Frosty Faustings XIV 2022 Day 2 – Windjammers 2 Top 8

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen it is saturday and you know what that means we are here live at frosty frostings 2022 with the first ever major in person back to real life honest to goodness fgc major windjammers 2 tournament in the history of the world i am mohawk mike joined here with tiz hi ladies it has been an incredible weekend a hundred and thirty sure players 104 players entered this tournament um megaphone frankie did so much work advertising just going around the whole venue just thousand dollar pop bonus free entry come play windjammers too and did people showed up we ran it and it was it was a wonderful event we can't mention that enough this is a fantastic tournament supported by emu the publisher win james us thank you so much pot bonus for free to enter tournament thank you so much so many players we had a commandeer additional setups but yeah speaking of frankie yes he is our host today and he'll be helping us with all of the grammarless ceremonies so without further ado we're ready for our first matchup frankie take it away ladies and gentlemen my name is megaphone frankie sisto and i think you know why i'm here it is time for your windjammers to top eight [Applause] now i think we all know the deal ladies and gentlemen 104 players signed up for this tournament only eight have survived and we are about to start our first winners side match now as we know as is customary in the windjammer scene what do we do when someone is charging up a super [Applause] and what do we do when someone fires or reflects a super hey exactly don't forget that let's get started with our first match the following contest is scheduled for two out of three falls and it is for the winter side into oh god it is for the winter side of top eight introducing first from cleveland ohio weighing in at 200 stone his necktie is a fish whistle [Music] [Applause] and his opponent from phoenix arizona weighing in at a pile of feathers he took a set off a fiestament and is running home with it club soda [Applause] all right all right so we know why we're here we know how far we've come is there anything you two gentlemen wish to say to each other before we get underway keep it pg of course bwo for life yeah bdw for life they're on the same page let's get started ladies and gentlemen here we go windjammers top eight windjammers two top eight at long list the wait is finally over we have our first match setting up right now interesting to note here both warp whistle and club soda promoting the bwo for those not in the know that is the bumper world order these players are so degenerate they prefer playing on stage with bumpers i don't get it man it bumpers so much but also note you might notice that metal that's hanging around warp whistle's neck he won windjammers one last night that was on matchstick melee um yeah so uh and indeed we have discman being selected the secret character up against loris biaggi representing italy brand new to windjammers you may have seen it online this is basically pog meets street fighter the whole objective is to get the disc into your opponent's goal the red goals are worth three points or sorry the red goals are worth five points yellow or were three each round is first of fifteen or more points and already we already have three start of this top eight we have disc band on the left side of your screen this man is actually a hidden character that was discovered day one on release of this game you go to character select and spin your joystick as fast as you can for five seconds and he will appear at character select and already warp whistle is showing yeah he's he's putting up quite a quite a score to lead with this is it this weird is a hidden character and it's one of those ones that okay people knew about it but it was considered a joke it's too bad he didn't have his meter otherwise he would have been able to pop up that disc yes there are a couple new mechanics here speaking of which this this map that we're on junkyard those red bumpers in the center of the stage will reflect the gist just like that you saw but they also slide after they've been hit yes jump up and nothing empty jump yeah we see the jump there the jump mechanics as well you can now slam the disc on top of your opponent you also have the slap shot which will be a quick return ah warp whistle makes the wrong read and now they're tied up at 12 all right yes another timer on the top of the screen 13 seconds left tied that's a quick score there club sodas biagi takes the first game of the set and now take your eyes to the bottom left hand and right-hand corners of your screen you can see those meters those meter is again another new feature in this game you can use it for a more powerful super you could use it to reflect and pop the disk up in the air another new mechanic they previously game only have two we cut five buttons well four buttons we have more than doubled the buttons here for windjammers too and these players are both just playing at the net very aggressively i'm i'm such a horrible my goodness offensive player anytime i see a player playing on the net it makes me i just crumble absolutely fall apart like it's it's frightening because that cuts the reaction time that you have to react to the discs trajectory it cuts it severely absolutely you see that charge coming out all right wow use of the super custom by biagi not just that but he banked it right off of that bumper perfectly to go to the top of the stage it's it's very hard to read sometimes especially when playing on stages with bumpers how that super is gonna turn out in a quick five there from club soda snuck it right in on the margin under 30 seconds left it curled right off that north wall just snuck around this man's tiny hitbox so a reminder of the rule set here that first stage they played on was picked by random so first stage is always going to be random the losing player of game one can change character and picks the new stage and we have picked we have picked arena we are going to long beach it's long beach this is i've said it many times before this is what i refer to as the pepperoni pizza of windjammers this is the most basic stage this is the one we all learn to play off yes it is no bumpers no wonky mechanic spear skill that we see very nice from clothes soda using that spinning super now this disc man set up the expanding curl radius of biagi super threw him for a loop so the inputs that you can use within this game is very similar to a fighting game we're talking about quarter circles we're talking about certain angles you can change the trajectory of the disc this is all intentional people this is not random i uh have to commend club soda's call out of the angle oh the miss and just like that again you'll have these new options there's so many different things you can do in this game oh my god how did you get how did you catch these in the goal because normally if if he wasn't facing forward he would have been knocked back yes there is potential here these discs are being thrown so fast and so powerfully your character can slide back into the goal and disc man in particular he is made of paper he takes so much knock back that was actually a slap mechanic you saw that hammer come out there from warp whistle that was again another new mechanic you can actually do that for a quick return on the disc yes throwing your opponent oh wow that's the return super he's just hung there in the air for so long for the mix that's a pop-up board bristle using the meter there uh one thing of note when you pop the defensive meter like that it freezes time so you can use that just to be like okay what's going on here yes all right now i'm ready to react used to be the old mechanic was you would just lob the disc in an attempt to try and stall out maybe slow the game a little bit but yes now you have that meter so many options offensively defensively a matter of time using it using it as early in the round as soon as you get it later in the round there's so many different ways it was an incredible slap shot to take advantage of the northbound positioning on warp whistle see club soda knocked down but is able to recover there any time your character is facing backwards oh my goodness what an amazing use of meter to recover from that shot you could jump and catch that i did not know you could do that oh we are learning things today we are learning things today so club soda use the quick slap to knock it to the ground dwarf whistle picked up the disc popped it up in the air with the meter went to go for the lob super club zone to use jump to catch it out of here and aaron threw it back that way it makes sense when you think about it that is an insane volley these players this is a discovery process we're still learning things about this game and we have ourselves back on the board this game came out like this month january 20th we have less than a week like we knew it was gonna happen and then we decided to go ahead and schedule an event and it's been a blast oh nice return there that slight curve there each character has their own unique mechanic as far as the actual curvature the lighter characters have more deeper more harsh curve you see it coming out what a return he calls out the discman bubble shoot [Applause] both of these players returning supers there is a split frame second window in which you can return we have a ti it was gonna be a hard it was gonna be really hard for war bristle to run that back it was a very hard ask yeah warp whistle that was unfortunate you saw him charge to the disc realize he didn't have the meter and there's nothing you could do there in that situation yeah unfortunate but uh clubs club soda played played out of his mind that was a phenomenal match and that was just game one that was scary we got another one coming and frankie's about to make it happen let's go ahead let's take it away frankie introduce our next players holy crap warp whistle falls to club soda descends into the losers bracket and that's just the first match that we got today ladies and gentlemen we got a live crowd we got a live tournament and we're just getting underway let's give it up for our commentators give them some love but even more important yeah that's right that's right now even more important let's give it up for our second match on the winner's side of the bracket and we're in a digital age so i use my phone because we're eco-friendly here ladies and gentlemen so it's time for your second winner's bracket match introducing first from new york weighing in at give me one more give me one more there we go he is the five-time champion of guardian mc's fight kade mystery tournaments kowtow robinson and his opponent from chicago illinois weighing in at 115 leaders he is practicing djing again jeff vayner jr all right this contest will be two out of three is there anything you two um uh uh contestants want to say to each other give me one more [Music] ah let's get underway ladies and gentlemen all righty then well you saw it there we've got a lot of familiarity with both of these players here a lot of banter back and forth so jeff vader jr was actually the organizer of both the windjammers one and windjammer two tournaments here at frosty yes he's been doing a lot of work he i believe got third in windjammers one i know he was top three at least yeah and now here he is in top eight of windjammers two absolutely putting in work and uh countdown robinson as well one of those players that you heard we have vessel mirrors oh boy cartel robinson five-time mystery game tournament winner you have to be good at all games yes you do to get a trophy in mystery game in windjammers is though a lot of that activity adaptability yeah this is crazy so we have hey wesley who was previously the heaviest and slowest character when jammers won on the largest stage yes indeed as your weight goes up your walk speed goes down however vessel has a very long dash so they're gonna be making use of their dashes quite uh quite uh quite a lot in order to reach the disc jeff vader here off to an early start here cal tell robinson you were talking about that long dash just maybe some directional miss brits oh and that's such a bad feeling we just saw that in the previous matchup when you see the disc at the ground the only way to pop it up if it's too late to get there is to use your meter and now you see the bottom left-hand corner of your screen that meter has been built for cow towel robinson and now he will be able to pick up any drops oh jeff vader attacks the net and sneaks it right by him because the heavier characters also have larger hitboxes and larger catch radiuses that was absolutely gross i i mentioned it again personal note for me i hate players who crashed the net but oh yeah such a brilliant mechanic especially to get positional awareness on your opponent trying to get them conditioning yes exactly you don't call him shampoo he only conditions yeah absolutely and another the three there comes out for robinson he as well crashed the net there so oh what an amazing slap shot directly into the south corner that slap was so beautiful we talked about jeff vader jr at the top of the screen kowtow knew he could pop that shot out it goes faster than a standard shot when you catch it so he knew he had him out of position was able to pop it in for that three oh i had an amazing use of the offensive super but jeff vader was ready for it every character has their own unique super that they can use and wessels has a square pattern yes jeff vader recognized it and you see the position it was moving it catches it again it's like a sign curve of curves didn't exist oh my goodness they're just messing with each other's heads it's not enough to get your opponent out of position on the top or bottom of the screen you can also get about a position in the air yes yes indeed we haven't we have a we have a z-axis now yes and that's slight curve again russell's a heavy character doesn't have a lot of curve but it's enough to beat a cp get a quick vibe snuck it into the corner of the central goal so now here's the dichotomy of this game one jeff vader jr took a very early lead took that first match now counts out robinson plotting his way back we're tied here who's going to take it did that super pop out again he was ready for it it's a good idea but jeff is calling it out this is what happens when you play a mirror match you play your opponent who absolutely knows your character inside and out knows your patterns knows your supers oh it's off that's all yeah that is a valid thing to do i do that when i want people away from the net there you go absolutely quick five though how's that robinson is on the board oh snooker just like that sometimes when the disc is bouncing you predict it you know where it is but your hands don't match what your eyes are seeing jeff went to wherever disc was going to be what a hard call out so you might be noticing now there's 43 seconds on the clock you'll see at the top of your screen jeff vader is in lead by three points yes he's implementing right now now he's in the lead the french players the french community of windjammers who are the top number one they are the best of the world best in the world multiple time evo champions multiple times various other tournament champions they like to play a very defensive stop yes they like the play at a time so notice jeff vader has two points on countdown robinson right now 14 seconds will he be able to stall it out long enough oh i thought countdown has not been able to get that to work at all not at all oh but the regular super did sneak by so now you're just popping off cal town robinson has the option to change character has their choice of stage that's right you're going to change from wessel no i don't do it yeah i don't think catholic plays any anybody other than wessel i i know that i know that some people like hurricane max the canada rep yes one of the newer characters here we've not only doubled in size characters doubled in stages as well yes indeed we're here on rooftops just like lawn you previously saw but then we do have those bumpers there that's going to play a lot into this matchup now it is so like oh my god just come out like that a quick 10. just like that and we we haven't even been 20 seconds into the into the set oh did you see the way that disc reflected so like the real tricky thing about the bumpers is if you're not familiar with the sort of angles of incidents they can cause that halves your reaction time but if you are familiar well that's what you got to rely on you got to do some geometry in your head oh wow yeah that was so funky so the curse hit the front side of the bumper and bounce to hit the bottom side of the bumper a lot of players bumpers are not random no they're not they're they are deterministic they feel random because you can't figure it out yes that is basically the excuse that you would use if you cannot if you don't catch a disc that comes off a bumper these players practice they know the actual inputs again we're talking quarter circles we're talking perfect inputs to get exactly the shot that you want yes there we go very good use of the defensive super jump up empty jump the reflection with the defensive oh snuck right by him on the south to close it out that last volley we saw sometimes when you hit the disc when you hit the bumper straight on it just takes all the momentum away we'll pop it in the air so while that was a great volley count youth meter that was a that was a call out that just went wrong yeah sometimes i'm not gonna lie so on the plane here right here i was playing windjammers one on my switch on the plane i actually while playing was like why isn't my jump button working where is my meter these new mechanics are still new they are still new betas for this game last year but this game is still new even jump changed significantly in the last beta so it used to be if you were to jump and slam out first of all kowtow took that set so now we are going to our third game uh so anyways regarding jump so in the previous beta it was very difficult to counter because it would stick to the ground and you didn't have much time to pick it up now you have more time to pick it up without having to spend meter so you have counter play to it that doesn't require your meter and it was a very good change we all love that change speaking of change we're going here in arena this is again this is a very much a remake of an older map an older stage but again smaller confined quarters you have five goals at the top and bottom this is jeff vader's pick he did not want to play on another large stage so he's just told to shrink it down a little bit and now he's using more of those supers from wessel he's the stage has changed both in terms of its width on the y-axis and it's length on the x-axis it's like tiled but long so you've got you've generally got more time to react to stuff speaking of reactions here we oh no just barely missed the crosshair you hate to see it sometimes you over dash to overcompensate and that's just a silly mistake of note he got four points for that miss so every stage does have different values for their misses for when it just drops on the floor this is different from tilden that has a four point miss as opposed to his two pointness let's see here those points make a huge difference here counts out robinson might be making quick work of this one jeff later though yeah he's fighting oh wow wow stand there and look at him the gentleman gentlemanly standoff there in the crossfire she just barely landed in time to catch that well speaking of time there's only 20 seconds left really 12 to zero now take it away that'll that'll go and put it away i don't it would have been very difficult to run it back from like 12 seconds left count robinson one round away here from knocking jeff vader into losers definitely a different match than we saw from that first match so of note that that uh super with the smoke trail that curls around that is universal everybody has that and the way you input it is with a variety of quarter circles and then you get different behaviors both players having media here they're looks like they're choosing to use it defensively pops in the air both players crashing the net yeah and they both have giant hitboxes so like they can't get past each other if they're both at the same place at the net oh and return super oh my god so yes that was incredible for he worked for him to work out that trajectory yes not only the countdown was able to dash and predict where the disc was going to land he was facing backwards so he did get knocked down but yeah that is a recovery there were no points scored there indeed and uh the heavier characters are more resistant to knockbacks and knockdowns oh yeah there's a slap there we go changing it up a little bit kowtow trying to do anything he can 30 seconds on the timer 10-0 i mean it's there's still enough time you can't timer scam it just yet hey nice crowds participating we'd love to hear it we've got those fives at the top and bottom of the screen 17 seconds left jeff vader's gonna have to attack those he's he just can't find an opening though this brick wall that cow towel is playing 10 seconds will there be enough time any points jeff later five seconds he attacked the top he's attacking the bottom he changes back to the top and that's going to be attack house defense was fantastic he cut that he got that lead and he held it so cow tab will be advancing to uh winners finals well before we get on to the second half of our top eight here we gotta get a shout out oh yeah give a shout out hey it's mishi to our head staff member mishi here oh crowd is going crazy oh they love her yeah that is that is our 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where they will be uh hosting 15 online tournaments featuring local communities from across the globe spanning across three weekends of blockbuster fighting action from february 26 to march 13. registration is live now it's smash dot gg slash winter gaiden you know frosty fastings 2022 has been pretty amazing but it's gonna be even better in 2023 returning to the western lombard illinois where we currently are yes mark your calendars january 27th and 28th 2023 frosty frostings coming back to you another great venue last but not least amazing pressure [Music] ladies and gentlemen without further ado we've got our next matchup first round in losers top eight yes indeed frankie who do we got all deck ladies and gentlemen we have had one heck of a top eight so far the winner's side is down the winner's finals the top four side we got cal tal robinson versus club soda that's coming later but right now it is time for your first losers match of the day but first i want to say join the jam to win discord every wednesday we have wingjammers wednesdays it's our weekly practice session all are welcome in the wayne jammers community and i mean that with all my heart why is everyone laughing you go you go you don't tell me what to do so it's time for your first losers match and it is an ohio street fight scheduled for two out of three falls introducing first from dayton ohio weighing in at 125 kilograms he is a former hockey player roon kodiak son [Music] [Applause] and his opponent from cincinnati ohio weighing in at 420 pounds he is he is undefeated against frankie sisto at windjammers i'm not reading that he is undefeated against frankie sisto at windjammers many more sit down sit down i trusted you that's right i trust this isn't over is there anything you would like to say to ruin kodiaks in before he mops the floors with you i know what that means but i'm not saying it on stream anything you want to add rooney let's get underway come on i've been looking forward to this i'm friends with both of these guys i mean i i mean like all of you obviously yes and even though this is technically the loser side of the bracket they're all winners oh they are they are so like but uh they come from roughly the same area i do i'm basically from cincinnati ohio just like minnie mom got to watch his qualifying match for the top eight he busted out some really interesting tech and i'm looking forward to seeing him bust out here also he's running disc man so we get to see disc man again fun fact here minimal was quoted at being 420 pounds he doesn't look that heavy it's only because of all the pot money that he wins from all of these tournaments from every time he defeats frankie sisto he was doing phenomenal guilty gear strive he was doing phenomenal and mystery and vampire savior and he's out here jammers too and i gotta get a little bit of love as well i've mentioned it a couple times i myself jump get this man bubble shoot sneaks past i myself was born and raised in cincinnati ohio ah long time attendee to arcade legacy and other events one of the original windjammers venues big shout out to jesse baker that is where i get my training absolutely so both these players relatively familiar with each other each other the last time i saw them physically playing with each other they were actually at uh vampire arcadia's event yes that would be makai yes the makai world cup hosted windjammers you guys definitely be sure to follow vampire arcadia more details for streams and events and other different whoa what was that oh my goodness what a wild curve i didn't know it could do that but this actually went behind him it did it went around his body bounced off the rail and then came back forward he freaked him with the okie doke oh and you see that hammer come out there for minnie mo he attempted snapchat just a little early there we go this man's got goofy animations he jumps up over to this he pops it up with the meter empty jump disc man bubble shoot return meter though used by roon he knows the trick we've got just a just a super show off here both of these players okay the jump stall there what a great tactic there just cuz you jump in the air doesn't mean you have to ever throw that come back that comes back from windjammers one still has use even now minima was knocked into the goal there again we talked about it before yes heavier characters lighter characters all make difference disc man uh is shown as being this man is being like straight in the middle but like he is made of paper like he has the longest knock down time in the game and he also gets pushed back really far anytime he uh gets pushed back so we saw that first round there went the time both of these players like i said they aren't really familiar with another but yet again oh my goodness the b button mob slap lob some players in some communities once they once you get points on the board it's all about stalling out yeah it's about playing as defensively as possible the five they're coming out oh i think i think minnie mo got freaked out and expected the uh disc to curl upward the way it had before yeah sometimes those predictions you have just like that you saw how roon jumped up because the disc curved and hit the rail he thought it was going to reflect back but not as much there was a lot of spin on it oh disc man bubble shoot into the north five i still have a hard time predicting that oh yeah i'm surprised that roone is doing as good as he is because um minniemolly has the oh my what a slap shot to the north corner again dirty that was so dirty so many wall has the advantage of the the fact that wessel super hasn't changed it's the same as when jammers won but we're has to contend with disc man bubble shoot jump up disc man bubble shoot over super reflow so the super reflection turned the super into his own super and i don't think minniemolly was ready for that normally when you have a supersonic shoot for a return super it reflects the same super mini boss slap shot there trying to change up strategies we got 10 seconds left on the clock mini mall with three points oh slap shot there is playing aggressive is not choosing to time it out he's not holding this this he's got to get a return here four seconds left baby last words he makes it in time he's gonna hold it and that's it very smart very smart and you see that clash of styles roon was playing slower defensively once he had the lead minnie mouse had to fight and claws way back here we're now one of these in this round the courage to attack look look how long he was down you can see that first hand oh interesting again both players meet at the net they both have to jump you see meter burning here for minniemolly likes not to use it gonna get the super out though yes uh the wrong prediction from roon quick little circles oh disney club this man's tiny hitbox it's so disheartening when you have a folly that goes on for over 20 seconds and then on the next service you lose points immediately that is so disheartening that is the true power of windjammers i have to shout out minimal for keeping composure during that uh very confusing curl formation it's tight up it's in here this could go either way but players having their meter now it's going to be an option usually they're just hanging out at the north side you sit defensively here's tricked by the bubble shoot i genuinely still do not know the end it's the entrail yeah yeah it's yeah i actually somebody told me actually what it is it's uh i don't know if i should say it now because it's a tournament match it's let's go ahead and leave it a mystery for now five come out there snuck by the south corner to make it a five roon is gonna go ahead and take that first and now again it's minnie mom's choice you can see he's spinning he's spitting the big this man he's stuck he's sticking with this man he's committed so last night at the start of the windjammers 2 tournament minniemollar came up to me and he said is bubbleband legal and i said yes and he had the biggest grin under that master oh yeah you could you could see it it shows in his eyes he really smiles with his eyes so of all the all the things that we're playing here the only stage you will not see today is casino is the new stage it allows at the start of each round there are different points associated you'll see on the disc as far as how much it could be 1.2.3 point as high as eight points the main concern is uh potential epilepsy uh seizures from because it's a very flashy flashy stage correct so the slow bubble shoot oh my goodness that was a flex for anybody playing the game and watching this wondering why you haven't seen casino that is the reason why yeah we have gotten a response from.emu they are going to take a look at that as well as all of the additional feedback that people have been supplying for the game you know that spectator mode is the number one request yes we know that private lobbies with more than two players is a huge request again the game is phenomenal the game is phenomenal we can play it right now like and we're having a wonderful time well speaking of having a wonderful time that was gonna say what a nice curve was had the lead there but now minnie mo tying it up with a quick three and now we're seeing a little more mobility from both of these players a little more options and we've seen both jumps oh that's brilliant jumping at the net is terrifying with the hammer the hammer extends i can't beat you i'm just gonna bonk you if nothing else that's a distracting factor i mean he could have in theory hit it when it came oh and just like that oh just a little bit out of range accidental dash i hate to see it when the nerves like this game can really just get to you mentally what an excellent use of the defensive meter we got the return you get another super coming out for minnie mo alex yes short circles you know green recognized that he couldn't figure out the bubble shoot so he spent his meter in order to take away the mix-up yeah it's great to have options like that on a five wow 1-1 so minnie moss fighting for his tournament life in this game again this is top eight losers round one a loser we'll go home unfortunately yeah we know that everybody had a lot of fun yeah so and minnie mom won't be that upset to lose to roone because roone is also southwest ohio he's a friend good to be beaten by friends did you see that bubble you went above roon but the disc was down below him yeah yeah it's a very confusing super it has a method then you may if you dedicate your effort to watching it today you may figure it out give me we're seeing it a lot here now minniemom knows that he's scoring a lot of points with it oh no the mix mix from the curl pearls doing damage here roon might be playing a little bit slower now see okay some quick returns here yeah using the super sonic in order to switch up the timing or the uh the slap shot minima gets the points there you saw multiple times the slap the animation for disc band on the right hand side of the screen that hammer comes out yeah that is the slap and you can see multiple times he's kind of almost i don't know if it's maybe like a taunt and there you can taunt yeah i mean yeah you could use it as a taunt but it's actually very nice any score will do it for minnie mom so that was again that was the bee love super you oh it looks like roon might have figured out bubble shoot there we go no time like the president let's see if he can get it again he's just oh he's showing him he's shot he's just showing him this is how bubble shoot works i'm one girl oh but that actually that was a stall tactic and he's using it again yeah this is what he uses yeah this is what he used to get into top a i watched it happen and it was genius that is such a great incredible look at him look he's laughing he's getting looking he knows yeah he knows he knows yeah i'm a degenerate i know sorry guys i had to do it like my tournament life is on the line here right and now we are off to rooftop which is uh similar to concrete from windjammer's one except it has four drops interesting to see here how many of the supers were actually to see come out now we're on a stage with bumpers yeah and uh this is i'm curious oh he's just gonna do the hammer throw directly to the south corner trying to go for those fives again five goals in red top and bottom of the screen on this stage yep yellows are worth three yeah bubble man okay very curious how bubble shoot will interact with the bumpers he just barely caught that in time oh the john oh he was almost out of position there he was jumping oh and using the bumper just barely hit the three it was just just north of the corner uh go back over there points his points at the end of the day though let's see bubble man's new yeah okay all right right so roo was exactly in position for that one he was directly to the north five 30 seconds left on the clock minniemolly down by two gonna have to get some kind of points here on the board he caught it but it stalled him it spun him around he had to like kind of unwind from it oh lord incredible use of the slap shot he he intentionally this is the nuts he intentionally avoided going into the crosshair to enter supercharged state so that he could slap it as soon as it came down that was that was genius so genius i i've yet to see that used again these players very very used to windjammers one but these new mechanics seems like they're feeling right at home oh yeah they've adapted very well and they're teaching us right now maroon let's see oh oh my goodness see trained mini mall when i get closer than that you get closer to that when i jump you jump by making minnie mouse on charge yes he conditioned him and he used the lob to get it over him but he spends two in order to delete the mix-up oh wow one point away roon can tie us up here there we go it's 1-1 it is the last game of the last set or last set of the last game one of these players are yeah coming home and that's so disheartening good start you fought your life tooth and nail in a quick fight in kind bumper bumper shenanigans oh many mods just out of position there these players are they're so aggressive now oh i just barely missed the corner it's point you know you like getting points on the board but you've got it oh these bumpers are just messing up the trajectories oh that was so sick that was absolutely absolutely sick jumped in the air captured the disc when he landed he used his meter to then get the super out completely caught minnie mouse disc man pushing somebody back into a goal this is nuts this it that is it roon advances to loser semi-finals but minnie maul minniemolly showed us some stuff today he has advanced the game that was both fun and education it was it really was the game meta has advanced thanks to him all right we got our next players getting ready here back to megaphone frankie oh frankie's pretty yeah he's out he's like dude's been hyped all right ladies and gentlemen we are back and we got our second game in losers side of top eight who's ready for game number four give me one more people get it they all get it all right the following contest is another team kill and it is a loser leaves town match scheduled for two out of three falls introducing first from chicago illinois weighing in at 573 pounds in his youth he chugged a gallon of beer on a dare chase tatsujin [Applause] and his opponent also from chicago illinois weighing it at a clean 175 pounds he is the chicago old guard sir grand cay [Applause] all right gentlemen there's been enough talk is there anything you two want to say before you destroy each other shut up and jam jamming shut up let's get it on i jamming shut up with my uh grandma's tee grip that everything jam and shut up can you believe how jacked the grand got over the pandemic this man has not only put work into the game but has put work into himself he has like he's he's absolutely inspiring i think the last time i saw him was like raj in the garage in columbus i think in 2019 i mean he's always been a good looking dude but like that muscle muscle density he didn't have that back then this man did work is an absolutely incredible player emphasis on abs abs yes indeed we've got chase tattooing on the other side he's been doing work this weekend too yeah so interesting you know sometimes that's the way the bracket works out we just saw the matchup of southern ohio yeah now we see the matchup of chicago two og players going head-to-head know each other very very well we'll see how it's just good that we got the team killed this late all right we are at junkyard with the best track in the game hurricane max from canada on the right side i really like hurricane max i yeah his design is very interesting i don't normally favor heavier characters but i love the fact he has a drop kick yeah he does he he does a slap shot by dropkick and just stands right back up like it's no big deal professional wrestler from canada he just everything about him it's my spirit in him yeah and we have steve miller from the uk on the other side and windjammers won in the arcade it used to be a dip switch you could change it between uk and korea uh we've decided to just kind of make him uk and advance his design he's got the cool eye hatch and now we're seeing the mechanic here basically the gimmick of junk guard you can see those are bumpers that are in the center of the stage but every time they are hit they actually slide yes indeed so as far as positional awareness again we talked about like on on on stages where the bumpers are stationary players practice their shots they practice their setups they know exactly what they want to do this one a little bit different yes so hurricane hurricane max's super custom is a straight up mix-up and he uh demonstrated deciding to go for the south on that one so we actually i think there's the first time we have like a light character uh lighter than disc man anyways uh in steve miller because like uh most of our top eight tends to favor the all right tied up nine to nine so far here only 10 seconds left on the clock if this goes to a tie at the end of time both players will be awarded one round oh no that wasn't gonna incredible the way steve miller super works is that you pick a side of the the stage and it binds to the wall and shoots across i think zagran expected him to go for that north side but he just picked the south and just went straight immediately all about changing up all about using all your options conditioning your opponent getting them out of position oh wow that just picked up there i guess they're going k supersonics back and forth i love the uh the gentleman's agreement there where they just threw straight just back and forth they're like it's a you bumper's bouncing okay no jumping here that's not not this time yes they are choosing to go ahead and oh so he decided not to go into the crosshair on purpose so that he could get a regular throw changing up styles there we go first points uh that volley was 50 seconds and you can see there how the lighter characters have a more intense curve another thing you can see look at the difference on steve miller's walk speed compared to hurricane max's very fast versus very slow again a lot of the players using their own personalities their own favorite traits 30 seconds left on the clock this seems to be favoring chase sagran catching the hammer throws i think zaran is just thrown off by these bumpers a little too much oh no he gets the mix right wow in the return there we go on the board that's normally what happens when you super sonic a super like it released it with the perfect timing 10 seconds left both players have meter there we go we see the come out the return oh my goodness offensive super reply to his offensive super one return here three seconds on the clock it's not gonna be enough oh and then chase wins it on points so the grand is taking a moment to think he was oh i saw him thinking about disc man he decides to stay with next chase taps it in taking the chance to hydrate very important yes indeed you got to hydrate so you don't hydrate accidental i'm done playing you i don't want to play this matchup anymore all right so both players electing same characters we're going to line up no bumpers no bumpers larger stage interesting because chase stats again who is playing the faster character you would think would favor the bigger stage but this is actually the grand cay's pick yes it is um because chase will definitely benefit from being able to use the lighter character to walk good read all good reaction to the super there wow yeah gets the return there and he's like you know if i get mixed up by your super i bet you can too yes indeed watch them blow good return there oh yeah the positioning was just off for the slap shot just barely out a few pixels there sometimes i know me as a personal player i'll be thinking about what i want to do and i'm concentrating so hard that i actually don't get in position yeah yeah can relate that's the beautiful thing about windjammers is that you have instant feedback it's not like traditional fighting games where oh why did that work why did i not hear you know you instantly know where that works you instantly know where you did good and where you did bad 30 seconds on the clock here's the grand gets a lead this game does not require intense lap time in order to enjoy it you can lab it but it doesn't require it that was one of my favorite things with uh the tournament that happened yesterday again 104 players fantastic time a lot of them were new frankie and a lot of the other members of the community teaching new players how to play the game free to enter tournament and watching the discovery process yes watching people play the game to practice watching people in tournament and discovering and laughing and telling one another oh that worked because i did this one of the players i ran into in bracket was just having such a wonderful time playing in it that's so good to hear we're happy it only took 20 plus years it's been it's been 3 000 years foot players sitting with meter here not electing to use it there's a grand cade was just a little out of position was dashing down toward the bottom of the stage there seems like they've got each other a little more figured out oh he just barely didn't reach that south corner in time that the size of the stage made the difference on it and then right back at you picking this larger stage knew that he was going to be able to try and out position chase trying to work out there and look at that sometimes this woman sometimes a straight shot is enough to try and distract your opponent indeed and like it'll travel there faster oh directly in position there get the return off of that super and again like you mentioned before chase did not get under the reticle to charge a super instead dashed into it to get the supersonic shot oh goodness so of note when they were at the tight situation there was uh that was an important score from zagrandik but actually he didn't need it so what what would have happened if they had just tied at nine all they both would have gotten a set and zagranda already have one he just would have won the it coming in two-point leaders are granted and he's gonna pop it up pull it out win on a point [Applause] just good good run back from zagran we're going to game three interesting tile tile the picker coming out from chase again the faster character you think would favor larger stages of know yeah i think i think the the moment that happened where he just snuck right by the south corner because it was just just the right size i think that kind of stuck in his mind yep and miller we know that his super as well will travel to the top or bottom of the screen and you have fives at the top and bottom of the stage as well might work into his favor but he knows the grand k too smart of a player indeed it may not work out necessarily uh kiss the mix wrong so this is tile this is exactly the same as it was in windjammers one speaking of things that are exactly the same as in windjammers one uh the general feel of the game yes like the french developers at uh uh dot emu did such a good job replicating the feel there's actually a behind the scenes documentary that goes as far back as 2020. you want to watch that documenting this is all hand-drawn art beautiful this is everything from the ground up was made across them and built for this game and they consulted with the original developer they had the source code too they got to look at every single value to make sure it was the same single thing so much heart and passion put it into this and that's why we love this game that's why we're here that was hard to react to you had to be right the pop up here it's the grand cay gets underneath quick shot out here chase is all over the place okay yeah b-lob super okay oh my goodness hammer throws hammer throws hammer throws hammer throughs hey hey hey oh so many returns there again both of these players there we go right behind the south wall there it is that was an incredible use of the offensive super he had no time to react to that changing up your pattern look it's a grand cake positioned out of anywhere just one score like that it's an avalanche chase taking this outfit this is intense and again was the grand with the uh the rounded bandage all right all right but throwing straight a couple of times there again gentlemen's agreement it's like a version of a stand-up that was an attempt at heart called out because he walked up and just slap shot it instantly oh no and another quick three one point away here the grand has the opportunity to knock chase out he does and it's 18 seconds he's the makes up he needs to make something happen now oh okay three three needs a five ten seconds but player is a meter five is the only way he gets this okay a little knocked out it's not gonna be enough there's not enough time he is gonna super oh great use of the offensive super to stop it he almost stole it he wasn't there in time but he got close enough to where he could pop the meter and make it happen incredible use of the meter the grand k the second that he used his meter to pop the disc into the air that was it that was the win he stood up he stood up and signaled to the crowd i know what i do and oh he's a little hot and bothered yeah this we may be at frosty frosty's but it is definitely getting heated up it sure is in here we'll get our next matches here set up what frankie's grabbing a microphone all right frankie go ahead all right ladies and gentlemen top eight has now become top six we have introduced our competitors let's move on to the next match oh yeah the next match wait we know it i thought we knew what the next match was so hey hey hey i'm wearing i'm wait hey yeah yeah boomy boomy because i'm right what are hey take that whatever hey it doesn't need to be well okay it doesn't need to be all right hold on let's see where is it technology is a thing ladies and gentlemen the future is now all right so we're doing losers uh are we we're doing losers top six right so give me give me jeff vader jr and roon hey jeff vader jr and roon yeah cause roon beat uh room beat minimal right that was a great match it's a great match so jeff versus l roon come on up gentlemen let's get into it players very aware oh yeah of one another i saw them when as soon as so we're in the harry kerry ballroom here at frosty frostings it is one of two 24 hour 24-hour ballrooms here at frosty frosting and then up on thursday it opened up on thursday at 3 p.m before the actual main event even started and we were here playing windjammers two that night very first two players i saw sit down and play windjammers two were these two and now they're gonna settle it in bracket saw both players electing to go wessel we're getting another mirror match oh and the gods have bestowed upon us the iconic stage oh wait okay all right nevermind you know what uh oh you gotta do buttons there's another thing there wasn't a crowd in there i was there no crowd yeah that's we can't have that so the crowd is procedurally generated every time you go in there it's different different configuration of people every time let's get an actual crowd in arena this time please there are some easter eggs in that crowd as well there we go that's what i wanted how did it end up getting empty that time it's kind of like in the movie rocky where they they're gonna have the fight and it's in the empty gym right right here you have to go to the arena in order to do his buttons the empty arena roon there saw the disc hit the ground knew there was nothing he could do and just you know yeah return for a quick five and just like that roon is in charge here yeah you don't want to sweat your loss points too much it's it's uh it can be tempting but you gotta you gotta jump back in there and get it done this is a very slow start here from both yes players they're trying to feel each other out oh no oh my goodness i i wonder if that's a missed input from roone because roone knows the shape of that super absolutely he's playing the character in the mirror match oh my gosh rooney you cannot see him but on in the k in the venue here he is shaking his head yeah every time jeff vader jr scores on him he shakes his head as like yes i know what happened there yeah jeff vader just shakes his head as well both of these players confirming physically their actual body language is letting the other letting their opponent know i know what went wrong there yeah it keeps happening i keep peeking over and it keeps happening will not happen again roon here oh that was interesting slid into position jumped with the disc held out for the stall yeah so like when the disc is right at your body level if it's coming down from the air you can just dash through it in order to change the position from which you release your next throw get ready and jeff jeff vader went on a tear there he did had a lot of unanswered points but roone was the one who actually pulled it out there and took that round the straight shot there i talked about it sometimes the most basic way to throw your butter oh it stuck by that's the second time we've seen that from his own character special he knows the batter don't know and he dashes out of the way oh god we've all done that like if you if you're doing that if you just started playing this game and you're doing that and you're frustrated with yourself don't you don't be too hard on yourself because even at the top level of play it happens sometimes i want to go back a few seconds there so roon used his meter to attempt to pop the disk up was actually out of range but still had time to dash back yes indeed he used it as a time stop so that he could take a look at what the situation was going to be and then used wessel's incredible dash to make it happen i believe wessel's dash actually does take him further out than the radius of the defensive super let's see more points on the board there for roon 35 seconds left jeff vader what an incredible slap shot oh and a quick five there i was gonna say jeff bailey it's one one appears elected he was gonna play a little slower a little stall out nothing wrong with that putting the pressure on your opponent into the old maroons no goodbye again snuck it right by on that big beefy german man oh hey that time okay roon i think roon is this is like a warm-up right he missed a lot of those early supers was able to catch that one returns one of his own yes sir hey all the bells and whistles on this one jumps oh he jumps up from the bounce and just slams it down now i want to i want to see what a lot more of that happen oh my gosh roon again with another three that was a long volley and to have a momentum like that a five could bring it a lot closer but roon is playing so beautifully right now getting a lot of these call outs like that okay use of the meter he had the meter that was other going it's going to be more points for roon 30 seconds left on this clock jeff vader's really got to put the gas on oh i thought that was good that was bouncing trajectory sometimes dashing backward is a mechanic obviously it could save you but it's so scary yeah oh god yeah you know when the disc is behind you you're not sure if you're gonna get it is your dash gonna be faster than the disc that's the big question six seconds left on the clock hello roon dash fast enough picked up that drop disc he's gonna jump up here i think we're gonna get a timeout oh he just scores it anyways exclamation point to the end of that first game yeah i mean like there was actually nothing jeff could do with that little time because roone had a six point lead so i mean there's you can't you can't score more than five on that stage uh you can on the stage we're not using today jeff decides to stay with k wessel uh the beach brings us the beach he actually pulled his earbuds out it is so good to be on the beach this is like the quintessential windjammer stage we're trying just to reset it go back to basics here how did he he was facing the other way and he slapshotted it anyways [Music] i guess it'll just i guess it turns you around if you press the button because it doesn't make sense to slap shot backwards which k wessel you just flex your back muscles and it reflects off it with my clavicle here exactly yes this short little circle's coming oh no the five sneaking in there roon sneaks out with the lead at 55 seconds standing right at the net looking at each other imposingly good thing they got those sunglasses on otherwise they'd be burning holes into one another beforehand hey look at the momentum now going from game one to this game that's slapping oh wow i think you can do i can do as well oh sneaks it in roon again at 32. we talk about the mental component of this game oh for sure both of these players know each other very well we said they're body language they're shaking their heads when they get scored on they know what happens roon is in a much better mental state like i can already tell already like he's he's hitting the stuff he he knows he can hit he feels better about his play and he's playing better as a result five seconds left on the clock here see roon just needs to play defensively he's gonna throw it pearl toward the south and a rare sight vessel getting pushed back into the goal rare sight heavy characters on heavy characters sometimes especially when you're dashing backwards oh i was wondering if he was gonna like pop it up with the defensive meter so when the windjammers if you hold the disc and do not press a button it'll auto throw the disc for you and the longer you hold the slower the disco indeed so one thing you can do is use the sharpest upward angle possible and just walk forward pop your own disc up with your meter and then do some goofy stuff with it oh with the b button he wasn't he was surprised he didn't expect it to happen i was just sitting there for a bit you weren't supposed to catch that getting stunned using all the new mechanics here oh no 13 for jeff 40 seconds left it's not over yet not at all roon is on match point yes on round point he could eliminate jeff vader jr in this very moment but jeff with the counter pick the beach jeff is staying alive right now he's staying alive we've got 20 seconds left on the clock jeff's gonna hold out he's just gonna hold out here he's got a 10-point lead good adjustment to the correct positioning 12 seconds i don't i don't i i'm not sure oh it has become possible now actually it is now possible but he's going to need to stall it out somehow oh i thought he wasn't gonna get their time oh man we're gonna go here to the final set within this game again roon possibility to eliminate jeff bitter junior oh my goodness elbow i'm gonna boop it over right across the net i love seeing these players changing and adapting yeah we did not see a lot of slap shots and roon ring didn't have meter he couldn't have popped it popped it up he just had to be there at the right time so rare knowing your opponent knowing when they have meter when they don't have meteor knowing what options they have possible rebuttals oh he used the uh the time stop that's what he did he he technically didn't need to because he was at the right position but when you're in the heat of the moment he probably didn't realize that he probably just wanted to like pop the meter to stabilize great five from roon returning the lob supers back and forth changing it up to that quarter circle just enough to get jeff vader out of position this is only a two-point game here right now let's see roon oh goodness good use of the meter to correct oh my gosh with the push back what just he jumped in the air he missed the disc he used the meter returned it and knocked back jeff inner junior into the goal hold the slap oh no no no you can't do that i was at the right spot and now you have to eat those three jeff vader after that score literally clapped in person he knew this position he can he just played defensive enough can he hold he needs to stall it more but i don't think he wants to stall it oh my gosh one second the hammer oh my goodness if jeff had been complacent and just assumed it was over i didn't think he was going to get the hammer out yeah i don't think he was he was but jeff's composure was high enough look at him breathing heavy he's like oh my god i can't believe i had to do that just now trying to maintain composure literally getting that pump of adrenaline oh my goodness and we are at lawn for the final final game of the set the complete opposite of each it really is more real estate to cover on this stage we'll see i'm predicting a lot more super play oh i i am as well yes especially with the pattern that k wessel has come to here both players reading each other very well don't hold on and why there's like there's hardly anywhere that wessel can't reach speak with his very long dash oh my goodness wait wait wait you could slap from that farm you can yeah if you use the b button and it doesn't matter how far back you are it's gonna end up just on the opposite side of that net that is insane there's no distance requirement for that so again on this stage a dropped shot if the disc hits the ground you're not able to pick it up that's two points two points here there are some stages with four drops uh junkyard uh ring oh uh rooftop as a four drop very quick dash there for maroon again sometimes you know where you need to go meet at the net you could pick the reeds oh that was a super shot but it would pick jake jeff vader it has five a little bit of extraneous dashing it looked like but he didn't want to be under the crosshair because then he charged up super state he wanted a regular shot oh okay wow used that k vessel super it ended up actually going a little high but it was more than fine didn't get the five got the three but got the round and now we see the opposite jeff vader jr now oh he prematurely activates the super now one thing that could have happened if he had been a few frames later the super would have popped up on his side the other side and then jeff would have had to contend with that oh no dashing backwards the goal he gets knocked in five to three roon playing like a madman knows that his tournament life is on the line here pops the disc in the air okay electing no super shot no jump not going to give a chance oh no drop no meter no meter he wasn't there in time you have about like roughly 0.2 0.3 seconds to reach the disc we haven't figured out the frames just yet figuring out the frames doesn't matter because right now these guys are figuring out one another that's true oh wait jeff vader was facing backwards yes he was that's a taunt i don't care if that was intentional or not when you face when you face the opposite direction of your opponent you're letting them know there's a potential for knockdowns you can knock you down i don't care and like there may be some potential like so if you if you get hit in the back of the head by the disc it pops up regardless of whether or not you have the timing right for a toss and the way you do a toss as we've mentioned before oh good uh return will you do a toss is by pressing x or your throw button right when it's about to hit you that's super sonic that's it out there that'll do it jeff vader jeff vader advances hand shake a lot of respect between these two competitors a lot of love by the skin of his teeth frankie's sneaking to get that mic that was very well played from everybody i'm i'm most impressed with how roon regained his composure and adjusted he got into his into the right flow the right zone and he played a very good game well we've got frankie on camera let's go ahead let's hear what he has to say all right the first match of top four is set jeff vader jr over roon next i need warp whistle and i need the grand k it's time for your second time six match we where's the necktie that sucks well you're repping the usa right there we go let's hit it gentlemen top six will now become top four let's my god you're jacked all right let's get it on in the immortal words of ronnie roddy piper look at the size of this ham hawk ah so the winner the winner of windjammers1 has to fight zagran uh let's let's zoom in on mystery some more what a good girl oh i i think it's uh it's funny because the the game's barking too yes it is yes because it has it has a mini game during arcade mode where like you're you play as a dog and she um the dog chases that to the oh we see bubble man or just man my bad this man who disc man who has the bubble shoot notice how a warp whistle is a lot more casual now yes he is yeah i think he got it was too heated the suit got hot he had to he had to scale down maybe slightly restricted with that additional weight of a necktie on your shoulders good reaction to the super the the ring gives that more more time to react and there's a four drop no meter yeah you saw warp whistle charged up but knew that he didn't have the meter there ended up actually pressing a button just kind of kind of acknowledging hey like you got me on this one yeah quick five though coming out from warp whistle here you know that's one way to even it up that's what it's just having these fives having two fives one at the top of the bottom and screens are just so important and that was an incredible use of uh the curves that this man is capable of it just kind of curled around into that five both of these players hey what i like to call returning to the t line basically the starting position of the stage they're not wanting to get put out of position by their opponent again this is a smaller stage easier to cover ground but so very important that's some day one mechanics yeah every player should learn yes indeed returning to the tee is the first habit you should get into if you want to get into this game 30 seconds already we're getting really deep into here there's nothing oh doesn't know the bubble shoot i did it where's minimal where where where is minnie mouse he's right there in bubble bubble economics that's right it's a grand old was already in a position again returning back to the t line didn't matter what super he's going to come back three there from war whistle oh oh okay i can do that too oh he was right directly to the opposite corner he could not have gotten there in time so again if you when you're when your character grabs the disc if you wait it will auto throw the disc for you yes right before it's roughly three seconds right before you release the disc if you do the lob it'll go right next to them yes so the way so you control the speed when you do a regular throw by delaying which you control with a lob is the distance by waiting that was just enough the grand cay attempted to throw off warp whistle but russell throwing the full lob of his own was enough to get those points oh i wish i could figure out what hurricane max is saying somebody tweet at emu right now yeah what what are what are all these what are all these athletes saying when they throw their supers i'd be curious let's hear from the community as well if you guys tweet at vampire arcadia the lovely team that is doing the stream yes indeed dot emu let us know what do you think max hurricane is saying derek is super we we know we know the charges watch and blow all right on lan here now things are going to get a little wider yes indeed not as claustrophobic so this might i think this will advantage um i think this will advantage hurricane max here because of the speed of his throws i don't think that uh disc man's dash will take him there to the to the extreme edges of the stage he does as far as the character have some pretty long legs but yeah again not optimizing them to get around to say joy there he goes the grand canyon good position to neutralize the mix just enough a little twist on the end of that curve there enough to get around the giant man the mountain of a man that is back here again another superhero where are we going okay i'm thinking we go to the bottom they're all in the curve warpwhistle is taking a lot of effort to stay at that t-line in order to maintain a strong defensive game oh he knows how to do the bubble shoot i don't know the return on the bubble shooter i've never seen a return bubble shoot so yeah it gets crazy it was three returns too yeah both of these players here look at this they're playing super aggressive super fast now we're turning super left and right so gary k will take the lead though 18 seconds left this might be a little tough okay there we go three points only a three goal away from tying it the grand has the lead though with 10 seconds left to go warps got to make something happen he points and he does we have two seconds left spends it returns and now we go up one all right that was so smart by sir grandkid to use his meter there in the fight three seconds because whistle he noticed did not have meters the super bubble shoot so now that both players tied on that round if you notice at the top of the screen those green bars indicating that they have each one around indeed so now draw for the first who will take the advantage who will carry in this momentum sneaking by with the bubble shoe what a tricky super i love pat super i like seeing it on a bigger stage like this oh for sure there's definitely a lot more play there's a lot more uh kind of kind of unpredictability the longer that bubble strain gets it's a grand the grand pick the stage the grand i was about to say wow that was a great call out is the grand cay here almost on there's that long knock down time warp whistle just look at him he's covering so much real estate he is there's no way around this man is is you would think that it would be but yeah no his defensive play is incredible oh just sneak around with the bubble shoot and warp whistle advances to top four let's give the grand a hand for his excellent competition cigarette kay a fantastic member of not just the windjammers community but the fgc at whole chicago local and native won't have a long drive home that's i guess the biggest bonus of uh being here after so frankie looks like he's got an update for it take it away all right so we're going to give the people what they want here do we want winners finals or first or top four first winners finals so winners finals are top four we'll do winners finals well with that said i've been given a new set of intros by our two competitors and i'm contractually obligated to read them so the next contest is scheduled for three out of five falls and it is your windjammers two top eight winners finals introducing first from phoenix arizona weighing into the pile of feathers he recently converted to plimoism club soda yeah please give it up for club soda praise plimbo praise klimbo so and his opponent from new york weighing in at [Music] he wrote a tutorial that is now pinned in the discord he is banned from shout outs fireball kowtow [Applause] three out of five let's get it on love you fireball not a good enough high five there from fachu double back and he's like we got we gotta try that again run it back yeah so as frankie said caltow robinson fantastic member of the windjammers community has done a lot to educate new players he wrote that tutorial thread is very good yes it is phenomenal you can follow him at twitter follow him cal towel robinson again new game new mechanics there is a learning curve and now that we have reached winners finals we are looking at a three out of i like he's just hovering at the how to play now don't use that use my thread um but uh trying to figure out the controller situation but because we are now in winners finals it's gonna be a three out of five i thought that countdown was actually gonna show off the tutorial he's gonna be see this is where i made notes and actually did more research and put in more information hey but for all we know future revisions of the game could have that information integrated absolutely that's the beauty of having this this is a modern game on modern consoles yeah we could just update it and like fix it dot umu did a phenomenal job with windjammers1 bringing it back to modern consoles we had the opportunity to share more with the community but now windjammers too built from the ground up they implemented rollback netcode yes indeed we have rollback netcode in this game yes indeed but as well gosh we needed it other potential future updates maybe new characters maybe that would be ages maybe a season pass that would be something but that in order to make that happen get out get out there and get this game if you are been watching this and you think this is just absolutely the dopest stuff you've ever seen get this game get this game so give dodd emmy your money and then we will uh we'll grow it this is genuinely a game that you can make it as serious as you want it to be yeah yeah if you want a fun party game you just want to hang out you just want to have some fun yeah this is perfect and like no matter what level you're at if you show up to a windjammers competition you're gonna have fun regardless regardless of what level you're at absolutely no battle without that so frankie earlier promoted the jam the win discord yes that is a group of players that have been playing windjammers online for many many many years you could join the discord educational opportunities to learn how to play many tournaments many different fun things and we're getting a little bands right here yes crowd interaction frankie almost had to step in there kowtow was uh having some exchanging of words with fat you there looks like something resembling one into our first game biaggi first classic match up here indeed playing gone titled it's like we're playing wing chun you know what's interesting i've talked with a lot of players uh with within my local community i talked to them when windjammers2 came out you know the interesting thing is when you caught the original game there were only two buttons yes it was very easy to learn very easy to catch on windjammers2 is just as fun as addictive but with those additional mechanics people tend to have more questions it takes a little bit longer if you want to run a tournament we're only allowing the a button and the b button traditional throw in the lob we can do retro style windjammers tournaments with this game interesting very newcomer friendly and then use that as the first step to get into playing with all those additional buttons and mechanics here oh my god i thought though i didn't know how he got that the disc bouncing here as club soda is coming in aggressively using this super here the expanding radius he knows what to do salted out a little bit there oh i like how he dashed through where the disc was gonna be and then just heated it at the north corner i don't have to worry about your hitbox if i walk past you watching your opponent seeing their movement knowing their positioning look at though so club soda here is favoring the top of the stage yes yes he is but that that could be a sort of conditioning there there he went to the he went to the bottom that time oh my god ah this time i'm going to sneak it past you at the north five cow town that lost volley returned the disc but club soda was up in the air and he barely came down with enough time to catch it yeah both players with meter off what an incredible slap shot that slap shot straight into the corner for five this is coming back immediately you're gonna catch it didn't think so i didn't think so club soda there was out of position twice pal town knew that by using the positioning charging up to the top of the stage down to the bottom of the station then using the slap shot was just the perfect combination it really was to get him out of position i'm sorry here electing here yeah you know it's it's hard with these oh great great uh use of the universal girl it's hard with the older characters the original characters some of these players are so conditioned it's literally muscle memory at this point you see that super come out and you know what's happening comes out of here okay yes again using that custom super as well not opting for biagi's actual main super just popped up in the air hold on it's like you're gonna throw it right down to where i am okay that was so fast what a quick exchange 50 seconds on the clock neither i don't know that any of these matches are going to time oh my goodness snuck right past winners final here when jammers do we're getting some returns oh wow okay so club soldiers attacking he started out attacking the heck out of that north corner and then suddenly was relentlessly down at the south yes club soda the disc goes up in the air any time your character moves under that reticle you could charge for your super club suit a stutter stacked before stepping into the circle knew the exact timing in which he could time the super to come out yes normally you have to wait or your your character will stall out underneath that reticle right it is a static amount of time uh contrary to the old wisdom you don't press any inputs he just charges up in a certain amount of time we're here on rooftop now the introduction of bumpers here and biagi super even though it wasn't that effective in that first game we'll see now with these bumpers sometimes has a tendency to be really funky oh just barely curled away from the north five oh wow look how it grows you just slap shot it right at the net what in the world are these players doing oh my gosh this is insane charging the net okay there and you have to charge that oh my god how did he he bounced it around him but he was there just a time kowtow that was just enough just enough to throw him off oh what should have been a bummer what should have been a bumper hit oh my god another [ __ ] thing absolutely ham on each other right now it's difficult to keep up with and uh tell you guys what's what but you can see it for yourselves one point is all it takes one point is all it takes the conditioning there club soda using way more of the curves know that he has a better curve on his character with getting kowtow to attempt to get out of position getting the disc recognized in a different position but just like that cow towel it's taking these opportunities he took advantage of the fact that beyonce was still in the air yeah do it right down at me okay i'm going to shoot it under you whatever knock down there trying to do that like daddy carved it around incredible use of the curve club soda has been in the lab training these curves those are just enough just enough to get it around these bigger body characters both where both players have that meter now it's just like that again another use of the curve to avoid the bumper put it right in that northbound oh and a quick vibe from how do you do that the bumper play becoming so crucial wow what a great reaction that's a four-pointer dude super the super put the uh the disc up on his on the other side of the net and he's still responded right that's so insane both of these players just full adrenaline kicking in full pedal this is some ultra instinct stuff i have to say they're going absolutely it's usually just so smooth and subtle the curves coming off of but he couldn't get there in time this is a this is a lesson right now it is this is literally just like we saw with uh with disc man's bubble bubble super this is literally learning on the game learning in a tournament how do these curves work how do these curves function how do what positioning do i need to be in that always stood by again oh dude these these players attacking each other at the net are causing me stress yes i need to go get a massage i need to i need a spa day oh my god rejected custom super return club soda with another oh my goodness those are the interactions i was talking about club zone annoying bee hoggy super is crazy on bumpers that's how it really is oh my goodness right in each other's faces how charged forward into that super and returned it we didn't even have time to say hey four seconds left one point game the dash backwards is it gonna be enough now not enough not enough cow town makes it 1-1 with the timer i'm supposed to be i'm biased as a commentator but i love the fact we're going to game three i do i do the play we are seeing here is entirely bonkers this is nuts i'll take you a moment there at character select knows i need to reset a little bit yeah yeah you gotta you gotta take a little bit of time you have to hovering tiled hovering tiled no okay clay another large bumper stage we're seeing the crowd here the crowds the crowd's having a great time the people that have checked in here to watch minnie mom pope tenney pointing at each other all right so we get here is clay again another classic stage which should be a classic match-up but with these new mechanics anything is possible why didn't he get there so club this was this was club's pick right correct uh yeah i understand that he's biagi and picked uh clay there's gonna be some bonker stuff happening i promise you yes uh the normal terminology is biagi bumper bullhonky blocky intimidate that however you want to because his super when it spins around we might see it here oh no he does he does the uh he does the regular the universal curl he did the custom to get around the bumper which was super smart because we were all anticipating exactly we want to see it you gotta you gotta shatter all expectations oh my gosh are both of these players like so close to the net with the bumpers great call out the bumpers are right there where you know that's it jumps in the air oh he he anticipated the slam he wanted to catch it right in the air that was so sick that opening throw there by club so did you see the curve yeah was okay oh we're gonna oh it just bugs in the air bumpers give it that the bumpers take it away that big stall out there pops the disc in the air both players clashing little closer to them getting in each other's faces that's oh oh no two points for you this time oh no and again caltel robinson went for the custom super which is basically biagi super but did not it get popped up again by that bumper again if your disc hits directly face on with the bumper it'll just knock it in the air and give your opponent yeah all the time in the world to return and we saw again 15. the conditioning there it is playing closer to the net kowtow opted to go to the top of the stage while club soda was resetting attempted to use a slap shot while he was on the net there but he was way out of here the bumpers oh boy right in the air he was ready that's why you jump at the same time as them you meet them in the air i have the disc now now you have to deal with this oh that was so sick and he didn't even change directions right up right off the jump there kowtow though again that's how it eight over three he's like listen my curve is not as good as yours because i have a heavy character but it's still enough turns over all three oh slap shots coming out a lot more here from cup soda i wonder how he's recognizing it he's playing a little bit farther back he's i'm not going to meet you at the net yeah club soda is playing quite aggressively oh my gosh the bumper is coming into play here club soda his curves are dangerous enough without bumpers but now introduced here you see look at that trying to curve around that big body oh he couldn't make it to the hammer throw in time dashing backwards is not gonna help you were way out of position oh wow how did that get he wanted the diagonal dash he had two orthogonal ones instead that was wild just enough to get through past the big body of k wessel here time 15 seconds here there's a point it's 14 all right countdown soda must score he must score otherwise it'll be tied both players will receive a round activation good activation on the skin no he has to throw gave him the opportunity and that's it and that's it the win on time wow that was incredible three out of five here because this is finals club soda taking a chance gonna think about it what do we do here what is the options that i have different character different stage oh and dave's stupid rule is an effect here you cannot pick a stage that you have won on before so we're going to see a wide variety of stages here we're going to see tiled i'm going to shrink it down no more bumpers we'll see how the curves play out on this one yep there we go right right in the opening volley instantly oh they there was a lot of knock back there but not enough you know i think the club soda felt like the bumpers were popping his disc up more than he wanted and so he decided he didn't want to deal with that anymore oh yeah his lap shot's right at the net now i'm gonna go around you go back to basics here cow towel you see is playing a little bit more forward i think that that potential knockback actually scared him from that first set oh yeah way out there way out there to catch the super opening out of position the t line on tile is further out than it is on other stages is that all that straight shot [Laughter] directly in the south corner subtle curve for the five there they're okay i'm surprised that missed i'm so i'm shocked sometimes it you know you just have to you have no moment to actually reflect yeah and you have to go right into the next volley you have to just pick yourself up off the floor look at this necklace oh my gosh incredible slap shot what's interesting is normally we talked about it before the best players in the world from france normally super defensive but we're seeing club soda here in america we are aggressive a new genre a new play style performing dominantly here at frosty fossee's the first major tournament for windjammers 2. see how many new players want to pick up this strategy i'm not playing the net yeah that's terrifying i'm not doing that oh wow cow towel again that's why you don't play the net that's why i don't play the net oh the super return not neither of them have meter we're gonna have to watch out for jumps and jumps and drops now drums and chops drops see this next return oh yeah okay you're like just a classic lob just enough to reset just enough to slow down three 11 11 at 40 seconds but again if this is gonna be another stall out right now club soda does have a round advantage and that's 16. it's 1-1 1-1 club soda is fighting for his tournament life now this starts out interesting he starts out with the meter advantage but elected not to use it i'm gonna hold on to it a little bit here cow towel you can see is the up meter builds up there we're now even footing quick three from cow towel super yup oh the wall modified the trajectory he wasn't ready for it robinson threw his head up in the air he looked into the heavens and i can't read lips because he has his mask on but he went why lord why i guarantee that's what happened yeah just little subtle things you know you know you can play better he was he was he was at the right spot for oh okay he wasn't gonna let that happen again all right super return oh he stops and immediately throwing up and over caltel charging the net there thought the return super was going to be a little bit closer but ended up it was actually the lob a return here oh right oh my oh my goodness yes riding the rails 30 seconds pop it up again pop it up count down what do you got there oh he got pushed back into it 13-11 knocking that lighter character into their own goal there's nothing more humiliating pop it over hey [Applause] the heavies the heavies are very good at bullying the lighter characters and like biagi is on the heavy side of the middle point we see club photos great match will advance after after that match up i think i need a little bit of a breather yes go ahead let's let the players sit out a little bit let's go ahead and first and foremost let's give a shout out to gaming generations provider of equipment for esports events and more visit their site for a quote at hosting your own event if you want to do your own frosties combo hardware maybe even evo who knows you can get equipment from gaming generations reminder they are giving away a qualma drone fight stick follow gaming generations on twitter and frosty frostings retweet the giveaway tweet using hashtag ffxiv 2022 for your chance to win king of fighters 15 by ko or by snk shattering all expectations it is coming out february 17th less than a month away we have rollback netcode for 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to listen to what you're doing sirlandgames publisher behind fantasy strike really really fun game if you guys are looking for something that's a little lighter a little easier to jump into this is a free to play game free to download full cross play on ps4 pc and nintendo switch roll back neck cloak included easy to learn difficult to master i literally have it on my switch i play it offline all the time frosty faustings 15. we'll be returning to the westin and lombard illinois right where we are right now fantastic venue they've done they've treated us very well january 27th and 28th in 2023 we are so happy to return to the best venue we've ever had this has been absolutely incredible but while we're looking forward we should take care of the president right now let's go back to frankie for our next matchup [Music] three [Music] all right ladies and gentlemen we're back we're back all right so we're getting we're winding down to the end it is now time for losers top four it is two out of three not three out of five like the previous match but it is a loser leaves town match with the winner getting a chance to face club soda in losers finals give me jeff vader jr and warp whistle let's get it on i'm double parked down i am a member of the atr discord and we are above the rest how about you warp bagels bagels sound advice all right let's get it on yeah mega megaphone frankie would be double parked yeah of course he would be interesting call out there from warp whistle bagels bagels i think bagels i think circles yeah and what game has circles windjammers there's a lot of circles is club soda in charge of the illuminati the witcher he's illuminating jammers he might be he might have admitted it just now you know i have to frankie's been putting on a show in every game he's entered even even in soul calibur he got up on a chair on his pools like i'm gonna beat all of you and uh you know you just you just love to put on a show i want to give a shout out as well frankie is also very synonymous with the pokken tournament yes yes that's happening today good tournament got 60 entrants here it did that's more than some other majors yeah dude i love pokken i'm so excited to play it today that's one of the reasons we're here it's discovering new games discovering new friends new players new communities and that's why we're all here so big shout out once again to frosty fosters for hosting this and allowing windjammers to be here as well as all the other titles we're talking 37 plus tournaments across two days busy busy busy weekend lots of lots of wonderful games to play speaking of busy work we're here on stadium you can notice on the right hand side of the screen jeff vader's red goal is larger so yes we haven't been on stadium all day we haven't no so that is a comeback mechanic design for the other opponent notice it's even larger now if you get many goals on your opponent it gives them a chance an easier time to get that five three oh no because three is yeah as soon as you score on them now you're one your goal is the one that's going growing well that side of the stage will reset and you can see that red there again so now see how they're changing back and forth 30 seconds left here jeff vader is we're in see gonna take this momentum here he's got meter he has the meter advantage and electing not to use at 20 seconds up on the clock sneaks right into that south three not stalling out he'll just go ahead and take the three we're going to second here to the next round the next set of this match here again now okay now both players have meters yes they do now run even footing here jeff vader universal curl very emotional match up to get where we are right now just barely didn't make it in time news there from work whistle ward bristle is very stoic yeah he's a player who does not really show a lot of emotion or move a lot and that really that really uh lines up with his defensive play style it's interesting you know he he doesn't show like a lot of flair or you know kind of like gimmickry while he's in matches but he does have that windjammers one first place metal around his neck yes he does he does have that maybe maybe the lights flickering off of that metal it's getting jeff's eyes intimidation he's gonna try and use on jeff oh i like how we did the there was a very subtle curve toward that south wall because you heard the bounce whoa short circle spinning there riding the rail a little bit there i'm gonna go in warf oh no jeff vader clapping his hands popping off he was able to turn i know how bubbles work but he also knows how uh orthogonal angles work for so getting the return there putting himself on the board he's got the slight advantage here oh no but a quick three 11. and then uh warps got a slight it oh fourteen two seconds yeah it's not gonna happen and he catches it and that's it not enough time you know in a moment like that it's just slightly disheartening and that was such a fast game it was it that happened in a blink but notice here notice here we don't have okay here we go see it's empty yeah he's attacked yep there we go this man comes out but he hasn't selected yet oh vessel mirrors oh at beach we got the we got the biggest dudes with the the fastest throws and the weirdest movement going to the smallest stage jeff likes that jeff vader jr very very much appreciated i want to give a shout out as well for an awesome mohawk oh yeah for sure yeah i i i wonder why you would appreciate that a mohawk aficionado myself i have to get phrased the grand k as well yeah here's haircut as well we need more mohawks to win jammers i'm all here for it being all here on beach great toss there curl toward the south notice they're playing very diagonally yes not a whole lot of uh straight throws just yet yeah there we go okay quick look around the hitbox into the middle five yeah warp whistle is favoring the top portion of the screen whilst jeff was favoring the bottom right portion of the screen conditioning from both players yeah change that okay changing got a little bit of there they i think they kind of recognized that pattern especially warface oh very nice little sneak around there short curves enough to spin in jeff has the meter warp was a little about to get his meter there we go okay oh great spend a meter distance on that he was just close enough to be able to pop that disc up indeed just barely within the radius not close enough to catch that one though all right there oh the dash trajectory was just not quite right that was so not quite knowing he just used the meter flapping the disc intentional slow throw toward the net with the lob oh no just wonky dash just wonky you're just out of position there you know you know what you did wrong pop that one up oh the toss he was ready for it yeah jeff vader here playing very far back he's gonna sneak it around with a faint curve into the three notice his positioning okay charging up a little a little bit more oh he's he had the meter too walking very slowly again k wessel heavy character was almost there to that radical to pick up the disco very nice sneak around with the uh with the meter super hey jeff here speaking of meter he's at the advantage he's not using it though he's electing to hold on to this i i think he may be trying to defend against a bad drop oh attempted a slap shot there you can see the the actual motion came out but he was just out of position there's this one this is it it's use it or lose it oh i really like that just held up in order to lob it to the absolute extreme north side wharf whistle one point away he could hold it for 20 seconds oh the bounce there but jump was in time just barely catch up caught it in time pick up that ass gonna fight five a 19 point victory the highest score you can uh get without casino so now it's jeff's pick i can almost guarantee he's gonna stay vessel he's been playing him all day we've seen him not electing not to change oh it goes back to beach oh no okay okay we're back where is it going hovering ring hovering stadium junkyard okay banger alert y'all both players fist bump each other they know that this is a potential knockout yes loser simmies oh no this is f5 immediately interesting to see how these bumpers are gonna come into play and just like that you know toss up in the air for your opponent you get an easy super off of that oh just a little bit underneath that bumper there the positioning oh favoring that's your junior there eight to five what's that five in i just noticed there's a if you look down in the bottom right hand portion of the screen right next to the meter for jeff better junior there's a cat asleep on that table he's just chilling how is that cat asleep right now dude cats cats are very good at chilling pop that disc out through return oh and they're both [ __ ] they are they both they both know it's gonna be a u oh a four point drop so jeff vader there after the return super was stashing backwards with his back facing the disc was knocked down he put him in a trance had the opportunity was gonna return that super but getting knocked down there had to reset there 30 seconds left here again the song is telling them to jump around now but they are staying grounded five is gonna put jeff vader one point away is he gonna play defensively down 20 seconds activation it set the disc straight down it was just barely close enough to where it could be affected so while the disc is in the air you can use the meter so what i've noticed is that if it's high enough it's not going to be affected but i guess it was low enough to where it was affected there it was it was too high up it could not it could be affected jeff vader literally throwing his hands up and going what oh he doesn't know he does that he doesn't he doesn't know yet that's heartbreaking he thought jump around thought for sure he had it even warp whistle right now like again i can't hear the players i can't see their lips because they have a mask on but he literally is like it's okay dude don't worry about it warp whistles warfizzle's listening to the song he's jumping around now he's like that was fraudulent man you know sometimes just like you know in the sport of curling at the olympics it's very very genuinely a lot of times if there is a bonus call or something in the game they'll reset or give their opponent to the poor i have seen that also in windjammer yeah hey man that was a bogus thing going score three on yeah oh in the bumper oh great bumper wall interaction there not enough jeff vader just completely just his the uh spence just barely he really waited on that and he got a five for it yes excellent expenditure of meter jeff vader was just a little off of his game again losing that round when he popped the meter the disc was in the air and did enough giving give to him oh no where is it okay return reset there we go very nice let's play a real match yes indeed 20 seconds left on the clock here jeff needs a five desperately he does he needs a five 15 seconds left charge that super not enough and just look at warps incredible defensive game is really chipping away riding the rail he was literally just oh okay i don't think he meant to do that i think there was a missed input however he might have as a stall out oh maybe it was either a missing button it's funny how he scored so if it had been in the wrong place uh that would have felt really bad for warp well now we have it we know our grand finals are set coming from the loser side club soda he's got that first place windjammers one medal around his neck will be taking on cal tower robinson oh loser finals you're right yeah skipped ahead we have club soda waiting in losers final in order to face club uh yeah to face sorry warp who's just kind of sitting there waiting for it to happen big big pickup hug from jeff to frankie but yeah warp will morph's just chilling waiting for losers final to happen but we're gonna have frankie announce it frankie here he's got some words he wants to say all right ladies and gentlemen what a match we got a series of barn burners today uh let's get to losers finals we have warp whistle and we have fizzy water uh club soda um seltzer club soda let's go club soda the run back from winner's side of top eight our first match tonight we got one more after this ladies and gentlemen stick with us we're taking it home all right losers final two it's gonna be a three out of five just final three out of five and uh similar hairstyle on both club soda but not quite as fluffy as my hair yeah it's a great weekend you know one of the things obviously the pandemic we all lived through it we're here today this is a very safe and inviting event everybody has their vaccination everybody also was received kova testing we're all massed up we are doing it right for the people who could not make it and for the people who did not make it we have to do right we have to do it right uh to honor them and we're we're doing it so we jumping into it are we doing a button check i think i think we're right into this one and we see here we're going to start uncle yeah they're right at the net so they're just that looks like they're going to me club soda pick and biagi we talked about it before we didn't really see it a couple of times oh no no meter ah no meter to pop it up his uh his super on this stage at least traditionally just like that you see the way that the disc bumped yeah it gets so funky at the bumpers yeah it might as well you might as well do a hammer throw because biaji's hitbox was just big enough to where he couldn't have gotten past with that positioning slick five there coming out and another quick three suddenly 15-0 that suddenly happened warp whistle that's the thing is warp whistle just came out of the game very warmed up very very in tune club soda coming in you had to chill for a little bit yeah she bounced off the corner yeah that was interesting oh great lob there to reset by warp whistle oh wait open the meter to pop it oh club soda opted wanted to use that bianji super and again it's just not not functioning the same way that it really did when jammers won yeah yeah there there's a whole lot of upward bounces this time dashes through the crosshair to get a better position in the throw see where this comes yeah right there it just does bad positioning that just slapping head on with the bumper pops in the air super shots returns though wow he didn't actually the super didn't come out for that all right i guess it didn't charge quite enough hey you have to get that disc popped up in the air just like that and that reticle that's how you get underneath it you charge your charge your shots charge your specials some players electing to actually not dash immediately under the reticle and get a super shot which is that faster guest throw oh no meter to pop up the slam he has meter now war puzzle just struck his shoulders yeah yeah all right it is what it is oh wow that was a sick bounce we have a five-point deficit with the eight seconds remaining oh yeah he let it drop on purpose to let the timer go very smart i think a lot of newer players will be like why would you ever want to score for yourself on yourself why would you ever want to allow those points exactly that was a 15 point deficit there was nothing you could do or a five point deficit pop the disc up in the air dashed away from it let it land i mean we're talking three seconds four seconds yeah even the uh the rounds are 90 seconds there's it would be a club sort of victory [Music] uh sorry whistle victory sorry i uh got the sides all mixed up because i'm bad it's all good no you're good for us on stream it was club soda sitting closer and again like i said similar hairstyles yeah yeah we're getting hit by the hair mix up here you know some people over the pandemic like me gain 20 pounds other people gain 20 inches on their hair yeah club soda all right we're going here to tile i actually i like this pick yeah this is a good pick all right definitely this is one of my favorite stages for windjammers one same actually yeah using those super shots just look at attacking all corners oh with the quickest and it ended up being a five just snuck around and by bouncing off the north wall in the middle yeah using those fives having twice as many opportunities to score a five is whoa way worse wow but it's warp whistle taking the opportunity here there are some characters whose super customs like really benefit having these corners like uh steve miller comes to mind immediately oh wait i gotta take a time out there was that well the disc was on warp whistle side of this field did club sort of use the meter to pop it up yes you can do that you can absolutely do that that makes it their problem to catch it interesting i don't know that i've never seen that before oh it is tactically niche but if they're not ready for it it's valuable ten seconds left oh that's a great hammer throw to the south five club soda had a couple of uh missed opportunities they're out of position how to actually dash backwards in order to get the disc oh but a quick five beautiful curve yeah again windjammers hey that was a great activation down the south wall but he was ready for it look at all both of these players oh oh there we go slides through would you ever say in a game you can honestly you can take it as uh competitive as you want it to be and again a lot of these players practice their inputs practice those curves just like they do their positioning and uh their trajectories are very very finely home nice and sometimes just throwing it straight is enough of a mix-up did you do this oh that's right oh my god he waited so long that is a good strategy though anytime you see the disc in the air walking first and then dashing is always the smart option absolutely you don't want to like instantly dash because like you might end up with an accidental missed input yes oh another five coming out for warp whistle there might be wreath thinking options here decided to go up top club is being too predictable with his activations at the wall he was absolutely ready for it oh but the zigzag the orthogonal zigzag right around to the five the uh the ui takes inputs frame one it can mess with you sometimes all right and go in the ring very very similar to that it's long tiled with four drops so like each each player will be able to benefit from more from more time to react in most situations yep and we saw it just like that that's four points for a missed drop there normally two on other stages where you to the benefit of warp whistle just slaying right now right it will sneak around just getting points in however they can warp whistle charge oh but the jump great use of the super custom the potential read there club soda thought that it could have been the lob super opted to jump in the air but it was not oh and a slap shot attempt there but again was out of position yeah the slap shots are much more stringent on your on your positioning but what you get for it is like an incredible timing change oh and again just too close to the net club soda was out of position just great angles coming out from warp whistle club soda here about to earn a third place medal oh wow that's gross that snuck around so fast i might need some pepto-bisball just sorry oh and again yeah okay yeah he's being too predictable with it on the wall know you're gonna ride the rails i'm gonna i just have so much time to get in front of it indeed with with wessel's incredible dashes from from the opposite end of the stage too should both players jump and crash through that no they're okay quick five club soda still in wonky dash it happens oh slap there we go he landed there any okay he activated it there before the dash again sometimes your fingers you know you hover the button that you want to push and sometimes instead of reacting properly you push that button yeah yeah yeah really too long thought about it just walking simple walking here coming out of club soda not overdashing not overcompensating 14 10. yeah he's uh keeping alive yeah great return though oh i thought that was gonna go in i was sure that was gonna i i didn't block that i'm telling you that right now opting for the meter get down there down there oh a three if it was a five 22 seconds any score will do it needs a point jump 15 seconds warp whistle may just stall it out here he may hold up so does positioning with the slap love slap he jumps him he's in the air oh my god that long slide oh the slam meter 18-13 confirmed the win [Applause] yeah yep yep yep yep a little communication with the stream admins big thanks to vampire arcadia for running the show for us doing an amazing job speaking of communication you see frankie over here putting putting some notes in oh boy we're gonna have a real nice announcement coming up soon a little conversation here i don't think this is actually this coaching this is frankie it's not it's not coaching it's it's frankie getting ready to run a show as he does well putting on a show for well ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen 104 competitors has all come down to this our final two so introducing first for your grand finals three out of five for 50 if i know if well the lion's share of the one thousand dollar free pop bonus three out of five grand finals with a possible reset introducing first from cleveland ohio weighing in at 200 stone he has never been seen in the same place as matt cardona whistle and his opponent fighting out of the winner's side of the bracket weighing in at say it with me [Music] he wrote a tutorial that is now pinned in the discord he is banned from well indeed i will i concur tom brady does owe him money we have cow towel anything you two want to say to each other before you cannibalize each other for my enjoyment disc man bubble shoot give us our spectator mode dot emu please he said please dot emu he said please he said please let's get it on baby who wants spectator mode hey we love you daddy moo thank you big shout out once again please the please is from me too it is a please from me as well daddy who once again supporting us here supporting the windjammers community a long history here actually at foster foster things windjammers won for many years we actually had keith fly over from france for that first year debut thousand dollar free to enter winter two tournament here we are and now we have there's incredible gesture from them we have countdown robinson coming from the winner's side wrote his own tutorial for this game this is a good tutorial it's a really good tutorial from the discord in which it has been very much been an advocate again no negativity as far as the gameplay yeah the game's game's so fun just asking for another feature again we just we just want to use it to run online tournaments.imu also lived through a pandemic yesterday no not everybody was able to work in the office we got this beautiful game it can only get better from here yes and speaking better from here countdown robinson taking this early lead yeah from the winner's side it got that nine to six it with 35 seconds remaining this will be a three out of five set yes indeed warf whistle looking he's gonna have to reset the bracket but not when situations like that come up caltel robinson doubling the score six to 12. oh just right runs right at the destin yeah the net in order to send it back good at talking today i think it's interesting uh war whistle was pretty much stuck with this man this entire tournament yes he has what most people thought was a meme yeah he and minnie mom both have been um advocates for disc man well warp whistle has i've yeah war bristle picked uh vessel i think no it was biagi i think ah sorry my brain's a little scrambled but he did go off of this man that's that's the sign of a championship player is that they actually play all the characters yeah that was one of the things and when jammers won i only played biagi yeah only played yes we saw neither of them in this topic no darn shame having knowledge of all the characters having knowledge of their supers how to react maybe their curves and their slides very very important here but again being a character specialist there's nothing wrong with that nothing wrong dwarf whistle trying to prove here this man ain't nothing to laugh at no dick you have to take this guy seriously even though he looks so goofy all the time oh three though the return it's not over yet good bubble no gets the live returns right in the ring oh my gosh i think i think warp has realized that kowtow is figured out bubble shoot it might be yes here we go he's hovering over vessel all right looking at wessel we have not seen we have not seen the american representative this entire top eight okay the crowd is chanting g scott weekend right as he hovered as he moved his cursor at character select over to g scott i saw minniemolly on the crowd yeah he just shook yes on approval yes yes uh gary scott was minnie maul's uh former maine for win for win chambers one well also being comrades and attempting to support discman he's like i'm not gonna i'm not gonna fret on you yeah absolutely you took this man as far as you could if you think g scott's the way to end it out you're more than welcome too gets that three again sometimes playing the net playing super aggressive especially with the bumpers this close you could really throw your opponent off oh jumps and grabs the disc and lands with it any time i see them thread the needle through the bumpers i'm always impressed i get jealous oh [Music] tricky tricky tricky custom super coming there and uh gary scott's curves are pretty weak it started the curve right at the end there yes just enough just enough curve to get around those bumpers see the super oh knocked up in the air though time becoming a factor eight to nine under 30 seconds toss out coming here now it's 11 to 9 with 20 seconds warp whistles advantage oh my gosh i was going to say he has the meter any score will do it now and now only thing that kowtow can do now is tie it oh is he too far oh he's too far he's too far oh and now he's going into the next set with a meter disadvantage i like that g scott animation i like that they're very smugness after he wins not enough curve there ends up bouncing it there whoa his g-stop scooper is is very predictable but again when you throw in the additional bumpers right it comes at you fast just enough beautiful thread of the needle through the bumpers diagonally gets the three i'm just gonna throw it right into your hand he did not react quite in time to like threw it underneath gary but i mean but he could have super shock coming out their return though oh wow oh wow countdown was just way out of position he was right there but he was just facing the wrong direction yeah yeah he he wanted to be a few more pixels down i think in order to catch it wow that was oh my god the cojones on countdown robinson playing that close to the bumper oh my god he picked it up great response he picked it up and just slammed it right down into the south corner that was sick that was that opening that opening throw there from warp whistle totally threw off that's that's a game up for work whistle bumper world order see here the gary scott pick worked for him so where will kowtow take it where are we going rooftop rooftop now we have side bumpers instead of center bumpers we're just gonna space those bumpers out a little bit and we also have corner fives oh my gosh there's just throwing immediately warp whistle just throwing right into the bumper oh and just like yeah just a little short pattern optimizing the bumper a little bit a subtle curve in order to get a really sharp bounce some really really fast scores now yeah cow towel there we go okay all right opting getting a lot more bumper play let's see how you get the disc around these big boxes it didn't interact with the bumpers at all wow i'm surprised he picked up that disc just the timing on these guys to be able to charge in like that oh i think he thought that the bumper was going to send it somewhere else five times oh man that five this is so disheartening return five of his own we got a real game sixteen suddenly counts i won it with like two fives in a hurry when you're in that position i i feel so i feel my heart goes out to warp whistle when you're leading a series like that when you're leading it yeah and it's just literally three quick scores right out from under the rug right out from under you turns you completely on your head superhero custom super there option coming out from work whistle cows out playing very he's not moving a lot if you notice he had to get that disc but he hasn't had to move a lot yes that's one of the advantages of gary scott he can kind of camp in the middle and then react with his movement oh my god i don't know how he cut that's gary scott those big beefy muffles enough not to get knocked 48 seconds all right pops it up where are we going here oh oh an interesting curl that hit the corner of the bumper and ended up on the other side of the net it spun back yeah it spun back and got knocked up in the air oh i like the slap shot from the fall great timing mix-up but he was ready for it it's incredible defensive game oh the toss oh didn't didn't need the meter was he had it if he needed it but he didn't and then we'll see if council he's just reserving his meter here 15 seconds left needs up needs a five there it is there's the five he needed but it's in nine seconds what's he gonna do oh he had just enough time to dash back i didn't think he was gonna catch that one cow towel what are you gonna do slam it down no meter confirms confirms the round win going into this final set of this game here match just heating up again this is three out of five grand finals dwarf whistle fighting first tournament alive he wants oh my goodness the quarterbacks that is an angle that super is normally absolutely incapable of doing but the bumper made it happen it's hard to get reads it's really hard to get reads when stuff like that happens custom super bouncing but not enough but there's diagonally that will land she's got support he made he made a war bristle made of reed and he just happened to be wrong [Music] wow that was oh my god the thing is super sonic slap shot that was so good but he had the right response guys way too far away burn the meter swarf whistle going up 2-1 here this reset might be about to happen reset might happen see cow towel taking a moment oh we're going to breathe it in a little bit where are we going he's got to stay he's got to say wessel right yeah yeah of course i don't i don't know that cattail has anybody else he's comfortable with yeah hovering yeah i know he only plays heavies looking at lawn actually having a conversation because of dave's stupid rule yes they don't want to go back to a stage that they had previously uh had one on yeah opting here gonna go to stadium instead all right here warp whistle one game away from the bracket reset and another opportunity to put one of those shiny shiny first place metals around his back if he can make this reset and then win three more how tall though beautiful i was gonna say to not let the game get ahead of you do not let it get super fast take that momentum and slow it down reset your bearings oh but not enough extreme corner there the distance was too great oh my god that stall jumped he jumped and he held and then he threw it down oh my goodness he responded in kind notice there we mentioned it before if anybody that might be new look at the right hand side of the screen that red goal is bigger for robinson it is growing each time there's consecutive scores oh and there it yep takes advantage of that wider five just then better opportunity to get a five it'll reset back to its normal size 30 seconds left here oh god gets mixed by the square sine wave that five that's the tiniest five it could be on this stage that's the absolute tiniest laser focus he slammed it in the level 11 11 at 14 seconds no score yet tao has to know where possible doesn't have meter right now do the jump pop it up here it is and he puts it in order to take a round at the last moment oh my gosh count out like i said taking this opportunity he's kind of on the back foot he needs to he needs to win this game in order to not get the bracket reset nice beautiful there we go using the full length of the stage knowing that he has a better dash knowing that jerry scott is a heavy character cow has planted his feet because he knows how the angles work on that super he's done the studying oh beautiful we talked about that before walk to where the disk is then dash yes had that positioning absolutely blue but warp whistle slowing down a little bit but just get that three and look at that five left hand side of your screen it's getting bigger yes indeed it's one step away from its biggest size oh really low i love that curve oh he did it to the top too what's the mix curl nice good response good response beautiful reads here from cow towel full warbuzz was changing it up he really is we're most of anything you do using the lob super look at the curve even the curves coming out there's a three that five is now the biggest it can be on this stage still not gonna be enough though yeah this might be it's going to be tough i think he may just go for the curl it's weird they're not they're not willing to just stall it out there are a lot of ways you can stall it out they're not willing to do it gentlemen of these grand finals and now it's 15. the the the score was confirmed yeah look at wordpress was like yeah uh-huh you know it's oh we go right into it and up note this the goal size carried over into the next round so that is an advantage that cow town does have oh my gosh that was uh right into that tiny five how did war muscle catch that disc and then how did he score that five this with incredible positioning that's how custom super warp whistle it's interesting warp whistle weeds oh there we go he put it right in the center and he didn't need to you put it there anyways warp whistle we had seen him previously before trying to play aggressively towards the net but look he is super defense mode right now he is playing aggressively from the back of the court sliding staying on that t line again positioning not wanting to get caught out up and down back and forth police and there we go just enough right into three and now he's got the bigger five is just playing more of a reactionary game right now he took advantage of the fact that he was up there and he couldn't get down there oh the positioning was wrong to respond to that properly great recognition on warp whistles part and countdown robertson just a little too close to the net for that one the countdown suddenly become very aggressive yes 14 to 5 10 seconds left in the aggression the aggression didn't the reset has happened we have a reset bracket reset here we go that means it is one more set we have this the size of the audience has tripled in here yeah look at oh my goodness i kind of wish we could uh look at the crowd right now and get a look at how many people have come through to to watch the end of windjammers here so i believe that dave's stupid rule also gets reset like the list of stages that we've been on completely clean slate for that correct so here we are the grand finals reset he got the disc man he's back the disc band he really wants to make it happen with this man this being the first match of this set they went to random stage we're here on rooftop we've got bumpers and again warped and four drops yes warfizzle went back to this band yeah i kind of like it honestly all right oh dick can reach it hey interesting jumping forward was not enough to get the disc that was very close to a five three will takes though six to zero here warp whistle is looking to keep that momentum whoa countdown knew exactly we figured out bubble shoot customs oh in the disc pop up there in time to catch the disc though look at super shot after super shot okay we're both supersonics here slow it down that meter advantage oh the accident in the wonky dash 12 players would meet her oh my that's okay we'll make up for it and just like that you fight fight for your life and have super tough volleys and then you literally score here to show his worth using the walls a lot here more vertical more southern oh wow with the way the bounce from the bumper at the north end get ready that was i can't even speak because of how it's my brain is trying to wrap around yeah how that disc worked but again like we talked about bumpers are not random they're not they are deterministic but it can be hard to figure out in the heat of the moment yes a lot of players at the start they'll practice they'll practice their curves to know exactly how it'll bounce off the bumper but then once you're in the heat of the match and you're heating the heat of the volley that disc just goes all over the place yeah all right let's get the return here to the castle oh went completely around that bumper no interaction there i appreciate him going for the five i think that was a good call but at the same time kowtow was ready for it pads out fighting back here he's got the meter advantage he's got the points advantage yes see if he can hold on to this lead here this is a slow oh orthagonal the diagonal i don't think you meant to do that all right yep all right hold we're gonna hold 34 seconds there's a five that's most of the ground regained that's how motion to the screen he literally was like what was that but i think he knows slam nah he's ready for it you know what he needs a five to even it up we're he's playing more on the back foot right now yeah if warp catches a five right now then he will win at times he'll win the he'll win the game at times yeah i know if you use that custom super to go towards the top nah i'm gonna delete that mix up now oh hammer wins on time and we are off to the final round of this game we're getting a lot of chances yes to see windjimmer's two here again grand final reset tied on rounds great catch it looked like it wasn't going to be a drop but it was one of those things where he stood near the reticle and then dashed through it right at where it would have caught in order to change his position got that three but it says heartening it was so close to that five yeah was almost able to tie it up oh my god i can't believe he caught that he was so in the nets he was so far back and that should have he must have been uh facing forward what the heck wait hold on goodness bubble super thrown cow towel returns the bubble super i couldn't see the sage yeah actually it was covered in bubbles i didn't know where the disc was because like there is a thing you can do in order to tell where it's going to go but like it disappeared because there was bubbles everywhere that was so sick the reaction there from cow towel warfare jumped up in the air i topped him to flop the disc and he just crouched down and used the bumper to get it out kowtow was game one tower again coming from your winner's final now that warp has gone to g scott i'll tell you all with the security look look at the crowd here i'll tell you look at this crowd i will tell you all what the secret is now that he's gone to g scott watch the clear bubbles the clear bubbles how you know where it's going interesting i don't even remember seeing clear bubbles yeah it could be hard to tell five points five points tens geez it's only it was just barely 10 seconds 13 gary scott dominance that's a rough start yeah that's an i mean anything anything you could do any footwork you get towards climbing that mountain yeah just start climbing you just gotta start climbing it three points oh my god 16 to three after like what 30 seconds that was the i think that may have been the fastest set we've seen all day yeah i think i agree and in a grand finals reset that's nuts that is nuts oh bumper interrupts wait what oh my gosh what i can't believe you have time to do that three points that's insane i could have swore the animation for the points was about to come off yeah i i was sure and now cows are kind of on the opposite side getting some quick scores here you know i wonder if catholic waited that long on purpose in order to get some sort of psychological damage oh yeah wow what the heck how did he get down there it was a strong dash look immediately at the start of that this set he charges forward counts out robinson playing the net playing aggressively oh that's super sonic coming six to six 40 seconds one round advantage facing backwards you get hit with the disc you're going to get knocked down you got to reset i kind of i kind of missed the old ouch voice clip ouch 14 to 6 24 seconds again this is warm whistle stage pick it is very close to making this a 1-1 15 seconds left oh three and there it is it is now 1-1 after two convincing rounds i respect cal tal robinson taking a moment here oh for sure that was such a fast game it was i have to react there look at that crowd shout out to the crowd oh they're so happy to be here shout outs to all 100 plus players who are showing up playing windjammers too here at frosty frostings and now we're on junkyard with the best song in the game oh did they not mean to do that i think they're gonna possibly reset yeah they're gonna they're gonna restart the game here and i think there's the matter here is you know these playstations all of these consoles have been on for a very long time oh yeah there's a little audio delay that was happening i noticed that actually yeah yes i noticed that so again take the opportunity here shout out you can see them on your screen there dot emu for supporting not only frosty frostings 2022 but also the windjammers community and speaking of the community oh my gosh one of our favorite staff members dog dog dog the crowd is chanting anyone and everyone is welcome from the windjammers community such a great game anybody can learn to play easy to play hard to master the perfect bottoms that's mishi nautilus is service dog she is such a good girl has a whole thread on me she on his twitter so uh check that out yeah shout out to nautilus as well not only running the windjammers one but also windjammer's two bracket you're gonna want to hit nautilus up on twitter um me uh double check what that is for you all nautilus repertoist but it's at nautilus rep so chuck check him out on his twitter and learn all about mishi counting here doing something some quick uh yeah i was like i've played so many games where am i at right like i like i'm i'm so ready for lunch i'm gonna go get me a turkey burger from harry cares as soon as this is over he's gonna be able to do that with whether he gets first place or second place money here that's right thousand big money hefty hefty thousand dollars again provided by don emu the publisher of windjammers do five points five points morph whistle just like that it's gonna try and carry the momentum and again we are at the uh song with the or the the song with the best stage in the game yes that's the way i said it's interesting here so so with the interaction here of g scott supers as far as bouncing off these bumpers here in junkyard i think this might actually favor cow towel am i wrong i don't know maybe potentially uh if if we have another interaction where the angle dramatically changed like uh like happened before that might work out for gary scott's favor but it's hard to say it could end up being a thing of where it just hits a corner straight on and just bounces straight up and then you lose the benefit yeah we've seen it we've seen it once already in one of these earlier volleys here oh beautiful that curve coming off of again those bumpers move those bumpers slide here yes i love the way they're using them closer to the stage a little bit farther away what the heck was that oh my gosh okay i like that he did use the uh super to try and respond it was just a little too late just a little too late there and actually ward whistle used the wall to bounce into the top bumper which then bumped into the bottom bumper which then actually created a straight shot yeah instead of actually curving that's wild yeah you should absolutely use your meters you know you're not gonna make it in time just threw that disc on top of the bumper all right i like that he jumped and held it instead of trying to slam it at the ground he just landed and threw it straight yeah that's the mix that's the jump oh great snuck into the corner of the five oh i like cow town robinson opting not to use his meter there was able to just dash up and and react to that super now with the meter advantage how is kazakh gonna react eight to three 52 seconds yeah good expenditure yeah great slam that's four points those are points the gap has closed considerably really having those four point drops making the big difference here again from an actual play mechanic standpoint that's something you could utilize yeah absolutely not only could you want to pick a sage because you might favor it might have character advantage or you know you like the song best yeah you're like get hype listen to the that junkyard goofy funky funky bumpy but that's what they do that is indeed what they do oh slide hey that's why war bristle is repping the bumper world order absolutely one of many different groups and organizations here in the witcher community 11 to 10 five seconds it's not gonna be enough time we're just gonna go ahead and toss it in order to confirm it i don't even wanna give you the opportunity it is two to one it is the tournament game for warp whistle [Applause] windjammers won windjammers one champion is he about to also be the windjammers 2 champion is he about to prove that legacy skill can carry over in a big way in a bigger way than we all thought yeah because honestly when you when you play windjammers 2 knowing windjammers won it feels like riding the same bike you've ridden ever since childhood except now you've got a jet pack on it yes yeah that's a great way to put it absolutely they're gonna restart there again you could see the the audio was a little off there there's one they're reciting it again everything's on point there so also an opportunity here yeah they're i think they're going to close application i think just give it a restart there counts out robinson able to take the chance here he's even helping instruct wharf whistle he's like this is how you reset the game it's the start button and then you go to close application such a great figurehead of the windjammers community again not only can you learn how to restart the application from him but you could also learn from his amazing tutorial check him out on twitter how to play windjammer's tube the uh the little tech things you want to know about the official unofficial script tutorial yeah it's not in the game yet but it's pinned on the discord there you go and if you guys haven't joined the discord dude that he is banned from that he has banned from g scott d k wessel lawn online warp whistle at tournament game five immediate five i don't know how that didn't get caught it looked like kowtow went through it um it looked like it but like i can tell that it was a weird hitbox in iraq interaction there when uh you know when when you start a game immediately and you get a five sport on you ladies and gentlemen if you have any children at home go ahead and cover their ears i'm gonna use a little profanity that sucks [Laughter] oh what the heck and now we're robinson i like how the stream admin gave you a funny look i was reprimanded i will no longer say the redacted word great slap shot but he was ready for it i want to see more slap shots i don't want to see the uh b slap shots too but slap it right over the net yeah cows out here really trying to use all the tools in the box here yes we're talking on the t line just sliding you know there's there's a concept in fighting games called the mental stack if you start using more mechanics and give him more things to think about that makes it more difficult for him to react so that that's something you want to start doing for sure that is a good bit of adaptation oh my gosh caltel robinson tied it up five to five and then warp whistle that quick three all right super good activations jump right down to the south corner he could not have gotten there in time he didn't reset he was out of position yeah he was just kind of hanging out there in the north side and it's 8 8 [Music] so now warp whistle on tournament point yeah if warp whistle so kowtow is on survival round and warp whistle is on tournament round dwarf whistle oh look he hasn't he's facing his back again to him yeah could be a tactical thing i don't want to bother with uh pressing the button to get a toss oh my gosh this volley already worth 40 seconds into this match there we go the first first score warbles [Music] i have been seeing warp consistently use it and we didn't think it would be meta but like he's proving us wrong counts out you need a five cow town needs a five in order to get this comeback started desperately i mean anything would be great at this point look at that crashing the dead oh no no drop we're not letting that happen there's a three this come back it's starting for 30 seconds we will do let's get another score here three or four if he gets it now if he gets a three here and the time runs out they will both be at two you know what happens when that happens sudden death but i don't think that's gonna happen because it's nine to three he's not he didn't make it there's a two ten seconds ten seconds i think this might be it five four three two a slap shot i'm not gonna let you have it for free but it's two to one in warp whistle is the champion of both windjammers one and two just an absolutely dominant performance an incredible performance at frosty fastings windjammers one tournament with over 40 players windjammers two with over a hundred 104. but only one player is going to be walking away with both first place medals and that's going to be warp whistle yeah there we go yes love to hear the pop off we get the pop off high five from the to high five from the competitors high five from the bracket runner and let's take a look at the crowd who ca who stuck around to enjoy it yes we're getting yes yes yes yes yes [Laughter] celebrate oh god jeff vader gonna pick him up yeah i wasn't telling i could have thought that was a celebratory movie how dare you knock me out of top eight i'm going to body slam you now believe it or not i'm walking on air windjammers community hanging out here we appreciate all of you hey but next up next up is gonna be samurai showdown so if you if you uh if you like samurais that showdown you should stick around for that are you here i hear it's the ultimate showdown oh that's a throwback to the early internet yeah let's go ahead and we'll take the moment here we're you know everybody the adrenaline's pumping everybody's super excited but again the reason we're here we want to give a big shout out to our sponsors gaby generations yes providing equipment for esports events and more visit the site for a customized quote on event and support for anything that you were looking to do in the future they're also giving away a combat drone fight stick just follow gaminggenerations and frostyfrostings on twitter retweet the giveaway tweet with hashtag ffxiv2022 for your chance to enter the king of fighters 15 by snk shatter all expectations the release date is february 17th 2022. it has rollback netcode for the great quality of life for online competition 40 characters on release with more on the way you know what else is probably gonna have four characters on release what's that the grand opening hold on samurai showdown it's a fun game which is coming up next for top eight it actually overrode us here could take a chance this game classic arcade game brilliantly renovated rollback netcode it's so much more and now we have arc revo america 2021 finals uh powered by esports engine the event we we we got a little mix up here it's okay we're rolling with the punches there event begins march 19th 2022 at 11 a.m pacific standard time including world premiere trailers and announcements watch it on slash ark system works you if you happen to live in the greater chicago area and you're local here at frosty frosties the fun doesn't have the end because you could go to belong arenas the official super saturday launch event at woodfield schaumburg on february 5th featuring street fighter 5 tekken 7 guilty gears drive blaze blue contingent force and super smash brothers ultimate skull girl second encore with the very first season pass celebrating 10 years of skull girls uh so four characters we got any of the stars she premiered first in the mobile version and came the console we have umbrella we have black black dahlia recently announced i actually didn't know about that best in class ggpo netcode and uh yeah shout out to arxis and the community for developing blazing strike retro pixel art 2d fighting game with mechanics both modern and reminiscent of the 90s like the traditional input commands and parries of fighting games from the past including ggbo rollback netcode available on playstation 4. playstation 5 nintendo switch steam and coming to you shortly in 2022. hey are you a fan of adorable quadrupeds i am well as a matter of fact we have them's fighting herds by main six a 2d fighting game available now on steam the former indie dev team main six was recently acquired by publisher modis games and lots of new content is on the way including the first of the dlc a pirate goat named shanti and if you're not a fan of cute cuddly cuddly animals we have power rangers battle for the grid teenagers with attitude the first fighting game with cross play across all four consoles and pc matchmaking made easy on playstation 4 nintendo switch xbox one stadia and pc and they they recently added reader apostle with the original voice actor she sounds great game from in way games supported for a very long time very very big staple of the fighting game community love to see it speaking of staples speaking of staples fgc's favorite mom-and-pop arcade shop paradise arcade supporting the fgc at live events for over a decade be sure to check out their new empress hitbox stickless controller and crown silent buttons so you don't give away what you're doing by mashing and after you've customized your stick and you got it as a piece of artwork and you love everything you got about it you can give a try fantasy strike from sterling games free to play i can't emphasize that enough free to play on steam nintendo switch ps4 full cross play across all the systems roll back netcode easy to learn difficult to master give it a try today and lastly last but not least not remotely leased frosty foul stinks 15 is coming back to the westin right here in lombard illinois it is the best venue we've ever had we've had a wonderful time here uh january 27th and 28th and 2013. and uh let's kick it over to a video [Music] god and again that's the reason we're here yes the reason we're here i had such a wonderful time with you mohawk mike watching and commentating absolutely love you for jumping in and helping with commentary it's my honor it's such an honor love the whole community for showing up again thanks for everybody for competing what a phenomenal day and thanks to vampire arcadia for running the stream had to wear had to wear my cute morgan shirt to rep them windjammers oh geez from the southern ohio yes indeed cincinnati where arcade legacy is absolutely so once again if you guys enjoyed anything that you saw or maybe you're just curious windjammers2 available now across many many many platforms check it out today we very much greatly it's a wonderful time it's free on game pass and you get to play with the steam community and the xbox community in ranked matchmaking absolutely with all of that being said tiz i want any last thoughts before we sign off here my last thoughts are that you're awesome i'm not awesome we are awesome we as a collective you know what i agree we absolutely agree one full quantity awesome thank you all so much very very very much for checking out windjammers2 thank you very much stay tuned for samurai showdown we'll see you laterWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 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  1. I got knocked out in the first round but that was the first time I had ever heard of this game! I had a blast and I’ve been practicing ever since. Many thanks to MegaphoneFranke for teaching me how to play (he’s the main commentator in the video)

  2. Does the windjammers 1 competitive scene accept this sequel!? I’m curious. I’m still waiting for my physical copy of windjammers 2. I can see the new mechanics might piss off the old school players like myself. I hope it’s good!!


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