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SearchThisVideo: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection (Switch) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p 60fps]

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what's up guys bridget here back the
ghost and goblins resurrection
i didn't know this game was coming out
it hit me at the left field out of
but i did play the original one or shall
i say the one for super nintendo super
golden ghost was a very
uh really good game for my favorites of
all time retro
this is a plus i love retro games man
this is great man i'm back for my mini
took some days off like a week maybe but
this is cool man looking forward to this
man let's get right into it okay so we
gotta make a little slave slot here lego
all right so we got here future pass so
i guess these are the difficulty
settings legend night squire
and paige make ready for the ghosts and
gobblers you will die
yes but so too will you bask in glory

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has been thrown release for you and come
play with fire and get burned
okay so is that the highest uh let's see
take heart humble warriors haunted by
the pain of death
oh sorry defeat perhaps you can get
claim revenge if you're able to come
squire okay so i'm thinking up top is
the hardest and the lower you go
the easier to those initiated
adventurers welcome
test your metal here first if you wish
if you wish to have a ghost of a chance
in page
untested apprentices blessed with
immortality this is it
you'll be giving up the goals many
mysteries will remain such
but it may be your content only a taste
guys if i'm tongue twisted tongue tied
are you gonna call it i
i just woke up is like what 11 30 p.m
for me but we'll get going
so uh i'm gonna do squire yeah because i
don't want to get myself into
but uh if it's a weight this game has
two players
oh man that's a missed opportunity i
just had someone here for that but let's
jump right into it
uh if i can adjust this game real easily
then we switch it allow you to switch on
the go on the fly
all right so we can go to the graveyard
zone one x excuse me browse pick up
okay so uh yeah let's start top i'm used
to super nintendo one that had
you beginning at the graveyard my name's
a long time ago
i was a kid playing that mr ozzy i could
be wrong i may not be remembering
it correctly but yeah let's do it man
i'm bumped for this
oh wow just just draw me in here okay
what we got here
can we jump with b we jump with uh hey
throw that throw that and what's this oh
we can do
okay we got what's that x i'm not used
to nintendo controller no that's why
all right so x doesn't do anything
probably a special but let's do it we're
gonna use b to jump and
why for whatever
don't hear any music small here
here we go all right let's go who's
getting kicked what that's the color of
blood was that like blue
it even had the retro sound effects
in the music ost is back oh my god
where did he come from like no one was
even there
look at that come here give me that
give me all that oh come on man
oh my god
enough you don't sleep up on the topic
let's upload
yeah thank you oh we got blue flames
oh caught him what were you doing my

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the buddy plants on here what
one at a time let me get something to
kill these things
dude let's do a got him
oh these these clothes are like he's
trying to get me out of here
sorry about that so i i guess these guys
is going to keep respawning if you
what have you oh there we go
there we go i'm like oh wait
all right so what's this gigantic zombie
there we go how do we um
i guess we can't leave anything with
that that was like a checkpoint it's not
out of the way oh it's raining
mario plant
goodbye oh we need some jewelry
thank you
one ahead of time i guess head shots is
the way to go for those
come on dude you can't you tell me you
can't jump onto that ladder
this is 2021 right let's go
duck oh my god
it was coming down
oh yeah it's like they're going to keep
get out of here do you want like a
different section of the
oh my god okay i see we're getting into
i see what's going on here all right so
that was a checkpoint
revenge now no no
plant man get the plan
yeah you missed there we go all right we
own it this time man
og platformer dude let's go gonna mess
up you wanna stay
stay open stay low so where's that uh
that treasure chest man we're like
where'd it go where's oh
oh look at that be kicking everything
oh i just run man dude that chest man i
was like looking forward to having that
what was inside of it probably some
crazy legendary armor i don't know
whoa leave me see more
oh come on
these things won't stop coming
yes we a uh checkpoint hope those
are unlimited man i know like back in
the day man
they weren't here you had like a number
uh like a few lives and that was it man
to like beat the game but go run
yeah give me that arm back he just took
a piece of it just took me
oh man this is not closed zero or close

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

yeah away from yo can i get rid of this
blue thing oh here we go
this guy ugly times 10.
look dude that building's not gonna hit
we got it here we're inside the castle
now oh might be a boss fight
all right i'm assuming he's gonna run
yeah yeah oh we got a chest hold on give
me that oh wait
what's that it's a boss
oh my god what
dude i didn't even see that water all
right we're right there that's a good
thing we're right there man let's go
round three
let's go yeah
what dude every time turn around with
some new table
[ __ ] man what is this
what is this what the
oh my god how you supposed to fight
stuff like this
what's the bonus stage yeah the one
that's all up here with that we got that
golden armor look at that what you guys
talking about
yeah dude go
this old dashboard oh god see is there a
nah there isn't a dashboard come on
do this you sold it
it didn't even come all the way over oh
man this game is playing tricks on me
okay i see what's going on here you
gotta get one hour that's it
oh man let's go
oh wait wait
yeah what the you tell me the crow did
no i mean that armor again let's go come
on do it you know armor again
what the mother i'm talking about give
it back
we're not fully okay i mean you know i
thought we was
not this time right all right let's see
this thing is playing tricks with me
hold on a sec yeah let's play tricks
now you come all the way okay all right
look at that see good thing i didn't
this game think it's slick see what
you're doing ah
checkpoint oh my god who's these dudes
come on here we go
okay i need these guys
yeah right is it oh

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

let's go
go go
oh yeah well not no
the soggy the soggy wood man the
platform was like sinking come on dude
you know what guys we can be real as
possible here we're not going to edit
anything man we're going to play this
straight i want you guys to see every
everything unless it gets too out of
hand i'm like dying
over and over and over and over and over
again you know just like that
then yeah come on
i know your tricks
keep this block holy like really
oh yes give me that
oh my god we get murdered we get
i can't even get over there
we gotta uh change history man
ah yes enough of that
let's go whoa stop flying along
let's do like a dude that looks like egg
egg roll with a pitchfork
what in the game is this
all right let's go wait can we let's go
come here
they grow down it go down oh we need
uh-huh here we go
oh there was a monster at first
no one man no
ah checkpoint
what the where we going on yes that's
what i'm talking about
i'm like yeah dude this is five minutes
of terror
or was it longer than that i don't know
all right good thing is you're right
man you're right there just like
yeah it's not that bad
let's go
let's get serious okay oh we get serious
right there what the
what kind of ride was that
no no no no man redo that was the worst
riot history
all right these guys let's go yeah
take that golden there we go
i think he's slick he wants to no
not four oh come on man and it gets

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

longer and longer what in the world is
going on here
this game was supposed to be my game of
the year what's going on here man
oh my god i hate these guys
let's do it
ah so what's up how you like that
let's go if you what the
dude you put it back up
so how to be uh can be like uh
really really you see that
multiple egg rolls
oh my god i want that i want it
i need i need it
oh my god we came all the way over there
for that
this is terrible this is terrible
why is he looking outward like stop oh
my god
dude what in the blue hell is this game
don't be back he's back there again uh
no run run just don't even fight these
yeah let's go why are you keep looking
up man what's going on with that
yeah goodbye i like that let's go we
gotta we gotta just run through here man
because like we can't play they game we
gotta play our game
so you don't what
you know that can hurt me
let's see this guy we got where mario
oh my spreads everywhere
get out of here man this game is like oh
so many why why is he looking up
why are you looking up you idiot why
are you looking up nah we're not
lowering difficulty man we're closer
anyway we got this
we gotta get back to this first stage
come on dude
why are you looking up what are you
maybe it's the way i'm angling myself i
don't know wrong
rolls man
yeah hey like that i'm not going over
there message set up that's a set up
clear front row man go down
go go what's up hill

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

one of these things are gonna keep
coming out
yes oh my god
what kind of glory is this
it went away oh man nintendo you suck
right now
oh decided to do something like that
first we got the killer egg mario plans
you in the wrong game my friend
oh my god oh god man knock it away
enough get out of here
get away
no why are you looking up you idiot
oh my god dude you know what analog time
we were using the d-pad move the d-pad
sucks and long time you know what what's
going on here man
we like it we got the way
killed by some gigantic rules man just
asked them yesterday i wouldn't expect
them to come after me
oh no what let me see that
man come on come on come on
come on let's talk food oh
i see i hit it okay
go go go let's come back no
that was scary so that is the way to go
we have to go there
all right let's do it where's the rest
go go here we go whoo
so i'm talking about you need a
checkpoint you need to check what you
said run
go man you're coming right come on
no [ __ ] magic
ah go go that's what i'm talking about
what what oh my god
dude if this was a physical copy
well backflip this game
oh my god
why is it so many of these things dude
like everywhere
i can't breathe
it's gonna be like useful when i give me
some health or something man give me a
oh like
i was going to jump onto that i guess
i'm just not meant to have that day
is the biggest like
he's known to man
no more coming behind me man tell me
last time
no no no no no come on dude
we can't hit him for me

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

yeah come on let's go
there we go yeah that's how i feel
it's just like come on dude not want me
to end not want me to
give me that we need it
armor armor a sword
here whatever dagger
all right we're finally at the end man
let's do this
what is this come on man we got the
cyclops the hairy cyclops let's work
over there rick what's going on this guy
oh my god i hit him all right hit him on
eat him
come on yeah
where's he at right in his head
ah yeah hey like that ugly
oh my god here we go oh
nice guys crazy wow
oh he's easy you gotta kick this guy
watch this
nobody kick this dude all right he's
easy watch this
hold on we got here oh we got new
weapons we got daggers
or pocket knives well not pocket knives
baby knives
let's go ugly i'm gonna scalp your face
take that unicorn off top of your head
i'm joking oh
i'll take all of them
let's go yeah right
this dude is awesome stuff
oh man come on just go he's ugly for a
go go
now he goes that direction
i swear man this game must have infinite
lives because
yeah give me these back man because the
other thing wasn't working a little baby
sword wasn't doing anything but getting
us jammed up worse than we did the first
oh my i can't even play in this game
this is midnight for me let me
rock this thing it's crazy

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

i'm so slow
get down here
there we go come on let's see what you
yeah this is awful thing you know what i
should have ran over the directions
crap he changed up a little bit
he definitely changed up a little bit he
changed up a little bit
here we go he doesn't change up a bit
i'm talking about ugly
you knew where i was going
let's go it's working
oh no
run run run he's crazy
yes we cooked them we cooked up give me
and then i'm talking about
oh yeah i'm out of here
first dungeon first stage complete
it only took us like 10 tries time eight
minutes that's a lie
it was way more eight minutes oh my god
this is crazy
all right so we got next we got uh yeah
you know i think we'll go
completely across and i couldn't go down
now but uh yeah we kind of did the uh
green area already so let's do um
keep going from the top let's do
crystalline city
let's do it
i don't want to complete now hopefully
it's not going to be
you know home kid demands this is uh
goals and goals super girls and goblins
it's about to be crazy in the first time
whoa okay uh ice man we slide on us
we got bb bats this time
so we don't have the egg rolls good
oh we got one he actually caught one
god something bat dude got like move
i just died trying to avoid the baby bat
man thing squeaker goblin

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

this thing always be around
let's go ah out the way
you know what it's okay we're good we're
good go
why didn't he like must they just pop up
right now
stop man you missed
yes whoa what
oh my god that hurt me
nothing dude oh
oh man what kind of weapon is this
throwing trash balls of trash
brickley bust that open
this game is two players how's that
possible a game like this
oh no
yes we got the checkpoint
ah once i was dead
let's go we can get two acts two zones
done in this place
this is part one got the way
watch this little thing
run man it's the best thing you possibly
can do is get you run
what's that i wrote all you guys
why would it be right there there we go
this is much better
than those wool aroma trash bags wow
he ducked it he he ducked underneath he
dodged it what
he's looking to see oh come on man now
he's just running straight in
somebody's too dead now let's go
let's go these things it's like intimate
looks like the platformer version of
early that was like the perfect run
that was the perfect run i was a perfect
mother all right let's go that's it
and this guy's been around so goofy like
like nothing's happening dude that kill
these things
it comes to you
so ugly man they look even worse when
they're running
i missed that i swear to god oh yeah
we got better weapons better weapons
fighting better weapons let's go
yeah we making this jump this time

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

someone talking about maybe gargoyles
are back those things
these are the best uh all things called
bro i can't hit with a duck
dude i got hit with an ice clown to kill
yeah man that's how we feel we out here
with these boxes on the cold
we can handle this
i play this game uh called macbooks
capcom i'm sure you guys have played
it's like the oh my god who did that who
did it
it's like a prequel to uh project x zone
which was like for nintendo
3ds can i destroy those
he drops straight down he really well
the thing is that game he's a cool
character in that game
um arthur he's a cool character in that
you know it's a strategy rpg
it was only in japan but i did play
english packs version so
you know better nothing play a little
bit again okay so you can destroy those
this ugly thing is killer what happens
when jack frost
doesn't get his way
oh my god leech i really jumped up
no his face come at the bottom here we
go we got the gargoyle goblin dude up
all right as long as i'm not really
like exactly underneath him
we need him you can't get me yeah i like
and the flying butterfly thing is going
of course firefly whatever we want to
call it
but yeah another checkpoint let's go
oh i got something for you stay right
there come back
come on let's go let's go hmm
took that it helped a little bit though
i'll give him that
a little bit
oh my god seriously the the flames i
mean i got warm arm for a reason
like why really just walking in
walking into it all right we learning
now you know so if you guys play this
game just know you cannot walk into
those barrels because it would blow you
to kingdom come
here we go so we just we have to destroy
i was wondering why i just sitting there
you know they're just sitting there
there's no enemies around because they
want you to destroy it

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

noted document what was that
no run oh my god
it's too it's total
inverse too be out of here run
run run run run run
oh [ __ ]
yeah how you like that
come on let's do it
yeah look at that ah take them
early oh they want to keep coming run
don't keep coming around here
oh man how do we
i don't think even
no what is it so many of them
yes come here this guy's
come here do me a favor be nice
ugly bastard i go
this game man i'm telling you it's a
what the freak
just run man look at him just waiting
for me to come down there
get that man you can forget it
what it was like yeah dude don't even
try to climb back down here because we
taking those ladders away
completely all right we go to this door
no no man
what's the super one you hate was bigger
than other ones
go go go
get it yeah
we got here yes checking point we out of
here you mad down there you oh
my god what kind of levitational iceberg
steps in
let's do this let's do this we learned
we learned it today
what type of guy uh my guys i can play
games like this
but as you notice i get get annoyed
relatively easy
but dumb stuff so if i'm like person
like no a girl characters they were
like annoying me and it's just like once
i get annoyed by characters i just see
them it just does it for me i'm done
it just makes the game way harder for me
yo yeah out here in the winter time with
my boxers
beat up by crows man trolls explode they
mean it
good thing we're right here though it's
gonna be awesome play through because
we don't have to start over old school
way the old ones super girls and ghosts
and like that one arcade one
you hit me oh
these birds man i swear these birds
like why are you even up here flying as

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

cold as ever right here go migrate
look at him red eyes and everything hit
him like
get this stupid bird man
freaking character i'm not a youtuber no
more man i'm a rager
oh they raised two though right
all right let's go let's let me start
with man let me like get a little
serious at least try two
i hate it
let's go birds come out tonight it's
because i got a stupid
attack that goes like two different
yeah you guys you got some stuff
and then terrible man and he shuts like
she's like one or two at a time and he
just like have to reload or something
we got to get these thank you let me go
messed up now
oh my walk jump oh man dude
zone 2 was the last zone of the game
this is how we finish the game
go man go go
yeah uh-huh wait do that with other
no man
step outside bird step outside man step
out with all the birds outside put your
hands up
know what
we gotta get up this thing man we have
to get up this
we have to get up this we can do it we
can do it we can do it
here we go come on dude we are way too
high right now
what in the world is this up with this
guy man like
what kind of game is this like normally
you know you just walk
off and you'll just go when he walks off
a ledge he drops straight down
like i'm thinking okay just walk over he
hit the cliff ledge whatever and boom
he doesn't do that he just straights
fall down
dude walk over i guess you have to jump

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

with everything in this game
oh my god
arthur you're the worst hero ever seen
my life
all right we in here we are over there
we right there
come on ah oh my god i almost missed
oh what is up with the dragon now all
what's he doing what's he doing
oh my god we got an extra crazy version
we gotta go
you by far obvious thing i've seen this
game so far
by far man ugly terrible
come on how these birds man
go this dude coming up there
just mad and angry and ugly for no
let's go nothing games enough for the
he won't throw anymore he will not throw
why is there like
cool down whatever you want to call it
he does like two of these and you see he
sits and waits for a bit
or one until it clears the screen or
tie this guy man come on let's go
ah run up come on man
i hate this game more than anything
i hate this game more than
come on man you know what
this is this is the furthest we're gonna
get zone two
oh my god this is like beyond
terrible i'm gonna kill that thing
before everything's said and done i'm
gonna kill that thing
these birds
ah we're getting over there
here we go give me that something has to
be better there somebody better
better shoot like you would have the
weight to it like
clears your entire screen before you can
actually shoot again
yeah like that oh yeah here we go
all right let's get up here and handle
this guy and more birds
and more

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

why must they keep coming
why why what's this coming why would
they keep coming man
fish i hate arthur man i'll never play
his games again
this is it man and he fell right off
oh i wish i could beat this guy up so
bad right now just put my hands on
i wish
this dragon just had to wake him up now
the big ugly barristan is on his way
down here
there you go we are out of here my
friend i like shoot him from like over
okay he jump up
oh yes
oh go go
go go go go
first of all i hit the barrel
this is the worst playthrough in history
i played music
video games
let's imagine i wasn't going to
commentary right now i'm just just
playing the game you're like
let's just do a problem why can't he get
up here because he's too big
nah forget the treasure chest that thing
is like hit or miss
because we always miss
you just missed all that
yeah he wouldn't jump over i jumped over
he just stood here
yeah now we bout to take this guy man we
don't hold him
look at that dragon people starting all
this come on
let's work him let's go bodybuilder
don't do that
you know what i'm charging it like that
like an idiot
i wish i could just like jump through
the floor like how you doing like most
come on dude you know what's going up

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

look i don't care i was breaking that
dude down
no more running here come the dragon
look look what he did just look what he
never hold on to him something's gonna
be a dragon boss battle
[ __ ] ron oh
there we go it's working working what in
his back
yo you can't get past that the scales oh
man i'm starting over
at the beginning again it's gonna be
kingdom come because he will be
about to say man i'm about to say this
my feelings
oh that was a bad choice that was a bad
oh my god that was a bad choice we gonna
lose his time
oh my god why would he give me this
terrible choice i tell you man them them
they can be your worst enemy they give
you things you don't need i got the fire
keep your oh not now you're saying huh
oh you're trying to teach me how to
fight the guy
keep you cool you're kind of late with
that just dude on pound power drivers
like 10 times and
we need better weapons better weapons
give me the garbage give me garbage
oh my god
what kind of boss is this
catch up to him
ah work all now
what is he doing what is he
get me off that guy he is definitely
yeah get him away go away dude you need
your tails to fall off and everything
go don't come back came back
oh man this guy is about to be ahead

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

no no no
first weapon in history man this thing
is terrible look at this
dude tell god sparks come out of it
war's weapon known to man we gotta beat
this guy we gotta take him
come on oh
yeah come on
that was the end of our tale
let's 20. this man squirt this guy
coming that way this time no
touching this time you can't touch him
wow can't touch
oh he's coming again
all right we're mad now

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

oh my god close enough
right where you coming from
come on you coming man
oh my god it was terrible
there we go go ahead shoot those sparks
on the tail man i dare you to double do
you shoot the spawn
there you go come on come on
the slowest runner what is he coming
from this way
oh my god of course right of course he
just starts swerving in here
to me
his head
yes always monster known to man
oh my god
dude had a headache
oh my god we're out of here this is
so scary man
finally did zone two man this was
ridiculous we didn't die 13 times
20 times
yeah um that was experience for the day
looks like you you've caught an umbrella
i'm real boy i'm roll b there are these
who's the creator to the umbrella tree
to learn useful magic skills so it has a
skill tree
go on and use up of course i'll save
that uh
x so we'll put the umbrella tree okay
let's try that fine return
all right so oh these things these guys
be running into

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

okay firewall and knights two walls of
flames all this left and right
when you got luna could do too and color
power thunder on to uh
arthur's bites on these hellstorm boats
or directions
cool way to take it
thunderstorm one what is this let's get
this one
that's how they look all right guys
we're gonna use that for the next area
which is zone three caverns
of the cold you guys let me do a part
two just let me know in the comment
section below
thanks for watching all that good stuff
this game is too much man i'm telling
but yeah you guys we do more uh rather
you didn't whatever you did i'll do it
again maybe livestream i don't know
these guys watching cool stay safe take
care and make sure you
like the video sub if you haven't
already click on notifications
make sure you head that's hot one and
yeah we'll get you guys later peace

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection - gameplay walkthrough part 1 on Nintendo Switch covering the entire Zone 1: Graveyard & Zone 2: Crystalline City. Gameplay is ...


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  1. noticed you must have to earn the double jump on this one or not in the game
    will have to say that the SNES's version of the Grave Yard music was my favorite .. but still want this ^^

  2. sooo sehr darauf gefreut und nach einer stunde anspielen sofort wieder gelöscht.
    das spiel ist der letzte schrott.. die steuerung ist, wie von anderen bereits erwähnt, sehr steif und somit kaum spielbar.
    zum vergleich Ghost N Goblins auf SNES könnte ich heute noch in der schwierigsten stufe ohne zu schwitzen und mit verschlossenen augen durchspielen.
    Bei Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection schaffe ich es nicht einmal bis zum zweiten checkpoint, weil die steuerung der letzte dreck ist und die KI einfach übertrieben beschissen…

    dann muss ich wohl noch mal 30 jahre warten….


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