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    Getting Started with Sculpting – ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial

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    Get our full 7.5 hour Introduction to ZBrush!

    In this ZBrush for Beginners Tutorial, we cover all the necessary tools you need to know in order to get started with ZBrush! Features covered include Zspheres, masking, dynamesh, UI, brushes, and many more.

    - Hotkeys -
    Pan - Alt RMB
    Rotate - RMB
    Zoom - Ctrl RMB
    Perspective - P
    Help - Ctrl while hover over features
    Subdivide - Ctrl D
    Up - D
    Down - Shift D
    Polyframe - Shift F
    Useful Brushes
    Standard - BST
    ClayBuildup - BCB
    Smooth - Shift
    DamStandard - BDS
    Move - BMV
    Size - S
    Intensity - U
    Symmetry -X
    Paint Mask - Ctrl Paint
    Remove Mask - Ctrl Alt Paint
    Invert Mask - Ctrl Click Outside the model
    Clear mask - Ctrl Drag Outside the Model
    Blur Mask - Ctrl Click on the model
    Dynamesh - Ctrl Drag Outside the Model (with no mask)

    - Time Stamps -
    1:02 - Opening ZBrush for the first time
    1:50 - Clearning the Canvas
    2:50 - Edit Mode
    3:16 - Navigation
    4:03 - Saving (Document, ZTool, ZProject)
    5:54 - UI Overview
    7:27 - Polymesh3D
    8:50 - Brush Size/Draw Size
    9:03 - Best Brushes
    12:30 - Dynamic Brush Size
    13:06 - Wireframe View/Polyframe
    13:27 - Subdivisions
    15:52 - Dynamesh
    19:18 - Undo History
    20:29 - Trim Brushes
    21:40 - Symmetry
    22:30 - Sculpting Theory
    28:36 - Matcaps/Materials
    29:05 - Mirror and Weld
    30:07 - Mirror (Deformation)
    30:58 - Radial Symmetry
    39:59 - Subtools
    35:46 - Moving, Scaling and Rotating
    38:13 - Solo/Isolate Selected
    38:37 - Hiding Polygons/Polygon Visibility
    42:25 - Splitting Your Model (Group Split)
    43:26 - Masking
    47:30 - Layers
    49:54 - ZSpheres

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    Comment (33)

    1. Minute 3 : What happened with the good, old fashion scroll ? Made for tablets ? Alright, my tablet has something similar to a scroll…
      I really hate the navigation on this software, very counter intuitive.

    2. Wow. This was incredibly informative and descriptive! I've wanted to get a grasp on more complex sculpting softwares such as zbrush and this really set the stage for me! Thank you!

    3. Fantastic info. I would love to know how you are moving around so much using a tablet. I guess you have like a kamvas as 20-24 with lots of push buttons. I have a kamvas13 and wondering how to go around moving around and using shortcuts with limited buttons.

    4. thank you! I was new to this, and my guide taught me without most explanation, and without most function, just the really basic one (which is only brush) . With this, I am more comfortable is navigating around zbrush now.


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