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SearchThisVideo: GIANT ROBOT; SMALL PLANET | #1 | Dyson Sphere Program | Lets Play/Guide/Walkthrough

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Watch video at 00:00
so here we are
ready to start a new game of dyson
sphere program and
let's just dive into it so we can get
into the awesome automation
we're gonna start with this seed here
all right there are 64
planets no not planets stars in our
little cluster here and they are
different types we're going to start
here at kappa sagittarii a g-type star
and we're going to just dive in and then
let's roll the intro
welcome to the actual universe
you may find it's different from our
homeland should you be able to adapt to
the laws of physics in a short time
i am your advisor and will help you
through this mission
so now we are progressing towards our
new homeland
this is our star kappa sagittarii and
this is
capacity three two and three
everything here is yours it's one of
and the pioneer of the dyson sphere
program you will explore this cluster
step by step
by using the resources here to construct
the dyson sphere to provide energy for
the center brain
to maintain homeland starting from
i have chosen a designated planet for
you to start the mission
which has necessary resources for
initial development
now please drive the space capsule to
the planet
i can do that so the center brain is
sort of an
all-knowing all-powerful ai that
supports mankind in a virtual reality
and we have the unfortunate task to
actually make
a dyson sphere to generate enough energy
to actually get
keep this center brain going and keep
evolving humankind
let's see if we can hit this beautiful
little planet technically
to reach the designated planet
what a beautiful pristine landscape
ready to be turned into a massive scale

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

let's start by going through some uh
some basic commands we have the
with lots of crap in it we have our f
freaking handcrafting that's the
replicator where we can build
a lot of stuff we've done some research
and all of the objective of this entire
game is to
automate things so we're gonna do this
and everything about this should be very
familiar to
anyone who's played factorio or
satisfactory we're gonna start with some
iron and then we're gonna add some
copper afterwards
and here we can actually go into some of
the final points we have some conveyor
belts that we have researched
they can be just made into some
some line here we have you can see our
little construction drones we have three
of those
and they are just happily making our
first little construction
what we're going to do then is make it
go into a box
actually we shouldn't go into a box yet
we should start getting some
power so let's build a single
single wind turbine that did generate
summer build some power in this area
strength is 100 and we are also going to
make a
powerful to sort of spread it out here
now that should get it into this
location and we can see that this is
working at
only 71 percent that is not actually
very much for
considering all things considered but
it's working and
it's basically if you if you see this
this is covering
six veins this is what you can see down
here these six veins will
combined or each of them will generate
30 per minute and some things up a
minute so this one should be if it's at
operating at 100 capacity should
generate 180 per minute which is
uh six per second no three per second
and that's pretty normal so what i'm
gonna do is i'm gonna take what is
can only be described as an inserter and
start putting our iron ore in here
and that's basically the very first
automation we're gonna do
let's get some iron ore in here and
from that we can also just in the
inventory we have picked up something as
well we can go make components
we can make a lot of these components
ourselves so just have it be done in the
that is boring for us to watch but this
is the basic basic stuff
you need power you need to distribute
power you need mining
you need belts to transport it and then
you need to put it into some storage
all right let's do the same for copper
and then merge them together
i managed to find a bit of copper so
let's tap this as well
come on and that's probably good is it
tapping four
seven four it could be tapping five good
couldn't it i think it should
you should definitely tap five six
there that six get it and again
since this is far away from our other
location it's all the way over there we
can't even see it but it's all the way
over there this is the closest one i
could find
so we are going to make again we're just
making some locals

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

local machines here let's get it a bit
like that so what we're gonna do here is
we are going to
just make it into a box because that's
all we can do right now we can just
bring it in
and put it into a little box here and
that box
is something where we can just pick an
inserter or it's called a solder let me
try to do that to recognize this again
this one is producing power
or producing this is also working at a
capacity but if it was working at peak
capacity it would produce
three per second now one of these small
ones a solder mark one can only take
you can take 1.5 per trip so it can
support 1.5 if it's
this close so it should be able to keep
up when it's on this close if you make
it at a longer distance it can
goes at half the speed so what now now
we have iron and copper put into
boxes that's not really gonna help us is
it so what we need is
more research so we go into the research
tree and see if what would be make sense
to do
automated metallurgy would absolutely
make sense so
this would be a great thing for us to
research so we can automate our smelting
now this requires some things magnetic
coils and
circuits and those can likely luckily
luckily just be
crafted handcrafted and we're just going
to craft handcraft those
we don't have enough of oh okay that's
actually a mistake
i can do how many of those 10 of those
maybe and i can't do
any of those there 10 of those yep
here we go this is the automatic
metallurgy that is completed
and what this gives us okay it doesn't
start talking that's great i can build
this and i'm actually gonna build it in
a way here so that we can do
direct insertion you built a smelter i
think you can spell basic materials
such as iron ingots and copper ingots
while you want to make the raw materials
and products get in and out of it
you need to use sorters and conveyor
after selecting the recipe you can use
the less than key to copy the recipe
and the greater that key to paste the
next building that needs to set the same
yeah this is uh what you actually just
saw me already do
and this is uh if i build one more of
here okay if i remove the recipe and if
i copy it then i press
these icons on my keyboard this is a
comma and this is a
period sign but it works and it's
actually quite neat it's a neat way to
copy paste between buildings
i appreciate it you can see that our
power is absolutely horrendous
and what we need to do is well we need
to get this one
back to the rest of the base to the iron
and how we can do that well we can do
some kind of thing like this
oh like that
and that way and then basically get it

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

all the way over
to that side and then of course we're
gonna need some of these
one two and we'll just get a few and
that's gonna go in here
and here now let's merge these together
add some more wind turbines and see if
we can
combine the iron and copper into
something useful so here we have
our copper ore lined or not copper or
smelted plates coming in but it's only
iron ore
here that came out of our the initial
storage plant the reason why we
have iron ore is actually because there
are a few things that we can do
and that is if we look at our options
we can actually smelt iron ore directly
into some magnetic
materials and to magnet or to iron
ingots and
since we can do both we have to figure
out how to do it my objective now
is to build what we need in order to
science so if we look at our science
facility here we have a few things
unlocked and
as we see new things will require these
kind of blue
electromagnetic matrix and that's
kind of uh the research item very film
very similar to factorio
we're gonna need to build those and the
way we're gonna build it
is um let's have a look and see in our
inventory here
this requires one of the coils
and one of the circuits so we're going
to make
one coil and one circuit and we're just
going to make it out of here
we don't really care so much about the
the optimal ratio here at this point
that's something we can get later but we
definitely need to smelt something
and let's uh get some extra plates
always nice to get some extra plates but
we don't really
want to get extra so we can take this
one making it into plates and
then i do copy paste how i like that and
this one will make it
into the magnets and you know
let's let's store everything we need to
store everything so let's do that
there there okay
that's oh yeah okay so this is like a
really cool little thing you can
actually stack them on top of each other
it's not what i wanted i wanted to build
it here so you can already see
a bit about this planet curvature here
curves closer these lines curve closer
to each other up towards the north pole
that we have
somewhere up there we'll get there
but uh not just yet so let's uh
put some inserters we can get the whole
damn thing operational that one
i keep calling it inserters i just don't
think i'll ever be able to call them
anything else that is beautiful things
are moving
and i'm gonna put things in here and you
know what
if i look at the speed here it doesn't
really make sense if it's only one does
i think i need to put two of these here
they're just not fast enough
because if you look at it uh here it's
only 7.75
per per trip
and no trips per second one trip takes

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00
and that's because it is now two
distance i can't make him closer than
this if i make things
and let's try it like that if i make him
like this there's no room for putting
this one in between
it has to be two squares between them
also looks like we are running out of
a power pole here so let's actually get
a powerful work
we just squeeze it in like right there
maybe so it will just hit to the next
things as well so we don't have two of
these and then i am going to build and
we have a new machine here it's called
an assembly machine
and lo and behold it's an assembling
machine what does that do
it assembles things it looks magnificent
and this one will be
taking the recipe here circuit board
takes two iron and one copper so let's
get two iron and one copper inbound
i am going to take from this one from
the box inbound from the box inbound
so they are now smashing it and we are
going to need some
copper as well this copper outbound or
inbound as well i am going to take it
right there that's going to be the even
line unfortunate doesn't quite match
with this one so
i think we'll just we'll connect it like
this and our
little robots have to work overtime to
get it done i can't manually handcrafted
i have to wait for the robot to do it
and they will take some power to to keep
it's not really a big deal at this point
but later on it becomes a big deal
it becomes some kind of a thing so at
this point we are going to just grab
some oh i can't do that i can't
take it from ghost belts yeah we're
currently in go spells for sure
that goes in here and now
i realized that i built it too close i
guess so i'm gonna have to build it over
on the side instead i don't
super enjoy that it would have been nice
if i could build it out here
but you know it is what it is
i'll just smash two of those in because
if you look at this oh
no not that one this one it's actually
working and producing
two circuits per second that's kind of a
lot it's actually more than i can keep
up with but i think it's gonna be fine
for now
let's make another one of these and i
can just make it straight across from
this one
it will get another recipe it'll get the
magnetic coil things recipe and i will
uh you know what if i'm gonna take one
two inbounds here i'm gonna take two
inbounds on that side as well
and you're gonna go here and i'm going
to take
on the other side
that should probably also be two of
those yeah let's get two of those
and look at that what we have now is
actually the production of the things we
yeah we can take that one out we can
take that one out
and that means we can now go into our
inventory and we can
handcraft away on these things
okay maybe not the last ones will but
you can see we are now
producing these items of course we could
also produce them
in this area that would be beneficial so

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

you could actually make it and this is
where the next kind of item comes in and
i think we can
do that somehow right yeah we should do
we have one of these it is a science
i guess you could call it that um i'm
going to place it i don't know something
like this
we can always change it if we don't like
it these can also stack
so this one has matrix lab you can use
it to make super matrices okay or
research technologies that require them
to unlock
the super matrices are the source code
of the center brain
for maintaining the homeworld you could
upload as many super matrices
to the center brain as possible you can
be benefit to unlock more actual
world technologies by operating the home
world simultaneously
all right did not quite make a lot of
sense that comment
but basically i think my description is
better take that advisor
you have two modes you can either use it
as an assembler
to create these blue box blue boxes of
science boxes or you can
convert the incoming science boxes to
actual research
that's what is happening from my manual
inventory now but
now it can happen from a dedicated
building so we're going to jump it back
actually using it as an assembler and
start filling things in here from
that location here and
from this location as well something
along this line
and we're just gonna get it out what
what what no connection
what oh it's not placed it yeah yeah
i'm too fast and that one
and we can also do inbound and inbound
and then
of course we need to make another
powerball for this one as well
and boom now we will hopefully see
and of course we don't have enough power
but we should be seeing things coming in
we are not seeing things coming in
because that one is
out of power uh i guess i should have
built this
bit a tiny bit closer can i just move
this just a bit
there boom now it works
so these are coming in let's have a look
at see that it's working because now
what we've done is we have
automated we've taken our automation
of copper all the way over there and
that is our friendly gas giant we are
taking our
iron coming into iron ore going into
iron plates and
iron magnets and we can also from here
pick up should we want any more of those
and we are now making
these two i and items here they're not
going to be consumed fast enough in this
one so we can potentially stack more on
top of it if we like
or we can just let these be because
we're going to need those for basically
anything else in this factory
let's see what else what the next thing
on the agenda is let's look at our
research so we can
we're working towards unlocking steel
and the reason we want steel is because
then we can get some
modifi environment modification and that

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

seems pretty cool so we can stop paving
the world and
like clean up these things and you know
me i do like my foundations right
so the construction of one of these
that's just not enough we're gonna
definitely take more
so why don't we just build more on top
of each other we can only build three at
the top of each other right now and
they're just going to be
roaring in here and since these also
have an
different mode then let's just build
them next to each other just to see but
this mode will actually be the
other mode the consumption mode
and then what we can do is then just
link these across as much as possible
come on
come on that should be three should be
three available right
no which one am i getting
there you go there so those three
are now here and what we're doing is
we're getting automatic research
it's going pretty quickly 60 hashes per
second that's probably one of these per
that looks pretty damn good and the next
thing we want to do
is actually working on our steel
so we just research steel and we can
probably leach another line here for
so let's uh try that steel is pretty
simple to make
we make steel from
smelter here and
to make it actually look like the same
thing i think will actually get
a box in between even though it doesn't
make any sense
otherwise it just looks weird don't go
dude on me
cannot be at it okay i just guess i need
consume something so we can have more
things in our inventory
and oh hold on i need to do the copy
uh copy and paste all right didn't work
couldn't get it right there and that one
and this one yes oh solo collection
that's something we definitely want
but in order for us to do solar
connection we have data shows this is a
planet without natural silicon veins
however you can still obtain some by
smelting stone ore
while you still need a massive silicone
collection you need to find a planet
rich with silicone veins as soon as
all right we'll do that now
you can try to view the whole planetary
system and even the entire cluster
by clicking the star map button in the
lower left corner of the screen
yeah we'll do that in just a second
but this getting this one in is super
easier i could do that while he was
talking away okay this is super slow
and not even this one might be fast
uh so basically what i'm doing here is
iron goes in how an all goes in becomes
iron plates
gets stored in here goes in becomes
steel plates
at a quite a low rate here we are taking
three iron plates into one steel but at
a one per second so this is crafting one
per second this is consuming three for

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

three seconds
it's all good and that one will now need
to be brought
well first we're just gonna bring it
we're gonna leave it where it is right
for now
so we are our objective is now since we
also need
we got something about solar panels
solar plans planets require
our solar panels require some glass so
what are we going to do we're going to
start having some
stone this seems good right
that one is not good that was good that
was good yeah right there
cool and then we're gonna get usual
let's get this one and then build a line
rotate it so that it
becomes maybe
something like this that's probably fine
and that's this gets built
what we're gonna do is the stuff that we
can do with
stone bricks that come our stone that
comes out we can do two things
right now we can take it and we can
smelt it
so let's start by smelting it let's melt
it here
what we can smell it into is actually we
can smelt it into glass
so we take stone into glass it's pretty
simple and we just need to store this
we don't really have a use for it right
now but it's just one of those things
that i think it's
when we can build it let's just let's
just build a
setup for this so that we have it when
we need it
improve logistics system that means we
can make fastest solders that's pretty
they're a bit more expensive but they're
also kind of nice
and the other thing we can do is on this
we can make
stone funny how it says stone and not
stone bricks or something well okay i
guess stone bricks would
kind of imply too much but it's stone
bricks right so
let's make some stone bricks uh these
new thing we can make is actually under
here environmental modification
that is uh if we look at our
crafting here it's down here in the
corner we can do foundation
that's going to be used for leveling
surfaces and that requires
stone bricks and across steel so since
we have that over here i think we'll
just build
something like this and something like
build a dedicated location for this one
then we have to assemble it
in here
yep that assembler is going to assemble
foundations and then make a little box
out on the other side
so let's put the inserters in just gonna
go in here
that one's gonna go in here this one
will go in
oh that's a bit too far away let's uh
get it closer
and that's probably good i don't want to
make it any further than we need because
that will make
these inserters slower and again this
what oh i'm in building mode there

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

is that correct it seems a bit too close
doesn't it
nope it's good and i need to set this
one to
foundation but that means we need steel
well still is that something we have
let's start by putting this one in here
we are going to go back to our steel
production that we just built and see if
we can just link it in there
that means we now need to cross belts
and there are no
undergrounds in this uh this system here
shift copy
so what we can do is we can see that
doesn't work
but if you press arrow up you can
actually make it go
up and over let's uh let's do that so
something like this and while the
robots are building it i can just get a
single little item out here
come up there should also be
good and then i can continue from here
that one and you know what i want to
just take it down no point in me
keeping it up there and it goes all the
way over
to this one
that seems good and that's not gonna be
consuming very fast so that should be
fine just
taking it in like this all right
and let's get the last of these done and
then see the steel coming in it's very
difficult to see that it's steel from
the distance i kind of like that they've
gone so simple and just like it's a
package with a sticker that says steel
on it instead of just
the sets the size factory way i mean of
course it's better to have like unique
icons and
unique shapes and stuff but you know you
gotta cut some corners and i don't mind
this corner that's been cut
we have foundation let me just show how
this foundation works
it works by that you can level the
surface here and you can build
sacred path if you feel inclined a
terrain leveling tool
that's um we have soil piles here we
that's kind of a secret
resource that gets uh every time we
build something it levels the terrain
and we get a bit of soil pile
which we can then use to level up uh
some oceans or river beds or something
like that so keeping a good stock part
of this is good if you for example want
to build like i don't know
a research facility on the north pole i
don't know who would want to do
something crazy like that
so with all of these new machines we're
definitely going to take a look at power
get that sorted for now and it seems
like it was not a second too soon
our base is not doing so hot in terms of
power so let's uh
go over here and get some new power get
that drop down
here we have some coal and coal is going
to be our new power source
so we are going to start see if we can
get some of this coal and that should be
right there
get another locations on and we're going
to get this
out into a box we're going to do some
kind of
some kind of storage here and i think

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

we'll do
yeah something like this and i'll put it
into a box
as it sort of passes by this box i think
that's a good way of doing it
and basically just go here
here and then go out here on the other
side since there's no sort of
sidedness then i think it makes sense to
do this and we're going to put one
up it has to be in range so we'll put it
somewhere like that
boom what a failure
we'll try again that one doesn't
there we go now pause this one and we
have some cold yeah we have some coal so
fire it up here so what we need at this
point is some
new power plants luckily we have a few
of these power plants
so let's uh smash them down here and
they automatically connect
to this location so let's build them in
a nice series here
and let's build them like that and here
and i'm gonna do
yeah this looks good this looks very
so we're gonna fire these up immediately
come on boom
and immediately grab some yes making
more power we're almost at 100
let's get more of these they can be
put in nice serial connection here so
let's do that that one
and that one and then i can also to
continuation and then it's time for us
actually get stuff inbound is it there
yes is it
there no it's that one
that okay i guess i'm not so picky on
whether it's the inbound or the outbound
and with that we have a restored power
that's excellent
excellent excellent excellent so that's
just basically a good
upgrade to power getting some thermal
power stations
and they're burning coal they're running
it quite quickly actually but i might be
they might be just to catch up on
everything here
might need to add a second miner here
probably a good idea
somewhere here and it'll
okay i can't really get a good one
and that's not a good one
but the idea is good so basically doing
something like this
and then hooking it up here so i'll just
basically have two lines now this one
doesn't go into the
box here what we can do is we can do
that one if we want to
and it goes out but then everything else
it's it should be fine it should be fine
so we have a definitely some more power
that is going to be excellent
but coal can also be used for other new
and exciting things so let's take a look
at that other new and exciting thing
that's actually some
energetic graphite green energetic

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

graphite is too close to one graphite
and that's um let's let's build some of
that right let's uh try to build some
energetic graphite that should be good
both for fuel plants but also for sort
of later tech
and also right now for fueling our
power plant or our mecca so let's uh
let's build that one so with this one
taken out
then i think we'll just find another
cold location there is luckily another
cold one
right here that we can then tap and then
work on
so we're gonna go the usual way just
hook it up
quickly quickly now that looks good
right that looks good and we are going
to get a line out
uh how much like this maybe
it would seem that these are actually
some smelters we'd need so let's get
some smells
here one two three smelters
and then i can on the outside here just
make another belt
and we're just gonna put it into a box
right now we don't really need it very
whoa that's not the case here
there this is not needed but
we do still need the inbounds so inbound
inbound inbound outbound outbound
outbound and just a few more inbounds
on this one and all we need now should
be a powerful or two
there and i don't know something like
this maybe
that should keep everything covered and
we don't need to
set some recipes like the graphite
come on copy paste paste yeah
so this graphite we have a lot of
uh is used primarily actually for
here boom that is
much more efficient if you look at it it
also has fuel chamber generation
plus sixty percent that is basically how
efficient it is
and that's a lot more efficient than
using something like this which is minus
thirty percent chamber
fuel chamber generation so it means that
it'll it'll
what's the goals use the battery faster
the next thing we want to do is
this time listing crude oil seep that
must be
really the next challenge for on our
journey so that we can get the
next science facility and build our
pole science facility let's uh let's
work our way towards that
so let's get some signs going and then
build some crude oil processing here
so let's build some oil here and that
means we are going to do
like on the gathering we are going to
take nuts of water pump that's
interesting i'm not
really used to water pump but what i
have used is this one
boom we are going to make a beautiful
refinery here
and we are going to take it out so the
refinery is
very effective satisfactory esque not

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

but actually solids boxes of
oil coming out stop running well you are
stopped running
and i'm gonna set i'm just gonna set one
over here you know what actually i want
to do another powerful that's
pretty damn awesome this one this
is another type of powerful it leaches
long distances and it charges my
mecca when i'm nearby that doesn't
really help this one so let's also just
make a next one here so what you need is
this one will start working yes please
and it's outputting crude oil in boxes
yeah nice crates let's grab those
and see if we can refine it like that
and well
yep we find we're fine and i'm gonna
get one more distance here
like that and like that yeah this seems
it seems good it's it's kind of crowded
in here and
let's get one of these there
so what i want is i want to get a second
power line here or a second
that one so i know i'm not gonna have a
input and an output
all of these they only have one recipe
so just
copy the recipe and paste it to the
other ones
this is where things get a bit
interesting so i'm going to
grab from one side
yes and i'm gonna export to the
other side i'm gonna grab from this side
and export
to that side yeah and that one is
missing something so this one is
gonna grab and it's gonna output
it's gonna grab and it's gonna output
and somehow
this one is not in a good position so
let's build it here so what we're
getting out from these
is now the first time where we have two
things hydrogen
and refined oil refined oil doesn't
really have a lot of use but
uh i think we do have some use of the
of the hydrogen and we can use that for
our signs later on
but what we do have now is a splitter
so we can build a splitter here and that
takes things in it's really cool
actually it is way cooler than
i actually would have imagined it was so
if you look at this
if in here you can actually set
so that this will be the refined oil and
this one will be
the hydrogen and then obviously if i
did this better
and helps there
we should now see that it actually works
yes just the last bits are bad but then
aside from this it's good so we can now
store it there are two ways of storing
it you can either store those boxes
which has 30 slots but it only stacks to
20 so you can only have
600 or we can use this cool cool cool

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

box here
that one you built a storage tank i did
it is more suitable for storing fluid
than the storage
each storage tank can only store one
single type of fluid
and can be built vertically however once
it has been removed
all the stored fluid will be devastating
devastated it'll simply be devastated
maybe destroy it it would be a better
word but i like devastated
so we are now having two of these things
this one can be used for power
that's the only thing we can use it for
so throw it into some thermal problems
and this one will just store and use the
use it for something else
awesome so time to look at the tech tree
and there's something new we have here
we have the
this electromagnetic drive and that's a
pretty complicated recipe so
i think it's time for us to build this
one see if we can build it it's going to
be used for a few things
so let's see if we can build a nice
design for this one that just puts it in
the box because we're gonna use it for
various upgrades and
well stuff later on let's see if we can
do it to get that now that we have oil
so we're back at the iron location and
i've prepared a location where we're
going to do some design work
so we are going to do to try to see if
we can make something that's
better ratio i guess so let's start by
the ingredients for what we're building
is let's have a look
over here on the components that one
electric motor
so electric motor is two irons one
gear and one of those coils so let's
build the coils out here because then we
can get the coils
out from the copper line right there so
these ones will be
coils i really don't think i'd actually
need two of these but
you know we'll build two of these and
that's gonna be iron iron and iron and
one of those irons will be
working into the first one here i think
we can do that
nope that's too close yeah way too close
there the first iron will be made into
gears the second one will sort of get
grabbed from both of those and that one
will sort of grab from both of these two
if it if we can get away with it and
obviously this one will change recipe to
iron plates and again i'm going to copy
paste paste
it works the middle one will be
well actually that's too close
it has to be with two distance from each
this one will be
the final product because the final
product consists of
the magnetic coils on one side and the
gears on the other side and then
two iron coming in and all we need now
is that's the storage box outbound and
all of the connections everywhere let's
see if we can get that up and running
let's get the connections three there
and it goes
in in in
so far so good let's get some powerful
so we don't have this all this blinking
thing can i
squeeze one in here and just cover

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

everything it looks like i can
sweet so that's working i don't need to
stockpile anything
because this just needs to go in in
in in in
and i think i'll double up these two and
then get that one in
sweet that's pretty good let's see if
that works
and that's much more closely built at
ratio we are not getting any of these
and obviously we're not
because we don't have the copper coming
in so let's see if i can
just get it in the other side and in
order for that to happen i'm going to
cut or kill some of my main copper line
i'm just going to leach off of this i
don't think i use too so much copper
that it's going to be a problem
and i'm just going to get a splitter
that we love to use now
i like the fact that i can more easily
see that they're aligned that's one of
the things that
absolutely horrendous and satisfactory
is that you can never see if things are
and then but this case would because the
lines of the ground which is also
considering it's uh it's not consistent
so let's get two of those in
and then kill the last one out there
that should get this one working yep
this one is working also fast it's
working at full speed it seems uh power
is not doing so god
that might be something we should work
on as well
but let's um that's definitely we have
the electric drives that can be used for
some upgrades as well
now i think the main focus right now is
getting those
let's have a look we get these red ones
red matrix and with red matrix
that means we also should pick when
you're gonna make the red matrix because
you can see they need to graphite that
we have
over at this location so that means
graphite is here and
hydrogen is also here so we're now going
to take the graphite
here and hydrogen here and combine it
into a location that makes some red
science packs
and send the red science back to the
north pole where we want to build our
uh science facility let's do that
so before we actually need to or can
start doing this
we actually have to make sure that we
have some some consumption of the
refined fuel the refined oil so i put
some power plants down here just to
consume whatever we had left and now we
have a bit of
liquid hydrogen liquid capacity i don't
know it looks like a liquid hydrogen
it's it's good we're going to take the
liquid hydrogen and we are going to take
the what's it called it's called
so that should be pretty simple right
i'm going to take one line
over here i think i'll actually just
double it so that it also can be pulled
out on
this side here
there yeah make sure that that gets
enough of those
and i'm going to take some of these
let's see that looks good uh we're going
to build it
i don't know where just like that and
then just have a bit of space in between
is that enough space for them to for for

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

this one to be
yeah okay cool there is enough space for
and then we're gonna get some output
looking good and we can i think we want
to make sure that
it's fast enough
up from here
and from there
and on the side from there and in from
there and in
that should be fast enough but i'm
actually not so sure now that i think of
it we'll just go
all out on this because it's going to be
in several different floors so
let's get those in as well
yeah now outbound wise that's going to
be a bit more tricky because i want to
take it out down to you
so how can we do this can i
link it up yeah
i could do that cool
and then there is this interesting line
i don't know what it's called but this
line is because it actually goes
all the way up to the north and
that is goes directly to north pole and
that's actually what
sure would be a great idea to bring it
up there
i'm gonna build some more of these
they're gonna make the red icons and
you're gonna make the red one
and then that's basically gonna be it
except for the fact that we don't have
things outbound yet
but as we do boom and
boom i hope they're fast enough i think
they're gonna be fast enough
right there brilliant red
belts out here so what we need to do now
is get all of this
all the way up to the north pole and
that's gonna be an absolute nightmare
because of these uh
robots being so slow so we'll just um
let's say
skip ahead on that one and here we are
we have built
just a rudimentary red line all the way
up to the north pole
looks brilliant it's kind of a bit
further to the north pole
it also behaves really weird here up the
up here at the north pole if you look at
let's go down we have this one for
if we look at this location up here it's
behaving really weird
but i like it i like it if we just go
really close here
look at that so it becomes these nice
circles it's
really well done gotta say this is
really well done
really well done so how do you keep like
a square grid and then
how do you meet at the polls it's well
the answer is like this
i guess like this so once we have a nice
big round thing then we're gonna have to
experiment a bit
with how to place some science
facilities here
look at that look at that sphere
beautiful and we can also get the other
one we're going to get some blue science
or not blue science but
yeah blue science packs in here and then
find some way to construct my

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

my palm pad here it's gonna be a bit
tricky but let's um
let's let's get the blue one in first
and then we'll
we'll see how it goes so here we are at
the north pole with blue signs and red
signs coming in
and we're gonna build the last piece of
the puzzle on this very first episode of
my let's play i hope you're enjoying it
it's a bit long episodes i know that but
damn we've been covering a lot of ground
in this very first episode so i hope you
want to
just uh continue to to play along with
maybe if you are playing along uh or you
watch here or you can watch maybe a live
on my twitch channel
as we completed this this is also like
absolutely amazing how well it works
with just building circles like circles
are so difficult to make um factorial
and satisfactory and this one is just
yep here's the circle
i love this one i i really love this
i'm so happy i chose this absurd
location for
our science facility here
yeah so um i'm going to mention it again
if you are
a new subscriber or a new viewer here on
the channel then uh
consider subscribing if you like what
you see and you want to see more of
these kind of
crazy designs and builds i'm also going
to throw out some tutorials on this
this uh this game so if you have some
ideas for things that are weird and
complex and you'd like to get some more
input on then
let me know in the comment section below
i have four
more ideas for this uh we're actually
used consuming quite a bit more power
than we're using
let's build the science facilities they
should be built
right there and right there and right
as close as possible and at these
there that seems good i am going to take
one more of these
it's completely not necessary but it
looks good and let's take some
something like symmetric around this
right and that would be symmetric that
would be symmetric
that would be symmetric and that would
be symmetric and
that would be symmetric cool
so all we need is get more of these they
can only be built
to four high or three high at this point
they can be researched to get built
and they're gonna be in research mode
and copy paste
paste paste and it is time for us to let
the things go
out on the belts what you do we're gonna
take the fastest one even though it's a
bit silly to go this fast
but let's go all in on this
and the other one will then go on the
inner belt otherwise things go bad
there they are and there
all right so now it's time for us to get
that one in
and get that one in again on this one
get here
for walking on concrete walking concrete
much more noisy than usual or then not

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

walking on concrete there
and we have now everything done all we
need to do is just hook it up and then
we have a beautiful
thumbnail for this video
like that and fire up something like
look at that beauty look at that beauty
we are filling up this tower as well
so here we are at the end thank you very
much for watching and
i hope to see you in the next episode of
our let's play
here on youtube or maybe you want to
check out the let's plays and
on twitch as well or instead thank you
very much for watching
i'll see you guys next time until then
take care and stay effective

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  1. I started the same my first game now on the third game in dyson sphere i got a better path i belive. I accentuated on geting all the ore nodes with miners smelter and deposits after i concebtrated on energy especialy coal power then make sure u have a strong production of materials and parts for each part then get them conveyor belts all togheter and into a research area as that is the goal to research and produce those colorfull cubes. After i got the blue cube sorted production/research i concebtrated in geting the oil refinery and extractor and also researched the x ray cracking then build oil exteactors on all oil wells conect them and bring then in an area were we can refine them with first recepy and then use the crackling recepy to make 3 hidrogen and 1 coal …. Only go for next planet after u research the drone logistics for interplanetary as u can set the redources to be taking to a certain anet withc will give u an easy build life on other planets

  2. Seems awesome however sort of lonely. If was able to build colonies or something relative would suck me right in. i guess that would change the entire dynamic of the game though. Something like Kenshi where you could travel and build would be a DREAM. However I can see this game specifically really filling in specific players shoes and what their looking for. Typically this isnt a type of game for me; but it did entice me!

  3. Thanks for the playthrough series, I just started. Dyson has been a very interesting learning curve, but I’m glad you’re not a boring play through to watch. Blue boxes of science and inserters made me laugh.

  4. Seeing this compared to factorio makes me think of stormworks vs from the depths. Sure, both games are similar in a lot of ways, but both have their own unique ideas and methods for doing things and I gotta say from what I've seen, this game looks really good too! Different from factorio, but familar at the same time.

  5. Lol, he called it a long episode. For the amount of content you covered in the game it was really short. Other Youtubers that have put out about 10 episodes to get this far. They didn't make (m)any cuts. Keep up the good work

  6. I love the idea of a Polar Research area to minimize wasted space. Given the dsp wiki has 5 sciences and the anti-matter to win the game, I think you should put 3 lanes on both sides of the researching science labs, with an output on the side for the white matrix.

  7. @43:14 That line is the Prime Meridian of the planet (AKA 0 degrees longitude). It will be an unbroken longitudinal line that doesn't warp to converge at either pole when projecting a 2D grid onto an ellipsoid.

  8. There is actually tons of literature on how to avoid the "singularity" at the poles of planets in games, because every game developer has probably faced that "problem" the first time that they have tried to render a planet. The fact that they turned, what is typically a bug, into a feature is super impressive.


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