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SearchThisVideo: Get Even – Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay (No Commentary)

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finally Here I am obliged to make clear

that although set to read only we will

be recording as is our legal right

however anything you do witness will not

be either admissible or provable in a

court of law

hang on I'm still not sure if this is

right I need a decision now we're

against the clock any longer and reverse

the cellular breakdown okay I'm ready

to do

I better keep quiet


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horses must be won't throw up

what what's the part where the [ __ ] is

Mike she's probably on his phone [ __ ]

you typical find it alright

who's that take him out away from me

stay away eh it's okay I'm a friend


I heard the code is 3:01


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my head there was a bomb a girl I don't

remember this place

what the [ __ ] is going on right okay

looks like I'm going to building be

[ __ ] am I alone in here now it's Donald

readings in the area just me then [ __ ]

sake come on




building circuitry unstable reset with

breaker or fuse box those wires are

probably wool other choice them button

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this is me what's going on hello anyone

there hey

ah mr. black please

apologize for the theatrics it's all

part of the treatment treatment this

will be far more straightforward if you

just keep breathing that's it


well that's look hello

that's it mr. black relax breathe you're

back with us

minor confusion is expected would well

you what the hell is this thing of my

eight hey your current confusion is a

byproduct of your treatment all very

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unfortunate but I assure you you are in

safe hands

if it helps you focus you may call me

red you

you got me there was something before

another place that's why you're here mr.

black wait wait a good Michael

considerate security mr. Beck

how can I trust you when you knock me

out and put this thing on my eggs to

explain to me explosion leaving two

questions that you came to us to answer

why were you there and who was the girl

I know why I was there to save the girl

then we are making progress please

proceed proceed with what hello

hey hey friend over here you gonna help

how did you get up you can't leave me


just hang on what's going on here

where are we please you've got to help

me the switch there there opens this

door you have to help me


come on you have to help me very good

mr. black he must be as efficient as





although your memory has been affected

your twitch response remains intact pure

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muscle memory fascinating what is this

place is filled with Runaways criminals

ex-military who the [ __ ] am I and why

the [ __ ] am i armed I understand your

curiosity but there will be time for

questions later mr. black please proceed

slow down mister back neither of us are

going anywhere and I've not quite

prepared for our first little trip it'll

take time for the Pandora unit or video

memories have no rush enjoy your stay

here we want you to relax

is reacting keep your eyes locked in

focused patience mr. black are very good

just relax and allow that image to take

you back there you may feel a little

disorientated at first that you will be

perfectly safe building in the photo is

the headquarters for advanced defense

strategy ad yes they are

or should I say were the UK's leading

weapons manufacturer they were

developing a weapon known as the corner

gun which apparently you remember

of the [ __ ] just happened is this wheel

the answer is slightly more complex than

the question and afraid mr. black it's

real enough for now just relax and

explore k steal the prototype the corner

gun highly likely we believe someone

hired you since Moses says Roberts

probably a robber to Ramsey work for a

rival company FDG company hardly to

steal from another don't worry about

piecing it all together mr. black just

relax and relax and explore yeah I got


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focus mr. black they're traveling in

circles and time is limited

silikal mrs. Salinas that is the nature

of memory the scanner you carry has been

designed to stimulate your frontal

cortex in some situations it may help

certain details become clearer try it

Missy focuser

we programmed in a simulated projection

of your real-life scanner it will help

you make sense of any inconsistencies in

your synaptic recon your memories

an opportunity to engage your mind at


now just shoot your way out of the

property those pipes will burn if you

get too close I thought this was just a

memory it is but your brain will give

you this incision of being but what

affects the mind affects the body





see you're more than capable of figuring

it all out what's going on something

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

feels yes you appears to be experiencing

a slight temporal anomaly remembering

events in the wrong order was to whom I

tried to make sense of it

powering on


you remember how to use the weapons no


why don't you approach the firing line

kind of it will soon enough crouch and

move forward to continue




I'm back in the 80s building technically

even that mr. black




Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

I don't understand how this works

everyone seems off somehow but it feels

so real so do dreams mr. black until you

wake up that's the best way I can

explain it Pandora is still not fully

capable of simulating human behavior I

would advise against creating too much

disturbance every time you killed

someone you rewrite the memory which may








mystics not create a new one

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

above you are the research labs I

believe that's where you need to go a

warning you may come across

Roger Howard the CEO he was personally

overseeing the development of the corner

gun the man never sleeps although it's

lady you may well be around

looking at plumbing at this time annoyed



I don't remember the code to this door

how do I get through the memory of the

code is still there mr. black you just

can't quite access it explore your

surroundings the mind has funny ways of

helping us report I don't understand you

don't need to mr. black you just need to

look around


Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00



was it really you who started all this

turns out you didn't just steal the corn


you destroyed their servers arrays their

data wiped the corn again from existence

you're good at your job mr. black I'll

give you that

this Robert Ramsey mr. Baylor



there you are I'm afraid I've been

watching you since the moment you

entered the building your work is

impressive but the show is over

you have my property and I want it back

nothing personal you understand security

kill him

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00







what are you doing mr. black what do you

mean warm-up doing I'm chasing our no we

have nothing to gain by changing this

memory I'm pulling you out

don't flood that's it

stay with us mr. black I'm pulling it

out I thought this is a simulation

who's there

I could feel it the pain it's real

because your mind perceived it to be

injury sustained within the Pandora

would have the same effect on your brain

as those sustained without no stop

thinking mr. black play your mind while

I bring you out

of Christ I feel like I'm gonna throw up

a natural response it will become easier

the more we proceed

if it helps I have prepared a little

gift for you what are you talking about

outside in the corridor you see the

lines of computer code zeros please

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

approach and proceed now that again


hey where am I now this is another

memory not quite

consider this a filing cabinet mr. black

of all the evidence you gather will make

sense of it eventually any information

filed by the Pandora is accessible for

you in this room each board represents a

different memory give it a try look at a

couple of boards and see what happens

any connections or links your mind may

have made even unconsciously are

recreated visually by the Pandora I'm

rather proud of this feature you can

study the investigation further or

return to the asylum when you're ready

just use the photo in the middle of the


very good mr. black your synaptic

transitions are becoming much easier the

room you just visited will help you stay

away from conjecture and concentrate

only on the facts facts all I know is

that my name is black and apparently I

stole this corner gun precisely and an

expert job it must to adsr all but went

bankrupt after you disappeared with the

prototype but I'm sure we will learn

more as you proceed I can't forget how

worthy you are here through a choice mr.

black and if you share the same clarity

of thought as who did breaking into

eight years then that might not be for

too long



great hey why is everyone loose patients

must have their exercise mr. black now

move along




Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

Danny no way through Jesus Christ the

code for the door I need the gold



twinkle twinkle little cat how I wonder

where your searches higher turn off the

light and let it glow can you find my









Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

there's all this stuff

hey honey we pick up a shoe there

okay well bad news I'm afraid it's the

caterer canceled on us so they would

double booked for the Saturday find

someone else are you getting married to

be so much work anyway

I just wanted to say that I understand

if you don't want to adopt I'm at the

studio this afternoon call me when

you're back and I'll come straight home

we can talk then I love you just a small

reminder from your loving wife don't you

dare forget our appointment to the

clinic today 2:00 p.m. sharp see there

mister scatterbrain


my darling husband I know this won't be

their life we imagined anymore but I'll

be free to focus on my art and you well

you'll change the world that you always

dreamed you would and no matter what

happens we will always have each other

Allah knows what's the new


Hey I tried your office but couldn't get


call me if you get this I've got news

and you may want to break a few lives


having a okay

talk to me aji are you absolutely sure I

did the test three times doctors listen

I guess we proved nothing

Thank You boys

it means we're not just a couple anymore

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

we're family why should this is this how

you justify everything


what just happened what was that good

those memories they felt differently

what was that place mister back just a

quirk of the technology so there were my

memories what's going on it's none of

your concern mr. black it is irrelevant

to your treatment now let's proceed

proceed let me give you an example



your dopamine levels have spiked are you

enjoying this mr. black when the light

see right is wrong and left is right and

our side where we belong no left is

right and right is wrong it's a game

don't you see party game they want you

to let them out with your muscles your

mustn't let them out


Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

time to talk about our first lead mr.

black what do you know a question mr.

black is what do you know let's see if

you have any memory of this place focus

on the photo when you're ready


so you do remember this place

interesting please just tell me why this

is important unidentified man died at a

nearby abandoned warehouse not long

before you tried to save the girl he was

shot point-blank range and we going back

to that where that's correct yes

the police wrote the whole thing off was

a drug deal gone wrong oh that's not

what you believe I believe everything in

life is connected mr. black the only

question is how let's find out shall we


Jesus man

your hands off boney Frannie this move

wait I know this place this is where the

explosion happened is your mind is

preoccupied with the explosion mr. black

Pandora can only process what your brain

offers concentrate only on the memory at


I'm trying and try harder not to be


Aaron Ross you brought me here for me

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00


hey red what the hell is this none of

this makes any sense

you are here because you have formed a

mental link between this explosion


is trying to decode the mystery by

descending focus

those it the Pandora unit is offering

you a pathway deeper into your memory

pursue this focus on proceed remember

mr. black human memory is unreliable at

the best of times I need you to work

with my technology not against it

taking your surroundings and get as much

information as you can


please crime scene detected multiple

homicide attending officers fair

Chadwick what are we looking muffled on

the side

now I D I will warn you like fake

[ __ ] stinks in there well then I see

grooves U of I skipped breakfast come on

what the hell happened dear


Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00



identification confirmed that this

entire face there goes any dental mass

staff is a stable this is a fingerprint

start bus a professional job this many

states now ideally you can link this to

handle cases so drop daily a steady

directly that is family or one of my

attorneys lawful where would that worry

decide later get the uniforms to

baguette or I'm getting a little finish

is that new careful of that list with a

Knick offensive

right what is this you are trying to

process too much mr. back the Pandora

cannot keep up concentrate only on the

man you came here to find


mr. black right there use your scanners

identify and consolidate your cats all

of this is the rarest east there is me

thinkin we could start this ailment you

want to do it at least look me in the

[ __ ] eye sure we have a name then

just the Pater


case your joy come on she was Dora



well now how do I know this you don't

the pandora is cross-referencing your

memory with any police files in their

database this memory is breaking down

you must move on



this place again

yeah the mind is definitely throwing up

some kind of link between this Jasper

cradle and meat station

I'm surprises it's pronounced that as if

something is bothering you like for

God's sake hurry I dropped you can stop

this my readings indicate that you've

engaged with an earlier point in the

memory we still don't know why you're

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

here I was here to stop just by getting


sure careful lack you're dealing with

raw Theory pay attention to the facts

only you risk eminent corruption if you

continue this course [ __ ] you read I

know why I'm here

I believe you're missing some evidence

mr. Beck they sure you've found



yeah I definitely heard gunshots well I

heard loud bangs I guess they were

gunshots cuz the guy was shot right

anyway I was out walking Cujo my dog at

around 5:00 a.m. my wife's every sleep

off my cujo's always needing this [ __ ]

in the morning so yeah sometimes I take

him out for a walk so yeah I was walking

out pumphouse Lane and into the fields

when the shots were fired

black I've been reviewing the data your

disregard of protocol pursuit of

supposition and lack of cabinets as

Brenda this investigation useless I'm

pulling you out no right not yet I'm so



Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

and putting you out

you pulled me out like I said you began

making assumptions the pandora is

neutral black and so must you be maybe

you really were there to save Jasper but

the moment you assume that you corrupt

the simulation and cast doubt over the

memory if you continue to do so we will

not be able to proceed I don't want to

proceed oh I think you do mr. black you

wouldn't be here if you didn't want



let's fire different approach this time

black different pal I'd like to try

starting before plato was killed you

want me to try again to save jasmine I

don't want you to try anything mr. black

everything is prepared for you just

relax and explore yeah sure


excellent mr. black you're using all the

tools I have provided I appreciate the


I believe this investigation may be





so what did I do wrong last time you

just lost your wavelength that's all my

readings suggest the majority of that

memory remains unexplored focus this


assume nothing explore the memory and

fall relax and explore very good mr.

black relax and explore

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

remember this is exactly the same memory

as the last one just a little earlier on

we need a clearer understanding of

exactly what happened understood this

memory is the little temperamental mr.

black I would advise against going in

guns blazing

try not to get spotted right



very good I told you not to disturb the

memory stop shooting mr. black time is

against us

no way I imagined

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

mr. black I think that something is

wrong with this memory I guess becoming

highly unstable I will try to fix it

in the meantime I'm sending you a

picture I need you to use it to exit


I'm in that filing cabinet again aren't

I but what were these weapons mr. black

a personal armory if you will I thought

you said I shouldn't kill something

about distorting memories the more

evidence you uncover the less we risk

distortion you're saying that I need to

collect all the evidence for each board

that's up to you mr. black but if you do

the memories become more stable which

means I can reward you with a new toy

every now and then fair enough


ah it seems so stabilized proceed

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00



what the hell


still no memory of Jessa found his phone


he brought me out read there's no pain I

can think this time read did you say

that we've got a name and the place rose

and a mansion right right

are you there right


right hey were you watching who's rose

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

and where is this mansion right we still

haven't finished our investigation into

this caspere business mr. black

what do you mean have unfinished we've

got named a place

Jasper's dead we need to I will say what

we need to do black you are here at my

convenience and you wear my technology

do not [ __ ] trust me nobody crosses

me okay okay fine then what do I do

right I said what do I do well never

mind I'll just proceed shall I



he left us have behind us the public




did you enjoy the fresh air mr. blank

I'm surprised you didn't try to jump the

warden escape I want to get to the

bottom of this as much as you do if that

were true that would surprise me again

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

do I look like a [ __ ] plumber open

the door I don't know right yeah

we must have been

where the pie please nobody knows give

them a twist and the water is slow one

down but how many more would you not

think I'd open the door









Pam you're wasting time

tea time you freshwater either

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00












little black you still promise so I'll

stick to my haha to come inside you look

like you went through the mill



Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00





I've changed to four times in the last

three hours she will not stop please can

you take her I need to lie down for a


oh sure but I thought we agreed to do

this together I just need to lie down



hi mom Lenore and I were wondering if

you wanted what it's me your son

calm down mum it's fine everything's


yes that's right

are you okay

right and no no it's fine it's fine

so Lenore and I were wondering

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00




she's hungry can you bring me a bottle

of I think it's in the kitchen

got a PhD in neuroscience I think I can

manage it

anyone who says they slept like a baby

clearly never had one


oh look she's trying to talk to you

adult brains I understand but this this

is just incessant incoherent gobbling

what on earth is she doing

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00


so the doctor said that mum can't

distinguish between the past and the

present it's all jumbled together

somehow how can a person forget so much

why can't they help her remember


what I wouldn't give for one second

alone with my thoughts one goddamn



know why I wasn't in school the next she

was crying and complaining about her son

who never comes to visit you were there

every day whether she remembered or not

you were there for her

how can a person just forget I should

have helped her remember somehow should

have found a way you did everything you


she loved you very much

remember thirds at least


mom why is daddy so sad he's worried

about your grand my love he's just

worried that's all


I really don't see why you hired this

one she doesn't ever seem to know where

you are she won't put you on the phone

she's a good assistant Lenore huge

potential give her time

I'm sure your Walter just keep an eye on

her will you I don't trust her


Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

gray said you promised to help with his


oh geez who can you help her tonight

he might fine I've got this presentation

the first thing in the morning I really

feel like I'm at a verge of something


this would mean so much for us with

family you understand


when's dad coming home God knows my love

maybe we should ask rose at Kim's when

he'll be home maybe she'll even set up

an appointment for us you don't like her

I don't trust her you don't trust her

you don't trust dad

brother listen I don't care

you have grace and because of that you

have Leonor but you also have me and I'm

not going anywhere it won't be long

before great is old enough to leave home

until then that you and me and the work

for now that's all that matters

I love you


those memories they use those memories

belong to is entirely irrelevant they do

not contain the answers we're looking

for trust me now is not the time to

start thinking black nobody cares about

whatever theories you may have dreamed

up in that little brain of yours now is

the time to do as I say now is the time

to proceed fool you not to make sense of

this mansion roses text referred to I

believe she meant Berto le Hall ring any

bells should it the Pandora will let us

know either way I have left a photo out

especially focus on it and let's see

what happens

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00


deeply intriguing mr. black if you do

have some memory of this place which

means what exactly

I wouldn't want to speculate at this

point I'm sure the implications will

become clear so Who am I looking for a

rose gesture perhaps even both let's

just see what we can find out shall we

fingerprints identified Rose Atkins and

Jasper parade oh I knew they've

descended there inside man never news or

how you do it yeah I'm Justin and I'm

very pleased you can cut the flesh rooms

the parade oh I know who you are our

employers filled me in do it not be


I'm sorry no no no I get it

very professional I suppose you wanna

see the center across the audience not

the teeth oh yes yeah show me round

their first meeting that's a start

get as much information as you can mr.

black bees meticulous understood


Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

stop acting like you're in a simulation

make around



partial security ID fingerprints

identified who knows Atkins

like pick the best man for the job you

know so we know that it's done and once

you got her into the CCTV listen darling

it's a kidnap not rocket surgery have a

honest five lost Oklahoman is not suited

for me

all you need to worry your pretty little

head about is that the info you give

loss is the change you got me I assure

you my Tivo images mr. crater it's what

you're gonna do


hi Jared this has been surprise surprise

[ __ ] I wish I could see your face right

now mate listen we all know what you did

you backstabbing son of a [ __ ]

and I thought we were friends


Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00


interesting your current location

matches coordinates from which FTC

servers were still missing Cynthia there

should be an open terminal nearby this

could give you the information we're

looking for a security ID complete that

can stop you now available okay well we

contact around us we say give us the

memory gives me more your girl gets that

big let's try they sir what if he says

no he you said he don't watch care for

his mother he works


hey hello it's grace I'm only home for

another few days now so let's range

something soon oh and make sure you

check out that link I sent you you'll

love it anyway call me back bye





Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

where were you what happened are you


where's grace where were you at work you

know that where's grace we went at work

I called you at work I called you on

your mobile I even called rose nobody

answered you know where is she where's

grace Lenore


you did this didn't you what how could

you even say that your obsessions Robert

with work with your technology with rose

it's all led us here with Rose button or

I have no just don't hello sorry to call

you here up you weren't answering your

mobile I can't talk right now I'll speak

to you later

is everything okay she's gone who's gone

no no I have to go


I understand now that girl grace that

was the girl from the explosion the girl

with the bomb was grace Ramsey yes

mr. black a girl you failed to save you

knew you put me through all of this to

find information that you could have

just told me what was that no part of my

[ __ ] treatment

no mr. black I couldn't tell you I

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

needed you to remember I needed you to

understand who she was I needed you to

say our name I'm sorry sorry mr. black

her grace

she was taken kidnapped held to ransom

for Ramsey's memory Tech your memory

Tech it's you isn't it you'll Robert

Ramsay yes

I'm Robert Ramsay and grace my grace was

abducted for a ransom demand I never

received I don't know what to say Robert

I'm just so save your pity save your

emotions I do not need them all I need

to know is who rose and Jasper were

working for who was behind it mr. black

I don't know but isn't it obvious

if I had to make a guess Amy will be

making assumptions we deal with facts

here mr. black hard evidence empirical

data I have my suspicions yes but we

have come too far to throw it all away

on guesswork

we must continue with your treatment

treatment there never was an each

treatment or was it not a choice Emma

although your memory is damaged I see

your intuition is not no mr. black this

is not a hospital but a prison and

unless you proceed you will find me to

be a less than hospitable warden I am

your lock I am your key I can be your

enemy or I can be your salvation but I

will have my answers now proceed





okay what do I need to do this to search

the memory for Rosa Adkins find out who

her employer was find out why she were

turned on me after I gave her everything

okay and then we will find out your

involvement mr. black we still need to

know why you were there

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

where is this I don't know this place

ah yes Homewood cemetery I'm afraid I do

and if the Pandora has brought you here

then you do to another you know this

place it's next to the company building

if the loud rose and I to have a certain



looks like we met here too so where is



I know you ran but the wheels are

emotional and there's nothing either of

us can do to stop them I can't have any

more I'm starting to remember I was

looking for grace I think Rose had her I

was trying to stop her I didn't secure

Italy make it pain goodbye black I'm







required signal bars a single box



reactions do not find rings parameter

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

put your gun away





this doesn't make any sense

Rose wouldn't have access to this many

men an anxious mind is likely to produce

more troubled environments inside the

Pandora you're not worried about

anything are you black yeah worried

about getting shot it's not real mr.

black just perceived threat that your

mind is lurking inside the Pandora it's

still [ __ ] hurts







Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00


could be fingerprints



well this place again

red this is good this is your mind

connecting the dots these are fragments

but memories nonetheless do proceed



well the [ __ ]


Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

what's this this isn't my memories now

mr. black this is one of mine you need

to focus and regain control of your

environment focus on war I can't

remember what happened just focus on


the Pandora will do the rest yeah Jesus

Rose can you not see what's going on

here just hold off until I've done the

audit on black he's already been signed

over to me and I'm begging you not to

leave it please for me why there are

things you shouldn't know things nobody

should you know if you do date rose I'll

be fine we'll be fine



you're going too far mr. black focus

this is your way out use it my way up

this elevator another one of these




Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

powered it no please listen has been a


we've had to neutralized lab Howard it

won't change a thing

Jesper and I will see this through and

you'll still get the Pandora well it

seems you have no choice finally I have

to go I'll keep you posted



I remember now I killed her

you surprised me mr. black I suspected

you were involved but I didn't imagine

that you would confess your guilt quite

so readily involved involved ow did you

really think I wouldn't notice a memory

being so heavily distorted what are you

hiding from me black what kind of games

are you playing I'm just exploring these

memories while you asked nothing more if

only that were true everything would be

so much less complicated I don't know

what you're talking about you've got to

believe me but I don't mr. black not


but Rose did mention a name Howard I'm

assuming Roger Howard the man you stole

the corner gun from did you meet with

him I don't worry mr. black the gandora

will find the truth that's what happened

I promise

sir Rose Atkins is dead why is that mr.


he's just so because I pushed her same

question and why was that mr. black it's

obvious you watching I was trying to

save grace roses trying to stop me so I

killed her he saw I saw nothing of the

kind mr. black

I am he saw Distortion fragmentation

allusions to a truth that I believe

neither of us witnessed if there was any

distortion it's from this piece-of-shit

tin can I'm wearing I'm telling you I

was trying to save grace


Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

I believe you mr. black you obviously

knew the dress had been taken and we're

doing everything in your power to stop


the only question is how did you know

when I hadn't even received the ransom


does he matter I tried to stop it yes

you've been more than cooperative but

I'm afraid it does matter especially now

the grows Adkins is dead forget Rose

she's gone but there is Howard it was

all his idea

she said so herself semantics mr. black

a splitting of hairs but we will find

out we are so close for the final time



long time no see


these [ __ ] are they supposed to go


oh good what now little black cat what

should I say wide rabbit you're so very

late but welcome to the party

the entertainment is about to the hit

entertainment yes yes the puppet show

for the puppet master

can't you see everyone what are these

I just don't forget no anymore don't

know it's your way it's all for you it

always was

people are puppets the profits of people

take a drink join us

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00



substance is recognized cyanide







all that's left just isn't right you

were meant to sleep to nothing the

puppet master with his kin all transfer

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00


every so often I get reminded that I'd

really don't understand exactly what

I've created here



this is senseless you are close mr.

black just a little further



wait is you you [ __ ] bastard let me

out for beer now

this is John on lobbying off calm down

mr. black all roads end here mr. black

time for answers

you know the protocol by now better see

exactly what secrets you are hiding who

returns tough to tell I'm not hiding

anything we have a name

Howard Bay's the enemy if only it were

that simple mr. black

Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00


Howard's lost everything when you stole

the corner gun for me it would make

sense he'd want revenge the only

question is why would you have any

memory of meeting him the only memory I

have of Roger Howard is the night I

stole the corner gun we'll see mr. black

we'll see

this memory looks to be unstable

disrupted as little as possible black

don't go in all guns blazing







you're hiding something from me black

and I will find out what I'm not hiding

anything you still take me for a fool

look how many mercenaries there are

black a memory will only seek to protect

itself in this manner if its owner

doesn't want it to be examined


Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

black I should have learned by now

you're incapable of using subtlety








Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00









you surprised me black maybe you can't

be subtle when it suits you look I'll

never get used to have all this works

mr. black being a while last time we saw

each other would have been let me see

when I stole the comb ago ah yes when

you stole my corner gun for Robert

Ramsay really I should just kill you on

the spot

I'd feel so much better about everything

then why don't you sleep so flawlessly

Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

when you really buy the company I wanted

to even the fame we're looking do

something similar to Ramsay and I racked

my brains I just couldn't think of who

would be the best man of the hall then

it occurred to me me I'm around his head

of security

why would I work for you


every man has his price

especially you I'm played well yes but

not as fun isn't likely to be notice -

it's not about my mama okay and how

about this according to my sources

Ramsay has a surprisingly accurate

record of your criminal history far more

so than the police seems to me is what

whoever bit of a barrel work for him or

go to the prison the way I see mr. black

you're his [ __ ] you sound jealous

I envy no matter lack if someone has

something I want I take it for myself so

here's my ha ha and I only made it was

you work for me not Ramsey I devised a

plan to get brandished under advice and

you carry it out you name your price

within reason and if you're successful

I'll forget the whole corn again a

fiasco and we'll both be on our merry

way how's that sir if I refuse

you're alive it was reducible don't get

any ideas no excuse me

I certainly know I'm not for I've been

there they're like oh you think but I

refuse your offer Howard I'm the world

for you I'll never work for you

I'll not carry out this little plan of

yours I don't agree to any of it I


Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00



what the [ __ ]

Ramsay what's going on I'm closing the

asylum are you doing this what is this



while this place again what's it all

about this time



I'm afraid I haven't been quite straight

with you black my apologies

right one super off what the [ __ ] is

going on Ramsey where am I now

my memories mr. black interacting with

someone wearing the Pandora can

sometimes create what I call synaptic

bleed two-way traffic if you will a flaw

in the technology and the asylum Oh

forgive me the asylum was necessary son

of a [ __ ]

that whole thing was just some big

illusion simulation would be the correct

Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

term the construct was of my own design

intended to keep your adrenaline at the

optimum level for the technology to

function efficiently and the inmates

patient CEOs the patient's were nothing

to do with me I just provided the

simulation but the mind has a wonderful

way of filling in the gaps I show you a

creepy old asylum your mind populates it

with lunatics likely just half remember

characters from your life sometimes even

film some books predictable perhaps but

not unexpected so you tricked me this

whole thing was a lie

do you want to talk about lies mr. black

it was lies and tricks would you rather

discuss mine or yours I don't know what

you mean you know exactly what


this is Chris's room you remember the

girl you tried to save my daughter up

top then why were you there you were my

employee black my head of security

you knew my daughter had been taken and

you said nothing I don't remember I

don't believe you

no way what about a break

I don't know what you want me to say she

that we Frankie

she blamed all this on me and it wasn't

my fault I refuse to accept

responsibility for the actions of some

terrorists kill me what you know all I

know of her is what I've seen here in

your memories I'm sorry I can't help you

what about this man back you remember

him I remember you Ramsey but I am sorry

for what you've been through but I tried

to help I just didn't get there soon

enough please let me go is that what you

want to be let go of course we have a


let you go happy - of course but let me

ask you this are there any circumstances

under which you would not wish to be let

go with the 40 you talking about welcome

to my office mr. black how to look

around I'm sure you'll be able to make

sense of everything

Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

what the [ __ ]

this is me more of his scare tactics

Ramsey but they won't [ __ ] work

not anymore you say you don't remember

anything else

that you've told me everything then I

don't need you anymore you don't need me

if only you'd been a little more

cooperative things might have been


goodbye mr. Bray

sorry for everything wait please just












Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00





aw dude face complete cerebral Inc

patient number black 0:01 pandora unit

are not disconnect would you like to

commence archive data review dr. Ramsey


switch to savant unit playback begin the

review oh and hope could you also fire

up a coffee machine

doctor prior to review my medical

recommendation would be the

implementation of a minimum for our rest

period further caffeine intake will only

delay fatigue not arrested and make it a

double shot three sugars I also need a

baseline memory to carry out the review

which was the most stable from those

recorded that would be this cached on

initial Pandora system startup of

patient black zero zero one good then

let us explore a complete memory before

we review the broken proceed with

interactive playback


commencing data review imminently

decoding memory cache and serve and

playback binary filters online service

currently running at optimal speed

inputting biorhythmic feedback

parameters deep insulin injection in

three two one you are ready to go dr.



Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

hey learn from me stay away


okay I mean commencing review where is


simulation parameters amazing

you are free to continue with the review



here we're warping script active dr.

Ramsay good

okay trail see what really happened save

the girl



this is where they held her fortress you

know this is really quite satisfying

doctor might I remind you to control

your emotional engagement while

conducting the review any spikes in

serotonin dopamine or adrenaline levels

could I know I know cause distortion

noted thank you hope

there seems to be a lot of resistance

here hope I wonder it was this a result

of black trying to hide something

or from the Pandora itself yes dr.

Ramsey black perceived threat here which

has led across from the audit nothing

makes it more difficult I'm not trained

like Black was no matter


Oh God


poor child I will fix all this I promise

emotional spike detective caution

advised dr. Ramsey I will get to the

bottom of this and whoever is

responsible will pay

Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

dr. Ramsay dr. Ramsay



hope where am i what happened to the

Pandora play back I'm trying to pinpoint

precisely where or when you are I'm

afraid your emotional state has caused a

minor malfunction in playback you are

outside the cold doctor I would

recommend caution the data is unstable

fragmented you must remain calm don't

tell me the risks hope just get me out

now let's see where we are

I know this place this is one of my

memories this is an FDG facility my

facility staffed by the best doctors

money can buy there is no better care I

need you together I need you with me all

this oh no this is that's memory we must

calm down we this full mental fracture


too late hope get me out of here I'm

fine just a little longer

come on come on


try reconstructing the memory look for

and interact with any memory imprints it

will allow me to pinpoint and remove you

I'm trying hope I really am just seeing

this again is difficult for me

Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00



what's happened to this poor fella them

blast injury some fragmentation but we

also suspect gastrointestinal injuries -




I need your manners

this music should stimulate your evil

add its grace my grace playing violin

he used to hear it in my office remember

Allah what could you do data indicates

while making progress thank you hope I

felt as much it was like the savant and

I are beginning to synchronize finally

looks like this one's being transferred

is not particularly stable you sure

that's wise this comes right from the

top would you transfer them to a private

medical facility that's unorthodox who

is he



Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00



looks like I can proceed now I need to

get out of the loop we'll be moving you

tomorrow okay

just where is he being transferred

exactly well we've been told is he'll be

picked up in a private ambulance

tomorrow morning what about the girl ah

there's nothing we can do I'm afraid

poor poor girl I did everything I could

there was nothing more I could


okay well he's all theirs I suppose are

you sure about this

he didn't know fit estate to travel like

I said out of our hands

everything's in place for the transfer

we're just waiting on the ambulance

there's all things a little drastic

are you sure this is the best decision

it'll be safe in my care I need to get

to the bottom of what happened I think

what you need is asleep especially after

grace do not talk to me about grace I

won't tell you again

and progressed one moment dr. Ramsey

your signal is much clearer now pulling

you out


dr. Ramsay dr. Ramsay do you wish to

proceed yes hope apologies have any

problem memories did I bookmark in the

audit three problem memories are

bookmarked and they're all significantly


yes dr. Ramsay we should have sufficient

data to make sense it than when reviewed

Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

let's review in the same order we

audited hope load the first but not



commencing savant playback bookmark 0 0

1 the death of Jasper cradle a warning

dr. Ramsay this memory is highly

fragmented which is precisely why I

marked it for review I want to see what

if anything black was hiding your notes

on the memory has succeeded Oktar what

exactly happened to parade oh yes what

indeed thank you for the reminder though

the question isn't really what happened

to prayed out moreover how it happened I

would also remind you to work quickly

dr. Ramsay I will keep the memory stable

for as long as the savant encryption

allows like Oh God's sake hurry

I'm trapped you can stop this I was here

to stop just by getting killed okay I

mean time to work through find Jasper

and get a true sense of events

ah did you like him in coal black you

don't want to mess with that guy mate

trust me

yeah well as you got clearance you can

ask him if you want mate I'm leaving him

well alone

like for God's sake hurry I'm trapped

you can stop this just bear you brought

this on yourself I warned you so many

times I've got too much to lose it

Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

curiouser and curiouser mr. black

I'm here now just keep him there

don't worry I'll just need to talk to

him that's all whatever you do don't

listen to him he could be one slippery

busted so it looks like he did see

Prater before he died I wonder






I believe they're getting close to the

point of Jespers unfortunate demise hope

how stable is the memory holding that

doctor but move quickly




[ __ ] hey Charlie's me here nothing wrong

please was just man [ __ ] stop ahead I

had him shouting please what's going on

Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

they took him and I don't know in whose


I tried to stop him that's why they

threw me in here

and you said you've done nothing wrong

you're lucky to be alive pop please

don't leave me here


I was here just not just been a




okay let's reconstruct this mess hope do

we have sufficient data

yes dr. Ramsey run simulation I was like

you just listen

put the gun down okay do this and

everything changes

just put the gun

what happened now hope memory corrupted

dr. Ramsay a by-product of the

reconstruction is the memory fighting to

protect itself possibly or the result of

exploring in a music memory

this is untested ground dr. neutralize

the threat just put it on

Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00


black told me he was there to save

Jasper hope was this memory deliberately

corrupted insufficient data to draw a

reliable conclusion dr. Ramsay huh

killed him and all we have to go on is

that Jasper wasn't doing as he was told

and that he crossed a line make a note

of that hope recorded okay let's load up

the second bookmark


loading but please note this is the most

corrupted of the bookmark memories

geography of certain details may be

fragmented black also perceived threat

here which will bleed across from the

audit you may need to engage in combat

again dr. Ramsay caution advised

understood this was the Homewood

cemetery memory correct correct listen I

know you're angry but the wheels are in

motion I didn't want it to be this way

I'm sorry I killed


right I mean let me take a moment to

orientate myself proceed with caution

doctor I'm picking up heavy resistance

let's find a weapon



Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00


dr. memory detail detective

they should be noticeable in your

environment as you approach I would

extrapolate and play back any day to I

have access to thank you

Fredo is black mr. mayor you need to

[ __ ] stop this right now

I told you this situation was delicate I

told you no improvising call me back




commencing playback doctor

you brought me all the way out here to

ask hey

you chose the me in place Morticia Jesus

I don't understand I mean yes of course

I'm tired of the way things are with

Robert living in his shadow both at work

and well but it won't be like this

forever I believe that you've worked for

him long enough you know what Roberts

like yeah yeah do that's why I asked

just think about it interesting very

interesting indeed



his door is always open like please take

a seat hmm

geography seems broken on this one all

right kids now what the [ __ ] is going on

black listen I know you're angry but the

wheels are in motion and there's nothing

either of us can do to stop them I can't

have anyone standing in my way

especially not you so you could have me

killed now sorry I didn't want it to be

this way but you're now a liability

Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

security make it painless for [ __ ]

sake Atkins goodbye black I'm sorry



alright what the [ __ ] is going on and

where the [ __ ] is prayed oh I will not

[ __ ] calm down tell me what's going

on tell me why I wasn't informed or head

to a [ __ ] roll



just calm down for a moment

meet me at home with symmetry I'm

heading there now

the memory data is cached and decoding

this memory was blocked deeper than the

previous is this because we had readings

from conflicting synaptic layers

negative dr. it seems the block came

from a conscious effort on the subjects

part the height specific details of

course thank you hope let's proceed

I won't be staying fella people are

talking you got to stop these runnings

with Alan are you do not want people

pointing fingers oh come on she waltzes

in here at any time she sees me she

loses it what am I supposed to do I work

here I have to be able to stand up for


I know but no matter what's going on

with you and Ramsey she's still a big

nuts wife calm it down at least for the

Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

foreseeable only bad things will come of

it if you don't is that a threat no

hockey's it's just some friendly advice

only recordings of gross Atkins have

been accessed and reviewed would you

like me to prepare a simulation for you

to explore just give me a second hope

okay let's find out just how involved

she was

hello sorry to call you here

I can't talk right now I'll speak to you

later she's gone I have to go I

understand now that girl grace that was

a girl from the explosion the go the

bomb was very Swanzey

we all stood to benefit from this we all

agreed the original plan was there for a


relax slack just as good at what he does

you don't give him enough credit

I told you to keep an eye on it I told

you to manage this it's better this way

black don't you singing Ramsay doesn't

care about manure he cares about me it's

far more effective to get the girl and

it's the same outcome either way no not

the same outcome at least the plan was

to break him not provoke him

grace I could live in any clearer Gavin


bring her in peacefully no one gets hurt

I said and do not let that idiot just

beliar any form of explosive it doesn't

know what he's doing you think you know

a lot about bombs to me you don't know

proms actions and you don't know him but

I know both and I can tell you this with

absolute [ __ ] certainty he's put the

lives of anyone near that bomb in danger

he's all men included that bomb goes off

we're all thought are you able to detect

Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

gracious presence in this memory

negative doctor wouldn't is this

happening here

do we got the girl yeah ransom demand

will send it in the morning but it's not

too late don't get any ideas you can't

do anything to stop this luck so don't

even try listen very carefully

you're gonna tell me what is keeping her

or I'm gonna kill you do you understand

tell me or I kill you

you're trying to save yourself

is it possible that is what possible

doctor nevermind


you didn't do this for your family you

did it yourself

you wanna live the role your family your

mother played in all this an excuse an

excuse for just another one of your

obsessions recommend abandoning review

until emotional stability returns I am

perfectly stable just bring me back out

I left this behind for you you know

setting up my own studio taking on

Commission's I left it all behind to be

your wife and for what


we were an inconvenience to you gross

and I it's not just that you neglected

us it's that you didn't even want us

there in the first place having

difficulty locating you dr. Ramsey you

Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

may have to find your own


I honestly don't I don't know what any

of this was about but if it was all

about Rose go and be with Rose if it was

all about your precious Pandora go and

be with your work do whatever you want

but I won't be part of it not anymore

you're right I don't care about the

implications of your work Robert I've

never cared and changing the world means

nothing to me if I can't have my family

I can't believe it's taken me this long

to realize that you were never going to

have the decency to leave me you know

I've come to understand for your genius

and passion pull your talk of changing

the world you're a coward

you're just a coward



Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00



again dr. Ramsey I must recommend

abandoning review emotional stability is

required in order to proceed safely

let's load up a third bookmark can we

hope did you hear me dr. Ramsey I said I

recommend abandoning I heard you I heard

you please just load the third bookmark

yes doctor



please note as with the second bookmark

memory geography is likely to be

fragmented and combat is a strong

possibility thank you hope this is

blacks meeting with Howard correct

confirmed you tack this memory with

reference to both black and Howard dr.

Ramsey final a piece of the puzzle

it seems

I envy no man lack if someone has

something I want I take it for myself


is okay

I can see spark heat oh good

I'm gonna see him now you still in Paul

I don't know for sure no Dargo pretty

good idea yeah well that's the case it's

been a pleasure knowing you I don't know

call it instinct speed lair

hmm memory glitch is becoming more

frequent is probably my determination

because I'll work harder than anyone

else if something needs doing I will do

whatever it takes to get it done

damn you rose damn you to hell this

could all have been avoided if I just

listened to Lenore

Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00


Fredo is black alive for now

yeah maybe some other time I listen I

might have some work to throw you if

you're interested pays good situation is

delicate oh you understand you're not

gonna be allowed to improvise on this

one yeah sure I'll call you more details

of his Goa



now I know we could not again this has

to stop but I got you a present

it's a notebook for all your brilliant

ideas that will change the world so you

never forget of the nor what have I done


Watch video from 201:00 - 204:00



okay the paper and see if I've got this


so this convection grace

by their grace I wish I could explain

everything to you to help you understand

is energy that's emitted foon object


make a really good teacher you know I

will find out who is responsible for

this race whatever it takes I promise


sweet dreams


what's the deal you got the money here

it's a genuine meeting he's got some

plan he thinks you could help out worth

asked me if I thought it was crazy

getting you involved but do you I think

you're a man that can be trusted I

suppose we'll find out





Watch video from 204:00 - 207:00


no questions

dreams brilliant ideas

I will do what everything




doctor Franzi you've gone completely off

grid this time are you safe I'm safe

just pull me back out searching for you

now concentrate on the memory you wish

to return to focus on how it dr. Rowsey

see if you can locate him



there you are




mr. black being a while last time we saw

each other would have been let me see

when I stole the corner gun

ah yes when you stole my corner gun for

Robert Ramsay really I should just have

killed you on the spot I'd feel so much

better about everything seen this


then why don't you was so exquisite so

flawless in the way you ruined me and my

company I wanted to even the playing

field a little do something similar to

Ramsey and I racked my brains and I just

couldn't think of who would be the best

man for the job

then it occurred to me Lee Anne Ramsey's

head of security why would I work for

you I don't understand how can this be

the truth

every man has his price black especially

you unplayed well yes but not as well as

you'd like to be not as well as you

could be it's not about the money

that'll chess not okay fine and how

about this according to my sources

Ramsay has a surprisingly accurate

record of your criminal history far more

so than the police seems to me he's got

Watch video from 207:00 - 210:00

you over a bit of a barrel work for him

or go to prison the way I see it mr.

black you're his [ __ ] you sound jealous

I never saw it like that he was my




I envy no man lack if someone has

something I want I take it for myself so

here's my offer and I'll only make it

once you work for me not Ramsey I

devised a plan to get Ramsey's Pandora

device and you carry it out you name

your price within reason and if you're

successful I'll forget about the whole

corner gun Fiasco and we'll both be on

our merry way how does that sound if I

refuse you're alive because you're

useful black don't get any ideas no this

never made any sense excuse me a certain

oh I'm not sure I've been clear enough

hair black or you've been clear but I

refuse your offer Howard I'll no work

for you I'll never work for you

I'll not carry out this little plan of

yours I don't agree to any of it I

refuse there is more clever boys doctor

believe me

that's what happened I promise

rising and very foolish however I will

allow you to work for me

go on I have a plan that I know will

work I have people in mind who I know

will help I don't want your money or

your mum power and your resources I'll

be in charge and I'll take down Ramsey

from the inside in return okay he runs

his Pandora Tech you do exactly as I say

or there's no deal so it was you

I trusted you black I gave you work and

paid you well and this is how you repay

me after all we've been through together

everything that happened to my family to

grace it was all because of you my own

employee well you're not so imposing a

second now are you mr. black nothing but

a vegetable in my basement I could do

whatever I want and there would be

nothing you could do about it well [ __ ]

you to hell you are dead when you came

in here and there's no way I can let you

Watch video from 210:00 - 213:00

go now you with the architect of my

downfall perhaps ending you is a mercy I

will come to regret I will find out in

time goodbye coal


grace is that you understand that I

understand everything I know you're

there I know you're watching I know my

child I know I did grace

can you hear me can you hear me let me

know if you can trace [ __ ]


great if you can hear me I'm going to

show you some things okay I'm going to

show you the waters came to be your

mother was right this was all my fault

and I'm sorry I'm so sorry

let me help you understand


I get this is all because you







this give me the chance to explain

let me show you


be sure


Watch video from 213:00 - 216:00

you're familiar with this man by now my


he protected everything I'd love to

build little dirty work for me I made a

terrible mistake


I know this will upset you and I'm sorry

but your mother and I we just grew apart

rose understood what I was trying to

accomplish with the Pandora in a way

that nobody else could and I did love

her but I never stopped loving you grace

I thought we could finish up a little

early today go and grab a meal in that

new Thai place let off a little steam

well you think if this is going to work

out between us you need to understand

that when more than grace will always be

part of their life that's just something

you need to accept

you either commit to something you enjoy

I couldn't commit to those because I

didn't want to abandon my family and I

couldn't connect my family because I was

too consumer network and Lowe's was

right I ended up with nothing I can't

live like this any longer

with every day that passes another

little bit of me dies I know you're too

blind to see it but you did this to her

I can't bear the sight of you and I

refuse to be your wife I couldn't commit

to her

couldn't give her the love she deserved

but I refuse to let her go



and I say even grace my darling daughter

who loved you so much adult brains I

understand but this mr. just incessant

incoherent gobbling

what are you doing I just didn't

understand what it meant to be a father

all right you come here although I have

no idea what you're saying

when I can say with a reasonable degree

of certainty that you have no idea what

I'm saying

I got it wrong grace and I'm sorry your

mother once said I used you as an excuse

to work I don't know if she was right

but I know I wanted you to be cared for

and I know I wanted you I wanted you to

have a father you could be proud of

I'm sorry


Watch video from 216:00 - 219:00

ah okay gross it's time to finish the

session you've seen everything just give

me a moment he was trying to communicate

with me he said he was dead he is all

you're seeing is remnants of his

consciousness created by the Pandora

reacting to the artificial stimulants

flooding his system is it's complicated

I need to see what happened to him it's

a semi back-end grace it's not a nice

thing for anyone to watch let alone his

daughter are you absolutely sure about

this he's my father I want to know I

need to know


Howard Ramsey just relax okay there's no

need for the gun you responsible with

their gun data sponsible let's have a

sensible grown-up conversation my and

you turn them against me that's not fair

you took my daughter away from me I did

no such thing

my wife Norbert you need to sit down let

me get you a drink now someone needs to

pay for this you've upset a lot of

people Robert I'm not the only one with

a score to settle

so you admit it I admit you stole my

invention my life's work claimed by a

thief Osito so yes

people you royally [ __ ] up over the

years right

but I accept no responsibility for a

mess you created it was an age okay just

give me the gun and that's better all

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these behind us


please fifty sweet I put it down put it




so that's it for all I know the Pandora

is just simulating my consciousness I

still don't fully understand it even now

but I left it all to you great I learned

from Howard's mistakes I owned the

patent and measures are in place to

ensure they can't just replicate it it

needs to be in the hands of someone like

you someone few I love you my darling

and I'm sorry




grace grace Miller are you okay

yeah the technology has no adverse

effects that we know of

she'll be absent talking to you grace

I'm fine

mom I'm thinking these listen to me I've

done everything you asked all we need is

for you to sign a few papers and we can

continue where your sweetie you don't

have to make this decision now you're

exhausted let's just head home okay

gracious talk to me all you need to do

is sign and we'll transfer the money

with a surety piece of work you know

that no no this is between me and grace

this isn't anything [ __ ] dare you

I'm in a room with my crippled daughter

my dead husband and my dead husband's

[ __ ] this is everything to do with me

you know this is business and from what

I heard your dead husband very nearly

left you for that oh shoot shut up shut

up both of you mom I've got this

you put me in this wheelchair you do

realize that don't you

but without you my parents are still

together and my father is still alive

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first what you soon you telling me she's

responsible for our gross I don't know

what you saw I had to sign those papers

you want her to allow you to work with

Roberts technology and you don't [ __ ]

trace her to you she is Miss Ramsey and

you don't speak unless you're spoken to


am I making myself clear yes perfectly

clear perfectly clear miss Ramsey how

many functional head sets do we have

fully functional only one miss Ramsey

you're far this one that's right this

ends today my father was a misguided man

who didn't understand what he was

dealing with and I certainly can't trust

you to do the right thing to regret that

no I won't nobody should be obsessing

over things they can't change shutting

themselves off from the present memories

belong in the past and my father

deserves to be dead playing a very

dangerous game grace oh how very

original of you rose what what are you

gonna do kidnap me again strap another

bomb to me there is nothing you can

threaten me with it's worse than what

I've already been through so [ __ ] their

headset and especially [ __ ] you let's go

home mom of course you haven't heard the

last of this grace it's miss Ramsey and

yeah I have there's nothing more to talk

about grace the bye rose

goodbye dad




Get Even - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay (No Commentary)

A full playthrough of Get Even. Get Even is a game developed by Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco Games. This video is a full playthrough of the game, with all cutscenes, and the ending.

Get Even All Endings -


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  1. this actually seems like a pretty long game for only $30. The game seems kinda stretched out. At the rate u play, u could beat outlast in about 2 hours and that was the same price.

  2. Hi :), near to 1:35:00, for The chapter "rose an Jasper" can we kill guards or not for "non omnis"? Because i can't take all evidences and i can't finish this chapter because i don't have all informations.. thanks

  3. im confused with the good end. I don't want kill anyone and bullshit. u can be specific who must kill and who no? this is the bad end. be specific in a video because writing is a little confuse

  4. I'm currently doing a let's play of this game and I just got to the part where you have to pull those levers to activate the elevator so I think I'm close to the end of the game and I haven't watched your video past that part because of spoilers but I want to know the song that plays when you kill people in the graveyard during the meeting with rose chapter, did that song get copyright claimed on your video? or were you still able to monetize? That's the only thing I'm wondering about cuz it sounds like a copyrighted song and I just want to be safe. I know claims don't really mean anything though but I would still like to be able to monetize my video LOL thanks in advance

  5. That ending… what utter bullshit. What a selfish, short-sighted morality. If people didn't devote themselves to scientific work, how many people would be dead from diseases that we've cured? Would we have the computers these ungrateful idiots used to program their game? It's so tiring watching Frankenstein get remade over and over and over: technology is bad, and our creations will destroy us. Fucking morons. Humanity has never been healthier, smarter, wealthier, less violent, and more tolerant. The people who make shit like this, and Surrogates, and Upgrade, have zero understanding of how brutal and painful life used to be, even just a few generations ago. They're people who've grown up in such safety and luxury, they don't understand the value of what they have. So they make an entire game all about how selfish a scientist was to care more about work that could benefit alzheimer's patients, instead of being there for his family. BOO HOO. If someone hadn't done the same for penecillin these caveman-brained ingrates wouldn't be alive. People who use technology to whine against it are beyond contempt. They're like teenagers, thinking that Mommy and Daddy hate them because they neglect them to go to work every day. Well, bills have to be paid. And there's things more important than sad housewives and mopey kids. Men who neglect their families to put their life into their work is what's built the entirety of the modern society we live in.

    BTW, no offense to you, Harry. You played the game very well. I'm just pissed at what it ended up being.

  6. kind of lousy playthrough, since you didn't stop to read anything, didn't investigate everything, and got the bad end. I wish you'd have just put "speedrun" in your title and I'd have known not to waste my time.

  7. glad I didn't actually play it. Only seen someone playing and figured hey lets see a video on what it's about. I love skipping through to see what's actually going on for the full story. I suck at puzzle games like these and are more in to shooters.


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