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    Get Even – Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay (No Commentary)

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    Get Even - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay (No Commentary)

    A full playthrough of Get Even. Get Even is a game developed by Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco Games. This video is a full playthrough of the game, with all cutscenes, and the ending.

    Get Even All Endings - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glMotLqn0qo


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    Comment (19)

    1. this actually seems like a pretty long game for only $30. The game seems kinda stretched out. At the rate u play, u could beat outlast in about 2 hours and that was the same price.

    2. Hi :), near to 1:35:00, for The chapter "rose an Jasper" can we kill guards or not for "non omnis"? Because i can't take all evidences and i can't finish this chapter because i don't have all informations.. thanks

    3. im confused with the good end. I don't want kill anyone and bullshit. u can be specific who must kill and who no? this is the bad end. be specific in a video because writing is a little confuse

    4. I'm currently doing a let's play of this game and I just got to the part where you have to pull those levers to activate the elevator so I think I'm close to the end of the game and I haven't watched your video past that part because of spoilers but I want to know the song that plays when you kill people in the graveyard during the meeting with rose chapter, did that song get copyright claimed on your video? or were you still able to monetize? That's the only thing I'm wondering about cuz it sounds like a copyrighted song and I just want to be safe. I know claims don't really mean anything though but I would still like to be able to monetize my video LOL thanks in advance

    5. That ending… what utter bullshit. What a selfish, short-sighted morality. If people didn't devote themselves to scientific work, how many people would be dead from diseases that we've cured? Would we have the computers these ungrateful idiots used to program their game? It's so tiring watching Frankenstein get remade over and over and over: technology is bad, and our creations will destroy us. Fucking morons. Humanity has never been healthier, smarter, wealthier, less violent, and more tolerant. The people who make shit like this, and Surrogates, and Upgrade, have zero understanding of how brutal and painful life used to be, even just a few generations ago. They're people who've grown up in such safety and luxury, they don't understand the value of what they have. So they make an entire game all about how selfish a scientist was to care more about work that could benefit alzheimer's patients, instead of being there for his family. BOO HOO. If someone hadn't done the same for penecillin these caveman-brained ingrates wouldn't be alive. People who use technology to whine against it are beyond contempt. They're like teenagers, thinking that Mommy and Daddy hate them because they neglect them to go to work every day. Well, bills have to be paid. And there's things more important than sad housewives and mopey kids. Men who neglect their families to put their life into their work is what's built the entirety of the modern society we live in.

      BTW, no offense to you, Harry. You played the game very well. I'm just pissed at what it ended up being.

    6. kind of lousy playthrough, since you didn't stop to read anything, didn't investigate everything, and got the bad end. I wish you'd have just put "speedrun" in your title and I'd have known not to waste my time.

    7. glad I didn't actually play it. Only seen someone playing and figured hey lets see a video on what it's about. I love skipping through to see what's actually going on for the full story. I suck at puzzle games like these and are more in to shooters.


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