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SearchThisVideo: [ Get Even ] Psychological horror meets FPS (Gameplay) – Part 1

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Watch video at 00:00

hey guys welcome to get even a new game

that just released on Steam and consoles

which I had to get through few scarves

weirdly enough because it's not

available in Japan for sale maybe not

yet maybe it's coming later but it's

fine I bought a piece for let's go a

traumatising difficulty sure it was only

traumatising or easy

so I guess traumatising is sort of the

normal mode it's supposedly a kind of

shooter slash psychological horror we

will be recording as is illegal right

however anything you do witness will not

be either admissible or provable in a

court of law

okay hang on I'm still not sure if this

is right I need a decision now we're

against the clock any longer and we're

going to cellular breakdown okay I'm


what's happening

I guess I kept reading the titles get

Evan because the e is mirror and I keep

seeing it as an A so I keep thinking is

get Evan but the review sir

for this game are really high so far so

that's actually what pulled me in and

made me want to try it I'm not sure if

it's going to be super interesting like

for you guys so it kind of depends on

how this is going to do you wise save

the girl if it's going to get a lot of

views and I'll keep doing it as let's

play if it doesn't get any views then

we'll move it to twitch to finish it in

bigger blocks probably unless it's

completely boring then I'm just going to

drop it after a couple episodes probably

but usually I'm interested enough to

keep going hopefully it looks a pretty

good what's flying back there and drove

I know surprisingly little of this game

just to looks cool and oh damn oh damn

oh yes a missus oh no it doesn't just a

little bit delayed

should I just shoot people Oh silencer


just kill people immediately haha oh

wait what did this a black stay away

from the handover site we have the girl

you can't save her let this run its

course what's that sound

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

No okay so holding it for just a little

bit longer than a second we'll switch

you to can I get in here

it's that sound that it's locked

I'm running the fill again reminds me of

the Metro so I don't play that many FPS

games green lights on the side of your

phone guide you towards new right

evidence oh cool oh press l1 or r1 ah

press and hold select the scanner app

with are confirmed by policing it's a

camera and a camera try scanning the

broken drone ah this gives me really

flashbacks - um huh I see okay what's

that game called again tuck triggered

investigators and you have like a phone

that scans all kind [ __ ]

should I go back - I'll probably stay in

scanner mode spell be more I need to

scan that [ __ ] the calls to use I played

it like a long time ago I was pretty

challenging at one point and there was

this one the coolest section of that

game was like when you have black light

all throughout the house that's sound

that's just like fatal frame there's a

ghost nearby

so we're trying to get Evan that looks

really pretty so far oh that's probably

you think ah

scan can you guess DNA from that your

friend's partial fingerprint okay good

lens on a camera

so I'll just have to look at stuff and

then the camera will be like Alan scan

these wait did they come from here is

that who needs shooting I guess that's

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the other way down

better cake or


there you go

that wasn't too hard I can get your gun

I have to hold it okay cool

oh good shot Oh pick up um okay so have

to hold the button just tie it it logger

to pick stuff up we're going further


I am so stealthy you'll never see me

coming doorbell hello select the map app

real-time oh [ __ ] meth

does it I am not really seeing it I

guess you need to go back but okay now I

checked all the doors hi there those


wait can I you open this door wait so is

this town just going to repeat until I

am unstuck so they're here

that's not one floor up this one floor

down so should I go around I can't

should we shoot them

hello who is it oh it's no one

so if one it is one florrum no way

they're moving now that's confusing I

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

have to get used to that I'm being all

sneaky but I don't think I have to hello

it's me

gab detective gasps I'm here to get Evan

such an annoying joke Wow looks cool


the music is getting more intense

am I getting somewhere safe point check

it out

definitely getting somewhere

oh hi what I'm gonna do

Bent's the corner gun right

Oh a shooting hold to zoom oh wow yes

that was so good corner gun what the

[ __ ]

awesome uh uh I'm sorry dude I shot you

in the face

hi Evans a girl super long [ __ ] white

put me on his phone [ __ ] you typical by

day all right

I talk you mouth got you first

ah really heart a day when i disarm the

bomb day away what do I do

code I don't know you have to be quiet

can you do I know what the code is so

does my phone no


Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

well it's not 3z order one she heard it

wrong so my name is luck

I'm very quiet no I'm not I'm a bit

obnoxious today I'm sorry

wait we just wake up outside with a boom

oh cool

did they dump us because we were still


I don't remember this place what the

[ __ ] is going on

I think they dumped you now waiting in

building b is agreed okay looks like I'm

going to building be okay

whereas building me now I can't okay

can't zoom in on the map this is a very

small indie team I wonder it kind of

feels very more indie than I expected it

to be how billing B here we go easy I

mean it seems very decent so far just

the way certain scenes are handled makes

me think it's indie what's that should

bottle hello no just me

wasn't read to a few maybe it's a robot

oh hello should I scan that out here

to get used to the buttons buttons


what's that breathing eyes that me like

every now and then you can hear like

hello oh no TV I don't like to ah Jesus

you scare me lady put you in the closet

don't think I have a flashlight actually

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

that was really cool - how the music

just picked up according to where you

were on the map that was a cool touch

whoo Oh can someone check that s our

code actually works to have a cool drug

someone help you how do i crawl there we

go come on

he's really nimble huh crushed flocks

super fast okay hello what I do you want

do the power no alarm maybe later

he's like pirates on now so maybe we get

back there later when the power goes off

oh you're going to do a thing do it do

you a monk thing yeah that goes the

sound again

that's so good that's really nice touch

this is your fault

no it's not just listen to the girl I

wonder if I could have it was probably

scripted right because I wanted to use

my phone maybe scanned the bomb or


there we go building a tree on stable

got it dark those was a probably woman I

could chase him back to oh you moved

vision apps oh nice

[ __ ] why have I forgotten what that the

name of that okay the name of that game

good enough sounds like it

your actions will have consequences I

turn on the light can I make okay I

can't get my gun I don't have any guns

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

with me oh [ __ ]

and now just realize oh we know what's

terrifying if at some point I pick up a

ghost nice at some point I pick up a

person on the servo but not on the

actual not with my eyes I'm getting into

it though what's going on no regrets

marketable your friends yeah he let me

live handsome why was he there

drone okay controller board screen text

upon leaving the military seven years

ago it seems black lost years of his

life to alcohol and occasionally even

drugs in order to fund his lifestyle he

took small-scale security jobs where he

began to develop something of a

reputation where it spread about his

ability and willingness to fight should

the situation call for it which

ultimately led to work as a contractor

killer over time black left alcohol

behind a favor of the thrill of his new

work though his context contracts pay

well black seems to use the money only

to gauge the importance of the contract

and the series's of the client psyche

reports suggest like black is a walking

contradiction unable to kill without

feeling rot with guilt yet only able to

find purpose in life through killing no

known family or friends something's not


huh that's nice it's a little bit more

backstory about me get familiar with the

character a little shy take out my muff


well then Oh mr. black rent apologies

for the theatrics yeah it's all part of

the treatment treatment this will be far

more straightforward if you just pop

happening to me

oh yes but why didn't they just move me

when I was knocked out outside why did I

have to go knock out in this building


that's it mr. back relax breathe that's


minor confusion is expected good well

yeah what the hell is it stay off my ID

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

hey Carl

mr. blackwell ask your current confusion

is a byproduct of your puccini what's

very unfortunate my fans can assure you

you are in safe hands

if it helps you focus you may call me

read you you got me there was something

before another place that's why you're

here mr. Braddock but now it's not the

time for questions okay so they set this

up especially for me

can a gun wait wait don't Michael how

can I kiss you

when you knock me out and put this thing

on my age to explain your memory was

damaged in the explosion leaving two

questions that you came to us to answer

why were you there and who was the girl

I know why I was there

to save the girl then we are making

progress please proceed so we just don't

know who the girl was

it must been just a client or something

I didn't seem very touched to the girl

but it could be wrong so that's the

thing I have on my head so maybe I've

gone to some like illegal organization

to jog my memory that's he's pretty cool

how is that

oh but wait if I have a device on my

head that means I can practically make

me see anything asylum Blackwell list

litters wealth cow funds sign hello one

Crossland right age 28

male how are the same age dude 6 1 1 65

I am taller and lighter than you ha 1997

so depending on what year it actually is

he's here probably for a long time

patient suffers from anxiety Zartan

possible depressed disorder outwardly

calm when any and all decisions are made

by a third party get agitated one left

to make the choices themselves missive

and an ex of mine nature patient will

quickly become anxious and argumentative

is left alone for a long periods patient

admitted after being found screaming and

crying in local supermarket the police

reports a police report outlines that

the patient was whispering they're

already here and they know what I did Oh

God have mercy on me after brief

evaluation patient was admitted to our

institution and sedated immediate

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

psychiatric interview showed thoughts

and fixations morbidity death and murder

patient is talkative yet highly

unresponsive questioning it having done

at my age

so now I have my phone okay what does it

want me to use then if it's like

remember that you can use this you want

to scan I

I think person September 2000 wait

I was memo Zack well your France has

June 2015 so don't force it

what's he doing depressive disorder

bipolar alcoholic hallucinations pups

master are these guys I'm going to fight

this is really interesting

all of a sudden 30 to 35 lots of

unknowns constant supervision required

just so soon as amnesia false sense of

self personal history and overall world

view claims have been a victim of recent

trauma but can't recall details handed

himself into the police station

exhibiting erratic behavior your only

effort Catherine his wife later suicide

attempt huh okay

chip chip turn off my penis Eve Minh hey

did you go did you go you can't leave me


just hang on what's going on here

Vanessa dude that I shot or it's just

another ponytail the switch here it

opens this door where's your paste pile

I don't know you are

no evidence who are you

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

I don't test you that's it you're not

gonna tell me anything else don't see

anything suspicious just open the door

get me out okay not sure dude I don't

know if I can trust you we are patient

files I don't like that you don't have

patient files don't know what that does

I wonder if he's trouble I mean if any

everyone in here has some kind of mental

issue then I don't think I should just

let people out just because they ask

nicely built in 1962 to have 500 inmates

litter the Siloam shut up at over 2,000

patients at its peak in the mid 80s 50

years later the facility was forced to

closed due to allegations numerous

excavations together with a series of

newspaper articles regarding shocking

and unorthodox treatment used by the

director of the institution dr. William

Benway when I helped the radical belief

that all mental disorders are caused by

bodily infections and that the most

direct way to cure patients by removing

the offending infection or Ford suggests

he would pull patient's teeth out and if

he deemed the treatment unsuccessful

would frequently remove other other body

parts - including testicles uterus

ovaries and stomachs dude he claims the

method had a 90 percent cure rate but in

reality many patients died which been

away would refer to as the ultimate cure

Benway losses been Benway and his

methods eventually gave rise to the

Lyndhurst asylums nicknamed the

hospitals lost teeth holy [ __ ]

that's really good

hello very good mr. black class be as

efficient as possible

quiet please download chunk will be

ready what wait what Anisa Delabar yeah

it's just stuck

ha okay well I guess that's the first

step so that it's exactly 30 minutes so

perfect I guess it just needs to

download work so I was finished out I

left on for like eight hours guess not

well I hope you guys liked it first

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

episode it's getting interesting

the throat our ego definitely have to

say that depending on how good it does

I'll play more if you guys want to see

more let me know my Stewart as a stream

I'm not quite sure yet how good this is

going to be might be better as a stream

but you know let me know what you think

and I'm pretty interested so far hope

you guys like this I'm seasons four bye



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  1. Gab just one question don't you consider that someone doesn't want to see this gameplay now that the game has just being released before he can play it by himself and just wait to watch your gameplay after having finished the game or be really ahead? Personally I'm interest to watch your gameplay but not now. 🙂

  2. I heard that western games aren't really popular in Japan because people there like cute characters not some old wrinkled dudes like you see in most western games.


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