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SearchThisVideo: GolfTopia Ep.01

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hey guys this is kira rob speaking and
today we are in gulftopia and that
is a new game coming into early access
just a few hours after this video
releases and
it is a new entry into the not so
contested genre of
golf tycoon sims and
this one is themed
very futuristically as you can see very

different from
sim golf in that regard um yes i loved
sim golf of course
and many of you have but i'm an old
uh it's not a childhood memory for me
but rather like a
teen years i would say uh yeah i love
that game that is
great fun so what we are going to take a
look at is if this one
kind of has the potential to match sim
golf eventually
after all those years it will be will be
good to see
i have um had the chance to give this

one a go um
already like six weeks ago or something
one and a half months roughly
as the developer sent me a key over
asked if i
wanted to take a look and cover it
potentially and
i did provide quite a bit of feedback
which was
largely acted upon which is a rare sight
and you can call me a little
biased then i'm just warning you um
i'm not going to praise it in high
regards everywhere of course

but um i'm i'm here there that's me
to those who know me you know that this
is probably not going to keep me from
saying nasty things about the game um
because i say nasty things about
my own games as well so anyway
we are going to get into it and start a
new game
and build a golf course and see how it
stacks up
and what game mechanics there are to
explore so first up
is world generation and you can select
your starting sector

but also you can determine what your
island looks like so very similar to you
in sim golf there was the middle sector
was the largest one and then you had
side sectors a little awkwardly
shaped in many places but um
yes so i think i'm going to reduce the
water a little and make it
make it a more pleasant world uh nah
mountain slightly back
grass yeah high temperature medium trees
anyway uh medium rocks

low-ish yes roundness now we we like
squared square things
this is golf everything has to be square
no it's
usually the opposite but uh that's fine
so now
we just regenerate the map according to
our settings that it doesn't change live
that will be that will be too nice
wouldn't it um
it's not possible of course there's too
much too much to
see here from the looks of this this
this middle sector looks quite juicy
with so many rocks

i think we could oh and some nice
elevation changes there
this is looking like a good spot to
start and it's in the middle which uh
leaves us
many options for expansion of course
yeah i think we're going with the middle
one that's the standard one of course
but uh
yeah let's go so next step and here
we can choose the difficulty settings
and you are going to wonder
weed difficulty what what in the nine

hells of
golf is this uh 18 18 hills sorry
um well that is your enemy
the weeds just like in sim golf but
taken to the extreme
uh they they kind of spawn hives and
then expand from there and
encroach on your territory and you have
to to nuke them basically
so uh that is quite quite something
uh which we are going to explore it's
not so much a problem in the early game
then ramps up as the weeds

are fed by the anger of your golfers
yes that's that's what a beautiful
beautiful game mechanic
piss off your golfers and you will get a
lot of weeds just like in sim golf but
a bit bit more rough feels a bit more
of course we're going to turn on the
additional difficulty uh
modes because that is what we want uh
sim golf
didn't have terrain chain height changes
cost i believe

that was an oversight because terrain
changes in golf
like on courses are like so super
expensive not only do we have to move
all the earth but then also plant that
grass again it takes forever
to regrow and especially greens they are
they need years to become proper proper
but anyway we are turning all that on
hardest difficulty let's start
welcome to your very own golf course
well it's not a golf course yet so shut
up uh yeah the hyperlinks now we're
it we're calling it lost links instead

uh not that that is a super good name or
but i'm i'm going with it because i'm as
creative as a dry biscuit today
and we are going to uh
yeah we have 4 000 bucks in our
now bank account we have orbital power
and you're wondering what the hell is
all this
it's um it's special you have orbital
and uh game mechanics that revolve

around that
not really weapons necessarily but
there's a d weed bomb
and you have a mysterious happy beam
that makes golfers happy and
orbital extortion that's quite funny
um anyway we need to build
our clubhouse but first i think we
start designing the very first hall
and that works quite similar to how it
does in sim golf you have to
place down t and then
from there we place the

the hole of course and then build in
between so quite simple
but one thing you are when you're seeing
this you're like oh
okay well it has small tiles so at least
that is something but
no no it's much better than this this
building mechanics here awesome let me
show you so uh let's start
you can put up clubhouse here it's yeah
and then
go out here and come back and loop
around and stuff

um so here we go and
let's place the hole and we get this is
270 yards
uh that's a very long part par three if
it were one
um i think we're going somewhere
here that is looking good with some
yeah using using the existing
countryside to make things
a little harder so there we go now
one of the proper strengths of this game

um is that you have these sculpting
tools for how your golf course looks and
they are quite powerful
so let's draw some fairway in here and
we probably want to make it a little bit
of a dog leg
like a banana leg um so let's
let's go around so you see it costs you
a bit of
money let's go around of course i'm
going to make it wider
but that is looking quite nice so
okay now let's see we do want to have a

landing area that is quite generous
for those who don't want to risk it and
then one
that is a little bit more generous once
again for those that do want
to risk it there is no shot shaping
in this game just yet so
that is something we need to take into
account they can only shoot straight
or go go not straight by
accident so this is already looking
quite nice isn't it
so we do have our fairway here

oh that rock okay don't don't bump your
club into it
um that is that's the rock that people
are going to destroy their clubs on
if they hit bad shots yet so now
that is that is all right now let's add
some rough
and let me show you this this is quite
fancy so
if we don't want to paint over fairway
or the green oh we should maybe do the
green first but anyway
um then i can just turn those off i can

also determine the size of course
and then just start painting rough
like this this is quite nice and
i shouldn't do too much there because i
want to place a bunker there eventually
so this rock is in the rough and then we
go around
and this stuff here is deep grass this
is weed rough
uh and uh yeah i now know why the
developer wouldn't want to call it wheat
rough because that gets confused
instantly with the actual weeds
do we have any on the map i think i had

them set to the default which is off
at the start uh they uh not too
aggressive at the start
but people are complaining about them
they are ugly they are ugly that's the
worst of their
of their complaints they are ugly and
that completely destroys their fun of
the game
yeah they have they have some
expectations that
bunch um so we don't want to
paint over let's say fairway

i do want to extend the green towards
that fairway and maybe make it a little
funny shape getting this a little
smaller there we can yeah a little
um mutated pear shaped yeah that's
looking good
sand trap okay so now
this is so nice um because
well you know the stuff from sim golf
way it was massive tiles and you just
placed it down and the graphics were
very nicely done for what they were

especially for back in the day it was
fantastic but
this is kind of the modern equivalent
look at this so we paint don't paint
over green
we don't paint over fairway uh we can
paint of grass
and that and now like paint like this
just click once boom perfect green side
isn't that nice put another one there
yes now we probably do want to put some
rough between

that and the edge so yeah that's
something i i did for
forget about so let's make make them a
little larger and
uh we do want to go with cutter off make
it a little smaller
and we don't paint over the green don't
paint over the fairway but we do paint
over the bunker
and there you go so now we have a little
of rough there perfect and do the same
thing here
yeah shrink it down yeah okay
so i'm extending out the rough a little

without causing
any damage to what i've already designed
perfect so this should be a pretty good
green side
setup now let's go for the sand traps in
the fairway
so something like this maybe i know the
shot trajectory is in the way
we drop on the far side of it and
there we go that's looking nice isn't it
looking lovely
yeah it's probably not lovely to be in

that one um
if you draw the ball too much then you
should be punished as well this should
be danger zone here
so let's put down some more bunk rich
right there
there it's working pretty similar to sim
golf as in you need to scare the people
who play it but it shouldn't play
too hard uh it should be a reasonable
now let's make this one a little larger
as well and
extend it up there give it a bit of
shape make it look a little
natural and do we need any hazards over

for those short hitters maybe there's a
big rock over there so let's
just put another little bunker there
that's that's nice and for the approach
and another one here yes
yes that looks a little like this
so first hold on i think this is looking
quite fancy um it probably
probably plays reasonably well so now
what can we do here
well we can deselect that and now just

click here and
such a good feature there you go test
the hole
turn that on and now you see 10 golfers
play that hole um well
the simulation is going oh oh they have
quite a variance that's almost like me
playing off um
yeah okay that wasn't too great they
landed in the bunker there and
that's good it's good it's it's tough
and in the
in the dirt oh incoming

coming into the green and oh that that
was some good approach shots
so once they are done we should see some
and there we go uh average score 3.5
that's way too easy that is way too easy
um although they probably don't mind at
this stage
um should we make it harder i i think we
can start off with an
easy easy-ish haul

all right i've added another bunker and
a little bit of rough here so
maybe a touch harder than before but not
that much
so now the only thing that remains is
to um open this one and then we
go on to the next one i would say uh i
would like to
build oh no yeah we have plenty of money
still left over
um we do need to build some utilities as
well but
this is all looking good so open the

and now we take a look at
what the layout looks like for the next
there's so many rocks here should we try
have players hit over them or something
can they get over that one that is a
very high one
that would be tricky no but i see
something like
through here maybe or a par three that
is nestled
where the green is nestled over here uh

could be nice okay this is
145 yards this one will be
this one will be a little a little tough
i like it though so let's place it there
this is not yeah yeah exactly that you
you ai
need to need to uh
properly re-evaluate your your life
decisions here
um okay first the green we do want to

it slightly of course uh have rocks
right next to the green i i guess so
i guess so why not um we can add some
cut rough it's not painting over the
green so let's just
draw it everywhere around and then see
where we go from there this is looking
quite interesting to shoot over the
but i think i want to make something

yeah do we want to have some fairway
maybe if they want to chicken out they
can can hit here
like you can always oh wait a second
turn that one off
um yeah they can always chicken out
and now we add some rough around there
that should be good then all right how
do you like my hole
uh no no no that sounded wrong um
that is that is a path for a yes
and i think this is probably in a pretty

nice way out
although it doesn't leave you with a
good shot does it
um like one shot there chip in to
the green and then try to hold the part
that is the the safe option if you don't
want to go for the green
should always provide some safe option
this looks like we should test it out
right now
and yep all the shots have been hit
while it was paused
and now let's see what happens are they

is no one going for it
no one is going for it oh that's a
little weak
it's just 145 yards they they should be
going for it
oh someone is hitting into the rock
uh that is uh something that is of
also in regards to the crazy devices
that is working
is there's collision in this game and
they bounce
off things the balls bounce off things
are affected by their surroundings

so let's see how they are performing
here on hole number two
now there we go um average score 3.2
i think that's fair no one played a
birdie because
everyone was was just boring
you there's no laying up on youtube you
know so can't do that sorry you'd
be disqualified but yeah this is good
enough so
um let's open the hall and now
we just add some some other things to it

uh one thing first though i do want to
some cut graph just to make it look nice
and then add a path
as well um people are working a little
faster on paths so
i do want to connect them although that
is such a short nice distance i don't
think we have to here in this case
um clubhouse is something that we do
need to place down however so golf
structures first structure there

uh fits nicely here yeah we can rotate
it just with
r the r key yeah that's that's
pretty good we have our first t there
and that did cost a bit
uh it's probably not a good idea to
first design the course and then put
your clubhouse down because you might be
out of money
but yeah we got around that so accept
yes yay
we're starting our career here and not
only that
but also we can play the course

just like in the sim golf uh we can
playing so we are the first customer
not really we're not paying ourselves
are we there's the manager
here we go this is me
not quite all right come on get going
all right here doctor manager yes that's
doctor doctor is correct um
like this yeah oh

this is actually a pretty hard shot
especially if you're a nooblet and have
zero level in all your skills
this is a kind of dangerous shot then
isn't it
yeah if we want to place the driver
here maybe and hope it goes long enough
and doesn't end up in the bunker
that's a lot of wishful thinking isn't
it no
maybe you should play it safe so oh that
is something uh i want to point out here
one aspect of it i don't like as a

proper and accurate golfer uh i i do
play golf in real life or
at least did before i had some problems
with my wrist this season
so i stopped playing um for a few months
but i got down to handicap four so
that's that's at least decent right um
also i'm quite into the physics of golf
i've written a simulation which
accurately um predicts more flights and
and yeah what i'm not a fan of is

this here um there there's just fluid
loft between the clubs
so you have just four different types of
and there's um the metalwoods the irons
and the wedges and then your putter
and you can freely decide um let's
just turn that on and you can freely
um what kind of loft you want to use

so here we go there it goes and oh that
was a good shot
um so i used a reasonably high lofted
metalwood to play that shot it did fall
quite short though
um anyway so i don't quite like this
system because one one thing in golf
is that you never have the perfect club
for your needs at the moment there's
always like uh
yeah my ranges with this one is i hate
my 7 iron 162 yards

so and this shot is 158 and
slightly sidewind and so it's never
quite perfect
right and with this mechanic you would
be able to make it perfect
of course at level zero nothing is ever
perfect anyway
those those skills are not not quite
there yet
um i think i'm going to try and reach
the green
we are playing the the famous powerful
with free wood on 350 yards

so let's aim for somewhere there start
off the green
oh oh that was almost like me in real
uh yeah completely properly it or
that was not far now wedge shot
let's see okay we're taking our little
uh left very high we do want backspin so
we aim
right to the hole come on and oh
oh wow okay that was a good shot yay

first power
first power of the on the course
that uh yeah nice even power for this
and so the golfers do have course
opinion and they do have a mood
and of course they are linked over time
so oh this one is nice
we can reach it no problem yeah that's
um and of course if they are having a
good experience

they are going to pay you money when
they haul out just like in some golf
i know i'm referencing that game a lot
but after all it's based on that if you
haven't played some golf you really need
because it's really good and it's
abandonware by now so you can
freely download it so whenever golfer
hauls out
apart from your manager because that
would be paying yourself
they are paying you dependent on how
much fun they had
and how well they did so that is
a little something um quite important

for your
overall finances that's probably the
majority of what you're getting so we're
taking our
seven wood the seven heavenwood and
i tried to hit the green and hopefully
not the rocks let's see what happens
god oh that was deadpool that was close
or if it had hit this rock that could
have gone anywhere basically
um oh we're putting oh that's nice uh
yeah let's shoot a little long

there we go come on hold it now
don't leave them short you bastard
yes okay paw we finished of course with
even power isn't it awful uh no it's
oh here they are here they come and now
let's use our orbital weaponry
yeah hello isn't it a wonderful day boom
and yep oh

it's such a great day we are having oh
i'm mysteriously happy
i hit the bunker yay everyone is in the
hey let's do a beach party uh
so that that is that is fun
uh let's see what do we have anything
else we need to do here oh
yeah one thing i do want to do
is there's day and night cycle in this i
haven't mentioned that yet
um first night will be coming pretty

soon not uh this is still the first day
of course
but what we should be building is some
these golf balls charge themselves up
light so that they are visible at night
looks quite fun and
then they just keep playing yes they
just keep playing
all right and we can build a
lamp here where do we place it golfers
can hit these
and the ball bounces off and that's not

nice i think
the green definitely needs one maybe put
one here
yeah that's not not too much in the way
is it
i think that would be good yeah
let's place one there so now they have
light over there
they don't have light over here and
these cost upkeep as well as you see
upkeep 10 and they need servicing too
you have little drones that are flying
around and your manager
probably also drone and they are going

and servicing stuff and here we left a
too much space for my liking but um
where do we place this one
this is the circle of charging for
or light radius for these uh i think i
do want to have it in the for the next t
as well and the next t is going to go
where this rock is basically
so let's place it here this will be nice
yes um we do need one
here as well i think so

does this one provide light radius i
think it would make sense if it did
um but i don't think it does so at least
it's not
not telling me that it does oh let's
just place uh
light in here um okay
i think we are done here are we no
because we still
no not the restroom not that early on at
we can place a bench because
golfers are not the most fit of people

and they need to sit
regularly and that would be one of those
okay so before we um
we built the next hall or anything let's
get back here and see how they are
uh how they are getting on oh that was
good pin high but in the bunker yeah
didn't like that did you i've always had
a sand trap
yes uh so you guys are doing well yeah

oh watch it stray ball almost good hit
by the way other golfers from other
holes can get hit by golf balls and
usually not happy about this and go over
and try to to kill the other person
or at least punch them in the face a lot
and that's not appreciated by either
so um try to avoid that uh here we go
oh oh oh almost hold it yes
um by the way in case you somehow

mysteriously know uh
these icons he's happy and
uh oh that 28 um happy and angry faces
maybe you have played space pirates and
because that's the same developer as has
the same style
so it's quite funny um anyway these are
these guys are all happy
this is perfect now let's see if they
are if they're going for it
or if they are laying up all right first

come on oh no
bastard need to need to be a bit more
oh oh that hit the stone oh that that
will be
that will be a tough shot with the lob
wedge or something
yeah that's a better one and terry terry
show me what you got
not much no that was good
one thing i'm just noticing is that the
there's not the correct set of sounds in

here yet everything sounds like a metal
there that that is like a proper
oh hybrid maybe hybrid sound no that was
a wedge
kind of sound not really sounded a
little clunky
but uh yeah uh the sound effects
from these shots are certainly not quite
there yet
ah he leveled up something did he level
up something
yeah maybe maybe that but everyone is
super happy

i i wonder why i i certainly had no no
play in that
okay should we um should we try to
grab some more money from them we just
have enough i've never tried this
so sap money out of your golfer's
wallets from high orbit
golfers won't like this happening to
them but money is money
yes let's see how much you get holy
okay that's quite a lot so if you if you
can produce good gatherings of them then

and how much do they dislike you i was
extorted somehow
okay let's go just -10 so you can just
happy beam them afterwards
if you had enough uh if you ever had
enough power
all right but before we call this
the first episode done uh we say
that we do want to take a quick look at
kind of stuff you can build so there
will be weeds spawning let's see weed

overlay do we have
any on course just yet no not yet but
they will be here soon as soon as we
have the first complaints they probably
pop in
but um there are laser turrets
so you can basically build them and they
will shoot at weeds and they have to
be provided with ammo and
then there are mortars which shoot over
the whole map
and basically do area of effect damage
to the weeds uh quite powerful from what
i have seen so far and then

we do have skill boosters you could
build a cheeky driver booster skill here
and all of a sudden they feel inspired
and hit more accurate drives
stuff like that decorations of course in
we have several prop types of course
these things you're already seeing
around here um
and then the public buildings transport
and all kinds of well stuff that people
need like restrooms
and oh the terrain tool yes we

have to take a look at that too uh quite
powerful that as well
we could build in and that is something
we could do on this hall
although we do have some nice elevation
here we could build a t
up then and just have them play down
from there
that would be fun um anyway these
terrain tools are pretty powerful as
well and they let you
design first and then sign off on it
very nice
and let's see more ground types yes

always welcome
we can buy property so we can buy this
or any any one of these sectors and
then from there um everything gets more
expensive the first one is really cheap
just 500 but then
they become more expensive real quick in
the golf structures you
do have the crazy devices and we have
the windmill which
basically provides them with a boost
in that direction and we can

rotate that around as you see so you can
freely determine what
direction that ball is being pushed into
we do have ball launchers which whenever
they are coming in
they are like launched back up in but
still going in the same direction
we have bumpers just like pinball
uh also hyper bumper angled and
all right uh golfers will tend to shoot
towards this structure yes
so you can shoot through these

like big gates um and ring off fire
you can shoot through a ring of fire
yeah the sound
sounds like just like the golf courses i
tend to play
and then of course you can upgrade your
uh your clubhouse and get
access to more buildings like these
prestige items driving range putting
green and so on
and pretty similar to them golf upgrade
your way to
the ultimate golf resort so i think this

is what we call the first episode
done in the next one i think we are
going to go to
for three holes which currently is the
maximum we can have
and then we want to upgrade our
clubhouse from there
alright i hope you enjoyed and see you
next time

Just coming out into Early Access is GolfTopia, a golf tycoon sim similar in style to the classic Sid Meier's Sim Golf, but with a futuristic theme. Can it hold itself ...


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  1. I agree that the lack of "Creative" (As they were called in SimGolf) shots is something that really needs to be added. Some of the best holes were built in mind with rewarding golfers who had the creative skill while punishing those who could only hit it straight.

  2. This game definitely has character, and I'll definitely buy it. Not sure about the futuristic theme, but that just leaves room on the market for a more conventional game in this sub-sub-subgenre. If we can get it to take off.
    Far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as too many golf building and management games. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Great game 🙂 I've been wanting someone to do a Sim Golf remake for years! If you're still in touch with the developers could you ask them to ease off on the gimmicky stuff like landing pads, windmills etc and stick the the golf simulation please? Also making a tournament system like Sim Golf had would be awesome. Obviously an ability for other people to play your courses would be great too 😛 – Cheers for the video!


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