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    Friday the 13th NES – Playthrough With Commentary

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    New playthrough of Friday the 13th with live commentary, showing gamers that this LJN title isn't as difficult as urban legend would have you believe. Also, this video is a sequel to the events that took place in my original Friday the 13th RIR video I did back in 2008. Hope you enjoy!

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    1. You know I have this mini NES and that mini NES has about 500 built-in games although a lot of them are duplicates I don't know what to say about that but anyway this game is on there and it was because of this play through I was able to complete this game in fact after I completed this game which took me almost a whole day to do so I took a picture on my old smartphone of Jason sitting on his butt and I was actually in the picture just to prove that I did this and it was worth it

    2. What's up LK. This video is by far one of my favorite playthroughs of this game. I have watched it at least seven times since I found it. It inspires me to break mine out and play it again. Have you ever played "Willow" for the NES. I don't know who else does, but I enjoy playing that game a lot and would like to see you put a playthrough video out there of that one. Keep the videos coming. I enjoy the content

    3. when i was 3, i would watch my older brother play this game. We would also play the Bevis and Butthead game together. Sometimes, i would watch him play Super Bart, or some crap.


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