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    SearchThisVideo: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Gameplay Walkthrough – IGN Live: E3 2017

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    welcome back to IGN live at e3 I'm here
    with Daniel from the IGN Japan off you
    may not even know we have an office in
    Japan but Yannick improves it because he
    goes to work there every day dude and
    we're here with ash from screenings hey
    I don't great we're talking about the
    new big expansion for Final Fantasy 14
    storm blood that's right yeah so storm
    but it's coming out June 20th next
    Tuesday early access actually starts
    tonight or Friday morning at 2 a.m.
    Pacific we're super excited absolute
    soon yeah it's really soon really soon
    we you know we've been getting great
    reception of it at the e3 hall here we
    have people battling cesano yeah our guy
    I swung by the booth and I joined a team
    of the other guys that will come
    prepared that will come together in a
    team and I was the only one who came and
    just let the whole team down what job no
    I was a trigger okay yeah we lost we
    lost pretty bad oh okay no it's the
    first time the primals been available so
    it's not your fault that's our [ __ ]
    don't you tell us we're going to a new
    location and storm blood is that right
    many new location okay but yeah
    basically so storm blood is going to
    take that main story quests from Final
    Fantasy 14 and take it finally to Al
    amigo where we've been talking about for
    a while now liberating all amigo from
    The Guardian Empire whilst we go to the
    Far East to the constant of okar where
    you'll be able to finally go to DOMA
    where there's been a couple characters
    that come over from that side during the
    heaven sword expansion you Gary and
    Cosette see so now you're gonna see that
    and you get a whole new player city out
    there too
    Coogan eh yeah we're really excited
    especially I mean the one thing I want
    to say I have to always say when I talk
    about 514 is that if you've played any
    other mainline Final Fantasy games bond
    fantasy 14 it's kind of a hidden gem
    because it's an online version of an
    epic final fantasy like the story right
    never ends again it constantly evolves
    with the new patches that we have coming
    out it's it's just a main line final
    fantasy story that like people just
    haven't experienced as much maybe it's a
    something a little direction but we
    can't can't wait for people to kind of
    continue that journey here that's why I
    want to ask you about that Final Fantasy
    15 is out that's right now we're getting
    a new biggest tension for 14 like 14
    still gonna be going after Final Fantasy
    16 is out we hope that the idea hope for
    five fantasy 120
    you never also lose count somewhere
    along the way no we try not to you know
    internally I'm always calling upon fancy
    14 online because I like to make sure
    that I remember that that all my it's a
    platform right yeah it didn't
    continually evolves so that's cool
    you've introduced a new antagonist for
    storm blood this is enos enos yeah so
    he's kind of like our kylo Ren right
    he's the big guy so he's the Emperor's
    son okay it's kind of kind of our big
    bad uh you know his MO is color inin a
    you you might be okay they have a lot of
    hair helmet yeah my magic we fits in
    place you know you may you may not see
    him without his helmet I don't know why
    don't you guys check out the trailer he
    looks like a pretty big badass oh okay
    you know the one thing I the other thing

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    too is I mean the big thing with
    district managers we get into new jobs
    right the red maids and the samurai
    these are fan favorite jobs from the
    franchise and we're finally bringing
    them into pop n c14 online and I have a
    level 60 black mane so I'm partial to
    probably trying out the web mate more
    because it's kind of a hybrid dps from
    range as well as melee your samurai is a
    little bit more of a typical melee dps
    but you know you've got so many cool new
    options with all the existing jobs
    because she just on the development team
    have overhauled the battle system so
    there's actually the streamlined it a
    lot and if you notice on the screen
    right now if you're watching some
    footage huh you'll see that red sword up
    there in those three icons there it's
    part of the new job gauges which helps
    individuals who are playing their jobs
    have better timing with uh needle timing
    exactly what you want to do with your
    job action based on what's what's on the
    job gauge there and it gives you a good
    indication of when to do things so it's
    just a part of the overhauling of that
    as well there's a lot of really cool new
    features that you know and that's normal
    to bring it out and the battle system
    revamps is one of them
    think of new features there's one thing
    I was kind of interested to ask about
    yeah you have new areas new boss
    characters new classes one thing that
    these people that I was lining up with
    to play yesterday were super excited
    about new furniture yes so you know the
    one cool thing about being an MMO is you
    have some of the tropes of eatables
    housing customizing your own airship
    obviously with that customization comes
    to furniture options whether it's an
    apartment or a house with your free
    company but you know there's also PvP
    you know the side quests all the quality
    of life stuff for dungeon for queuing
    for dungeons but you know I started
    playing pomp NC 14 and mainly played as
    a solo player for a long time but I
    started to really start grouping up with
    people as a story kind of help guides
    you into some of the dungeons and
    started chewing with them and I joined a
    free company and now it's becoming you
    know kind of a thing that I'm doing with
    a bunch of my friends sure it's cool but
    I've been playing ever most since the
    90s and Ultima Online and you know world
    of warcraft Star Wars or public that
    this game has all of the things that
    have been learned throughout the years -
    she just has an amazing job of just
    analyzing all the other animals and one
    and taking all those elements and bring
    it into his game and then applying that
    JRPG that main line final fantasy on top
    of it yeah and you know - if you're a
    fan of either Final Fantasy or ever Mo's
    it'll speak to you either way when this
    is a very rare Japanese MMO also write
    like or I can't even think of another
    one that I crease this level of success
    yeah you know it it was rough for a
    minute you know the Ridgid original
    launch of Final Fantasy 14 wasn't
    necessarily highly regarded you know had
    but I guys took like a proper credit you
    totally turned around it I don't think
    it's ever been done the industry to kind
    of see such a total revamp and if I can
    plug something I gotta plug Daniel's
    wires noclip oh yeah actually doing a
    documentary yeah on the rebirth of our
    fantasy 14 so I think it something
    really cool is coming out soon very cool
    but it's a really crazy story and you
    know from a realm reborn to heavens
    Ward's to storm but now we're hoping to
    be able to continue that success of
    being able to put out quality content
    and like I said I've been around the MMO

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    game for a bit but er one thing that
    this to teach this team does better
    almost I think anybody is dispatch
    cadence every
    to every two or three months you're
    getting new dungeons getting new quality
    of life improvements a lot yeah
    and storm blood itself is a pretty
    substantial oh yeah mansion right you
    get ten of it it's an entire new games
    worth of content yep yeah multiple zones
    new levels it's this is gonna last you
    hopefully another year and a half two
    years especially with all the patch
    content that comes out after it's never
    gonna end
    yeah yeah because Final Fantasy is
    obviously a series that's so story
    driven and most of the you know the
    regular numbered games in the series
    they have a you know a grand story to
    tell when you're dealing with an MMO
    where you know people play it over a
    period of years and you continue to add
    new content how do you make that sort of
    final fantasy esque well come to life
    well I think part of the storytelling is
    to take some of the same motifs and
    themes that you see in these mainline
    Final Fantasy games this epic journey of
    being a warrior of light and take that
    to this MMO but still allow the
    cinematic experience to be there for you
    because you're gonna go on a journey of
    meeting a bunch of friends losing
    friends you're going to be political
    intrigue there's going to be everything
    that you get and all the themes you've
    seen for all these other Final Fantasy
    games just constantly evolving here
    every few months and you get obviously
    that main one when you get the game
    itself with expansion itself and that
    lasts you just as long as you know your
    typical or if not much longer your
    typical is the inbox product fantasy
    game but as I said that story just keeps
    continuing keeps continuing and now if
    you're asking me how they make the
    storytelling click to make it feel that
    way I can be honest I'm not one of the
    writers I'm not one of the developers on
    development team but I feel it as I play
    it and if it's kind of a hidden gem if
    you go to some of the communities you
    know whether we are on committee or you
    go to Reddit you're Neal gasps they
    constantly say that it's kind of one of
    the hidden mainline Story Final
    Fantasies there not as many people have
    played yeah and they and they love it
    have two hidden gem from them the true
    that in storm blood you're either
    tweaking or even removing some of the
    skills that weren't as effective yeah if
    you'd hoped or weren't as popular that's
    part of the battle system reback you
    know so making it more streamlined and
    just making it more efficient there's
    also what they've done is taken some
    shared job actions across tank melee
    range DPS he
    and kind of grouped them together as
    well so you're not as isolated if you're
    playing one of the jobs versus the other
    and you actually now have shared roles
    cheer jobs scuse me across those roles
    so you can play them and not feel like
    you're being left out by being playing
    one of the type of a clap of a job than
    the other so that's there's just this
    it's now's the second expansion right so
    they've taken a lot of feedback and we
    constantly take that feedback and bring
    it out to hopefully give them in our
    community with what they've been
    clamoring for for a while cool yeah well
    fans are can have to wait too long oh no
    thorn blood is out what is it Tuesday
    June 20th and like I said early access
    tomorrow 2:00 a.m. so if y'all need to
    go to sleep tonight and I'm not gonna be
    sleeping right no all you have to do is
    pre-order and you can continue to even

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    in pre-order over the weekend you can
    still jump into early access as well
    cool though ash thank you so much for
    coming by the show thank you we're
    actually don't go away we're going to
    toss you to some exclusive boss footage
    for final fantasy xiv storm blood right

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I see in the town
    forever free
    resilience shows I salute you

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


    Fighting the new boss in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. Catch up on Everything E3 2017 here!


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    1. That "new" dungeon looks EXACTLY the same as any other old dungeon in the game. I see dungeons will keep being the same old boring stuff and combat looks the same too: slow and boring. Sad expansion. More of the same.

    2. Question I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online for almost 3 years now and I was wondering if this would be better? I've been looking for a good console MMO to play so any pointers of this game would be good!

    3. Final Fantasy XV (15) is a base builder on the mobile phone… WHAT?!? How could they go from fun MMO Action game to a base building game where you win if you have the higher number?!? HOW?!!?!

    4. I'm reading quite a few bad user reviews on this, stating you are now 'renting' your inventory, and for some people depending on country the subscription price went up 3x without notice. I gave up after the Square-Enix merger and FF X-2. A lot of SE's games seem to be just sequels,remakes and handheld 3d ports

    5. This looks horrible to me 🙁 Everyone kept telling me how great this MMO is and i can't even slightly see myself excited from watching this. What is it that makes this game so much better than any other?


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