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    SearchThisVideo: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – Castrum Abania Dungeon Walkthrough

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    hello everybody Shawn here and we are

    taking a look at the cast room a banya

    dungeon the level 69 dungeon and storm

    blood although the actual max level

    inside the dungeon is 70 so you get a

    nice little bonus if you have managed

    you hit that max level already

    as with most dungeons it starts out with

    several trash pulls and although there's

    nothing too noteworthy about the actual

    trash monsters keep in mind that at this

    point everything is going to be hitting

    the tank quite hard and if the tank is

    not holding aggro happens to die or some

    other bad thing occurs and someone else

    ends up tanking they're gonna take a lot

    of damage very very quickly all the

    enemies in the storm blood dungeons hit

    very hard and cash from a banya enemies

    are no different so keep that in mind

    take pulls one at a time there is no

    reason to rush if you are

    extraordinarily confident in your skills

    and you have max level gear you can try

    doing multiple pulls at a time but again

    I cannot stress enough that these

    enemies in the late game dungeons and

    storm blood hit very very hard so you

    usually aren't gonna want to run the

    risk of dying so just do one pool at a

    time again though the actual trash

    monsters there is nothing too noteworthy

    to speak of about them so just kill them

    there's four to five groups and once

    you've gone through those you'll be at

    the first boss and the first boss is

    this odd-looking magnum rotor enemy now

    he hits very hard again this is gonna be

    a common theme in this dungeon enemies

    hit very very hard so if you're the main

    tank be prepared to use your cooldowns

    quite frequently if you have a healing

    rotation as a tank once you've

    established any enmity make sure to use

    that healing rotation quite frequently

    he has one fire a OE that you just saw

    in a couple of his smaller fire AOE s

    that he will use occasionally they're

    not really the big deal the big deal of

    this fight the main mechanic is what you

    see right here once he gets a little

    weaker he'll start dashing around the

    arena and then other gharlane soldiers

    show up and start activating cannons

    once you've killed the two soldiers that

    you can target you can then get on the

    cannon and shoot the boss

    until you shoot the boss he won't stop

    moving so what you have to do is kill

    the garleon soldier then get on the

    cannon and fire it at the boss before he

    runs you over you have a couple second

    window to do so it's not as difficult as

    it sounds just kill the garleon soldier

    get on the cannon and shoot the boss

    before he starts charging around again

    you don't need to kill both soldiers you

    only need to kill one soldier so that

    you can get to the cannon it doesn't

    matter which candidate you so you can't

    ignore the other one if you want but

    typically it is easier to just kill both

    soldiers because that way you don't have

    another soldier running around smacking

    your DPS or healer so it is easier to

    just kill both but it's not mandatory

    you do only need to kill one so that you

    can get to the cannon and you're gonna

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    see that demonstrated right here we kill

    only that one we grab the cannon now

    unfortunately we had to abandon the

    cannon for a second to avoid damage I

    grab the cannon fired it at the boss to

    stun him and we carried on if you get

    caught in his charge attack as you saw

    one of our party members get caught in

    it it's likely gonna kill you it does a

    ton of damage if you are the tank you'll

    probably live if you're a DPS or healer

    you likely gonna die unless you're in

    max level gear other than his charge

    mechanic and the cannon section it's a

    pretty straightforward fight he hits

    hard on a single target so again the

    tank needs to pop cooldowns but other

    than that his AoE s are very simple and

    very straightforward once you've killed

    him you're gonna move on to the next

    section now section two of this boss or

    rather this dungeon sorry will contain

    these pods these magitek pods and once

    you get close to them you see they start

    using deployment and you want to kill as

    many as possible now typically you can

    guarantee one kill if you have extremely

    high DPS you might sneak in the second

    kill it's not a big deal if you don't

    once the pods open these hyper tuned

    enemies will come out they're nothing

    special there just monk style enemies so

    just grab them and tank your way through

    them and again you're gonna repeat this

    process twice there's gonna be a second

    room with the same tanks where you're

    gonna do this again

    there's also other trash monsters that

    will appear some dogs and other enemies

    just tank your way through them deal

    you're a OE and normal DPS and you'll

    get through them just fine there's

    nothing too important about them it's

    just your standard trash faire monster

    now before too long you'll reach the

    second boss number 24 and he has one

    major bootcamp that can really throw

    people off but we'll go over the small

    stuff first he has an AoE pretty simple

    to get out of the way of not a big deal

    he also has a tank Buster called stab

    it'll do several thousand damage it's

    not as bad as some other tank Buster's

    you've faced thus far so just have any

    of your defensive cooldowns ready pop it

    and you'll be a-okay to live through

    that now this is the main thing it's his

    barrier shift ability every so often

    he's going to use it and you're gonna

    see fire ice and lightning circles on

    the ground when he uses barrier shift

    he's gonna exclaim something in chat

    he's gonna say two elements right now

    it's fire and ice that means he's immune

    to fire an ice so if you walk into the

    fire or ice ring your character gets a

    buff that enchants it with fire or ice

    damage but the boss is currently immune

    to that so if you attack the boss with

    the elements that he says right here

    fire and lightning for instance if you

    attack the boss with whatever elements

    he just said you will take damage

    yourself and be knocked back so what you

    need to do is listen to what the boss

    says and then attack him with the

    element he didn't speak of so if he says

    fire in ice

    you attack with lightning if he says

    lightning and fire you attack with ice

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    now if you don't happen to catch what he

    says you can also see what element he's

    we - by looking at his health bar he'll

    have a buff on his character that says

    currently immune to X&Y element so you

    just need to pick up whatever element

    that doesn't say and then attack him

    with it again if you notice yourself

    getting knocked back or you're taking

    damage that's because you're using the

    wrong element so make sure you get the

    right one or else you might accidentally

    kill yourself on that boss but once he's

    dead though you can carry on to the

    third section of the dungeon now the

    third section of this dungeon there is

    going to be a big portion on this bridge

    here the first thing you want to do is

    always kill the flying bit because it's

    gonna target artillery at your

    characters you don't want to deal with

    that it's a ton of damage every time you

    attack a bit more enemies will appear

    from these containers and there are

    several bits so this is gonna happen

    several times now there is one big thing

    I'm gonna note here and you're actually

    gonna see this in the footage as well if

    you are a healer try your best not to

    have any buffs active on your tank when

    this parts going on we had an issue

    right here where the healer kept

    throwing regen on me so instead of my

    character getting hate when the new

    enemies appeared the healer kept

    grabbing hate and then as the tank I'm

    running around trying to regrab all that

    aggro off the healer it's a very

    frustrating process that can be easily

    avoided by just not having any

    regeneration buffs on your characters

    when they're activating these pods it's

    very very simple you don't want to

    accidentally pull aggro

    because even the best tank it's gonna be

    hard to round up all those enemies

    before you take a bunch of damage as the

    healer so if you're the healer doing

    this dungeon for this section just don't

    throw regen on anyone for this part at

    least when they're about to pull from

    these containers otherwise it's pretty

    straightforward stuff when you attack

    the bits the other enemies will spawn

    and as long as the tank is up there they

    should target the tank and you'll be

    able to grab them all once you've got

    them all under control it's pretty

    straightforward stuff they do hit pretty

    hard so every time you tank a new set of

    enemies pop a different cooldown just to

    try to mitigate some of the damage but

    they don't have any special abilities

    you just kill the bit first that way it

    doesn't use artillery on you and then

    kill them all the rest of the monsters

    that spawn afterwards after you kill

    them you'll fight a few more trash mobs

    inside a couple big golems the things

    gonna hit hard but again it's just your

    standard trash aside from a lot of

    damage there's nothing noteworthy about

    them and eventually you will get to the

    final boss and the final boss of this

    dungeon is Inferno this fine looking

    individual and he's got a lot of skills

    we're gonna go over her so we're gonna

    start it off with the tank buster the

    KATU slash throughout the fight he's

    going to use it he's going to use it

    quite a bit actually he really likes

    trying to take down the tank so be

    prepared as the

    tank to get hit by catchy / a lot you're

    not gonna always have a cool now ready

    but anytime you do try to pop a cool

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    down to avoid as much damage as possible

    and of course use your healing rotation

    to help every so often he's going to

    come over here and get buffed every time

    he gets buffed it just changes his

    abilities and makes him a little

    stronger he uses the same abilities

    though they just have altered slightly

    the main one is called key to Rahu and

    you're gonna see him use it a lot

    throughout the fight it's his main AoE

    he also has a lime based a OE called k2

    blaster that one's very simple to dodge

    tattoo Rahu is the big one it started

    out as a simple circular AOE and now

    it's a multi-stage circular and Conal

    AOE there isn't anything particular that

    can be said or done to avoid it you just

    need to find those small slivers of safe

    space and get on them as quickly as

    possible other than that it's simple

    tank through the damage DPS him until

    you get to the next stage after his

    second buff is applied you will see

    hands appear in the arena they will

    tether to two people and then there's a

    third hand the people who are tethered

    need to just run away from the hand as

    long as the hand doesn't catch them they

    won't take any damage at all and it'll

    be fine the third hand is the important

    one and this one's carrying a package to

    try to buff the boss so as soon as your

    two allies that are tethered are safe go

    after that other hand it takes top

    priority because if you don't kill it

    you have about 25 seconds to kill it 20

    to 25 seconds if you don't kill the

    other hand in time it buffs the boss a

    third time and he gets extremely

    powerful think of it almost as like a

    miniature enrage it gets to the point

    where the boss is almost unkillable

    unless you are on top of your heals and

    DPS so make sure to kill that third hand

    ASAP other than that it's mostly just

    mitigating damage from ketsu / and

    watching out for k2 Rahu's AO ease I

    hope this video helped Jo guys I thank

    you all for watching and we'll see

    everyone next time


    In this video, we show you everything you need to know to complete Castrum Abania, the level 69 dungeon in Stormblood. For more on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, check out our wiki @ www.ign.com/wikis/ff14

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