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    Games You Missed: Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Majora's Mask with Jiggle Physics?

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    Originally planned as a full review, I felt that Nights of Azure 2 is better featured as part of Games You Missed... because it certainly was easy to miss...
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    Nights of Azure 2 is better than I make it seem, the problem is that all the good things about it are really just solid, talking about perfectly average stuff isn't that entertaining.
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    You should definitely play Nights of Azure 2... but probably on PS4 or PC, that damn button mapping on the Switch was killing my soul.
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    Comment (35)

    1. I will have to try this on ps4 some day when I have nothing to play(will that day ever come JRPGs are rocking it right now) honestly maybe they were lazy about the button layout because in Japan the button to confirm is always circle on Sony and B on Nintendo systems. Always backwards to us but man that sounds damn confusing

    2. I missed it due to the first one being a bit boring on story and characters. Gameplay was meh okay. Also the graphics are only an increase a little over the original. They really need to work on improving their new ips versus there existing ips

    3. Im kind of sort of interested in nights of azure but i like my turn based combat more then action based. Don't get me wrong i love the tales of games as well but the story of these types of games needs to keep my attention.

    4. 4:41 this alone makes me want to buy the game LOL…. but 1 question here: is the time limitation really crucial in this game? Since the only Zelda I didn't (and will never) play is Majora's Mask. 🙁

    5. Well I missed it because I want a good sale. I'm still working on the first one I got last Christmas. The grind can be a bit annoying at times. Least I finally got Blue Reflection on sale today.$15.99!

    6. It's been some time since this video came out. Have the button issues with the Switch's version been patched at all or are they still confusing? It's not a deal-breaker, but that does sound frustrating.

    7. My brother unexpectedly bought me this game (for Switch) a couple of days ago. Enjoying it a fair bit, but the button mapping… it's a constant battle against muscle memory.

    8. I pre ordered this game since I liked the box art, and was not disappointed. I'm happy to hear that you recommend it because it's definitely a game worth playing.
      I will say that I liked the sound track lot while playing the game, but never really thought about it when I put it down, so like you said fairly forgettable. Aside from one song that is. There is the song they play between chapters that every time I heard it I thought "man I wish I heard more if this, they only give me, like, 10 seconds of it"
      Then it was the final boss theme and it made my day. I still listen to that song occasionally. That song is called Lucia for anyone who wants to check it out

    9. the only problem I have with the Nintendo switch is that Nintendo tax of 20 something dollars extra when you can find the game $20 cheaper somewhere else.

    10. Honestly, I felt the soundtrack was fantastic
      Lucia was a 10/10 track and kept me coming back to the game for it's being played between levels
      Then it was played during a few boss fights. Those were my favorite moments of the game
      And the story was pretty alright too


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