercy of history's
    Restless tides at this time two great
    empires struggled for dominion over
    ivelisse arcadia in the east Rosaria the
    West the invasion of the Kingdom of
    Nebraska was Arcadia's first step in its
    westward march with Lord Rosse las
    beloved homeland consumed by the hill
    fires of war it seemed clear that
    Arcadia would soon mete out a like fate
    to Damascus the fall of the fortress of
    Malvina told the destruction of the
    greater part of Damascus forces the
    counter-attack was mounted by the order
    of the Knights of dalmasca never brave
    and faithful but against the martial
    might of the Akkadian armies they stood
    little chance of victory indeed the
    defeat was to be absolute sooner after
    Arcadia came forward offering terms of
    peace or as one might rather put it
    terms of dalmasca surrender
    Lord Rama knows king of dalmasca and my
    dear friend I have no choice but to
    accept these terms it was thus only with

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    reluctance that he set off for now than
    a fortress now
    and Arcadian occupation to a fix his
    seal to the Emperor's Treaty of Peace
    the King had scarce departed his royal
    City a rather nasta when the remnants of
    the order made their return and not a
    moment too soon for a terrible
    revelation awaited them
    a treaty would be signed with steel and
    written royal blood
    you that can you hear me it's as I
    they're slowing us down do not say that
    not all of us are here a lot of that
    he's faster depends Holland your name
    Rex sir my name's Rex good Rex
    you bore a few cuts but you are still
    well can you stand think you can fight
    I'm fine sir how old are you Rex
    seventeen sir young family my brother is
    all I have left sir he's two years
    younger than i living in Robin Astor so
    you belly old enough to be a man you
    shouldn't be forced to wield a sword no
    sir I want to fight for my homeland and
    for my parents die Bosh save the
    discussion for later we must reach the
    king before they act or all our efforts
    will be in vain I'm aware of the
    situation we found them mostly go ahead
    I will handle this rabble on Godspeed
    steady rex keep your wits about you and
    you'll make it
    we move

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    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    i lyin this is Sunbury my age is eight
    she'll not hold much longer
    we receive you Tom berry you late to
    retire well fought
    Vossler where are you what if Captain Oz
    Alyssa's fallen er don't talk such
    nonsense vossler's laughed in the face
    of death far too many times for him to
    stop now men like him don't die in
    places like this we must make haste to
    reach the king we will take him to
    safety is His Majesty unharmed he'll
    agree to an unconditional surrender they
    wouldn't dare touch him until the wax on
    his seal is dry but if we arrived after
    he signed the treaty wait
    quickly Rex

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    intruders don't let them escape
    sir we have little time you must go to
    the king I'll handle these fight well
    Your Majesty
    captain why are games what have you done

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the King intended all along to shelter
    must go to the Empire His Majesty was a
    traitor captain I well so much for
    peaceful negotiations
    we'll never surrender to you we are not
    cattle to be so by a traitor King but
    the war is over
    you have lost now masca is the quality
    of the empire now
    and think we intended to let you keep
    some of your sovereignty
    and respect but now you've gone and
    ruined that haven't you captain
    we will never bow to you and the people
    of dalmasca will hate you for it
    take the captain away
    pretenses of peace left by the wayside
    the Arcadian forces resumed their
    advance toward Robin hasta dal mask as
    doom had been decided to make resistance
    would serve no end with his foremost in
    my thoughts I to the people of Damascus
    sons and daughters of dalmasca where did
    you lay down your arms raise songs of
    prayer in their stead prayer for His
    Majesty King Rama knows ever merciful a
    man devoted wholly to peace prayer to
    for the noble princess ash who wrought
    with grief at her kingdoms defeat has
    taken her own life know also that
    captain Bosh von Ronson burg for
    incitement of sedition and the
    assassination of his royal Majesty King
    Romano's has been found guilty of high
    treason and put to his death they who at
    this late hour
    true still the sword a cut of the same
    cloth as the captain traitors who would
    lead dalmasca to her ruin

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    dalmasca surrender without terms were
    soon to follow
    fine hurry it up and they'll find us
    I know I know just a little more you
    keep an eye out for me up there kites
    one two three more all right time to
    clean house
    Wow Vaughn you got him all yourself
    guess I know who to call when something
    big comes along hey it's good practice
    for the desert I'm ready for anything
    that's enough for today
    you should get back to Miguel's place
    kites aren't you running errands for him
    whoops totally for God you should come
    he's busy today might have some work for
    you to do it - I've got other own work
    to do hey lock this place up for me will
    you if Miguel finds out we've been down
    he'll Tan our hides
    what you say
    yes sir you haven't paid and I'm on
    second thought
    please sir take it it's a gift play the
    poor sod baby we don't want trouble
    today your luck peddler oops sorry

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    what's way you're going to my pouch
    that's all the boy get out the way
    what hey that's mine
    what do you mean yours you've been
    stealing again what happens if they
    catch you we need you to be there for us
    bond you're no good to anyone if you're
    locked away in a dungeon Oh what am I
    the leader now we're orphans the first
    thing you learn is you got to watch out
    for yourself come on Pinella you know it
    as well as I do
    hey you give that back what do you think
    you're doing I thought that this money
    was the people of Damascus property The
    Imperials stole it from us so it's only
    fair that we take it back it's our duty
    as damned Askins
    well wasn't that what you said yeah but
    I never said anything about taking it
    back from me
    this is for that bread you took the
    other day just because I helped Mugello
    out every now and then it doesn't mean
    that you get to eat for free too you
    I know that you think I like living like
    one of these days I'll fly an airship of
    my own
    I'll be a Skype I'm free to go where I
    well be careful you'll never fly
    anything if you're rotting in a dungeon
    Oh McAllen had some errands that need
    doing he wanted you to drop by his place
    it might be a good idea to lend a hand

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    Vaughn I was waiting Pinella said you
    needed something some package is
    supposed to be arriving by courier the
    mornig there perhaps he ran into some
    trouble on the desert now I know
    foodstuffs to prepare for the banquet
    tonight so you want me to find this
    courier hey no problem no problem
    that doesn't even travel I'd be sending
    you to early grave my boy no I've
    arranged for some replacement goods from
    Tomas over at the sand sea so you want
    me to go to the tavern to pick a lot
    actually I have types to do that would
    know he's got missing on big tools I
    can't leave my shop at night Pinello on
    another chore at the moment you see what
    I want you to do is run over to the sand
    sea and fence kites back what do you say
    yeah sounds wild it's easy work and
    you'll strike before it's a day
    there you are kites stop loafing around
    look fun look this is it this is why
    Miguel Oscar e'er didn't get here on
    creature spotted in the ester stand what
    is that thing
    ah von Mugello sent you two did he it's
    a busy man these days that make hello if
    I dare say so myself
    I don't envy him the work though not a
    bit quaint the affair throwing a banquet
    to welcome the Imperials a welcoming we
    should be whatever say to Maj what's
    this man don't remind me
    got some nastiness out there in the
    ester sand what's stopping our couriers
    and that means shortages all around
    thought I'd put up a bill offer a reward
    to anyone who can knock that nasty back
    in its place
    hmm now that's work comes ten times
    better than running errands for Miguel
    oh that's right Vaughn you should give
    it a shot
    and you should be getting back to Miguel
    oh now kites she was waiting for you oh
    right right

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    you know let's say some papers boy no
    public passage on account of the old
    consoles parade oh gee that's too bad
    you see it just so happens that your
    provisioner for the fete tonight
    he sent me to pick up a few choice and
    morsels for the consuls dining pleasure
    he wants them quickly I got the rid of
    transit right here you see signed Miguel
    oh I just hate to see the consul upset
    because his food wasn't ready on time
    and I sure hate to see him take it out
    on you
    the Lord consoles a great man I'm not
    wondered take a fancy to chew trifling
    matters wouldn't do to keep the consul

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    whining right gates are closed after
    right yeah

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    [ __ ]
    galvano lilies
    never thought I'd see him growing out
    this will make a nice souvenir time to
    call it a day
    this guy explodes to the silver Lee's
    overture here ah now what open the gate
    all right wait a second how come you let
    these chocobos through the gate and not
    what of it this is a pedigreed parada

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    boy cost tens of thousands of kill this
    one did a prettier price than a hundred
    of you provincials it fit
    keep your distance we don't want to talk
    about sticking a peasant there would you
    say step aside na right and move them in
    that does it Oh fine fine joke of all
    you have there yes
    see the down stock if I'm not mistaken
    shades the soil chase the joke of all am
    i right yes yes different style beats
    different brocade to take a doll basket
    Burroughs why did they lock the flavour
    a depth of some of your Arcadian wines
    but it has a certain strength of
    character it's not that really what you
    get used to it it's careful sob says
    there's more than enough for all to cool
    their throats of course
    you let these cops through like closes
    gate is ordered the male's choke with a
    send don't give me a scare like that
    you're lucky that ended where it did
    right now's our chance to go through ah
    the ceremony will be starting suit I
    must be hurrying okay well bond wait
    what is it
    we will have order I give you your new
    console is Imperial Highness Lord Vayne
    solid or condoms of the Arcadian
    Empire's western on your excellency

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    people love Robin Astor is it with
    hatred you look upon your console with
    hatred you look upon the Empire
    there was little point in asking but
    know this I harbor no idle hopes of
    frustrating that hatred nor shall I ask
    your fealty that is the Jew of your
    fallen King and rightly so
    King Romanus loved his people strove to
    bring you peace his was a rule worthy of
    your devotion even now he remains among
    you protecting you his ardour for the
    peace and we love dalmasca falters not I
    would ask only that you do your King
    honor together let us embrace the peace
    His Majesty would surely desire two
    years now divide us from wars bitter end
    yet still its shadow looms over all
    stifling the infant peace appalled only
    you may cast off achieve but this one
    thing and your hatred of me and of the
    Empire will grieve me not I will stand
    fast I will endure your hatred suffer
    your slings and arrows I will defend
    dalmasca here I will pay my debt I swear
    it now though King Romanus and lady Ashe
    be gone they stand ever at the side of
    their people in honoring peace you do
    honor to their memory and to dalmasca
    what I ask I ask claim my hopes
    now rest with you
    he's rather duster to your liking my
    lord it is magnificent take this
    Cathedral for instance elegant yet
    whimsical in its execution a stunning
    example of Galt and architecture
    I hope Lord Brahmas might one day look
    upon it himself the patron of this
    evening's banquet may it please your
    Abigail Oh your highness to make the
    acquaintance - though indeed I am our

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    Emperor's son I am no Prince
    Arcadia's emperor is freely chosen by
    her people I am but an elected official
    and nothing more I I meant no disrespect
    now that I think on it I would not have
    you address me as Lord Council for that
    matter though henceforth I am a citizen
    of Robin Astor why don't you call me
    vain I could not that would not be right
    you're overly fond of formalities I've
    just the remedy for that tonight you
    will join me and we shall drink until
    you call me by name how can he stand in
    bow to him like that fun you just do not
    get it do you
    he's not doing it because he wants to
    happen if he didn't I know it's just so
    what would you do different I don't know
    well I'd do something
    bond you haven't heard a single word
    I've said
    this place has changed so much it's like
    it's not even rather nasty anymore like
    the Empire's swallowing it whole
    hey Piniella that fate tonight you think
    they'll let us in are you crazy it's in
    the palace and we don't have an
    invitation if you hadn't noticed so how
    are we getting in as if I'd know why not
    ask Mugello to get you in or go see old
    Allen in low town why the sudden
    interest bond I told you I'm going to
    take back what's ours give it back to
    Dell nasca come on what do you think if
    I find something and it fetches a good
    how about I buy you all dinner oh please
    you know as well as I do the first thing
    you'd buy is an airship Oh hail von sky
    part of Damascus it's kind of nice ring
    to it
    stay out of trouble an airship
    I know maybe but not through Mugello
    time to pay old dal in a visit

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    ah if it isn't van rats pain comfort tip
    on how to scare something bigger and in
    armor by the Eastgate one you already
    heard about that wise I may not be but
    when informed I am don't get what's
    coming to them someday believe me but
    that's not why I'm here
    do tell
    I want to know how to sneak into the
    palace they've gotta have some great
    stuff in there
    thought I'd pro take none one do means
    words are you by the Empire protects
    auditors and that means the palace and
    all the treasures inside that's why I'm
    gonna do it to take back what's ours
    so our champion of the sewers aspires to
    noble action admirable perhaps I can
    help you
    ah now that I think on it there was a
    rumor yes a secret passage wave to the
    palace walls a door and a magic stone
    that opens the way that's it this is
    exactly why I came to talk to you first
    Allan so where's this magic stone oh
    I've had it for years if I can remember
    where I've tucked it away

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    ha ha yeah

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    Panello what are you doing here I could
    ask you the same though the answer is
    pretty clear no good what I'm being good
    hmm is that right so then you wouldn't
    mind if I say tagged along
    would you huh oh don't worry Miguel is
    busy with preparations for the fade up
    at the palace why I'm afraid for the
    whole day well let's get going

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    yeah Rock

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00


    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00


    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    hey Vaughn hmm it's been a long time
    since we did anything together too long
    I had a really good time well I should
    probably be getting back to the store
    actually I was putting as opposed to be
    watching the place for Miguel oh and
    Vaughn try to stay out of trouble for me
    I don't know what I'd do if you weren't
    here if something happened to you I'm
    not going anywhere okay that's what I
    wanted to hear see you later
    sorry Pinilla
    now you'll be wanting to know how to
    sneak into the palace there first you go
    to storehouse five you know the one two
    doors she has now the right takes bun
    rats pain to his territorial hunting
    grounds in the sewer bottom but that's
    not the way you'll go know you'll take
    the left door down into the gadem sight
    waterway the waterway leads to a stair

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    the stair to the palace cellars that's
    your way in
    but don't go counting your kill just yet
    my boy getting into the palace was the
    easy part the way into the Treasury is
    carefully hidden that's where this
    Crescent Stone comes in the magics it
    bares can open the hidden door to the
    Treasury you see
    listen Vaughan for their words I shall
    speak our most important and not to be
    do you understand the Signet yearns for
    Sunstone strength to light the clouded
    way once in the palace you'll find the
    signet tile very important give to it
    the sun's power and it will light your
    path very well Oh a warning be aware
    that if you're caught you'll spend the
    rest of your short life rotting in the
    nalbana dungeon so look sharp my boy and
    don't go running off before you're ready
    plans freshly hatched have a habit of
    tumbling from the nest straight into the
    hunter stupid
    squads three through six are in place
    they stand ready so far the Imperials
    haven't noticed a thing then go now and
    hurry the others by nightfall we must
    ensure all our men are in place sir

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00


    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PS4 PRO 100% Complete Guide. Showcasing all hunts, all cutscenes movie, ...


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    1. Vita: The Ivalice is the world that the 2 warring faction are preparing for war, and the Dalmasca going to be annexed by the Arcadia Empire even sooner rather than later even their airships are like forming an armada. While the Zemuria has the High-Speed Cruiser that been belong to the heroes and they're about to stop this–
      Ondore: What are you doing? How do you know about the Ivalice? I thought that your world called Zemuria also caught in the war?
      Vita: Of course it is Zemuria is also engulfed by the fires of war. You'll already know that the war is dangerous, Marquis. You know how many lives are lost in this war? Even Rasler died in battle in the Battle of Nabradia. Back then the Hundred Days Wars begun after Hamel was destroyed as well as Karin lost her life when Loewe told her his backstory in Glorious. After that it will leads all the way to the Great War in Zemuria.
      Ondore: Really, Vita? Only I can untold the story of the Ivalice, not you and I guess you're right. You said that Zemuria got Tanks as well as the piloted Battle Robots and not just airships?
      Vita: Of course, Marquis. If you untold this story about war I won't stop you. I know the story of the Ivalice is also right before Firis' story just like the 2nd Chapter of the Liberl Arc but still. Every history also written since this world is engulfed by the fires of war. Anyways back to the story of the Ivalice. After Reks' death the story begins when Vaan and Penelo are orphans and Vaan will make a dream to become a Sky Pirate. And he starts a new adventure in Ivalice.
      Ondore: Do what you want, Vita.

    2. ps4のFF12はクソです





    3. Final Fantasy XII's "gambit" battle system was an interesting way for RPG combat. Another, unique (but the same) FF story: beautiful, layered, and us with whiplash.
      Not given a lot of love in the franchise, apparently due to the battle system, but I found it refreshing and empowering. This system might have been before it's time and at least components should be considered to any major new releases of Final Fantasy.

      Thanks for the play through!

    4. This is my favorite Final Fantasy game by far. The lack of random battles and open, gambit-focused gameplay made it really fun to play, but most of all it was such a fully-realized world in terms of aesthetics. The more futuristic worlds of FFXlll and the ones that followed seems more garish and cartoonish than FFXll.

    5. This game gave me bad motion sickness : ( I'm grateful I can still experience the story by watching your play through…so thank you !!


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