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    hi everyone welcome to the visual guide

    for Hallett Ali the fifth dungeon you

    may encounter in Final Fantasy 14 a

    realm reborn my name is Miss tech and

    I'll be your dungeon guide while

    completing the dungeon is not necessary

    to progress in your storyline you unlock

    this instance at around the same time

    you unlock the thousand Maas of Thoth

    Iraq personally I did hella tally after

    Toth Iraq and made the videos in the

    same order some people make you into

    this one first though palette Ally is an

    ancient Coliseum now in ruins and

    overrun by nasty monsters the immortal

    flames are asking for your help to clear

    out the Coliseum and how can you say no

    there are the usual nooks and crannies

    that contain chests and lots of trash

    bowls in between each objective yielding

    quite a bit of experience the difficulty

    of the trash pulls lies mainly in the

    number of mobs you have to pull at once

    remember to use your signs effectively

    if you are having trouble our first

    objective is to clear the hall of this

    s/t we accomplish this by destroying the

    first boss fire maid now you'll notice

    fire main is standing next to a large

    bonfire which is a little weird because

    he's made a fire himself it's not like

    he needs to keep warm right huh

    fire main is a stationary boss that uses

    ranged fire attacks on his primary

    target you may be able to move him by

    lineup citing him around a corner but it

    was an imperative enough for me to try

    so I don't know the main mechanic here

    is handling the fire risks that come

    from the tunnels surrounding the rooms

    since everything in this room is a

    lovely shade of orange it's a little

    easier if you use the mini-map to see

    where they're coming from they come up

    as obvious red dots there if these wisps

    make it to the bonfire they explode

    resulting in a fair amount of AoE damage

    to the party letting one or two in

    shouldn't cause too much hassle for the

    healer but if a bunch or lenine at once

    the damage might get too much to handle

    the wisps also have very low health most

    range I've seen are able to one-shot

    them it's just a matter of keeping on

    top of them before they overwhelm you

    once fire rain is down hits bonfire

    turns into an ether portal which you use

    to continue on in this part of the

    instance you will come across the number

    of chain witches tugging on these will

    spawn either one mob a group of mobs or

    a treasure chest from what I've seen

    it's completely random this is the next

    objective so don't wuss out think you

    can skip killing extra mobs the next

    boss is a thing called thunderclap


    he has a frontal cone that is easily

    avoided I'm also taking him on the base

    of the ramp for a specific reason

    throughout the fight he will become

    invulnerable and run to the center of

    the room electrifying the water covering

    the majority of the room standing in the

    room does damage over time about 96 or

    so a tick so it's best if the entire

    party stands on the ramp during the

    space while the water is electrified the

    boss will send out a group of ads that

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    must be killed before he returns to

    fight these lightning sprites have a

    point-blank AoE so just be quick to move

    out of the way it may get a little

    crowded a little hectic on the ramp but

    it is manageable that's pretty much to

    deal with this boss rinse repeat collect

    loot an ether flow will open in the

    center of the room that will take you to

    the last part of Hallett alley you'll

    come across the room that has a

    suspicious red circle with a tempting

    treasure chest in the middle

    obviously something on it spawns anot it

    would be more surprising if nothing

    happened why don't they ever do that the

    ad that spawns can't even be considered

    mini-boss level he's just annoying it in

    the way the last boss is 10 gotcha


    this fight borrows mechanics from the

    first two fights you've seen already in

    the first phase he becomes invulnerable

    and begins to spawn fire wisps if the

    wisps get to him will explode an AoE the

    party but we've had plenty of practice

    already so everyone is pro I'm assuming

    the puddle of fire around him does

    damage as well but I didn't test it out

    something about fire puddles makes me

    want to stay away he also has the same

    frontal cone that the second boss had so

    naturally don't stand in front of him as

    you progress he'll begin to start

    spawning ads they have low health and

    can be easily dealt with in between the

    waves of wisps once he hits 50% things

    change a little bit he gets the same

    fiery gloves of doom again only this

    time he's not invulnerable and he move

    around while he summons those wisps as

    the Wyss spawn from all over the room it

    might be worth moving him to the center

    I kept him near one of the wall so I

    didn't force the rest of the party to

    have to deal with his frontal cone if

    that came up it's completely up to you



    tada there it is hell is Hali questions

    leave them in the comments below and

    I'll answer as best as I can

    thanks for watching til next time

    ::Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Halatali Visual Dungeon Guide::

    Why watch 40 minutes of someone else playing when you just need the highlights? This video gives you a quick overview of the dungeon, boss mechanics, and overall group dynamics. Enjoy!

    THUNDERCLAP GUIVRE:http://youtu.be/Lukm-U8aaOw?t=2m33s

    Music: Blackmill - The Light

    Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (44)

    1. Great job on all the guides.  Just tanked Halatali for the first time since I ran it as a DPS once, six months ago!  Thanks to your guide, I got 3 commendations and a 'nice tanking' comment!

    2. these guides of yours really help. I play gladiator/paladin myself, and as a tank it seems I'm expected to know everything, all the time, and compensate for party members not knowing shizz.  I dont even consider entering a new dungeon without checking your guide on it first. thanks for the help

    3. These guides have been really helpful, I am both new to the game and new to tanking, and these videos have been an immeasurable resource.  Thank you.

    4. Your videos are great, MTQ, I always watch your dungeon guides before attempting a new dungeon, just so I know what I'm getting into. Great job on them, and thanks for the info!

    5. Oh, wow. I never knew what to do with the green blobs – it was all so new to me. Looking back on it, I can see why my party members were pissy. I kept attacking the bombs lol.

    6. I recently started playing and have found these guides really helpful! I watch each one before entering a dungeon and it helps take a lot of the anxiety away of grouping with strangers. Not sure if you're still around, but thank you!

    7. how do you unlock these dungeons? im sitting at level 30 with like…4 classes and i still only have 3 dungeons available to me..the last on i unlocked at level 17. how do i unlock the other dungeons in my level range?

    8. Just started playing gladiator a week or so ago. Now my shiny paladin twink is ready for the big leagues thanks to your guides! Seriously, I never set foot in a dungeon before I check what you've got to say on it. And tanking is surprisingly accessible tbh. Literally just do the training missions and run satasha until you're comfortable. The game is honestly really good at slowly layering on mechanics, allowing you ample time to work a new move into your rotation comfortably.


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