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SearchThisVideo: From Bottom To Top! – Teamfight Tactics – LoL Auto Chess

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hey guys how's it goin kripparrian here

this is guys look guys see Chet live

recording oh my god I know right crazy

and daggers and daggers holy crap look

at that check go

alright so today TFT video this is the

League of Legends Auto chess game you

guys have been waiting for we can

finally stream it so you can go and

watch me stream it I guess or you can

watch the rest of this video today I

want to highlight for you guys the best

game I played on the first day streaming

it it was from the bottom to the top

comebacks are possible in this game even

though the snowball mechanic is

absolutely insane and I managed to do it

with a bill that I never saw anyone else

do the whole day so check it out hope

you learn something right now if you

want to play it's in like private beta

access or something like that it's

called like it I don't know what it's

called but it's basically like the riot

PTR and you have to have like an account

in good standing with like three on or

something you guys probably know if you

play League of Legends I don't play

League of Legends but I'm playing this

game so check it out hope you guys enjoy


puppy cam oh the puppy sound okay so

there's gonna be a bunch of noises in

the video where if you peep and it might

be our dogs but it's actually not

there's apparently like an emote in the

game that cannot possibly under any

circumstances be silenced that's what

are you doing he's just going in circles

you love the attention so if you're a

hearing chirping and dog yips and all

that kind of dumb stuff throughout the

game there's nothing we could do about

it so sorry dudes

alright that was that that was good huh

it's a sorcerer there I don't I kind of

try a sorcerer

let's try sir

try the best when there's Blitzcrank

just his chest

I tried sir sir once and it died before

I get six bones health oh that's like a

support sorcerer that's pretty cool

700 health Wow

what the hell I think it's really good

fine let's try sorcerer and like tanky

stuff we might do warrior might do

brawler just depends on what we get oh

she has 500 other Bell gifts or 200 high


she's a p with nara shapeshifters

shapeshifters are not that tanky though

seems difficult to go for pirates

people are going a bit tempo right now I

don't even think I want to try for

pirates so I guess I'll get Warwick cast

the sorcerer fine that's a bad sorcerer

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00




all right what's with the belt thing on

death heels nearby last for a thousand

health is pretty nice it's just gonna be

like pretty slow to die what else is

good with the belt that might be good on

a mage with the sword they begin with

attack speed bonus so I really want to

sort order seashell thingy sword or

seashell dinghy I should just buy one of

these horrible we got like your is it

your ttle see what other people are

doing real quick yep yep well that guy's

doing some crazy stuff

all right where am i right now okay well

this is the guy doing the crazy stuff

Darce very good

I think Darius and Garen are probably

the best to one star champs for Tier one

chance it is

mordekaiser I guess mordekaiser can be


rom is good but later like a lot later

here we often lose to someone going the

level up quickly maybe we should go the

level up then fine nope too late yeah

like three before it's really hard to

win he's got to level twos already this

is hard to win even if I did level up

but whatever

I probably need to do that level

the sex still does that much help Italy

cuz like three before you just get rekt

hey I guess I can probably sell back to

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

three or five gonna drop warriors

they'll fall in a drop them just unique

damage just doesn't do that much damage


it's basically the warrior thing

warriors or sorry Knights they reduce

the image of basic attacks too much

so I guess we had a lot of damage to get

through that

we're near the bottom I think that's the

source or dam what do I need again I

forgot if you're got a sword sword sword

okay I'll just take care of it yeah

attack speed I really needed that sort

so it's fine the unit's don't matter as

much now if I'm gonna use that sorcerer

void I should consider going void then I

guess void assassin your whole night


Kazakhs I guess Kazakhs is pretty strong




avoid bonus active Warwick three the

hell I should sell some we're going void


let's keep the two of those


Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

and we just go papi ready hammer

she's quite strong now let's just go

Kassadin again he's level to screw the

hammer fishings bad sorry


okay we got bow and tear which is every

third of attack splashes a hundred magic

damage oh we have attack speed so that's

not bad

fine I'll get mordekaiser

organizers good name practice Yertle and

a sorcerer see you good

Veigar wait what let sounds broken as

hell alright let's drop Knights let's

get to thirty gold and drop Knights





why do all sorcerers have like gigantic

hats yes their wizard hats huh

all right fine




glacial prose tons of level twos



let's pick it shapeshifter that's all


and go D or D or whatever if we want

about one two three yeah just wait

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

refresh now I want to get the fifty

first he's got a little 3 Warwick

oh it's surprisingly low HP that's crazy


14 yet the star next I don't need any

items specifically so we should just go

for like sorcerer dudes or something or

maybe the big void thing we see it see

the big void thing no there's an R there

there's a smaller void thing there's a

sorcerer there with an item troika the

sorcerer there with an item




so I get bigger I thought I got I just

saw giant hat I thought it was the thing

that I have oh that's that is what it is

come on man how how do I do this how do

I combine them seriously how the hell do

I combine them okay there okay I should

level up and then and then role know it

that keeps happening it's really

frustrating yeah I guess you have to

create an empty spot and put two of the

ones you want to upgrade on the board




pretty low HP noble Guardian that's a

pretty lucky pull right there

fine let's do that now maybe one to do

the Glacial brawler Rumble what's our

tanks don't die quickly some 50 HP yeah

that's probably better last place


I bet you sit for 12,000

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


what the hell always mild sorcerer

I got gnar again only I want to use nor



got a file at some point okay Bo and the

thing every third attack splashes magic

damage okay I can do that that's a good


I get the Glacial drawler I don't know


I'm gonna have that way sure

those guys in second place okay I can't

heels for a Lonnie does that I like that

a lot


I think that sucks have used it before

I'm not happy with it but if I can get a

little don't know anyone who saw the

bear unluckily is the bear that long





exciting okay

and I know what sorcerer to drop now

should we drop Lulu yes just level up no

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

that's too much




this is going to be painful

Yeah right 18 we can't really afford to

lose anymore which is really bad damn



and skip this really finished item I

don't know Adam that is but it's a

finished item

yeah so it doesn't have a finished item

oh no that is good the finished item

recover mana per attack


yeah it's good for vigor that's right


damn like one millisecond off oh and

this guy is really tough


why is Baker doing nothing


oh that's good


let's going gets tough bro



Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


oh just knocked a guy out that was ahead

of me move agar closer okay I don't know

how they're I guess we can do a vague r3


sword-belt and seashell holy crap

sword and belt I don't know let's put

magic resist on one of these dudes there

I'm not gonna bother going for the next


no I can't do that I can't change better


oh my god he's fun my veigar

level-3 Blitzcrank that's a safe bet

because no one's ever going to take that


the come back boys Rex like heels though

you like cho'gath more fine I'll take it

I'm gonna burn every every piece of gold

right now one more



he's got a lot of a me too though

Kame so bigger is pretty good turn said


Hera what am I looking for I'm looking

for or another glacial high level

glacial or cho'gath whatever that is

Imperial diamond shapeshifter none of

those well it was a good try noble

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

knights I think she's very strong

come on Vegard what are you doing bro


from last to first this is gonna happen

boys all right what do we want oh we

want that thing glacial



what the hell did I just pick up I was

hugging oh my god I feel so scammed

levels pretty far away still bigger

that's actually pretty strong I guess

I'll sell him

oh boy shapeshifters this is gonna be



here lots of things dying

oh you just died so guess don't have to

worry about that anymore there's one

round then PvE if I don't die at 16

that's 30 off 30 I'll need eight then 40

gold there's no I'm getting 40 gold I

want to do my gold right now guide my



these guys playing sorcerers as well oh

my big R got hit with out of combat


yeah so got one shot not from full

health from full health full shield

deleted that wasn't full help it wasn't

just full health classic yes is it okay

yeah instantly kills if it's lower

started in Veigar

okay so again let's do the math eighteen

thirty eight twenty eight twenty eight

is seven seven times five thirty five

actually I can level

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


the dragon doesn't kill me yeah what

figures what's Peter doing right now

just like chillin oh yeah so he's like

the crazy scene in the game but he's

like not working properly

are you joking okay my math was off

fortunately reroll from RKO I can't buy

her even if I find her though


last the first boys is a game that's a

sweet one


Teamfight Tactics TFT - TFT is finally streamable and we are pulling off some crazy plays already! Kripp's Hearthstone Stream ⭐ ...


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  1. Great video 😀 Looks like it's gonna be so good. I still haven't figured out how thw gold system works though (except from the interest thing), maybe cause i haven't played any auto chess game. Thought they were boring, till i saw this 😛

  2. The game is amazing, you only have to wait 6/7 hours in queue for pbe and then you get to play 1 game just before the servers go down for maintenance then back in the queue. Why did nobody design something like this earlier.

  3. Yea ASOL hard carried over Veigar but I think Kripp may have tunnel visioned in regards to him since he stated he didn't think he was good early in the video.

  4. Anyone already played both TFT and Dota Underlords? I'm so looking forward to play both… but both are in such early development it's impossible to say which appeals to me more. As MOBAs I've always like the idea of DOTA more than LoL, but when it came to actually playing I always went back to LoL (no regrets). I wonder how this is going to end up… Can't wait to see some comparison videos.


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