Godfall Livestream – Does It Meet the Hype? Let's Find Out!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20what is happening y'all welcome uncle welcome so god fall finally here let's uh let's find out if it's good uh early reviews are coming in for this and they are not looking too hot to be honest have not had a chance to play it myself so uh this will be my first time jumping in but we'll find out find out if it's good i've i've heard a lot of people say that the game has a lot of uh build potential like putting together classes and whatnot like how you how we make builds and dark souls and everything else but uh i'll find out we will find out if it's not good we'll switch and we'll do violins then this is all assuming that the game decides it wants to load it seems like a rather long load screen you got the ps5 not yet i'm i'm really hoping it gets here early tomorrow it was all a lie macro sold us a vision he never believed in he would destroy us we just didn't know it yet we were warriors but he turned us against each other brother against brother no wolfman and lion man are fighting and despite all the maneuvers and all the strategy in the end it was going to be either me or him i like the armor designs oh man it cut his great sword and a half of the katana the weed powers prevail macross was the better warrior that day hey you got kicked this is mac macros is the wolf man i guess left me for dead yeah but i survived macros thinks the war is over but our fight has just begun i have no idea how it is we haven't even we haven't even gotten past the intro movie yet it looks pretty this won't be easy they've got a thousand men in there defending her if anyone can get in there or in canon you understand how important this mission is the weapon we need is inside this temple sir yes pc you can count on us you two cover the back i'll take the front i like luke does any of this stuff loot the combat gets a little little uh frames feels like i'm losing frames when i attack aim at blue activate phase node hold b to teleport towards it yeah let me let me try knocking knocking the video settings down to like high and see if that makes a difference does that like with with so with valhalla the frame that was just my my recording setup but i'm having frame issues like in the game all right now it's looking now it's looking smooth no i'm not actually on 720p that's just a bug that's a visual bug it's not actually 720. if i go to full screen i already tested this if i go to full screen and i bump it up to 2640 it looks the exact same for whatever reason it just says 2080 when you're on borderless i don't know why uh but it's it's not actually 720. yeah true let's turn off the motion blur the motion blur is pretty let's pick up the goodies let's see where motion blur is at uh we're playing on pc am i fighting this guy so i mean it looks really pretty but so far the combat the combat so far is like really basic it's not 720p this is in 1440. yeah it's like pure button mashy so sir you're still injured doesn't matter we have a job to do times this game released supposed to be releasing today hang on a second i'm gonna um i'm gonna set dodge up on my controller for the the bumper real fast take me like a second to do [Music] figures see this a a put this in slot one go now i can dodge with the bumper because the game is worth picking up dude i have been playing it for nine minutes i have absolutely no idea damn it i gotta get rid of this [ __ ] and [ __ ] many mods here yet uh i stream on twitch because twitch sucks s x to restore health lifestyles three charges whenever you pick up excess screen find green health clubs for defeated enemies okay this game was done by gearbox so a lot of people are describing it as melee borderlands i know how's the volume by the way the volume sounds like really loud to me is it like really loud on y'all's end foreign i mean so far the combat's pretty much just spammy i got a shield now can i parry or is it just black oh it looked like that looked like a parry oh so it's just tap tap to parry hold the block okay i can deal with that voice is louder than the game that's that's intentional how do you switch targets i mentioned you could lock on no i haven't done the takedown yet hold the aim right trigger to throw shield knocks them down [ __ ] throws a short cool down wow so moment hang on how do you lock controller layout target lock i don't see any way to change who i'm locked on to like i locked onto this guy but let's say i want to lock on to the other guy i think i need to like click the button and manually re-click it there's no just like swapping between your targets [Music] so red power attack power attacks cannot be parried or blocked and always knock you down you have to evade them okay i'm approaching the entrance won't be long now good luck i mean so far i don't know it's pretty generic so far to be honest like it just doesn't like it almost reminds me of a prettier darksiders like the combat is very very like almost floaty and light no man shall enter the temple of the seventh cycle why not can i bury you that's unparryable one there this dude it's like gunder we're not good they're uh i'm fighting uh velstab with his hyper armor [Music] so [Music] why is the aiming reticle on screen during the cutscene no it's too it's too fast to be lords of the fallen hello oren i knew i'd see you again someday and you know why i'm here foreign level two more stones are appear in five rarities common uncommon rare epic legendary uh go to the equipment menu and equip a weapon might improves weapon damage vitality health spirit is life recovery and ability needle put on the thick bar like i have on two to like swap between weapon technique express left trigger and rb to perform a northern technique and a southern technique soul shatter build up vitality petrifying slam timed weapon attacks pop weapons to unleash a shockwave uh i guess let's go weapon techniques i can do a north and a south now what why am i stuck a north technique how do i swap between weapons uh why oh man okay there is i don't think there's a jump there's evade and interact there is no jump this is the roll button bro okay let me go to uh i guess all i can do here is just restart it i mean i don't uh not a good look getting stuck on a chest in the first 20 minutes [Music] i mean if it's doing more of this i'll just uh we'll do we'll do ac instead we'll try and get excalibur in valhalla like valhalla's got a couple bugs but they're like funny bugs like characters sliding around and [ __ ] i haven't had any game breaking bugs in valhalla but that's getting stuck on a [ __ ] chest the hollow's good i like valhalla a lot no i do not have a ps5 yet honestly dude it's so this it it it's so weird to me and this i'm sure this will sound entitled as [ __ ] but i don't know a single souls creator that got a ps5 early in demon souls in the us i didn't pete didn't or didn't lobos didn't like all the all the people that like regularly cover and play souls games just nothing and it makes no sense because i'm like damn dude the hammer like [ __ ] just murders the hammer's so heavy it's pulling down the flame rate i know rory did but he's eu i know body got his console he's australia it's like all the all the the us creators we just got nothing i see do i have double tremors now i did so hold up in theory am i able to loot a chest quit the game and loot the chest again what i have found bear armor i found a lot of error yeah game riot all anybody that's in the uk like uh the the sony folks over in the uk are like yo let's get let's get creators to [ __ ] and start getting hyped and the us sony is just like oh we got some games coming out okay don't make sense and the thing is it's it's just it's just the the soul stuff like i know plenty of uh i know plenty of folks in the us that got a early ps5 to do review coverage for like miles morales but for demon souls they like didn't no i'm not mad about it i mean i like i said i pre-ordered ps5 as soon as was announced i already pre-ordered it i pre-ordered my demon souls more than anything it's it's from a content creation perspective i wouldn't say mad but it's irritating that all of my peers that aren't in america like all my friends in the uk all my friends in australia all of them are already streaming or making videos or doing content on demon souls and meanwhile myself and all the other american creators are sitting here like what the [ __ ] sony are we i mean given all i'll have you mean it amazon will drop it off tomorrow and i'll get started just like the split second i can i'm gonna get started on uh demon souls and uploading but it's uh very much a like what the hell kind of situation a great sword oh blades neato hey what am i back up no has nothing to do with entitlement but you know go ahead be a jackass and just hop in and not listen to anything i just said little blades are pretty cool slash maybe you don't have the ps5 yet there's a problem with the storage device at the moment it would corrupt and put the console it would corrupt if you put the consoles in rest mode is that universal though like a from would have been involved yeah i mean that's the thing it's it's because it's it's because it's more uh sony and not from software but it's really weird to me that us sony hasn't done any real early access stuff for uh for demon souls wow uk sony australia sony canada sony all of my buddies in canada they got their [ __ ] i'm like why why is u.s sony just not doing anything the odds are greatly against you and to clarify it's not i i don't care that i had to buy my own playstation i bought three i bought one for myself i got one for my brother-in-law and his kids for christmas and i bought one for greg because he wasn't able to get a pre-order my problem is the fact that youtube is very much a a race you know like if somebody has demon souls a week early and they start uploading they automatically have an advantage over every other creator because they've had time to produce content and play the game and you know even though i have a strong following for demon souls then i have people that are waiting for me to do demon souls all the people that don't know me for souls they're just gonna click the first souls videos they see on youtube that's just how it works so when all the people that are in canada and uk and australia and japan and everywhere else that are on youtube get their [ __ ] early from the company but none of the people that are in the us are getting their [ __ ] early from the company it creates a discrepancy that is innately unfair you know either either all the people that you work with get it at the same time so we can all begin producing content or make everybody wait till launch or make everybody wait a day till launch [ __ ] i don't care if we if if sony had reached out to me and said we're gonna give you your ps5 to review early but you have to pay double the price i would have been fine doing that i don't give a [ __ ] it's the fact that now all the people that i know in not the united states are already making content for demon souls while i'm sitting here twiddling my [ __ ] you get to play this sweet game instead of demon souls yeah but i want to play demon souls i'll jump over there somehow uh so the takedown is always with the shield agreed to be reasonable you have to consider the argument that nine times out of ten the usa have early access to most games in the rest of the world we're not talking about games though we're talking about press we're talking about early creation i mean i agree it's [ __ ] that in general the the regular population of europe has to wait like an extra week for playstation i think that's [ __ ] stupid it's 2020 there's absolutely no reason that these companies couldn't do a global launch if they plan for it properly so i'm already on your side with that but from a review perspective if they are going to send out consoles early why is it that they're sending basically it's what it comes down to is the sony people in the us just aren't sending them out early for [ __ ] whereas every other region is getting the mark it's that discrepancy that bothers me now the xbox thing that that turned out to be fake it was like some dumb ass blowing vape smoke into his xbox to make it look like it was overheating which to be very probably [ __ ] up as xbox you're not supposed to blow vape smoke into a computer because it's considered you know there's water particles in that vapor how's the game so far pretty spammy i mean it's the gameplay is not bad but it's super spammy so far wow stop this this supposed to be like a unique pairing i think it's supposed to be like a scorpion thing like it yanks them over yeah so what is this one is it a unique parry does it tell you anything about it but this one wait did i use up my energy do i need energy to do that i think i needed energy to do it so a couple enemies seem to hit hard maybe i'm buffing because when i do that i have a little bar that's now ticking down yeah i think it buffs them will be changing it up in your walkthroughs and keeping your face no i only use a face cam in spooky games and live streams there's no point putting a face cam in a let's play rb to convert a portion of the enemy's health into soul shatter build up wait what i'm so confused i was doing soul shatter damage uncommon dual blades long sword or if anything else the shield needs to be a little bit quicker looks like two or three seconds to open up a thing where do i put on my life stone stone weapon technique um let's get that's kind of cool ps5 tomorrow dual blades are pretty fun i was doing a christmas stream this year probably not i mean i'm not gonna make like yeah no way but probably not oh it does like it stuns them it stuns them and it buffs me oh it's big is that a big axe all right 19 breach damage 18 breach damage hammer hammer that'll smash i don't know if there's like a difficulty setting either enemy soft locking it seems like all the takedown moves yeah i don't know why all the takedown moves use this shield yeah no difficulty setting so far hammer smash how could you possibly defeat your brother and all his forces tell me i'll find a way i just need to get inside the monolith why don't i i don't want you on give me back my dual swords so ah the dodge is really throwing me off in this game because like the combat's very spammy but then the dodges need to be like precise time like it's kind of like well all right well while the gameplay itself is nothing like dark souls how just in dark souls if you're in the middle of an attack you can't dodge this game's the same like if i'm doing this combo i need to wait to dodge out of it but i feel like the game promotes you doing these like spammy ass combos but then doesn't let you dodge freely i have a duty to stop him oh the game looks like it's only purpose just to show off the performance of next-gen consoles i mean i'm gonna let's let's get through the tutorial first let's get through the tutorial and then we'll we'll discuss if it's what we think right now it's very uh it reminds me of warframe more than anything else because the area it just seems like we're kind of going along on a generic path beating up generic enemies damn that's badass that ain't just your tv this game is bright as hell survive until the countdown expires okay uh was the massaging bacon very good very good combo your odds are a thousand to one but i'll help you on one condition what is it you won't like it oren carry a perilous attack to stun the enemy for a long duration i thought we couldn't what is it perilous is it when he was glowing and [ __ ] is the earlier it was like you need to dodge perilous attacks solaris okay i guess i couldn't bury that guy [Music] oh is he trying to like hit me with a laser oh he is oh i might actually die there's like a heel there but i don't think i can reach it nope i burned to death i'm gonna need to keep the quick weapon out instead of this goofy ass hammer there's a cam uh yeah there you go very very slight nudge oh bro the boss starts with half of his health gone but i get back all of my healing like i feel like it's better to just let them hit you than it is to try and worry about dodging just i just absorbed that thing's heart oh cool i get to pick a new outfit guys i get to pick a new warframe maybe i don't looks like this entire place is collapsing well done oren welcome so this is moth lady uh this is rhinocerismus uh this one is edgelordis this is wolf edgy darkness bro this is rammer and that's mine and then over here this is uh mr oomph this big horns this is genji this is the thickness this is over elaborate armor that's hard to move in this is the thickness 2.0 and this is queen edgelord as very very interesting choices tell me what you need macros nearly has the power of a god if you are to defeat him your plan must be flawless and i can craft such a plan i trusted macross once now you're asking me to trust you it will only be until macros is vanquished you will see even if i don't agree you came to me because you saw no other way this is your path let me guide you do not betray me sanctum too much is at stake craft your first valor plate uh i use the or does it want me to do this it's like i can see there's a notification oh here we go wait i don't want this one though do i have to pick this one each valor plate embodies one of the arc guns each valor plate provides a unique passive arc on fury and augment constellation switch between them and sanctum throughout your journey obtain cores to construct additional collect all 12. this is phoenix 10 chance to ignite um crafting oh i need to use all of this i don't i don't want her though show me the other ones i want to see like thickness in all of them i think i have to craft so i can use valor plate cores may the archon of rebirth watch over you uh what did i do with all my old dude do i like break this [ __ ] down i need a way to get rid of it i wish there was a way to know like when i get new rings and whatnot instead of just having to look and be like oh look there's new stuff there augments red green or blue it can only be slot into neutral or matching power drain not exceed your capacity i can't do that yet so silver main what is your special thing what is ten percent weapon technique charge speed shield charge polarity attack charge all four three spirit warriors to aid you 300 percent charge speed 30 damage whenever you defeat an enemy with things ten percent chance to chill and summons water sentinels let's just go down the list armistice ten percent breach damage unless a shockwave that breaches nearby enemies this guy looks cool i would probably play this dude he seems badass 50 damage whenever you defeat a breached enemy you were iceman uh soul shatter build up great hawk wait i'm not her anymore how do i switch back how do i switch do i switch bulwark 10 chance to make stuff bleed mobius 10 chance to inflict curse and summons void sentinels uh ten percent chance for shock like five percent less damage this one looks badass fifteen percent weak point five percent crit chance isn't that the boss 10 poison and then my guy which is doesn't even oh jesus christ breach attack trigger trigger trigger hold up freely test your weapons and skills weapon techniques charge up over time hold left trigger to initiate rushing mr drake aoe smash reach attack okay how do we leave i mean this is the door i came through but there we go let's start attacking it so how do we how do we switch back equip there we go all right now now i'm burn damage we are heading into the monolith once inside we won't be coming out until macros is finished the lowest level of the monolith interior macros has learned how he can use the monolith to become a god yeah i think it has multiplayer so i'll be right back i'm gonna grab some pants of ascension this spell can be broken but only if we know it ourselves a copy of the rites of ascension are stored here in the earth realm guarded by matthos's men you must go to their base and seize the rights for yourself bring them to me and i will find a way to break the spell so so all right got some socks and some pants i mean the graphic looks the graphics look good the storyline seems pretty generic um combat's okay so far like the combat's not damn that dude got damn fast as [ __ ] um the combat i don't know i'm the combat is i'm iffy on it are you pantsless no i had on shorts i had on shorts and i put on some pajama pants because my legs were getting cold i'm trying to get comfy you know uh one rare amulet and one rare ring let's go it's fluid but the dodging is a little goofy and this is nothing like a souls game decks all the right boxes but doesn't excel at anything to pull you in that's a really really good way to put it like right now i mean there's there's nothing about the game that stands out to me as bad but there's nothing about the game that i'm like yo like it doesn't have that yo factor but your game needs a yo factor you know a game needs to excite you point me towards this watchtower i'll guide you on your path spirit vision each room contains mother lodes which provide rare elemental materials for valor plates i will say i feel like with with a game like this instead of being like here's your valor plate here's your next one they really should have let you just pick the valor plate you wanted and then set you on your way instead of being like here's one starter here's two like or at least give me a give me a couple choices it's clear this game is supposed to be like ongoing gameplay games as a service type deal enemies breach bars below their health bar heavy attacks deal increased breach damage so what does breaching do okay all right so breaching is what gets them into the stun state these twilight beacons mark places where we can start future missions let's activate as many of these as we can arc on power i think i finally got a greatsword yeah all right i really really wish i could tell in advance that like hey there's nothing here having to check it all right let's test this out swing swing just the two hitter so it's a four-hit combo that's a two-hit combo some anime slash um is there another thing that would be nice is when we when we pull up weapons like there's no way unless i leave the mission and go train there's no way for me to know what my weapon techniques are with this i don't think so far it's not bad we're finally getting we got like our second thing lost uh probably about three hours so i might do let's see what time it is 5 22 because i'm probably gonna do um another valhalla stream later uh so more than likely i'll stream this until probably like seven o'clock and then i'll take a break eat dinner and all that and then i'll do like a late night stream and it'll be valhalla i don't see any way to get up hey i'm like about a lot we're gonna try and get um goodies we're gonna try and get excalibur tonight probably primary effects fire damage jesus that's a little op on her um what are what are you uncommon long sword no i'll stick with my dual blades well it's going down to one a day no tomorrow's three episodes so actually i [ __ ] up with the holla a lot of people i didn't understand why people were being people were like where are your episodes why aren't you uploading and i'm like the [ __ ] is wrong with y'all there's tons of episodes but apparently i didn't do episodes on monday i just did the two guides and i forgot to schedule the episodes so that was my bad um but valhalla's got three episodes tomorrow and then it's going down to one per day but the episodes are an hour long each so it actually works out pretty good because i've been trying a lot to uh to try and make my way through uh through the story and with the hour-long episodes i'm able to bang out each story and roughly two of them you did i do not believe there's pvp i'm just wandering around the watchtower is up ahead keep your hand on your sword looks like a spin to win spirit mode got the secure update yeah we streamed all of it it's on the channel already our target is on the upper level of the watchtower used to be like a loot vacuum let's play won't be out until tomorrow y'all i don't have a playstation yet nothing i can do about it it'll be sometime tomorrow i have no idea when raise your sword fire mode the high lord has teleported but he hasn't gone far track his men they'll lead you to him walk through won't happen until after the let's play is it prompt under your skill menu oh i have a point um let's upgrade this thing [Music] [Music] uh ah dude the camera is one of the hardest enemies here trying to [ __ ] just comes up behind you and you can't even see it we can always try again check out the hour long video from digital foundry nah i'm good [Music] yes found him he's in the clearing oh so it throws it interesting hand it over if you want to live this macros has gone mad i really wish i could switch the [ __ ] camera on who i'm targeting too like i want to look at this guy if i lock down to him but i want to hit this guy i like unlock it i think what's happening chris [Music] so god [Music] uh [Music] i got him the gavel and the gilding blade rare great sword rare long sword uh gain the blessing of luck whenever you inflict bleed weapon technique charge speed let's use this thing there's a bird bore sword it looks like something out of a like world of warcraft just absurdly large for no reason it doesn't feel soulsy at all unless a parry is the only thing that you need for a game to be soulsy this game is not souls is it meeting the hype not quite like it's not bad but this is not the so far it's not the like crazy game that the trailers would have made you believe so wow too much okay that's very it feels a lot like a hack and slash team like so far dual blades are the only thing i'm really enjoying i i also i don't like how i like i literally just died and it just respawned me next to the objective with the timer still going down like that is really really weird to me like there's no there's no threat or sense of failure like that yeah and that's i mean not gonna all right you know a boss fight you die in the boss fight the game puts you back in let's take a second whack at the boss fight all right you know whatever um so you apply marker fragility uber health but that i i literally died during a timed objective and it was like try again and harder you can die three times i didn't even see a spot to set the difficulty when we i started the game it just threw me right in we'll try out the spear wait what the [ __ ] what are we supposed to do here this is some weird puzzle what what are we what the [ __ ] do we get it i have no idea what i just did to get that just kept pressing buttons okay big guy [Music] i think i just killed everybody you know i can't actually move without you the avengers was just straight boring i think the the problem the problem with this game is there's nothing that this game is really bringing to the table like if you already play warframe it's it's basically warframe with a more melee focus on the combat i guess that's my problem with it is it i don't i mean from from the look of it it is a berserk shirt yes i'm not sure who their audience is with this game it doesn't seem like this game has any distinct audience it kind of feels that games as a service looter niche which is what i was honestly hoping from it but it doesn't like so far there's nothing in this game that would draw me in and keep me playing it you know like it's it's all right it's something to do but there's nothing about this game that i'm like oh [ __ ] yeah let's go like the hype i do not see the hype in everything i'm doing in the gameplay now maybe that would change once i have more combos unlocked and whatnot the helmet is cool they did send me a cool helmet i'll give them that why did this game get hype and death loop get ignored i have no idea well death loop didn't they push that back i don't know where the other hidden objective is unless it's that thing that's up on the hill that i can't reach yeah yeah you die you respawn the combat is basically you have two combos a light combo and a heavy combo you have a couple of special moves with timed abilities it looks like there's there's a fair amount of stuff in the skills but thundering slam based on how long he charged some bonus damage when he might let's build up towards rampage actually i'll reset my skills to get rampage what do you think about holla i think valhalla is great like if you were if you were choosing between buying this and valhalla valhalla no questions asked and just for transparency i was given both games completely for free but i see nothing in this that i'm like yo this game is going to be [ __ ] good like i was i was i came into this expecting that this would be like my new monster hunter you know like i was like yo man this game looks pretty [ __ ] flashy i hear that there's a lot of different builds you can do maybe this will maybe this will fill the monster hunter niche for me since we're running out of content to do there and instead there's just like nothing am i supposed to kill these guys so it's a loot crab it's like a mimic from diablo except it just disappeared now the animations feel i mean they're smooth but it what's weird is so like all right from from watching this it seems like it would be like like pretty spammy you know almost like darksiders or dynasty warriors or something like smash and spam but the thing is you have to dodge and if you're locked in these animations you can't dodge so that's a little odd to me uh so i also don't like that every takedown is with my shield like takedown should 100 be done with the weapon you have equipped what do you think another game been talking about it i like the spear though spears pretty fun no there's there's no impact to most these attacks i'll tell you what just send me send me your ps5 and demon souls and i will send you my pc with godfall it's a great trade right i'm honestly surprised to see you here weren't you playing demon souls did you stop playing demon souls already please tell me it's good if if you if you're if you tell me that the new demon souls is not good that's going to like just destroy all of my next-gen hype like does it does it feel like demon souls or does it feel like they bastardized it and did something they shouldn't have done i don't know what the [ __ ] this hidden objective is man is that it if that's it if i just stumbled onto it that's a thingy new demon souls is outstanding huh that's good to hear at least oh once i activate my power there's no way to cancel it it looks like let's return to sanctuary um uh i don't know yeah i think we're just gonna wrap up i think i'm gonna make some dinner and then we'll do more valhalla because this ain't it like it's not bad but this it's just incredibly mediocre like look at all the weapons you have so much stuff i don't know it's not for me that's for sure so i'm gonna wrap up um i'm gonna get some dinner spend some time with the little one and then uh i'm gonna do some valhalla in probably like an hour or so hour hour and a half something like that i mean dan that's it there's no hook there's no hook here everything that this game has is is something we've done before like the whole gameplay loop here go on missions and do stuff and unlock stuff and get a new valor plate it just it feels like i'm doing warframe all over again that job is yours and yours alone why's she got three heads now are you ready to see what you are up against no i'm not i don't show me my enemies like let me play his thickness or something i need more jasper to unlock one i mean i've played outriders i had fun without riders i had more fun without riders than i did with this i just had really high hopes for i mean like i get [ __ ] dual swords and i can throw them around on chains i figured for sure this game would have been like yo let's go but there's i don't know man the generic story the generic kind of gameplay what do you what do you even do what is your what is your charge speed oh i mean you could rent this i would not buy this out right probably just go crit chance dude or this thing big point damage whatever that does or this thing like a tank i don't know i like the hollow more anyway i'm gonna wrap up i'll be back a little bit later i'll catch you guys then youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 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  1. This kinda looks like a f2p game the combat has no impact, sound design is lacking, too many bugs, really over the top graphics that don’t match the actual combat its like anthem but anthem had more hype

  2. I’m one of the Jag-offs who actually bought this game smh. Lol I bought demon souls immediately after playing this game for like ten minutes and deleting it. Wow though I mean I really wanted this to be it but it’s just not at all what I was hoping for.

  3. "I think im gonna make some dinner and then we'll do more Vallhalla cause… this ain't it." I got enough gameplay from this to know its something ill pass on. Kinda reminds me of Killzone on ps4 during launch. "All Flash no Dash. Thanks again Cowboy!

  4. I would love to know how you got your controller to work on PC, i tried all the usual things and it just wont work. Got it on Epic games though and running that through steam. Adding it directly through the pc path does not work either on steam as it gives a critical error after the startup load screen.

  5. I realize its a month old, but i love your videos, huge help! Im still working on Sekiro. But i wanted to say, this game reminds me of Darksiders gameplay, but it also has a God of War feel, splashed with some PILLARS OF NOSGOTH (LEGACY OF KAIN, BLOOD OMEN/ SOUL REAVER!, MY FAVOURITE GAME SERIES FROM WAY BACK, HENCE my ps4 name "JanosAudron76" lol cool looking, a bit hack n slash, great videos Cowboy!


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