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    SearchThisVideo: FINAL FANTASY XII Zodiac Age PC – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue [4K 60FPS]

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    buddy nice I told
    in the name of the Father and in the
    presence of these holy relics I hereby
    pronounce you man and wife
    from this time forth may the blessings
    of the Gods like to a path for all
    wanted attacked by both land and air our
    kingdom stand little nobodies has fallen
    impossible my father I know not I am
    sorry if nobody's has indeed fallen it

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    is only a matter of time or they reach
    the borders of dalmasca there is nothing
    to halt their advance secure now below
    with all haste I will go and I will go
    at his side
    don't a a stand watch over your life
    that I be considered worthy
    Moltres is lost you must withdraw no
    paling still stands
    site never-failing light

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    the palings fallen it's over for my
    father for my father
    blessings of the Great Father descend
    and guide your bodies return to the
    Great Father guide your spirits return
    to the mother of all therein shall find
    peace far wrong
    the death of Lord Rolla hey asana branya
    was but one of many tragedies to be fold
    the kingdom of darkness cough the air of
    hope that had surrounded her Royal
    Highness Princess Ash's wedding was now
    quite lost dalmasca had been set adrift
    at the mercy of history's Restless tides
    at this time two great Empire struggled
    for dominion over ivelisse Arcadia in
    the east
    Rosaria the West the invasion of the
    Kingdom of Nebraska was Arcadia's first
    step in its westward march with Lord
    Rosse las beloved homeland consumed by
    the hell fires of war it seemed clear
    that Arcadia would soon need out a like
    fate to dalmasca
    the fall of the fortress at nalbana told
    the destruction of the greater part of
    Damascus forces the counter-attack was
    mounted by the order of the Knights of
    dalmasca ever brave and faithful but
    against the marshal might of the
    Akkadian armies they stood little chance
    of victory indeed the defeat was to be

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    absolute sooner after Arcadia came
    forward offering terms of peace or as
    one might rather put it terms of
    dalmasca surrender
    lord rama's king of dalmasca and my dear
    friend had no choice but to accept these
    terms it was thus only with reluctance
    that he sat down for now than a fortress
    now on the Arcadian occupation to fix
    his seal to the Emperor's Treaty of
    Peace the King had scarce departed his
    royal City Arab Anasta when the remnants
    of the order made their return and not a
    moment too soon for a terrible
    revelation awaited them
    the treaty would be signed with steel
    and written royal blood
    you then can you hear me it's as I
    they're slowing us down do not say that
    not all of us I hear a lot of that he's
    faster but and your name
    Rex sir my name's Rex good Rex
    you bore a few cuts but you are still
    whole well can you stand think you can
    fight I'm fine sir
    how old are you Rex 17 sir
    young family my brother is all I have
    left sir
    he's two years younger than i living in
    Robin Astor
    so yeah
    you beli old enough to be a man you
    shouldn't be forced to wield a sword no
    sir I want to fight for my homeland and
    for my parents Bosch save the discussion
    for later we must reach the king before
    they act or all our efforts will be in
    vain I'm aware of the situation with
    Basel go ahead I will handle this rabble

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    steady rex keep your wits about you and
    you'll make it
    we move

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    Madeline this is Sunbury my engines are
    hit she'll not hold much longer
    we received you Tom berry you late to
    retire well fought
    Vossler where are you what if Captain Oz
    Ellis has fallen don't talk such
    nonsense vossler's laughed in the face
    of death far too many times from to stop
    now men like him don't die in places
    like this we must make haste to reach
    the king we will take him to safety
    is His Majesty unharmed they'll agree to
    an unconditional surrender they wouldn't
    dare touch him until the wax on his seal
    is dry but if we arrive after he signed
    the treaty weight quickly Rex

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    intruders don't let them escape sir
    we have little time you must go to the
    king I'll handle these like well
    Your Majesty
    a captain why are king
    what have you done the king intended all
    along to sell that musket to the Empire
    His Majesty was a traitor captain I

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    seize the insurgent
    well so much for peaceful negotiations
    we'll never surrender to you
    we are not cattle to be so by a traitor
    King but the war's over
    you have lost dalmasca is the property
    of the empire now and think we intended
    to let you keep some of your sovereignty
    out of respect but now you've gone and
    ruined that haven't you captain we will
    never bow to you and the people of
    dalmasca will hate you for it
    take the captain away
    pretenses of peace left by the wayside
    the Arcadian forces resumed their
    advance toward Robin hasta dal mask as
    doom had been decided to make resistance
    would serve no end with his foremost in
    my thoughts I to the people of Damascus
    sons and daughters of dalmasca why did
    you lay down your arms raised songs of
    prayer in their stead prayer for His
    Majesty King Rama nas ever merciful a
    man devoted wholly to peace prayer tool
    for the noble princess ash who wrought
    with grief at her kingdoms defeat has
    taken her own life know also that
    captain Bosch von Romme zimberg
    for incitement of sedition and the
    assassination of his royal Majesty King
    Romano's has been found guilty of high
    treason and put to his death they who at
    this late hour true still the sword a
    cut of the same cloth as the captain
    traitors who would lead dalmasca to her
    dalmasca surrender without terms were
    soon to follow

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    bond hurry it up or they'll find us
    I know I know just a little more you
    keep an eye out for me up there kites
    one two three more right time to clean
    Wow one you got them all yourself guess
    I know who to call when something big
    comes along hey it's good practice for
    the desert I'm ready for anything now
    that's enough for today you should get
    back to Miguel's place kites aren't you
    running errands for him
    whoops totally for God you should come
    he's busy today might have some work for
    you to do - I've got other own work to
    do hey lock this place up for me will
    you if miguel finds out we've been down
    here he'll Tan our hides
    huh what'd you say yes sir you haven't
    paid on second thought please sir take
    it it's a gift play the pool song play
    we don't want trouble today your luck
    peddler oops sorry
    what's way you're going sure on my pouch
    it's gone so boy get out the way

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    hey that's mine what do you mean yours
    you've been stealing again what happens
    if they catch you we need you to be
    there for us bond you're no good to
    anyone if you're locked away in a
    dungeon Oh what am I the leader now
    we're orphans the first thing you learn
    is you got to watch out for yourself
    come on Panello you know it as well as I
    hey you give that back what do you think
    you're doing I thought that this money
    was the people of Damascus property The
    Imperials stole it from us so it's only
    fair that we take it back it's our duty
    as Dom Askins well wasn't that what you
    said yeah but I never said anything
    about taking it back from me this is for
    that bread you took the other day just
    because I helped Mugello out every now
    and then it doesn't mean that you get to
    eat for free too you know I know that
    you think I like living like this
    one of these days I'll fly an airship of
    my own I'll be a Skype are free to go
    where I will
    well be careful you'll never fly
    anything if you're rotting in a dungeon
    Oh Miguel Oh had some errands that need
    doing he wanted you to drop by his place
    it might be a good idea to lend a hand
    god I was waiting Pinella said you

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    needed something some package is
    supposed to be arriving by courier the
    morning after Abbas he ran into some
    trouble on the desert now I know
    foodstuffs to prepare for the banquet
    tonight so you want me to find this
    courier hey no problem no problem that
    does a dangerous trouble I'll be sending
    you to early grave my boy no I've
    arranged for some replacement goods from
    Tomasz over at the sand sea so you want
    me to go to the tavern to pick him up
    that's right I ask types to do that
    would you know he's gone missing on big
    tools I can't leave my shop at night
    Pinello on another charitable but you
    see what I want you to do is run over to
    the sand sea and fence kites back what
    do you say sounds wild it's easy work
    and you'll thank me for it Sunday
    there you are kites stop loafing around
    look fun look this is it this is why
    McGillis Korea didn't get here on time
    a creature spotted in the ester stand
    what is that thing
    ah von Mugello send you two did he
    it's a busy man these days that Mugello
    if I dare say so myself I don't envy him
    to work though not a bit quite the
    affair throwing a banquet to welcome the
    Imperials a welcoming we should be
    whatever seat Amash what's this man
    don't remind me
    got some nastiness out there in the
    ester sandwich stopping our couriers and
    that means shortages all around thought
    I'd put up a bill offer a reward to
    anyone who can knock that nasty back in
    its place
    now that's work sounds ten times better
    than running errands for Miguel oh
    that's right Vaughn you should give it a
    shot and you should be getting back to
    Miguel oh now kites he was waiting for
    you oh right right

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    your dad
    let's see some papers boy no public
    passage on account of the old consoles
    pride oh gee that's too bad
    you see it just so happens that your
    provisioner for the fete tonight
    he sent me to pick up a few choice
    morsels for the consuls dining pleasure
    he wants him quick I got the rid of

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    transit right here you see signed Miguel
    oh I just hate to see the Consul upset
    because his food wasn't ready on time
    and I sure hate to see him take it out
    on you the Lord consoles a great man
    I know wondered take a fancy said she
    trifling mouths
    moving on boy wouldn't do to keep the
    console whiting right gator closed after
    all right
    yes yes
    all right

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    galvano lilies
    never thought I'd see him growing out
    this will make a nice souvenir time to
    call it a day

    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PC 4K 60FPS Max Settings. Showcasing all hunts, all cutscenes movie, ...


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    Comment (45)

    1. running it 4k "High" settings on an i5-4670k @4.2ghz , 16gb ram and a gtx 1070 also overclocked = gives me shitty 35-46 FPS. can't imagine going into town with all them npcs.. if you hit constant 60fps you must be playing on Low or Medium or you have GTX1080/better?

    2. You'd think the PS4 would be able to run this game at 60fps since games with much better graphics can run fine at 60fps on the PS4 just fine. I'm not an angry PS fanboy I just feel like the PS4 should at least be powerful enough to run a game as old as FFXII at 60fps even if it does have graphical improvements.

    3. Holy crap, this looks excellent. While I don't mind playing these types of games in 30FPS, 60 and above looks so much better.

      I mean, I have a save on the PS4 that I abandoned partway. Do I scrap it just to play through a now even more superior version? (…Do I use different jobs?) I don't want to farm chest equipment by zoning screens again… :p

      If only they could have managed to give X/X-2 the same treatment. Japan in general needs to stop writing framerate-dependent code when most Western studios don't (then again I suppose console-led vs. formerly PC-led development has different factors).

    4. The 60 FPS looks nice and buttery but given the game itself, it is hardly essential. I will stick with my PS4 copy.

      Curious that they did not patch it in to the console version, at least for the Pro.

    5. I'd like to give this game a solid try, but i always hear of planning out what jobs you give the characters, so im totally new to this but did abit of research and decided to go with:
      Vaan – Bushi/tbd
      Ashe – Knight/Time Mage
      Penelo – Black mage/Monk
      Balthier – Shikari/Foebreaker
      Basch – Archer/Red mage
      Fran – Machinist/ White mage

      I do want somesort of paladin kind of character and a archer ofc 🙂

      If someone has any better idea's i'd love to hear it

    6. I finally made the jump to PC gaming. Playing this in 60fps is nice. And having mods that replace Penelo and Vaan’s horrible outfits with much better-looking ones is nice too. Now if only there were a mod which replaced Penelo’s hair…

    7. Played through this game multiple times and never gets tired of it. I got so immersed that the real world seems like it's a part of ff12. Yeah, that's how much I enjoyed this game.

    8. with such old textures I don't think there is any difference between 4K and 1080P.

      It is prettier than on ps2 it is certain and more fluid.

      I played a lot FFXII on ps2, but 13 years ago. x_x Damn…. 13 years…… on my ps2 …………. resident evil 4, FFXII, GranTurismo 3 / 4 ……….. Damn….


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