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    SearchThisVideo: FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION – iOS / Android – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1

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    not hang in there buddy
    stay down we'll keep him busy
    quickly before he strikes again
    got your back
    let's go
    the decreed hour is come set forth with
    my blessing Prince Noctis thank you your
    take your leave and go in the grace of
    the Gods right
    well princess will be princess so much
    for royal protocol not like you had to
    deliver a formal address your highness
    what now I fear I have left too much
    unsaid we place a great burden on those
    who would bear with you here want to
    talk I asked not that you guide my
    wayward son merely that you remain at
    his side indeed your grace will see the
    prince to all tisha if it's the last
    thing we see yeah what he said hate to
    break this up but chorus got the motor
    drawed us he's in your hands and another
    thing do mind your manners around your
    charming bride-to-be Your Majesty as
    well try to mind yours around our

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    esteemed guests from nifflheim you have
    no cause for concern nor do you take
    heed once you set forth you cannot turn
    back you think I would I need only know
    that you are ready to leave home behind
    don't know about you but I'm ready as
    I'll ever be
    take care on the long road wheresoever
    you should go
    the line of lusus goes with you walk
    tall my son

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    they think we can forget about hitching
    our way there thought people were
    friendly outside of the city you know
    you can only catch so far on the
    kindness of strangers you're just gonna
    have to push her all the way I've
    already pushed myself to the brink of
    death no get up I thought the car was
    supposed to move us didn't that be nice
    can it ready steady
    oh no Gladys your favor me what
    who's this thing by yourself all by
    you won't even notice if we just let go
    pronto don't even think about it
    save some breath for pushing bigness
    come on
    time to switch nah we just switched back
    there then it's my turn not his turn the
    world's a big old place filled with
    tell that to my legs

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    hey there y'all kept a girl waiting now
    which one's the prince
    ha hello your highness Congrats on your
    wedding not hitch just yet
    lady Luna praise groom to be here in
    apologies for taking so long you bet
    save your apologies for pop all that
    makes you
    pindy SIDS greasemonkey granddaughter
    roll her in while I'm still young
    didn't you daddy tell you she's a custom
    classic about some beat-up old clunker
    Prince Noctis yeah friends like they
    took your old man and kicked their
    dignity out of him what you got a long
    way to go son and that slant choice
    getting you nowhere fast
    she's gonna take a while y'all get her
    in and run along y'all heard him let's
    get moving wrap this way
    now we play the waiting game never like
    that game never any good at it either
    might as well make good use of the extra
    whoa oh they got happening out here
    oh goodness just gonna flip wait
    Oh what's a Gil I got a feeling our
    money's no good here knocked that J
    Agnes came prepared though was a scam
    enough for room and board something the
    grant me change Anya the local kite
    funny you should ask just paid so change
    is about all we have left

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    Gladius got the last of it he might
    share if you ask nicely
    broken-down and flat broke so lady Luna
    Freya would be illusion I can't imagine
    it either
    shink I'll be ready for a while y'all
    need something not
    a bit steep very simple tuna don't you
    think oh now I get it
    this must be what Papa meant when he
    said he was gonna teach them boys a
    lesson told me he ought to have y'all
    take care of some ornery varmints that
    have been causing a ruckus around here
    I'd be happy to pay y'all for your
    services if you're up to the challenge
    how about it all according to SIDS plan
    I say we play along and teach him not to
    underestimate us
    I'm sick of walking around try running
    what's our outlook I think we might be
    anybody else excited for the next time
    our car breaks down are you really that
    desperate yep I really am what happened

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    here the telegraph poles been split in
    two and not just this one either maybe a
    huge monster came and knocked him down
    it better not be the varmint Cindy was
    talking about
    no it's time to go to town
    give them hell knock
    the live hurricane that things like half
    bird half three-halves that's all she
    huh I think I got a pebble in my shell
    take it out yeah
    I'm sick of walking around then try
    running ha you're joking
    it's too dangerous
    get out of here now
    where'd you learn that one not

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    nonetheless 'full saw my life flash
    before my eyes
    whoa nice mission complete
    yep getting pretty dark out here who
    could this be
    actually we just finished that's great
    cuz I got one more hunt for y'all only
    this time it's for a fella named Dave
    went off we ain't heard from him since
    reckon he staked out a spot in an old
    shack near back Oh got it
    we'll take a look
    so what did Cindy say needs us to find
    some Dave guy yeah he wasn't missing not
    missing said he's holed up in that Shack
    have a look knocked
    it's this
    while it's wait in Gil

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    well that takes care of them ha you
    don't think they took care of Dave do
    impeccable they not really
    it's on that's it
    what's our biggie I've come up with a
    new recipe can't wait to try it

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    let's go one look who's in here the man
    of the hour
    Dave right been looking for you yeah
    didn't mean to cause you all any trouble
    I've been stuck here on account of a
    sprained ankle
    yes I'm funny about that barbets I gave
    him hell but couldn't finish the job
    still one mean mutt about y'all don't
    look much like hunters but what do you
    but that puppy to rest for me hey yeah
    we'll take care of it Oh y'all got guts
    that's for sure let me tell you where a
    last song I've been hunting for years
    but I had never seen dual horns with
    blood-red tusks like those wonder if the
    Knights growing longer has got anything
    to do with them showing up out of the
    blue and whatever it is we ought to take
    it out before it can spawn any more like
    that's all she wrote it would be wise to
    rest up before we set out yeah good idea
    in their gaze let's find a spot to make
    camp all right

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    you hate bugs
    this looks good
    over there that's it right that's a door
    horns have too soon
    bash the heads in

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    whoa blab at 2-over well now that Dave's
    safe and sound
    I say we go see Cindy
    well hey Dave just called and said he's
    safe thanks for finding him okay
    nice work y'all by the way the old girls
    looking good as new
    she'll be waiting at the garage gotcha

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    sometimes I wonder if we'll ever sit
    inside that beautiful car again sitting
    most of the day was pretty nice was even
    sorry about the wait ain't she Purdy all
    the more reason to ride with care oh and
    before I forget would y'all mind making
    a little delivery for me no not at all
    perfect thought you'd say yes so I
    already put it in the trunk there should
    be a motel on your way to golden if
    y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the
    owner that'd be swell thanks again and
    take care y'all

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