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    hi everyone welcome to the visual guide

    for Wanderers Palace this is a level 50

    dungeon unlocked in Vesper Bay and is

    often used as a stepping stone to the

    rest of endgame in Final Fantasy 14 a

    realm reborn along with dropping the

    usual Allegan tokens chests in this

    instance we'll also drop the broken

    weapons that are precursors to the relic

    reborn quest as of the most recent

    hotfix completing Wanderers palace also

    now awards players with a hundred tomes

    of philosophy and thirty tomes of

    mythology making this a great

    alternative to 8k when farming my name

    is Miss tech and I'll be your dungeon

    guide the first thing you'll notice

    about wanders Palace are the creepy

    giant Han berries that stock the halls

    wielding the knife straight at a psycho

    Li serve as many dps checks for the

    instance and should they catch up to

    your party they'll horrific Li murder

    the closest member right in front of

    your eyes the small town berries will

    drop the lantern oil that you will use

    to access each section of the instance

    the oil is used throughout the instance

    on rusted enemy and devices to open

    doors the first boss is the keeper of

    Haledon someone please get this guy a

    tissue because he will spend the entire

    encounter snorting and sneezing on

    people disgusting he has a large frontal

    cone that will target a random party

    member be sure to avoid this he will

    also throw out targeted AoE zones that

    players should move away from as much as


    healers keep an eye out for any debuffs

    to dispel but other than that it's a

    fairly straightforward fight


    this next area of the dungeon has a

    couple of giant Tom berries that patrol

    the halls the group should keep an eye

    out for these and move to safe zones as

    much as possible it's best not to remain

    in one static spot the sooner or later

    you'll get attacked so be as fluid with

    your positioning as possible don't

    forget to kill the Tom berries for the

    oil you'll have to lube up for rested

    consoles before the door to the next

    area opens the second boss is the giant

    pivara this boss has two main mechanics

    that you should watch out for the first

    who will spawn a number of different

    colored adds that should be killed as

    soon as possible the only one that is

    really a bother is the blue one that

    comes in the second spawn face the blue

    pudding will begin to heal the boss if

    not killed quickly if your group damage

    is high enough Aon these down is


    the second mechanic that everyone needs

    to look out for is his fixing the boss

    will focus a random party member and

    begin to chase them the player should

    kite the boss or risk getting their face

    smashed in note that the boss can be

    pushed back so if you don't feel like

    running use those buttons remember that

    if the boss is coming at you but your

    tank is still on top of that enmity

    meter you should probably run keep an

    eye out here in this next section the

    giant Tom berry appears to spawn as soon

    as you enter and there's not much room

    to work with keep on top of the DPS and

    keep moving forward as much as possible

    it's probably best to prioritize killing

    the Tom Berry's just to get access to

    the door if you run out of the room you

    can pull the rest of the trash inside

    the room safe from the murderous Tom


    the last boss is a Todd Barry King this

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    boss is quite challenging in comparison

    to the first two bosses and full PUD

    groups may have some trouble with it as

    it actually requires a little bit of

    coordination tanks should keep the king

    in the center of the room as soon as you

    pull you'll notice two ads spawn that

    slowly begin to walk to the center of

    the room more and more ads will begin to

    spawn throughout the fight and if your

    first instinct is to nucleus as you'd be

    half right while it's important not to

    get overwhelmed by these ads is also

    extremely important to understand that

    each ad killed puts a stacking buff on

    the King that increases the amount of

    damage he deals the challenging aspect

    of this fight comes in balancing between

    killing ads and keeping the stack at a

    level that the healer and tank can

    manage and survive through after a short

    time the tombery King will release all

    of his grudge in a massive attack the

    damage tout depends on how many stacks

    he had at the time the easiest way that

    we found to do this is to kill ads in

    groups of 3 to 4 wait for the King to

    burn his grudge and then continue on

    killing another group of ads if your

    tank has lower health it might be better

    to kill even less if the ad should reach

    the tonberry King before he is killed

    they actually removed the stacks of

    grudge that he has on him so you might

    think no problem we'll just kill 3

    ignore the rest blah blah blah

    sounds easy the problem is once the ads

    reach the king and no longer have a

    purpose in life

    they will activate innocence and begin

    to follow basic enmity rules in other

    words they'll probably come after your

    healer at this point the DPS and healers

    might expect to have to start hating ads

    around while the tank waits for the king

    to burn his grudge without any way to

    communicate all of this in the full pug

    group you can start to see why this gets

    pretty crazy near the end of the fight

    tonberry flashers similar to your

    friends that were stalking you

    throughout the instance will spawn in a

    ring around the room these will slowly

    move towards the center of the room and

    can and should be ignored be careful if

    you're kiting though if you get too

    close to the slashers they will agro to

    you obviously you're already dealing

    with enough stuff so avoid these at all

    costs anytime you're not dealing with

    the ads burn the boss obviously this is

    the kind of boss that gets easier with

    more and more gear but until then make

    sure you remember not to kill too many

    Tom Berry's

    unless you enjoy wiping there you go

    Wanderers palace now that this is

    another place to obtain tomes of

    mythology you might be seeing more and

    more of this place I'm not too sure how

    I feel about that yet as always thanks

    for watching until next time


    ::Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - The Wanderer's Palace Visual Dungeon Guide::

    Why watch 40 minutes of someone else playing when you just need the highlights? This video gives you a quick overview of the dungeon, boss mechanics, and overall group dynamics. Enjoy!

    KEEPER OF HALIDOM: http://youtu.be/xlKKLpQSzZst=1m01s
    GIANT BAVAROIS: http://youtu.be/xlKKLpQSzZst=1m50s
    TONBERRY KING: http://youtu.be/xlKKLpQSzZst=4m21s

    Music: Sampled from...Ramses B - Pure

    Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (27)

    1. The final stalker doesn't spawn immediately, but only when you get to the top of the stairs. You can pull the tonberries (and maybe the other adds) down and deal with them before you activate the stalker.

    2. this only applies to the SMN,SMN,WHM,and tank group we found if you just dps the boss and as the  tonberries reach the king to holy bomb.keep all aoe on boss. so if any of you have had problems with this group combo this is what we found.

    3. For boss my group has tank 2 dd and whm specifically whm. DDs burn the boss thank tanks and whm has 2 jobs one heal but second is as soon as the adds get to the boss and trigger whm uses holy this dispells all hate built up and gets rid of adds

    4. The way my friends and I usually group up for Wanderer's Palace for normal runs is Bard, any tank, White Mage, and any other DPS. For the last boss we just have the tank pull to the center, and just camp there. The two DPS only attack the boss, and when all the adds get to the center, the WHM uses Holy+Blizzard II. (For reduced MP cost.) We just rinse and repeat, and the Bard uses Mage's Ballad if need be, but we usually don't have to. If you have a BLM in the group, they can use Flare, and that usually kills all the little tonberries in one shot.

    5. for anyone watching this. the area After you kill the slime boss . if you dont go on the stairs the stalker will not spawn so you can pull the ballon guys and the two tonberries down and kill them without worrying about the stalker. 

    6. For any new player watching this in 2020: Just so you'd know, I've just finished this dungeon with my warrior, and my team steamrolled through the final boss. He didn't even get one buss i think. So just so you'd know, it's not difficult at all.

      EDIT: "Why watch 40 minutes of someone else playing when you just need the highlights?"

      Took us not more than 15-15 mins.


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