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SearchThisVideo: Golftopia V1.0 Impressions (Part 1)

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hey guys this is kirob speaking and
today we are back in golf topia with its
1.0 release this is after the first
hotfix it looks like and well
it has been a quick journey in the early
access and we have already played a big
series of this game
of course and that has been a lot of fun
and i thought i'll check in again i

originally thought that i would be
checking in a little bit more often
but uh i was just way too busy with
the cyclist tactics also having its
release and
being in demo and a demo version and of
course working on its release
so yes all at the same time as working
on automation of course which doesn't
make things any easier
but yes it's definitely time to check
out golftopia again
and uh well the most notable

changes um are loads of added polish
and i've tried it out real quick just in
general it feels so much more solid now
way fewer little issues everywhere
it feels like a finished game so great
for the the general journey of the early
access version of this
and then another few issues that i've
been pointing out over time have also
been addressed
for instance um the height dependence of

has been changed so now
when you're shooting from high up you
actually should further and
so on so pretty cool stuff what we are
going to um
take a look at is the lost links and
see what is going on there there we are
it's still working
which is fantastic of course and uh
yeah where are we at um should we just
uh start playing around maybe and
and see what's going on although first

we might want to check what's in these
now we do have um a new type of fairway
firm fairway i don't think that is
the ground type i have been missing
let's say it like that
because uh fairways tend to bounce
pretty well as is as you see over there
it bounced from like there
that yeah from there to there and that
is uh
how much was it the r key or something
uh that is

50 yards of raw and
yeah that's plenty so you don't need
further firmer fairways than this
um but of course i assume these are
quite handy if you want to set up some
some of those skill shots and uh crazy
crazy mechanisms um yeah this golf
course is still going pretty well we
have a high uh load of
people in here right now and then before
what i did notice is that they're

hitting each other
more than they did before and this
is still a problem they're all hitting
the same shot
and that was a bounce and roll of almost
90 yards so yeah firm fairways
not required or are these maybe firm
have these been given the firm fairway
uh kind of treatment while i was gone
the dick bunker
uh it's still hard um so

now let's just slow slow this down and
drop the current size to see what's
happening so no this is indeed normal
what does the firm fairway look like
okay it's a different ground type like
that i think graphically it looks um
quite adequate for what it's trying to
do so let's
change this around and just loop it
there yeah okay

cool um that is of course
uh not good for the dick bunker it will
get more visitors
will be hit hit on for more sides
and wow yeah i really don't know if you
really need them
like look at this this is going crazy
um but yes let's not dwell on that and
let's start playing now we just click
here i assume
and start playing oh we have a
tournament coming up
so maybe we should play a tournament and

just check out everything there because
there are a few new mechanics in general
the playing of golf and has been
polished up
is there anything else we need to uh
take a look at
i think these tools have been worked on
as well from what i've seen
more devices have been added in the mega
and such uh public buildings let's see a
foot bridge ah
right right right that's quite handy a
ball washer
i think we need to place some ball

washers and we definitely have the
income for it now one thing i'm
interested in seeing
here is if the balance has
changed somewhat for these
here now still 10 supply
so um and they still don't earn you
which i think is a weird kind of weird
balanced decision um so you're not
gaining any money from these things and

just from the green fees
yeah i guess i guess but
yes ball washers where do you need to go
this is a nice
centralized place and here's to i think
we just place one everywhere we have a
and centralized place don't we all right
placed it all around the course
oh yeah right let's check the utility
lights drone hub and flame
chain turret what is that

no okay well a short range weapon for
against weeds what is its range
we're very much not that far compared to
the laser turret oh yeah okay
so it is a short-range weapon but uh
probably super powerful if you just need
to weed them out
then you can place that one uh yes
and lights still working the same way i
do we have different ones

here i know the different light types i
assume were in decorations weren't they
yeah there they are decorative light
forgot about that
there are a few new items here for sure
we blaze a wood flower uh thing here
it does look beautiful i have to give it
to him uh
yes this is good oh prestige item yes
yes yes
uh what we wanted to do wait a second

wait a sec hotel ah next golfer checkout
oh so is this a source of golfers at the
same time that's interesting
we do have 90 000 in the bank
will induce happiness and reduce boredom
when used
renters zero i think we wanted to
put that right there let's get rid of a
props here and then we shall

try to level this place a bit and put
the hotel there
that gives us the choice of um where
oh let's let's see how these tools are
working now
all right we have made a little bit of
ground there what does this cost us
uh did it even say that i
don't see that that's cost does anything
uh maybe that was reset maybe the
uh the settings file had to be replaced
for this new version

um and this is now played on
an economic difficulty that doesn't have
any build costs for terrain
could be the case but uh yes what
definitely does have a cost associated
with it
is the hotel what is this orbital power
relay we've
known that oh fi what fireworks
but yes indeed we can place our hotel
here right now
it's a big building yes
stay the night and now let's connect it

with some paths as well and then we
should be set
so there we go all right let's just see
what happens
really i've not used this before
so we're still getting um people coming
in from
the clubhouse and this one of course
also pays us
huh okay so does this mean that we just
can support a much higher
because this has a checkout time so to
say um

of 100 seconds as well this one is 80.
so do they come and play again when they
yeah yeah the new group just came out
now let's see what happens here next
golfer visit
uh we dive sprouting okay um
and there they go yes
okay so that
is basically double the amount of people
now trying to get onto the course

so i think we might want to
increase both to like 120
and i think while we're waiting uh we
could just try out
um a hole here maybe hole number eight
there's currently no one on there not
yet they're almost done with hole number
can we by just clicking this plate play
this hole yes
very nice that is now possible just

through the ai there uh ui there
and there we go and wow okay
yeah uh i think the maximum
distance on flat is around 240
and we are very high up here this is a
spectacular shot of course
so yeah this whole would play very
different to before
um driver recommended this is also new
we have the recommendations going here
are not recommended for the tea

huh yeah a little bit of weird a weird
system compared to normal golf but
uh let's let's take it let's take it the
way it is for now i mean you're playing
hitting plenty of wedges from the t on
short path phrase that is but uh yes
let's go low loft and hammer it down
322 yards let's see how this goes
come on oh yeah that is a good shot
oh okay um we just hit that wall

come on can we why can't we measure it
why can't we measure the ball we went to
come on r i thought r is the key
why there um
yeah so i i think this is uh
overdone a little bit
like for real uh
is this really okay we just

bryson can go and uh and off right
we just hit a 450 yard drive
okay i think there's something a little
fishy going on here like elevation
doesn't do
that to you and this is not a bouncy
either i mean we are a very high skill
player but i
as far as i remember the actual driver
and the the various skill points don't

affect distance
so that seems off
for for the hitting distance and this is
flat to this ground it's not entirely
flat but
maybe we got a lucky bounce here
somewhere but now we got a bounce here
this is mostly flat terrain and then
just rolled on forever
so we are going to hit this shot in
here do we have to hit through the arch
yeah it looks like it can we

go with a um high lofted shot
okay high lofted shot yes we could can
we go with the backspin type shot
yes okay backspin type shot oh we can't
go that far
and if we aim it into the slope here
ions are recommended so we should have
higher accuracy with that let's let's go
there hit it come on yes through
and bounce bounce yeah not too bad not
bad a little
short a little short but now we're on

the right here
and we should be able to yes
so that was a three uh
that was an eagle i believe um
three let's let's just double check just
to make sure what was this whole playing
yeah par five okay so this all just has
become a lot easier
uh maybe it should be a par
four can we change this i think we can

oh yeah you have to uh close the hole
though which i don't want to do right
so let's just leave it as is for now
just to confirm these hitting distances
let's play a normal hole
uh like normal-ish do we have an easy
one we can just take on
how about uh
how about number seven
still hitting the slide up in shot or no
let's let's take a flat one
um how about hole number eleven

that's a good one and no one is there
well that was before these guys arrived
so come on doctor manager
hit your shoulder oh okay we're blocked
currently so that's good
uh we don't want to hit in their faces
all right
we're on and yes as you can see
our mid or our 3-wood basically
is hitting to 30-ish
to 40 and our driver to 60.

nice yeah that's um about right i would
say 260 carry for someone who's a little
bit of a pro
and let's get it oh
curve this is still not
not right of course uh how
fade and oh wow and this arc
why is this shot going so high
that's that's weird okay must be hitting

with a five wood or something
crazy let's hit it to there
and see if we can curve it around so go
go go
yes yes yes come around and
whoa okay that was a good shot
i didn't quite expect that but uh yeah
yeah there you go another birdie i guess
i think with these changes that we're
seeing so far
have we even seen the change there well

i i don't know
maybe it has always been that that way
but uh this seems to have become a
little bit easier on the golfing side
and of course i'm now looking at this
with a
very high skill player um
high skill as in i me myself a little
and that manager dude very high level
um so yeah take it with a grain of salt
of course
well i don't know how this would play on
lower difficulty

uh or lower skill level rather oh yeah
let's try
out hole number 13 no one is there at
the moment
that's a bit of a tricky one so let's
230 and how aggressive do we want to go
i think that is about right let's just
put it down range
let's not hit it short yeah perfect shot
and now a little wedge into the green
get it close we do have oh

ions recommend okay well that's
maybe the game just wants us to use
like the recommended one and then just
play it short
don't play full shots what i would have
as the designer of this game and i'm not
is that if you're not hitting full
shots or shots at that you have
practiced a certain range for
and then um they become more difficult
to hit or you

rather you lose accuracy for fitting
them because full shots is
what you're trained for like this you
try to hit
as close to four shots with every club
apart from wedges
and this like a 50 percent is shot
yeah it doesn't quite go 50. uh like a
let's call it 70
65 70 percent shot that is not easy
and it wouldn't stop on the green it
definitely wouldn't be a high backspin
shot so i can tell you that

because the lower the um the speed of
of the shot the um lower the spin
transferred to the ball but yes let's um
dump it right here right there a little
short of the flag and see what happens
there we go and oh yeah okay okay it
nicely and easy birdie
oh we have a few weed problems over here
let's relocate these
drone hubs and get that out of the way

i think i read that there are new types
of weeds
which i think is a great idea to put
that in
and making the gameplay more varied in
fighting these weeds is more of a
challenge than a chore and i think it
becomes more of a challenge if you have
to start to consider a few things
because this
always played out the same way and i'm
not sure that was
necessarily great um let's see do we

large weed okay uh are they
different in any way do we have any
special types i assume we don't have any
special types here because they would be
warned about
oh i can't remember seeing this by the
way beauty overlay
that's quite handy to have and while
we're waiting for the
tournament to come online let's uh
practice a little bit more
oh safety zone oh that's nice
okay we've oh okay i really like this

so we can place something here for
hole number 17 it seems safety
radius that okay if a golfer or ball
is within this zone other groups waiting
to start will be held at the t
until the zone clears only affects
golfers waiting to make the drive
from the t okay oh that
is very handy so you can optimize your

um your course by
making it less dangerous because they
still freak out like
really hard when they got hit by a golf
ball which
is understandable and still it is
customary on this golf course
to take out your biggest dickers and
people around their faces with it uh
yeah that is um the punishment for
for hitting people with a golf ball i
think i'm going to play

hall number two as well because uh
that's a
one of the shorter holds let's see how
it plays now all right doctor manager
is up next let's see so drum yeah i
really get that um
this is a little odd because it's a
short-ish power
three i mean 150 yards that's uh
depending on how far you hit it that's
uh let's say
average goal for seven iron or something

maybe maybe six for some and
for me currently probably a driver
because i haven't been playing in a long
long while
but uh yes irons not quite reaching it
is weird um and then lofting up
a metal wood is definitely not what you
would do
in order to reach that one and you also
you should not have
available to you a high back spin shot
for the
metal woods that's just not something

that exists
um but yes let's see if we can line this
i think it should go somewhere there
and oh that was close
i mean that that is that was a good shot
it was
oh he was pissed this hole has no real
um mate you just hit it like
over rocks between rocks over bunker
into a tiny green

what is your problem mate all
right let's place a bunker there then
oh oh that's all ugly ugly as
uh let's do some cut rough to
trim it down no no no
we made the green tiny but uh okay let's
uh take out the
green like this and then we can just
scale it like that
yeah so now we have a bunker in the back
that needs to be
respected yeah everyone is just pissed

uh they are very picky
okay or they're just too good nowadays
yeah but yeah i mean uh it's
it's a little weird that is a little
weird doesn't feel quite right
because if you if you look at this shot
if you look at this shot as any
any golfer anywhere in the world he
would not go oh
this is too easy

what the hell is wrong with you if you
think this is way too easy and i hate
this golf course because it's way too
there's nothing easy about this shot you
have to be very precise
left right you don't have much room to
play uh
front to back the safe shot is to the
front of the green of course
but yeah this is um
do well let's let's see
if you go way long you have the bunker
there now if you go

short you have the rock
if you go to the side you're probably in
between a rock and a hard place and well
bunker there and there so
not really that it doesn't doesn't
seem like a shot that would be classed
as easy let's try out hole number 12
because no one is there currently
and that is a very very tough hole i
think that was our past
six and let's see where we get with this

driver recommended low loft gets us to
here but we have the problem
that is called a tree and we can't
shape the shot to get rid of the tree
without losing like massive amounts of
this would be a nice little draw around
the the corner here um
it's very slight one kind of natural
draw style
just few few yards
to the left really um

scene from the t let's see what's what
it looks like
so it's zooming and there we have it
yeah look at that i mean that yeah you
want to cut the corner
aim towards the like right off the
bunker there and then have it
draw off that um into
the wide section of the fairway and into
the downhill there
can't quite do that unfortunately with
the shot shaping that is available here
so what are we going to do considering

that this is a par
6 oh wait a second
now it is such that you really are not
supposed to be using the
air quotes driver from the fairway but
rather you're supposed to be using iron
so you need to
get down there fair amount of distance
so we could try a medium lofted one to
here and then have it like bounce in the
tiniest part of the fairway this is not
how this is supposed to go

from a like the hall is now poorly
as a consequence of these shot ranges
let's uh try to put one there
this was pretty straight yeah okay that
was pretty much perfect there
couldn't have done much better um let's
are why doesn't the r key work
only in some instances now does it work
hello oh you have to deselect deselect
the golf or something
so that was a withdrawal 260 yards

all right cool um yeah this is looking
like ah for sake
irons only going
going 170 yards that's a pain
uh this range yeah i i still think this
would have to be extended it doesn't
feel quite right
um at least not to golfers so let's go
and go let's go ham on this one i think

this one has enough reach
that we can try and hammer it down there
go no
uh not recommended my ass
yeah all right let's uh
go low lofted to the other side try that
go go go
why is this super straight and this one
was like
super banana okay well
i think the green was sloping downwards

right okay yeah it was
so let's um aim to somewhere here
with a high lofted shot
and then should roll out to the pin if
my calculations are correct
let's see and yeah
yeah kinda a little short and a little
right but uh yeah that's nothing the
manager can't
fix so how many strokes was that

um was that uh oh that would be
interesting to see
are you actually getting a penalty shot
now because that wasn't the case before
you could just hit it into the water and
you didn't get any penalty
ouch ouch stop stop stop someone was
by a ball uh okay
so you need to have a happy beam
uh where are you what

what oh what is going on here
uh my friend is freaking out i'm
freaking out
ouch i was nailed by a ball yeah there's
no helping you sorry
i think we need two happy beams one for
you and one for you
so that they are calming down a little
and not
hurting other people here and we
probably should be trying out this uh
this little safe zone thing how about we
place it here with a massive radius like

anywhere there and you you should not
hit it
in in oh that's a little large let's
uh go like that hide it in the trees
what i wonder is why do they have to be
large can they be hit by golf
balls i would assume yes
isn't that something that you would
think that they have
let's say they have a little watch they
to play with or then the uh kind of

range meter thingy and
that would tell them like you you need
to wait
sir because we have satellite um
satellite detected that someone and his
wiener are on
on the fairway currently i wonder what
we can do to fix hole number two here in
the eyes of
um of the elgos
so i think i'm going to remove this rock
they're probably going to be

freaking out for that
uh yes so could you please off
why are you standing there anyway all
right i think this will get their
oh oh get up what is going on here
getting punched yes but why why were
they getting punched
i'm freaking out uh
she hit someone with a ball i guess
carter freaking out
those bastards they are hitting

so let's make the green smaller
because if we do then that should really
increase the difficulty here
so yeah this is this is looking awfully
awfully small all right look at that i
now no one can tell me that this is an
easy hole
oh again what the are you guys
doing why are you punching each other
what what what is going on my friend is

freaking out but why do you punch thank
god others because of that there's
someone freaking out because someone
else is freaking out
uh freaking out because someone is
freaking out uh what
who's even responsible for all these
so um yeah please could you uh stop
they're punching each other there down
there too what the is going on
yeah okay another few memberships lost
whatever reasons good riddance i think

now really shows is that this game is
designed for this
like more realistic and air quotes um
course design where holes are right next
to each other
you need more space and well that's what
the the actual map would indicate
if you use all the space then you don't
run into these problems because you have
plenty of space on either side of each
wheat hives sprouts detect uh down there

i think we've solved the issue on hole
number two
that does look a lot better now how much
longer till the next tournament
one day okay cool that is i think what
we're going to do next and
let's see how that plays out but i
believe that is something that we are
going to tackle
in the next episode um because
that will take a while to play the 18

let's see if we can win the tournament
once again
and yes we do have some weedy problems
up here
this is looking rough we are on the 11th
on day and we
soon should be able to launch a new
with plenty of cash in the bank so it's
a low risk endeavor
and there we go um let's see we can
indeed host a tournament so what we're
going to do now is

call this an episode i hope you enjoyed
and see you guys
next time

Just coming out of Early Access is Golftopia, a golf tycoon sim similar in style to the classic Sid Meier's Sim Golf, but with a futuristic theme. We're having a look at ...


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