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    FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – MY FIRST CAR (Full Game)

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    Forza Motorsport 7 Walkthrough Part 1 - Forza 7 Gameplay Xbox One Full Game Ultimate Edition First Look Let's Play Playthrough of Forza 7 Part 1 Intro and Seeker Championship
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    Comment (33)

    1. Cars slamming into each other and "no damage"??? Not very realistic as far as I'm concerned. Even going back to the "stone age" of games, NASCAR THUNDER 2004 had more true to life damages than this game. In this game cars slam into buildings and other cars at ridiculous speeds of 180-200 mph and……..AMAZING – not even a dent, let alone a mangled mess of steel and/or fibreglass! Improved graphics are one thing but idiotic logic insults an adult's intelligence. Maybe this is why some teenagers drive like total idiots on the streets and highways………. games like this make them
      "think" they're indestructible. This game is "kiddie's stuff".

    2. First time i can say that forza motorsport is better than gran turismo. Gt sport is so half baked.
      And this xbox one s is my first xbox ever, i bought it because i got that for 190€ with fh4, and bought fm7 from sale

    3. It's not getting darker. Just like real world if you got other cars you got more headlights lighting the road/track. That's why when you got to lead and you're the one lighting the way it looked darker, because it was, but only due to headlights.

    4. Rainbow Six Siege, Forza 7, and EA Play next month bundled in….. I feel bad for anyone whose got a Sony right now.

      I picked up Project Cars 2 during Games For Gold and I really enjoy it, the rally car titles are something different…..But Forza knows what I want.


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