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SearchThisVideo: Foreclosed – Gameplay Interview | Summer of Gaming 2020

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foreclosed is a gorgeous new cyberpunk
game with a beautiful graphic novel
aesthetic here to tell me about it are
Andrea and Lara from an tab studios
welcome hey thank you hi everyone
so forclosed is set in obviously a
beautiful cyberpunk dystopian future can
you tell me a little bit about what this
universe is like who the main character
is and what is being foreclosed exactly
okay yeah so the main character is a
young captain as you can see him into
the gameplay video and is the everyday
man in this this topic future and to
tell about this story we have to explain
a bit about the context so in this in
this future
everyone has brain implants and brain
implants are used to be connected with
the with cities so to have any kind of
interaction the key concept is that the
identity of a person is basically just a
bunch of data and it represents a node
into a gigantic blockchain and it's
embedded into your brain implants so
it's something that is given to you by
the state as soon as you are born as a
way to interact with with the universe
the absolute story of our character
takes place because when you are old
enough in this universe companies can
buy what we call the identity depth of
the ADI of the citizens it means that
since the implants you get from the
state they have a cost that cost
represents your depth to to have an
identity in this environment and to
interact to have any kind of transaction
with the city to buy stuff and and so on
so companies buy this debt from from the
state and you actually work for the
companies basically to to pay your debt
and the absolute thing that happens to
Evan is that in a mysterious way the the
company you work for goes bankrupt and
you have to understand why but the main
thing is that
your identity gets foreclosed just like
any other goods of the other bankrupted
company and yeah and like the very
beginning just you just reach the court
and do some paper works just to try to
find an escape from these poor ah
classic mess we may say but what
actually happen is that while you're
trying to reach the court some
mysterious agents start to chase you and
try to kill you so now you have to find
a way to escape from the feet from the
city before the auctioning but also not
to get killed
yeah there's a quick escalation of
things that happens to the main
character as soon as you as you think
the story is about fixing the the

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

paperwork's baby where basically what
happens is that you are involved in
something bigger than you and the key
story is that you have to understand
what's going on you have to try to
survive and to get out of the
bureaucratic mess so it sounds like some
good dystopian noir appropriately
cyberpunk can you give us a sense of how
the world is structured we've seen some
sort of looks like some some good
exploration and going to different areas
but sort of how is the how our players
engage of this world okay so we wanted
to give the idea of that you will be
playing a comic book and we worked
really hard to give this feeling so the
game is not an open-world game and it's
mainly story driven but we blend
everything seamlessly together so you
will not have a feeling of different
levels or you know level one or level
two and so on
the storyline builds up as you move into
this world and you will not see loading
times or something like that so it's
just a fluid continuous experience this
is just to make the feeling that you are
you know a fully it's a fully playable
cyberpunk comic book so the this is that
the key thing yeah let's talk about the
combat a little bit I it looks like
we're using some implants to throw
dumpsters at people yeah explain that
please yeah so as you're seeing like
implants are extremely important in
forclosed they are like your curse and
your blessing and that's because you
have an experimental film and installed
inside your influence and this film is
gonna give you like incredible combat
skills and powers you you may see inside
the video you have like telekinetic
times so you can lift objects throw the
object through the enemy you can lift
your enemy and like freeze them in the
air you can slam them down you can do
this kind of stuff you also have a very
special weapon which is built to connect
and work with your implant and this is a
symbiotic gun so you can actually keep
different kind of planets and and this
allows you to turn your weapon in in
what you want so let's say you can
transform a simple gun into a machine
gun or or into an explosive kind of
weapon and you can also combine
different kind of pallets together one
thing that you have to take care about
is that because your powers and your
implants are experimental this system is

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

a bit in stable so why when you use your
powers you're gonna overeat your
implants and you have to take extremely
care of the eating level of the device
because if you overeat the implant
you're going to stun it's a very painful
kind of over it and you have to wait
until the system cooled down completely
before being able to use your powers
again yes so inside it's a continuous
balancing of using the D and mixing the
power and be careful because of the V
over each system and
yeah um the powers are unlockable in a
RPG style so since it's depending on
from your film well it's going to
upgrade itself as as you progress
through the story and you fight with the
enemies in that way you will basically
have the sum upgrade cycles you can
spend to decide what power is most
suitable for you and yeah so you will
see also in the gameplay video you can
throw stuff in the air you can use
telekinesis to attract object and use
them as the shields basically to protect
yourself or you can lift enemies throw
them on the floor keep energetic sheets
on yourself yeah
mixing everything together with with the
gun powers you you basically make your
your own strategy for for fighting
oh yeah and like you're also noticing
that in the video you can also active
Isis there are systems all around and
depending on the device you're a kinga
you will perform different absolutely me
say so for example opening a door or
making a cabinet explode and you can
even act brain implants of an unaware
enemy yeah yeah so we can use some
stealth elements in our in some fight
it's not something that is always there
because we have dealt when when it makes
sense for the storyline but it's also an
ability you have as a player yeah well
you've both been clearly hard at work
along with the rest of the team what
platforms are you looking at and what
kind of release date are we expecting
for release date we can just say it's
going to be q2 next year so 2021 yeah
and platform we aim to we are working on
PC on Xbox switch PlayStation so you
know all the main platforms awesome well
thank you so much for showing off for
closed it looks great

Be sure to stay tuned to IGN for more Foreclosed game trailers and information on the Foreclosed game. Thanks for checking out IGN's Summer of Gaming!


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