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SearchThisVideo: First Steps to World Domination | #1 | Evil Genius 2: World Domination | Lets Play/Gameplay

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Watch video at 00:00
welcome to evil genius 2. my name is
nilas and this is
a new let's play here on my channel i
hope you want to follow along so
uh this game has been uh it's coming out
on the 30th of march and the rebellion
has been kind enough to grant me early
so as part of the early access i have a
limited things that i can show
for example i can show this evil villain
evil mastermind evil genius you could
even say so this is salika this is where
we are going to start
contextually we are going to be
releasing one episode
per day it'll be more structured less
frantic than my showcase
because that's kind of the camera
control input camera
around your layer now another thing that
is a tutorial i had the choice between
whether to start with the tutorial on or
without it
i think that even though the tutorial is
very basic
it gives me the opportunity to build
things in a very structured manner
and since this might be the very first
time you see this i think it's
going to be a good way to do that i will
skip over some of the things
and maybe uh try to quiet them down uh
we'll just go through some of the
normal things like use rotate and stuff
like that
zoom and you can use the zoom controls
to zoom in
tilt there we go who do you think you
giving me instructions like that i
i'm here to help by telling you exactly
what to do
next in a friendly and helpful manner
but you're here to do
everything i say correct
step one tell us what you want
and the minions will do it we're eager
to please
uh and also eager to live
please stop looking at me like that new
main objective okay so we need to stop
much more impressive once it has more
i can't click on the build menu so we
are going to
place the store your gold select the
vault icon
paint tiles over the highlighted area
this will be where we'll build your
gold pallets will increase the amount of
gold you can keep in your layer
here here here here here here at a door
it's best to leave your gold sitting and
then it gets started add a door to your
wait for your minions to install the
door before moving on
ordered furniture must first be
collected from the depot under the
right so um if i did not start with the
tutorial i feel it would be overwhelming
for me and if it would be overwhelming
for me it would probably also be
overwhelming for you because the build
that we would have would be like
gigantic and everything would be
uh pretty much uh the stuff that doesn't
require science to unlock and i think
that's just overwhelming for
a bit of a start so we're gonna endure
his uh pestering
and we'll probably find him and punish
him later we'll actually try to find him
and punish him later

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

let's look at the objective o as an
objective how
useful and we have different things i
will basically try to go through a
number of these tasks
in this episode and then just from there
cut it into episodes in solidfire in a
manner while we are getting this done
and when he is quiet for
a bit then uh i'll just let you mention
mention the fact that this is this is
very first episode oh he's gotta talk
again are you now you're
gonna let's add another room to the lair
minions need to rest after a day of evil
let's build a barracks
beds give minions places to sleep when
their vitality
or morale start to run low items can be
rotated freely with the rotate controls
items that need to be placed next to a
wall will automatically rotate
place some beds on the other side of the
open the systems menu there we go
will help pave the way to world
will give you small frequent challenges
collect this limit now for a reward
come back here often for main objectives
side stories
and optional objectives food
and he's going to continue again without
they'll become more unhealthy and less
much less intelligent build a mess hall
okay so uh since this is the first
episode of a series
i am always gauging the interest of a
series based on
how this first couple of episodes
perform so i'm going to record a couple
of episodes
i'm going to put it on my youtube and
then see if there there's any interest
in it
so that means if you're interested be
sure to let me know in the comment
hit the like button share it with your
friends family friends enemies all that
good stuff
and so that we i know that i should
continue this and you find it
any item in your lair you can also move
them after they've been constructed
basic food counters restore minion
smarts and vitality
and stop stomachs from rumbling
lockers oh he'll probably explain
something about lockers before i do that
okay so one of the things here when
you're playing the tutorial don't build
more than you need in the beginning
because there'll probably be an
objective here that adds construct
loggers in your
room too okay so that's that's a good
time to build it
oops room type here
and it goes there and rotate want to get
them as close as possible
there so now we construct these two and
trigger a new
location so yeah so we're gonna go with
forward with this i will not go too far

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

let's have a look at the
island it is that's why it's called the
donut there's a helipad in the middle
and then we have a build area around it
i think we're going to be very
constrained about the with the build
space but
it is what it is i will try to make the
best of it
and one of the things that i want to do
this one definitely has to be bigger
and i might as well do that because last
time i played i realized that
oh i can't do that i can't build
anything we're still in the tutorial
there so we're going to build stuff that
we need to build
yeah so i will be releasing a video
every day
uh in the beginning maybe even more
depends on sort of just to get the
the ball rolling on this should we have
a door to the
to this location nope
can't make the doors for some reason
okay so if you have good ideas
about how to play this game or questions
and something you'd like me to sort of
focus a bit more on or
open those menus or something like that
just let me know in the comment section
below and i'll
get around to it and there we go
power's out it seems we're low on power
let's fix that before continuing build
space for a power station
you can place this way you like but be
as it will be a tempting target for
enemy agents
generators power items in the lair
without it
almost nothing will function be careful
enemy agents will attempt to sabotage
your generators if they find them
okay so this uh definitely need to be
this is always the one that has to be
and room here i think oh it's actually
recording room
could i take this out
i could but do i want to and
i'll oh no no no no no undo
i'll go back to this type of room
yeah can we do that and then look at
this one
it's not gonna work and up here okay i
generated room is something i've
realized that that
needs to be big
that's probably okay and sure is dark
isn't it
are you scared i don't think that's
gonna work
me me neither and then i
don't think i can do if i do this part
then that one becomes invalid doesn't it
only if i actually build
that one here but if i build it here it
should work cool
i'll take this out
and can i not deconstruct it
there we go cancel i don't want too many
of these i want it like this boom
all right so they are building uh the
power room needs to be big but
i can't dig through this stone yet so

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

we're gonna have to sort of make you
with that
we're at 70 can i now build all the
other locations yes i can so
let's expand this one it doesn't cost
anything it seems
not much at least so we are definitely
going to make sure that we have
more gold piles because that sucks uh
previously i
actually lost gold because i was um i
i did not have enough room for it in the
gold room so we do that that should give
us going here
to complete this construction oh i don't
have enough money
oops well that's kind of
impractical yeah we'll get started
and we'll look at objectives we got some
more money for the barracks part
and cost like the generator that's the
first one we need and we're probably
gonna need two anyway
what else do we have this is
okay some items why there's seven on
this oh it's because of under the core
so what is it it looks beautiful and it
does not
nothing it doesn't do anything right
doesn't do anything
so i i really am just a bit of an in
doubt about this
it doesn't do anything i don't want to
have give them a place to sit while they
work they're supposed to be working
they're not supposed to be sitting
and doesn't do anything
so if anyone knows what these things do
aside from just
decoration then uh yeah let me know
as far as i can tell they don't do
anything and let's see i'd like this one
to be built but i think they'll
might be doing some other things first
so this one just goes over here so we
can start building the next thing
i will actually build the corridor all
the way back
to probably around here
all right we got power agents lie in
body bags on the floor
causing minions to lose morale
build an incinerator in your power
station to dispose of them
wonder if that's going to be sufficient
and then the incinerator yeah we can put
it down there
that looks nice confirm
objective available looking good open
the character selection panel
and select the evil genius portrait to
highlight and follow your evil genius we
have an evil genius
genius selected interact anywhere in the
highlighted area
to move your genius
into the world let's lay down a plan for
yeah so i want the control room up here
i think i
let's get her to the control room and i
want to make a control room let's check
that out
control room this is where we can send
minions out
so we are going to make it big
like big big might be
expand too expensive but we're gonna do
it like this and we're gonna go
to the corridor provide broadcast

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

streams and
stores contain criminal networks across
the globe
and room that one is control room and
here we get this one we are just going
to infiltrate
just a little the more broadcast
strength you generate with your radio
the more of the world you can infiltrate
and she's here for now
let's just go fast go faster just
infiltrate a little bit
and i think just for future needs
i can do that no
there you go move there's really no
reason why they're so
poorly positioned they might as well
just be
better positioned up here there you go
confirm while this one gets working
so when it comes to this this is really
weird i think because
the it's not actually the bunk beds that
determine how many minions it's actually
the lockers so they need locker rooms
but they can share beds
oh well and you can go further in here
you need to be keeping them in line
yelling at them as necessary
get in there and then i'm going to
activate this one in a second
and boom go faster
because i said so let's see what we got
also got a new decor item still
none of these they do don't do anything
and back to
once i said confirm we did get some new
optional quest
highest six minutes we'll just allow it
on the hud
and then once we have the this enabled
we can go to the world state and start
infiltrating various regions
i know does that feel like they're going
oh that's actually not great the fact
that they go all the way around and i
don't think i can actually make
more of it anyway i can make it bigger
i actually can make it one bigger this
side and one bigger on the other side
they might actually
squeeze in more if needed all right
looks like we just need this one where
who is assigned you're assigned
let's get that one up and running open
the door please
wow that door is just really slow
so this is our little location we're
gonna wait with
power is here available we also got
another one to the world stage
oh just head to the world stage all
right now we can look at the world
highlighted regions
is an excellent place to start your
journey towards world domination
select a suggested region or any other
region if you know what you are doing
and scout it to establish a criminal
network i think we'll just take this one
why not and we'll just sort of spread
out from asia and
into africa from there on it doesn't
seem like there's any difference between
where we go by selecting
fast forward at any time i'll do that
once built you've got too much criminal
network to run
schemes in this region now one of the

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

things i seem to feel is that
you want to get as many as possible i
don't think there's much of a deficit in
getting these the only thing is you need
power to feel your control room
so get control rooms get some power and
then claim the whole world that might be
a disadvantage
in terms of oh see we go we are getting
this one operational
and so i don't really think maybe it's
because it it triggers more
interaction by generating more heat boss
send me
into the world and i'll come back with
plenty of gold
come back you think you're coming back
no i'm not having you coming back here
tracking justice all over the place like
they'll follow you right to my door and
then where would we be
take a little gold for yourself then
send the rest back here
use your share to live a quiet life
or else all right millions will travel
to the world
and run any scheme you select you will
receive small amounts of gold as they
so this is the interesting thing that
when we assign something here i think
actually yell at me for to do this so
i'm going to wait until you yell at me
for doing this let's look at the quests
what do we get here six minions and
construct an additional radio repeater
see that's what we're gonna do
we're gonna build an extra radio
repeater and then you'll probably tell
us to
get that good here rotate rotate
there yeah i can't really do
uh oops uh cancel move
might as well move it down here yeah
what confirm i can also move this one
but i think i want to wait until i have
the other one done
and let's get to the world stage okay so
now i can
so here are some mechanics this
basically says it takes 30 seconds i get
five five thousand i use two workers
that means they are going to be lost and
they will sort of be regenerated
we can generate completely nice
and it will generate some heat in the
region so we have to manage that's the
red bar
launch the scheme it will not come back
off we go available
a prison will make for the perfect place
to hold your enemies
before questioning them is it though
yeah so where do we want the prison i
could make it up here
and this one will just go all the way in
and just continue like that and also
they're they're going to be dead soon
those uh so let's build a prison here
hmm maybe something like this
that's a gigantic present uh it should
be like in a
small location that doesn't really do
much i
don't know maybe i can actually maybe i
don't need a lot of

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

of location do we have any problems with
building them next to each other um
maybe not
i could also build it like here i think
i'll build a little location it needs to
be 56
7x8 that's the minimum size these
holding handles
hold one prisoner each if you don't have
any freezer oh that's kind of
complaining your minions can't capture
there i'll build a room so if i have
anyone roaming then they won't see it
and we go prison holding cell
there and an interrogation chair is
we can use it to make prisoners tell us
their secrets
there we can build another one next to
it with interrogating agents let's have
a look
you never know what secrets you will
and onto the world stage we have one
indicator this is one of the things i'd
really like to be able to see better
so we have heat here is increasing 17
18 and that means we need to
either we can do something to increase
it increase it that's going to be a
gigantic amount but it takes 30
minutes or this one only takes three
minutes it gives us 15. i'm gonna launch
that scheme
three workers in three minutes we're
going to do
that let me see what we have additional
raid repeater we have plenty of space to
contain it
we are slowly recruiting we can
construct two more generators and then
we want money from schemes
two more generators seems like a really
good idea
right about now we're going we don't
need roads
poop head to the world stage to recruit
as a scout
all right so that is actually already
the first recruiting mission that we
and i was actually thinking that uh that
would be a good place to sort of
cut it so that we spent one little
introduction one
and then from there on we go optional
objective complete
thank you for interrupting uh then from
there on we do
the recruiting mission in the next
episode and then recruit the scientists
there's a long chain of
scientists is there is actually no it's
not the scientists um
we'll do the scientists now in this one
because it doesn't take that long
scientist scheme special schemes are
often highlighted on the world stage
with colored signs see i i'm still
progressing here but what i
also could do is scout another region
because i have two zones so let's send
someone out there to scout this region
so that
we can establish another critical
another network
criminal network circuit network after
this one is done
we really want to it's going to generate
heat so we'd really like to do this one
there we go and i would like to
get something this costs 5000 gold i'll
do 5000 gold to reduce the heat
and you can see the heat is just
dissipating immediately but it costs 500
5000 and then i'm gonna go here send two
workers in
to get a scientist all right the scheme
will yield to a fresh-faced scientist

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

money money money
and that one is already halfway there
technically for only 49
way there great mission is wait for your
scientists to arrive to my course
that is excellent
and what do we have here oh yeah we have
established our network
is now established up here and then
we'll basically send them out this gives
us twenty thousand over
three or thirty minutes that is
excellent to do
so this region is still occupied
what do you want me to research
interesting word
research you're
searching for something a second time
something we lost you better not be
charging me for the same work
twice your new scientist appears to
that we can use a training room to teach
our slack-jawed minions
how to do specialist jobs all right look
at that
and you can find out for sure
slack-jawed minions
right so i have this space out here that
i don't know what to do with
but we could maybe make that into a
training room
i don't know i think we'll we'll try to
make it into a training room here
as far as i recall the training room has
to be pretty big specialist minion type
requires a trainer of its own request
a scientist trainer and then a
corridor here we don't need to have any
particular things here that one
and then we need a trainer
actually i think i don't need this
picture you will be able to instruct
your minions to train
scientists having more scientists
will speed up future research what how
do i
undo this there we go that's undoing and
construct all right it's a bit silly
this one but i think that's a
it's it's an okay way to do it i don't
know if it's
hmm yeah this doesn't seem to be any
constraints about this except that doors
are four wide
so we just built the trainer and we're
working on this one
what else do we have we probably have a
decor item that doesn't do anything
so we don't need to do that here we have
the minion trainer
and i'm not gonna go here now because
well we're waiting
we have this one is open
i wish there was a way to see if there
was anything
active in the region but because you can
kind of see is there something reason
that i have to find that 113.
with the correct training furniture
built in
you can request that your minions train
to become specialists there we go
head to the minion training screen to
request training
of some new scientists so you can see
this is the quest
two scientists to be trained it should
be though hopefully
we already have a scientist so training

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

another should be a breeze
for some reason one of your scientists
another minion will instantly train
until they have this many
in your layer again useful
your workers will start to train
they'll learn faster if another minion
is able to teach them
all right that's it my turn all right so
there are three types
three types of minions and apparently
several different tiers
they need to be trained and all that
stuff so uh
we set it up here to get to somewhere to
perform their research
plan a laboratory laboratory let's do a
laboratory up here
what we're going to do a laboratory i
will build it up here i
think that needs to be big because
somehow or not somehow but i think
i've just kind of discovered that
research is
crazy slow scientists to perform
and we'll give you a door in here more
potent research
we'll need to provide them with more
advanced equipment
yeah so this is a scheme has succeeded
extremely slow
and i know building three of those is
kind of stupid when i only have
two of those yeah i'll do it
i'll do it and
that one scheme has succeeded so this is
one of the things that we have to sort
of come back here all the time and
decrease now this is gonna cost five
thousand gold is the one doesn't cost
five thousand gold
takes ten minutes yeah we don't need
anything else for the next ten minutes
so just
go out there doesn't cost us any money
and then over the next 10 minutes we'll
decrease the heat
and this one is also on ongoing and i
think it's time for us to expand
our network here that one we have the
item those are more advanced things but
we have
definitely that one to build good and
then look at our
optional encounters here hire more
minions that's just coming at any given
time and complete schemes
that is interesting all the diabolical
opportunities we can do
uh i am going to build that up here and
i'm gonna build another one here
and probably a third one here but i
can't do that because that's gonna be
too much power i could very well do
move and that probably is gonna be uh
complaining that we now don't have
when it starts moving these and i'm
going to move
you in here yeah i know i know but
it's it's back again all right let's
look at
all the opportunities we have for
choose any research project and set your
scientists researching it
we suggest increasing your minion
capacity but ultimately
the choice is yours oh wise one oh wise

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

yeah so as far as i can tell there are
some interesting ones like
upgrading the layer upgrading criminal
network seems to be pretty good
and over here that one
allows us improved mining techniques
also i think that's
so we can dig through some of the soft
work that makes it more easy for us to
minions these are sort of their stats
and well we don't have henchmen and then
make them stun clubs
and studded platoons
batons and increasing this one so we'll
take this one research
has begun and one of the search takes
and our scientists will let us know when
it's complete
head back to the lair to continue your
world domination
oh yes world domination celeste with
powerful abilities which can be used to
further influence those around you
select your genius
uh that is actually not correct this one
this is so difficult there
yeah so that we have actually plenty of
power for this or plenty of there so
we're going to build this one
here boom that is super important we
need the researchers in there and you
know what even though they didn't say
that i'm actually going to get more
because i want that why is it red
huh i don't know
maybe we don't have enough need more
lockers oh
right of course i need more lockers i
forgot that let's
uh make sure that we get more lockers oh
i thought i was just hoping we would get
in a quest for that for additional
lockers but
we did not okay so that's
gonna be a few more lockers we probably
need to
expend extend it again couldn't we move
that one over here yeah we can
and if i then move
in here technically even in there
yep confirm and this one
move i can go in here and then i can get
another one
in there all right good stuff
here and another one there and this one
move you haven't even been started to
be built yet
weird that oh that's big confirmal
ah can i change the
i wonder if i can change this to support
your current
minion count not enough lockers oh yeah
that's because i'm moving them around
stop stop complaining it's it's fine uh
what are we doing i want to just
see if i can change the room type there
it should be fine
and then i can make uh that's actually
not what i want
there all right that's a lot of lockers

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

we have now all right i need to
select my yes nothing is certain
but my success
notice how your minions come running to
let's go very useful when you want to
give the productivity in your layer a
bit of a boost
yeah that's pretty much always going to
be over here
try moving to somewhere there are jobs
to be done and try again
yep let's go here another experiment
all right so what i think we want to do
now is i think we're
getting started pretty well and uh what
i'm the boss yeah that makes it's good
makes sense makes sense
available all right side stories are
this is perfect powerful additions to
your empire
so now we start ace we have the
potential to start a side story
we're gonna get start by learning about
how guards work that one
that one have done that you can learn
about new minion types
there introduction god story we are
going to save that until
next episode so this is a pretty good
place to start
the uh to end the first episode we have
little place here we have not seen any
incursions we've not
because that's when we learn about the
gods but we have the scientists and we
have the training room which can be
it's all good and yeah we have a number
of different rooms we have
activity out here on the world map and i
think we actually since we have the
to make two more locations under our
control we should be doing that
immediately boom and that one as well
definitely we want to do that so we are
going to wrap this one up here i hope
you have
uh enjoyed this look and i hope that you
like the pacing of the
all of it let me know what you think and
what you want me to go more into detail
with or less into detail with
and uh yeah so i'll do that i'll try to
do that at least
in the upcoming episodes thank you very
much for watching
oh wow what a way to end we have just
completed the research
yeah so thank you for watching hope you
enjoyed it hit the like button
the comment section and consider
subscribing if you haven't already
i will see you guys in the next episode
until then take care
and as always stay effective

EVIL GENIUS 2: WORLD DOMINATION Developed and published by Rebellion (Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army 4), Evil Genius 2 lets you live out your dreams of ...


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  1. In EG1, the heat level of a region dissipated over time. If this holds true in EG2, you can save yourself some cold hard cash by leaving a region fallow and focusing your schemes in other regions.

    I'm a bit iffy about the location of the training room. My instinct would have been to use that location either as a place to (theoretically) expand your casino, or to expand the barracks. You've already found the value in building more lockers, and there is a good chance you'll want more space for lockers or bunks in the near future. That said, there probably is a way to save a bit of cash if you find you can't expand a given room and need to rebuild it elsewhere. In EG1, it was possible to build the new room, then move furniture from the old location to the new location. I like to think this will hold true in EG2. By doing so, you don't have to repurchase items that might otherwise have been destroyed with the room.

  2. Thanks for this intro. One of my other gamer channels was playing this, but he apparently played a lot of the earlier games, made it hard to follow. This playthrough might actually cause me to buy the game.

  3. Regarding your question at 10:20, I think the chairs can be used to bait workers into staying in a room and take a short brake. That way there is always someone in the area, if you need additional manpower nearby (f.e. in the entry area in case of an attack). And the Decor that costs nothing? Just place it and make the room look better. If it doesn't cost anything, why waste it? You can always throw it out again, if you need the space.

  4. Try the build list of the first 😛 it's interesting and vary much a pain later on but I say it did rhe job. Now probably gonna turn his ass off because I'm a returning master mind, like Maximilian.

  5. Should put the power station off the main lobby for the casino – then when you add the incinerator for the body bags, they get hauled through the casino

  6. Perhaps reduce dialogue volume so you can talk over the notifications like the boss you are.

    Good idea starting in tutorial mode so we can figure out what the fuck is going on.
    Turn it off if you start a new run.


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